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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  May 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> cheers and jeers in response to a contentious vote in the south. voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. already this morning, opponents of the decision are trying to overturn the vote. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. before anything else, we want to look outside. it is 65 degrees outside the studios. clouds are hanging tough. we're going squeeze some water out of the clouds at some point. >> later. on they did produce overnight rain. everything pretty wet this morning. many of the roads, streets, sidewalks still wet. fender-bender weather. the moving color, a surge of rain that came through. generally had about .1 inch to .25 inch around the area. areas west and north since yesterday have had up to half an inch or more. we're getting a break, though, in the rain. in fact, there are breaks in the clouds here. clearing sky. telephone earlier over eastern west virginia, shenandoah valley. around the blue ridge.
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looks like a brief break moving in. behind that, clouds moving in by later in the morning and during the middle of the afternoon. increasing chances of rain. right now off to a mild start. 60s across most of virginia, maryland, the eastern shore, much of west virginia, though, in the 50s now. 67 at reagan national. for the day, a few breaks in the clouds mid morning. temperatures around 70. by noontime, all cloudy. and should be mild up into the low to mid 70s by noontime. and it's right after that it does look like more rain will be moving back in. i'll have a look at that, that will be in ten minutes. danella? good morning. crassing over the key bridge, no issues for you, making your way from rosalyn to d.c., nice and clear. over to the 14th street bridge, still your volume in this area, not a lot of problems.
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from the beltway, a 12-minute drive. over to metro, still seeing all the entrance escalators down at the foggy bottom station. and tracee wilkins is live now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let me show you what folks are dealing with. they're having some kind of mechanical issue, so folks will have to walk up the stairs here this morning. the escalators are not working. all three of them are down right now. they're working to try to fix this issue. in the meantime, they have a couple of options for folks. one of them being a shuttle. if you come to the metro station and you want to ride on to the next station, you can do that. they'll have a shuttle available. that, of course, is free of charge. as metro tries to fix the escalators here at foggy bottom station. we'll keep you updated on how this is going. reporting live in northwest ierj tra -- i'm tracee wilkins, news4. new overnight, two people beat not and stabbed inside a strip club along georgia avenue and northwest d.c. police say a fight broke out inside the lounge about 1:00.
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we're still working to find out the conditions of the victims at this time. so far, no arrests have been made. this morning, police in prince george's county are calling a 76-year-old man's death suspicious. benjamin brown was found dead inside his seat pleasant home friday. his car, a blue cheverolet caprice is, missing. the home is secured with window bars and an alarm system. neighbors fear brown was taken advantage of by someone he let into his home. >> he didn't bother anybody. that man sat on his porch, drank his coffee or water, whatever he had to do, didn't ever bother anybody. >> police are still awaiting the results of brown's autopsy. the votes are in, and it wasn't close. conservative voters rallied to pass an amendment to ban gay marriage. we have more on this issue that's heating up again, melissa. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you. the ban won 61%-39%.
