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tv   Today  NBC  May 8, 2012 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. thwarted. fbi experts analyzing a new al qaeda underwear bomb. would it have made it past airport security? was it powerful enough to take down a passenger plane? this morning, new information on the terror plot stopped by the cia. on the edge. a mother and her two young daughters dangle from a bridge, inches from death, survive thanks to incredible luck, and some brave rescuers. this morning, that grateful mom speaks out in an exclusive live interview. and people watching paradise. stars, supermodels and other fashion icons take to the red carpet in what's being called the oscars of the east "today," carpet in what's being called the oscars of the east "today," tuesday, may 8th, 200012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm matt lauer. we had a recent assessment by the obama administration that said al qaeda is a shadow of its former self. but this latest thwarted attempt shows that the network is still making a lot of efforts to attack. >> absolutely right, matt. because on monday we learned that a covert cia operation in yemen stopped a suicide mission that planned to use an upgraded underwear bomb, containing no metal at all, on a flight headed here to the united states. we're going to get more on this from president obama's top counterterrorism adviser just ahead. >> also ahead, after a very bitter primary battle, former presidential candidate rick santorum has now endorsed his former republican rival mitt romney. wasn't exactly a rousing
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endorsement. he did it in an e-mail sent overnight. we're going to have more on that story as well. >> also prince harry has been in washington. he's been dazzling washington. we're going to tell you who he was rubbing shoulders with during his first visit to the nation's capital. >> but let u.s. begin this morning with that al qaeda terror plot. an alleged plan to blow up an underwear bomb aboard a jet headed to the united states. it was stopped by the cia before it could be launched. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has the latest on this. pete, good morning. >> matt, good morning. american officials say they actually found out about this plot a month ago. they followed it closely, and then they shut it down. and after that they seized the device that the terrorists intended to use. it's now here in the u.s., where the fbi is studying how it was made. u.s. officials say the target was to be a passenger airliner bound for the u.s., though no specific airline or flight had been chosen when the plot was disrupted. but they say, a potential suicide bomber had been recruited and was being trained.
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officials declined to say if he's in custody. >> as far as the person who actually had the bomb, the exact language that was used to me was, we no longer have to be concerned about him. >> reporter: the plan was to use a more refined version of the underwear bomb worn by umar abdulmutallab who tried to detonate it christmas day 2009. it failed to work properly and simply caught fire. as with the earlier device, officials say this latest one had no metal parts, intended to evade the full-body scanners widely deployed after the underwear bomber's attempt. >> it's a reminder as to why we have to remain vigilant at home and abroad, in protecting our nation, and in protecting friendly nations and people. >> reporter: the terror plan had all the hall marks of the al qaeda offshoot in yemen, a terror group the u.s. is most concerned about. but administration officials say these plotters were very closely monitored, suggesting an informant was in on it. we were confident, said a senior
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administration official, that we had inside control over any plot that might have been associated with this device. as part of the same counterterror operation, a top al qaeda figure was killed in a weekend air strike. intelligence officials say he would have approved any such terror plot. >> this organization has had a bad week. this plot has been disrupted. we have the device in our possession. and they have lost several of their senior leaders as a result of drone strikes. >> reporter: intelligence officials say the device was likely made by the top bombmaker for al qaeda in yemen, ibrahim hassan al asiri, who designed the 2009 underwear bomb, and the devices hidden in printer cartridges that were intercepted on air cargo shipments destined for chicago two years ago. an administration official says the bomb is now at the fbi's crime lab just outside washington, d.c., where explosives experts are analyzing how it was made, and whether it could have evaded airport security screenings. ann? >> pete williams this morning. pete, thanks. john brennan is the president's
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chief counterterrorism adviser. mr. brennan, good morning. >> good morning, ann. >> give us a sense of just what it took to thwart this plot, and also to get our hands on this bomb. >> well, it took very close cooperation with our international partners. this is something that we have really emphasized over the past many years. working very closely with our yemeni partners because al qaeda in the peninsula poses a threat to us. having intelligence and being able to take action before any of these ieds can make their way to an airplane or airport is instrumental in terms of being able to obstruct these types of attacks before they get under way. >> do we have the alleged bomber in custody >> we don't have to worry about the ied or the would-be bomber. and this is still in a sensitive stage. we're working very closely with those partners. we want to protect source of methods as well as operational equities. but neither the device nor the would-be bomber poses a threat. >> okay. it's reported that this device
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was all plastic like the one that was used christmas 2009 during that attempt there. what will comparing these devices teach us, tell us about what advanced al qaeda is making, and how effective they now are getting devices through air -- airport security? >> well, aqap's bombmaker, ibrahim al asiri, has demonstrated real proficiency as far as concealment methods, as well as the materials that are used in these ieds. and so what the fbi is doing right now is taking a look at this ied, and see what type of modifications, refinements, may have been made. now we adapt our measures accordingly. and so, whatever we learn from this ied, we're going to ensure there's going to be incorporated into the measures that we take at airports, as well as any other avenues of approach that the wouldish db terrorists would take. >> do we have technology now that can screen for these kinds of plastics? >> we have redundant systems. and so we have advanced imaging
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technology. we have different types of measures that are in place at airports. it's a combination of those measures that we take at the airport, as well as the intelligence that allows us to learn about individuals getting on planes. we have been doing a fair amount of screening, of passengers, both again physically as well as making sure that we know about those individuals before they get aboard an aircraft. >> you know, you recently said that al qaeda is a shadow of its former self. and certainly we have taken down a lot of al qaeda leaders, one was actually taken down just this past sunday. but given this latest plot, can we actually truly say that al qaeda has been weakened? the threat from al qaeda has been weakened? >> well, al qaeda core in pakistan has truly been degraded significantly. we've been working very closely with our pakistani partners to do that. but al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is the most operationally active element of al qaeda these days. it has tried in the past to carry out attacks multiple times
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against aircraft. it's carried out assassination attacks in the arabian peninsula. so it is a lethal organization, it's a dangerous one. that's why we have to continue to work very closely with our yemeni partners so that we're able to stop these attacks before they get under way. >> you mentioned that this would-be bomber, we don't have to worry about him. has he been killed? >> i'm not going to go into any of the operational details, again. it just -- i think the american people should feel confident that this device, and the bomber that would use it, are no longer a threat to the american public. this is something that we had visibility into early on and therefore what we're doing now is we're taking additional measures in the event that there are other efforts out there on the part of al qaeda to try to evade security. >> all right. well white house counterterrorism adviser john brennan, thank you. on -- on multiple levels this morning. >> thank you, ann. >> all right. well michael lighter was director of the national counterterrorism center at the time of that failed 2009
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underwear bomb attempt. he is now an nbc national security analyst. michael good morning to you. >> good morning, ann. how are you? >> you -- great. i imagine that you've got something to say about the fact that -- that part of the story here is that the u.s. was able to take down this effort, foil this plot, that was apparently from the hinterlands of yemen. isn't that part of the story here? >> absolutely, ann. this is a very difficult intelligence operation, to actually find individuals working with foreign partners and really have the entire u.s. intelligence community, led by the cia, have people in a position to identify these operatives before they get on planes, be inside the plot enough to disrupt them before they're even close to our shores, that really represents an enormous victory for u.s. counterterrorism efforts. >> well, you know, as you have pointed out in the past, this 2009 bomb plot, the christmas bomb plot, showed us that they're able to get a bomb, a device past airline security. but they haven't -- weren't able
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at that time to ignite the bomb. if they're able -- when we analyze the -- what we have now in our possession, this bomb that would have gone off, if we see that it could have been ignited, what does that do in terms of how we stay a step ahead of these plotters? >> john brennan just said, they are always trying to modify their means to produce a more effective weapon that can bypass our security measures. in the case of abdulmutallab the igniter and the initial charge did not work well enough. it simply started a fire. i would guess they spent much of the past two years perfecting that mechanism. so in this case, to keep them off the plane in the first place. and then also at the same time, make sure that our advanced imaging technology, that our different screening methods, that our intelligence is in place to help locate those operatives before they even get on. if this bomb technique is actual actually.
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if this bomb technique is more advanced than their previous one it's going to be that much harder to find them before they get on the plane. >> michael leiter, thank you so much. it's a great thing we have our hands on that device. >> no question about it. it is a very busy morning. let's get a check of the rest of the headlines from natalie who is standing over at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt and ann. good morning, everyone. a new ally for gop presidential hopeful mitt romney in the race for the white house. nbc's peter alexander has the latest from washington. peter good morning. >> natalie, good morning to you. that new ally is rick santorum. but this wasn't exactly a resounding endorsement by santorum. it was sent out in the 13th paragraph of a late-night e-mail, urging his supporters to back mitt romney. here's exactly what santorum writes. he says, above all else, we both agree that president obama must be defeated. the task will not be easy. it will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. governor romney will be that nominee, and he has my endorsement and support to win this, the most critical election of our lifetime.
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santorum and romney met privately last friday after a bitter primary fight. you'll remember at one point santorum even called romney the worst republican in the country. to put up against barack obama. still this morning, one romney senior adviser insists to me that this demonstrates, natalie, that the party is now completely united. >> all right. peter alexander in our washington bureau. thank you, peter. the producer of finely textured beef, commonly known as pink slime is closing processing plants in three states this month, in the wake of the backlash against the ammonia treated product. beef products inc. says the criticism against the filler is unfounded as it meets federal food safety standards, and has been in use for years. the search for two tennessee sisters is intensifying today. two bodies found behind the home of their accused kidnapper have now been identified as the missing girl's mother and older sister. authorities say the two missing sisters may still be alive with the alleged abductor. 35-year-old family friend adam mayes.
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experts on the front lines in the fight against obesity meet in washington, d.c. today to outline a new strategy as america's weight problem expands. over one-third of adults in this country are currently obese. but by 2030, 42% will be. this according to a government-funded study. now let's head to wall street. cnbc's courtney reagan is at the new york stock exchange. good morning to you, chortny. >> hi, good morning, notly. bank of america will begin mailing 200,000 letters offering certain customers mortgage principle reduction. it's all part of that $25 billion program that settlement reached between the government and the nation's largest mortgage services over so-called robo-signing. elsewhere the treasury department is looking to reduce its stake in aig to 61% from 70%, and the government accountability office reports the u.s. taxpayer could profit up to $15.1 billion from the aig bailout. natalie? >> all right, courtney reagan at the new york stock exchange. thank you. and some sad news to tell you about this morning.
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after he curled up on our couch and won nationwide affection for tipping the scales at 39 pounds, meow the cat has died. the santa fe humane society had taken in the tubby tabby after his elderly owner could no longer take care of him. he'd been put on a diet and started to lose weight but he died on saturday of weight-related complications. matt, ann and al, the santa fe humane society said a huge thanks to all who loved him, and, you know, for their support. >> yeah. that's really sad. once again you have to be very careful about not letting your cats get too overweight. >> natalie, thanks very much. >> pink filler story. >> oh. >> well it is checked can i say and your stripes i'm feeling fashion threatened this morning. i really am. >> mr. roker. >> okay. let's see what we got. >> anyway, mr. roker. >> let's see what we've got for you. let's check it out. for today, we've got wet weather here in the northeast, a system moving through. it's going to bring some rain,
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some of it heavy at times. we're looking anywhere from an inch to 2 inches of rain, up through new england and central new york and central pennsylvania. out west, we got more rain where we really need it, dallas, texas still under drought conditions. and rainfall amounts there, generally about anywhere from 3 to 4 inches of rain, especially southern texas, right centered over del rio. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, tom kierein in storm center 4. it's likely we may only get a half inch or less of that rain likely moving in later today. right now, though, it's mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. later climbing into the 70s. a little sunshine in and out this morning, but then some of that needed rain likely moving into the metro area, by late afternoon and into the evening, maybe with some thunder and lightning earlier in the day. shenandoah valley may see some of that around noontime or 1:00 or so. that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thanks very much. disgraced former presidential candidate john edwards is back in court today, accused of violating campaign finance laws
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in order to hide his then-pregnant mistress. on monday, there was some testimony that may have gone a long way to helping his case. nbc's lisa myers is outside the courthouse in greensboro, north carolina, with more on that. lisa, good morning. >> good morning, matt. the one-time friend who spirited a pregnant rielle hunter away to an awaiting plane in the middle of the night is back on the stand today, testifying for the prosecution. but not all of the prosecution's witnesses have followed their script. in fact, analysts say a key witness actually helped the defense. alex forged, a longtime lawyer for heiress rachel "bunny" mellon was called as a prosecution witness but he proceeded to undercut key aspects of the prosecution's case saying that bunny mellon gave $725,000 to help john edwards because of a deep friendship, and not to further his campaign. forger said after mellon's husband paul died she had few
7:17 am
close friends, she took a liking to mr. edwards. she liked him as a person. it wasn't because he was running for elected office. the government alleges the mellon money was an illegal campaign contribution, which edwards denies. after forger's testimony, edwards whispered to his daughter, cate, it was a good morning for the home team. >> i think forger was damaging to the government and helpful to john edwards. >> reporter: on monday the jury also heard from another campaign adviser, nick balding, who said rielle hunter caused so much turmoil as the campaign videographer that one staffer begged to get off the traveling freak show. and he says hunter was paid more than $100,000 for webisodes that were a disaster. >> can you read it? >> yes, i can read it. >> you can? >> yes. >> reporter: tim tobin, who will be back on the stand today, recounted being asked to do a big favor for edwards in december 2007. pick up andrew and cheri young
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and a pregnant woman wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night, and get them to a waiting jet, which flew them out of north carolina. at the airport, tobin realized it was rielle hunter. tobin testified that john edwards called him later that day. he just wanted to thank me for what i had done for him, and he wouldn't forget what i had done for him, tobin said. >> it didn't cover the money trail, but it does put edwards back in the center of the effort to hide the affair. >> reporter: tobin testified that edwards once told him he might start a foundation and that it would be a chip shot for a wealthy supporter to give him $50 million. but tobin said a year later edwards claimed andrew had tried to bilk mrs. mellon out of $50 million. tobin said he used to be friends with both edwards and his chief accuser, andrew young, but then about three years ago, edwards told him he had to choose between them. tobin says he chose to remain friends with andrew young. matt? >> all right, lisa myers in
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north carolina this morning. lisa, thank you very much. it's 18 minutes after the hour. once again here's ann. >> matt, thanks. there's an extra special buzz in washington, d.c. today, and it doesn't have a thing to do with politics. britain's prince harry came to town to accept an award, and this prince was truly charming. nbc's kristen welker is on royal watch for us this morning. kristen, good morning. >> -- prince harry arrived here on monday evening. but inside, he was surrounded by some of the world's most distinguished dignitaries, including u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon and former secretary of state colin powell. he was also focused on sending a message about the importance of helping wounded warriors in this country, and in his. once called the party prince, harry showed his serious side at a black tie event in the nation's capital monday, accepting a humanitarian award on behalf of himself, and his brother, for their work with
7:20 am
injured soldiers. >> so many of our service men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice. the very least we owe them is to make sure that they, and their brave families, have everything they need through the darkest days. >> reporter: a veteran himself, prince harry spent more than an hour earlier in the day with wounded veterans. thanking them for their service, and sacrifice. royal watchers say the trip is yet another sign prince harry is growing up. >> he has really developed into a bit of a royal superstar. his naturalness, his ability to engage, and his humanitarian side has really made an impact. >> reporter: but his throngs of adoring, mostly female, fans, were just hoping to catch a glimpse. >> of course. he's very handsome. yes. well william is taken so i guess he's kind of my favorite by default. >> is there a tiny bit of you that dreams about becoming the next princess? >> it's more than a tiny bit. it's like a large bit.
