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tv   Today  NBC  May 9, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey! everybody, it's booze day tuesday. it's may 8th. we're so glad you're with us today. pardon my voice, hoda woman. i had a big night last night. >> you've been quite the party animal. >> i am so worn out. but another post menopausal woman would be dead if they had the schedule i've had. so i'm hanging in there. i was not at metropolitan costume gala last night.
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>> this is perhaps the biggest event on the east coast. it is where all the stars, the glitz and glamour, they all go to the met and everyone gets their photo taken. >> it is like the oscars of the east. >> sure is. as you know, a lot of dresses end up catching people's eye. beyonce may have been the most photographed. it was sort of a see-through item. >> sort of? >> sort of, yeah. >> i don't think she's wearing spanx. >> wow! you really do see the whole -- and go. oh! >> that's not my favorite. i love beyonce. >> we love her, yeah. >> love her, love her, love her. but i don't think this dress does anything for her. >> some people chose goth look. mary-kate olsen. >> beautiful, beautiful girl. >> this is cameron diaz. >> they're all beautiful women. we're just talking about a dress, let's keep in mind. >> scarlett johansson looked good.
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sophia vergara of course did the va-va-voom. >> she's unbelievably beautiful. remember sophie when she was all with us, it was no make-up day and she showed up as our guest and full makeup. she says i came out of the womb this way, full makeup and the whole thing. >> bad enough with us made up sitting across from her. >> she's just gorgeous. >> you don't want to know what i did last night. >> i do. >> i have to do a shout out to one of my favorite people in the world. herb segall is my husband's longest best friend. he's two years older than my husband. we had dinner last night at milo's which is a little loud. i love that restaurant. it's a greek theater, it is fantastic but it is loud. i was extolling about our trip to the middle east. his son was there along with his son and a girl he goes with. a terrific book about the middle
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east conflict called "the control factor." really in-depth book. wanted to wish herb a very, very happy birthday. >> if you were home like the rest of us, you were home watching "the voice. " you know what i'm about to say if yu eve -- you've watched "the voice." >> people are livid about this. >> christina aguilera was mean. how about that. that's an understatement. >> you're being nice about it. >> you're being kind. i haven't seen a lot of people i love this angry in a long time. >> people were actually voting against her because of the things she said. >> i haven't seen it. >> we're going to tee it up real quick. this guy tony lucca is on team adam. she doesn't like him -- well, i shouldn't say that. she thinks he's getting a lot of attention because people are -- stars are encouraging people to vote for him because stars like justin timberlake are saying vote for tony lucca. she thinks he's getting a lot of
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extra love from people who don't know who to vote for because they're getting encouraged. >> get over it. that's called america. >> he sang a song called "99 problems." okay. now this is -- >> which i don't know. >> it is a jay-z song. christina aguilera took exception to this song, she said it was terrible for women, it uses the "b" word which he didn't sing out loud. then she proceeds to go on later and slam him later in the show. let's just watch the clip. ♪ >> your beautiful wife and your daughter and family are here tonight and i just thought, you know, the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory toward women. >> just to clarify, the intent behind the song -- we talked about this for hours, tony and i, i -- ain't one ain't referring to women. we're referring to everything. >> you're having girl problems.
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>> it's called a metaphor. >> if that's how you have to get points -- if that's how you have to get points. >> i just want to say, i love you, christina. ♪ >> this is a real man. this is a real man! a real man! >> thank you. >> he respects women. >> she just talked about the man -- tony's wife and daughter and she's then putting him down in front of the wife and daughter. if you're going to have an opinion, have a consistent one. and also it seems rather hypocritical to me -- i heard some of the lyrics of christina's songs -- >> she has a song called "dirty." we just googled it to see what
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that looked like. let's just watch a little of this. ♪ >> i think people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. >> but let me tell you, i think it is funny because usually these contests are all about the songs and music and the voice. no, i think last night -- >> she was a mouseketeer. there was no shame in it. justin timberlake used to be. britney spears. >> i think it was when justin timberlake came out and said vote for tony lucca -- and the other guys didn't have what she thought was that kind of an advantage and said the playing field is not level anymore. >> something in our country, a wonderful invention, the constitution where you have freedom of expression of your opinions. if you don't like it, great. people aren't going to like your opinions either. that's what makes us a great country. >> i think she changed the whole shift.
