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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it. an unlikely crime scene, the grounds of an episcopal church andmont sore montesorri school. a woman robbed, sexually assaulted and beat nguyen something like a rock. they are looking for two suspects. the victim beaten so badly, it's hard to communicate with her. >> it is difficult to communicate with her, due to the nature of her injuries. >> reporter: it happened around 1:00 in the morning and police say after the attack down there, the 50-year-old woman made her way to gallows road, and flagged down a motorist for help. police didn't identify the victim, but a nearby pastor said a detective told him they are looking into the possibility the victim might be a homeless woman who sometimes spends the night behind the church. >> it's obviously tragic that someone would harm someone who
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is -- who is doing no harm in the community. >> reporter: you can imagine the impact this has had on the community. the montessori school closed today. maude heail spoke for the episcopal church. >> we're very sad that it happened at the church. >> reporter: rose lived across the street. >> i'm shocked. this is -- three churches and it's really quiet. >> reporter: we found carol out walking her dog. she lives a couple doors away. >> happened behind a church. >> yeah, and that's even more sad and disturbing. >> reporter: again, police looking for not one, but two suspects in this case. live in fairfax, pat collins, news 4. >> thank you, pat. new video into the newsroom tonight of an armed robbery in
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silver spring at a sev7-eleven new hampshire avenue. the masked men pointed guns at workers and forced them to empty cash registers. the clerks weren't hurt if you recognize the men, call montgomery county police. out of prince georges county tonight, perfume, makeup and high-end beauty products sold at discount were part of a massive theft ring. how investigators count the alleged thieves in action. >> reporter: this is a security photooff alleged perfume thieves in action. latasha mungo and larksheia wilson were smooth operators. >> they were not the typical thief. they were very charming ladies. well dressed, go into the store, politely, select items, put them
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in the bag and walk out. >> reporter: they had no idea of the extent of the pair's sticky fingers until they made the arrest. the stolen beauty products on this table alone retail for $7,000. high-end perfume, makeup, and panties sol out of back of the pair's car. police confiscated $20,000 worth of products. a theft operation that wreaked of money. >> they would steal all week, make enough, go to miami on the weekends, stay the whole weekend, run out of money, come back and resume business. > . >> a garbage truck caught fire on i-370, shutting down the shady grove exit and creating a lot of smoke in the eastbound lanes before you get to i-270. investigators believe it was caught by trash that's inside the truck. crews brought in a water tanker, no one hurt. the shady grove exit was still closed last check. a metro bus accident in d.c.
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market left nearly a dozen passengers with minor injuries this morning. a car cut the bus off in the 400 block of eighth street southeast. the bus driver slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the car. 11 riders taken to the hospital to be evaluated. nobody was seriously hurt. new charges just filed against the man who is accused of trying to assassinate president obama. oscar ortega hernandez was indicted on firearms charges and injury to a dwelling. ortega shot at the white house last november with an assault rifle. the president and his family were not home at the time. ortega has pleaded not guilty to the charges. he faces life in prison if convicted on the assassination attempt charge. john edwards' trial will go on in greensboro, north carolina, lawyers for the former presidential candidate arcing that the prosecution had failed to prove edwards intentionally
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violated the law. edwards accused of using campaign money to cover up an affair with his pregnant mistress. he is facing 30 years in prison. his lawyer begins calling witnesses on monday. decision 2012, fresh off his big night in hollywood. president obama campaigning in the swing state of nevada. talked about home ownership and jobs during a stop in reno. a fund-raiser at george clooney's house raised $15 million. many believe it was fueled in part by the president's endorsement of same-sex marriage. >> making sure that everybody, regardless of sexual orientation, is treated fairly. >> in the wake of that endorsement, the president's republican rival finds himself on the defensive. yesterday, a "washington post" story said romney allegedly bullied a boy thought to be gay. 50 years ago when they were teenagers in this michigan boarding school.