7:21 am
>> sorry ladies, the word is, britain's only single prince just got back together request his on-again/off-again girlfriend, chelsey davey. >> according to reports harry has been seeing his ex-girlfriend chelsy davy again. what we do know is they have remained in contact over the years. >> it's no wonder harry hasn't settled down yet according to royal watchers, because he's been busy with his royal duties. in march visiting south america and the caribbean. and last year, another trip to the u.s. this time for apache helicopter training. third in line to the throne, harry has always been a bit in his brother's shadow. but some say he is becoming his own man, carrying the torch his mother, princess diana, left behind. >> well, harry really has the gift that his mother did, which is knowing how to communicate with people and being devoted to his charitable causes. >> now guests here dined on grilled beef filet and seven
7:22 am
layer chocolate fudge cake. this event is hosted by the atlantic council, which is a d.c. based think tank. past award recipients include youtube front man bono and former president bill clinton. ann? >> and that's great company. all right. kristen welker, thank you so much. coming up this morning, the mom and her two daughters who miraculously survived after their car was dangling off the edge of a highway overpass. they're all here for an exclusive interview. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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and totally irresistible. your lip butter? likewise. new revlon® colorburst™ lip butter. a hydrating buttery balm for baby soft lips in 20 shiny colors. good morning. it's 7:26 on this tuesday, may 8th. i'm aaron gilchrist. a busy morning on the roads. >> if you're traveling, this is eastbound route 50 shot from chopper earlier today. eastbound route 50, have a crash at loudoun county parkway, where vehicles ran off of the road here. and your left lane is blocked and you're seeing about a mile backup as you make your way eastbound, route 50 at loudoun county parkway. now over to 395, have a crash blocking the right lane, at 395 northbound at king street, slow to the 14th street bridge. ♪
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so i get claritin clear. this is all bayberry. bayberry pollen. very allergenic. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. live claritin clear. good morning. grab the umbrella before you head out. you don't need it now, but you probably will when you're heading back home later today. a lot of cloudiness today. highs reaching the low to
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mid-70s. some of that likely shower moving in mid- to late afternoon in the metro area, earlier in the day farther west. could get lightning and thunder late afternoon and
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imagine you're driving with your two daughters, a 10-year-old and a tiny baby, and this happens. you're hit by a truck, the car is smashed and you're dangling off a bridge facing certain death below. thanks to one mom's bravery, some incredible luck, and also amazing rescue efforts, the whole family survived, and we're going to meet them and talk to them in just a couple of minutes. that footage speaks for itself. you see the look on that mom's face and you know what she's facing. >> we can all identify with just how we would feel in that moment. i mean, pretty powerful story. >> 7:30, may 8th, 2012. i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry. >> that's right. coming up we'll also be talking this morning about the fashion world and some of hollywood's
7:31 am
favorite dressed to impress last night at the annual met costume gala. giuliana rancic was there, as well, and is going to tell us who made the biggest impression. lots to look at. >> also ahead we have professionals plus two. star, donny, hoda and kathie lee touch on everything from lost lottery winnings to book bannings and even what some people refer to as makeup sex. >> oh, boy. batten down the hatches. also a reminder for all of you that howard stern fans out there the kick of all medium will be live in our studio thursday here on "today" actually part of the nbc family now joining "america's got talent" as a judge. that's howard stern thursday here on "today." >> now that dramatic story out of california. a mother and her two young daughters, who were rescued as their car dangled from a bridge. we're going to hear from them in a moment. but first, nbc's kristen dahlgren has their story. kristen, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, matt. it is truly amazing that they're sitting there with you. that family was lucky to your
7:32 am
vief the initial impact, let alone those hours spent teetering over the edge. these images are terrifying. a bmw mangled beyond recognition, barely hanging on the side of a bridge. inside, 36-year-old first grade teacher kelli lynne grove and her two children. below, 100-foot drop. >> engine 31 will be at a vehicle that's teetering off the bridge, with three patients in it at this time. >> reporter: groves car had been rear-ended by a tractor trailer. the truck plunged over the edge, and its driver was killed. but groves, her 10-year-old sage and her 10-week-old baby millo, were miraculously alive. seat belt, air bags and the baby's car seat had saved them from the initial impact. but their lives were still hanging by a thread. any move was risky. >> each time we tried to pry her out, the car kept sleeping over the side a little bit more. >> reporter: groves pleaded for rescuers to save her children.
7:33 am
and then an amazing stroke of luck. navy seabees happened to drive by. and then just happened to have a massive and rare piece of equipment that could stabilize the car. >> we said we do have this that's capable of picking up 10,000 points. we sure can hold that car up and help save those lives. >> it was a turning point for us. we knew at that point that the vehicle wasn't going to fall. it also gave a platform for our workers to work from. >> reporter: it took 2 hours and 21 minutes but once stable, firefighters could use the jaws of life and all three were pulled from the wreckage. for sage, who had some broken bones, then milo, miraculously almost unscathed. and finally mom was lifted to safety. groves had fractures, but like her girls, was alive. saved by a group of fearless rescuers, and one incredible stroke of luck. now those navy seabees were on
7:34 am
their way home from a training exercise. at first they didn't realize exactly what was going on so they offered to help direct traffic, not knowing that they had the piece of equipment that would ultimately save three lives. matt? >> all right, kristen dahlgren, thank you so much. kelli groves is with us exus clive, along with her daughters sage and milo. michael penn is the family's attorney. you are one lucky family. >> yeah. >> i look at that footage, kelli, and i can't believe the car didn't go over, and what -- i don't think we mentioned there, you're sitting in that car, you saw the truck that hit you go over and explode beneath you. >> right. i was conscious the whole time and remember each step of the way. and the terror of looking down and realizing how high we were, and what fate could lie ahead of us. >> you even felt the heat from that truck burning below and you could hear the tires exploding. >> right. >> as they caught fire. >> right. >> based on where you were sitting, could you see and communicate with your daughters? >> i could not see either one of
7:35 am
them. i could reach my arm back and i could feel milo's head. and as i brought my hand back, i noticed she was bleeding pretty badly from her head. but i couldn't see her face. i could hear her crying a little bit. sage is the one that i had no idea where she was in the car. >> were you yelling to her? >> it was a mangled mess, and i was yelling for her. i said sage, sage, you've been in an accident. pass that one off. she wants to talk. i couldn't see where she had been in the car. i thought for a minute maybe she'd been thrown out. >> right. >> and all i saw was a small patch of her hair. >> this is sage's hair. >> this is sage, yes. >> smashed through the metal and the debris and i started patting her head calling out to her sage, sage, answer me. and she wouldn't answer me and she wasn't moving. and i had no idea what shape the rest of her body was in. all i could see was that little circle of her head. >> did you feel the car teetering? i mean, did you feel as if it
7:36 am
was slipping? >> there were moments that i could feel a little jolt, more so when the rescuers were trying to cut through the metal. at that first instant, it was just looking down, knowing that this is most likely what will happen. >> a lot of lucky things here. there was a tow truck on the scene, called 911. firefighters and police officers arrived quickly. there were a lot of them in the area, because of a training exercise. and then these navy seabees arrived with this one piece of equipment that can stabilize that car so rescuers like greg knuckles, who is a firefighter from santa barbara, could really talk you through this whole thing. what was having him there like for you? >> he was my rock in the middle of all this. it was someone that i could communicate with directly, as he would walk away, i would find myself saying where's greg? where's greg? he just -- he just reminded me of why i -- what i needed to do. and that was to save my girl ev
7:37 am
the side of the car that was most exposed to the drop. >> right. >> and saved milo. >> milo. >> and then you watched as sage was removed from the car as well and you were removed as well. did you have a chance in all the frenzy that happened afterwards to thank these people who rescued you? >> no, the one thing, when something like this happens is, i have yet to be able to say in person, and meet all the people that saved our lives. i have yet to say thank you. and that's just an understatement. >> well, greg knuckles who is with the santa barbara fire department and sergeant tom mullen of the california highway patrol are with us. >> no. >> this morning. and i know they would like to say something to you, so gentlemen, if you could come in. nice to see you. it's a pleasure. good to see you. >> hi, matt. >> nice to see you. >> thank you.
7:38 am
thank you. >> and i think you did actually get to see -- >> i'm fine, how are you? >> who are you? feeling better? >> why don't you have a seat there for a second. guys, i mean, you arrived at the scene. had you ever seen anything like that, this car dangling like that? >> no, i hadn't. that was something that was incomprehensible, quite frankly. >> how did she do during all this? >> fantastic. yes. kelli you were amazingly strong. once we sort of connected and discussed, you know, what was happening, and you did everything that we asked of you and even more. and sage you were absolutely amazing and brave. very brave girl. >> you, i mean, there was a lot of luck involved here. some very skilled rescue. but also a lot of luck in terms of the things that happened one after another. >> there was. you know, you can't beat the fire department of san today
7:39 am
barbara county. they're the tops. and i was in the office that day to do a presentation on our grants to the business association, and as soon as the whole accident was over i went and did my presentation, and the first thing i told them, if you don't know that you have the best fire department in california, then watch the news tonight and you're going to see it. and they did an excellent job. it was just -- it was great having the seabees there. seabees actually got stuck in traffic. i remember at the point the seabee came up to my officer and said hey, we got a piece of equipment that might be able to help and everybody started running very quickly. the firemen were running. the seabees were running. we had to back a couple of the big rigs out to get the fork lift, the flat bed loaded up. >> and kelly, when you finally were extricated from this wreckage and in the days that followed when you saw that footage that we've now been showing so often for the first time, did it hit you in a different way? >> it's still surreal to me that we're sitting here, and that was
7:40 am
us in that car. it was terror at first, and then it fades to just relief. huge amount of relief and gratitude, and it's hard to watch but at the same time, it really happened. it's what we're taking with our lives and moving forward. >> you know, it's the expression, it wasn't your time ever had true meaning, this is the time. it was not your time. >> not all of our times. the three of us, it's just a mirae. >> we're happy for you. guys, thank you so much. and a job well done. and you guys do this every day. it's nice to be able to have the chance to stop and recognize your efforts. >> thank you. >> thank you, matt. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> and we got some nice folks here. what's your -- make noise for
7:41 am
safe summer? >> yes, absolutely. >> all right. >> we're promoting the safest summer ever program. >> all right. very nice. let's see what you've got for your weather today. we're looking at some cool and breezy c some cool and breezy conditions here in the northeast, 50s and 60s. 80s and 90s as you head your way down into the southwest. 80s around the gulf coast. on the weather maps today, we've got wet weather stretching from texas all the way to the northeast and england. beautiful weather from the plains and the rockies and on into the southwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. tom kierein, storm center 4. it's around 60 degrees, cloudiness later today, a little sunshine in and out, but during the afternoon, some needed rain moving into the metro, early in the day south and southwest. maybe some thunder and lightning too. temporarily ended by late tonight. could get some more tomorrow midday and during the afternoon mainly along i-95 and points east.
7:42 am
then thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, a delightful pattern. looks like a great weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. up next incredible video of a ferry striking a duck boat and the legal battle over who should be held accountable. i'm so happy to be marrying your mom. and i'm really happy that you're in my life too. it's just like yours, mom! [ jane ] behind every open heart is a story. tell yours with my open hearts collection at kay jewelers. keep your heart open and love will always find its way in. ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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back now at 7:45 with the high profile legal battle over a tragic accident in philadelphia. it was a giant barge ran over a duck boat filled with tourists back in 2010. two students were killed and now their families want justice. nbc's mara schiavocampo is in philadelphia covering the legal proceedings. mara, good morning. >> ann, good morning. it was a terrible accident. a 250-foot barge drove right over a 33-foot duck boat full of tourists. in just a moment we're going to show you video of that accident, but we should warn you that it is disturbing. the operators of the duck boat and the tugboat guiding that barge want a judge to rule that
7:46 am
they are not responsible. but the families of the victims say that it is their fault and they should have to pay. arriving at u.s. district court in philadelphia monday, the families of two hungarian tourists say boat operators are responsible for the loss of their loved ones. video played in court monday show the the tragic accident. in july 2010, a barge guided by a tugboat plowed into an idle ride the duck sightseeing tugboat on philadelphia's delaware river causing it to sink in 55 feet of water with 35 passengers and two crew members on board. the 20-year-old and 16-year-old were killed in the accident. a lawyer for the family said in court monday the teenager can be seen throwing a life preserver to a deck hand in the water. >> she was only 16. she was our life. and since her passing our life has been filled with darkness. >> what was to be the trip of a
7:47 am
lifetime, instead it's where their life ended. >> reporter: the owners of the barge, tugboat and the duck boat all claim they are, quote, not liable and are asking a federal judge to ensure the liability be limited to the value of the vessels. about $1.8 million. a legal precedent set by a 161-year-old maritime law. >> the families of these youngsters are saying, in fact, that's not fair. that's not right. these children's lives are worth so much more. >> reporter: an ntsb report found tugboat operator matthew devlin caused the accident due to, quote, repeated personal use of his cell phone while solely responsible for navigating the vessel. in november devlin was sentenced to a year in prison, after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter. duck boat tours are offered in cities all around the country. this ride the duck philadelphia promotional video shows the amphibious vessel as a fun way to see a city by land and by sea.
7:48 am
while most rides go off without a hitch, it's not always smooth sailing. sunday a ride the duck boat stalled without explanation, and had to be towed to shore. now since that 2010 accident, a coast guard rescue boat must be on standby at all times during duck boat tours in philadelphia. we reached out to the operators of the duck boat and the tugboat and both companies said that they do not comment on pending litigation. ann? >> all right, mara schiavocampo, thank you so much. and coming up next we're going to take a big turn and check out fashion's biggest night. we're going to show you who wore what to the met gala with the help of giuliana rancic. but first, these messages. (bell rings) hi. good morning. big news. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry... and banana/blueberry. we're telling everyone. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake.
