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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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past, hearing from haul and oates. and lady antebellum win the crowd over. and we saw the return. and then the moment weep were all waiting for. waiting to see who would be crowned the voice. >> the winner of season two of "the voice" is -- jermaine paul! >> jermaine paul its the new "voice" and this its the guy that was a background singer for alicia keyes and didn't start to peak until the last couple weeks. we saw the emotional finale there where he sang "i believe i can fly." a song that he sang last night. and said he left his heart on the stage. on the stage tonight we saw his
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father joined him. we saw his wife joined him. he pretty much choked with tears, trying to make his way through that song. coming up a little later, a surprise guest. we'll tell you what its next for jermaine paul. he talks away with $100,000 and a sweet record deal. jim, doreen. a second male massage therapist sues john travolta alleging sexual battery. >> a local community on edge after a beloved neighbor is found dead in his car missing. >> a lot of people seeing showers tonight. there is more to come. good evening. >> on a busy tuesday night. breaking news in the battle for marriage equality. voters in north carolina effectively slammed the door on same sex marriage voting to define marriage as a union between a man and woman. wendy? >> reporter: the north carolina voters decided the state cannot
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even recognize civil unions between same sex couples. they are now the 30th such state to do so. and tonight the vote wasn't close. at last check, the constitutional amendment had 60% of the vote. voters weren't swayed by pleas from democratic leaders. over the last few days, barack obama's cabinet spoke out in favor of marriage equality. president clinton left phone messages telling them to reject the amendment. church leaders, reverend billy graham used their influence to support this ban. six states and the district of columbia do allow same sex marriages. maryland is waiting to see if it will go to the ballot this november. maryland governor martin o'malley tweeted, disapin tpoin to hear about north carolina but confident it will prevail in maryland. a gallup poll shows that
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americans as a whole are split on this issue. jim, doreen. >> al qaeda's would-be bomber worked for the cia. the informant turned over the bomb intact. al qaeda wanted to blow up a u.s. airliner. being analyzed at quantico in virginia. designed to fool airport security. the secretary of homeland security believes new security measures would have caught it. >> in today's date with all the various lay we have it would not have succeeded. >> white house officials tell nbc news the bomb never got near an airplane. a gun hidden inside a stuffed mickey mouse, ammunition and firing pin inside a stuffed bunny and teddy bear. tsa screeners made the discovery in a buy's backpack in providence rhode island. after the father told authorities he didn't know how it got there. they believe the guns may have gotten there as a result of a custody battle between the
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little boys parents. >> rain and more to come tomorrow? >> we are going to see more tomorrow. maybe some areas picking up much needed rain during the day tomorrow. maybe even a little wetter than thought. out there right now. storm 4 radar showing where the showers are in through montgomery county. good shower. also, prince george's county. south of the district. all seeing rain right now. that rain much needed as i mentioned. we are not quite done yet. right now the frontal boundary right here a but to make its way through here. it is going to stall down to our south. we may have a lot more moisture to come. we'll talk how much more rain to come tomorrow. maybe into early thursday. coming up. >> all right. thank you, doug. a community in maryland is wondering how a beloved 76-year-old neighbor was killed. a death police are calling suspicious tonight. jackie benson reports now from seat pleasant. >> reporter: they called him mr. ben. he was a fixture in the old established neighborhood that runs along the drive. rain or shine, 76-year-old,
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benjamin brown sitting on the porch of his home. >> clearly people of our community that is not accustomed to this type of a crime in our community. is very much concerned. as they should be. and they are asking numerous questions about the information surrounding the suspicious death of mr. brown. >> reporter: last s friday police responded to his home and found him dead on the floor. an autopsy is being conducted to determine how he died. his car, blue chevrolet is missing. the home is secured with window bars and an alarm system. neighbors fear mr. brown was taken advantage of by someone he let into his home. >> ben -- he didn't never bother anybody. that man set on his porch, drink his coffee or water or whatever he had to do. he didn't bother anybody. ben, rest in paeeace. >> reporter: a good number of the residents are senior
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citizens. they want to know what happened to mr. brown especially itch it means they need to take ex-stra safety cautions for themselves. jackie benson, news 4. >> police on the scene of a motorcycle accident on new new hampshire avenue. new new hampshire shut down in both directions. police are trying to figure out what happened. apparently a motorcycle collided with one other vehicle. the rider on the bike is said to be in bad shape right now. >> police say a child was inside the car used to kill a young fairfax county woman in a road rage incident this week. gloria mcmill lynn accused of hitting and killing, 21-year-old, last friday night in hybla valley. police had three numbers from the license plate as a clue. that turned out to bow just enough. >> one of or homicide detech ti -- detectives ran every conceivable combination involving the digits and came up with a list of potential suspects. >> she is charged with felony
