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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  May 4, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morning, everyone. it's friday, may 4th, 2012. and we begin with new details in a church shooting in maryland. we now know the two identities of the women found shot inside. a janitor discovered two women in the office at st. pete ers. 59-year-old brenda brewington
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died at the scene. the copastor remains in critical condition. a s.w.a.t. team found a man dead in the woods outside the church. investigators believe he shot and killed himself. we want to bring you more update on this story at news 4, 5, and 6. today president obama is in virginia. the commander in chief is pushing his plans for affordable higher education for those about to experience firsthand. president obama is speaking with juniors and seniors. now megan has more for us. >> reporter: well, barbara, a pretty exciting day at washington lee high school. it's not every day that the president of if united states pays a visit. we're expecting president barack obama to arrive shortly. his business is the talk of the school this morning. the president will talk to a panel of stunlts about student loans and the importance of keeping colleges affordable and accessful. now the juniors and the seniors
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will be in the auditorium to see it firsthand. the discussion will also be broadcast to the other students throughout the school. now the students we spoke to this morning think it's pretty cool that the president chose their school. we've been jealous because he came to wakefield twice. he hasn't come to seem this is a really great way to end the senior year. >> i think it's great. i think it's a great way for the school to see the president. i think it's awesome. >> we're very pleased that our kids have the opportunity to see a sitting u.s. president. regardless of the politics. we're not looking at it like that. we're happy they can be part of the experience and get to spend some time with us. one of the most powerful men in the world. >> most of the seniors we spoke to have their college plans in place already. but the juniors are certainly looking around, checking out different colleges. so this is a topic very close to their hearts.
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reporting live in arlington, megan mcgrath, news 4. and right now virginia governor bob mcdonnell is in richmond discussing the economy. he's a business that sells office supplies. . he is expected to slam presiden. and romney may need all the help he can get if he wants to win virginia this november. president obama leads romney in virginia by seven percentage points, according to the latest "washington post" poll. the president continues to do well among young voters, women and african-americans. however, many virginians are not happy with the way things are going in the country. that could help romney make upn. employers pull back hiring in april for the section straight month. the labor department reports employers added 115,000 jobs
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last month. that's less than the number of people hired in march. the unemployment rate fell to 8.1%. the department says the rate fell because more people gave up looking for work. most analysts say the economy needs to create at least 125,000 jobs a month to keep up with polation growth. and turning to our weather now. it's hot and humid. a beautiful morning if you like the heat. tom kiran joins us with the forecast. >> we've had stubborn fog around the bay gradually dissipating. over the last few hours it's keeping it cool. elsewhere it's getting warmer. 70 near 80 droes in much of virginia. generally around the metro area. and there are some showers with thunder. no severe weather beginning to get closer to thep#a. this is a developing area of
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storms with gusty winds. in fairfax county. this is an area of some showers and thunder. it's moving east at about 25 miles an hour. some of the individual storms you see here in the dark orange may produce wind gusts around 40 miles an hour. maybe a little b hail with these. but don't have any indication that they are producing any damaging winds or anything like that. they are drifting closer to washington. they are still 20 miles to the west. maybe 45 minutes or so of getting into the met roadway area. also a large area of severe weather this afternoon. details on that, a look at your weekend and into next week coming right up, barbara. >> sounds good to me. thank you, tom. i want to check midday traffic now. folking heading out of the town. >> they are. you're seeing delays on the
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roads and the rail ls. scheduled track work slowing you down again today. you can expect delays in both directions on both lines on metro. over to the roadway. road work is slowing you down on 395 towards the 14th street bridge. that right lane is taken away. you are pretty slow. you're at 36 miles per hour. when i come back, i have to show you i-95 and virginia. it's very slow. >> parking lot out there. investigators are trying to determine what caused a motorcycle crash that left one woman dead. it happened this morning in groan greenbelt. the woman somehow lost control of the motorcycle and struck a guardrail on the ramp. the accident snarled traffic. everything is back open now. >> also new today, he's battling budgets to fighting fires. he's participating in a fire and
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emergency response demonstration today. hooets getting suited up in full fire gear and participating in exercises with county firefighters and other county officials. the drill started at 8:00 this morning at the fire and rescue institute in college park. new from overnight. working to get more information from police about a shooting on 4th and southeast washington. police tell us a man was shot in the neck just after midnight. we are still waiting to learn his condition attime. so far no arrests have been made inatfí former d.c. council member is waiting to hear when and where he'll serve his prison sentence. he was sentenced for stealing taxpayer money meant for kids. no decision was made. prosecutors agreed to let thomas begin his prison sentence at a later date.
