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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, an unusual scene in a hotel when a man pulls a gun
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after learning the price of the room. >> a woman chased down a thif that stole her iphone, all caught on camera. >> plus another wet night across the area. find out if we need umbrellas in the morning. >> breaking news at verizon center, the caps live to see another day. another game seven. fans still celebrating the win against the rangers, on the streets in chinatown. hoping the team can make it back here again. >> dan hellie got to see a great game. how about the fans, tonight, dan? >> doreen, an awesome sight. the capitals got the win when they needed it most. so they force a decisive game seven. coming up saturday at madison square garden tonight. the capitals have done something they rarely have done in post season. they took a decisive goal lead. matter of fact, the first time they have done it. let's take a look at highlights. the goalies very important. and keys in these playoffs. a minute 20 in the first period.
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capitals on the power play. nick backstrom, alex ovechkin, top shelf just like that. 1-0. meanwhile, good scoring chance for the rangers. dennis wideman. holpie. 2-1 is the final. we will have post game reaction. and complete highlights in sports. so, our washington capitals, still very much alive. as they force a decisive game seven. >> big night. thank you, dan. >> now to the same-sex marriage defwbate when the president defined his stance on the issue today. an issue fought in states across the country and one that will play a big part in the presidential race. wendy. >> president obama says his stance has evolved, due in part
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to the plight and fellow parents at sidwell friends school. he supports game marriage. but he believes the should be up to the states to decide. he says he hesitated in declaring his stance in part because he thought that civil unions would be sufficient. republican presidential candidate, mitt romney wasted no time in saying he favors a federal constitutional amendment to ban game marriage. >> i was sensitive to the fact that, for a lot of people, you know the word marriage was something that evokes very powerful traditions, religious beliefs and so forth. >> marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a wo m woman. other people have differing views. a very tender, sensitive topic. >> the country is divided pretty evenly. in the most recent nbc news "wall street journal" poll, 49% support game marriage. while 40% oppose. there are still more states that
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outlaw game marriage than allow it. 30 states in red include vag in virginia, have constitutional bans. six states allow it. governor o'malley tweeted in favor of the president's state. wa opponents are trying to stop them with ballot referendums this november. in maryland, opponents have gathered more than half of the signatures they need. the deadline is still month as way. jim. doreen. >> an elderly man in greenbelt, maryland will have to find a new place to live after a fire. the man lives uin a townhouse o ridge road. the fire started in his bedroom on the second floor. they're not sure why. the man was able to escape. >> a man abducted outside his house this morning was on his way to work at a bakery. three men forced the father into his car on cumberland avenue in springfield, told him to drive to several banks and take out
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money. the victim was put into the trunk of the car, driven to piedmont place at braddock road. nobody arrested yet. >> a gun pulled in a fancy hotel. the man was angry at the price of the room. shomari stone has more at pentagon city. >> andrew zuke spend the night in jail. after police say he couldn't afford to spend the night at the ritz-carlton hotel in pentagon city. and lashed out in anger. >> it's weird. >> just crazy. >> police say he pulled out two guns pointing them at the staff late tuesday night. >> little extra ordinary. >> the 29-year-old drank too much. walked into the hotel to crash, a front desk clerk told him the cheapest room cost $600. police told me he didn't have the money, got angry and pulled out two.45 caliber handguns with one loaded without the safety. the staff called the cops. they arrested the suspect. >> travel all the time.