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now, go party! surprise! surprise! surprise! surprise! i had no idea. [ gigi ] nice 'n easy. available in original or award winning foam from the color experts at clairol. it is often called the oscars of the east coast, the metropolitan museum's costume gala here in new york where the world's fashion designers and stars dress to impress, sometimes even shock on the red carpet. giuliana rancic was there last night covering the action. nice to see you. >> good morning. matt lauer was there last night. >> you were actually covering it. >> i was. >> a lot of risk takers there. >> we got to start with beyonce. did you guys see this dress? >> strategically placed yes. >> it was very revealing this dress. and she actually arrived very fashionably late. she was the last one on the red carpet. but when you're wearing a dress like this you're allowed to be the last one on the red carpet.
7:52 am
>> was it see-through top to bottom? >> look at that. yes, it was all there. so she was definitely showing off that post-baby body in this kind of, you know, puddle of feathers. it was quite a statement. >> yeah. what else stood out to you. >> carolina kirkova, she's a victoria's secret model. she was with rachel zoe wearing rachel zoe. i thought this was a stunning dress. the turban on the other hand, some people weren't big fans of. i thought it was gorgeous. if you're going to wear a turban anywhere, the met gala is the place to do it. so she just looked so statuesque and stunning. >> big hairdo that's making a lot of buzz i guess is tom brady's. a guy. >> i know, right. usually we look for the women for crazy hair and wild hair. yeah, okay. so it's kind of off to the side a little bit. i know. what do you -- as the men here? it looked a little bit -- >> no matter what he wears he's
7:53 am
still handsome. >> it was pretty good. giuliana, thank you.
7:54 am
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7:55 is your time now. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's check the forecast now with meteorologist tom kierein in the storm center. a cool start, beginning with rain today, tom? >> yeah, we could, by later this afternoon. there's the center city, live view. a lot of cloudiness around the metro area. it looks like you'll need your umbrella by the time you're heading back home. that's when we could get some showers and lightning and thunder too. before then, we'll reach the mid-70s. right now, generally around 60 degrees. then more showers are likely midday tomorrow and during the afternoon. after that, some sunshine breaks out and looks like a dry pattern thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. sunday. mild weekend
7:57 am
sunday. mthe middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future.
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my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix.
7:59 am
wlp blp. good morning, traveling northbound 385, had an accident. just slow northbound on 395. only 22 miles per hour. now over to the interloop of the beltway at robinson terminal, jammed to the road. and if you're traveling 29, slow southbound as you make your way to downtown silver spring. eun, over to
8:00 am
8:00 now here on a tuesday morning. that's not the greatest weather for a day of sightseeing here in new york city, but we're really happy to all of the nice people who decided to start their day here with us this morning. and it's about -- it's pretty nice out, about 56 degrees. we're expecting some rain acc d according to al roker. we want to say hi to everyone. meantime, i'm ann curry along with matt lauer and the aforementioned al roker. al, thank you so much. and coming up we're going to be hearing from today's professionals. >> that's right. star and donny are here and they're being joined this morning by hoda and kathie lee. filling in for dr. nancy. among the topics we'll be talking about this morning, is
8:01 am
it ever okay to pad your resume? embellish it a little bit. what about that book, "fifty shades of grey" being banned from some public libraries? and the pros and cons of makeup sex. that's not where you make it up, that is where you make up with your partner. >> so you don't wear makeup? >> or make it up. you know. anyway, also coming up this morning we'll be talking to dr. mehmet oz, he's here in our studio and the five simple ways you can improve your health and completely transform your life. he's on a mission to transform america. >> all right. the former "three's company" star suzanne somers will be joining us. she's going to open up on a new book about aging, plus her reunion with "three's company" co-star joyce dewitt after decades of the fewing. >> okay, that's good. and also coming up, i want to mention that we have been having a lot of fun lately. we're going to show you that matt and al and natalie and i we basically take to the air in a performance that you may have to see to believe because we joined
8:02 am
the acrobatic cost -- >> that looks like a scene from "girl with the dragon tattoo." >> there's an off broadway spectacle, and it's pretty crazy, and also, we also took to the row. i mean we basically went crewing with the princeton crew team and tried to show them up, and kickoff our little series called "today takes on" coming up tomorrow here on "today." it will be a lot of fun. >> it was a lot of fun. we think you'll enjoy that. >> the harness kind of pulled the wrong way. >> had some chafing. >> it was all right. >> let's go inside. natalie is standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines. >> hi, guys, good morning once again. good morning, everyone. in the news the fbi is analyzing an upgraded underwear bomb seized as part of a foiled al qaeda plot to bring down a passenger jet bound for the u.s. officials say a cia operation in yemen uncovered the plan about a month ago and followed it closely before shutting it down. intelligence officials say the bomb had no metal parts and was
8:03 am
likely made by the same al qaeda expert who designed the failed 2009 underwear bomb, along with devices hidden inside printer cartridges two years ago. the search for two missing sisters has taken on new urgency following a horrible discovery. nbc's charles hadlock has the latest from alpine, mississippi. good morning, charles. >> good morning, natalie. police have now positively identified the bodies of a mother and daughter found buried in a shallow grave behind this house here in mississippi. but the fbi is not giving up hope of finding the other two children alive. after searching for hours in the backyard of a mississippi home late monday, the news no one wanted to hear. the fbi says two bodies buried in a shallow grave were identified as jo ann bain and her 14-year-old daughter adrienne. her two other daughters are still missing, 12-year-old alexandria and 8-year-old
8:04 am
kyliyah. investigators started digging at the home over the weekend. it's where 35-year-old suspect adam mayes had been staying. police say mayes is a friend of the bain family and visited their tennessee home in the days before their disappearance. authorities believe the girls still missing are with mayes, who is considered armed and dangerous. on april 27th, jo ann bain left home with her three daughters. bain's husband gary reported them missing. days later, police questioned mayes but let him go. now they say he's on the run and may have changed his appearance, and the appearance of the missing children. the search has expanded to several states, and investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward. police have not released a cause of death of jo ann bain or her daughter. but police are also saying that the husband gary is not considered a suspect. the fbi and the u.s. marshals service is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the missing children and an
8:05 am
arrest. natalie? >> horrific story. charles hadlock in alpine, mississippi. thank you. and now for a look at what is trending today, our quick roundup of what has you talking online. 20 years after starring in the movie "hero" dustin hoffman is one. according to "the sun" the 74-year-old actor was strolling in london's hyde park last month when he saw a jogger having a heart attack. hoffman phoned for help and stayed with the victim who is now recovering from surgery but has no memory of what happened. lost star matthew fox is a stop google search term following his reported arrest for suspected dui. tmz says fox was stopped in the wee hours friday near his oregon home while on a fast food run. last summer fox was acoused of stuffling with a female bus driver in cleveland but no charges were filed in that case. and this video of a teenage girl's battle with two titans of the industry is gaining momentum on youtube. that's bill gates and warren buffett. they were no match for 16-year-old share yell singh, a
8:06 am
member of the u.s. olympic table tennis team. what's a billionaire to do? well, get a bigger paddle. that might help. there you go. it's 8:05 right now. you're up to date. let's go outside to al with a check of your weather. >> oh, that's pretty good. thank you, natalie. got some folks from oswego state. they brought us some candy. very nice. >> you enjoy it. all right. >> and over here, some of you. you guys want to let your family know something? >> i'm pregnant. >> you are. and is this your first? >> this is my first, yeah. >> all right. not sure who -- you were standing a little close. back off, all right! well, congratulations. >> thank you. >> what do you do? >> what? >> what do you do? >> what do you do -- when are you do. october 19th. that was a trick question. shouldn't have thrown that. i guess he kind of threw you off. let's question. he threw you off. let's see what's going on. that went so terribly wrong, what can you do?
8:07 am
nashville, tennessee, working 4 you! wsnb, one of the great affiliates. mostly cloudy, mild, 78 degrees. got rain from texas on into the northeast and new england. some clouds getting ready to move into the pacific northwest. all in all, not a bad day. got showers, a slight risk of strong storms, southern texas, and we've got sunny skies down through southern florida, 87. hit or miss thunderstorms today in miami. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. tom kierein in storm center 4, looking here at the storm 4 radar and that moving color is some rain now moving into the mountains. there's one little shower there in the southern shenandoah valley that is sweeping north, maybe moving up towards win chester in another hour or so, closer to washington. don't have any rain around, but there are a few sprinkles out in far western maryland and parts of northern wiest virginia. late this afternoon, we could get some of those showers moving in. late afternoon into the evening, maybe some thunder and lightning, highs, >> that's your latest weather. did you have a question? >> no, i was wondering, did you
8:08 am
ask that girl how she made a baby? >> i asked when she was do. >> you embarrassed her. >> how did you make that jump? >> that's what she said! coming up this morning, we've got hoda and kathie lee. this is crazy. hoda and kathie lee joining "today's professionals." talking about everything from winning lottery tickets tossed into the trash and banning a racy book. what? with magic. you are? see the egg? uh huh. so, look at the orange. now close your eyes. ♪ alakazaam! [ sighs ] you're good. and now i'm gonna make this flower bloom. presto. "love you lots." do you want to see it again? yes, i want to see it again! [ female announcer ] hallmark blooming expressions delivers your love again and again.
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my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $209 a month. that's the power of german engineering. and let's see how colorfuloves. an afternoon can be. with certified advice to help us expand our palette... ...and prices that give us more spring per dollar... ...we can mix the right soil with the right ideas. ...and bring even more color to any garden. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. brighten mom's big day with colorful hanging baskets and color bowls. we're back now at 8:11 with
8:12 am
"today's professionals," tackling the day's hottest headlines. our panel of power players today, star joins, donny deutsch and sitting in for dr. nancy snyderman it takes two of them, hoda kotb and kathie lee gifford. good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> let's start with this lottery story we had yesterday. we had sharon jones on the program. we made a habit of going through the trash in her local convenience store in arkansas looking for discarded lottery tickets, scratchoff cards, because sometimes they're good for secondary prizes. she found one worth $1 million. is this a case of finders keepers, losers weepers? >> not according to the law of courts. there are several different layers. first, the woman who originally bought the ticket, she says she would not have abandoned it but for the lottery machine itself malfunctioning. >> however, didn't they check the mash be and find it was working well? >> they said it was working well. but then you have the next layer, the people who own the convenience store. they say the trash belongs to them and they did not abandon the trash.
8:13 am
if they don't abandon the trash, then -- >> but they know she was going through the garbage. she did it on a regular basis. >> there's supposed to be a sign that says this trash belongs to us, you may not take things from it. that's stealing. >> jump in. >> if solomon were taking this case he would say the nice thing to do is everybody split it evenly. since there's such a concern about it. >> why is everyone so sure that that lady who scratched off the ticket -- >> the lady who says she put it in the reader says she was at the store at a certain time and the clock on the reader says that was the time the card went into the machine. >> i think if the machine malfunctioned the original woman deserves it. if it didn't malfunction -- >> how are you going to prove it? >> and there's a little twist here, because sharon jones has spent about $200,000 of the $680,000 she got after taxes. >> i would not make her have to pay that back. >> she should start spending more quickly. >> no, no, no, they put a a stop on it so she can't spend any more money but i don't think she should have to pay it back because she did not
8:14 am
intentionally steal that. >> she gave the money away to her kids. >> let's move on. a lot of people have heard of the book series, "fifty shades of grey," okay. it's about an older billionaire man who's a dominant man in a relationship with a younger woman who is submissive. and according to donny, it drips with sex, this book. but on a more serious note, in brevard county, florida, after buying the books for their public library, the public library is taking them off the shelves because they consider them perhaps pornographic. how do we feel about this? >> why this book? because there are a lot of books in public libraries -- >> lady chatterly's lover, those are considered classics. >> i'll get those back soon. they're just a little overdue. >> my books are also banned there. >> what do you think about it? >> it's ridiculous. the interesting phenomenon with this book, it's about a dominant guy. i don't see the news. i have yet to meet the woman who doesn't like dominant men. women are going crazy over this book. >> it's just a very sexy
8:15 am
combination of things. you get the rich dude, you get the dominance. >> we're getting off the point here. the point is, if there are children walking this public library, should the library take this book off the shelves because kids might check it out? >> there should be a separate area for children. just like -- yes like "r" movies, kids under 17 are not allowed. >> once again, we can't blame the libraries or the television networks, you have parents. >> there's nothing about the book just looking at it that's going to tell you that it's pornographic. >> here's what the library's doing though. people are going to be more into this book than ever before. the more people talk about it, they're banning that book, it's going to be -- >> our tax dollars pay to stock this book on the shelves of the public library? >> i don't want us making choices about literature based on somebody else's -- >> let's move on. resumes. everybody's filled out a resume, especially in this time of under andi iounemployment.
8:16 am
recent the case of yahoo! scott thomness who apparently embellished his resume. although the company says it was an honest mistake. how often do you all think people embellish or fib on their resumes and how big a deal is it? >> you know, i've seen tens of thousands of resumes. there's a different between, the president of the united states said he was in the top five in his class and he was in the bottom five, i think what's fascinating the most celebrated businessmen of our time, mark zuckerberg, if you follow the movie, stole the idea from those guys, then basically, you know, threw out his best friend, hoodwinked him, and we celebrate. we celebrate people who did this, who cut corners, who are clever, and yet then we kind of hold ourselves to a different femme on none. >> there's resume and lying. lying is you flat-out say you went to a college you didn't go to. but spinning a resume is something i think people do. it's an art. >> or you belong to a civic organization you didn't or a
8:17 am
club or -- no, no, no. >> we're actually talking about is the difference between a bachelor's of science in business administration, versus a bachelor's of arts in computer science. and that's what they're arguing about. >> and in today's world, how ultimately foolish is it to do it by trying to build yourself up in a negative way it's only discovered that you were lying, which is exactly the opposite of what you want to accomplish. >> if you lie on a piece of paper, in other words on a resume, worse or better than a lie or a fib you would tell in person? >> it's the same thing. >> but i do think that we are being hypocritical. we celebrate the rogue businessman, i think that's interesting. >> finally, posted on the web site psychologytoday, says makeup sex with your partner after an argument is bad for you. saying it's no different than an addict who needs cocaine because it helps you jump from the low of the argument to the high of intimacy, and intimacy that the writer says is false. we've all had makeup sex, is -- >> excuse me, how do you assume
8:18 am
that we had makeup sex. >> i know you have. >> i always wear makeup. >> is it true, is makeup sex a bad thing or a good thing? >> i think -- i think when you have makeup sex i think that the man thinks the problem is over. and the problem's not over. no, whatever the argument was -- no, it's true. >> by the way, when i'm in a fight with a woman, not that that's ever happened it lingers for days. it's not this moment where she goes -- >> you deserve it. >> i'm just curious. it's never this culmination of it's okay. >> sometimes you just can look at each other and say, you know what, we're never going to agree on what this is about, let's just stop it. let's just put it -- >> no, i just know, there is -- when there is forgiveness involved. say someone has truly hurt you and then you make love afterwards, for the person who's been hurt, there is healing. for the person who did the hurting, there is forgiveness. >> by the way -- it's just a good time. >> i think -- >> getting back on the same page emotionally? >> i think it's extremely healing. >> it's a reconnect to the
8:19 am
person that you love. if this is the person that you love and you're emotionally connected to them. donny, you have to understand that it's not just about doing it, okay? >> that will be it. okay, kathie lee i've said it a thousand times i'll say it again. i am truly sorry. star, donny, kathie lee and hoda. up next, dr. mehmet oz shares the five things you can do to lead a healthy life. that's right after this. ♪ [ dad ] what's that? you got mommy a mother's day present? oh, i totally agree...