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sentencing hearing. he said he put himself ahead of the needs of his constituents. it's seven minutes after 11:00. coming up on news 4 midday. coming to america. new developments in the diplomatic crisis. plus, the mind of a terrorist. what newly released documents reveal about osama bin laden. and i sit down with former first [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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we're following a developing story. hours&rq officials uangcheng has been offered a fellowship from a university. earlier today he was given permission to study abroad. permission to study abroad. last week arrest and sought refugee at the american embassy. secretary hillary clinton says the american government is working to give chen the future he wants. >> he will continue engaging with the chinese government at
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the highest levels and putting these concerns at the heart of our diplomacy.gv i think we hav clear and very committed to honoring both his choices and our values. >> chen has been under house arrest for several years. he's targeted for exposing human rights violations. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide attack that killed at least 20 people today in northwest pakistan near the border with afghanistan. the bomber detonated an l$osivek point near a lower market. we're getting a chance to read firsthand the letters osama bin laden sent in the years before .
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on its website. they were written between 2006 and last april. and they show bin laden focused on major terror plots in the aftermath of 9/11. >> decline, under siege, and really feeling the pressure. >> the documents show blaum was plotting to assassinate president obama and then nato commander david petraeus. well, today the lawyer for the 101-year-old millionaire who sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to john edwards is expected to take the stand in edwards campaign corruption trial. meanwhile john edwards arrived with his mother and father. his daughter did not show up, although she's been in the courtroom all week. an interior designer testified about his role with secret pay to pay for edwards personal
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expenses. rachel bunny melon sent teches for fake antique furniture purchases. huffman endorsed the checks and sent them to the 2008 campaign. they described efforts to hide the president's affair with rielle hunter. prosecutors are trying to prove ?#, to the weekend? >> indeed. the clouds are closing in. the sky is darker in the west. the first of the showers and thounder showers we've been talking about are beginning to getthe metro area. right now it's mostly cloudy at reagan national. it's75 there. humidity is rather high. we had that stubborn fog around the bay. it's gradually dissipating over
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the last few hours. richmond, 81. all this area in orange beginning to get up near 80 degrees. upper 70s, northern virginia, 60s, though, this green area. that's around the bay where they still have fog, as well as northeastern maryland. where they've had showers go through west virginia, it's only in the 60s. it's really cooled it down there. over the last 12 hours we had this first round is coming through, thankfully. don't have severe reports. there is thunder and lightning here in this darg orange and pink in central county. this is passing south of washington, heading to woodbridge in the next 15 minutes or so. another cluster of showers. no thunder or lightning reports with this. that's drifting east at 25 miles per hour. that may be into the metro area
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here, within about half an hour or so. behind that, just some scattered light showers and a little sunshine breaking out again. parts of the shenandoah valley. this is a zone of potential severe weather later this afternoon and perhaps into earlier this evening. and this could be generally around 3:00 and 9:00 p.m. that we could have showers and thundershowers moving the through. there's good chance of passing thundershowers this afternoon. and we could have strong gutss in storms. right now peak gusts at 30 to 40 miles an hour. if you're heading out for the friday evening, there may be passing thundershowers. maybe a rain day for the nationals and phillies game. near 70 by midnight. partly cloudy saturday, near 80
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degrees tomorrow afternoon. only a slight chance of an ated evening. highs in the low 70s. and a cooler day on monday, too. mostly cloudy. might showers on tuesday and wednesday midweek next week. look what's going on this week. that's in northeast washington. goes on saturday and sunday. there will be so many displays of flowers. that's saturday from 10:00 to 6:00. sunday 9:00 to 3:00. then clouds should clear out in time for the big super moon on saturday night. i took this picture this morning
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and it's bigger and getting brighter. it rarely coincides with a full moon. that's why we call it the super moon. it's about 30% brighter than the average full moon. it will be about 15% bigger. >> how are we going to spend that evening? >> we have to sit outside and watch. >> you going to be ready? >> looks like it. if danella seems tired it's for a good cause.")emceed a ver. the event benefitted the see forever foundation. that helps at risk kids in the district by supporting them with educational and leadership skills. along with the see forever foundation, this year's fund-raiser will also help with renovations to the maya angelou public charter school campus in ward seven. let's say hello. great work last night. >> thank you, barbara. well worth staying up late for.
