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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 11, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> and i'm pat lawson muse. this controversial breast feeding cover on "time" magazine is getting a lot of new reaction today. >> that mother and nearly 4-year-old child featured on the cover appeared on the "today" show. amanda rause gathered reaction to attachment parenting. >> each person has their observe opinion as to what is right to them and their child. >> this "time" magazine cover is causing a stir it shows a 26-year-old mother breast feeding her 3-year-old son. this is putting attachment parenting in the spotlight. with attachment parenting, the article says there are three main factors, breast feeding, sometimes until the child is 2 or 3 years old. cosleeping. putting the baby in bed with you. and baby wearing, which means carrying a child in a sling against your body. some experts say it helps create
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a strong bond between mother and child. and a well-adjusted child. >> i don't feel like that take as way from my own personal life, my relationship with my husband. it's very, very important to me, and it gives my children a strong bond too. >> reporter: some support the idea. she says breast feeding is healthier for the baby. >> i'm totally in for it. i breast fed her for at least a year. >> reporter: while she doesn't go to extremes, she can see why mothers might disagree with attachment parenting. >> i do believe in breast feeding. but 2 or 3 is a bit much and certainly very demanding on moms, but to each their own. >> there are benefits to breast feeding, but to me personally, there should be a cutoff. >> women don't need to be told when to stop breast feeding is there a shock factor? it dpenz on which culture you live in. nursing a 3-year-old is not an
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unusual thing. but that picture misrepresents what breast feeding a toddler is like. there is more danger on standing on a stool than breast feeding a 3-year-old. >> "time" magazine cover was number one search on google today. veronica johnson starts us off with the weekend and the storm center. hey, veronica. >> hey, there. i can't let you give it all away not that easy. you know, on sunday, some locations could have a few problems. i'll sflexplain more later. pristine. blue skies. temperatures early part of the day. these numbers, 39 degrees in frederick and gaithersburg. to frederick county, maryland, montgomery county. and 39 the start in culpepper, and 37 in winchester, virginia. without a doubt. a lot of folks walk out the door with the jacket on.
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try to get out the door with short pants on and turned around, went right back in. 72 degrees right now. breezy today too. wind gusts at 18 miles per hour throughout the area. breezy, sunshine, and we're generally in the low 70s throughout the area. 68 in leesburg. 24-mile-per-hour gusts, baltimore toward camp sprunging. 69 degrees at 7:00 p.m. very few clouds around. 68 by 11:00 p.m. and sunset, folks, at 8:10. nice and late for you. winds relaxing this evening. as far as temperatures, tomorrow morning, patchy frost in the valleys and we'll talk about where there might be a few drops on sunday. coming up. >> in the race for the white house, president obama and mitt romney on the campaign trail today in two key states, talking about the economy.
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it's a shift from another hot button issue, gay marriage, that dominated both campaigns this week. steve handlesman, with the latest from the trail. >> reporter: in north carolina, mitt romney tried to change the subject. back to jobs. >> we're on the verge of a manufacturing resurgence in this country. jobs will come back with the right policies. >> reporter: but where romney was today, kept the week's biggest issue out front. same-sex marriage. north carolinians voted tuesday to ban it. president obama backed it wednesday. and yesterday came the story that romney allegedly bullied a boy thought to be kay, 50 years ago when they were teens at this michigan boarding school. romney claimed he doesn't remember. >> i did some stupid things when i was in high school. i would be very sorry for it and apologize for it. >> reporter: barack obama cashed
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in on gay marriage, george clooney had an event in a clear tent. he bragged when he made news and his campaign took in an estimated $15 million. today, the president went to nevada. he took credit for a program that saving the keller family $240 a month on their mortgage, and republicans agreed to expand it. >> i'm calling on congress to give every responsible homeowner, the chance to save an average of $3,000 a year when refinancing their mortgage. >> reporter: back to dollars and cents issues. a new "usa today"/gallup poll finds that more americans trust mitt romney that barack obama about handling the economy.
