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tv   Today  NBC  May 5, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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of you, sleep number introduces the silver edition bed set, at incredible savings of $1,000 for a limited time. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's try day friday, may 4, one day away from hoda's favorite day in the world. >> cinco de mayo. >> you just bring on the guacamole and the chips and you
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are happy. >> and a nice brink from rosa, mexicano. >> i forget what the actual holiday is. i know it's -- what? >> may 5. >> if you know, let us know. because our crack research team here hasn't told us what we're celebrating. not that we care. but we know it's important to you. >> taste that. >> all right. >> so here's a question we have for you at home. do you ever talk to yourself? you know what? say they it may be good for you to speak out loud. i do that. i don't know that i do it consciously. but when i'm in my apartment looking for something, i say where is that wallet? >> i'll get frustrated and say kathie lee, come on! i get a little upset with me. frank every day is coming in and looking in the mirror going,
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hello, frank. hey, i'm over here. i said, why are you talking to yourself? because nobody else talks to me. i said, hello, frank. >> so here's the deal. if you say something out loud, chances are better that you're going to find that something. when you verbalize it. so we're going to put that to the test. >> like a self-fulfilling prophecy thing. >> inside the big thing is one small cork. we're going to get how many seconds? >> ten. >> ten seconds to find it without saying it out loud. is the clock ready? and go. [ clock ticking ] >> i found it! [ buzzer ] >> i found the cork!
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i found the cork! la, la, la. the point is, say it out loud and see if you find it. ten seconds on the clock for klg. go. >> i hate when hoda beats me at something. where's the cork? come to momma. where is the cork? come on. >> three and two. >> cork, cork. [ buzzer ] >> got it! >> there you have it. >> i don't want to know where that came from. >> all right. >> so what could we possibly learn? >> that if you say it out loud and you're you, you'll find it. >> how about putting in your contact lenses and you'll find it. >> so there's a survey that talks about falling in love. the question was asked, how many
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times does the average person fall in love? and the answer they give is four. >> yeah, but all these things drive me crazy, because what does "falling in love" mean to different people? how many times have you, would you say? >> one, two, three. >> so you have one more left to go? >> i've had three, so far. how about you, how many have you had? >> i'm trying to count how many people are watching. times that i truly felt i was in love? probably five. i'm a big lover. you know, i was telling you before when i was in israel and we found that beautiful family. i don't think i told you this story. the man was introducing us to his family, and he said my name is muhammad and this is my children and my wife and my wife
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and somebody in our party said how many lives are you allowed to have in your religion? and he says four. i said are you going to get two more? he says, if i have strength, i think about it. >> they say most women, though, not most. 33% settle down with their first love but say a lot of people don't marry the love of your life. >> i fell in love when i was 15 years old, so deeply, so ridiculously that it screwed me up for ten years. i'm so glad that didn't happen for cass. deeply, passionately fall in love when you're that young -- you go to other parts of the world and realize that's when people get married. >> 40% of women say they're settling. you know what somebody said? they said ask yourself this question, are you 70% happy? and if the answer is yes, then
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just stay there. >> be happy with that. >> 70% is a lot. >> settling? i don't think i could settle. >> that's not the right word. sometimes you make compromises in life. >> and sometimes you don't and regret it later, like i should have compromised. that would have been a good relationship. you know what i'm saying? >> yes. why are you looking at me? all right. >> this is bizarre, this thing called, the online buildi ining dating webs for travelers. >> it matches generous travelers who hate to travel alone with attractive travelers who would like a free trip. >> it also has an incentive system where generous members can get frequent flyer points to attractive members who can redeem their points and travel the word for free. >> here's the statement they gave us at nbc news.