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8:23 am
of the 1.2 million people who signed up. remember we've got our ten finalists chosen this week. i'm so excited about this. but we have a snapshot into the health of america. a huge repository of information about how we sleep, how we eat. how we exercise. how much sex we have. and the stress that we have, sometimes trouble coping with. when you look at all that information, people who really made a big difference here are the folks who learn to show up in their own lives. people who realized they were worth it and they were worth it to the people around them, as well. those are the folks who made the biggest difference over the last eight months of the transformation. >> the emotional kind of realization that you're worth it and value and take care of yourself and for example, the five mention that you say that they are all doing, the healthiest people, they're eating breakfast. >> we know eating breakfast makes sense. but the reality for those folks is they recognize that they ought to eat it. if they eat the same kind of breakfast every day they set their hormones up in the right way so their metabolism will be fast all day long. they decided, this is assertiveness training, they had breakfast every morning. 90% of the people in the
8:24 am
healthiest group, said they would. 42% of people in our group or our survey, out of the 1.2 million people, said they were not healthy. they were really unhealthy. that matches that brand-new report today that predict 42% of people will be obese by 2030. that probably will bankrupt our nation. so america thinks they're unhealthy, the data shows they're right. the people who are healthy are doing it a little differently. >> they're exercising. you learned there are no short cuts here. >> you go around the world, watch people live a long time, they're the ones who are staying vigorous all through their life. there are no boundaries around who gets healthy. young people do this, older people do this. there's no reason to put a limit on who you are. >> they're also having a satisfying sex life. >> the good news here, the professionals were discussing this a little bit earlier, the reality is that americans who are healthy think they're having more sex. but no one is having enough sex. everyone feels a little short there. we still have a sexual famine in america. we can all do a little better. makeup sex or not. >> okay. also we say that 95% of the healthy people you surveyed
8:25 am
don't do me time. >> gave you insight here. they were willing to make time for themselves. why? because they're worth it. and they're worth it, therefore they'll do what's right for themselves. a lot of women watching especially who don't feel they have the self-esteem to think they're worth taking time for themselves. people in the healthiest group, 95% of the time made that me time. took the five minutes a day to make their life a little easier. >> one of the greatest findings is that one of the greatest impacts is stress management. why does stress make us so vulnerable to weight gain? >> when you have stress. i've got an ap nation to show this to you. your brain turns on important chemicals. he they're released from the brain travel from the brain and here again, the animation is going to emphasize this, those hormones turn on the adrenal gland. when they surge forth with cortisol they take stack and brild up fat in the muscle in your belly in particular. that gives that belly fat that we're so worried about. a stressed out person, the transformation nation will always accumulate fat because
8:26 am
their body thinks they're starving. because the stress stores fat. >> dr. mehmet oz. exciting to keep us healthy. >> our ten finalists. find yourself in their our ten . vote for the person to win the $1 million dollar. 8:26 on this tuesday, may 8th. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's go to storm center 4 and meteorologist tom kierein for our forecast. tom? >> good morning. we've had a little bit of sunshine in and out, but a lot of cloudiness this morning. no travel problems around, but you may need an umbrella when you head back home later today. we'll likely have showers moving in by then, maybe with some thunder and lightning. looks like around the metro area, the earliest rain would arrive around 3:00, 4:00. maybe some thunder and lightning after that. then some showers again maybe tomorrow afternoon, mainly midday and during the afternoon hours. then sun returns for thursday and into the weekend. high, 70s. aaron? >> thank you, tom. danella has a check on
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. traveling inbound on route 50, just past landover road. we have accident activity in the left shoulder lane here. you're slow as you make your way to new york avenue. your travel speed from the beltway, you're driving just 28
8:29 am
miles per hour to 295. and on 395 northbound, slow to the 14th street bridge, you're under speed as well, traveling 21 miles per hour. aaron, back over to you. >> thank you, danella.
8:30 am
♪ we're back now 8:30 on a tuesday morning. the 8th day of may, 2012. if the plaza is looking a little more beautiful than normal this morning that's simply because al roker is wearing a beautiful pink shirt. we are happy to have all the contestants with us for the upcoming miss usa pageant to be held in las vegas in the next month. and we're happy to have them here. they're joined by the current
8:31 am
miss usa. we're going to hear from her in just a couple of minutes. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry, natalie morales, and al roker. and meanwhile, if you've got children who play sports, you know that it often takes a lot of people behind the scenes to get them to the next level. talking about moms and dads and family members so this morning we've got some olympic hopefuls with us, and since mother's day is just around the corner, we're going to talk to them and celebrate their moms. as well. >> that's right. and also speaking of family ties, we have martin sheen and emilio estevez joining us this morning live in our studio coming up in this half hour. they've written a touching new memoir about their lives together. it was inspired by the movie they were last year talking about called "the way" we're interviewing them about that. so we'll be talking to them about that, the fegs father/son bond. >> also we're going to be catching up with suzanne somers. she's going to open up about her new book on aging and her sit down with "three's company" co-star joyce dewitt after 30
8:32 am
years of not talking. >> good for them. >> later on, jill martin will be here. we got our steals and deals. everything from jewelry to cookies to deep, deep discounts. all for our "today" show viewers. >> cool. >> that's right. i mentioned that we have alyssa, leading miss usa with us this morning. nice to see you. bittersweet time for you because the pageant is coming up and that means, of course, you're about to hand over the crown? >> i'm about to participate in the olympics of beauty pageants. the miss usa pageant. it is bittersweet. come full circle now. you were the very first interview when i won miss usa. >> you've also done a lot of work for breast and ovarian cancer awareness. how has that been for you? i mean that's got to have been meaningful of? >> it's been very meaningful. my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and now she's a survivor. getting to work with breast cancer awearsness and ovarian cancer awareness was -- i learned a lot about my own body. with someone in my family who
8:33 am
had breast cancer i learned how to take care of myself better so i could educate others. >> it's been a whirlwind year. you've been trying to savor it and maybe keep some keepsakes. i understand you have 150 boarding passes? >> i collected every single boarding pass from every flight i took from the very first one from going from vegas to new york, to brazil, to france, to bahamas, to texas, i mean i've got all sorts of boarding passes. >> what are you going to do with them? >> i don't know. >> i'm thinking like a nice box or a college and a picture frame on the wall. >> i don't know. >> what advice you have for these gorgeous young ladies who hope to be wearing the crown, as well? >> breathe, eat and be merry. and get enough sleep now because you won't be getting much in vegas at all. >> 51 contestants. we have 44 year today. who didn't show up? i want names. immediately out of the pageant. >> you know what? i couldn't come last year. >> i know. >> i was doing a commercial.
8:34 am
>> we want to tell people they can watch this pageant, miss usa live on june 3rd, 9:00, 8:00 central time right here on nbc. mr. roker. mr. roker? >> all right, mr. needy. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning here. we've got a little sunshine breaking out from time to time on this tuesday morning. and around the region, temperatures are generally right around 60 degrees. but we do have some showers getting closer to the shenandoah lee now, the central shenandoah valley, southern part getting a few sprinkles. those areas in green, there are some light sprinkles now. highlands of west virginia into western maryland and parts of washington county, just west of hagerstown. that's heading off northeast, and toward the metro area, by late this afternoon and into this evening, maybe with some thunder and >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you so much. coming up next we've got some olympic hopefuls and their moms coming up on our plaza. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
the olympic games are just 80 days away. mother's day is coming up this weekend. and because those two events are converging, there's a great new ad online that is thanking moms for the work they do for olympic hopefuls. and it's getting a lot of play. in the last week alone about 7 million people have watched it. take a look. >> time to get up. >> wake up. ♪ ♪
8:38 am
♪ >> p&g, proud sponsor of moms. >> and joining us here on the plaza, some of the top olympic hopefuls in the country. we have gymnasts, swimmers, track and field athletes, tae kwon do, weightlifters welcome. and moms, as well. welcome. and over here i've got 16-year-old jordan weaver who is the 2011 world champion in the all-around gymnastics and she is joined by her mom rita. nice to see the two of you. and you're attempting to make your very first olympic team at this stage of the game are you nervous, excited, what? >> a little bit of both. i'm definitely more excited.
8:39 am
but it's going to be a fun journey and i'm looking forward to it. >> you have spent an awful lot of time, rita, supporting your daughter. >> yeah. >> in this cause. has it always been a labor of love, or have there been times where you thought, why don't we go off and do something else? >> you know, for the 99% of it has been a labor of love. it's been fun. there's always the ups and downs that the moms go through but it's been great. >> how do you draw a line between encouraging and pushing? >> i leave the pushing to the coaches. i just make sure she's fed and sleeping and give her all the support she needs and the coaches can do the pushing. >> jordan talk to me a little bit about what role your mom and your family have played in your success so far? >> my mom and my family have been so great through my whole gymnastics career. from the very beginning. they drove me to practice every single day, every day of the week and they've made so many sacrifices so i can follow my dreams and reach my goal. >> we're hoping to see you in london. i have a feeling that we
8:40 am
probably will be seeing you there. rita, you'll be making the trip, as well? >> absolutely. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you. >> good luck to you. >> to my left over here i've got one of the greatest swimmers in the world right now, ryan lockty. he is hoping to make his third olympic team. he's here with his mom. nice to see the two of you. ryan do you think enough is said about the role that families and moms, since mother's day is coming, play in the lives of athletes? >> oh, it's a big part. i mean my mom has been there through everything. and she's been there through thick and thin, and she's supported me my whole entire life, and i mean, i love her. >> and you're crying already. imagine what's going to happen in london. how are you going to survive? >> i hide. nobody ever sees me. >> that's true. you go to all of these swimming meets and you don't tell anybody where you are and you just kind of hide out in the crowd. why is that so important to you? >> so i can cry. >> she's a real crier.
8:41 am
>> you know, i show my emotions all the time, and so i want to do that, and i don't want to be in front of all these people. >> i mean you must be so proud of your son. >> i am. >> what he's accomplished. he has gotten better with every passing year. >> he has. every year i think -- there hasn't been one year that he hasn't improved on his teams from 2004 -- actually 2000 when he missed making the olympic trials to 2004 where he actually made. every time he swam in a big meet he swam best times. >> it was fine. we're going to -- >> he drank some water that he wasn't supposed to drink. >> ryan, good luck to you as you head for the olympics as well. 80 days away. happy mother's day to you. pardon me for crossing. let me say hi to jody allen of procter & gamble which is an
8:42 am
olympic sponsor. >> i am superexcited. thank you to all of these incredible, incredible moms. and to my own mom. i have to say, we asked the u.s. olympic committee how we could best support these fantastic moms and what they told us is help them get to london. and so i'm super excited, we are nounsing that we're giving a gift of $1,000 to the nearly 800 moms of the olympians and paralympians to get to london. >> and once they get there you're pampering them. >> you got to believe it. we're opening a p&g family home that will have services including meals. it will have the ability to get a makeover. or your hair done. so we can pamper all these great moms. so it's really going to be a wonderful experience. >> and what's going to be nice for ike is you'll be able to give her mascara. >> you better believe it. we'll make you up every time. >> all good. >> thank you so much. thank you from procter & gamble. good luck, folks. happy mother's day.
8:43 am
we're going to be back with much more on a tuesday morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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martin sheen and his son emilio estevez have each racked up a long list of hollywood credits. they've also worked together on movie sets and now they are co-authors of a new dual memoir that comes out today, it's called "along the way: the journey of a father and son." martin sheen and emilio estevez, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> you know, this was really a labor of love. and it came after some soul searching during the making of this movie "the way." what happened in that process of making that movie and, and, that made you decide to write a book? together? >> well, it was born out of the movie, which was inspired by his son, taylor, and i were on a
8:46 am
program in spain in 2003. and taylor met his future wife along the way. and emilio began visiting his son, and got interested in the camino and pilgrims, and began to form this scenario about a father/son. and it echoed in a lot of ways our personal relationship. and so the book originally, which is going to be a reflection of a film, as we planned, it would be a picture book, as well as a narration of how the film was born, and grew. >> it grew. it grew into a book about your relationship, your lives together. martin you write about emilio, of all the kids, he has always been the one most willing to let me off the hook. who accepted my flaws, and always forgave me. who never held a grudge. i've known i had that going for me, and i've been taking advantage of it, and as i've
8:47 am
done many times before. emilio, that is an -- that is an honest, honest, unflinching self-assessment. did you expect this book, in this book to reveal so much of yourself? >> well, you know, i -- i figured if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. this is a book that celebrates our flaws, as well as our triumphs, and successes. and i really believe that it's -- we're all on a path. and this book is really about the path that fathers and sons take together, whether they know it or not. >> mm-hmm. >> you know, how many fathers and sons don't speak to each other. the fact that we have this extraordinary relationship. the fact that we've been through so much together. i'm going to be 50 this coming saturday. so we've got 50 years together, this extraordinary relationship. and i feel closer to he and my mother now than ever before.
8:48 am
>> you deal with some very tough topics in this book, and emilio, you write when he drank he needed attention. and if he didn't get it, he'd demand it. he acted as though alcohol gave him a license to misbehave, when, instead it made him unreasonable. it didn't make him strong in my eyes. it made him look weak. >> true. >> that had to be so hard, martin, to read that. >> that's why i started looking away. >> i had to get -- we learned an awful lot about him as we were doing the book because we did it separately. hope edelman introduced him for a long period and then she'd interview me and meanwhile we would get the text of his interview so we learned a lot about things we had no idea, and it took a lot of courage for him to give an honest assessment of our relationship, and he encouraged me to do the same. and we didn't touch each other through the topics. >> so in doing this then and being honest, and you've been sober for some time now, in
8:49 am
coming and facing the hardship and also in writing all about this stuff honestly, what is -- what's going to come out of this book, not just for you, but for potentially for the people who read it? >> frankly, i'm hoping that it's banned by all the libraries so it will become a best-seller. >> like "fifty shades of grey"? >> exactly. >> which have you read that book? >> no, i haven't. >> okay. >> i can't get it anywhere. >> i could maybe get you a copy if you really want one, martin. no, well this book is called "along the way" and i think maybe it should inspire fathers and sons. thank you so much. >> it's a great father's day gift. >> by the way, happy birthday coming up. and coming up next we've got actress suzanne somers on how to fight aging.