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>> did i some stupid things when i was in high school and obviously if i hurt anyone by vir e virtue of that, i would apologize for it. >> romney made a stop at a manufacturing company in charlotte. all eyes on the skies for mother's day weekend. doug, how about it? >> i tell you what, look at the shot out there. absolutely beautiful. this is just about as perfect as our weather gets around this area. plenty of blue skies out there. clouds from time to time. temperature 73 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour. a fantastic afternoon and a fantastic friday. 72 right now in leesburg. 71 in hagerstown, and out toward pac river. satellite and radar together, satellite and radar, right now you see almost neither of one of those. nothing out there at all in regards to clouds or rain and
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that is a very good thing as we head in toward mother's day weekend, but that's not going to stay the case all the way through the weekend. i'll show you what i'm talking about, coming up in a minute. montgomery county, looking at imposing ambulance fees. back in 2010, residents in the county voted no to the plan, but county executive ike leggette introducing it once again. it could bring millions to help upgrade emergency services. the county is expected to take up the measure on monday. a new controversy for d.c. mayor vincent gray. his family and staff have gotten thousands of dollars worth of sky suite tickets at the verizon center and other places free of charge. tom sherwood joins us with details. >> the tickets to all kinds of concerts and sporting events. tickets a lot of people might want. >> thank you, all, very much. let's go to work. >> reporter: when mayor gray won
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election in 2010, his daughter and son were right by his side and have been in his administration, his daughter, serving as designated first lady for the mayor, whose wife is deceased. they are enjoying free tickets to a wide variety of ports and entertainments events. as first reported, they and staff members have gotten thousands of dollars in tickets. although the vast majority appear to have gone to constituents. 24 tickets to lady gaga at the verizon center, swept up by a former gray chief of staff who resigned in a personnel scandal early in gray's term. the mayor says he personally only used a fraction of the number of tickets. he said that his children share tickets with others. veteran community activist and former school board activist says fair science the issue. are they mostly going to
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constituents. >> i think everything should be done fairly, and if there was a comment about adrienne fenty doing something wrong, then i think vincent should know better than that. >> reporter: the ticket disclosure. in some cases going to police officers and other community groups, reminded that former mayor fenty made d.c. news until he refused to share baseball tickets with city council members. people who get tickets have to buy their own foods and beef rages. jim. >> thank you, tom. next and new at 5:00, a d.c. teenager charged in the death of a d.c. tourist. his case may never go to trial. and just off route 50, another new facility and more traffic concerns, coming up. a spelling mistake slips under the r
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a tribute for police officers who die in the line of duty. howard county police endured a 270-mile bike ride.
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they began their ride in valley forge, pennsylvania, on wednesday. for the first time, they passed through ellicott city today. they ended their journey in police headquarters around noon. more bat news for silver line from metro to dulles. public support dwindling. a washington post poll find 32% of people state wide think this is extremely or very important. 64% say it's that. however, in northern virginia, 67% of people support the project. the weekend is here. doug will have the forecast. elected leaders put the spotlight on another brac facility they fear will snarl traffic. the potential trouble spot this time is a building on route 50 near the beltway which will house several defense department medical agencies. julie carrie takes a look at
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concerns now. >> reporter: in the coming months, 3,000 department of defense employees will relocate to this renovated office complex along 350. congressman jim moran and linda smith took a tour with gsa staffers and vented about the potential traffic jam ahead. >> you know this is what we have been going through for years. shouldn't be this difficult. >> reporter: here is the problem. while this tiny gate off fairview park is supposed to be the main entrance this is the much bigger truck entrance along route 50, where most workers expected to drive in. with falls church high school right down the street and pine spring neighborhood commuting through, moran predicts traffic could back up onto route 50. >> four lanes here. this is not where they should be this is traffic calready.
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>> reporter: there is only enough parking for 2/3 of employees. >> a lot of people use this area for cut throws. >> i'm concerned about parking in the neighborhood from the employees. >> reporter: neighbors are uneasy knowing armed officers check the trucks. >> what does that mean if they are putting in those type of security precautions and taking them for the building. what happens to the folks with kids playing in their backyards? >> those who live alongside the security-ridden parking lot, they say it's a spotlight. >> in the wintertime, none of this foliage is here and the lights in the parking is really bright in our backyards. >> reporter: so here is the view these days. you can see the security checkpoint. a little bit of good news.