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please be assured that escorts and escort services are not welcomed at this is a dating website that help like minded travel lovers find love. >> we still don't know what the heck that means. >> what does it mean? >> you're a beautiful woman that wants to go to italy with a stranger? that's why you have to think things through. read the fine print on that one. you may get a free trip that you're going to really pay for. >> there's no such thing as anything free. they want something. >> what do they want? >> except for jay. he don't want nothing. how much makeup should you wear at the office? some people come in full of glam and some wear almost nothing. "marie claire" magazine teamed up with harvard. four model also be shown and
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we'll pick which one is right for week. that's model number one. model number two. >> yeah. >> three. >> uh-huh. >> i'm going with four. >> that's enough, you think? >> or two. >> i thought she looked prettiest in the second one, but that's probably too much for the work place. i would say four. >> two or four. >> is it four? >> four is right. >> our workplace is on television, so you wear much more here. >> i think you either overdo it or underdo it at work, because you don't know. i don't know. i used to wear dark red lips because that's what i thought you did. >> i would have told you. it's a little inappropriate for early in the morning. so tipping. this is one of those things. this is shocking. they say here nearly one-third
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of people have not left a tip. they walk out without leaving a tip for service, like restaurants. >> that's just their m.o.? >> yeah. isn't that sick? >> i like it when they work it out for you. gratuity included. >> have you ever gone -- i've gone to eat with a friend who doesn't tip well and they say i'm treating. when we leave together, i always double back, because i feel awful. the person killed themselves and they get some little tip. >> that's one of the things that i fell in love with frank. he tips so much more, always has. and he said kathie, you don't understand how poor i was growing up. we just forget where we came from. hi, frank. >> you're supposed to leave tips. >> hello, frank.
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>> all right. so mother's day is a week away, and a family gave us this great letter and a photo and this is how they celebrate mother's day. this is lindsey. she'll be celebrating her first mother's day. i'm sorry, lynndie. this is the whole family. >> that's lynndie's great grand mother, hermana, celebrating her 84th mother's day. she's 107 years old. that's a beautiful photo of all of them gathered around together. >> that was sweet that they sent that to us. >> they look like they get along. they look like a happy family. >> i love this part. >> i haven't even seen it. >> on the way back from a cub scout meeting, a young boy asked his dad, i know babies come from
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mommy's tummies, but how do they get there in the first place? the father, struggling to formulate an answer, when his son spoke up in disgust, you don't have to make up something, dad. it's okay if you don't know the answer. [ drum roll ] >> cute one. you know what it's time for? "bobbie's buzz." >> next week you're setting the date? >> why don't you have the ring on? >> it didn't match. >> it didn't match? >> that's a whole other segment. >> what did you say? >> it didn't match? >> i'm now going to be hated by millions of people. i'm sorry. i just forgot it and i didn't run back because i had gold on any way. this is about mother's day. happy mother's day. okay. sentimental jewelry.
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creative keepsakes, uncommon goods has some fantastic ideas for your mom under $80. these are real flowers that are your birth month flower. and her zodiac sign hand stamped on necklaces. another thing i got for my mom, these are mother-daughter memen mementos. my mom, even though she's starting to e-mail, this is a kit that will he will your start correspondence and they have things that will ask questions like in your wildest dreams what were your wildest dreams. and whether mom has a green thumb or not, this is a potting plant that will keep the plant watered and blooming for 120 days. so instead of flowers, and this is only like $40. happy mother's day, mom. >> show everybody that jacket. >> this is only about $100 from
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zara. >> isn't that cute? >> thank you, sweet heart. still to come, is your relationship with your mom a healthy one? >> up next, la la anthony explains why it pays to think like a man, right after this.