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officials tell nbc news that a double agent for the british passport foiled an al qaeda group in yemen. it was provided by britain's intelligence agency as part of t the ruse. the agent was an attractive terror candidate. an al qaedaunder wear bomb was snuck out of yemen. the officials spoke anonymously. the man arrested for trying to open a cabin door of a u.s. airways jet is out of jail on bond. the man was granded ee eed bai night. thursday's flight from main to philadelphia made an emergency landing at logan airport after
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passengers and the flight attendant subdued him. authorities say he became disoriented. and they don't believe this was terrorism, and his lawyer says he suffers from a neurological disorder that cause confusion. two kidnapped girls safe with family tonight. a day after they were rescued by a man wanted by the fbi for killing their mother and sister. right now, a news conference is under way in mississippi. it's expected to shed some light on three additional arrests in the case. nbc a bnch krnc nbc's chris clackum has our report. >> a suspected murderer on the run with two kidnapped girls ended here in alpine, mississippi, hours after being placed on the fbi's ten most wanted list. a phone tip led police to the woods behind this church late thursday afternoon where a local game warden found mays and the two kidnapped sisters. after refusing to surrender, mays took his own life. >> officers immediately issued
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command to adam mays to show his hands. mays pulled a semi automatic pistol from his waistband and shot himself in the head. >> reporter: 12-year-old alexandra and her 8-year-old sister kyliyah were found safe and released after a few hours. the two were kidnapped by mays along with their mother, joanne bain and sister adrienne two weeks ago. joanne and adrienne were murdered and buried behind mays' house in mississippi before going on the run with two other girls. his wife, teresa, faces first-degree murder charges after confessing to involvement in the case, but her mother says, mays forced her to take part. >> i know that she was coerced and manipulated and forced to do the things that she did.
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>> reporter: authorities don't know what motivated mays to do this. to a family he was once close to, and with him dead, we may never know. chris clackum, nbc news. john edwards' lawyers tried to have the corruption charges thrown out of court today, but the judge says the trial will go on. lawyers argued that the prosecution failed to prove edware edwards intentionally violated the law. he is accused of master minding secret payment to hide his mist ress during his 2008 campaign. he faces up to 30 years in prison. his lawyers begin calling witnesses on monday. financial stocks are reeling today after the nation's biggest bank, jpmorgan, suffered a colossal trading loss. the security and exchange commission, the s.e.c., says it's looking into it jpmorgan announced late yesterday it lost
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$2 billion in just the past six weeks. the money was in a portfolio that manages the risk the bank takes on with its own money. that portfolio turned out more volatile than first thought this trading loss is an embarrassment to jpmorgan. they came out in '08 financial crisis than many other banks because it kept clear of risky investme investments. stock plunged earlier today. but the broader market got help with gains in technology stocks. the nasdaq ending this week flat and the s & p down 4 points. officially graduation season and today virginia tech's class of 2012 got words of encouragement from the first lady. michelle obama addressed a crowd of more than 5,000 in blacksburg and praised the university's
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resilience in violence. she said don't let others define your school by tragedy, but the success of alumni. >> i promise you that no matter you wind up, you can create a they' thriving community of your own if you're willing to put in the same kind of energy and effort you invested here at virginia tech. >> tomorrow, mrs. obama will speak at the commencement ent e at north carolina a & t. a competition just for dogs. and beyonce is headed to court. why the popular singer is being you sued. and a blockbuster movie opening this weekend. talk about one lucky child, after a child fell out of a
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juicy johnsonville sausage. made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945.
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johnsonville. sausage is all we do. ♪ a lawsuit against beyonce, headed to trial. she's being sued by a video game developer that said she backed out of a $20 million deal. the company, called gate five.
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calling on a game superpower beyonce. gate 5 didn't have financing in place. but beyonce pulled out three days before it was going to sign a contract to put that financing in place according to the game producer. according to them, beyonce should have given notice she was pulling out. and zoey dechannel will be cast in a broadway role as loretta lynn. lynn made a similar announcement back in 1979, when she revealedsirevealed sis osy spacek will play her in the film role "coal miner's daughter". alicia keys' backup singer is now front and center 24 hours after winning "the voice".
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>> jermaine paul. >> paul was crowned on tuesday night. he won a recording deal with universal republic records and a $100,000 prize. this morning, he paid a visit to "today." >> it was amazing. so many interviews, and you know, media outlets. saying thank you to all of america for voting me here and making me the winner. i feel honored and feel gratitude. ♪ >> jermaine paul performed "open arms" from journey, dedicating it to his wife for her support. >> the crowd was loving him. >> what a voice. before "twilight" and "true blood" vampires ruled daytime tfrp v tfrptv in a gothic tv show.
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>> "the dark shadow's" is being remade, starring johnny depp. >> i'm safe at last. >> reporter: for many kids of the 1960s "dark shadows" was must-see after school tv. >> the disembodied spirits, for like the kids that didn't fit in. >> reporter: johnny depp was among those enthralled. >> uncanny, is it not? >> reporter: now he's play the character in the big screen remake. >> something he reached back. important to him. >> burton's update plays more for comedy than the original. back then, many laughs were unintentional. they stem from the show's low budget and a schedule that rarely allowed for second takes.