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they will paint over the canopy, so it will be black and not so reflective and will kill the lights during the night and the gsa will start running more frequent shuttles from the nearby metro to the parking lot. reporting live from fairfax county, julie carey, news 4. >> we can't wait for the forecast. >> we were talking about the bugs. >> the bugs out there. is julie still with us? >> she's swatting them away. >> they aren't no see 'ems, you can see them. >> they were out there when i was out there. >> biting bugs or annoying, flying bugs? >> all of the bugs are out after the rain. they are out in full force. out mowing the lawn today, there they were everywhere. good thing the makeup covers everything up for me. >> yeah. >> let's show you what's going on. i was talking about wendy's makeup, not jim and mine. >> you're on your own.
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>> okay. plenty of sunshine out there. a beautiful day. not just a beautiful day. today is simply gorgeous. a fantastic friday. temperatures sitting at 73 degrees under abundant sunshine. winds out of the west/northwest. and winds gusting upward 15 to 20 miles an hour. on the breezy side. some areas seeing gusts over the 20-mile-per-hour mark. 72 in leesburg. 73 in fredericksburg. 73 in pax river. the eastern shore, 72 toward easton. storm 4 radar, nothing to show you. completely dry across the area. not only just dry, not a cloud in the sky. maybe two or three, but it's really nice outside. making your way out and about this evening, for a very nice treat. a good night to eat dinner outdoors. nice weather with the sunshine we've seen. tomorrow morning, still going to see a fairly cool start to the day. the warm air moves in tomorrow,
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we'll be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than it was out there during the day today. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. watch what happens on sunday. cloud cover, we'll see more in the way of cover during the day on sunday, and i still expect most of sunday to be dry. mother's day will be fine. out to brunch? okay for that. on the warm side. mostly cloudy skies. west virginia, western maryland. the best chance to see rain during the day. most likely showers. coming our way, a lot of shower activity. and once again, weekend looking a-okay. and clear and breezy. a great evening. sunset at 8:10. 55 to 65 degrees when you step out the door. tomorrow, clear and chilly. 45 to 55 degrees. take the jacket off around 9:00. plenty of sunshine. we'll warm up quickly. temperatures, 74 to 80 degrees. just great out there on
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saturday. tomorrow afternoon looking good. sunday, happy mother's day. clouds roll in, and i don't think we get to 80 monday and tuesday. chance of rain coming up. and we'll see a pretty good chance monday, tuesday and maybe into wednesday, and the storm system makes it kind of sit on top of us. not sitting on top of us during the weekend. >> timing couldn't be better. >> i'm working on it. >> for your makeup session. >> oh! up next, the first lady offers words of wisdom. hear her words to graduates of virginia tech, five years after a shooting on the campus. and a cover girl sparks controversy. now the mother at the center of it all speaking out. >> and in case you missed it. you'll flip over this one. and stick around for news 4 at 6:00. thousands expected to turn out to celebrate the life of
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the caps new young goalie sensation has come a long way in his personal life. braden holtby became a dad. he was playing in the american hockey league, now a standout player in the stanley cup playoffs, the new baby, benjamin hunter holtby. not an homage to the caps'
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coach, dale hunter. it's a family name on his fiancee's side. soccer goals, catches you flip for and fantastic frisbee. >> mowing down the competition in this week's installment of "incase you missed it." in case you missed it, the lawn mower racing season got under way over in england. forget about cutting grass, these machine has to navigate a mud pit. they will be racing all summer and these guys could take care of your lawn in no time. how about the tampa rays fan on this ichiro foul ball? he reaches back and proceeds to flip over the railing, spilling his beer, he sticks the landing and winds up quitting a pity souvenir for his embarrassing performance. and then there was the ball in texas. the rangers mitch moreland
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tosses a ball into the stands. some very happy stands come up with it check out the little kid. he wanted the ball, starts crying. mom and dad try to make it better, and folks with the ball celebrate their good fortune. that makes the kid dry again. finally the rangers dugout gets into the act and give the kid a ball. you only get one ball, but the umpire and catcher simultaneously throw the ball back. look out, dude! that could hurt. unbelievable minor league effort earned austin waits and brandon bard both go over the catch to make the catch. waits jumps back on the field holding up the ball. it's it's ruled a home run robbing catch. you don't really know if he dropped it behind the wall. good acting job, though.