8:50 am
8:51 am
suzanne somers has gone from 50 shades of blondes on tv's "three's company" to a savvy business woman centered on health and fitness. she has just released her 23rd back called "bombshell: ek plocive medical secrets that will redefine aging today." good to see you. >> you, too. >> just by looking at you we know you've got aging under your thumb. you look fantastic. >> what i'm trying to do is make aging aspirational. i turned 65 this year and on my birthday i thought when i was a kid 65 used to be when people retired or dieded. and i'm so nowhere near either
8:52 am
of those scenarios. and i started really assessing what is it that i do? i do walk my talk. and i thought i'd pass it on. and then i have chosen to use this phase of my career to gather the best and brightest in the kind of health that i'm interested in, interview them, cutting edge western doctors, and find out what they're up to. >> i want to ask you about that. the book is exciting. it's called bombshell. and you talk a lot about breakthroughs in technology, therapies that you say hold the promise of eradicating cancer and making some diseases obsolete. just in the interest of managing people's expectations, i mean a lot of these therapies aren't available now, or widely available. >> actually not -- that's not true. for instance, i had a partner a couple years ago and we became friends and i stayed in touch with him. he called me this year and said i've got something that you'll be interested in.
8:53 am
it's long been thought that testosterone gave men prostate cancer. i've found exactly the opposite and i just completed a small but important clinical trial where i'm giving men with active prostate cancer testosterone, if they've been untreated. that's the key component here and their cancer is regressing and he said over two years not one has had a recurrence. not one has had their psa elevate and they get the great benefits of testosterone replacement. that's available right w. if i had prostate cancer and i was diagnosed right now i would get myself to boston. this doctor, i told him, he's probably not ready for a bombardment. and then another doctor, who is in florida, has just completed human trials using cancer -- white blood cells of cancer resistant human beings, inject them into cancer patients, and the cancer is regressing. so that, you can call him, he's in the book, and find out how available that is. so it's promising. >> one of the things you did yourself was on the leading
8:54 am
edge, you took place -- took part in a clinical trial to replace breast tissue with stem cells. >> yes. >> explain how that works. >> i lost most of my breast to cancer 11 years ago. it was called a lumpectomy but when they took the bandages off it was rather shocking. and i heard that dr. yokomura at the university of tokyo had successfully regrown the breasts of 400 japanese women so i brought him over, put him together with a doctor in los angeles, we applied for an irb, which is the institutional review board, which qualifies me for a clinical trial, and in august, after three years of waiting it came threw and we regrew my breast which is kind of, you think about it. think about what this can mean for breast cancer. when the diagnosis is one thing. but when they take the bandages off and all the women out there who have been through that, as well as i have, it's -- it's a constant reminder. >> we know it's something you hope that other women will one day be able to take part in.
8:55 am
i want to switch gears a little bit. something extraordinary happened. you reunited with your former co-star joyce dewitt. you all had had a falling-out 30 years ago. but you came together on your -- on your show. >> my internet talk show. >> what was that moment like for you? >> i asked her -- we agreed to do it through producers. we talked the night before. she said i just want to be sure you don't humiliate me or ambush me. i said you don't know me. i would never do that. all i want is i don't want to see you before the moment everybody sees. so what you see in this clip here is the first moment. i was fired because my contract was up and i asked for a raise commensurate with what the men were being paid. you gotta go. >> we are out of time. >> if you read the book there's so much more. >> suzanne could go on and on. we'll remind everybody the book is called "bombshell." >> thank you. >> you look great, by the way.
8:56 am
8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, may 8th, 2012. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's check in with storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein now for a look at your forecast. storms moving in today? >> but we don't need some rain. as early as perhaps early afternoon now as based on the
8:57 am
earliest radar trains. noontime, 1:00. off and on during the afternoon. mid- and late afternoon, could get some thunder and lightning. then tomorrow, maybe some midday and afternoon showers. then sun back for thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. looks like a dry pattern, a terrific weekend coming up. cool mornings, but mild afternoons. eun? >> all right, tom. thank you. thank you. we'll take a qui
8:58 am
i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it.
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savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. back now with more of "today" on this tuesday morning. it's the 8th day of may, 2012. we've got an enthusiastic crowd sticking around with us here in rockefeller mrs. today, despite a forecast, i don't know about that forecast, because -- >> it's coming for you. >> the rain is expected? all right ann curry here alongside al roker, the aforementioned and savannah guthrie. matt had to leave a little bit early this morning on assignment. but we want to also tell you that coming up this morning on your diet s.o.s. we're going to be getting you answers to your diet and nutrition questions including this morning one that a lot of people are struggling with and that is yo-yo dieting. how to avoid gaining all of that
9:01 am
weight that you lost. plus the truth about lactose intolerance. did you know that you could actually develop it in mid-life. >> oh. >> there you are. >> and jill martin is here. she's got her "steals & deals" with a mother's day theme. she's got everything from flowers and cookies, diamond and pearl necklaces. all at up to 80% off exclusively for our "today" show viewers. don't eat the cookies. >> they're a little cheaper if they've already been eaten. >> preeaten cookies. >> they're going to catch up with the latest "american idol" contestant who got the boot. we're going to talk to 18-year-old skylar. >> first let's say hello to gymnast shawn johnson. she's joining us now. she won four medals at the last olympics in beijing. a gold on the balance beam and three silvers. now she's hoping to make the u.s. olympic team from london. shawn, good morning to you. >> good morning. good to see you guys. >> you were just 16 years old in beijing. does that feel like a lifetime ago? or does that feel like yesterday? >> it feels like yesterday. to feel like or to think that it's already been four years.
9:02 am
the next olympics are in a couple months. i can't believe it. i feel like i was just there on the beam and finishing and i don't know. people still think i'm 16, too. >> it's okay to be forever thought of as 16. >> you've had an exciting few years since beijing. you won your season of "dancing with the stars." i know you had a skiing accident. how hard has it been to get back into olympic fighting shape? >> it's been incredibly hard. overcoming the injuries was the hardest thing i think i've ever had to go through right now. but then i retour a second time. six months later, starting over, coming off of a two-year break, it was a very humbling experience. but nothing makes me feel better than knowing i've made it back. >> u.s. olympic trials, gymnastics trials coming up the end of june. san jose. how is the training going? >> training is going good. trying to take it one day at a time. there's a lot of hurdles that i have to overcome alone the way, but just taking it slow and
9:03 am
trying to inch my way there. >> beam is still your event? >> beam is still my event. >> is gold within reach in london? >> i'm not trying to set any expectations or goals. but that's what we work for, of course. >> that's what we're cheering you for. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> hope you don't strain your neck looking up at savannah. >> i'm probably too tall. >> no you're not. >> we want to go inside -- >> no, no, no. >> -- let's go inside to natalie morales. >> all right. thank you guys very much. in the news this morning the fbi is analyzing an upgraded underwear bomb seized as part of a foiled al qaeda plot to bring down a passenger jet bound for the u.s. officials say a cia operation in yemen uncovered the plan about a month ago and followed it closely before shutting it down. intelligence officials say the bomb had no metal parts to get past security screening. they say it was likely made by the same al qaeda expert who
9:04 am
designed the failed 2009 underwear bomb along with devices hidden inside printer cartridges two years ago. author maurice sendak who wrote and illustrated the children's classic "where the wild things are" has died. sendak took generations of children on a wild ruckus along with max, a little boy sent to his room without supper. maurice sendak was 83 everys old. a new ally for gop presidential hopeful mitt romney in the race for the white house. one-time rival rick santorum is now giving his endorsement to romney. in an e-mail overnight santorum asked his supporters to join in the fight to keep president obama from winning a second term. former john edwards speech writer wendy button takes the stand today at edwards' corruption trial. he supportedly told button that he knew nearly $1 million from wealthy donors was used to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 presidential campaign. edwards now claims he did not know about the money. and legal proceedings are now under way in the deadly boating accident that killed two
9:05 am
tourists on a sight seeing duck boat in philadelphia back in 2010. a 250 foot barge drove right over the small tourist boat, sinking it. the operators of both ships want a judge to rule that they're not responsible. the victims' families are arguing that they should be held accountable for the loss of their young loved ones. the producer of finely textured beef commonly known as pink slime is closing processing plants in three states this month, in the wake of the backlash against the ammonia treated product. beef products inc. says the criticism against the filler is unfounded as it meets federal food safety standards and has been in use for years. supermodel linda evangelista settled her child support case monday with french billionaire francois-henri pinault. the amount was not disclosed but evangelista had estimated the cost of caring for their 5-year-old son at $46,000 a month. pinault is currently married to actress salma hayek. and the event known as the
9:06 am
oscars of the east coast lit up the metropolitan museum of art in new york city last night. fashion stars and a-list celebrities did their best to impress on the red carpet at the met's costume institute gala. beyonce was one of the evening's most stunning head turners in her givenchy couture gown which was oh, so revealing. let's go back outside to al for a check of your weather. >> i came upstairs. but that's okay, natalie. all right, let's see what we've got for you for today. we're talking about wet weather moving in to the for today. we've got wet weather moving into the northeast, slowly but surely, step by step, we've got a risk of some showers and thunderstorms, but we're generally talking from interior pennsylvania into new england, anywhere from 1 to 2 inches of rain. and as we move down to the south, texas is going to get a good soaking. they need it. it has been oh, so dry there. we're looking at rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, especially just south of del rio, texas. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. tom kierein, storm center 4. good morning. based on the latest storm 4
9:07 am
radar trends, it can does appear a few sprinkles now approaching the metro area, coming in from the south and west. maybe getting closer to our western suburbs over the next couple of hours. and then into the metro area a little bit after that. so maybe by early afternoon. and then, initially, just a few showers coming in. it does look like we could get some thunder and lightning accompanying those showers by late afternoon into the evening. tomorrow, some more needed rain midday and during the afternoon, sunshine back thursday into the weekend. it's time now for "joy's diet s.o.s." answers to your diet dilemmas. "today" nutritionist and the author of "the joy fit club" joy bauer is here to discuss everything from how to keep the weight off once you've lost it to the truth about lactose intolerance. >> the truth! >> there's a lot of falsehoods out there about lactose intolerance. >> that's right. >> let's get started. our first question, carol in troy, michigan, joining us live via skype. good morning, joy. what's -- i mean, carol, and what's your question? >> hi, joy.
9:08 am
my biggest problem, i've been trying to lose weight for 20 years. i can't seem to keep it off. i've got almost four grand kids now and i want to be healthier, and i don't have any health issues, but i don't want to wait until i have them to lose weight. i can't seem to keep it off, and the constant failures keep me from wanting to try again. what can i do to get motivated and serious again? >> a lot of people have this problem. >> it's great that you have your grandkids as the ultimate motivat motivator. there's a few things you could do. the first is probably going to sound crazy coming from a nutritionist. but i think that you should actually plan for one splurge food each week. so maybe it's a great, deck can't meal at a restaurant or dessert with your grandkids when you're baby-sitting. because i think looking forward to that it's probably very helpful to keep you on track the remainder of the week. another thing that you could do as you're losing weight is to pick out a few flattering, slimming, fabulous clothes that you love the way that you look
9:09 am
in. try them on a few times each week right in front of the mirror. there is nothing more powerful than that visual reinforcement. and i also love the idea of constantly having some sort of fitness event upcoming on your calendar. so you can do a 5k every other month, or a 10k and just walk it and maybe look for each of them with one grandkid. it's a win-win. you have quality bonding time and you're keeping yourself on track. those three things together can really make the difference. >> okay. i'll give it a try. >> good luck, carol. >> way to go. >> thanks so much. let's now about to christine. she's coming in on the phonefrom columbus, ohio. good morning, christine. >> good morning. hi, joy. i travel a lot internationally for work and many of the hotels i stay in don't have access to a fitness center and due to an old injury i can't run or do power walking, so i need some tips to help me stay in shape when i'm traveling.
9:10 am
>> al and i can both really relate to the traveling and the working out. i think the easiest thing you can do is pick up an exercise dvd that doesn't require a lot of heavy equipment or a lot of space. this way you're traveling with your laptop, you could pop it right into the laptop, position it on the desk in the hotel room and you could do it whenever you travel. another great thing to do is invest in one session with a personal trainer. and ask them to design for you on all-over body workout that gets your cardiovascular system going that doesn't require heavy weights or a lot of space, and the bands are very easy to travel with. >> those resistance bands. >> and they're great. and they go right in your suit case. you could do that when you travel, as well. and don't discount walking, even a casual walk if it's eight a great touristy spot or recreational place, it plays double duty. because you get to see the sights and you work out. >> all right, christine, thank you so much. last one, viewer e-mail, this from steve in seabrook, texas i'm a 41-year-old mail. i don't think i've ever had any
9:11 am
digestion problems until lately. seem to have symptoms normally associated with lactose intolerance. >> it's interesting because a lot of people can develop a lactose intolerance as we age. because, as we age our body produces less of the enzyme lactaid. which helps to digest and break down lactose and milk products. so the easiest thing to do is personally, investigate. lay off of all things that have milk. milk, ice cream, yogurt, soft cheeses, the hard cheeses are generally okay, because very, very low in lactose like cheddar and swiss. and if his symptoms resolve, he does, indeed, now have a lactose intolerance. >> all right, joy, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> and still ahead, we've got "steals & deals," savings of up to 80% on some great items from jewelry to flowers. and later, we've got some easy fictions for your home that you can do yourself. [ yoshioka ] a quick fix isn't going to solve the problem... sensitivity is a chronic condition. if you have worn away that outer layer of the tooth it opens up small little channels, that's what transmits that pain signal...
9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing skin or eyes. tell your doctor about all your medicines, including those for migraine and while on cymbalta, call right away if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles or serious allergic skin reactions like blisters, peeling rash, hives, or mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. simple pleasures shouldn't hurt. talk to your doctor about cymbalta. depression hurts. cymbalta can help.
9:15 am
back now with another edition of "jill's steals & deals." this morning we have another group of great items at deeply discounted prices exclusively for you, our "today" viewers. and some may be perfect for mother's day. jill martin is here to walk us through the offers. jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> you poor thing, you lost your voice because you were at the met gala last night. >> right. i was covering the met gala. this isn't my sexy voice. >> it is kind of sexy. i'm not trying. this is my dorky, i lost my voice voice. >> it's working. >> maybe i'll get a date out of this segment. >> there you go. i'm sure you've got many takers. first is this tanning system. great option for that summer glow. you don't have to worry about being in a tanning bed or coming out looking like a new jersey tan mom. >> you don't want to look like the tan mom.