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i have never run into aenything like that. >> hello. shomari stone. >> a knock at the door, a woman opened and said she can't talk. >> hi, sorry to bother you. >> neighbors are talking and say heap is a nice guy. >> i never would have expected it. >> a high room rate. it is the ritz-carlton, right. we are in washington, d.c. >> charged with brandishing a firearm, reckless handling of a firearm and being drunk in public. at the end of the day he did get a free bed at arlington county jail. in pentagon city, shomari stone, news 4. >> taking a live look outside. a lot of rain falling out there. what is going on, doug? >> rain starting to move out. still falling around the i-95 corridor. southern maryland. we have seen, steady, moderate rain across the region during the day today. exactly what we needed across the area. the rain as i mentioned continuing new out. s you widen out. you can see a few showers left over. coming through portions of west
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virginia. not the only thing. moving down from the north and west. i will let you know what you can ex-ex pect tomorrow morning and the rest of the week including the weekend. mother's day weekend. hoping for a good forecast. >> thank you, doug. a local woman plans to ride metro to work even after being robbed today. jennifer loughner was waiting for a game this morning. when the guy came up from behind, and snatched her iphone. loughner was determined not to lose it. cameras in the station caught her running after the thief. >> i was just screaming, screaming at the top of my lung. >> what did you scream? >> the guy has my phone. please help. help. i was screaming loud as i could. >>ing several heard hear cries for help and took the thief down. the man gach tve the phone back. >> metro buses the focus of a meeting about safety for the transit agency tomorrow. jackie benson is live with more on this. jackie. >> jim, the meeting tomorrow will discuss the safety of the
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system's, 94, ryan six buses. most were taken out of service after two caught fire last month within one week time. luckily no passengers were on board. the buses operate using diesel fuel and were delivered to metro in t2000. metro reece deuced the use of the buses. now, the buses make up a very small part of metro's buff roug 1,500 bus fleet. back to you. >> future of the silver line could mean $72 billion to loudon county over the next deck achltd t -- decade. metro rail extension could generate 40,000 new jobs. county supervisors are trying to decide whether to contribute $150 million to the project.
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a runaway bus almost took out a neighborhood in connecticut. the big bus rolled off a tow truck, then took out several cars before landing in front of a house. the driver forgot to set the parking brake after getting into a minor accident earlier in the day. police say it is amazing that nobody was hurt. john edwards former press secretary, broke down and cried on the witness stand today. her name is jennifer palmeiri, and testified about elizabeth edwards' reaction to her husband's affair and what it would mean after h death. nbc's lisa myers has the report. >> reporter: it was another emotional day. as jennifer palmieri, press secretary to john edwards and close friend of elizabeth recounted how elizabeth anythingly canything -- elizabeth confronted a donor helping rielle hunter. 10 months after elizabeth
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discovered the affair. palmieri said that elizabeth was upset when she found out a donor and his wife were in contact with hunter. and had taken hunter to los angeles on a shopping trip. she said it was an emotional scene. elizabeth worried that spending time and money on hunter makes john look even more guilty. lisa was saying you got to hold your friends close and your enemies even closer. that she was a loose cannon who might go to the press. palmieri testified john edwards was there but said very lit. >> it's important and shows as early as october 2007, edwards knew that baron was taking steps to keep his affair quiet. prosecutors charge that money, baron used to hide at fair amounted to is legal campaign contributions. she choked up when she talked about elizabeth's final days and said after the edwards separated elizabeth expressed concern that when she died, there would not
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be a man around who loved her. and i said, i will be there. he will be there. and she says, john was there tending to elizabeth when she died. lisa myers, nbc news, washington. edwards' press secretary testified that edwards was delusional about his political prospects throughout at fair. she says even after he was caught with his mistress, he still hoped to be named attorney general. >> tonight foul play is not suspected in the death of a man in a northern virginia rest a a area. police found the man dead at the virginia welcome center westbound i 66. out of state license plates. the episcopal diocese wants to hold a funeral to forgive a homeless man that shot and killed a priest and church secretary. he opened fire at saint peters in ellicott city.