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opponents of the referendum begin their battle today overturn it. same-sex couples will ask for marriage licenses in wilson and durham. the start of a week-long campaign called "we do," protesting their inability to wed. state law already banned gay marriage, but the amendment will effectively seal the door on same-sex marriages. it could potentially have other effects down the road, and amendment one bans same-sex civil unions and voids other types of domestic unions from carrying legal status. opponents warn that could also disrupt protection orders for straight, unmarried couples. >> it's frustrating because i think a lot of people voted that weren't truly inform good what would happen if this -- informed about what would happen if this passes. >> this amendment is not about hate, it's not about robbing women of their domestic protection rights, it's not about robbing children of benefits. it's just about protecting marriage. >> reporter: big-name democrats including former president bill clinton spoke out against the ban early this week. but it did little to sway the
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vote. vice president joe biden said he's comfortable with gay marriage, and president obama has largely avoided making any specific comments on the issue other than to say his opinion on the matter is evolving. six states and the district allow same-sex marriages at this point. maryland could be next but voters will likely make the final decision in a referendum in november. aaron? >> all right. thank you. >> okay. maybe the biggest surprise of the day, long-time indiana senator dick lugar's loss to the primary. tea party-backed candidate richard murdoch portrayed lugar as too moderate and defeated the senator. the indiana democrat served six terms. president obama thanked hugar for his -- thanked lugar for his service and willingness to cross party lines to get things done. a maryland man is in critical condition this morning after a violent motorcycle crash. montgomery county police say a honda motorcycle hit the side of an acura suv at the intersection of ednor and new hampshire
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avenue around 7:00 last night. the driver of the motorcycle, a 38-year-old, was taken to shock trauma in critical but stable condition. investigators are still trying to figure out how the accident happened. there is no end in sight to a debate over a proposed ambulance fee in montgomery county. those for and against the fee squared off in rockville last night. county executive ike leggett says the county desperately needs the money. those without insurance would have to pay for emergency services. the county council approved similar legislation two years ago. it was voted down in a referendum. according to the "washington post," volunteer firefighters promised to bring the current bill to a public vote again if the county approves it. this morning, loudoun county's chamber of commerce will hold a special meeting to discuss the dulles rail project. this comes after a new report says the county is currently at an economic crossroads. according to george mason university, the county stands to add nearly $273 billion to its
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economy between 2015 and 2040 if the second phase is approved. phase two goes from reston in fairfax county to dulles and extends two more stops. loudoun county has until july 4 to decide whether to fund that project. 6:07 now. ahead this morning, you've heard of a jury being hopelessly deadlocked. well, what about hopelessly bored? plus, a second man making serious allegations against hollywood star john travolta. we are tracking more morning storms.
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it is a must-win tonight for the capitals, but the rangers may be adding extra fuel to the fire. new york has already tried to get a jump on ticket sales for the next round. >> what? >> they sent out this dwroop
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rangers fans monday -- app to rangers fans monday before ticket five to sell tickets to the eastern conference finals. really? the caps have to recover quickly from the heartbreaking game which they lost in overtime. you can catch game six tonight on the nbc sports network. the puck drops at 7:30. go, caps. just for that -- like we need any more ammunition. but i -- we need a win. >> you're right. 11 after the hour. they're telling us to go quickly to tom. >> sorry. here we go. good morning. 6:11. starting off with wet pavement in the wake of the overnight showers, speeders and tailgaters will skid and crash this morning. watch out for wet pavement areas including about all of virginia and maryland. although the rain, as we look at the radar, has pulled off south and east of the metro area. heading off northeast across the bay. it's a mild morning. in the 60s throughout much of the region. later today, here's your day planner. we'll have maybe a little sun breaking out mid morning. cloudy after that. 70s during the afternoon. and then during the afternoon,
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too, could get showers. maybe thunder and lightning, too, by late afternoon. a look at the rest of the week and weekend. your seven-day outlook at 6:21. danella? good morning. traveling route 50 at the beltway, making your way inbound to d.c., i am seeing more volume in this area versus eastbound. nice and clear at this time. no major delays just yet from the beltway as you make your way to 295 on route 50. taking about six minutes now as you drive 55 miles per hour. speaking of the beltway, this time in montgomery county, nice and clear, outer loop getting a little more volume in this area. but you're not slow at all. 58 miles per hour. aaron and eun? >> thank you. ahead, a record-setting night at a local ballpark. plus, after the break, she says she's sexy and she knows it. why a hot dog vendor who pled guilty to selling more than just food says she has no plans to change her ways. and sex assault allegations against john travolta. [ female announcer ] allergy congestion?
