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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  May 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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among the guests, barbra streisand, robert downey jr., and tobey mcguire. a fallen state trooper will be honored nearly a year after his death flaeth. state police will unveil a sign in honor of the trooper killed in a crash on interstate 95 near the laurel rest area last may. police believe hunter was chasing a speeding motorcycle when his cruiser hit a tractor-trailer. we'll look outside this morning. 49 degrees outside our studios at 4:30 straight up. another cool start to the morning. tom, what's in store? it looks like we're off to a chilly start. that's a live view from the city camera showing capitol hill under a clear sky, and as we look at what's been happening over the last several hours, the last of the cloudiness is long gone. under the clear sky, the temperatures have plummeted. it is a chilly morning. all the way down to the upper 30s to near 40 degrees, parts of the shenandoah valley and into the mountains. closer to washington, it's only
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near 40 degrees now in parts of montgomery county, howard, frederick counties in maryland, much of fairfax county now just in the low to mid 40s, low 40s loudoun county, prince william, stafford, spotsylvania, as well as fauquier county and culpeper. southern maryland, too, the low fourth. charles county, calvert, st. mary's, and anne arundel near the bay, a little milder. away from the waters, only in the 40s, clear by 9:00, 50s to near 60. we'll have lighter winds today, a breeze. sunrise at 5:5. maybe a few clouds around noontime. a delightful rest of the day after we warm up, into the upper 60s by noontime. we'll be hitting the 70s later this afternoon. we'll look at that and the friday evening planner coming up in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's friday? good morning. we have a couple things to look out for in virginia. first we have a crash on the left side of the roadway in the inner loop. at the dulles toll road, a crash there. ambulance is on the scene, so
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are police. also you have to look out for roadwork on the inner loop. this is in between little river turnpike and gallows. you'll see a work zone setup there. also another work zone setup, and only the right lane will get you by. the inner loop past i-66 as you make your way toward the dulles toll road. if you're taking the beltway in montgomery county, no issues from the american legion bridge all the way through prince george's county as you make your way to the wilson bridge. nice and clear in both directions. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you. 4:32. today a local elementary school will close its doors. louisa county middle school will hold a closing ceremony for thomas jefferson elementary school tonight. the school along with others in the area suffered major damage from last year's earthquake. students have been attending classes in temporary facilities. officials plan to demolish the building next month and rebuild it completely. after the building is knocked down, community members will have a chance to pick up a brick from the structure. people living in a virginia beach apartment complex hit by a
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navy jet will be able to return home today. crews restored utilities to the undamaged apartments this week. the navy had to demolish 27 units that were beyond repair. last month a jet malfunctioned and crashed into the complex. no one was injured. the cause is under investigation. 4:33. this morning, prince george's county firefighters are trying to figure out why alarms went off at the nasa goddard spaceflight center. a smoke alarm in a lab caused radiation alarms to sound last night. nasa says there was no leak. the goddard spaceflight center manages the hubble space telescope and develops satellite systems for the nooshl oceanic and atmospheric administration. a toddler nearly drowned at a house along 10th street. family members called 911 and performed cpr on the girl after she was found under water. officials did not release the child's age or the circumstances
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surrounding the incident. this morning, police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting outside a rec center in prince george's county. it happened last night in the 2700 block of firehouse road in landover. that's not far from fedex field. police found a man suffering from gunshot wounds on a wooded path near the kentland park recreation center. the center was closed at the time. no word on what the man was doing at the park. his injuries were not life threatening. police have not released any suspect information. federal investigators have tracked down the woman at the center of a secret service prostitution scandal. she voluntarily spoke with officials at the u.s. embassy in spain. she told investigators she could have gotten whatever information she wanted to from the agents as one of them left his luggage and files in plain view. she said she left colombia after the scandal erupted to avoid media attention. eight agents have been fired because of that scandal. in the day ahead, the john edwards campaign corruption
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trial defense attorneys school a judge to dismiss charges because of lack of evidence. his lawyers will make the motion to the judge without the jury present. prosecutors wrapped up their case by showing televised interview fromtuate. in it he denied fathersing rielle hunter's child and said he never asked for a dime for an alleged cover-up. edwards is accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign found hide his mistress and their child. he denies the charges. 4:35. art monk is the latest former redskin to sue the nfl accusing the league of not doing more to protect players from concussions. the hall of famer is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by 63 former players last week. they're also going after helmet miker rye dell. they say the league told them not to be overly concerned. and they returned minutes after the injuries. monk says he suffers from headaches, speech difficulties, and short-term memory loss. the lawsuit is based on nfl commissioner roger goodell's admission in 2011 that the league had been studying the
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effect of traumatic brain injuries for nearly 14 years. according to the suit, the league did not acknowledge until 2010 that concussions can lead to dementia and memory loss. more than 1,000 former nfl players including 150 ex-redskins have sued the league because they say they weren't warned of the risks of concussions. they also say their head injuries were not properly diagnosed. this morning one million olympic tickets will go on sale for the 2012 games in london. organizers say priority will be given to people in britain who previously applied but did not get tickets. the seats for the opening ceremony and for the 100-meter final. the tickets go on sale at 6:00 a.m. our time. unsold tickets will be available to the general public may 23. if you can't see the olympics in person, you can watch them here on nbc 4 beginning july 27. back home safe. how police were able to track
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down two missing sisters. the controversy surrounding mayor gray and his family's use of high-end event tickets. chilly start to the morning. it won't be sticking around o left wing. -- too long.