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i was honored to attend. let's go to the roads. if you're traveling out of town and thinking of taking i-95, southbound you're very slow. here's the occoquan. very slow. you're really slow from the belt way. 27 miles per hour. almost an hour to get from the belt w-1sing;kan legion bridge. the outer loop is very slow. your delays continue past the dulles toll road. past the toll road you're looking good at 59 miles an hour. 19 after 11:00. our one on one interview with laura bush. plus, a warning for parents, protecting your children from household danger as summer heats up. but firs
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former first lady laura bush is helping to make the national mall al beautiful gathering place for what she calls a vibe rantd legacy for our grandchildren and our great grandchildren and from visitors around the world. i met mrs. bush on the mall this morning when she told me about a special meeting of two veterans on the mall that she will never forget. >> two veterans, actually, on the tour of the world war ii
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memorial. one had been a fighter pilot in world war ii, and the other had been a mechanic in world war ii. so these two veterans walked through the beautiful world war ii memorial and stopped at one and to think about their shared past. and the two the fighter pilot was my father-in-law, president george h.w. bush. her majesty was queen elizabeth ii from great britain. it was such a really sweet story. it was when queen elizabeth was here. when george was president. she wanted to see the world war ii memorial because she hadn't been to washington since it was complete.
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so we knew the best tour guide would be another world war ii veteran. >> you have to tune in tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 for more of my one on one interview with laura bush. she tells us about her life at the white house. afterwards grocery shopping, cook at home, drive around. she'll tell us tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. be sure to join us for that. tomorrow is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year. the kentucky derby. it's the nation's oldest continuous sporting events. tracie potts has a preview from church hill downs. >> the parades, the parties, all leading up to tomorrow's race. 165,000 people pack churchill downs last year, betting $165 million on this race. this horse hanson is a favorite. >> to win the derby is everybody's dream. to be local and be part of the racing scene, it's so much fun. >> experience derby goers know this weekend is about more than
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horses. >> it's gorgeous. >> hats everywhere. the fascinator was popular last year. >> if you have the personal, go for it. >> patty starts planning out her outfit months in advance. >> i pick the dress first. the color really just depends on what i see that i like. then she sees the dress. christine sees the dress. then we go from there. >> men, too, must dress to impress. you're going to see all kinds of faves. from cream sickle orange to pail blues, pail pinks. it's really about colors for the guys. the mint julep has been the drink for nearly a century. they'll serve 120,000 this weekend. but nonlike this. the thousand dollar mint julep. the money goes to charity. >> but for $2,000 you get this
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wonderful 24 karat gold plated cup with 43 diamonds. >> but if you were hoping for that souvenir, too late. it's already sold out. but there's plenty of money the purse this year increased to over $2 million. >> and you can watch the run for the roses here on nbc 4. coverage begins at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. it's 26 minutes after 11:00. coming up on news 4 midday. a busy weekend ahead in the city. how to get to big events and avoid major delays. l plus, a shorter workout with better results? we have a more efficient way to exercise. and
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right now two women shot at a church in maryland have been identified. they died at the the scene.ánz. remains in critical condition. police found a man dead in the woods outside. they believe he shot and killed hymn. and president obama is in virginia. he's visiting washington lee high school where he will be talking about public education. right now he is seeking. he's actually there. we can see him there. he's speaking to juniors and seniors about how important it is to keep college affordable 5. you definitely want to plan ahead if you're taking metro this weekend. it will be busy between track work and three major events x the nats are hosting the ph phillies. an avon walk for breast cancer
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will going on as well. tracy wilkins reports from the greenbelt metro station. >> every metro line will be impacted by work this weekend. at greenbelt station, it's one of many stationszu"nline will b. folks will have to use shuttles to get out of greenbelt. we talked to riders this morning. they said while they know the work that has to be done, timing couldn't be worse. they won't be running trains at green belt, college park, prince george's plaza. >> they'll have shuttles taking folks back and forth because of metro work. this is the weekend for the nats game, the capitals game, race for the cure. >> i was not aware of that. >> so now folks are scrambling to figure out the most effective way to get in and out of d.c. this weekend. you'll still use the shuttles? >> i might drive to d.c. then. i'm just going into work for a while. >> reporter: you're going to the game? >> yeah, we tried to go some place else to park. we're not sure what the best
11:32 am
thing to do is. >> reporter: metro will install a number eight switch. a safety measure recommended by the ntsb after the deadedly crash in 2009. >> it really happened over three day weekends. it's so complex. you have to take both tracks out of service, bring in heavy machinery. huntingtonj vernon square and huntington only. >> it's a bad weekend for track work. they schedule it so far in advance. the playoff game wasn't scheduled. who knew this stuff would be happening. and the track work needs to be done. >> i would rather them do it over the weekend when people are not trying to get to work as opposed to activities that you don't have to take the metro. >> and speaking of work -- >> maybe i'll take the weekend off. >> that's alwaysxj. >> reporter: if you're planning to use the system this weekend,
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give may a lot of time. maybe plan to leave an hour earlier just in case. and remember, times like this, you're definitely going to need your patience. in greenbelt, tracey wilkins, news 4. a newborn baby is in the hospital after the family dog bitlfh0"ll terrier attacked the baby boy. when the father got 4w shot and killed the dog. it happened tuesday. it appears the dog bit the baby more than 30 times. the baby is said to be in stable  the mother of murdered university of virginia student yardley love is suing the school and the state. sharon love filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school's athletic director, the men's lacrosse coach, and the the state of virginia.