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allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. a second male masseuse filed a sexual battery lawsuit against john that voice. the suits claens -- that volt amp the suits claim that travolta assaulted them during private massages. the first said he assaulted him at a hotel in l.a. the second suit makes a similar claim but says the abuse
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happened in atlanta. each is suing for $2 million. travolta's lawyer is dismissing the allegations. the penn states assistant who accused jerry sandusky of abusing children is suing the school. the lawsuit is called a whistleblower case. mcqueary said he saw paterno with a boy in the locker room in 2002. the school fired paterno. sandusky is scheduled to stand trial next month. 6:16. the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway says he will fight extradition to the u.s. joran van der sloot faces extortion and wire fraud charges in the u.s. in connection to holloway's disappearance. right now joran van der sloot is serving a 28-year sentence in peru for killing a lima woman on the anniversary of holloway's disappearance. proven law only requires him to serve -- peruvian law only requires him to serve 1/3 of the sentence. if convicted in america, as well, he would have to serve both sentences in full. a woman who has become daily
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fodder for a new york newspaper says she will continue serving hot dogs in revealing clothing. katherine scalia was released from a -- a nassau county jail yesterday -- aaron! police arrested her last week for prostitution. they say shy agreed to performing a -- she agreed to performing a sexual act for an undercover officer for $50 after he purchased a hot dog. she pled guilty to the prostitution charge but says she is not selling sex. >> i gave my business card to an undercover officer. he called me up, he came to my house. i started doing my strip. the next thing you know the cops were on me. i was charged with prostitution. >> okay. scalia was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and is due back in court on june 16. >> there are so many reasons that's hard to wrap your brain around. put it right out there, literally and figuratively. the pace of the roger clemens perjury trial is picking
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up after the judge scolded both sides for dragging out the trial. he told them they were making it too boring for jurors. witness kirk radomsky helped lighten the mood. the one-time bat boy for the mets laughed when he had a hard time pronouncing the name a steroid. he said, hey, i'm from the bronx. i'm not a scholar. he said he sent hgh to clemens' house about a decade ago. local boxer la amount peterson failed a recent drug test because he forgot to disclose medical treatment, according to his lawyer who sent a letter to the nevada athletic commission saying that peterson was treated for low testosterone levels last year. that is why he tested positive for synthetic testosterone in march. if the commission does not accept the explanation, peterson's may 19 rematch in las vegas will likely be canceled. the decision could come as early as today. the nationals face the pirates again tonight after losing a game that came down to the last out. the pirates up 3-2 in the ninth.
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ryan zimmerman back from the disabled list hit a nice shot to left field. the next batter, adam laroche, who just returned from injury, hit a two-run homer giving the nationals the 4-3 lead heading into the bottom of the ninth. with the team just one out away from the win, the walk-off home run gave the pirates the victory. an impressive feat, something only 15 other baseball players have ever done. hit four home runs in a single game. the rangers' josh hamilton became the 16th player. the epic performance came against the baltimore orioles at camden yards. hamilton whoa who has had a public battle with drug and alcohol addiction says it will take some time for the significance to sink in. hamilton also had eight rbis in the rangers' 10-3 win. >> excellent. congratulations. the clock -- not you, aaron. >> you looked at me. >> it was a good read.
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good for you. the clock at georgetown's healy tower is working again. the university put a new pair of hands on the clock yesterday. someone swiped the old hands on april 29. the alleged thieves sent an e-mail to the campus community claiming that they sent the clock hands to the vatican. school officials do not like the prank. they say it's dangerous and costly. a student who admitted to taking the hands back in 2005 told the hoya newspaper the university should just embrace that tradition. you don't think -- you don't buy that? >> no. i say leave the hands off. the kids going to be vandals -- >> they'll have to start wearing watches. >> that's right. "the voice" has a new champion this morning. >> the winner of season two of "the voice" is jermaine paul! >> all right. after years of being a backup singer for stars including alicia keys and mary j. blige, jermaine paul will have his shot at becoming the next big star. he won a recording contract with universal republic. and after the show he told reporters he thought he was
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going lose. >> i couldn't believe that they actually voted for me. it was -- a dream come true. and honestly, i didn't see it coming. >> the rest of us did. >> yeah. >> the 26-year-old rocker, juliet simms, was the runner up. only 4% points behind paul. third place went to the former mouseketeer tony lucca, and less than a point behind in fourth place, classical singer chris mann. all very talented. congrats to jermaine paul. >> definitely. 6:21. let's check the forecast. tom? >> cloudy in the wake of the overnight rain. wet pavement around the region. hometown forecast, hagerstown, washington county, by mid morning, sun may be breaking out as well as throughout the region. in the 60s. then by noontime, near 70. clouds returning during the afternoon. some showers and maybe even thunder and lightning. that may continue off and on tonight and into tomorrow morning. then after that, sun back tomorrow. and cooler weather moves in. near 50 in the morning. afternoon highs near 70. a bit of a blustery wind. sunny on friday and saturday. chilly mornings in the 40s.