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let's watch the singing. >> why do you hate her so much? i told you it is a sin. you're not posed to hate people and dislike what they do -- >> we're going to watch the performances. here's tony, team adam. ♪ ♪ >> they sang duets. >> i love that. >> we're going to vote right now. here's juliet and team cee lo. ♪
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♪ >> all right. and now team christina. this is christina and chris mann. ♪ ♪ >> beautiful voice. all right. and finally, jermaine, team blake. ♪
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♪ >> such disadvantage to only hear ten seconds of it. we're not going to say who we're voting for? we're going to find out tomorrow? oh, hoda. wait, wait. it's between the last two men. i'm going to go with the last -- team blake. >> that's who i picked. >> oh, really? >> yes. >> name jermaine? >> he's good. i think christina's guy is really, really talented and she of course is a brilliant singer. >> beautiful, beautiful voice. >> we'll see who wins tomorrow. >> team sara, what -- >> i'm calling all hot dads. ivillage is holding a contest to find the hottest dads in america. the grand prize is a caribbean cruise.
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send in a photo of the great looking dad in your life. we've already received lots of entries. this is the dads over 40 category. whoa! he's over 40? no way. adam shapiro, age 34 from military dad category. may 21st is the deadline. we'll reveal the winners on june 12. >> frank's not eligible for over 80? >> i would vote for him. >> come on! who's hotter than frank? >> i love clint eastwood but he's not as hot as frank. actress and fitness guru suzanne somers? >> who's hotter than suzanne? nobody! >> sara and her mom go hunting in the big city. what are they hunting for? >> you'll have to wait to find out. but first, these messages.
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for many, not the three of us, of course, getting older can be a real bummer! suzanne somers is try doing something about it for you because she loves you so much. >> she's just released her 23rd
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book. >> that's unbelievable! >> it's called "bombshell -- explosive medical secrets that will redefine aging." >> she's here as living proof. >> hello. >> wait. did you really just celebrate your 65th birthday? >> yeah. yeah. yeah. when i was a kid -- if you're 65 you either retired or died. >> we never think about what life's going to be like for us. did you ever even think what will i be like at 65? >> i don't know. but sure isn't experiencing. man, i love it. because, i'm so healthy. i like the way i look, i like the way i feel, i like my life -- >> you like your husband. >> i really, really like my husband. >> after how many years? >> 44. >> allen, come over here and give your woman a big wet one. he's always in the background. >> like my secret service guy. >> it's a little smoochie smooch. >> no wonder i'm happy. >> we just had to show the very sexy allan who's also on hormone replacement.
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if you know what i mean. >> it's just oozing out of him. put it away. >> he knows he's all that. >> the last time we chatted on your show -- >> thank you so much. you gave me my best ratings. >> there was a little bit of fondling going on between you and klg. >> you asked me. >> did i ask you to feel me up? >> kind of. i remember. >> well, look. it's happening there. the reason klg is feeling her breasts is because suzanne, you say -- >> because i wanted to. >> i really liked it. >> tell us what was going on. >> the guy behind us -- >> he was forgettable but the boobs? no. >> no. really. i can't stop touching myself. it's fabulous. i'm all i need. you know that song? >> "i'm sexy and i know it." >> so this is a stem cell deal. right? >> well, they took the fat from my stomach -- boo hoo -- really. i said i got a few other places you could go. and then they spun out the stem cells and put that fat and stem cells back together and
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re-injected it here and regrew the breasts. >> you had gone through breast cancer and had a lumpectomy and radiation and you -- it had affected the look of your breasts. >> well, lumpectomy was kind of -- >> it was new. >> i thought it would just be like they take a little bit. but when they took the bandages off, i went, whoa -- i'm a sex symbol. >> talk about the stem cell neck lift. >> i wouldn't say -- because i banked my stem cells also. now i wouldn't say -- i mean it just smoothes out the skin on my neck by injecting some of my stem cells into my neck. i'm just trying to do this thing naturally and but, whatever advantages we have -- >> that's not fda approved, right? i think not. >> well that's a question that stumped me. i think it is. yes -- >> well, stem cells are -- as a cosmetic procedure. >> it's not fda approved. >> okay. >> but you're not sorry you did it. right?