9:16 am
this is actually natural and healthy. this is the lume iness spray tanning. you can go light, medium and dark tan. lasts up to 14 days and it takes less than 30 minutes. this is really easy to use. and great in the summer. because you don't want to go out on the beach looking light and pale. you want to go out fresh and glowy. so this retails $1993.95. the deal $68.50. that's 65% off. >> that's like an airbrush system. >> exactly. and really easy to use. >> okay. i believe you. next, the gorgeous organic cotton scarves from ya living and they're hand dyed. i guess they have five different color options. >> right. $89, as you said, hand dyed. soft organic scarf. this is great for the summer if you're a scarf person. carried at boutiques like planet blue. celeb fans include uma thurman.
9:17 am
retail $89. the deal $25.99. >> always great to travel to have something to throw over your shoulders. >> and a great gift. >> speaking of gifts here's a great one for moms. this one will get to you in time for mother's day. three options from 1-800-flowers. all of them make for great last-minute gifts. you have a cookie option. your usual flower options, as well. >> so fast. this is fabulous. the retail $46.99 to $119.99. now there's three options. and the deals will range from $19.99 to $51.99. and that's up to 58% off. let's go through the first one which i have along. cheryl's mother's day cookies. this is $36 total and comes in this box. you see all the different cookies and those lady bugs and butterflies. these are beautiful and delicious. so this is $46.99. now it's $19.99. >> that's good. >> that's for those. then the red hot momma bouquet which i love that. the retail $61.99.
9:18 am
these are $25.99. 24 red roses. and it comes with this beautiful red vase. so that's a great deal. and they're shipped overnight. one of their best-sellers. so 24 red roses. >> be sure to call in now. okay and over here. >> this is so beautiful. look at this box. this is the fashionista mom bouquet. and it comes with the votives and the chocolates. so look at this. comes in this box and then it comes with the chocolates. >> and the little slipper. >> $119.9. for $51.99. up to 58% off. make sure you click on the right one because there are three options. >> now over here, for jewelry lovers we have the black diamond and pearl necklaces from omerta. and they spell your zodiac in morse code if you could figure out morse code. >> you know it says it. the retail is $295. this is so pretty i've been wearing this and i think -- it's a combination of black diamonds and white pearls. spell different words or phrases
9:19 am
in morals code. we're offering all 12 zodiac signs. one to two full carats of genuine diamonds and pearls. >> i'm trying to read yours. >> air res. all of them made in the usa. comes with a quick guide. retails $295. the deal $59. that's 80% off. >> that's great. >> this is really a beautiful gift. you just have to find out the sign and then they'll figure out the code for you. >> that's really delicate. you can layer that up and you always do that so well. very nice. last but not least this semiprecious home collection. comes with hand soaps, kansasals, a room diffuser. >> how beautiful is this? this is good to stock up if you're constantly going to people's homes, a housewarming gift, so pretty. the retail, $118.04. the set includes hand soaps, soy wrapped candles, 50 hours of burn time, and then the diffuser bottle. all made in the u.s., the retail $118. the deal, $35.40. that's 70% off.
9:20 am
this is a beautiful set comes in this beautiful box. and i made it the whole way. >> you did. your voice held out. good for you, girl. you get some rest. jill martin thanks as always again. to review, the tanning system, the scarfing, the three options from 1-800-flowers to necklaces from omerta and the semiprecious home collection set. remember to head to our website to get the exclusive coupon codes for all of these products and to submit any questions you have about "steals & deals." and coming up, two of the hottest chefs around curtis stone and cat cora will give us a sneak peek at their newest cooking competition around the world in 80 plates. ♪ [thor] who dare cross the avengers? [iron man] it's loki! [captain america] wait! i forgot my shield. i think my mom has it. [mom] i'm over here. [captain america kid] come on, guys. hey, mom. we're looking for loki. [mom] did you look over there?
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9:23 am
and i love it! ♪ activia and try new silky, fruity activia harvest picks. another way to enjoy activia. we want to take a minute now to say hello to skylar lane the latest contestant to be eliminated from "american idol." good morning to you. the competition is so tough in these final days so you've got to be proud of what you accomplished. >> i'm very proud and i think my family's proud, and country music hopefully i made proud. i'm just really excited to hopefully start a career. you know. it's really fun looking down the road. >> a female -- i'm sorry. a feel male hasn't won american
9:24 am
idle since jordin sparks in 2007. you've got two remaining females, jessica and holly. you think they've got a shot? >> definitely. all four of them are amazing. and i really could not pinpoint one person that's going to win. i don't know. it's seriously crazy. i can't -- i don't want to think about it. >> good thing you don't have to. following your elimination you told reporters that you were a little disappointed by jennifer lopez's lack of, i guess, a farewell to you? >> no. i wasn't disappointed. she just kind of -- she hugged me and said bye baby. probably because i'm going to be back in just a week and a half or something. i don't think it has anything personal or anything. probably had somewhere to go. she probably did. you know, she's really -- she's business is. she's a busy person. they're all busy. if you saw all the security guards in there, there would be 24/7 and everything.
9:25 am
>> you're going to be busy we know it. skylar, good luck. the winner and runner-up from "american idol" will perform may 31st.
9:26 am
good morning. it's 9:26 now on this tuesday, may 8th. i'm aaron gilchrist. tom kierein's in storm center 4 with a look at what to expect today weather wise. >> yeah, this morning, looking at the storm 4 radar, we do have some showers beginning to move into the shenandoah, the panhandle of west virginia, western maryland. a few sprinkles, shenandoah valley. temperatures are hitting the mid-60s. later today, into the mid- and briefly upper 70s by midafternoon. does look like a chance of a few sprinkles early afternoon, around the metro area, but a greater chance of some needed rain later than that, late afternoon into the evening and again tomorrow.
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. traveling in bethesda, westbound, jones bridge road at rockville pike, all of your lanes are blocked, but please
9:29 am
follow police direction in that area. in d.c., we have your right lane blocked here. this is on "k" street at 16th street because of police street because of police activity never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
9:30 am
rockabye -- >> that's just about enough. >> that's matt and the rest of us, flying through the air. not so much with the greatest of ease. >> ow. >> we look like bad marionettes. recently took our shot at performance art here inion town manhattan. think cirque du soliel meets slip and slide. that's just the first chapter in our adventure. later in the week we'll bring rowing with the princeton rowing team as "today" takes on, which starts tomorrow on "today." wow. >> nobody got hurt. >> well, not -- except for us. >> some areas hurt more than others. >> anyway. >> ow. >> we need a soothing balm.
9:31 am
>> well, we will look forward to that. and all the stories behind it too. coming up, do it yourself. who needs a boyfriend or a handy man? that sounds a little personal. we'll tell you how to fix everything from scratches on your food floors to clogged drains. >> anything you want to talk about? >> all by yourself. you don't have to make sure you have the right tools or a man in the house to do it. >> okay. >> enough about my life. moving on. just kidding. >> she is kidding. in "today's kitchen," superstars curtis stone and cat cora are teaming up to host a new show on bravo called around the world in 80 plates. they're going to show us a few of their dishes. >> a mackdown. >> it is. >> and time for another meeting of al's book club for kids. a good reminder to keep the reading going as we approach summer. today our kids get to talk to the authors of peter and the star catchers. a prequel to peter pan and now a broadway show. >> cool. >> nine tony nominations.
9:32 am
i just bought tickets. anyway. >> the weather al. >> i know i'm so excited to see it. you've got a check of the weather for us. >> right. let's see what we've got for you for today. we are looking at rain moving into the northeast and mid-atlantic states. a few clouds in the pacific northwest. slight risk of strong storms down through southern texas. then for tomorrow, we're looking at that rain moving out, up into new england with heavier amounts. slight risk of strong storms from the delmarva peninsula down to the panhandle of florida. look for showers along the southern texas coastline and more rain moves into the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. we've been running a rain deficit this year, so some needed rain. moving our way here by later this afternoon and into this evening. maybe with some thunder and lightning. and then tomorrow, maybe midday or afternoon showers, and high 70s, both today and tomorrow. then some cooler, dry weather moves in for thursday and friday. morning lows, chilly in the 40s to near 50. afternoon highs around 70. then chilly mornings over the weekend, but afternoon highs,
9:33 am
mid-70s on both saturday and sunday. monday, increasing clouds. there's a slight chance of some showers moving in. >> and that's your latest weather. >> you should have seen what happens during those little breaks. anyway, who needs a handyman? >> exactly. >> for problems around the house, you can do this all by yourself. you know what, this looks just like the tree house i built with my dad. (girl) really? yeah. there you go. okay, i'm gonna work on the roof. dad, i'll be right back! (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. you made that for me? well you're making this for me. (announcer) choosey moms, and dads, choose jif. i'm here with carol, flo, and karen for a girls night out talking about activia. i tried it and my body felt so right, for a change.
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. dove challenged women to go the day without looking at themselves in the mirror after styling with new dove style plus care in the morning. we covered every reflection they could look in. ♪ style is long lasting when hair is nourished. ♪ that's why new dove style plus care with nutri-style complex nourishes and conditions so your style can go the distance. new dove style plus care. better style through better care. ♪ all by myself
9:37 am
>> i guess we have a theme here this morning on "today's home." why call for help when you can fix it all by yourself? jason cameron is the host of "man caves and desperate landscapes" on the diy network and he's here with a few quick tips and tricks for us loners who don't have a man around the house to help us fix things. >> you don't need one. >> no! we have a pink pool kit. >> we do have a pink cool kit. i thought that was kind of funny when i first walked up here. but hey to each their own. i think everybody needs a kit. and the great thing about a kit is you're going to save more money because it's more economical to buy a kit than piecemeal and then you have a place to put them. >> you can always supplement if you get really handy. >> exactly. everything you need is here to tackle all those jobs. and it comes in pink. >> pretty cute. >> our first test here you say if you've got wood floors and they get scratched up there's a simple way to fix. >> who knew walnuts, right? but it's one of those things, people with hardwood floors and it's a constant battle with scratches. take one of those.
9:38 am
>> we're going to scratch up the floors. >> not real deep just a little bit of a scratch. this is pretty common. you've got to find one with a sharp edge and take a walnut and start ribbing that into the scratch. >> okay. >> what's going to happen is the walnut's going to disintegrate and you start to get some of the oils from the walnut. it's the oils that camouflage this. so what you do is you rub that in. >> oh, yeah. >> now if you take this microrag we've already done it and just wipe this up. >> okay. >> so right here. >> oh, i see. but i didn't get my walnut over there. >> that's already dried. what you do is you let it dry and then come back and do that. it doesn't get rid of the scratch but it camouflages the scratch. >> and hit it with some pledge? >> hit it with a little pledge. >> and then you've got some snacks for after. you worked up an appetite. >> this is what do you call this? the pea pipe problem? >> if you kneel down here i'll show you. obviously we need a bucket to do
9:39 am
this. this is one of those things a lot of women might not want to tackle because they're unfamiliar. this is a "p" trap. you loosen this by hand. >> if something gets stuck down there? >> this serves two purposes. number one you need it by code but number two what it does -- are you missing anything by the way? >> oh! how lovely. >> there you go. >> an earring. >> yeah, some earrings. it wasn't a ring. i was getting real excited. >> that's the reason. if something gets caught you have a way to get it. >> now this is crazy. if a bulb shatters what do you recommend? >> put these on, safety glasses because we are working with glass. this is one of those things where we have the double menu thing going. we have potatoes. i'm going to put some gloves on, because i'm dealing with glass and we're going to use a potato to take this out. because you don't want to channel it -- >> you shattered this bulb when you were trying to take it out. >> take this off and use some needle nose players and you get rid of that. you want to get rid of this
9:40 am
stuff. and you take the potato, and just put it right on here. >> and it just picking up the shards? >> yeah. >> oh, that's clever. >> whatever shard is on there. >> would other vegetables work? >> actually, a tennis ball will work. and this one, of course, is giving me trouble. >> okay. >> but the idea is the shards get in there and you can lift them out? >> exactly, the shards get in. this one, and then you can actually take that out. >> you can prevent that by putting vaseline on it. >> you put a little on the threads, put it in, it'll never have that problem. >> and if you want to clean your vacuum which is no fun at all. >> obviously you got to vacuum your vacuum. it's all about maintenance. emptying the bin is really important. cheaping this clean. taking parts out like this part of the suction system. you put it in some soapy water. the main thing is working on this, though. it's important that maybe once a
9:41 am
month, or every few weeks, this just slide out. this particular one this model slides out and you take the skis ors. >> that's a good idea. >> and just cut off the threads. and while you're doing that, check the belt and make sure the belt is okay. really simple maintenance. >> if you never use your vacuum it doesn't get that dirty. just a thought. >> depends on how much you use it. >> thank you so much. great tips. and coming up next we've got al's book club. .
9:42 am
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9:44 am
♪ i'll never forget the day i read a book ♪ ♪ it was contagious 70 pages ♪ ♪ there were pictures here and
9:45 am
there ♪ ♪ so it wasn't hard to bear the day i read a book ♪ ♪ it's a shame i don't recall the name of the book ♪ >> my mike is not working. okay. do you hear me? you hear me now. get out of here. okay. thank you very much. get out of here, brian. okay. we're celebrating the children's book week with peter and the star catchers. it's the fast-paced prequel to the beloved children's classic peter pan. it zwruss readers to an adventure on the high seas. we meet a boy named peter, his new friend molly and evil black stash for the first time. the authors of "peter and the star catcher," and we want to welcome back our al's book club kids kids, jeff townsend, sydney robes, and joining us live special guests jordan from louisiana. and good morning to everybody. >> good morning. >> hi, al. >> first of all let me start with some sad news. maurice sendak, celebrated children's author, of course, "where the wild things are" died
9:46 am
at the age of 83. your thoughts? >> brilliant guy. not just a children's author but my favorite thing that he ever said was that of all the things he'd done, writing for children was the most fun for him. because they are the most intense critics. >> which we found, too. they're just the most fun to write for. >> is it really? the most, in a sense, satisfying? >> they like a story and they are deadly honest. >> well, they -- >> they'll let you know in a hurry. our book club kids actually got a real treat. they got to -- they got to go to the broadway show based on your book. nominated for nine tony awards. they got a special backstage tour from celia bolger who plays molly. so have you guys seen the show and do you like it? >> we auditioned for tinkerbell. it's phenomenal. we were on an adventure story for kids and they turned it into -- rick ellis is genius. >> made a hilarious broadway show out of it.
9:47 am
>> terrific. let's find out what our kids -- first of all did you guys like the play? >> it was really unique. >> jack, what's your thought? >> it's great to meet both of you. i thought the idea of star stuff coming from foreign stars was neat. how do you compare the power of star stuff to pixie dust? >> we were looking for a way to sort of explain something you can't really explain which is the magic of peter pan. we come up with the idea of balls from the sky that has this power to change people. which would be sort of like the pixie dust that dan berry talks about. >> wow, that's pretty neat. now we've got sydney, what's your question? >> hi, good morning. the choice of the main characters, peter pan and black staff more commonly known as captain hook are very well known and loved by many people. how, if at all, did this influence your writing of the book or make it more challenging?