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in the french soccer league, you can be lucky and unlucky on the same play. a shot hits the post, but karims off the back of goalie, and into the net. it's simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. now, we've seen dogs do incredible things to catch a frisbee, well, what about brent anderson of the connecticut constitution? in the pro ultimate frisbee league? on this 50 yard toss, anderson shows his speed, diving at the last second to store tcore the touchdown. in case you missed it, you have now seen it all. >> that's some serious frisbee. stay tuned for sports on news 4 rat 6:00. >> we'll have the highlights and the preview as the caps prepare to take on the rangers in game seven tomorrow in new york. up next, the man accused in a series of hammer attacks in d.c. goes before a judge. while he will not spend time
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a fast forward through the headlines. a search on for two men that sexually assaulted a woman. the victim was robbed and beaten. two women in prince gorges county accused of selling $20,000 worth of stolen perfume, makeup, other high-end beauty products. surveillance video caught the alleged they'res in action. both women charged with running a theft operation. a new disclosure tonight for d.c.'s mayor. his city and staff. records show they scored thousands of dollars in tickets for free concerts and sporting event tez verizon center. the mayor says most tickets go to constituents and it's part of the job. the weather, doug. >> a great weekend coming up for mother's day. take a look at numbers. traveling down toward richmond, 71 degrees, they will be near 80
5:30 pm
tomorrow. a beautiful day there. up toward philadelphia. temperatures there around 75 tomorrow looking very good there. and the only problem for mother's day could be back to the west. maybe charleston, jackson, kentucky, a better chance of rain to the west. right now, everybody in the mid-atlantic is looking good. >> thank you, doug. the teenager charged with attacking people in petworth with a hammer and allegedly killing a tourist is incompetent to stand trial. >> a judge made that ruling today, following a psychiatrist's recommendation. >> derek ward has more with what happened in court today. derek. >> reporter: well, despite this morning's proceedings and those findings, the charges against michael davis still stand, and he remains in custody. there are more legal proceedings and more mental evaluations in his immediate future. this morning, a superior court judge agreed with a clinical psychologist that 19-year-old michael davis did not at this point have enough of a grasp of the court proceedings to stand
5:31 pm
trial. he's charged with one count of murder in the death of tourist gary dederichs and faces assault charges in connection with two other assaults in the petworth section in april. the grandmother of one of those victims this is the first time she had actually seen the man who attacked her granddaughter. >> it feels different to be in a room with him. i just wanted to look at him to see if he had any type of remorse in his heart about what he's doing to people and what he did to these people. that's why i just -- i looked at him when he first walked in the room. i stared at him. i kept my eye on him. and i really feel safe in a room with him, just because i'm surrounded with people. >> reporter: the better part of the afternoon, spent with davis' defense attorney trying to discredit witnesses against davis as being incredible or having witnesses tainted by media coverage in an effort to get davis cleared all together,
5:32 pm
insisting one witness didn't get a good look at davis, and another came forward after davis was publicly named as a suspect. there is similarity between the charge and two others still being investigated. all involving blunt force to the head from behind and with anything stolen from the victims. it would have to be a bizarre set of coincidences for somebody else to be responsible according to the prosecutor. the judge agreed. they will be back in court on a motion that davis' medical records be sealed. davis will go back to st. elizabeth's for more treatment. other charges may be added. in the meantime, due back for another mental evaluation in 60 days. at d.c. superior court, derek ward, fluidsnews 4. a teenager arrested for causing $60,000 to a mosque.