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the lovely la la anthony is a actress, producer, mother and wife to carmelo anthony. >> she's had quite a ride from high school to performing off broadway. >> but now, she stars in her own reality show on vh-1 and is in the movie "think like a man." take a look. >> i wrote down my strategic do's and don'ts. >> you know you sound like you're going to war. >> yes, girl, because love is a battlefield. steve says set the requirements very high, before you get in the car because you don't want to
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become a chirp chirp girl. >> he just hits the locks and you jump in and he don't have to open the door. >> how are you? >> doing great. happy to be here today. >> what a great movie to be part of. >> yes, amazing. we knew it was going to be great, but how it is two weeks at number one, we could have never predicted that. >> knocked off a little things called "the hunger games." >> you play sonia. >> sonia is the friend that we all have who is not buying into what everyone is doing. >> she's the friend you need, questioning things. >> she's like, i'm not follow thing book to function in my relationship. and we all have that friend who said i'm not going along with your crazy ideas. >> but i love you any way. >> what about acting, how did you wind up on the movie? >> i auditioned and yes, i've been acting for a while.
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it's always been a passion. i was in acting class in school and worked really hard and i auditioned for the movie. getting the role was exciting and i hope this is the beginning of lot more to come. >> and that broadway show you did -- >> we loved that show. >> how was that? >> it was really good. theater obviously is a big adjustment, but if you can prove yourself on that kind of a stage, people make you more seriously. >> absolutely. >> after that, the phone started ringing. >> and it wasn't for your husband, it was for you. >> exactly. >> how is he faking that? >> he's great. he's super supportive. we recently moved to new york and the fans have embraced us. >> he's carry thing knicks basketball team. do you feel the pressure? i know fans can be boisterous, shall we say. >> it come wls the territory. we knew what we were getting ourselves in. now we're dealing with people
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camping outside our apartment. >> you're a mom, too. >> yeah. you know, it's adjusting. >> you're a superstar in your own right, but what is it like having to share your husband with an entire city? >> you just get used to it. i'm the kind of person who believes in space and balance. i like that he's off doing his thing and i'm doing mine and we come together and have a great time. i like that we both have our own thing going on. >> how about the reality show, what is cooking on that front? >> it's one of the highest rated shows on vh-1 and talking about adjusting to new york city and life here. in the beginning, it was an adjustment and a change. so we just are now getting settled in and enjoying it and tracking what happened with the move and everything. >> so what's wrong with your life? if you could change one thing
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about your life, what would it be? >> i need more sleep. i have a 5-year-old, so i don't get any sleep. so i'm sleep deprived. >> you're such a lovely person. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> good luck with everything. >> i would love to come back and visit again. >> any time. you're more than welcome. the movie "think like a man" is in theaters nationwide. >> sara is rounding up questions from our fans and you know how they can be. we'll be right back. let's start with car insurance x. this one does save people a lot of money and it's very affordable. it was very delicious. could you please taste car insurance y? this one is much more expensive. ugh. it's really bad. let's see what you picked. oh, geico! over their competitor.
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it is time for "3, 2, 1 live with sara hanes." >> swe're ready. >> this is cheryl from texas.
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she has a question about the merch. >> we want to ask you a serious question. where is our wines day wednesday t-shirts? >> oh! that's just wrong they don't have those. >> you're right. >> they're making tons of money on everything else. >> yes. we need it! >> we're on it. >> okay. another texan. this is maureen with a question about "the voice." >> yes. my question is about the wine -- just kidding. when you're doing laundry or daily activities, but i was thinking more about laundry, what wine goes best with laundry? >> are you doing whites or colored? >> thank you. >> thank you, honey.
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>> time for one more -- >> we're wrapping it up, baby. still ahead, how close is too close when it comes to mothers and daughters? and how much do you really know about the celebratory drink you're holding? and daisy martinez.