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>> there was no post production no, editing, that's one reason that everything that went wrong, forgetting the lines, whatever it was, it's all there for postterity. >> reporter: the show's supernatural appeal wasn't lost on the new cast. >> all of this will remain our secret. >> i revisited the show, watched it every morning getting ready for work, and i got just as obsessed with it. >> reporter: the new big budget version of "dark shadows" looks to cast a similar spell. rafael seth, nbc news. >> barnabus collins hasn't aged much, has he? >> not with all that makeup. tim tebow trending on twitter this time about his dog. >> the new jets quarterback wants to pay homage to his new neighborhood, so he changed the name of his dog from bronco to bronx and that begun a new trend on twitter.
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#rejectedtebowdog names. some names, el way, completion, starter, champ, peyton and the list go ahees on and on. >> go bronx. >> you be the judge. eiffel tower or eye sore. >> a new structure built especially for the london games is now complete. but opinion about it is very mixed. here it is, the orbit tower stands 377 feet high, and it's surrounded by looped and twisted red steel. once inside, visitors get a stunning panoramic view of the city. fans say it's ai significant landmark that rivals the eiffel tower. but critics say it looks more like a roller coaster gone bad. only those with olympic game tickets can go inside it will be open to the public next year. >> reporter: it does look a bit like a carnival ride to me. a version of the olympics, only with dogs this time has come to the u.s. for the first time.
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ajijity world championship. is being held in ft. worth, texas. the fur will fly as those are testing skills, speed, and accuracy, and it gets a bit competitive. >> we're starting to bond more and more, and watch out for us, everybody, on sunday. >> i still root for my american friends, but i'm also a new zealander. >> some dogs are trained to run 180 yard courses in -- boy, that one is hungry. in 40 seconds or less. 180 yards, pretty incredible. they are born to swim. i wonder if there is a swimming event. >> i bet your dog can do that. >> he's fast. put a squirrel out there, ki outrun anybody. >> what one guy spent trying to make a replica of noah's arc. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. a colorado man has built you his own version of noah's arc. he put the wooden replica to the test yesterday.
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it is about one-tenth the size of the, and took about a year to build. he says he built the vessel to dispel rumors the original arc never existed. he's planning to build a full-scale arc the next time. whenever that is. >> which will probably take him ten years. nice weather? >> a very nice weekend. i have stuff planned for myself. every time someone will ask me, look at the calendar, it's on there. isn't that terrible? here is the deal. clouds will start to sneak in on sunday. so if you really want to take advantage of the real pretty pristine weather this weekend, get out saturday, even with mom, you know, if you want her to enjoy the outdoors. as far as today goes. a bright sky, a few clouds. but another breezy day. we have not, however, seen wind gusts as high as they are
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yesterday. current winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour, gusting to 18 miles per hour. boy, oh, boy, is the air dry. dewpoint temperature at 34 degrees. humidity at 25%. so overnight, clouds out there right now. those will be making their way out of here, clear, starry sky for us. temperatures dropping down to the upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow morning, 40 to 50 degrees. 40 degrees far north and west again. because we have high pressure over the area now. you can see by the clear sky. on satellite and radar, clear sky up north. all the way down south through north carolina. and those temperature here today, again, upper 60s to low 70s, even south, 70 richmond and roanoke. 70 in charleston, west virginia. so the nice conditions are going to hang on, great evening for us. we'll have warmth tomorrow, these clouds, those will be high clouds moving in for tomorrow afternoon. you can see by the blobs of
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green, those are coming into kentucky. that's our rain out ahead of the next weather system. not going to see it at all saturday, but look how close it gets to us on mother's day. 'spos from frederi spots from frederick county in maryland to frederick county, virginia. a sprinkle by late afternoon on sunday. partly sunny to mostly cloudy type day it will be warm, however, both days out of this weekend. your evening forecast. clear, breezy, a great evening again. sunset, 8:10. 55 to 65 degrees. wind starts to settle. tomorrow morning, fairly light out of the west. 5 miles per hour. between 45 and 55 degrees, way to the north again. a few locations in the 30s. jacket weather for sure tomorrow morning again. and then for tomorrow afternoon, sunshine, nice and warm, it's going to be absolutely positively great weather for saturday. 74 to 80. take a look at sunday.