5:33 pm
the teen is charged with destruction of property. that's a felony. he threw rocks at the music, shattering coors and wi ining d. police say there is no evidence that the vandalism is part of a hate crime. additional arrests are also possible. words of encouragement to virginia tech's class of 2012. she praised the university's resilience in the face of several incidents of campus violence, including the '07 massacre that left 33 people dead. >> we are all so proud of you. and we are all so inspired by you, and determined to live up to the example you have set. and in those ways, and so many others, yes, we are all still hokies. >> mrs. obama also told grads not to let others define their school by tragedy, but instead by the success of the alumni.
5:34 pm
tomorrow, she addresses grads at north carolina a & t. residents of an apartment complex damaged by a navy jet were allowed to move back in today. they were the lucky ones. their apartments just needed cleaning and utilities restored. the jet malfunctioned back in april and went crashing into the apartment complex in virginia beach. the pilots ejected safely. no one on the ground was hurt. the navy had to demolish 27 other apartments and remove contaminated soil. the first new prescription weight loss drug in more than a decade. getting a thumbs up from fda advisors. it has been shown to help patients lose 8% of body weight when combined with diet and exercise. despite concerns over cardiac risks, advisers ruled that the benet outweighed the risk. a final decision will be made in june. it usually follows the panel's recommendations. in the mood for delicious indian food?
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the "washington post" food critic weighs in. a legal war over a million dollar lottery ticket tossed in the trash. tonight, a judge reveals who gets the prize.
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if you're a fan of indian food, chances are you've been to
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raseka, scoring a reservation for the downtown restaurant is not easy. now there is a new option, raseka west end. >> news for anyone that thought one of the finest indian restaurants in the country would be a mirror image. this is not a twin. a three-dimensional ceiling, regal blue booths suggest the ceremonial carriages. the back of the west end is designed like a library, walls of shelves lined with books with colorful spi colorful spines many of them are the same. chile rubbed scallops, tender nuggets of goat in saffron basmati rice, and there is room
5:39 pm
for some of the signatures that made rasika one of the toughest reservations in town. hard to find anything remiss in rasika number one. but the new has ysome hiccups, but it's off to a distinctive start. it's located at 1177 22nd street northwest. >> you can read tom's reviews each week in "the washington post" magazine, and for more takes, check out the woman who threw away a $1 million lottery ticket says she deserves the prize, not the woman who found the ticket and cashed it in. the battle began in july of last year. this surveillance video shows her scanning the ticket at a convenience store in arkansas. the machine told her she had lost. so she tossed it in a bin. in arkansas, losing tickets can
5:40 pm
earn points toward toys or magazine subscriptions, so a woman named sharon jones fished the ticket out. she soon found out that it was a winner. she collected the money and spent about $190,000. but now a judge says she'll have to pay it back. sharon duncan, the woman who originally bought the ticket, doesn't feel sorry for her. >> no. it's my money. i think i deserve it. >> the other woman is appealing the ruling. the arkansas lottery says the machine in the store was working properly. an historic street in fairfax has a misspelling. fixing it could lead to more headaches. >> reese witherspoon, new headaches as there are allegations that her father is married to two women. and we have questions coming up on "ask liz" at 5:00.
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a beautiful day out there today. take a look at this picture. it doesn't get a whole lot better than that. a big weekend. a [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub! featured $5 footlong™ of may! melty cheese, kickin' pepperoni and our signature marinara sauce on freshly baked bread. this may only, it joins our many $5 footlongs™! subway. eat fresh.
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we're awaiting a verdict right now in the trial charged of murdering with jennifer hudson's family. jurors have reached a decision.
