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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  May 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> high school hijinx. that's how mitt romney describes what happened at his elite private school. this morning, supporters and critics are lining up to weigh in on a newspaper allegation that he was a bully. good morning, welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. as you wake up on this friday morning, the first rays of sunlights are coming up with you. now we'll take a live look outside. the only odd thing, though, tom, is that there's still a chill in the air in may. >> yeah. calendar says it's may, but it's certainly feeling like march when you step out the door. look at that pristine sunrise over the potomac. gorgeous view from our h.d. city camera on this friday morning. yes, look at these temperatures, all this area in blue and dark blue, 30s and 40s. areas in green, 50s. that's northern neck and near tidal potomac, the lower bay. 40s eastern shore, much of maryland, but all of virginia, dark blue areas, 30s, much of the shenandoah valley and into the mountains, only in the mid to upper 30s there.
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in fact, may even be near freezing temperatures here. way out in western maryland, the highlands of west virginia the next hour, 53 at reagan national. elsewhere in the suburbs, prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, only in the low 40s. so dress accordingly this morning. we'll have a rapid warmup with that strong may sun. by noon ought to make it to the upper 60s. zeal it peaking in the low to mid -- we'll have it peaking in the low to mid 70s by mid-afternoon. clouds popping up. not as much wind as yesterday. still a bit breezy, though. then by late afternoon, back down to near 70 degrees. sunset is at 8:10. a look at the friday evening in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. good morning. and happy friday. making your way around our area, got to look out for a couple of things. first up, lanham, an accident with the fire department on the scene, woodfield chapel road and fowler lane. use caution. over to 66, making your way westbound at 7, have a disabled vehicle blocking your right lane. and i am seeing as you're traveling 66 making your way
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westbound, a little bit of delay as you head toward 7. now over to i-95, your volume is increasing on i-95, your travel speed northbound, not really bad at all. driving at 59 miles per hour. 14 minutes as you make your way from prince william parkway to the beltway. eun? >> thank you. 6:02. this morning, mitt romney is denying allegations he was a bully in high school. the "washington post" is reporting the presumptive republican presidential nominee pulled a number of pranks when he attended a michigan prep school nearly a half century ago. according to the report, he led a group of classmates in pinning down another student against his will and cutting his hair. that student later came out as gay. romney says he didn't know anything about his sexual orientation. >> you know, i don't -- i don't remember that incident. and i'll tell you, i certainly don't -- i don't believe that i or -- i can't speak for others, of course, but thought this fellow was homosexual. that was the furthest thing our
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minds in the 1960s. but so that was not the case. but as to pranks that were played back then, i don't remember them all. again, you know, high school days -- i did stupid things. i'm afraid i got to say sorry for it. >> other former classmates of romney's say they are shocked at the allegations and say they never knew him to act viciously. vice president joe biden is apologizing to president obama for his comments about same-sex marriage last weekend. biden told david gregory on nbc's "meet the press" that he supported the unions even though the president had not come out in support of same-sex marriage. the president endorsed gay marriages three days later. that day the president reportedly accepted the apology and said he knew he was speaking from his heart in the interview. today president obama heads to nevada. he's expected to discuss the struggling housing market in reno. that speech comes a day after he campaigned -- his campaign raised a record $15 million in a
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single event. it helps when actor george clooney is the host of that fundraiser. supporters paid $40,000 apiece to attend. among those in attendance, barbra streisand and robert downey jr. today some people living in a virginia beach apartment complex can move home for the first time in over a month. they were forced out when a navy jet crashed into the apartments. crews restored utilities to the undamaged apartments earlier this week. the navy had to demolish 27 units that were beyond repair. no one was injured in the crash. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. this morning, prince george's county firefighters trying to figure out why alarms went off at the nasa goddard spaceflight center. a smoke alarm in a lab caused radiation alarms to sound just after 9:00 last night, nasa says there was no radiation leak. the goddard spaceflight center manages the hubble space telescope and develops satellite systems for the national oceanic and atmospheric administration.