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right up to 80 degrees again. next week is looking much cooler. the temperatures back down into the 70s and next week is also looking unsettled. we have several days featuring showers and evening some thunderstorms, but for all you moms right now, we're going okay for the weekend. >> all right. >> thanks, veronica, happy mother's day. >> thank you very much. still to come at news 4 the at 4:00, an update on the third grade they' grader that weighed more than 215 pounds. toothpaste is not formulated for cleaning dentures,
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the abrasives in the toothpaste actually create those micro fine scratches in the denture, and that's where bacteria can grow and thrive. these are the very bacteria that can cause bad breath. dentists do recommend that you soak your denture in polident. polident doesn't scratch the denture surface, and it kills 99.9% of bacteria that are responsible for causing bad breath. by using polident and soaking your denture every day you can feel confident your dentures fresh and clean.
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welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handly. i'm pat lawson muse. headlines this hour. the breast feeding mother and her nearly 4-year-old son featured on "time" magazine's cover appeared on "today" this morning. jamie grumet spoke about her feelings about attachment period, including breast feeding through the toddler years, cosleeping, and baby wearing. three more people arrested and charged in the kidnapping two of girls from tennessee. they were rescued last night in mississippi. the fbi says tonight they were taken by a man who was wanted for killing their mother and sister. investigators say 35-year-old adam mays killed himself as authorities closed in. first lady michelle obama, graduation speaker for virginia tech's graduation class 2012. she praised resilience in the face of tragedy and encouraged students to live life on their own terms while strengthening
4:31 pm
their community. mrs. obama will speak at a&t's commencement tomorrow. and work of jpmorgan's loss sparked a financial sell-off. but gains in tech offset some losses. dow ended at 12,820. nasdaq ended flat at 2,933. s & p lost about 4 points. they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. the battlory a million dollar lottery ticket has intensified. >> one woman threw it away, and another woman picked it up and cashed in. >> surveillance video shows why the original woman should get it according to the judge. >> sharon dunkin says the fight over a winning million dollar lottery prize was never a case of finders keepers. she never threw threw it away.
4:32 pm
>> no way i would have thrown that in the ticket bin. that is crazy. >> this is surveillance video provided today by duncan's attorney, which shows sharon scanning the ticket in lottery's bar code reader which verifies whether it is or isn't a winner. so you are certain you scanned the ticket that day? >> i am certain. i scan each one three times, i watch the scanner, it says sorry, not a winner. >> reporter: the arkansas lottery commission says the machine was working properly. sharon says she tossed the ticket, not into the garbage, but a bin that becomes property of lisa treachus and enters it for secondary prizes are so this isn't trash? >> no it's a ticket bin. >> reporter: there was suit filed for the winnings. a judge decided sharon duncan is entitled to the million dollars.
4:33 pm
the woman who originally claimed the prize adds mitts to taking tickets from that bin. no one stopped her and there was no sign. >> i didn't think justice was done. trash is trash. i couldn't believe he went that way. >> reporter: she collected the money. now pending an appeal, she has to give it up. >> i think you have to look at the facts of the case and the -- and that's what the judge did in this case. >> reporter: underwood proposed dividing the money between the parties, but no settlement could be reached. if you put something in the trash, you feel like it's still yours? >> yes. when the scanner said, sorry, it's not a winner and come to find out that it was, i think it's mine. >> reporter: a game of chance becomes a fight for a fortune. as two sides battle over a jackpot. >> now, arkansas there's a points for prizes system where
4:34 pm
losing tickets can be redeemed for secondary prizes like magazine subscriptions or toys. sharon jones collected it to get a soccer ball or basketball for her grandchildren. >> interesting story. toyota unveiled new models of the corolla sedan. the new axio and fielder wagon at a car show in japan. both vehicles have been made smaller to make driving and parking easier. toyota says they are also more efficient vehicles. this is the 11th model of the corolla since it was launched in 1966. there is no word on when the redesigned models will hit u.s. showrooms. a young child in china cheats death twice, and it's all caught on camera. >> this is pretty scary to watch. the driver of this vehicle says his 4-year-old daughter climbed from the back seat into the front and opened the door suddenly while he was driving. she falls onto the road, narrowly missing the back wheel of the car. but into the path of a following
4:35 pm