9:48 am
>> we sort of stayed away from trying to pretend we were following in berry's footsteps and just wanted to create really fun characters. there was some stuff already laid out for us. >> that's nice. samara, you've got a great question. >> good morning. many people decide to write books on their own. what made you decide that working in a pair would work better. >> hmm? >> well, we play in a rock band together called the rock bottom remanders. >> it's terrible. >> we play hard listening music. that's how we met. we became friends, and really his daughter had the idea for this book. >> she asked me one day how peter pan met captain hook? i was playing one of these shows a week later and sang with dave and i mentioned it and his eyes met wide. and we thought with his crazy humor and my crazy suspense maybe we could make a fun book to the. >> a great idea. and now let's go to louisiana, we've got jordan joining us via skype. what's your question?
9:49 am
>> hi. my question was, why did you make mr. quinn a huge crocodile? >> we wanted to explain that the crocodile in j.m. berry's peter pan he ticks and tocks and we thought it would be fun if we had a gigantic crocodile on our island that gets changed by the star dust. >> and he's able to float and flop. >> all right. you guys must have had a good time in that band. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> that's right. let's find out how our kids rated this book on a scale of one to five stars. peter and the star catchers. whoa! yes. five stars. thank you. very nice. dave, riddy, kids, thank you so much. if you have a child between the ages of 9 and 12 would like a chance to be on our "today's" kids. our next book, "when you reach me" by rebecca stead.
9:50 am
that's going to be our next book. guys, thank you so much. gentlemen, thank you all. >> thanks for having us here. >> coming up next, famed chefs curtis stone and cat cora take on the world in the kitchen.
9:51 am
9:52 am
this morning on "today's kitchen," ethnic needs as easy as 1-2-3. celebrity chefs cat cora and curtis stone are the host of bravo's newest cooking competition "around the world in 80 plates." twelve contestants travel around the world in 40 days to put their culinary skills to the challenge hoping to win $150,000. cat cora, curtis stone, great to have you guys here. >> good morning. >> this sounds like just a fun show. tell me how it works. >> well, i mean, literally we take 12 contestants from the u.s., and we drop them in -- >> wherever. >> wherever they are and they start off, and cook their way out of these countries.
9:53 am
>> like amazing race, survivor, top chef, all in one? >> they end up on this culinary race across the city that they're in. they have to learn as much as they can about the local cuisine, then they take over a local restaurant and have to cook for the locals. you can imagine how tough that is. >> and the judges and you, too. >> that's right. cat and i go along for the ride and taste all this incredible food. you know, sort of point them in the right direction. but the locals end up making the final decision on which is better and the chefs have to self-eliminate. >> i imagine you guys have to sample a lot of great cuisine. let's start with one of your favorites thai chicken. >> what i have. this is from i one of my favorite countries, thailand. that was the country that spoke to me the most. i really, really love this thai chicken. it's so light, so healthy. we had a lot of fun in thailand. way too much fun. we can't talk about that right now. so this is a little rice vinegar i have in here. a little sesame oil goes in. a little bit of peanut sauce in
9:54 am
here. very simple. very easy. and then stir that in. a little bit of olive oil goes in for the vinaigrette. cabbage, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots. you've got to have a little scallion in that. a little bit of sesame seed, black sesame seed for color. i used to use the black sesame seed as a little bit of differentness to it. a little bit of crunch, too. >> exactly. >> and then you can just pour in your vinaigrette. right here. you can even saute it, that's totally fine. >> or grilling. >> or grilling. >> you can even get a rotisserie chicken 23 you're strapped for time, pull it off the bone. >> leftover chicken. >> curtis is going to slice some chicken up there. >> helping you out. >> and you can even toss it in or put it right on top. i'm going to put it right on the plate there. definitely -- >> there you go. >> kids love it. >> great. >> easy. >> let's move on.
9:55 am
curtis is going to dress this up when we move back here. >> we kick off the show tomorrow night in london. i lived in london for eight years and i had some of the best fish and chips in the world. some sugar, pour in a little bit of flour. >> you get your beer. >> any beer or dark beer? >> i use a dark beer just to give it a bit more body. but you can use something lighter if you like. >> this is like your show. we have like 30 seconds. fast, fast, fast. >> that goes in to your flour and then into here and you pull this out and just drop it in. >> right in. >> right in with the chips. and you get this delicious -- let that rise for just a bit. you mush the peas. >> mash the peas. >> who's going to win this competition? curtis stone or cat cora? >> the series premiere is tomorrow nig
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:57 is your time now on this tuesday, may 8th, 2012. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. let's check in with storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein for a look at your forecast. >> as we are approaching 10:00, temperatures are well into the 60s, all around the region. reagan national now at 68. it will probably climb another 10 degrees before rain arrives, that will be later this afternoon. right now, storm 4 radar showing light sprinkles now in west
9:58 am
virginia, western maryland, just about to come into the shenandoah valley over the next couple of hours. and then into the metro area, later this afternoon. maybe a little thunder and lightning. maybe some more showers tomorrow. danella, how's late morning traffic? >> right now in bethesda, still seeing your westbound lanes shut down due to police activity. follow police direction. crossing over the american legion bring, as you make your way into virginia, you're going to see volume as you head to the dulles toll road. no accidents, just delays. eun, back over to you. >> danella, thanks so much. wake up with us and get your day started the right way. we'll see you then. have a great day. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! pack your lunches -- marie callender's are just 2 bucks.
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey! everybody, it's booze day tuesday. it's may 8th. we're so glad you're with us today. pardon my voice, hoda woman. i had a big night last night. >> you've been quite the party animal. >> i am so worn out. but another post menopausal woman would be dead if they had the schedule i've had. so i'm hanging in there. i was not at metropolitan costume gala last night. >> this is perhaps the biggest event on the east coast. it is where all the stars, the
10:01 am
glitz an glamour, they all go to the met and everyone gets their photo taken. >> it is like the oscars of the east. >> sure is. as you know, a lot of dresses end up catching people's eye. beyonce may have been the most photographed. it was sort of a see-through item. >> sort of? sl sort of, yeah. >> i don't think she's wearing spanx. >> wow! you really do see the whole -- and go. oh! >> that's not my favorite. i love beyonce. >> we love her, yeah. >> love her, love her, love her. but i don't think this dress does anything for her. >> some people chose goth look. mary-kate olsen. >> beautiful, beautiful girl. >> this is cameron diaz. >> they're all beautiful women. we're just talking about a dress, let's keep in mind. >> scarlett johansson looked good. sophia vergara of course did the
10:02 am
va-va-voom. >> she's unbelievably beautiful. remember sophie when she was all with us, it was no make-up day and she showed up as our guest as full makeup. she says i came out of the womb this way, full makeup and the whole thing. >> bad enough with us made up sitting across from her. >> she's just gorgeous. >> you don't want to know what i did last night. >> i do. >> i have to do a shout out to one of my favorite people in the world. herb segall is my husband's longest best friend. we had dinner last night at milo's which is a little loud. i love that restaurant. it's a greek theater, it is fantastic but it is loud. i was exstoling about our trip to the middle east. his son was there along with his son and a girl he goes with. a terrific book about the middle east conflict called "the control factor." really in-depth book.
10:03 am
wanted to wish herb a very, very happy birthday. >> if you were home like the rest of us, you were home watching the voice. you know what i'm about to say if you've watched the voice. >> people are livid about this. >> christina aguilera was mean. how about that. that's an understatement. >> you're being nice about it. >> you're being kind. i haven't seen a lot of people i love angry in such a long time. is there people were actually voting against her because of the things she said. >> i haven't seen it. >> we're going to tee it up real quick. this guy tony lucca is on team adam. she doesn't like him -- well, i shouldn't say that. she thinks he's getting a lot of attention because people are -- stars are encouraging people to vote for him because stars like justin timberlake are saying vote for tony lucca. she thinks he's getting a lot of extra love -- >> get over it.
10:04 am
that's called america. >> he sang a song called "99 problems." okay. now this is -- >> which i don't know. >> it is a jay-z song. christina aguilera took exception to this song, she said it was terrible for women, it us "the b" word which he didn't sing outloud. then she proceeds to go on later an slam him later in the show. let's just watch the clip. ♪ >> your beautiful wife and your daughter and family are here tonight and i just thought, you know, the leer cal cyrical conn was a little derogatory toward women. >> we talked about this for hours, tony and i, i -- ain't one ain't referring to women. we're referring to everything. >> you're having girl problems. >> it's called a metaphor.
10:05 am
>> if that's how you have to get points -- if that's how you have to get points. >> i just want to say, i love you, christina. ♪ >> this is a real man. this is a real man! a real man! >> thank you. >> he respects women. >> she just talk about the man -- tony's wife and daughter and she's then putting him down in front of the wife and daughter. if you're going to have an opinion, have a consistent one. and also it seems rather hypocritical to me -- i heard some of the lyrics of christina's songs -- >> she has a song called dirty. we just googled it to see what that looked like. let's just watch a little of this.
10:06 am
♪ >> i think people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. >> but let me tell you, i think it is funny because usually these contests are all about the songs and music and the voice. no, i think lastight -- >> she was a mouse kmousekateer. >> i think it was when justin timberlake came out and said vote for tony lucca -- >> something in our country, a wonderful invention, the constitution where you have freedom of express of your opinions. if you don't like it, great. that's what makes us a great country. >> i think she changed the whole shift. >> why do you hate her so much? i told you it is a sin.
10:07 am
you're not posed to hate people and dislike what they do -- >> we're going to watch the performances. here's tony, team adam. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> they sang duets. >> i love that. >> we're going to vote right now. here's juliet and team cee lo. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:08 am
>> all right. and now team christina. this is christina and chris mann. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> beautiful voice. all right. and finally, jermaine, team blake. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:09 am
♪ >> such disadvantage to only hear ten seconds of it. we're not going to say who we're voting for? oh, hoda. wait, wait. it's between the last two men. i'm going to go with the last -- team blake. >> that's who i picked. >> oh, really? spl yes. >> name jermaine? >> he's good. i think christina's guy is really, really talented and she of course is a brilliant singer. >> beautiful, beautiful voice. >> we'll see who wins tomorrow. >> team sara, what -- >> i'm calling all hot dads. ivillage is holding a contest to find the hottest dads in america. the grand prize is a caribbean cruise. we've already received lots of entries. the first toe in the dads over
10:10 am
40 category. whoa! he's over 40? no way. adam shapiro, age 34 from military dad category. may 21st is the deadline. >> frank's not eligible for over 80? >> come on! who's hotter than frank? >> i love clint eastwood but he's not as hot as frank. actress and fitness guru suzanne somers? >> who's hotter than suzanne? nobody! >> sara and her mom go hunting in the big city. what are they hunting for? >> you'll have to wait to find out. but first, these messages. ever. ♪ oh oh oh oh you see it in the brush... ♪ oh oh oh oh ooh oh ...and then there's the pillow. ♪ i dare you to dare me so they dared me to try this pantene. [ female announcer ] pantene anti-breakage the keratin protection system makes hair stronger reducing breakage up to 97%. ♪
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what does that mean? are we done? activia helps regulate your digestive system when eaten daily. these could be our best years yet. activia for many, not the three of us, of course, getting older can be a real bummer! suzanne somers is try doing something about it for you because she loves you so much. >> she's just released her 23rd book. >> that's unbelievable! >> it's called "bombshell --
10:14 am
explosive medical secrets that will redefine aging." >> she's here as living proof. >> wait. did you really just celebrate your 65th birthday? >> yeah. yeah. yeah. when i was a kid -- if you're 65 you either retired or died. >> we never think about what life's going to be like for us. did you ever even think what will i be like at 65? >> i don't know. but sure isn't experiencing. man, i love it. because, i'm so healthy. i like the way i look, i like the way i feel, i like my life -- >> you like your husband. >> i really, really like my husband. >> after how many years? >> 44. >> allen, come over here and give your woman a big wet one. he's always in the background. >> like my secret service guy. >> it's a little smoochie smooch. >> no wonder i'm happy. >> we just had to show the very sexy allan who's also on hormone replacement. >> it's just oozing out of him. put it away. >> he knows he's all that.
10:15 am
>> the last time we chatted on your show -- >> thank you so much. you gave me my best ratings. >> there was a little bit of fondling going on between you and klg. >> you asked me. >> well, look. it's happening there. the reason klg is feeling her breasts is because suzanne, you say -- >> because i wanted to. >> i really liked it. >> tell us what was going on. >> the guy behind us -- >> he was forgettable but the boobs? no. >> no. really. i can't stop touching myself. it's fabulous. i'm all i need. you know that song? >> "i'm sexy and i know it." >> so this is a stem cell deal. right? >> well, they took the fat from my stomach -- boo hoo -- really. i said i got a few other places you could go. and then they spun out the stem cells and put that fat and skels back together and reinjected it here and regrew the breasts.
10:16 am
>> you had gone through breast cancer and had a lumpectomy and radiation and you -- it had affected the look of your breasts. >> well, lumpectomy was kind of -- >> it was new. >> i thought it would just be like they take a little bit. but when they took the bandages off, i went, whoa -- i'm a sex symbol. >> talk about the stem cell neck lift. >> i wouldn't say -- because i banked my stem cells also. now i wouldn't say -- i mean it just smooths out the skin on my neck by injecting some of my stem cells into my neck. i'm just trying to do this thing naturally and but, whatever advantages we have -- >> that's not fda approved, right? >> well that's a question that stumped me. i think it is. yes -- >> well, stem cells are -- as a cosmetic procedure. >> it's not fda approved. >> okay. >> but you're not sorry you did it. right? >> too late. >> i'm rarely stumped.
10:17 am
you just stumped me. >> if it's somebody else's stem cell i'd be concern but it is your own body. >> i can't reject my own stem cells. so this is legal -- >> thank god. when they took my breast they wanted to -- you have to say pay's tension, right, to you? like allen and i had fun with it for all these years because it would be sort of like -- i take my clothes off and i go -- cool, huh? >> that gets you through so much, the sense of humor. he likes me fat, he likes me skinny, he likes me with one boob, he said he's got one for every mood. anyway -- >> i'm sure you have a new best seller on your hands. i'm sorry, because you were joking and laughing. >> i didn't even sell the book. >> yes, you did. you always do. >> in the best book i've ever written says the irish woman. >> love you, sweetheart. another best seller. still ahead, the lady's buzz from hollywood. plus martin sheen and emole yo estevez on their journey as
10:18 am
father and son. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you like movies that make you laugh... [ sirens ] dramas... ♪ ...timeless classics, or whatever else, then you'll love netflix. netflix lets you watch unlimited movies and tv episodes on your pc or tv via game console or other devices connected to the internet. browse genres, and get personalized suggestions. it's instant, it's unlimited. and it's only 8 bucks a month. start your free trial today. here at the hutchison household but one dark stormy evening... there were two things i could tell: she needed a good meal and a good family.