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this afternoon state police will unveil a memorial highway sign in honor of trooper first class shaft hunter in the area where he died. he was killed in a crash on interstate 95 near the laurel rest area last may. police believe hunter was chasing a speeding motorcycle when his cruiser hit a tractor-trailer. this morning, one man is hurt following a shooting outside a rec center in prince george's county. this happened last night in the 2700 block of firehouse road in landover, not hard from fedex field. police found a man suffering from gunshot wounds in a wooded path near the kentland park recreation center. the center was closed at the time, no word on what the man was doing at the park. his injuries are not life threatening. police have not released any suspect information. one person is in the hospital this morning after an explosion at the national building museum. firefighters say a small propane tank exploded in the kitchen around dinnertime last night. the blast created a flash fire. one man burned his hands and face. he is in serious condition. right now, u.s. futures are down. the reason -- a surprise
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announcement from jpmorgan chase. the largest bank in the country lost $2 billion in the past six weeks. the company says it lost the cash in a trading portfolio designed to hedge against risks the company takes with its own money. the company's stock is down almost 7%. other bank stocks including citigroup and bank of america also took a hit. the d.c. area is the best place in the country to find a job right now. that's according to a report by "forbes." they say low unemployment, around 5.5% in march, and the diversity of the job market make it the best place to find employment. austin, texas, came in second, and ithaca, new york, came in third. the baltimore-towson area is also ranked ninth. unemployment there is about 7%. all right. good news for us. >> absolutely. lots of options apparently if you're coming to work this d.c. it is 6:06 now. the nba players involved in a child sex investigation. plus, a story everyone will be talking about today. the provocative magazine cover that asks a question to moms
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everywhere. temperatures we haven't seen in a while, a cool morning.
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bam, bam. steven strasburg struck out 13 batters to help the nats win 4-2. how good has strasburg been so far in this still early career? he struck out nearly 1/3 of the batters he's faced. he's allowed two earned runs or fewer in 20 of his 24 starts. one pittsburgh sports writer said it's not a stretch to think he will end up in the hall of fame. the nationals -- >> wow. >> in cincinnati tonight. they take on the reds at 7:10.
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>> i think a lot of people echo those sentiments. he has been amazing. so young, we're excited he's on the nats. >> keep them coming. >> uh-huh. let's look outside. >> let's look outside, shall we? 6:11. the beautiful sun is in the sky. hoping to warm things up. >> tom, we've got a long way to go, right? temperaturewise. >> yeah. we sure do. weather & traffic on the 1s. in fact it's only near 40 degrees here on this may 11. if t feels more like march than may. right now, though, at reagan national, 53. the warmer waters of the tidal potomac, as well as near the bay. it's a bit milder. elsewhere, just a little way away from the water. it's down to the low 40s. much of southern maryland, eastern shore. and all the rest of virginia and maryland, near 40 degrees. that includes west virginia. here's the day planner. sunrise was at 5:59. that clear sky will warm up with the strong may sun, into the low 70s by mid-afternoon. lighter winds today, lots of sunshine throughout the day. here's your friday evening
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planner, clear, getting cool again. by midday, 50s. chilly start to saturday. we'll look at the mother's day weekend and next week. the seven-day outlook at 6:21. danella in. a crash at whitfield chapel at fowler plane. that's clear. travel lanes are open. 66 at route 7 westbound, still a report of a disabled vehicle blocking your right lane. but seeing very light volume as you make your way westbound. chopper 4 en route to check things out. to me, it looks like it might be gone. we'll make sure. traveling the beltway in prince george's county, checking the outer loop speed for you making your commute this morning. from route 50 to i-95, traveling 63 miles per hour. back to you. >> thank you. 6:12. 49 degrees. tom, i think you have a little competition here. you heard about surprise storms. this is a surprise weatherman. why the prince tried his hand at forecasting. and the magazine everyone's talking about. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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two tennessee girls are safe after being kidnapped two weeks ago by a man on the fbi's most wanted list. adam mayes shot and killed himself in mississippi. mayes is believed to have kidnapped the girls as well as their mother and older sister two weeks ago in tennessee. police found the mother and older sister's bodies buried behind mayes' home in mississippi. earlier in week, police charged his ex-wife with murder. she told officers she knew he had killed the women and helped