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afternoon highs in the low 70s friday. may hit the mid 70s saturday. sunday, partly cloudy, mid 70s. great weekend coming up. plan accordingly. could get rain developing as we start off next week. danella? good morning. seeing delays still on the rails. first on the metro blue line. slow in both directions. to the marc, two delays. penn south train 505, delay of 12 minutes. on penn north train number 5, 54. looking at a six-minute delay. to the roadways, along i-95, you're hitting the brakes as you make your way past lorton. heading northbound, no accidents on i-95, but it is stop and go for you out of quantico. under speed, a 35-minute drive to the beltway. over to 29, clear 29 as you make your way to downtown silver spring. back to you both. >> all right. thank you. now 6:22. 65 degrees. ahead, an emotional and awkward funeral for a fallen soldier who died with a big secret. plus, a proposal that's pretty tough to to see swallow.
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the tax that opponent argue -- tough to swallow. the tax that opponents argue will drive tourist out of the district. and an airport security
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welcome back. 6:25. it's not what you expect to find inside stuffed animals. tsa screeners discovered gun parts hidden inside a 4-year-old's toys at the airport. the father told screeners he has no idea how the disassembled .40 caliber gun and ammunition got there. police believe it was part of a domestic dispute. agents confiscated the items and allowed the father and son continue on their way. two women are trying to settle a soldier's estate after they found out they had married the same men. the funeral was tense, they sat on the same pew and only exchanged glances. the soldier died in a rollover accident last month. he married darlene garcia first. she will receive the military benefits that he earned. gonzalez later married again in las vegas in 2010 and had a son with her. a third woman was also at the wedding who shares a second
6:27 am
child with gonzalez -- at the funeral, rather, and shares a second child with gonzalez. 6:26. 65 degrees. ahead, a twist fit for a spy thriller. and who else investigators say was in the car when police say an enraged driver ran a woman down. we're keeping a close eye on stormy weather. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities...
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deep cover. we're learning how the u.s. infiltrated al qaeda and broke up a terror plot. why top lawmakers say they are concerned. [ rooster crowing ] rude awakening. that's the sound people in one neighborhood are waking up to this morning. but not everybody is bothered by that. good morning, welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i know you have a logical solution for that. good morning you to, i'm eun yang. first, we are tracking wet weather. overnight rain made the roads slick and storm are moving this direction. tom kierein has the latest on the forecast. tom? that first wave of rain that came through left a quarter of an inch around the metro area, more farther north and west. right now a lot of rain is
6:31 am
around the bay and on the eastern shore, pulling away from the metro area. sprinkles near fredericksburg, northern neck. that's going to be moving into prince george's and charles county the next half-hour or so. behind that, a few break in the clouds. then here comes another surge of some rain and clouds. this area in green is another zone of some shower activity now to kentucky and tennessee. that will be advancing toward us by this afternoon. out ahead of that, a mild morning, we're in the 60s much of the region. 66 at reagan national. and as the day progresses, mostly cloudy, 9:00. maybe a little sunshine in and out. and then by then, near 70. noontime, for your lunch hour, should be into the mid 70s. and the rain not quite arriving yet. it will be moving in southwest to northeast during the afternoon. by the time you're coming home, thunder and lightning and lightning. and showers likely. it will fall back to near 70 by sunset. a look at the closeup radar in ten minutes. danella has traffic. good morning. on the rails, no reported delays on the vre or marc. metro seeing delays on the blue
6:32 am
line. single tracking between franconia/springfield and van dorn street is slowing you down -- in both directions. and this just in. we had escalators down at the foggy bottom metro station, but they're back up. that will make a much smoother commute this morning. 270, slow at 109, really hitting the brakes. slow down making your way from father hurley boulevard traveling southbound to rockville. no accidents, just delays at this time. and connecting on to the beltway, clear on the inner loop in montgomery county. nice and clear. driving 59 miles per hour, and on 66, big backups in this area. and i'm back in ten minutes with details. over to you. >> all right. thank you. 6:32. this morning a former montgomery county teacher is facing more than a dozen child sex abuse charges. now police are searching for more victims. aaron la mere is accused of inappropriate contact with at least three students. he recently resigned from his job as media services technician at northwood high school in silver spring. police say they also found child
6:33 am
pornography on the computer he used while working at the school. they say the pornography did not include images of northwood students. police need your help finding a pan who is pretending to be one of them. look at the sketch. this guy is in his late 20s, he has tattoos on both arms. a woman says the phony officer pulled her over last week in silver spring. that impersonator asked for her driver's license and ordered her out of the car. he took her purse and cell phone. he was apparently in an unmarked car. the montgomery county police say officers in unmarked cars don't make traffic stops. if you have any information, call montgomery county police. police say a child was inside the car involved in a deadly case of road rage in fairfax county. gloria mcmillan is accused of hitting and killing 21-year-old shelinda aaroning to last friday -- arrington last friday night. mcmillan is charged with felony hit and run. records show she's been citeded for reckless driving, speeding, and driving on a suspended or revoked license in the past.