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he gets a good piece of that one to center field. the nats have blasted their way to a 3-2 lead. >> the nationals are finally back to their winning ways. they beat the pirates 4-2 to
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snap their three-game losing streak. steven straussburg struck out 13 pirate hitters en route to the win. the nats will try to make it two wins in a roy tonight in cincinnati. all right. go, nats. go, steven straussburg. >> indeed. let's look outside on this friday morning. off to a cool start. you might need a jacket when you head out. >> yeah. chilly weather to have this entire week. tom kierein's going to tell us when it will warm up. tom? good morning. feeling more like late march than early may. temperatures into the 40s. areas in the lighter blue, 40s. darker blue, in the 30s. that's in a few spots in the shenandoah valley and out of the mountains of western maryland, west virginia. closer to washington, arlington, fairfax counties in the low fourth. reagan national at 53. milder your the waters near the bay. away from the water, southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, also in the 40s there. here's your day planner. plenty of sunshine this morning.
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still chilly until 7:00 or so. by 9:00. upper 50s with bright sunshine and mostly sunny noontime. upper 60s. ought to hit the low to mid 70s by mid-afternoon. sunrise at 5:59. sunset at 8:10. going out, clear and cool by midnight. 50s again. a look at the mother's day weekend and next week's seven-day outlook coming up. danella? a crash on the inner loop at the droeld. that's clear. travel lanes are open. heading to i-270, a live look in germantown, you are clear. here's a live action father hurley, traveling southbound, no issues. in fact, southbound to the beltway, you are issue free right now. over to i-95 in virginia, making your way northbound at the rest area as well as southbound, no accidents to report. northbound as you continue to the beltway, you are clear. here's a live look at 395 from edsa edsall, no issue. travel speed, 50 -- 59 miles per
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hour. back to you. in court, the new charges facing a man accused of attacking several people with a hammer. a new look for the redskins.
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4:44 now. two tennessee girls are safe and sound after being kidnapped two weeks ago. authorities rescued alexandria and kylilah bain in mississippi yesterday. adam mayesville e villvill vils himself as police closed in. he's accused of kidnapping the two and mother and older sister's bodies buried at the home in mississippi. authority found mayes and the girls in the woods.
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>> apparently the gang wardens were in the woods and came upon them. >> reporter: outside the -- >> in the woods, yeah. i don't think he's ever been in the church. he was in the woods, behind the church. >> reporter: where were the girls? >> they were with him. >> earlier, police charged mayes', wife with murder. she told officers she knew he killed the women and helped bring the bodies to his home. police are looking into a massive cocaine struggling ring centered in forecast. federal agents arrested 28 people and charged them with a cocaine smuggling operation that brought millions of dollars of drugs from honduras to northern virginia over the past six years. the drugs were then sold in north carolina, virginia, maryland, and massachusetts. agents say they smuggled the drugs into dulles airport by concealing them in picture frames and other trinkets. >> it was placed in suitcases and couriered to the united
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states through ports of entry and distributed in virginia. >> fbi agents say this is just the beginning of the investigation. in addition to the drug charges, guns and money laundering charges could also be filed in this case. court records show many of those arrested were illegal immigrants living in northern virginia. today the brother of two nfl players will be in court, accused of murder. 19-year-old michael davis is charged with killing tourist gary dietrichs by hitting him over the head with a hammer. davis has been in jail since last month. he's charged with two other attacks in the petworth area. both victims survived. davis is the brother of 49ers tight end vernon davis. yankees general manager brian cashman said clemens requested the help of brian mcnamee after a poor playoff start. cashman told jurors that mcnamee worked with clemens and the yankees for two years before the team fired him.