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bring the bodies to his home. nba player chris anderson is at the center of an ongoing police investigation. investigators from the internet crimes against children office seized computer hardware from the denver nuggets' center. officials have been investigating anderson for three months but will not specify for what possible charges. police have not arrested anderson. the 33-year-old has had legal trouble in the past, including being suspended by the nba for drug use. today in the john edwards campaign corruption trial, attorneys will ask a judge to dismiss the charges against him because of lack of evidence. his lawyers will make their motion to the judge without the jury present. yesterday prosecutors wrapped up their case by showing a televised interview from 2008. in it, edwards denied he fathered rielle hunter's child and said he never asked for a dime for an alleged cover-up. prosecutors say he repeatedly lied about the matter. he eventually admitted to having an affair and fathering the baby. edwards is accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign funds to hide his mistress and
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their child. he denies the charges. mothers everywhere are talking about the controversial cover of "time" magazine. >> it shows an l.a. mother breast-feeding her almost 4-year-old son. there's also a caption, "are you mom enough?" magazine editors say they ran the photo to go with a story about attachment parenting. the program calls for nursing children until they choose not to stop. or until they choose to stop. touting young kids in slings to be closer to their parents and to encourage them to sleep in bed with their mother and father. dr. bill sears wrote a book on the subject 20 years ago. a local lactation expert and several moms we spoke to are sounding off it the cover. >> women are pulled in so many directions today they don't need to be told when to stop breast-feeding. >> you've got to know your own kid. and i don't think there are many parents who don't take into account their own child's needs. >> of course that cover gives parents like me a bad name. >> dr. sears and advocates of
6:18 am
attachment parenting claim that it has many physiological and psychological benefits. the "time's" reporter says there is no long-term study that proves the benefits. like we said, a lot of people talking about this. i think a lot of it really is -- the imagery itself is shocking and would -- i would think spur any conversation. >> provocative i think "time" magazine is accomplishing what it went out to do, which is, of course, start a conversation on a touchy subject. when you call into question are you mom enough, you'll get moms up in arms. of course we're moms enough. we make tough choices, we have a very hard job. i don't like anyone trying to question our ability to parent. >> which is beyond just the attachment parenting or parenting style. >> exactly. >> the whole tiger mom thing a few months back sort of kind of similar line of thinking in terms of the -- >> and there was an article about the french mothering and parenting, how that's different from the way americans do it, as well. >> and so we want to know what you think, as well. you can share your comment on
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the "news4 today" facebook page. teresa hallway chimed in with three letters, "omg." the mother and son who posed on the cover will be on the "today" show. you can watch that live interview here on nbc 4 at 7:00. it could be a breakthrough in the fight against hiv. a drug commonly used to treat hiv may soon be used to prevent it. the fda is deciding whether truvada should be used or approved for people with a high risk of contracting the disease. in recent studies, truvada cut the risk of hiv infection by 44% in gay or bisexual men. that risk was cut by 75% in straight couples where one person was hiv positive. a final decision is expected by june 15. and a new weight loss drug could be on the market. a panel of health experts recommended the fda approve the use of lorcasarin for weight loss. the fda rejected it in the past because of potentially serious side effects including tumors. the maker of the drug says it is safe and should be prescribed to people who are obese or are
6:20 am
suffering from high blood pressure from being overweight. today first lady michelle obama will give the commencement speech at virginia tech. this is video of mrs. obama speaking to graduates at the university of northern iowa last year. white house officials have said she chose to speak at virginia tech because of the school's resilience in the face of campus violence. virginia governor bob mcdonnell will be at the graduation to see his daughter get her diploma there. her degree, rather. the first lady also plans to speak at north carolina a&t tomorrow and then oregon state on june 17. right now one million olympic tickets are on sale for the 2012 games in london. olympic organizers say priority will be given to people in britain who previously applied but did not get tickets. the seats are for the opening ceremony and for the 100-meter final. any unsold tickets will be avisible to the general public may 23. and you can watch the olympics right here on nbc 4 beginning july 27. get excited. >> absolutely. and tomorrow you can get a taste of britain right here in the d.c. area. the british embassy in northwest
6:21 am