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hit-and-run. records show she has been cited for reckless driving, speeding and driving on a suspended license. >> supporters and opponents of an ambulance fee squared off. those being helped by an ambulance would have to reimburse the county between $300 and $800. opponents say that could keep people from calling for an ambulance. supporters say, most health insurance plans would pay for it. >> a noise problem in one neighborhood. people say roosters are squawking all day long. shomari stone has our report. >> reporter: what would you do if you heard more than bird chirping in your neighborhood? the sound of roosters crowing, some residents tell me the male chickens hatch dve disturbed th quiet. >> very loud in the morning. >> emily vanloon heard crowing in the daytime. >> i think the roosters are too
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noisy they're inconsistent. they are, they are bothersome. >> a friend gave dominique as a pet. she sleeps in the house at night and in the backyard chicken coup. tolerance during the day. >> dominique is not the only rooster in this neighborhood crowing in controversy. let's take a look down the block. a pet rooster.e him. he says it protects the hens from hawks. allowing the hens to lay eggs in peace. he says it crows ten times a day for a total of five minutes. >> just so many other is notes. >> some like the roosters. >> the roosters don't bother me. >> emily is willing to compromise and meet with the community. >> i would like the nauneighbor come to consensus. not some rules or outside place coming in to, force a change. >> in tacoma park, shomari stone, news 4. >> northern virginia doggy day
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care is facing criticism tonight after losing another animal. a dog escaped just for pets in springfield when a staffer stepped outside. the pet was found several hours later, but about 18 month as go another dog escaped and ended up dead on the side of the road. >> we were so upset. then to find that out also. was just pure anger. how could they let this hatch pane again. the owner of just fur pets said she is making a change to the gate system to prevent this. >> a proposal for a new tax in the district could mean you would pay more for a drink. tax increase would equate to 6 cents for each new drink in bars and restaurants. that could cost the city jobs, and it would give an advantage to establishments in the suburbs. money from the additional tax would go to social service programs. the council will vote. the penn state assistant coach who played a key role in
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uncovering the sex abuse scandal there is suing the university. filed preliminary paperwork for a whistle blower lawsuit. he provided eyewitness accounts of penn state coach jerry sandusky's alleged encounters with young boys. penn state has the not commented on the lawsuit. they have not had a chance to seep it. >> mitt romney closer to becoming the official republican presidential candidate. he swept all three of the primaries today. the contests in west virginia, indiana, north carolina. he picked up 107 more delegates. he needs now fewer than 200 more to secure the nomination. former rival, rick santorum. endorsed romney. he'll talk about that later on tonight. on the tonight show with jay leno. comes on right after this broadcast. richard lugar, six term senator will be leaving washington. he lost the primary tonight.
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the state fresh otreasurer, won. new information in the john edwards campaign finance trial today that president obama's 2008 campaign staff got a warning to steer clear of edwards, as oa runningmate. tim tobin told the court he knew about edwards' baby, and urged a friend with the obama camp pew sxam min the infidelity rumors. he was astonished to learn that edwards felt he could run as vice president. a former speech writer testified today she had actually draft aid confession statement for edward. it's not clear if his mistress, will take the stand. edwards faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted of using campaign funds to cover up this afarp. >> in colorado, a driver ran a red light and crashed right into a motorcycle. that sent the psych mist flyicy
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through the air. that happened last week. he required several surgeries. >> didn't look like me. i was looking at it like a stunt dummy. >> people shouldn't run through a red light. anyone who sees that has to think twice. about, about the consequences. >> police point out that motor cyclist survived the crash because, he was wearing all the proper protective gear uncluedingunclued i including a helmet. >> video shows a school bus driver, possibly falling asleep before crashing her bus into a concrete post. it happened in latch yeindiana. the driver denied having the medical condition. she was fired shortly after the accident. >> tonight, spirit airlines, ceo says he will personally deliver a refund to a dying vietnam war veteran. jerry meekans bought a
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nonrefundable ticket to go visit his daughter. he has terminal cancer. and his doctors told him not to fly. initially the airline said refund are against the policy. spirit will refund the money and will donate $5,000 to wounded warriors. >> army soldiers shocking secret created really tense moments at his funeral today in california. 29-year-old army specialist, moses gonzalez was laid to rest. he was apparently living a double life. married to two women at the same time. gonzalez died in a vehicle rollover accident in afghanistan last month. he married a woman named ruth bayona in vegas two years ago. she found out that gonzalez was still married when the army contacted his first wife, darlene to notify her about his death. both women saw each other face to face for the first time at the funeral. >> in my heart that's not him. i think he is still in afghanistan. that's how i feel.