taxi. just then as you can see, the taxi managed to stop in time. the panicked path father leaps from the car and it careens to a nearby tree. a judge may have saved the life of an obese child from ohio. >> the child is a third grader that was ordered out of his mother's home because he weighed nearly 220 pounds. a juvenile judge placed the protective order in november. the good news here, the child's uncle stepped in and under his care, the child lost 166 pounds. authorities say social services will monitor the child's care since he is now back with his mother. and although he is put on seven more pounds since moving back, the judge ruled there was enough progress made to keep him home. more to come on news 4 at 4:00. whitney houston's family getting their own reality show. the fbi searches the home of
4:36 pm
a reputed mobber in pursuit of the biggest art heist in history. and who pays for traffic
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who pays the s the electri
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for traffic lights, who is the history of mother's day, and let's ask liz, the answer leady. chris wants to know if utility companies have to send bills to customers a certain number of days before they are due? for instance if your bill is due on may 20th, when should you expect to get a statement? >> a good question. we spoke to several jurisdictions for this answer. the d.c. public service commission says payments due within 20 days after the date the bill is rendered. in virginia, the state corporation commission says it has no specific relations on when a utility bill is issued to the due date itself, in maryland, all residential@ly you tillity bills are due upon receipt. the pay by date is not a due date, but the date after which a late fee is applied. >> our next question from
4:40 pm
charles in ashburn, virginia. he wants to know who pays for the electricity for traffic lights in our area? >> speaking of electric bills, we got the france several different jurisdictions from this one. the d.c. department of transportation says it pays for street lights and traffic signals. get this, it pays more than $9 million for this electricity. although 50% of power purchased by the district government is created by wind power in virginia, the department of transportation pays for traffic lighting in much of the state. however, northern virginia cities and towns, including arlington count, locally owned and paid for by those jurisdictions. there you go. >> last question, about a very important day coming up. sunday. mother's day. >> sunday. sunday. sunday. >> some of our viewers want to know how did mother's day become a holiday? >> we went to the united states
4:41 pm
census bureau to see how it all started. a woman named anna jarvis was the woman who organized observances in grafton, weigh, and in pennsylvania. it became popular all around the country so jarvis went before congress to try to make it an official holiday and succeeded in 191 h4. the second monday in may is designated mother's day. send this to "ask liz" if you have a question. and on facebook search liz kreb shaw's consumer watch. coming up, what are the rules regarding noisy construction project start times? where can you recycle old computer batteries and games? and how do you stop unwanted credit card offers in the mail? i'll let you know the answer to those on news 4 at 5:00. join us then.
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>> happy mother's day. >> you too. when we come back, just in time for wedding season, a local spot opens up an outdoor venue. a television offer whi
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whether you're going to theblo theblowntakens or the beach, we have a forecast for you for the weekend. >> a little different depending on where you are on sunday, as we head over to the weather
4:45 pm
mall. the pollen count too. out there sneezing. the mold spore count up today, jim. don't known you are baothered b that. and trees running moderate now. trees high so many weeks. moderate today, 75 grains per cubic meter. grass moderate. as far as temperatures go, bottom and top of the screen. frederick county maryland, thurmont, 68. 73, one of the hammer spots in hollywood, maryland. in the south, temperatures a little higher. tomorrow morning, grab that jacket again if you are headed out early. we'll start out in the low 40s to low 50s with the clear sky and at least we'll have a much lighter wind around the area. there will be a few locations starting in the 30s. martinsburg, 38. and could be patchy frost in the
4:46 pm
highlands tomorrow morning. high temperature with a lot of sunshine. getting 80 degrees. 80 in culpepper, and some high clouds will be coming in from the west. i think areas along and east of i-95 should stay pretty bright with sunshine. so for sunday, 76, partly sunny, a sprinkle around. analysis, maryland, delightful location, 7 9. feeling lice. and oigs city, 73 and a lot of sunshine around the area. for your forecast, as we take a look at your four-day forecast for the weekend, delightful for monday, tuesday, wednesday, and maybe even thursday. we are talking about rain for next week. a lot of folks for sunday looking for the perfect place to take mom. okay. i think i found the right location. >> do tell. >> yes, it's a location you might say with a grand view.