washington celebrating the queen's jubilee as part of the european union open house day. the embassy is in the 3100 block of massachusetts avenue. it will open at 10:00 a.m. you can tour the gardens and learn how to play cricket. i might want to pop through there. >> yeah. >> you can make a tiara and write a message to her majesty, the queen. >> my daughter could go for making the tiara. might make a couple. the future king of england is taking on a new role. >> stepping in front of the tv cameras and tackling weather forecasting. take a look here. >> well, it's an unsettled picture as we head toward the end of the week. this afternoon, it will be cold, wet, and windy across most of scotland. we're under the influence of low pressure and this weather front pushing northward is bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain. the rain, of course, will be heaviest over the borders. >> that sounds pretty good to me. >> yeah. >> prince charles gave the forecast during a visit to a bbc station in glasgow, scotland. the prince and his wife's
6:22 am
appearance was to help bbc scotland celebrate 60 years on the air. >> looks good, too. what do you think, tom? >> i wonder what's in that pocket. he keeps putting his hand in the pocket there. >> he's running the teleprompter. >> there you go. look at the sunrise. live view over the potomac. a beautiful glitter path on the potomac. bright sun throughout the day today. and that strong may sun will warm us. we need warming. here's the hometown forecast for annapolis. warmer there, in the 50s on the bay. away from the waters, only around 40 degrees now. much of the area by noontime will be into the 60s. so will annapolis. and then during the afternoon we ought to make it -- actually into the metro area, the low 70s to mid 70s parts of virginia. right there on the bay, it's going to peak in the upper 60s to near 70. then this evening, getting cool. there on the bay, in the 60s. elsewhere, away from the waters, 50s by midnight. then 40s much of the region by dawn tomorrow. annapolis, they'll be in the 50s by dawn. then during the day on saturday into the 70s. a delightful day again tomorrow. sunshine, mother's day looking
6:23 am
great. 50s in the morning, afternoon highs near 80 with increasing clouds. could get rain, though, sunday night and off and on monday/tuesday next week. drying out midweek. danella, how's traffic? chopper 4 is in the sky. checking things 66 inside the beltway. earlier we had a cabled vehicle blocking the right lane at 7. no issues there. if you're traveling westbound, as well as making your way eastbound on 66, approaching the beltway, even inside the beltway, your volume is very light in this area. no issues to report. to 395 northbound, you are slowing down. you're seeing volume from duke as you make your way to little river turnpike. no accidents, and past liver riddle turnpike to the bridge -- little river turnpike to the bridge, on time. on the rails and marc, penn south 407, an 11-minute delay. the brunswick east line, train 890, an eight-minute delay. six minutes on the brunswick east 872. back to you both. >> thanks. 6:23. ahead, alarming information with summer around the corner. the problem that some health experts are calling an epidemic.
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and next, new information about that spy who prevented a terror attack on the u.s. whom the u.s. should be thanking [ dog barking ] mom!
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sources tell nbc news the al qaeda double agent who helped foil a bomb slot british. u.s., british, and saudi counterterrorism officials were involved in stopping the terror plot. the spy was sent to detonate a new, more sophisticated underwear bomb on a u.s. plane. security experts say al qaeda now recruiting people with western passports so they can get past security checks more easily. a health warning this morning. one serious sunburn can double a person's risk of getting a deadly form of skin cancer. the information comes from a study by the centers for disease control and prevention. the authors of the study fear people, especially young people, are not taking precautions. research shows half of u.s. adults under the age of 30 say they have had a sunburn at least once in the previous year. women this their 20s are also going to tanning salons nearly twice a month on average. it is 6:27 now. a former redskin and nfl legend joins the chorus of players who say they were taken advantage of. why art monk says the league
6:28 am
misled him about his health. plus, a sweet deal. the mayor's answering to questions about why his children were using a city luxury box. and the sun is up, but there is still a noticeable chill in the air.
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concussion concerns. a redskins legend is suing the nfl. what he says he was misled it all those hits he took. and ticket trouble, the mayor answering questions about why his children used the city luxury box during some of the hottest events in town. good morning and welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. let's take a live look outside now at 6:31. 49 degrees. beautiful sunshine. tom kierein has the latest on the forecast. what a gorgeous sunrise. live view from the h.d. city camera. look at that bright glitter path on the potomac river. yes, there is a chill in the air. in fact, feeling more like march than may. the area in blue, in the 30s or 40s, dark blue, 30s. that includes much of the shenandoah valley. above freezing, though. much of west virginia, western maryland, though, only just a couple of degrees above the freezing mark. closer to washington, areas in light blue, only the low 40s.