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we're back on this friday. according to a survey, the level of communication between a mother and daughter increases during and after college. but can you become too attached? >> here to answer that question is psychologist dale atkins and jill martin, and her mother. look at her mother, georgette, harriet cole and her mom, doris. gorgeous all the way around. >> now, the topic is revealing
2:33 am
too much. i guess can we reveal too much? let's start with jill. let's begin in the middle. >> you reveal a lot of stuff to your mom. >> i do, and we speak numerous times in the day, morning, afternoon and night, e-mail. but the thing is, i reveal more to her than she does to me. i think that's the distinction. ly tell her anything. >> anything? >> anything. >> jill, i know some stuff about your life. that is the stuff you would tell your mom? >> yes, but not on tv. >> how do you react? when she tells you something that is a sensitive topic? >> i feel that a mother should be a place that -- a soft place that you can tell anything. even if it's difficult, there's got to be someone who will listen to you and will accept what you say. and that you shouldn't be guarded, embarrassed. >> unconditional love. >> you don't say everything to
2:34 am
your mom, because you're worried that your mom worries. >> i'm sure she would be happy if i told her everything. >> i don't know about that. >> maybe not. but over the years, we've developed a very healthy boundary. so we definitely share lots of things. she shares what's going on in her life, too. >> what do you mean? >> she has a suitor and we talk about him. >> it's a beau, mind you. >> but what i've learned is this was true even when we were little. if you get mad at a friend and tell your mom and your mom is mad for a week and you're mad for a day. similarly, if something is going on in my life, especially in my marriage, i will wait and not tell it immediately, because sheshe could worry forever and it could be over. >> like you speak many times a
2:35 am
day, and many, many healthy relationships are people speaking many times a day. but if you can't make a move until you speak to your mom, if you don't trust your own inner voice, if you're afraid to do something that your mom might disapprove of and you're an adult, i think that you really have to pay attention to what it is you're talking about and how you feel about yourself. so if you're sharing information and you want them to be informed and they want to be informed. but you said something so important. you talked about a soft place. so many people feel judged. they feel criticized. there's not a respect that's going on. and with adult women and their pa parents, it's very important to have boundaries and have a sense that this person cares about me, i will share what i feel is appropriate for me and for her.
2:36 am
it may not always match. >> you don't ever get embarrassed. do you ever think what is she going to think? >> sometimes. i'm single, so she'll ask me questions if i go out on a date. but i'm so grateful to have my mom and to have her so close and have her in my life that i feel like she is my best friend and my safe place. so anything like that, my friends -- we were sitting down saying would you tell your mom this or that? when i go out on dates, i tell her what happened. >> really? >> yeah. >> you wouldn't tell your mom any of that stuff? >> i wouldn't tell anybody. no, and when she starts to bring things up, she misses my daddy, who has been gone a long time and i love knowing they had a beautiful relationship that way. but i don't want to hear about it. i really don't. it makes me uncomfortable.
2:37 am
i'm a different generation. >> i was married at 20, so what did i have to say? >> sure. >> we haven't heard anything from harriet's beautiful mother. you do reveal stuff to your daughter, yeah? >> yes. i tell her things. and she tells me things, too. >> absolutely. >> has she ever told you something that upset you very much and you felt like you needed to take your adult daughter and give her a little spanking? >> well, maybe it's been such a long time ago, i can't remember. >> see where i get the diplomacy? >> my father has been gone about 12 years, 13. so we talk about the family dynamic, husband-wife dynamic. my mother gives us information when it's appropriate. >> that's true. >> i have to agree with that. >> i think that you talk about giving information, it has to do
2:38 am
with also giving advice. sometimes there are moms and daughters, too, they want to give their advice and they get upset if they don't take their advice. you have to be aware of when someone wants to talk to you, just to have you listen to them, hear them and hear them out, as opposed to telling you what to do. and living your life through someone else, that's also not a good thing. you've got to know boundaries and limits. >> thank you, everybody. happy mother's day. up next, is that party drink crashing your diet? we have a quiz for you. i think hmadelyne is in the house, right after this. today my journey brings me to charlotte, north carolina, where i spent the day with geico driver casey mears. i told him the secret to saving money on car insurance. he told me the secret to his car setup. first he adjusts... first he adjusts... (sfx:engine revving drowns out gecko's dialogue) then he... then he... (sfx:loud drilling noise continues to drown out gecko's dialogue) ...and a quarter cup of then he... neapple juice.