6:34 am
the owner of a doggy daycare in northern virginia planning to make changes after a second dog escaped. the latest incident happened yesterday when a dog got out of the just fur pets daycare in springfield after a staff member stepped outside. employees found the pet several hours later. more than a year ago, another dog escaped and ended up dead on the side of the road. the owner of just fur pets told us she's changing the gate system to prevent this from happening again. today in the trial of john edwards, a former aide who claims edwards knew it money being used to cover up his affair will retake the stand. yesterday a speechwriteser for the former presidential candidate confessed that edwards knew all along that a wealthy donor provided money to hide his mistress and child while he ran for president. wendy button testified she helped draft a statement for edwards admitting he fathered rielle hunter's child. she said at edwards' request, it did not mention he knew his campaign finance chairman, fred baron, had been supporting hunter. edwards has pled not guilty to
6:35 am
violating campaign finance laws. today maryland governor martin o'malley and legislative leaders will discuss the upcoming special session with the media. o'malley called the session after lawmakers failed to agree on a budget. that triggered a doomsday budget which includes more than $500 million in cuts. the general assembly expected to use the session to pass an income tax increase to offset the need for major cuts. the special session begins on monday. there is no end in sight to a debate over a proposed ambulance fee in montgomery county. several people turned out for the public hearing on the issue last night in rockville. county executive isiah leggett required those without insurance to pay for emergency services. the county council approved similar legislation two years ago, but it was voted down in a referendum. according to the "washington post," volunteer firefighters promise to bring the current bill to a public vote again if the county council approves it. 6:35. if you're looking for booze in the district, it might cost you a few more pennies. d.c. council member jim graham
6:36 am
is considering proposing a wholesale tax increase that amounts to about six cents per drink, that is higher than in the suburbs for beer, wine, and liquor. graham says the new revenue would go to social service programs and says the tax has not been raised since 1990. opponents say the tax could cost the city jobs from small breweries in the district. the council will vote in the next few weeks. 6:36. the "today" show is coming up at 7:00. let's check in with matt lauer to see what they're working on this morning. nice to see you. >> it's always nice to see you, thank you very much. coming up on a wednesday, turns out the would-be bomber involved in an al qaeda plot targeting u.s.-bound planes was actually a double agent cooperating with the cia. now the obama administration wants to know how the information became public. ahead, parenting in the digital age. should you let your 10-year-old have his or her own cell phone? what about a facebook page? we'll get into that. then the mother with an admitted addiction to cosmetic
6:37 am
surgery under fire for trying to pass on her hobby to her young girls. we'll talk to her and her 8-year-old daughter. and get ready to be amazed. we'll show you what happened when ann, al, natalie, and i tried our hands at a high-flying offbroadway show with mixed results as we gets started on a wednesday morning right here on "today." back to you. >> matt i like your red track pants. >> those were -- those were standard issue. those are not mine. it was kind of a costume choice. >> i got you. >> the show is very cool. i will tell you we were not exactly all that good at it. we'll see. >> thanks. 6:37. . which local high school landed near the top of america's best. pumped up, the prediction which may inspire a summer roadtrip. [ crowing ] plus, neighbors that some say are disturbing the peace. others say it's much cockle