6:32 am
that is most of southern maryland, the rest of maryland, north and west of washington, and across most of virginia, in the 40s. these areas in green, near the bay, tidewater, generally in the low 50s. reagan national at 53. a bright and sunny morning, the strong may sun will work its magic. and by mid morning, upper 50s, near 60. and then by noontime, we should be climbing into the 60s. mostly sunny, just a few clouds coming through. and not as much wind today, either. then middle of the afternoon we ought to be peaking in the low 70s. by late afternoon, by 5:00, the sunshine, near 70. then by sunset at 8:10, back into the 60s. looks like a cool evening coming up. i'll have your friday evening planner coming up in a minute. danella, any traffic trouble? yeah. because of your friend, the sun. driving slow on 66 as you make your way eastbound at 50. quite a sun glare this morning. it is slowing you down. as you make your way to 50 to the beltway, slow on i-66. thanks, chopper 4.
6:33 am
over to i-270, no issues at shady grove making your way all the way to the split. but the bad news is, coming from frederick, you're really slow, jammed even as you make your way to 109. over to i-95, no problems at lorton. are you seeing some delays as you make your way out of quantico. you're under speed, just a bit, 44 miles per hour. about 32 minutes to drive from quantico to the beltway. aaron? thank you. this morning, the brother of two nfl stars will be in court facing murder charges. 19-year-old michael davis is charged with killing tourist gary diederichs by hitting him over the head with a hammer. davis has been in jail since last month. he's also charged with two other hammer attacks in the petworth area of the district. both of those victims survived. davis is the brother of 49ers tight end vernon davis and dolphins cornerback vantay davis. art monk is suing the nfl, accusing the league of not doing more to protect players from concussi concussions. the hall of famer is a lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by
6:34 am
63 former players. they're also going after helmet maker reidel. they said the league told them not to be overly concerned and returned to action minutes after the injuries. monk now suffers from headaches, speech difficulties, and short-term memory loss. the lawsuit is based on nfl commissioner goodell's admission in 2011 that the league had been studying the affects of traumatic brain injuries for nearly 14 years. according to the suit, the league did not acknowledge until 2010 that concussions can lead to dementia and memory loss. more than 1,000 former nfl players including 150 ex-redskins have now sued the league because because they say they were not warned of the risks of concussions. they say their head injuries were not properly diagnosed. and darrius heyward bay is facing drunk driving charges. he was pulled over last month after police saw him speeding and weaving. he failed a sobriety teft and was arrested. his blood alcohol level has not
6:35 am
been released but his attorney says it was low. he was drafted in 2009 and had the best season this past year after struggling his first two seasons. aaron? who has been cheering on the caps and nats from the luxury spooets controlled by the -- suites controlled by the mayor's office? the focus of wtop. reporting that vincent gray's adult children have been given tickets to concerts and sporting events at nationals park. they reportedly sat in luxury boxes the mayor's office controls. gray says his children often act as city ambassadors. keep in mind, when he was on the security council he criticized then-mayor fenty for keeping the tickets in the mayor's office and not giving them to council members. d.c. police chief kathy lanier is clearing the air, dismissing several allegations against her. she tells news4 she lives in the district and pays d.c. taxes. she says a report it her boyfriend who is a sergeant in the department is a cheap shot. during her monthly "ask the
6:36 am
chief" segment, lanier disputed the front page report in "the washington times." the story says her boyfriend earned $34,000 in overtime pay suggesting favoritism. >> i think it's a really cheap shot at my personal life. all the benefits that every member of the department gets are codified in law and get the same benefits. it can't be manipulated. so to suggest that i manipulated a particular sergeant's benefits is absolutely absurd. >> the article also suggested that the chief lives with her boyfriend in maryland. lanier says she owns a home in maryland but her primary residence is in the ft. lincoln neighborhood in northeast washington. by law she must live in the district. lanier tells news4 she's on call 24 hours a day. it makes sense to live in the district even if she didn't have to. a judge dropped drunk driving charges against the former head of the federal aviation administration, randy babbitt. the judge ruled the officer who pulled him over had no reason to do that after babbitt -- had no
6:37 am