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>> too late. >> i'm rarely stumped. you just stumped me. >> if it's somebody else's stem cell i'd be concern but it is your own body. >> i can't reject my own stem cells. so this is legal -- >> thank god. when they took my breast they wanted to -- you have to pay attention to you. like allen and i had fun with it for all these years because it would be sort of like -- i take my clothes off and i go -- cool, huh? >> that gets you through so much, the sense of humor. he likes me fat, he likes me skinny, he likes me with one boob, he said he's got one for every mood. anyway -- >> i'm sure you have a new best seller on your hands. i'm sorry, because you were joking and laughing. >> i didn't even sell the book. >> yes, you did. you always do. >> this is the best book i've ever written says the irish woman. >> love you, sweetheart. another best seller.
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still ahead, the latest buzz from hollywood. plus martin sheen and emilio estevez on their journey as father and son. but up next, sara and her mom in new york city. m. choose . ♪ an energizing fruit or relaxing mint flavor. new 5 rpm gum. stimulate your senses. so they realize how much they move. that's why we created degree with motionsense technology.
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time for "sara in the city" when sara haines takes on a brave adventure out of her comfort zone. >> what did you do? what kind of trouble did you cause this time? >> with mother's day coming up i thought i'd invite my mom to the big city for a little mother-daughter bonding and some fun on the streets. we are doing a scavenger hunt, mom. >> oh, good. >> she's in for whatever. really. which leads us to our friend, mitchell. you look familiar. >> oh. we get our first clue. this one was tough. 44th and times square. what famous bearded man really wants you here? >> famous bearded man, mom. >> i don't know who the famous bearded man is. >> isn't that santa claus?
2:27 am
>> i do need my other daughter. i have four children. i love all four of them. >> why didn't they pick the smart child? >> i think my children are all wonderful, all in different ways. sara talks a lot, but you know, she's okay. >> excuse me, do you know what famous bearded man would really want us in times -- no, okay. let's ask these guys if they know a bearded man. they don't look real congenial. >> my mom gets nervous talking to people on the street, especially in new york city. she clamps her bag a lot. hey, hunk guy. i knew it! i said the army. it is uncle sam! >> oh! >> we want you! >> that was a trick question. >> well, congratulations, because here's question number two. >> woo! >> 44th and 6th avenue. two signs bear bad news for your wallet. what six initials describe those two signs? >> it's going to be like the deficit or something.
2:28 am
let's go, mom. wait, no, this way. 44th. >> i really was a little nervous because sara isn't the best at this trivial pursuit thing. she's serious. we're on a scavenger hunt. the dogs can't answer. she doesn't know that. >> we got irs -- >> well, that's three of them. >> i turned around to ask her a question about the irs and she was gone, she was chatting it up with fluffle man. >> i was hungry. >> oh, look, it's the debt, mom. >> that's not three letters. >> ond. >> yeah. our national debt. that would be bad for our wallet. irs and ond. >> yes! >> oh! we did it! >> i'm going to keep her. >> one final question. >> 6th avenue and 55th. find something that everyone searches for.
2:29 am
what state does it come from? >> i know what it is, we'll see it. >> i remember it. >> there's a plaque. i see a plaque. the love sign. you need to get in there. >> robert indiana. but that's his last name. >> i know, i think that's what he's doing. i think it is a play on words. >> oh. >> can we pose in it just like the tourists? >> mom, let's do it. >> i'm just resting my feet. where are you going? is it indiana? >> it's indiana. >> we love the hoosiers. >> congratulations, guys. >> thank you so much. cheers. i hope there's wine in these. >> there's not. >> there will be. >> i guarantee you. well, if there were, i'd drink it, chardonnay sandy. we had the best time and we should mention that watson adventures actually leads these professional scavenger hunts not just in new york but across the country. what you saw was just an abridged version of a typical hunt.
2:30 am
>> fun, great. glad to see the two of you getting along. still ahead -- it is the final sing-off on today's voice, the kid's edition. plus the latest buzz in the world of entertainment. martin sheen and emilio estevez are here. our curtis stone. he sure gets around as he embarks on a culinary adventure across the entire globe. i think it has something to do with 80 plates. >> look at his new haircut. >> looks cute. right after your local news.