11:34 am
by hughley. he'll be sentenced in august. neither the state nor the frightening incident for one montgomery county will inspire other parents to take action. a 4-year-old girl fell out of her second story window at an apartment complex in aspen hill yesterday. a witness says she saw her fall through the window screaming and onto the grass. she was taken to the hospital. no word on her injuries at the time. fire officials say this is the time of year to child proof your windows because the weather is gettingwarmer and speaking of warmer weather, we have it today. tom kierein joins us with the latest on the forecast. tom? >> kind of feels like a summer day under way with temperatures in the upper 70s near 80 degrees. clouds closing in for the west. skies getting dark. live view from the hd sky watcher camera.
11:35 am
looking at virginia in the distance. that's a shower with ha little bit of thunder just now coming into the beltway in virginia and fairfax county. now that area you see in orange, it's producing a little thunder and lightning. no severe weather. it's now into fairfax county and across the line to prince william. further south clipping the northern part of stafford county. these are drifting east. should be coming into the metro area over the next laugh our or so. o expect for your lunch hour, you may want to delay a bit and let this go on by. it's moving about 25 miles an hour. it's producing a little bit of thunder and lightning. all this area in yellow later today, that's a zone that could be a severe weather zone. some storms that may redevelop later this afternoon in the yellow zone includes the metro area, much of virginia and maryland. there could be some isolated storms with some damaging winds and hail. and temperatures, which are right now climbing into the 70s to near 80s. the showers coming through will
11:36 am
cool it down. it may warm back up again. the warmer temperatures will be in virginia and maryland. mostly in the 70s throughout the rest of the afternoon. around the metro area, maybe near 80. and any thundershower activity . your friday evening festivities could be wet, too. and cooler weather moving in. next chance of rain is tuesday of next week. we'll look at the radar again in a few minutes, barbara. >> thank you, tom.ekú6a check o >>wfkdc again. >> a couple of problems out there. have a crash there definitely slowing you down and taking away the right lane. traveling the outer loop as you approach vw parkway. right lane there's a crash. just in the shoulder lane. no volume in the area. if you're planning to cross the bay bridge, heads up, springfest is!9g38 big delays.vbt anyway t nicely in both directions. this should last until sunday.
11:37 am
if you're crossing over the bay bridge, expect delays. barbara, back toou. >> all you. f. sort of earth's mightiest heros. >> it's the biggest super hero movie to date. the avengers. iron man, captain america, and the rest of thebq@+ being sent the human race. the movie, which just premiered a few hours ago is expected to break box office records for an opening robert downey jr. stars in the movie. "the avengers" is rated pg-13. we're a little more than six months until the presidential x. things are starting to heat up. stephen colbert spoke with david gregory today. he offered his unique take on how the youth
11:38 am
>> i don't know. they're pretty excited about barack obama four years ago because he was the fresh faced kid who could relate to the youth. now he's all grandpa gray hair who didn't close gitmo. i don't know if they're as excited as they once were. when it comes to kids, mitt romney has the electricity. you know. it's a static@y.í#co: still an and soú$m it tells children no matter what anyone says, they can be anything they want to be. this can be a breakthrough in your battle to lose weight. doctors are looking at the óf!5o way to exercise. dr. results. we think we should come to you to not exercise. you say no. >> we should be the course of last resort.