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with the month of may comes lots of celebrations, specifically cinco de mayo, kentucky derby and mother's day. some of us like something with a
2:43 am
kick. >> madelyne is about to test our knowledge of specialty drinks that add to the holiday fun but could add to the waistline. >> how are you? we're going to have some fun with this. first we start with the kentucky derby. a mint julep is the signature agree. one of these is not the signature ingredient. kathie lee? >> no water in that. >> no, it does have water. >> mint, lemon -- >> there's no lemon. >> you are correct. hoda gets that one. >> she can have it. >> another mint julep question. hoda, you just took a sip. you drink this with a straw. why is it traditional to have the straw cut short, just an inch above the drink, to prevent slurping, to keep the drink as
2:44 am
cold as possible, or to smell the sprig of mint? >> msmell the sprig. >> what is the favorite substitute for bourbon, white grape juice, apple cider or ginger ail? >> ginger ale. >> it is. now, we're going to move on to cinco de mayo. here are two traditional drinks of mexico. one is a margarita. one is a mojito. which has less calories? >> mojito. >> it is. about 250, compared to 450 with a margarita. a frozen margarita, does that typically have more calories, the same or less calories? >> fewer. >> no. >> what? >> more. >> and kathie lee, you're right.
2:45 am
do you know why? >> no. >> that's a very good guess. when you have a frozen drink, you have to add more sugar to taste the same sweetness. a couple cocktails for mother's day. two popular drinks made with orange juice are a screwdriver and a mimosa. which has fewer calories? >> the screwdriver. >> no. it's the mimosa. >> it's 4-2, so this is the tiebreaker. this is double or nothing right here. >> a popular champagne cocktail is called the bulini. is this blended with what? >> peach juice. >> or mango juice. and you get it, kathie lee. >> it's 5-2. you lose!
2:46 am
>> you can make your own. now is a good time. >> you know how much i love you, hoda? i give this to you. >> thank you. coming up next, it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it. the best cleaning products to get it done right. but first these messages. good morning. your forecast for the big weekend, we're going to kick it off with cinco de mayo with scattered showers and thunderstorms across the northern plains. may see isolated severe once again. we'll be watching louisville, kentucky as we make a run for the roses here with the derby kicking off throughout the weekend. and there could be a pop-up thunderstorm. all that rain mushes into the mid-atlantic where you get to enjoy the quiet weather. definitely in the west, it will be heating up across the desert.
2:47 am
looking for the pools and lakes there around places like arizona and new mexico. temperatures well into the 90s in many spots. hot in southern texas. up to 87 in kansas city tomorrow. the cooler air across the northern states with that cold front coming through, and that's keeping the threat for severe weather going around the western lakes. minneapolis and chicago by sunday, chance of a pop-up storm. down into the southeast, the good news is we'll get beneficial rain here, trying out for the southern plains. this time of year, it gets so hot in the afternoon, you can't rule out a pop-up storm, especially east of the rockies where we have another moisture in the air with higher dew points. 88 in kansas city by sunday. 68 in new york city. 62 in boston. so we'll cool off a bit in the northeast, following the wake of that storm, that cooler air. showers push in on monday to start the workweek, here from the ohio valley, down across the southern plains. drier weather in the northeast.
2:48 am
63 for denver. tuesday, showers move further to the east here, impacting much of the east coast. we'll see that continue by the time we get into wednesday, as well. showers around the lakes and we'll dry out in the center of the country. 78 in the mile high there by the middle of the week. check your forecast every weekday morning at 6:00 a.m. "wake up with al" on the weather channel. yes. yes. yes. noooo! [ male announcer ] yep, subway broke the 200-calorie breakfast barrier. with delicious fresh fit mornin' melt breakfast sandwiches. subway. eat fresh.