reason to pull him over for a screening, which you could see on a dash cam video. showed babbitt driving normally. babbitt also was below the legal limit for alcohol. randy babbitt resigned in december when news of his arrest was made public. he says he does not regret stepping down. neighbors in prince george's county opposed to a controversial town center development will voice complaints today before the county council. hearings will resume at 10:00 on the proposal to build the development known as cafritz in riverdale park. it would include what would be the county's first whole foods storement many nearby residents fear the town center will lead to unbearable traffic and are concerned about the environment am impact the $226 million development would have on that area. the county council heard four hours of testimony on monday. ahead, the new redskins uniform that is a blast from the past. plus, an international drug ring busted. how investigators say some clever smugglers passed themselves off as tourists to get the drugs into the country. also, the incident that happened nearly 50 years ago
6:38 am
that mitt romney is apologizing for today. and may day, what happened to spring? temperatures plunged into the 40s overnight.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
weather & traffic on the 1s. good morning. tom kierein, storm center 4. you probably heard the furnace kicking in overnight. yeah, it's cold. down near 40 degrees in much of maryland, virginia, and west virginia. weather observers reporting upper 30s around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley into the mountains, even dipped to the upper 30s, parts of montgomery county, howard, loudoun. even prince william to culpeper and warrenton, only the upper 30s, near 40. much of southern montgomery county, fairfax, arlington, prince george's counties, in the low to mid 40s. hometown forecast for college
6:42 am
park in prince george's county, in the 40s there now. by noontime, mid 60s. and that will be true throughout the region and during the afternoon, peaking around 70 or so. and then for your friday evening, plan on heading out. does look like we'll have a clear sky tonight. but getting cool again by late evening, back down into the 50s much of the area. starting off saturday morning, again in the 40s to around 50 degrees early tomorrow morning. great weekend coming up. the delicious details in ten minutes. right now, danella, how's traffic? tom, that sounds good. i'm looking forward to you in ten minutes and the delicious details, to the rails, not bad right now. penn south, you are seeing a delay, ten minutes. this is on train number 407. also on the marc, on the brunswick east line. an eight-minute delay on train 872. metro and vre aren't reporting delays at this time. over to route 50 at landover road, making your way westbound, inbound to the city, you are clear. your travel speed, you're zooming by 56 miles per hour from the beltway to 295. and connecting on to new york avenue, it's sunny, no major
6:43 am
issues to report right now. i'm back in ten with another look at your traffic. now back to you. >> all right. thank you. 6:42. mitt romney is apologizing for incidents that happened nearly half a century ago. the presumptive republican presidential nominee says he's sorry for pranks he pulled back in high school. according to the "washington post," romney once led other classmates at his michigan prep school in pinning down another student against his will and cutting his hair. that student later came out as gay. romney says he didn't know anything about his sexual orientation at the time. >> you know, i don't -- i don't remember that incident. and i'll tell you, i certainly don't believe that i or -- i can't speak for others, of course, but thought that someone was homosexual. that -- that was the furthest thing from our minds in the 1960s. that was not the case. but as to pranks that were played back then, i don't remember them all. again, you know, high school days, if i did stupid things,
6:44 am
i'm afraid that i -- i got to say sorry for it. >> other former classmate of romney's say they are shocked at the allegations and say they never know him to act viciously. president obama reportedly accepted joe biden's apology for comments he made about same-sex marriage. the vice president endorsed the unions during an interview on "meet the press." the comments made same-sex marriage a hot issue this past week and led to the president to offer his support for gay marriages. he had maintained for years that his opinion on the issue had been evolving. the president reportedly told biden he knew he was speaking from his heart when talking about same-sex marriage. president obama will head to reno, nevada, today speak about the economy. the president will apparently have to convince millions of americans that the economy is improving. just 2 % of people polled by the associated -- 20% of people polled by the associated press said the economy was good. 10% down from february. 2/3 see the economy as poor.