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we are back on this booze day tuesday. hoda's still mad at christina aguilera.'s editor in chief miss bonnie fuller and nbc's gossip grams is here -- real quick about the voice. what's your take on what
2:33 am
happened with christina aguilera and the whole thing? >> i thought it was awful. but you know what? we're all talking about it, aren't we? i bet the producers are happy. ratings soared. our site, hollywoodlife, was just blown away with it. >> talk linda evangelista. we've been seeing her in court lately about this child support. >> she felt good enough last night to go to the met ball in new york, looking smashing in a black prada gown. >> she didn't quite get what she was asking for -- $46,000 a month for child support. do we have any idea what it might have been? >> somewhere in between. we know that it is substantially less but she really didn't have a hope of getting that. when the largest amount that's ever been awarded in new york state is $19,000 and it doesn't matter if you're a billionaire's child. you -- it's all about the need of the child and the judge -- that's how he decides the case. >> some of the papers they said that she had been married to this man. they were never married. he said it was like a five-week relationship or something like that. >> four months. he said they were together seven days.
2:34 am
i was in that tiny courtroom with the two of them on friday. it was a bristling atmosphere. even the attorneys were sniping at each other. so it's well and good that they sort of put everything behind them for the sake of the child. >> another divorce, kim kardashian. what's going on with this? it seemed like they both wanted it now at the end. is he dragging his feet? >> that apparently -- team kardashian is saying that he's dragging his heels. kim thinks that he's doing it on purpose because he just wants to be in the spotlight, be famous. he's going to be a nobody once the divorce is over. team humphries, i want an annulment, i'm religious -- and she cop -- conned me into this marriage. >> he wants to show as a sham what kim's attorney is concerned about is that he is demanding her deposition be videotaped. while that's very common place in divorce proceedings, they are afraid that that will be leaked. >> oh, yeah, you think maybe? >> miley cyrus, the x factor.
2:35 am
is this going to happen? >> she might be one of the judges or the host? >> what we're hearing is that she could be the host. now there was a lot of talk about her being a judge but insiders are now saying -- and we've heard this also -- that it's going to be demi lovato and britney spears joining the new hosts and that miley is up for the job as host. i think she'd be fabulous. >> do you know how much money they're going to have to spend to get those three women to sign on to that? >> she would be the youngest host, ladies. 19 years old. the others on these shows are in their 30s. >> hey, that's not so old! so megan fox. is she or isn't she pregnant? >> what's fascinating about this story, first there were two sources confirming, widely reported, two sources confirming that she was pregnant. now she was publicly asked on the red carpet by the old x factor host steve jones if she
2:36 am
was pregnant and she just kind of started sputtering about it but didn't deny it. then her husband brian austin green was also asked about it in an interview. again he said these pregnancy rumors come up every three months. but he didn't deny it. >> they've been married two years, together eight years. >> beautiful married couple -- so what? >> he just said they want to focus on their anniversary and they plan to go back to hawaii where they were married. >> that body is unbelievable. guess who's coming up? emilio estevez and his incredible great, great actor father martin sheen. they've written a very moving, honest book. right after this. [ man ] sir, you may want to come take a look at this. [ male announcer ] it's this summer's biggest blockbuster. i want everything loaded. [ male announcer ] it's got battleships, fire everything! [ male announcer ] destroyers and aircraft carriers. ♪ only one thing missing... a great sub. set your sights on the new subway smokehouse bbq chicken.
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when martin sheen and emilio estevez worked together on the life lessons a father and son learned from each other, it sparked a great idea. >> the real life duo decided it was time to write a book together. their memoir comes out today -- "along the way, a journey of a
2:41 am
father and son." >> delighted to be here. >> it is fun how this book is laid out. you get your say, then your son gets his say. it goes back and forth and back and forth. >> that's it, yeah. >> were either of you surprised when you read the other's chapter? >> i don't know about him but i was surprised about a lot of things, yeah. we were interviewed separately so we never knew what the other guy was saying. we had made a commitment not to interfere with each other. >> and not edit it afterwards even if you found something you didn't like? >> no. >> you basically comment throughout the book on same topic from your perspective. >> what's amazing is our memory, particularly of the most important events with was absolutely spot-on. >> that's right. i had heard a lot of these stories for the last 50 years so for me a lot of it was not a surprise, although some of my stories were a surprise -- >> what surprised your dad, do you think? >> go ahead. >> both my wife and i were amazed at some of the stories
2:42 am
that happened while we were away. >> why are you surprised? >> some of the teenage behavior was astonishing to us, frankly. we had to clarify, did this really happen and is it my fault? >> why didn't we know about it. >> somebody was keeping secrets in that household. >> yeah. and the most astonishing incident we learned about was that lawrence fishburn saved his life on the very first day we arrive in the philippines while they were out on a boat -- >> the first day we met. we were doing "oi pk -- ""apocalypse now."" we were standing at this volcanic lake area and they took a boat out to us. unbeknownst to us. they were 14. you tell the story. >> no, were you doing fine. >> i jumped overboard to try to get us away from shore, it was like quicksand.