6:38 am
doodle do about nothing. and the unexpected visitor
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that's awfully close to the beluga -- no, it's a manatee, not a whale. florida beach-goers got an up close and personal view of one of the state's endangered species. check this out. a group of manatees swam right up to a ft. lauderdale beach to give visitors a show. in the group was a mother manatee and her five pups. they stayed for about 30 minutes or so. some of the beachgoers said they first thought the cows of the sea were seaweed. they attracted so much attention that eventually lifeguards had to keep the beach-goers away. >> i would take exception to being called a cow of the sea. just saying. >> no one in their right mind would call you that, so don't
6:42 am
worry. they do, the manatees do fit into the category. 6:41. >> okay. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. tom? >> mercifully. good morning at 6:4167. pavement wet. looking at the radar, we have spotty green near forecast, stafford county, heading northeast into charles and southern prince george's county. st. mary's and calvert and eastern shore getting light rain, too, from cambridge to easton, toward dover. that's heading to the north and east. in the wake of that, a mild morning. in the 60s. 66 at reagan national. and later today, might have sunshine breaking out here mid morning. will be near 70 by then. cloudy noontime, mid 70s. by mid-afternoon, mid to upper 70s. we have an increasing chance of rain moving back in. maybe thunder and lightning, too, by late afternoon. a look at big changes on the way for thursday into the weekend and a look at next week, your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella? right now not seeing accidents to report.
6:43 am
i am seeing a lot of delays in our area, let's start with i-66. very slow from the bypass as you make your way to centreville. it is kind of like a slow crawl. as you make your way past 50, slow again as you continue to the beltway. you're under speed on 66 the entire way. driving at about 35 miles per hour from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. a 17-minute drive now. and over to the outer loop of the beltway in montgomery county, here's how it goes. at i-95, you're heavy on the brakes. a slow crawl as you travel on the outer loop of the beltway. in fact, you're at about 29 miles per hour from i-95 to i-270. eun? >> thank you. 6:43. this morning we're learning it was a double agent who helped stop a terrorist plan to blow up a plane over the u.s. president obama is raising questions about how the public learned of so many details of that plan. news4 has more from the newsroom on the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president wants to know how so much information on this foiled plot you got on. we now know the person al qaeda
6:44 am
trusted to carry a bomb on to a u.s. plane was an informant working for saudi intelligence and at the same time cooperating with the cia. the informant drove the bomb safely out of yemen and turned it over to authorities. it's been at the fbi's crime lab in quantico for about a week. even though that bomb contains no metal, authorities believe it would have been picked up by airport security. officials think it was designed by the top palmmaker for al qaeda? -- bomb-maker for al qaeda in embassy own or perhaps one of his students. >> they keep adapting and responding to our defenses. we have to keep changing our defenses and stay on the offense. >> this is intelligence at its best. >> key operatives, key insiders are people we want to continue to use. >> reporter: even though our airport security is not changing because of this foiled plot, the tsa has sent a reminder to foreign airports about how to detect explosiving.