11:39 am
diet,.( >> that's great7b you're a scientist and try believer says we can do it ourself if we try. this is very;ú;p 30% of adults are journa study in the journal of obesity treadmill that all of us do is not verytñ-s weight. wñ well, i've been doin wrong thing then. >> this is called high intensity interval training. it's like exercise, but what you do is for 30 to 60 minutes, you and then you cut back.="% recup exercise is the equivalent of 40 minutes of jogging. >> star minutes, that's high intensity. for
11:40 am
so you go hard for 30 seconds to 90 seconds. >> after three to five minute warmup. >> warmup is key. then you go hard, high intensity, for 30 seconds, 60 seconds.ñ)'s enough. and then for 60 seconds you go to moderate. but do this in interval training, it's called. if you try it, you'll see. you can do it when you jog. you can do it when you swim. i it with yoga. and have more efficient workout. .& ere's neat things you 5 do in y fast. you can do it fast for 30 youn for 3dl$. >> you can work with walking, too. >> walking is fantastic. it's a great concept. it's scientifically shown to have a difference. now people frustrated because that they're working out every day. 1
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>> you say that this even is said to help with belly fat. the thing the thing clnl.ip's the associated with heart attack, cardiovascular disease, diabetes. if we can reduce that fat, we're going to ' proportion is the big problem in america. don't supersize everything. downsize. instead of a dinner plate, each on a lunch plate. read the labels of nutrition. eat healthy snacks. avoid soda and regular exercising. >> seven days a week for the exercise? >> doesn't have to be seven days. in this height study they were doing it three days a week. >> you may lose a few patients for liposuction. >> we apply it to them afterwards, they're getting better results. >> thank you. always good to see you.
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it's 11:41 now. still ahead, a local legend is coming to the big screen. the story of maryland's goatman. and a new meaning to the king of pop.
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pepsi is releasing a limited edition can with the image of the late michael jackson on it. it's due to arrive in the u.s. later this month. he pitched pepsi back in the 1980s. hiring slowed down last month, and the unemployment rate fell. let's check in with hampton pearson, he joins us live with more on that. and he has the rest of the day's business headlines, too. >> a weaker than expected april jobs report has market trading in negative territory from the opening bell. right now the dow is down 154 points. the nasdaq down 58. the s&p 500 down 20. employers added 115,000 jobs, well below the consensus forecast for a gain of 168,000. the unemployment rate dropped to 8.1%, the lowest in three years. it happened because the size of the labor force and the number
11:46 am
of people actively looking for work shrank. the canadian company that wants to build the pipeline through the u.s. has submitted a new application through the process. transcanada is applying after changing the route to avoid environmentally sensitive land in nebraska. the pipeline would cost about $7 billion to build and could create 6,000 jobs. president obama blocked the pipeline earlier this year because of environmental concerns. domestic crude oil, futures are down more than $4 a barrel today. to just over $98 a barrel. that's the lowest price in three months. also today, social media giant public offering.price range for the numbers are mind boggling. $28 to 35 a share. the evaluation as rich as $98 hd debut for an american company. and facebook's 27-year-old
11:47 am
founder mark zuker be zuckerber one of the witchest men in the world. facebook has more than 900 million users worldwide. the facebook road show is in. making presentations to goldman sachs and morgan stanley. >> have a great weekend. >> like wise. >> he lashes one to left. that's a fair ball into the corner. doubles by desmond and harper. the nets retake the lead. >> brice harper is living up to expectations. he scored the vetgame winning r. it's the gnats' second straight win. he now has a .375 averages with three runs batted in. here's a sight redskins fans have been waiting for. the newly drafted quarterback is suited up in his new burgundy
11:48 am
and gold threads for the first time yesterday. the redskins posted these pictures on their websites. going through a couple of balls for the rookie photo shoot. they drafted the winner with the second overall pick in the nfl draft last week. a local film maker is bringing a popular urban legend to the big screen. the maryland film maker is getting buzz for his new horror movie, return of the goatman. it's based on the myth of a violent goatlike creature, rumored to be the product of a bad experiment of the usda research center. he says the hardest part about making the movie was the special effects. >> the biggest thing is budget. if you're working on a shoe string budget and trying to put together a class "a" movie, it's an extreme challenge. but we came into this project with a business sense and organized. we had a vision in mind. it made it a little easier doing the story. >> the return of the goatman
11:49 am
will premier this sunday at the afi theater in silver springs. our time right now is 11:48. coming up. it's a test that a third of americans fail. coming up, we're going to see if tommy mcfly makes the grade. plus meteorologist tom kierein will be back with a final check on the forecast. stay with us. >> hi, i'm aaron gilchrist. monday morning, prince harry will be here in washington on monday. he's receiving a humanitarian leadership award for his work helping wounded warriors. we'll tell you everything you need to know about the visit. plus your weather and traffic on the ones and all the news while you sleep.