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the reverend, and another were kid. jones ended up turning the gun on himself. church officials are waiting to see if family will accept the offer for the funeral. the jennifer hudson family murder trial. no verdict after six hours. an emotional day offa arguments. at one point it brought the singer to tears. hudson's estranged brother-in-law is accused of killing the oscar winner's mother. brother, and 7-year-old nephew. he faces life in prison if convicted on the three murder counts. >> trayvon martin family was welcomed. went to steven lawrence center named for a british teenager killed in a racial attack. martin was unarmed when he was shot and killed by george zimmerman earlier this year in florida. zimmerman has been charged with murder but claims the killing was in self defense. the lawrence center provides
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education and training for disadvantaged young people. >> you are looking at video cam of an alligator attacking a man in a kayak. the man was fishing on the lake with his terrier when he saw a big splash. at first thought it was a big old bass fish, his arm started throbbing. and got scared, realizing, the alligator might be going after his dog, buffy. >> i looked at buffy, oh, no, buffy is in the water the i grabbed the lease, pulled her in. threw her on my lap. she was so scared. lit ready curled in a ball. did not want to move. >> neither the dog nor the man was hurt. the kayaker doesn't plan on fishing in the like any time soon. says he has been having nightmares since at take. >> also call the on camera, two police officers saving a man from jumping off a bridge. in oregon. fast moving officers grabbed the
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guy just before he got to the edge. the police department is now working and frying to gtrying t man some help. even the dispatcher called a teenager one of the world's dumbest criminals this week after he tried to rob a police station. investigators say, keithan manual walked into the station in texas with a towels on his hands. he told a dispatcher he had a gun and demanded money. the dispatcher called for backup. two officers quickly, did indeed back her up and arrested the guy. manual is being held on a $300,000 bond. probably won't see any congressional candidates in the u.s. with an ad like this one. this is the topless campaign poster for a woman running for a congressional seat in mexico. the candidate teaches philosophy at a local university and says it is intended to fight prejudice. she says she wanted to a fun, innovative campaign. if you aren't looking up you
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missed a great performance in d.c. acrobats performing high up on the wall outside old post office pavilion. the group is part of the kennedy center, street arts across america festival. you will find jugglers, dancers, others in public venues throughout the city. >> more in the inner harbor, looked up to see a different human performance today. a man walking, a 300 foot tightrope wire from a pavilion to a barge. 90 feet without a net or safety device. the seventh jen ration of tgene. he plans to walk across niagara falls next month. all kinds of things going up in the sky. going on up in the sky. >> good thing the rain held off until later in the evening. may have had to cancelle events. man, did we need the rain out here. over 5 inches below ravage. let me tell you what will be
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happening with the sunshine about to come out. the grass is going to be needed to mow. a lot of people out tonight. after the caps win in the center. see umbrellas out. a lot of people had towels on their heads. trying to stay dry. heaviest rain did move out, right when the game ended. that's good news. still seeing the rape. most through southern maryland. right around i-95. see the rain progressively making its way off towards the east. still a few showers. right now this its where the rain is a round bethesda, olney area, bowie, clinton, waldorf. looking light, moderate shower activity now. around washington, d.c. area towards bethesda as i mention there. now, wide e view. showing a few more showers off to the west. making their way down from the north and east. these i think will probably die out before they get here. can't rule out a few more showers throughout the rest of
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the overnight hours. by tomorrow morning. they will be out of here the by tomorrow afternoon. plenty of sunshine. much needed rainfall, over the last 48 hours. we have seen close to a half inch of rain. washington. quantico. fredericksburg. half an inch in culpeper. an inch in winchester. annapolis. .2 inch. same thing for pax river. baltimore coming in at 1/3 inch. much needed rain across the area. high temperatures. still around 75. with the cloud cover. 75 not bad at all. 72, leesburg. 73, culpeper. 75, fredericksburg. temperatures have cooled with the rain that came through. into the 50s. 55. leesburg. 58, 59, pax river. going to be a cooler night tonight. many back to the north and west will get into the 40s as we see the clearing. area of low pressure moves on through. tomorrow afternoon. call it partly cloudy the i do think we will see more sunshine during the late afternoon than we will see in the morning
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hours. breezy conditions. wind gusting upwards of 20,maybe, 30 miles an hour during the day tomorrow. it will be seasonably cool with gusty wind. friday, the wind begin to die down. we see plenty of sunshine. great afternoon. fantastic friday. tomorrow morning. few clouds. cooler start. breezy. the wind out of the northwest. 10, 15 miles an hour. maybe gusting higher. tomorrow afternoon the breeze will continue. winds upwards, 10, 20. temperatures below average. 65 to 70 degrees across the area. that will come with plenty of sunshine. and then, it gets nice. 73 on friday. 78 on saturday. mother's day, happy mother's day. 80 degrees. i think that will come with plenty of sunshine early. then clouds increase. late in the day on mother's day. i do think monday, tuesday, wednesday, all looking pretty good too. we'll see temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. as we make our way into next week. this, next couple days.