5:44 pm
hudson's former brother-in-law, william balfour is charged of killing the singer's mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew. prosecutors say he shot them in a jealous rage because hudson's sister would not reconcile with him. we'll bring you the verdict as soon as it comes in. bristol palin takes on the president. >> just one of the stories trending today. sarah palin's daughter making headlines for criticizing president obama's support of same-sex marriage. on her blog, she wrote, we know in general, kids do better in a mother/father home. >> critics note that she is a single teen mothe. the parents of reese witherspoon have a messy marriage case on their hands. "usa today" says her mother betty filed a lawsuit, accusing her father of big amy. >> a wedding anounsment
5:45 pm
announced john's marriage to another woman. but betty says he is still married for her, even they they have lived apart for 16 years. >> john may be married from dementia and suing to have the new marriage aannulled. the mom and child featured on the cover of "time" magazine appeared on "today." >> jamie grumet is shown breast feeding her son. she practices attachment parenting, carrying the baby all day, sharing a bed, and breast feeding, sometimes through the toddler years. >> i don't feel like that take as way from my own personal life, my relationship with my husband is very important to me. i think it gives my children a strong bond too. >> grumet says she knew the cover would cause a stir when she agreed to pose for it. another check on weekend weather. >> the weekend really looking fantastic. very much like today tomorrow and then on sunday, a little bit
5:46 pm
different for mother's day. 73 out right there right now. abundant sunshine. gusting upward of 25 at times. still breezy, but not bad at all. 70 in reston. and manassas, and leesburg, 72. and huntington and annapolis, 72 degrees. not any clouds out there. bright blue. the skies picture perfect out there on friday. overnight tonight, will be cool. 39 in winchester, and 50 in washington. a very cool start to the day. a fantastic weekend. take a look at this forecast. around the district and anywhere you want to go georgetown, mt. pleasant or toward virginia or maryland, it will be great. saturday, 79. mostly sunny, 80 degrees. partly sunny skies.
5:47 pm
a lot of events, including bike d.c. on sunday. beautiful weather for that more clouds. saturday, a couple of great events, d.c. 101 chili cookoff, and take a look at this. the european union open house happening tomorrow. this was the british embassy, invited there a little bit earlier today. what a place that was. that is the residence of the f. a very, very nice afternoon today. and it's going to be a great day tomorrow. expecting close to 10,000 people to come through the british embassy tomorrow. welcome to come and enjoy the ambassador. we sat down with him to talk about the event. >> an opportunity for elm bass eys to show their weaware sncwa gardens. we make it into a bit of a fair as well. >> all across the area, 27 european embassies will be open,
5:48 pm
and many will be giving out free gifts. open to 10:00 to 4:00, what i got during the day today, huh? pretty cool. >> swag bag. >> wait until you see what's inside. go tomorrow. it will be a great day to get out for the embassies. dc 101 chili cookoff and bike dc on mother's day. enjoy the weekend. breaking news, a guilty verdict. guilty on all three counts in the trial of the man charged with murdering jennifer hudson's family. hudson's former brother-in-law william balfour convicted of killing the singer's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. prosecutors say he shot them in a jealous rage. because hudson's sister would not reconcile with him. guilty on all three counts. it's a bad sign. signs marking a street named for one of the founding families of fairfax, and it's not spelled right. fixing the problem isn't as simple as you might think. news 4's richard jordan explains.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: the name game is playing out on sager avenue. there are several street signs, and address markers, all nearly identical. the road name spelled out, s-a-g-e-r. that's how the neighborhood residents have spelled it for decades. >> that's the way it is right there, s-a-g-e-r. >> reporter: fairfax officials may need to make a spell-check. >> i never heard of that until you told me about it this moment. >> it comes down to one letter, that "e." >> my name is william sa xwn as. ,s an >> reporter: notice the spelling on their gravestone, s-a-g-a-r. no "e." but the sagar name not only that way in strobe, in black and white in this 1891 document from the virginia general assembly
5:50 pm
and in the 1870s, a.j.saqar was appointed a judge. the the descendent wants the signs changed. >> reporter: the original elementary school house was donated by the family. but the museum spells it like the signs. s-a- s-a-g-e-r. the proper spelling may be difficult, because way back centuries ago, while the record keepers may have been good, they weren't always the best spellers. >> the lack of consistent written records and you go on phonetic spellings, how you hear it, that's how you write it down, i can definitely see how it would happen. >> reporter: the city has not decided what the proper spelling is yet, but some that live on the avenue are taking the name dispute in stride. >> i'll just change my address