2:43 am
mud was so deep. i started going down. and fishburn came in and grabbed my arm. >> i always loved him. >> lawrence, thank you! >> but you write very candidly about watching your dad go through some of your more difficult times. you learned everything that was good about your dad and everything that wasn't. that had to be kind of hard to talk about. >> yeah. but it's not -- i don't think it's so unusual. the fact that we put it out there i think is -- i think people should find inspiring. >> i don't think it is unusual that it happens in life but you would be so willing to talk about it and you guys have a beautiful relationship. sounds like you've always had a real mutual respect for one another. >> i talk a little bit about that in the book, when he arrived, he's like you're the guy, i have known you all of my life i just didn't know when you were going to show up and how we would mesh but i never felt like a father. i always felt like a big brother to him. >> are the other sons kind of bummed out that you guys are
2:44 am
doing this together and they -- >> we're going to find out as soon as we get home. >> everybody gets their -- everybody gets their moment and their time and have their special moments with both my mom and my dad. >> it's terrific book. people are going to learn so much not just about you guys but about themselves. >> i would think it would be probably the perfect father's day gift. >> i would think so, too. forget "50 shades of gray," this is the one you want to get. >> you don't think there's any chance we'll get banned? you sure? that's a best-seller. you know what i'm saying. >> it's so great to see you both. give our regards to charlie, too. we're so glad he's doing better. good morning. as we walk you through the remainder of this week and today, wednesday afternoon, expecting the showers and thunderstorms to start to rumble
2:45 am
once again across the south, all the way into the northeast. new england expecting rain on and off through thursday. what we see around new york city and d.c. will mainly be in the morning. spotty showers here and there. not going to be significant. temperatures will stay in the 70s. it's back here behind the cold front. 56 in chicago. 67 minneapolis. where you see the orange on the map, where it's starting to get hot. 80 in billings. 71 los angeles. we'll keep some warm temperatures across the south. 75 in atlanta. no rain by thursday. we're going to dry out across the southeast. maybe a few spotty showers around orlando, across new england. there we go with the rain lingering until thursday. showers in montana, back into idaho and across the south. some beneficial rains there for western and southern texas the next couple of days. 82 in denver. no dramatic changes or temperature swings.
2:46 am
friday, 59 in denver. 57 in billings on friday. starting to enjoy some beautiful weather and dry things out along the eastern seaboard. how is the weekend shaping up? saturday, still dry, spotty showers across the gulf coast states. we'll see a little rain there in the southern rockies. sunday, showers into the ohio valley down into the south. still dry in atlanta and as we start off the next workweek, showers moving in to the east. it is going to be an active may as we roll on. check your weather forecast on the weather channel weekday mornings 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on "wake up with al." [ ball hitting paddle ] ♪ riding to work, with my best friend pete ♪ ♪ pete, pete, pete ♪ riding to work with my best friend pete ♪
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♪ [ lauer ] this is our team. and unlike other countries, it's built by your donations, not government funding. and now, to support our athletes, you can donate a stitch in america's flag for the 2012 olympic games in london. help raise our flag, add your stitch at it is time for the final round of "today's voice the kids edition." we started the competition five weeks ago auditioning kids between the ages of 8 and 16
2:49 am
until we narrowed them down to our final two. >> today is the big sing-off along with our two contestants, we're here with their celebrity coaches. leading team gifford, the talented stephanie lee who plays mary poppins on broadway. >> leading team hoda, the fabulous raven-symone who's currently starring in "sister act" and has been in everything on tv. so glad to have you both here. first we're going to take a look back at both contestants' journeys. take a look. >> hi, i'm jillian and i'm 14 years old. ♪ the more they seem to change the more they stay the same ♪ >> first time i sang on the "today" show, i was so nervous. this contest means a lot. i'm excited to see where it goes. i didn't even expect to be -- to
2:50 am
get this far. >> i'm christian an i'm 16 years old. ♪ don't you remember you told me you loved me baby ♪ >> to sing on "today" show stage for the first time was very nerve-racking but it was fun. i loved it and i was really nervous explaining the whole mix-up with the names. i want to say kathie lee -- >> why are you pointing at me? >> do you know which one kathie lee is. >> music means to me love, compassion, fun, purity. all of it. ♪ >> music means just about everything to me. >> i chose christian because i love his voice. i think he's very talented and christian has a voice of silk. >> what i really liked about jillian was just a little more polished and had a really beautiful voice. hoping that she'll win it for us.