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>> he was a very good boy. and he died giving his life for the country that he loved. >> gonzalez leaves behind three children. his first wife will get all the benefits. >> tonight. two different masurs have accused john travolta of sexual battery, the first says he harassed and assaulted him in a hotel last year. the second who filed suit, makes a similar claim. he says the abuse happened in atlanta. neither one is giving his name. each is suing for $2 million. travolta's lawyer dismissed the second accuser's allegations saying our client was not in l.a. when anonymous doe number one claims he interacted. and although the same attorney made the fabricated claim for doe number one there was never any claim made by anonymous doe number two before he filed his specious lawsuit. >> a vehicle that allowed a blind man to get behind the wheel now has approval to be on the road in nevada. google's self-driving car, just
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passed the state's driving test. after two ride through carson city, and along the las vegas strip. the car uses cameras, road sensors and gps to get around. for now, the driverless car can be used only for testing purposes. best to have a special tag to warn other drivers that it is, an automated vehicle. >> wow. >> huh. >> amazing. >> the future is here. so, we got more rain in our future? >> we have more rain. more rain in our present. just a little rain in the past. we have not seen a lot of rain. we need to see more rain. i do think the rain will be coming overnight to night into the day tomorrow. and maybe into tomorrow night too. outside we are dealing with light rain across the area. we are going to continue to see the light rain moving across, right on through the next couple of hours, i do think it should be out of here. by the time you wake up and head out the door tomorrow morning. at least for most of us. 75 degrees. height temperature today. little bit above average. the day goes.
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average high is now up to 73. so far, at the airport. only, at the airport. only .02 inch of rain to day. add on another .01 with the rain now. we are still well over 5 inches below average for the year. we need to see some rain. unfortunately we are getting it. reported at the airport. light rain. 70 degrees. a mild night. wind out of south. 14 mild per hour. rest of the area. still, very warm. 66 in manassas. 64, frederick. 73, fredericks burke. temperatu -- fredericksburg. temperatures have not fallen. i don't expect them to fall overnight. this is the reason why. frontal boundary. well back to the west. seeing the southerly wind. helping you create showers. you can see the happiest showers, right now, montgomery. prince george's county. zoom into the areas. gaithersburg, rockville, bethesda. district. over towards prince georges county. bowie, see the rain in 15 minutes. clinton, andrews, just saw the
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rain move through. and then right down i-5. woodbridge. quantico. seeing the rain about to make its way into portions of southern maryland. again, more rain on the way during the day tomorrow. this is the rain we will see tonight. then we turn our attention to the south. little developing area of low pressure is going to move along the cold front. that's going to give us a good chance of rain tomorrow. i think we will see a break. most of the day, may not actually be, on the wet side. this is 5:00. see just shower activity. watch what happens overnight tomorrow night. some big time rain potentially moving in. once again. we need to see it. could we get 1/2 inch. that would be possible. and our plants and grass would love it. thursday afternoon. think we see sunshine. and i think we can practice breezy conditions the we dry out nicely for the weekend. take a look at this forecast. mostly cloudy. isolated showers tomorrow morning. 56 to 63. take the umbrella. when you step out the door tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon. may be dry throughout much of it. look for cloudy skies.
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showers, thunderstorms. best chance will be late. talking after 3:00 in the afternoon. some could become heavy at times. towards tomorrow evening. again watch out itch you are driving tomorrow evening. 70 on your thursday. here comes the weekend. mother's day weekend. 74 on your friday. 77 on saturday. 80 degrees on sunday. it is looking very, very nice. for this weekend. moms will half nothing to worry about. sons nothing to worry about unless you forgot to do something. >> it is only tuesday. plenty of time. you are covered. >> mrnty thank you, doug. >> tonight, america crowned jermaine paul as the this year's winner of the voice. angie goff joins us from hollywood with more on the big show. hey, angie. >> hi, we are here live on the red carpet. as i promised i have a surprise guest. look who rolled up here. we have got coach ceelo, adam, video bombing our interview. say hi to washington.