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with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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it is spring cleaning season. >> stop the insanity, the folks at real simple have tested everything to find the best cleaning products on the market. here with the results is real simple senior editor mary kate mcgraph. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> you did a lot of leg work. >> we spent months cleaning our kitchen. four months and we have the best products.
2:51 am
not only the toughest on dirt, they're the easiest to use. we brought you some gloves to try on. you'll see that these are super soft inside and they're latex free. so you won't sweat. they're like a manicure for your hands. so you can wash a sink full of wine glasses and never know the difference. mr. clean bliss gloves. >> they're really soft. >> this is an amazingcleaner from planet. you could clean all three surfaces with a couple of sprays. shine, gets all the dirt and grime out. >> i like it. >> sounds like it's good for the planet. >> it is biodegradable. smudge marks on the refrigerator. this simple green is both a
2:52 am
cleaner and a polish. so you see this is all smudged. >> we're pretending like that is our fridge? >> silver platter fridge. it repels finger prints and dust. >> wow. >> so we'll see dust and finger prints here and nothing on this side. >> i'm not convinced on that one. >> the best paper towels. >> these are viva paper towels. you can mop up a spill. this is cranberry juice and you can ring it out. >> incredibly absorbent. >> if you had a sink, you could wash it out under the faucet and reuse it. one thing of paper towels, one little square can clean your
2:53 am
entire kitchen. and you can even use them like a wash cloth. you spilled tomato sauce. looks like this was spilled three days ago these are dual action wipes. one side is abrasive, the other is soft. >> thank you. >> wait a minute! >> i've got the gloves on, i can't feel anything. >> this is the most cleaning i've done in forever. this is awesome. >> look at that. >> i love cleaning. >> i'm not very good at this. >> who doesn't want to clean with sneethese? >> what are they? >> they're microfiber sponges. >> very cool. >> and in springtime colors. and floor cleaner, you need no water. squirt and done.
2:54 am
and the best mop. you actually don't need a bucket anymore. so the bucket and mop thing is gone. this is velcro, sprits it with water. and they actually -- >> pick up the smudges? >> yep. >> wow. nice job. you did it again. >> good job, girl. thank you very much. up next, daisy martinez stirs up a fabulous fiesta to celebrate cinco de mayo.
2:55 am
2:56 am
now on today's kitchen, what's cooking?
2:57 am
we're celebrating cinco de mayo with some mexican dishes. >> finally, daisy martinez, executive chef. >> hey. >> happy cinco de mayo. i said why do we celebrate cinco de mayo. >> and i said, why not? >> what are we whipping up here? >> some pork for our tacos. i put garlic powder, cumin and pepper. i browned the pork shoulder. we're going to add some onions. >> look at this. >> garlic, i have cinnamon, cumin, all these beautiful, warm spices. and then i have -- this is raw sausage. and we're going to --
2:58 am
>> the way i like it. >> this is like a dream come true for me. i can't believe this. just smush it all up. then we add some canned tomatoes and we're making a sauce. this is what we're going to braise -- oh, look at you with the bay leaf. >> i'm cooking. >> and then we are going to put the meat back and let it simmer. >> is that cooked all the way through? >> it's going to cook for about two hours. >> look at what we've got here. >> where's the pork? >> we took it out and shredded it. we're going to add it to this. >> all those warm spices, isn't that pretty? it's not what you typically think of with mexican food. i made this and i have a friend who is mexican and i had her taste it. her eyes watered and said it
2:59 am
tastes like my mother's. >> the greatest compliment in the world. >> come on back, girls. when we have our beautiful braised beef, some gorgeous warm tortillas. and we go ahead and i have -- oh, we've got company. >> come on, sara. >> i love it. and we have some toppings. beautiful advacado, some nice salsa. >> look at that. >> who is going to try? >> and then, of course, i have some of -- this is really sexy food. i call it latin sushi. >> and what's the drink you have? >> i have a mexican lime-ade. it has a splash of tequila. >> happy cinco de


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