6:45 am
the obama administration and members of congress are concerned so much information about the plot has become public. they say they're looking into who may have leaked the information on this top-secret intelligence operation. >> melissa, thank you. president obama's campaign says he's "disappointed with the north carolina same-sex marriage ban." >> marriage protection amendment in our constitution -- [ applause ] >> voters overwhelmingly supported a constitutional amendment banning marriage and even civil unions between same-sex couples. 61% voted in favor of the ban. only 39% opposed it. opponents of the ban are already kicking off a week-long campaign called "we do" to bring attention to their inability to wed. >> it's very frustrating because i think a lot of people voted that weren't truly informed about what would happen if the amendment passes. >> this amendment is not about hate, it's not about robbing women of their domestic protection rights, not about robbing children of benefits. it's just about protecting
6:46 am
marriage. >> maker is the 30th state to ban gay marriage -- north carolina is the 30th state to ban gay marriages. governor martin o'malley hopes maryland is the next state to legalize gay marriage. he tweeted, "disappointed to hear about north carolina. but confident that marriage equality will prevail in maryland." voters will likely decide the initial a referendum in november. mitt romney is about 100 delegates closer to become the republican presidential nominee. he won primaries in indiana, north carolina, and west virginia. right now romney is 288 delegates shy of the 1,144 needed to clinch the nomination. and a shakeup on capitol hill. u.s. senator richard lugar lost indiana's republican primary to tea party-backed challenger richard murdoch. lugar is considered an institution in indiana politics. he served six terms as senators. in a statement, president obama thanked lugar for his service and willingness to cross party lines to get things done. murdoch will face democratic
6:47 am
congressman joe donnelly in november. new overnight, two people are in the hospital after a fight broke out inside a strip club along georgia avenue in northwest d.c. the victims were beaten and stabbed at the lounge around 1:00. we're working to find out their conditions this hour. so far, no arrests have been made. this morning police in prince george's county are calling a 76-year-old man's death suspicious. benjamin brown was found dead inside his seat pleasant home last friday. his car, a blue chevy caprice, is missing. the home is secured with window bars and an alarm system. neighbors fear brown was taken advantage of by someone he let into his home. police are still awaiting the results of brown's autopsy. a maryland man is in critical condition this morning after a violent motorcycle crash. montgomery county police say a honda motorcycle hit the side of an acura suv at the intersection of endor road and new hampshire avenue around 7:00 last night. the driver of the motorcycle, 38-year-old hyand yang, was
6:48 am
taken to a hospital in critical but stable condition. investigators are still trying to figure out how that accident happened. and encouraging signs this morning for anyone looking for work. more companies are looking for you. cnbc's jackie deangelis with the story. good morning you to. good morning to you. companies are putting out more help wanted signs. employers posting 3.74 million job openings in march. the highest february in four years. with about 12.7 million people unemployed in march, that works out to roughly 4.3 people fighting for every available job. down from the 7-1 ratio at the end of the recession in 2009, but still well above the 2-1 ratio in a healthy job market. it usually takes companies about two to three months to fill a position. yes, good news this morning. back to you. >> indeed. jackie, thank you. today you may notice a few more bike on the roads around here. it is national bike to school day. an estimated 100 elementary and middle school students from capitol hill schools are expected to take part.
6:49 am
activities for bicyclist also planned this morning in lincoln park including helmet fittings and safety demonstrations. the list is out and a northern virginia high school came in second on the best high schools in the u.s. list. "u.s. news and world report" compiled the list, and the top 100 is filled with local schools. langley high school in mclean, virginia, squeaked in at 98. thomas s. wooden high school in rockville came in at 93rd. at 88, james w. robinson jr. secondary school in braddock. mclean high school, 85th. and walt whitman high school came in 84th place. winston churchill took the 57th spot. george c. marshall came in at 55. another falls church school, george mason high school, came in 19th. and the second best school in the entire country, thomas jefferson high school for science and technology in alexandria. you do have to test to get into -- to get in to that school. designed for math -- >> there are seven or eight
6:50 am
governor schools. i don't know, i shouldn't have said. that you have to test to get in to. smart kids. our smart kid, tom kierein, is here to talk about the science of meteorology. >> starting off with low clouds. they did produce overnight rain. pavement, sidewalk, streets, still a little bit wet. no rain right now. cloudy over the jefferson memorial. humid, a light southerly and southwesterly wind. we've had one surge of rain coming through. storm 4 radar showing it on the shore. sprinkles north of fredericksburg into stafford county, coming into charles and southern prince george's. that's heading out. a few other sprinkelse farther south, there's another surge coming into kentucky and tennessee and farther south. a wave of low pressure. that's going to be moving in by later this afternoon, between now and then. tuiffel may see sunshine breaking out. mild in the 60s, and it's going