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mcnamee says he stayed with clemens as a personal trainer. clemens is accused of lying to congress about using -- saying he never used performance enhancing drugs. one person is in the hospital this morning a day after an explosion rocked the national building museum. firefighters say a small propane tank exploded in the kitchen around dinnertime last night. the blast created a flash fire. one man burned his hands and his face. he was in serious condition as of last night. who's been cheering on the caps and nats from the luxury suites controlled by the mayor's office? that's the focus of a new report. wto p is reporting that mayor vincent gray's adult children have been given thousands of dollars worth of tickets to concerts and sporting events at verizon center and nationals park. they've reportedly sat in luxury boxes the mayor's office controls. keep in mind when he was on the d.c. council, gray criticized then-mayor fenty for keeping the tickets in the mayor's office and not giving them to council members. as metro's silver line
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struggles to gain funding for its second phase, a new poll shows most virginians don't support the project. the "washington post" found that statewide only 32% of virginians believe the project is extremely or very important. 64% say it's not. however, when you just look at northern virginia residents, those numbers are flip-flopped. 2/3 of northern virginia residents support the project. more than 40% say it is extremely important. the second phase lost significant funding when virginia's general assembly left $300 million for the project out of the budget. it's a rare weekend on the rails. you won't run into any closed metro stations, but that doesn't mean you won't experience delays. trains will single track on the red line between tacoma and forest glen and between van ness and dupont circle. on the orange line they will share tracks between eastern market and cheverly. you can expect 20-minute delays. work starts at 10:00 tonight.
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today first lady michelle obama will address the more than 5,000 graduates and relatives and friends at lane stadium in blacksburg, virginia tech. white house officials have said she chose virginia tech because of the school's resilience in the face of campus violence including the 2007 massacre that left 33 people dead. virginia senator mark warner will also speak. the first lady and dr. jill biden hosted lucky military mothers and children at the white house for mother's day. children got to create mother's day cards and gifts in the dining room, then moved to the east room to present the gifts to their moms during the afternoon tea. the first lady thanked the mothers for their strength and service while their loved ones are overseas. >> your sons and daughters, their choice to serve this country is a reflection of your love. >> the first lady and dr. biden also hosted a separate joining forces service event -- joint
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forces service event at the naval observatory, assembling hundreds of care package for mothers and wives with husbands deployed overseas. such a nice event in honor of mother's day to give back. always important. >> and mother's day will be a beautiful day to help mom enjoy that special day. right now, we look outside, we can tell you about -- just a few clouds still out there. and tom, pretty cool start. yeah, indeed. it is unusually cool for early may. reagan national at 53 degrees. a gentler breeze after blustery winds yesterday. the wind did die down overnight. winds around five to ten miles per hour. temperatures are way down. it is just in the upper 30s much of the shenandoah valley, into the mountains of western maryland, western virginia. and most of virginia and maryland, east of the blue ridge, east of catoctin mountain, only near 40 degrees. that includes montgomery, howard counties, frederick county, loudoun county, western fairfax, closer to the beltway, generally
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mid 40s around arlington, southern montgomery county, much of prince george's counties, low 40s in charles county, st. mary's, anne arundel near the bay, in the 50s. away from the waters, 40s there. farther west, culpeper, 43. in prince william county, many locations there just near 40 degrees. and it's going to stay chilly here for another couple of hours. then we'll have a rapid warmup under this clear sky. bright sunshine throughout much of the day. and we'll have maybe just a few clouds around non-time. here's the hometown forecast for manassas and prince william county. now it's in the mid 40s under a clear sky. by mid morning, ought to be in the mid 50s. bright and sunny, a gorgeous day coming up. by noontime, should be in the upper 60s. that's going to be true throughout much of the region. by mid-afternoon, may actually get into the low 70s for a brief time. and then late afternoon, as we clear out and get past sunset, we'll have the temperature dropping. by midnight, mid 50s. by this time on saturday, 40s