4:47 pm
take a look at this. ♪ >> it's a perfect setting and it's right in our backyard. gaylord national resort and convention center, premiered their new outdoor waterfront. they wanted to create an experience no anywhere locally. leaving visitors with the wow factor, ideally situated facing west, there is a dramatic breath taking view with fantastic sunsets. at first you will not only be amazed by the view, but also the food. >> we do have an amazing culinary team and our executive chef is phenomenal. he loves to sit with brides and grams and go over what they like in particular. >> helping to kick off the opening of the national harbor view river view terrace is the
4:48 pm
couple getting there married first. johnny and rad yens bought their wedding package on line of all places. >> popped up, on gilt city deal. and i went and looked at it on the website and i immediately called him, and i'm like you know we want to get married at the gaylord. there's this deal right now. and i list everything, and he's like wow, that's amazing. >> the wedding takes place mid august and johnny has advice for other couples planning. >> be patient, don't stress, and are you together, so do it together. >> event planners can customize packages like adding twinkle lights to adorn the landscape and illuminate the night. by far, the favorite is the signature kiss good night. a private fireworks show over the potomac. >> love those fireworks. so, again, go there for an event, for any reception you want to hold there, and for weddings too. walk right up there, guys, and you can watch the sunset.
4:49 pm
that's a good place to take mom. sunset by the way at 8:10. >> spectacular. >> doesn't cost anything. >> a beautiful place to watch it. thanks, veronica. coming up next, facebook changes it's policy for privacy settings. plus, one more measure proof. no such thing as a routine traffic stop for officers. coming up at 5:00, new video showing masked men storm a video store in silver spring. police hope this leads to an arrest. and mayor gray giving his friends and staff freebis, handing out sky suite tickets at the verizon center. and shelby cobra has died. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪
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facebook updating data use policy on its site to let you know more about how it shares your information. the new transparency comes after an audit by the irish consumer protection agency. the social network says it will use anything it puts on facebook to gear ads toward you. those ads may appear on other websites as well. it will keep your data as long as they feel necessary to provide you services this, a week before the company's initial public offering of
4:53 pm
stock. a new lifetime reality show in the works, featuring the family of whit noaa houston. called the houston family chronicles. the show will include bobbi kristina and her mother,sissy. but the focus on pat houston, the sister-in-law and manager of the late singer. whitney houston's cousin dionne warwick, cec krench we winans a are featured in the show. >> is it just me, or is it too soon? >> it seems a little soon. a police officer forced to jump into a moving car. t
4:54 pm
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[ mosquitoes buzzing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] repel mosquitoes without spraying your skin. try off! clip-on repellant. in minutes, its fan surrounds you, head to toe with effective odorless protection. whether it's at a game, enjoying family, or just relaxing, repel mosquitoes away without a spray. off! clip-on. keeps bugs off. clip the coupon in this sunday's paper. sc johnson. a family company.
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turned anything but routine in ft. meyers, florida. the whole thing caught on cruiser dashcam on wednesday. officers stopped a car and asked the man to get out. but instead he took off. one of the officers jumped into the car to avoid getting run over, and eventually grabbed control of the steering wheel and got the car to stop. the driver is in jail, charged with aggravated battery and resisting arrest. fbi agents searched the home
4:57 pm
of robert genteel. if that name doesn't ring a bell, he's a reputed mobster. his lawyer thinks that investigators are looking to tie him to the most famous art heist in history at isabella stewart gardner museum in boston. >> we have a peaceful little kingdom here, you know, that's just average people, very nice neighbors, so it's really a surprise. >> reporter: dozens of law enforcement personnel, some in protective white suits, spent their day scanning the ground, with ultrahigh tech equipment, later bringing in dogs. authorities aren't saying why they are here, what they are looking for, or what they carried out of the house, but genteel's lawyer didn't hold back. >> they say they are looking for firearms, but they are not. they are looking for artwork.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: artists like rembrandt, vermeer, monet and degas. they think he know where is the art is, but today's investigation was nothing more than a reduce. >> a fishing expedition. plenty of worms. >> and the only reason for today's search? to get him to talk. >> if they can charge him with any ticky-tack crime, they will increase the pressure on him. how much pressure can you put on a 6-year-old man facing 30 years in problem? >> reporter: a february search uncovered guns, ammo, and explosives mopping other things. >> reporter: genteel's lawyer says the man is in poor health in a prison cell in rhode island. his wife was home during the raid. big development in a high-profile murder case. breaking news off the top there is a verdict tonight in
4:59 pm
the trial of the man charged with murdering jennifer hudson's family. court officials in chicago say juries have reached a decision after deliberating three days. >> hudson's former brother-in-law, william balfour is charged with murder. hudson's sister would not reconcile him. >> we will bring you the verdict as soon as it comes in. the search on for two men who sexually assaulted a woman steps away from a church and school. good evening. i'm wendy reeker. >> and i'm jim handly. >> a woman robbed, beaten, and sexually assaulted it happened near merrifield. and her attackers are still out there. pat collins, live near the scene with the top story. >> reporter: jim, this was a two-on-one attack. this woman beaten so badly she


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