6:51 am
to be a mild day. in fact, hometown forecast for fredericksburg, by it looks like mid morning there, it will be in the mid 70s. by noontime, maybe a few sprinkles in the next hour. after that, cloudy. during the afternoon, mid to upper 70s briefly. then showers and thundershowers into the evening hours throughout much of the region. that will taper off by dawn tomorrow. cool start to thursday. low to mid 50s. afternoon highs with bright sun and a blustery wind, near 70. and then sunny friday and saturday, too. chilly in the mornings, in the 40s. afternoon highs low to mid 70s. sunday, partly cloudy, beautiful day. mid 70s. a nice weekend coming up. first part of next week, though, we could get showers moving through. that will help the area flowers like this one. sent in by one of our viewers, valerie flint, to got to tloof yellow rose. and are we loving our traffic? not really. let's start with good news. if you're traveling on the blue
6:52 am
line, no more delays there. metro west single tracking between franconia/springfield and van dorn street. right now, that delays is gone. over to the roadways, okay, v-dot zooming out my camera here. we had a disabled bus in the right shoulder lane as you make your way northbound, 395 at washington boulevard. that's gone, but you can still see it on the scene. be aware of that in the hov lanes. travel lanes, are you slow. about 31 miles per hour from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. that's taking about 21 minutes now. and over to 29, slow trip as you make your way southbound past lockwood to the beltway. it's going to be stop and go for you. the good news, no accidents in the area. aaron? >> thank you. that spike in gas prices we had earlier this year apparently will not spill over into the summer. the energy information administration estimates that the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded will be $3.79. the government report actually lowered its estimate from $3.95. analysts say falling crude oil
6:53 am
prices and a disappointing jobs report mean less driving this summer. this morning, loudoun county's chamber of commerce will hold a special meeting to talk about the future of the dulles rail project. this comes after a new report says the county at an economic crossroads. according to george mason university, the county stands to add nearly $273 billion to its economy between 2015 and 2040 if the second phase is approved. phase two goes from reston in fairfax county to dulles and extends two more stops. loudoun county has until july 4 to decide whether to fund that project. roosters crow at the crack of down. we all got that. there are some rooftders apparently crowing all hours of the day, and they're disturbing a quiet montgomery county community. [ crowing ] >> neighbors in takoma park say rooftders are crowing all day long, disturbing the peace and quiet out there. several roosters and chickens are kept as family pets at homes in that neighborhood. some people don't mind the noise. emily van loon says she hears
6:54 am
those roosters all the time. >> i think the roosters are too noisy. i think they're inconsistent. i think they are bothersome. >> the roosters don't bother me. >> van loon says she would like the nieseighborhood to come to consensus about what to do with the roosters. my recommendation is a muzzle i'm sticking with that. i don't see can if you can put one on a dog, you can put it one on a rooster. a st. bernard, a sdwrjack russe- >> what about a goldfish? >> you hear a goldmish making noise, tell me and i'll get you some money. new york has already tried to get a jump on ticket sales for the next round. they sent this ad to rangers fans monday -- before game five, trying to sell tickets for the eastern conference finals. the nerve of those folks. the caps is to recover quickly from the heartbreaking game which they lost in overtime.
6:55 am
catch giem six tonigame sick to nbc sports network. if i wanted win before, now i really want to win -- >> not that they're messing around, but now is the time to get it together. let's get one more out-the-door forecast. >> grab the umbrella before you leave. don't need it now but you probably will later. parts of the southern maryland, fredericksburg, getting sprinkles now. during the afternoon and evening, showers, maybe some lightning bolt throwing at you from the clouds. that will be late this afternoon and this evening. any rain activity should end predawn thursday. then dry weather moves back in, and a big change, cooler weather, chilly mornings, afternoon highs around 70 with sunshine thursday and friday. over the weekend, milder in the afternoon after a chilly start. could get rain first part of next week. danella? outer loop at montgomery county. jammed from i-95 to i-toil hie-. slow to 295, delays the entire way, driving at 35 miles per
6:56 am
hour. good news, not seeing any accidents. and that's taking about a nine-minute drive, but hey, brace yourself. it is troubled in a lot of areas now. now back to you. >> and that metro situation was cleared up, right? >> thank goodness. metro is cleared, and the escalators back up at foggy bottom, as well. metro's looking good. >> fantastic. thank you. that is "news4 today." we appreciate you starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next.
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