6:45 am
22% say it's improving in the last month. that's down from 28% in february. this morning, fbi agents are trying to determine how widespread an international cocaine smuggling operation went. and it's centered in fairfax county. federal agents arrested 28 people accuse of bringing millions of dollars of drugs from honduras to northern virginia the past six years. the drugs were sold in north carolina, virginia, maryland, and massachusetts. agents say they smuggled the drugs into the dulles airport by concealing them in picture frames and other trinkets making it seem like the smugglers were tourists. police arrested 30-year-old menage muni for a massachusetts growing operation in baltimore county. the former crime scene technician concealed the smell by installing a ventilation system. officers discovered 341 mature plants worth a half million dollars growing in the basement of a laurel home. police say a tip led them to the
6:46 am
home. police are looking into whether others were involved. a stallen state trooper -- fallen state trooper will be honored in maryland nearly a year after his death. this afternoon, state police will unveil a memorial highway sign in honor of trooper first class shaft hunterment he was killed in a crash on interstate 95 near the laurel rest area last may. police believe hunter was chasing a speeding motorcycle when his cruder hit a tractor-trailer. this morning, police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting outside a recreation center at prince george's county. it happened last night in the 2700 block of firehouse road in landover, not far from fedex field. police found a man suffering from gunshot wounds on a wooded pathd near the kentland park recessionriation center. the center was close -- recreation center. the center was closed at the time. no word on what he was doing at the park. he's expected to be okay. police have not released suspect information. 6:46. a toddler is in critical condition after nearly drowning in the bathtub of her laurel home. this happened at a house along 10th street last night. police say family members called
6:47 am
911 and performed cpr on the girl after she was found under water. officials did not release the child's age or the circumstances surrounding the incident. one person in the hospital this morning a day after an explosion rocked the national building museum. firefighters say a small propane tank exploded in the kitchen around dinnertime last night. that blast created a flash fire. one man burned his hands and face. he was in serious condition as of last night. some people in a virginia beach apartment complex can move back home today. more than a month ago, a navy jet crashed into the apartments damaging many of those units. crews had to demolish 27 units that were beyond repair. earlier this week, utilities were restored to the undamaged apartments. no one was injured in the crash. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. coming up on 12 before the hour. right now, traders are bracing for a potentially rough day on wall street. that's because of a surprise announcement after the closing bell. cnbc's jackie deangelis joins us with more.
6:48 am
good morning. good morning to you. futures are lower, but the banking sector is in focus as jpmorgan chase shocked investors by revealing that it lost $2 billion of its own money on bad trades in the global credit markets. ceo jamie diamond who has staked the bank's reputation on having a strong balance sheet says that the losses were a result of bad judgment. jpmorgan shares dropped sharply in the after-hours session as did other bank stocks. the revelations could provide fuel to supporters of tighter regulation on wall street. asian and european markets are lower today. we'll get data on inflation and consumer sentiment. the dow snapped a six-day losing streak, rising nearly 20 points to 12,855. the nasdaq slipping one point to 2,933. back to you. >> thank you. if you're looking for a job, you've come to the right place. a new report by "forbes" says that d.c. is the best place in the country to find a job right now. they say low unemployment, around 5.5% in march, and the diversity of the job market make it the best place to find
6:49 am
employment. austin, texas, came in second. ithaca came in third. the baltimore-towson area in maryland ranked ninth. unemployment there is about 7%. after months of delays, designers will unveil the latest design changes to the memorial for president dwight d. eisenhower next week. this has been a long process because the eisenhower family has criticized part of the memorial that depict the former two-term president as a boy. they said that it spent too much time focusing on his life outside of being president and being in the military. if the memorial commission votes to approve the changes, the design will go before the national capital planning commission. organizers hope to break ground on the $112 million memorial sometime this year near the national mall. all right. let's take a live look outside now. beautiful, bright sunshine in the nation's capital. 49 degrees, pretty chilly start. making feel like march or something. >> wow. >> the sun has been up for almost an hour. pushing close to an hour now. it doesn't -- doesn't feel like it yet. >> yeah.