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>> hi, washington. >> hello, washington. >> what did you think about tonight's finale? >> it was very exciting. we all feel a great deal of relief. you know what i mean. i wish jewshe won. but he is a great guy. much love to him. >> juliet pushed the envelope, so much momentum. why do you think she didn't talk away the winner tonight? >> i'm not sure. just so close. i'm not sure. i even had a few friends that really made a connection with jermaine last night as well. so, you know just to kind of watch, the results. and the race. a very close one. and could have been any one's race. everyone is so different. you know, judge them for different things. maybe more people liked, you know, jermaine. apparently they did. so that's cool. >> lot of critics said that jermaine peaked at the right time? >> yeah, apparently so a parent leap so. you can't argue with that. >> got to ask, where's purfect,
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you are san cat on the red carp sunset. >> purfect, doesn't really enjoy, q and a. a very private person. she is waiting for me in the parking lot inside the phantom. >> thank you so much for your time. >> all right. >> and, so there is coach, the coach of juliet simms, the gritty-voiced rocker came in second place tonight. as we mentioned a surprise ending, very emotional one at that. jermaine paul who is from new york, father of four, got on the stage tonight, and sang "i believe i can fly." there you go. you can see how surprised he was when he heard his name. he was joined later by his father on the stage. he choked up. hugging his wife. couldn't get through the song to close the show. this is a guy who said last night that he left his heart on the stage. and it appears that, that, that really tugged on the heart strings of so many americans. in the end, it is jermaine paul who is, the voice.
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doreen, jim. >> it was pretty emotional. pretty dramatic at the end. and xw exciting to be there in person, angie. >> i know. standing room only. i feel like i am at a convention. i need some elbowroom. >> big conclusion to the voice tonight. thank you. angie goff in hollywood. >> we got sports coming up.
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doug and dan out here arguing. was it a fastball up, or a change-up? what was it? i guess talking nats and pirates. >> what they were really arguing about. >> florida fastball
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conversation. >> you can trust me you will never hear me talk about justin bieber. >> just threw myself under the bus. the, you ready. let's talk some baseball. >> 24 hours or so for d.c. sports teams. nationals, general manager fined by baseball for his verbal beat down on cole hamils, rizzo's team appeared to win the game until the last hour. in pittsburgh. pirates up 3-2. former national, on to close it out. ryan zimmerman back from the dl. and making things happen. shot from right field. and, can't handle it. and we have ourselves a bit of a rally. next batter -- adam larouche. returned from injury. and making an impact. hammers the 3-2 pitch to center field. a two-run home run. how bought this nationals fan. pretty happy. nats come back to take a 4-3 lead. bottom of the ninth.
11:26 pm
and one out away from his seventh save of the year. but he is not going to get it. because, playing hero tonight. a walk off two-run bomb. rodriguez blows the save. and takes the loss. as the pirates down the nationals 5-4. the orioles, crushed by the rangers last night. tonight, on the mound for baltimore. top of the first. a man on for josh hamilton. he sends one deep to center. this one will hit off the top of the wall. a two-run home run. texas on top. 2-0. that was just the beginning for hamilton. top three. same score. same result for the texas center fielder. this one drilled to left a nother two-run shot. rangers, up 4-0. top seven. texas up 5-1. hamilton. a new pitcher. doing it again. another two-run job. hamilton's first career, three homer game. do we have another?
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nobody gets four home runs. nobody. facing a side armer. darren o'day. gonzo. fourth home run. hamilton the 16th player to ever hit four in a game. more rare than a perfect game. is a four-homer game. historic night for jash hamilton as the the rangers beat the orioles. 10-3. stanley cup playoff. fliers. elimination. first period. tied at one. huge mistake. bryzgalov. turn the puck over. clarkson. easy one. bryzgalov, tries to clear it. and it deflects off the shaft and 2-1 lead. same period. devils, power play. face-off. and kovlachuk. scores. fifth. devils up 3-1. win it 4-1.
11:28 pm
advance to eastern conference finals for the first time, since 2003. so that means, itch the caps can come back and win two in a row. they make the finals, they're playing the devils. >> okay. we like that. >> fun
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father's graduation gift to his son and may earn him a place in the pennsylvania record books. 22-year-old todd young loves to
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fish. so on sunday, his father took him out to lake erie to celebrate his upcoming graduation from clarion university. we played them when i was at cheney, 100 years ago. beat them to death. after ten minutes on the water don't you know the kid got a bite. he started reeling it in. knew he had something right away. he saw the dorsal fin and started shaking. 39-inch long, lake trout, 26 inches, record-breaking, 29 1/4 pounds. a pound and a half heavier than the current record. and we are all hoping that
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