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again. probably not as quite as cold as this morning. as we look at the weekend, saturday looking delightful. a mostly sunny day. afternoon highs into the upper 70s. great for outdoor recreation and fun or if you have to do some yardwork. then on sunday, for mother's day, looking delightful in the morning. mid 50s, partly cloudy in the afternoon, high near 80. clouding up sunday night. could get showers sunday night, and as we get back to work and school on monday, looks like a chance of showers moving in, 50s in the morning, afternoon highs, low 70s, occasional showers are possible monday as well as on tuesday. then a general trend drying out midweek next week, high 70s. danella? good morning. still have work zones set up if you're taking the dulles -- excuse me, the dulles toll road. traveling the dulles toll road, trying to get on the inner loop of the beltway, the ramp has a work zone set up. the right side gets you by the work zone. also we have another zone set up at 7. this time heading westbound on
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the dulles toll road at 7. that right lane is going to get you by. to i-66, i-66 at the rest area making your way eastbound to fairfax county parkway, you're clear. light volume in both directions. travel speeds, though, from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 61 miles per hour. continuing on i-66 inside the beltway, heading westbound, you have a work zone set up at 7 there. eastbound, nice and clear past glebe. your travel speed from the beltway to gw parkway, driving at 56 miles per hour. an 11-minute drive. i'm back this ten with a leak at the rails. back to you both. >> thanks. 4:53. the redskins are celebrating their 0th season with a contributed to the past. the team unveiled their throwback jerseys at redskins park yesterday. brian arapahoe and ryan care began modeled the old school uniforms. looking good. a version of the 1937 redskins uniforms, complete with the leather helmet look. the team will wear these throwbacks twice this season.
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it will have you doing a double take at the newsstand. coming up, the magazine cover and article that has parents talking this morning. first, needing help on the high seas -- the dramatic rescue after a helicopter crashes in the water. plus -- cold, wet, and windy. >> this afternoon it will be cold, wet, and windy -- >> no ordinary forecast. th
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4:56. 14 people had to be rescued from that helicopter when it went down in the north sea off the coast of scotland. the 12 passengers and two crew members were headed to an offshore oil rig when the helicopter went down. no one was seriously hurt. investigator are trying to figure out what caused that chopper to crash. you can now see the late civil rights leader rosa parks at the national cathedral. the cathedral dedicated a new stone carving of parks' face in the human rights area alongside mother teresa. north carolina artist chaz factin created the sculpture and the stone carver, sean callahan, carved it. quite a tribute there. >> i love the national cathedral. >> nice to see. the future king of england now one of the most-talked-about weathermen on tv. >> it's an unsettled picture toward the end of the week. this afternoon, it will be cold, wet and windy across most of
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scotland. we're under the influence of low pressure, and this weather front pushing northward is bringing clouds and outbreaks of rain. the rain, of course, will be heaviest over the borders. >> not bad. civilized. >> no. >> the forecast so civilized. >> yoly good forecasting there -- jolly good forecasting there. >> prince charles gave the forecast during a visit to a bbc station in glasgow. the prince and his wife's appearance was to help bbc scotland celebrate its 60 years on air. >> i think he did okay. >> i think so, too. i mean, for someone who's never done the forecast, he did a good job. >> apparently that was scripted. i guess they -- they had the teleprompter like we do. >> yeah. >> tom, however, does not -- >> no scripting. that's all on the fly. that is real talent there, ladies and gentlemen. >> he's got -- tom. >> tom, you have to remember the maps that you built and the sequence there. >> and the magic of tv. >> i better remember. >> stay with us. "news4 today" continues now.
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mean spirited or harmless fun? mitt romney is backpedaling after an article points out the pranks he pulled on classmates back in boarding school. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" this friday, may 11, 2012. let's look outside at 4:59. it's 50 degrees, a chilly start. we've had a pattern of chilly mornings. meteorologist tom kierein says things are looking good for the weekend, though. good morning, tom. i know the calendar says may 11, but it's feeling more like march 11. what a chilly morning. there is the washington monument, jefferson memorial under a clear sky. all these areas in blue are in the 30s and 40s on this may 11 morning. good morning. right now reagan national is at 53. all these areas in blue including southern maryland, much of virginia and maryland,


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