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>> pollsters say the white house party crasher needs to do a lot of work if he wants to make it to the governor's mansion in virginia. tommy mcfully joins us to explain. good morning. >> hey there. how are you? >> is it truetariq salahi wants to run for governor? >> i think he meant it. he was probably trying to grab
11:53 am
headlines. once again we fell for his trap. what other jobs can they do? >> the pollsters have looked and say he don't stand a chance. 2% of virginians have a positive opinion of him. >> 2%. >> 34% have a negative opinion. we don't know the rest. >> that's hilarious. >> you think he'll make a run for it?ú! rosea roseanne barr is running for president, too. a spokesperson came out and said he has the worst ratings i've ever seen. a third of american citizens would fail the citizenship test. i know you're going to quiz me. i'm sweating. mz8utsurprise th you that 2% of americans would fail. >> a third would fail. >> it doesn't surprise me. i'm hoping i'm not in the
11:54 am
one-third. >> bill of rights. >> awesome. make some music. do we have the!z there? how many supreme court justices? seven. nine. >> which is your final answer? nine. seven.psuyn. no. it is nine. you had it in there somewhere. didn't say 20. >> i knew it was an odd number below ten. >> well, you're just a typical american. >> i'm a typical american. what was the first beatles recording? >> abby road? >> no. >> i thought you would be able to take that. >> i have to get more contemporary. >> i apologize for not knowing
11:55 am
this stuff. >> you talk to singer cook. he bake a national advocate when his brother was diagnosed and passed away from brain cancer. >> former "american idol." he's become a champion for the race. the raise for hope has raised $1.7 million. we talked to him about being involved. >> let's listen to what he said. >> it's been awareness for those of us around me. just as much awareness for me. you don't acknowledge the scope of the disease until you see the scope of the disease. >> kelly clarkson went rogue and ended up on "the voice." are you married to idol? >> if the right thing came across the table. you might see me on another the folks at iidol. >> he's not ruling it out but sort of ruling it out. >> mint juleps at your house? >> margaritas, baby. i'm going to do one of each.
11:56 am
>> those look pretty good, don't they? look at that. a lot of folks doing that. >> you too. happy cinco de mayo. >> the whole deal. >> we'll see you next week. let's look at the stories for this afternoon. pat is joining us in the newsroom with a preview of things to come. hey, pat. >> jewelry thieves thought they struck gold. the joke was on them. we'll tell you what happened. and addicted to tanning. it's gotten a whole lot of attention after the the new jersey mother's arrest. but how dangerous is it? we'll tell you. and stick around for a great story tonight on news 4 at 6:00. a wallet that a california man lost more than six decades ago has finally turned up. we'll tell you what was >> time for a final check on the forecast. here's tom. >> sky looks dark.
11:57 am
we have a thundershower in the area. that's the view looking into virginia, where it's raining now. this is just the leading edge of other showers and thundershowers moving in. there's a lot of lightning south of washington right now. now just crossing the potomac to charleston county. not a lot of wind.eç around 30 to 40 miles an hour. this is drifting east at 25 miles an hour. this is pushing on through here over the next hour or so. but then later today, all the area in yellow is a zone of potential severe weather. and we could have an isolated storm. we're in the upper 70s to near 80s around the metro area.
11:58 am
it's cooled down. any thunder and thundershower activity should be ending by later this evening.fqvdodging r droppings and lightning bolts. tomorrow cooler. cooler on sunday. only a small chance of an afternoon thundershower or evening shower. otherwise the weekend looks great. see you monday. >> tom, thank you. that's news 4 midday for today and this week. thank you for being with us. be sure to tune in at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. eat 5:00 and 6:00, more on my one on one interview with laura bush. that's coming up on 5:00 and 6:00. we'll be here at 11:00 a.m. have a terrific weekend.
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