6:50 am
it's going to take a while for the may sun to work its magic. look at the gorgeous glitter on the potomac. 53 the warm spot because of the warmer waters of the potomac river. elsewhere, cold. looking like may anyway. rye s -- ryan sprouse sent this in. later today you can go swimming at paula's house. gorgeous pool this. >> all right -- >> certainly doesn't feel like it now. thanks for sending in the photos. we appreciate it. be sure to include your name and location, too. and near 40 degrees now, though. not pool weather yet across much of virginia and maryland, upper 30s, just near 40. it's going to be nice for the pool by later this afternoon. we'll be climbing into the low to mid 70s. so quite a dramatic warmup with that strong may sun. we'll have our sunset at 8:10. by then, back into the 60s. for your friday night, clear and cool, we'll be down to the 50s
6:51 am
by midnight. then the 40s again saturday morning. not quite as cold as this morning. and then a warmer afternoon on saturday. into the upper 70s tomorrow afternoon. we'll have a lot of the sun and as we get into saturday night, clear, back down to the 60s during the evening. then the 50s by dawn on mother's day sunday. sun in the morning. then beginning to cloud up sunday afternoon. highs around 80, though, a nice afternoon. and then as we get back to work and school on monday, does look like a chance for rain moving in. in fact, could get rain sunday evening as well as into monday. just light rain, not heavy. just off and on showers monday with highs in the low 70s. the extended outlook into next week, could get more showers and then perhaps showers off and on tuesday. by midweek, we'll dry out. highs in the 70s on wednesday, thursday, morning lows in the 50s. now for your friday morning commute, danella, how's it looking? very slow on 395. traveling 395 at duke street, you can see these cars are piling up. very slow trip to the 14th
6:52 am
street bridge now. you're under speed the entire way. about 26 miles per hour. 25 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. hey, it's friday. why not take the day off and go over the bay bridge, do something nice for mom. take her for a walk. crossing over the bay bridge, 50. out of town heading toward annapolis, nice and clear. nothing but green. if you have the day off right now, take mom for a walk. it will cost you basically nothing. aaron, over to you. >> i had that video game. >> do you? >> i have this one. i usually hit the other cars, though. 6:52 now. today some virginia lawmakers will tour a brac site to see how the military move is affecting traffic. congressman moran will lead the tour of what's known as the brac number 198 facility. that's on route 50 in falls church. moran wants to know how traffic has been impacted, if there are alternatives for commuters, and how to reduce noise and light pollution. more than 3,000 federal employees began moving to the
6:53 am
site last month. more bad news for the silver line. not only is funding in limbo, now most virginians say they don't support the project. a poll found that only 32% of virginians believe the project is extremely or very important. 64% say it's not important. however, when you look at just northern virginia, those numbers are flip-flopped. 2/3 of northern virginians support the project, and more than 40% say it is extremely important. the second phase lost significant funding when georgia's general assembly left $300 million for the project out of the budget. the first lady and dr. jill biden hosted military mothers, grandmothers, and children at the white house in honor of mother's day. kids got to create mother's day cards and gifts in the state dining room, then moved to the east room to present the gifts to their moms during the afternoon tea. the first lady also hosted a separate joint forces service event at the naval observatory. they assembled hundreds of care packages for mothers and wives who is husbands deployed overseas. this season marks the 80th
6:54 am
anniversary of the washington redskins. >> that's right. and they are honoring their past with a special set of uniforms. take a look. the team unveiled the new throwback jerseys at redskins park. they modeled the old school burgundy and gold uniforms. it is a version of the 1937 redskins uniform complete with the leather helmet look and a different shade of burgundy. if you couldn't tell there. the team will wear those throwback jerseys -- i don't know about the leather helmets. they will do that twice this season. >> i like the uniforms. but apparently the only uniform you'll see this weekend is the one right here. hello! >> look at you rocking the red! >> the caps are taking on the new york rangers in the seventh final game. they're playing in new york, though. you know what happened last series -- >> that's a little big. >> it is. nicholas backstrom. >> good stuff. >> you know, winner takes all. >> yes. >> in the last series, we beat boston in boston and won the
6:55 am
series. we can do it again. i'm confident. go, caps. >> in new york, beat the rangers. i feel like i should throw you an elbow. >> don't do. that i don't have my helmet on and all the padding. all the stuff. >> you can catch the game on the nbc sports network. of course, puck drops at 7:30. that is tomorrow night. >> go, caps! >> i want you to keep that on the rest of the day. >> all right. tom, quick out-the-door forecast? >> today, off to a chilly start now, just upper 30s to around 40 degrees. you need a coat. then later, coming home, you'll be fine. short sleeves, into the 70s. lots of sunshine. and then on saturday, another chilly start, the 40s, afternoon highs climbing to the upper 70s tomorrow. then a bit milder for mother's day sunday. sun in the morning, clouds in the afternoon, high around 80. and first part of next week, looking a little damp. could get passing showers from late sunday night off and on monday. monday night through tuesday, drying out, midweek. how's traffic? taking a look at the beltway, the outer loop in montgomery county. not seeing any major incidents for you. as far as accidents go at all. and your travel speed, not bad
6:56 am
from i-95 to i-270. you're driving at about 47 miles per hour. taking 12 minutes on the ride. happy friday to you. and a lot of are you facing light volume in the area. aaron and eun? >> sounds good. thank you. and that is "news4 today." we appreciate you starting your day and spending your week with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather & traffic on the 1s. we'll have breaking news, hope we'll have smiles on our fasds because the caps will have won the series. >> to all the mothers out there, have a happy mother's day.
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