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♪ you take a message. take a boo-boo and make it better. take a nap? lol. take a breath. you take care of it all. let nutri-grain help take care of you. it's tasty -- made with real fruit, whole grains, fiber... soft and sweet. take a moment. then take on that to-do list with a grin. kellogg's nutri-grain. take care of you™. time for "sara in the city" when sara haines takes on a
10:21 am
brave adventure out of her comfort zone. >> with mother's day coming up i thought i'd invite my mom to the big city for a little mother-daughter bonding and some fun on the streets. we are doing a scan venger hunt, mom. >> oh, good. >> she's in for whatever. really. which leads us to our friend, mitchell. you look familiar. >> oh. we get our first clue. this one was tough. 44th and times square. what famous bearded man really wants you here? >> famous bearded man, mom. >> i don't know who the famous bearded man is. >> isn't that santa claus? >> i do need my other daughter. i have four children. i love all four of them. >> why didn't they pick the smart child? >> i think my children are all wonderful, all in different ways. sara talks a lot, but you know, she's okay. >> excuse me, do you know what famous bearded man would really want us in times -- no, okay.
10:22 am
let's ask these guys if they know a bearded man. they don't look real congenial. >> my mom gets nervous talking to people on the street, especially in new york city. she clamps her bag a lot. hey, hunk guy. i knew it! i said the army. it is uncle sam! >> oh! >> we want you! >> that was a trick question. >> well, congratulations, because here's question number two. >> woo! >> 44th and 6th avenue. two signs bear bad news for your wallet. what six initials describe those two signs? >> it's going to be like the deficit or something. let's go, mom. wait, no, this way. 44th. >> i really was a little nervous because sara isn't the best at this trivial pursuit thing. she's serious. we're on a skav enger hunt.
10:23 am
>> we got irs -- >> well, that's three of them. >> hi,ky order a -- >> i turned around to ask her a question about the irs and she was gone, she was chatting it up with fluffle man. >> i was hungry. >> oh, look, it's the debt, mom. >> that's not three letters. >> ond. >> yeah. our national debt. that would be bad for our wallet. irs and ond. >> yes! >> oh! we did it! >> i'm going to keep her. >> one final question. >> 6th avenue and 55th. find something that everyone searches for. what state does it come from? >> i know what it is, we'll see it. >> i remember it. >> there's a plaque. i see a plaque. the love sign. you need to get in there. >> robert indiana. but that's his last name. >> i know, i think that's what he's doing. i think it is a play on words. >> oh. >> can we pose in it just like
10:24 am
the tourists? >> mom, let's do it. >> i'm just resting my feet. where are you going? is it insnin. >> indiana? >> it's indiana. >> we love the hoosiers. >> congratulations, guys. >> thank you so much. cheers. i hope there's wine in these. >> there's not. >> there will be. >> i guarantee you. well, if there were, i'd drink it, chardonnay sandy. we had the best time and we should mention that watson adventures actually leads these professional scavenger hunts not just in new york but across the country. what you saw was just an abridged version of a typical hunt. still ahead -- it is the final sing-off on today's voice, the kid's edition. plus the latest buzz in the world of entertainment. martin sheen and emilio estevez are here. our kurty stone.
10:25 am
he sure gets around as he embarks on a culinary adventure across the entire globe. i think it has something to do with 80 plates. >> look at his new haircut. >> looks cute. right after your local news. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on
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you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. we are back on this booze day tuesday. hoda's still mad at christina aguilera. hollywood's editor in chief miss bonnie fuller and nbc's gossip grams is here -- real quick about the voice. what's your take on what happened? >> i thought it was awful. but you know what? we're all talking about it, aren't we? i bet the producers are happy. ratings soared. our site, hollywoodlive, was just blown away with it. >> talk linda evangelista.
10:31 am
>> she felt good enough last night to gr to the met ball in new york, looking smashing in a black prada gown. >> she didn't quite get what she was asking for -- $46,000 a month for child support. do we have any idea what it might have been? >> somewhere in between. we know that it is substantially less but she really didn't have a hope of getting that. when the largest amount that's ever been awarded in new york state is $19,000 and it doesn't matter if you're a billionaire's child. you -- it's all about the need of the child and the judge -- that's how he decides the case. >> some of the papers they said that she had been married to this man. they were never married. he said it was like a five-week relationship or something like that. >> four months. he said they were together seven days. i was in that tiny courtroom with the two of them on friday. it was a bristling atmosphere. even the attorneys were sniping at each other. so it's well and good that they sort of put everything behind them for the sake of the child. >> another divorce -- kick kardashians. what's going on with this? it seemed like they both wanted it now at the end.
10:32 am
is he dragging his feet? >> that apparently -- team kardashian is saying that he's dragging his heels. kim thinks that he's doing it on purpose because he just wants to be in the spotlight, be famous. he's going to be a nobody once the divorce is over. team humphr phries, i want an annulment, i'm religious -- >> he wants to show as a sham what kim's attorney is concerned about is that he is demanding her deposition be videotaped. while that's very common place in divorce proceedings, they are afraid that that will be leaked. >> oh, yeah, you think maybe? >> miley cyrus, the x factor. >> she might be one of the judges or the host? >> what we're hearing is that she could be the host. now there was a lot of talk about her being a judge but insiders are now saying -- and we've heard this also -- that it's going to be demi lovato and
10:33 am
britney spears joining the new hosts and that miley is up for the job as host. i think she'd be fabulous. >> do you know how much money they're going to have to spend to get those three women to sign on to that? >> she would be the youngest host, ladies. 9 years old. the others on these shows are in their 30s. >> hey, that's not so old! so megan fox. is she or isn't she pregnant? >> what's fascinating about this story, first there were two sources confirming, widely reported, two sources confirming that she was pregnant. now she was publicly asked on the red carpet by the old x factor host steve jones if she was pregnant and she just kind of started sputtering about it but didn't deny it. then her brian austin green was also asked about it in an interview. again he said these pregnancy rumors come up every three months. but he didn't deny it. >> they've been married two years, together eight years. >> beautiful married couple --
10:34 am
so what? >> he just said they want to focus on their anniversary and they plan to go back to hawaii where they were married. >> that body is unbelievable. guess who's coming up? emilio estevez and his incredible great, great actor father martin sheen. they've written a very moving, honest book. right after this.
10:35 am
[ chattering ] [ female announcer ] stains are annoying. get rid of them with clorox 2. its triple solve technology penetrates, dissolves
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[ female announcer ] pantene anti-breakage the keratin protection system makes hair stronger reducing breakage up to 97%. ♪ think only salon brands can do that? i took the dare... will you? [ female announcer ] anti-breakage from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. when martin sheen and emilio estevez worked together on the
10:38 am
life lessons a farther and son learned from each other, it sparked a great idea. >> the real life duo decided it was time to write a book together. their memoir comes out today -- "along the way, a journey of a father an son." >> delighted to be here. >> it is fun how this book is laid out. you get your say, then your son gets his say. it goes back and forth and back and forth. >> that's it, yeah. >> were either of you surprised when you read the other's chapter? >> i don't know about him but i was surprised about a lot of things, yeah. we were interviewed separately so we never knew what the other guy was saying. we had made a commitment not to interfere with each other. >> and not edit it afterwards even if you found something you didn't like? >> no. >> you basically comment throughout the book on same topic from your perspective. >> what's amazing is our memory, particularly of the most important events with was absolutely spot-on. >> that's right. i had heard a lot of these stories for the last 50 years so for me a lot of it was not a surprise, although some of my
10:39 am
stories were a surprise -- >> what surprised your dad, do you think? >> go ahead. >> both my wife and i were amazed at some of the stories that happened while we were away. >> why are you surprised? >> some of the teenage behavior was astonishing to us, frankly. we had to clarify, did this really happen and is it my fault? >> why didn't we know about it. >> somebody was keeping secrets in that household. >> yeah. and the most astonishing incident we learned about was that lawrence fishbush saved his life on the very first day we arrive in the philippines while they were out on a boat -- >> the first day we met. we were doing apocalypse now. we were standing at this volcanic lake area and they took a boat out to us.
10:40 am
unbenoens un unbeknownst to us. they were 14. you tell the story. >> no, were you doing fine. t >> i jumped overboard to try to get us away from shore, it was like quicksand. mud was so deep. i started going down. and fishburn came in and grabbed my arm. >> lawrence, thank you! >> but you write very candidly about watching your dad go through some of your more difficult times. you learned everything that was good about your dad and everything that wasn't. that had to be kind of hard to talk about. >> yeah. but it's not -- i don't think it's so unusual. the fact that we put it out there i think is -- i think people should find inspiring. >> i don't fithink it is unusua that it happens in life but you would be so willing to talk about it and you guys have a beautiful relationship. sounds like you've always had a real mutual respect for one another. >> i talk a little bit about that in the book, when he arrived, he's like you're the
10:41 am
guy, i have known you all of my life i just didn't know when you were going to show up and how we would mesh but i never felt like a father. i always felt like a big brother to him. >> are the other sons kind of bummed out that you guys are doing this together and they -- >> we're going to find out as soon as we get home. >> everybody gets their -- everybody gets their moment and their time and have their special moments with both my mom and my dad. >> it is a trick book. people are going to learn so much not just about you guys but about themselves. >> i would think it would be probably the perfect father's day gift. >> i would think so, too. forget "50 shades of gray," this is the one you want to get. >> you don't think there's any chance we'll get banned? you sure? that's a best-seller. you know what i'm saying. >> it's so great to see you both. give our charge cards to charlie. we're so glad you're doing better. time for the finally of "the voice" the kids edition next.
10:42 am
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it is file for the final round of "today's voice the kids edition." we started the competition five weeks ago auditioning kids between the ages of 8 and 16 until we narrowed them down to our final two. >> today is the big sing-off along with our two contestants, we're here with their celebrity coaches. leading team gifford, the talented stephanie lee who plays mary poppins on broadway. >> leading team hoda, the fabulous raven-symone who's currently starring in "sister act" and has been in everything on tv. so glad to have you both here. first we're going to take a look back at both contestants' j journeys. >> hi, i'm jillian and i'm 14 years old. ♪ the more they seem to change the more they stay the same ♪ >> first time i sang on the "today" show, i was so nervous.
10:47 am
this contest means a lot. i'm excited to see where it goes. i didn't even expect to be -- to get this far. >> i'm christian an i'm 16 years old. ♪ don't you remember you told me you loved me baby ♪ >> to sing on "today" show stage for the first time was very nerve-racking but it was fun. i loved it and i was really nervous explaining the whole mix-up with the names. i want to say kathie lee -- >> why are you pointing at me? >> do you know which one kathie lee is. >> music means to me love, compassion, fun, purity. all of it. ♪ >> music means just about everything to me. >> i chose christian because i love his voice. i think he's very talented and
10:48 am
christian has a voice of silk. >> what i really liked about jillian was just a little more polished and had a really beautiful voice. hoping that she'll win it for us. >> well, yesterday both finalists, christian and jillian, got to work with their coaches and ladies, how do you think they did? >> they did a great job. i'm so excited to see you guys perform. >> me, too. >> bring it! >> she's been this bossy since she was 6 years old. >> kids, are you keddy to sing? take a deep breath and have fun. take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:49 am
♪ ♪ remember my name ♪ fame i'm gonna live forever ♪ i'm gonna learn how to fly high ♪ ♪ i'm feel it coming together people will see me and cry ♪ ♪ baby hold me tight because you can make it right ♪ ♪ you can shoot me straight to the top ♪ ♪ give me love and take all i've got to give ♪ ♪ baby i'll be tough too much is not enough ♪ ♪ i will ride your heart until it breaks ♪ ♪ oh i got what it takes ♪ remember my name ♪ fame i'm gonna live forever ♪ i'm gonna learn how to fly
10:50 am
high ♪ ♪ i feel it coming together people will see me and ♪ ♪ remember remember remember remember ♪ >> woo! >> all right! oh! >> all right! that is what we call nailing it! >> strong performances from both! >> that was great. >> it's just going to come down to personal taste because they're both such great singers. >> you guys, i am so proud of you! yesterday we worked a lot about connecting to the lyric and you guys did. you were so connected. really communicated the song. >> raven, what do you think? >> i think you guys did a great job. i think at the beginning were you a little nervous but you got over it real quick and i'm proud of you for that. >> in a snap. >> now it is not up to anybody but all of you. the good news for us is that i can't read that. so you go ahead. >> here it is. we don't have to choose. it's all up to you. we want you to go to on our website and you can vote. you have until 8:00 p.m. eastern time to vote and we are going to announce the winner live on our
10:51 am
show. you guys, whoever won, it doesn't even matter. you guys really rocked it. >> made everybody very, very proud. >> thanks to our great judges. the coaches. curtis stone takes us around the world in 80 plates. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
now on "cooking with curtis today," our favorite chef, curtis stone, along with cat cora is taking culinary to the next level. >> 80 contestants travel across the globe where they learn the cultures and cuisine of the cities they visit. happy mother's day to you and lindsey, your very first mother's day with his precious new baby. >> it is exciting, isn't it? >> i haven't seen promos for this show everywhere. looks like it is going to be a
10:55 am
lot of fun. >> it is the most ambitious show that bravo's ever done which of course when you host a show makes you pretty damn nervous. >> you've been all over the world with the contestants, too? >> we take 12 shifts. we take them to strange cities most of the set them set this off on this culinary race across town. they've literally got a set period of time to get from one side to the other completing all these culinary challenges. there's a winning team and losing team. >> talk about exhausting! it is like "the amazing race" but with digestive problems. >> talk to us about what we have laid out here. >> i thought i would bring a little sampling from different countries around the world that we visited. this was from barcelona. paella. there's always a beautiful -- you know, the culture and cuisine is so well infused. of course the results of the drink. that was from barcelona.
10:56 am
amazing. next we went to leon, france. an onion tart with some beautiful french cheese. i brought a beaujolais. >> notice we aren't eating but we are tasting the wine. >> the onion tarts are delicious. when you're in france, they're so special. next we went over to bologna. >> might have to have a bite of that. >> this is a beautiful white wine from italy. >> come on, kathie lee. you can do it. >> excellent. nice job. she's still going. >> next we went to morocco. you won't be interested in this drink, it is mint tea. >> is that good? >> was it nice? tell us -- describe the flavor for us, kathie lee.
10:57 am
>> incredible. >> a little bit of custom when they poor mint tea they need to keep a straight arm and bring it right up nice and high. >> beautiful. >> remember that day you came in totally drunk? >> that was crazy. >> just one time. >> that was morocco. then we went on to thailand where contestants had to do all this crazy stuff. they had to take over a street stall and cook for the locals. they did something like this. i'm serving with this my favorite thai beer. >> i love that. all day long. tomorrow, singer-actress rita wilson. love her! going to be with us. bye zblooimpblts [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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