5:51 pm
labels. >> reporter: on sager avenue in fairfax, richard jordan, news 4. what are the rules regarding noisy construction start times? where can you recycle old computer batteries and games? how do you stop unwanted credit card offers in the mail? we have liz crenshaw with "ask liz." >> first one, i am very curious about. jeff in washington, d.c. wants to know, what are the rules, liz, when it comes to start times on noisy construction projects? i have a few in my neighborhood. >> we checked with several local jurisdictions, and since several construction project rules and noise ordinance vary by location. the department of consumer regulatory affairs in the district says it conflicts construction from 7:00 a.m. to
5:52 pm
7:00 p.m. monday through saturday. in arlington, restricted from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. monday through friday with the exception of county holidays, and in montgomery county, construction projects can only occur between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. so you need to check your specific county or city for your noise ordinance law. but in the district, saturday -- >> can't even sleep in on saturday. >> no, they can start on 7:00 a.m. on saturday. >> all right. next question through viewer e-mail. roger wants to know where he can recycle old computer batteries and computer games? >> we turned to several jurisdictions for this answer. maryland, montgomery county recycle at shady grove processing facility and transfer station. it's that simple. it also recommends trying retailers like best buy and radioshack which offer takeback programs for electronics and games. d.c. says take them to ft. the totten transfer station which holds e-waste dropoffs on the first saturday of every month.
5:53 pm
fairfax county encourages residents to bring electronics to electric sunday where is they can be recycled for free. next one on may 20thty i-66 transfer station. everyone trying to get to you not just toss these things away. >> last question from dottie. she wants to know what should she do with real credit cards that come with credit card offers? how can she get these to stop? >> the federal trade commission recommends shredding any offers you receive and cut up cards to avoid identity theft. opt out of prescreened credit card offers by visiting optoutpresds or call 1-888-5-optout, and opting out of these offers will have no affect on your credit score. so opting out, a good idea if you don't want any more credit offers. >> cut them up, just in case.
5:54 pm
wendy, back to up. still ahead, a new legal fight for former nfl cheerleader and teacher accused of having sex with an underage decision. a decision on the robocall case, where black voters were den couraged from going to the polls. a neighborhood is complaining about open graves and exposeds a[ male announcer ] are youeds paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less?
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facebook updating its sight to l site to let you know more how it uses your info. this after an audit by the irish protections agency it will use anything you put on facebook to gear ads toward you. and the changes come a week before the company's initial public offering of stock. a small victory for a former nfl cheerleader and high school teacher accused of having sex with an underage student. >> a court ruling will allow her to rule forward with a defamation lawsuit against an online gossip website. >> this is sarah jones in her role as a cincinnati bengal cheerleader and visiting troops in iraq with her squad. back in 2009, someone posted salacious sexual messages about
5:58 pm
her on the online gossip site, the suggesting she was having sex with bengals football players and had sexually transmitted diseases. she appeared on local radio defending herself. >> once it was public information, i had students start to ask me and teachers, and, you know, just humiliating. >> reporter: then last year, jones, who was a teacher, was charged with first degree sexual assault for allegedly having sex with a teenage male student. that case remains before the court. but two courts have now ruled that jones' lawsuit for defamation against can proceed. despite laws protecting internet sites from being sued for postings by third parties. >> when defames somebody, or any defendant, defames somebody like they did to sarah, they should be held to answer for that before the jury.
5:59 pm
>> sought to have the lawsuit thrown out. and if anyone damaged her reputation, she did so herself. while jones' defamation case may prove forward it will be difficult for her. >> you can't say have you pristine reputation and then have sexual assault charges. breaking news in the jennifer hudson murder trial. >> breaking news out of chicago tonight, a man has been found guilty of killing jennifer hudson's family. william balfour is his name. he has been convicted of three first degree murder charges in the deaths of hudson's mother, her brother, and her 7-year-old nephew. balfour is hudson's former brother-in-law. prosecutors said he was angry because hudson's sister would not reckoncile with him. he's facing a


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