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the weekend. really looking great. d.c. 101, cookoff saturday. i will be judging. some chili. i'm excited about that. >> sound look fun. >> i did, denied the spicy chili though. not going there. >> good for you. >> speaking of spicy food. the same thing that makes hot sauce hot, might help you burn off some extra pounds. researchers at boston are studying capcacin, applied the solution of the fiery substance to the stomachs of lab rats. they found it kills nerves that send messages from the gut to the brain. the result was weight loss. >> by selectively destroying the signals from the intestine to the brain we have beenam in to change the way food is dissolved. >> don't stuff your face with chili peppers yet. it has to be applied to the stomach. next step is to test the solution on humans.
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doctors believe the alternative to surgery. >> a devoted dog, rescued from a dangerous situation. the drain was bearing down. lily is an 8-year-old pit bull. she put her life on the line as witnesses say, she pulled her elderly owner, out of the path of an oncoming train. it all happened last wednesday when the dog's owner accidentally fell on to train tracks in the suburb of boston. lily jumped into action when she saw what was about to happen. >> from one of the witnesses, said, as the train was drawing near, he saw the dog pulling, pulling, my mom off the tracks. >> her owner was not injured. lily suffered a broken pelvis and light leg. it had to be amputated. she is expected to make a full recovery. >> coming up next in sports. back to verizon center. dan focuses on the caps. >> players after the hard-fought vict
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>> dawn, i guess, it is okay to say these guys, these caps are the drama kings of the east coast. aren't they? >> they're the real deal. >> yeah, they are, they're cold-blooded. tell quluyou what. they kept the streak alive tonight which in turn kept their season alive. they had a rare two-goal cushion. to play with against the rangers. ove and the guys did not waste any time getting on the board tonight. this crowd was into it from the get. ovechk if ovechkin. and the caps. caps power play.
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ove going top shelf. take another look at this thing. 30th career, playoff goal. capitals on top. second period. 1-0, john carlson. fires on net. traffic in front. shot off. and chipchura deflected. third period now. caps attacking. ovechkin with the puck. ove going down. somehow manages to get the shot off. from his back side. we have seen him make these before. doesn't make that one. still makes for a good highlight. meanwhile, very impressive in net for caps to night. in the third. shot out of the air. 30 saves in the game. he has been stellar. the team will head to new york. 2-1 the final. game seven.
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7:30. on nbcsports. >> such a relief. we won. season is not over. get to go into a game seven. play the same game. get pucks behind lundquist. so much character in the room. and game five. so, we came into this game, made, made it real easy to get out for the game with the crowd. just the atmosphere. >> going to be fun. game seven. no better time of year. it's just, put ourselves in a great position. we played well to get us here. and, just, the game means everything. all right to be good. >> i think the guys are feeling good going into the game seven. all right, talking baseball now. nationals in pittsburgh. and the dirth of scoring continues. five hits. two runs. not going to do it. even if you are playing the
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pittsburgh pirates. let's go up to pennsylvania. for this one. and, trying to lead the nationals to victory tonight. bottom of the their. pirates two on. casey mcgee at the plate. grind this one to deep short. desmond makes a shot. can't decide where to go with the ball. throw to home. late. offline. mctoucutchin scores. up with the bases. can't deliver. goes down swinging. nationals, miss a great scoring opportunity. pirates would add a run. nats lose 4-2 inpittsburgh. all right, hoops now. anthony. knicks taking on the heat. third quarter. time of running out. melo, dribbling. spinning. hits the jump. beats the buzzer. points. a good game by carmelo. knicks were down by 16. fourth quarter. up by 14 now. anthony. lebron. corner. he hits the three. james has the 29. the nets, never really got it
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going. they are eliminated. officially from the playoffs. 106-94 is the final. the heat advance to take on the pacers. so, we got what we wished for. a win from the capitals. and game seven, coming up on saturday. have a good feeling about this, guys. >> such drama, i don't know if we can take it.
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>> we have heard of high profile
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athletes changing their names recently. to night one entrepreneur is in the news. guy's name was tyler gold. but he just want to a courthouse in nebraska on monday and changed his name to t-rex. the 22-year-old wrote that the new name is cooler and gives him good name recognition as he tries to branch out with his own business. there he sits, t-rex. >> cooler? >> the coolest guy in york county, nebraska. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week.
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