2:51 am
>> well, yesterday both finalists, christian and jillian, got to work with their coaches and ladies, how do you think they did? >> they did a great job. i'm so excited to see you guys perform. >> me, too. >> bring it! >> she's been this bossy since she was 6 years old. >> kids, are you ready to sing? take a deep breath and have fun. take it away. ♪ ♪ remember, remember, remember ♪ baby, look at me and tell me what you see ♪ ♪ you see the best of me and i'll forget the rest ♪ ♪ i've got more in me ♪ i can catch the moon in any
2:52 am
hand ♪ don't you know who i am ♪ ♪ remember my name ♪ fame i'm gonna live forever ♪ i'm gonna learn how to fly high ♪ ♪ i'm feel it coming together people will see me and cry ♪ ♪ baby hold me tight because you can make it right ♪ ♪ you can shoot me straight to the top ♪ ♪ give me love and take all i've got to give ♪ ♪ baby i'll be tough too much is not enough ♪ ♪ i will ride your heart until it breaks ♪ ♪ oh i got what it takes ♪ remember my name ♪ fame i'm gonna live forever ♪ i'm gonna learn how to fly high ♪ ♪ i feel it coming together people will see me and ♪ ♪ remember remember remember remember ♪ >> woo! >> all right! oh!
2:53 am
>> all right! that is what we call nailing it! >> strong performances from both! >> that was great. >> it's just going to come down to personal taste because they're both such great singers. >> you guys, i am so proud of you! yesterday we worked a lot about connecting to the lyric and you guys did. you were so connected. really communicated the song. >> raven, what do you think? >> i think you guys did a great job. >> i think in the beginning you were a little nervous but you got over it real quick and i'm proud of you for that. >> in a snap. >> now it is not up to anybody but all of you. the good news for us is that i can't read that. so you go ahead. >> here it is. we don't have to choose. it's all up to you. we want you to go to on our website and you can vote. you have until 8:00 p.m. eastern time to vote and we are going to announce the winner live on our show. you guys, whoever won, it doesn't even matter. you guys really rocked it. >> made everybody very, very proud. >> thanks to our great judges. the coaches.
2:54 am
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curtis stone, along with cat cora is taking culinary to the next level. brand new show called "around the world in 80 plates." >> 80 contestants travel across the globe where they learn the cultures and cuisine of the cities they visit. as their culinary skills are put to the test. happy mother's day to you and lindsey, your very first mother's day with his precious new baby. >> it is exciting, isn't it? >> i've seen patrolos for this show everywhere. looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. >> it is the most ambitious show that bravo's ever done which of course when you host a show makes you pretty damn nervous. >> you've been all over the world with the contestants, too? >> we take 12 shifts. we take them to strange cities most of the set them set this off on this culinary race across town. they've literally got a set period of time to get from one side to the other completing all these culinary challenges. there's a winning team and losing team. >> talk about exhausting! it is like "the amazing race" but with digestive problems.
2:58 am
>> talk to us about what we have laid out here. >> i thought i would bring a little sampling from different countries around the world that we visited. this was from barcelona. paella. there's always a beautiful -- you know, the culture and cuisine is so well infused. of course the results of the drink. that was from barcelona. amazing. next we went to leon, france. an onion tart with some beautiful french cheese. i brought a beaujolais. >> notice we aren't eating but we are tasting the wine. >> the onion tarts are delicious. when you're in france, they're so special. next we went over to bologna. >> might have to have a bite of that. >> this is a beautiful white wine from italy.
2:59 am
>> come on, kathie lee. you can do it. >> excellent. nice job. she's still going. >> next we went to morocco. you won't be interested in this drink, because it's a mint tea. >> is that good? >> was it nice? tell us -- describe the flavor for us, kathie lee. >> incredible. >> a little bit of custom when they poor mint tea they need to keep a straight arm and bring it right up nice and high. >> beautiful. >> remember that day you came in totally drunk? >> that was crazy. >> just one time. >> that was morocco. then we went on to thailand where contestants had to do all this crazy stuff. they had to take over a street stall and cook for the locals. they did something like this. i'm serving with this my favorite thai beer. >> i love .


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