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tv   Today  NBC  May 12, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> maybe. but impressive nonetheless. >> braver than me. >> well, that's going to wrap it up for news4 today. we'll be back in 25 minutes for a local news update. >> the "today" show is next. we have all suffered terrible loss. the words of oscar-winning singer jennifer hudson reacting to the man who killed her mother, brother, and young nephew. overseas tragedy. three boston university students studying in new zealand killed in a mini bus crash. at least five others were seriously injuring. a class poses for pictures on a deck that takes a tumble. amazingly no one was seriously hurt. they'll join us live to tell us about a prom night they'll never forget. today is saturday, may 12, 2012.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy robach. >> and the trial is now over. jennifer hudson, of course, was in the courtroom on a regular basis but the jurors say that did not factor into their guilty verdict of a man convicted of killing three of her family members. we'll have more including her reaction coming up. it was the latest coux. we'll have the latest from washington. then the colossal $2 million misfire by jpmorgan. in an exclusive interview on "meet the press," the ceo talks about what happened. >> we know we were sloppy, we
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kn know we were stupid. >> are banks too big to fail? what does that mean for you? we'll have much more on thatting in just a moment. and we're going to switch gears completely and look at summer celebrity weddings. some of hollywood's biggest stars could be preparing to say i do in the coming weeks. we'll have all the details you want to know. first let's get more from veronica de la cruz at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. jennifer hudson is thanking the prosecutor and jurors. she released a statement friday after the jury convicted her former brother-in-law william balfour in the murder of her mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew. prosecutors described the actions of a jilted husband. he was the husband of sister julia at the time of the murders. we'll have more in the next hour. boston university president robert brown is calling the
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death of three students who were studying in new zealand a terrible tragedy. they were killed when their van drifted near the side of a road. the van then rolled when the driver tried to correct course. at least five other b.u. students were injured, at least one critically. they were on their way to hike a spectacular volcanic crossing. defense lawyers tried to get the charges thrown out friday, arguing that the prosecution hadn't proven its case, but the judge decided to leave that up to the jury. thousands of fans attended junior seau's funeral on saturday. that's where he played 13 of his 27 football seasons with the changes. he was buried after a private ceremony earlier in the day. the 43-year-old killed himself in his southern california home earlier this month. and finally a hawaiian
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surfer provides the most gnarly wave in world history. 44-year-old garrett mack na maria caught a 47-foot wave off the coast of portugal. he beat the previous record set in 1978 by one foot. he'll be the guest tomorrow on "today." and that is the news. i'll send it back to you, lester, amy, and bill. catch a wave. >> 78. >> and it's the gnarliest wave. >> they get towed in on jet psychiatries and they have straps like skis. that's how they stay on board. >> that's impressive. >> i had the record before him. you didn't know that. >> what's the weather like. >> bill karins is here with the weather. >> good morning, everyone. we're watching a lot of rain pushing through the coastal areas of texas, and it's all heading for the deep south
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during the day today. i'm sorry we're going to have an indoor weekend for a lot of areas, arkansas, louisiana, mississippi, eventually in tennessee. heavy rain, 1 to 2 inches. if you get caught the in the thunderstorms, as much as 3 inches of rain. now, that's the bad part. the good part, i have a picture-perfect, fantastic saturday for you, east coast and all of the west where it's going to feel a little warm little warm if not toasty. that's a look at your national forecast. now here's a look outside your window. >> a good saturday morning to you, i'm meteorologist chuck bell. we have a bright blue sky overhead on our saturday morning. it is going to be a beautiful outdoor weather kind of a day today. off to a cool start. temperatures in the mid-40s in most of the suburbs now to low to mid-50s inside the beltway. 57 in annapolis. that's one of the warm spots thanks to the bay water. highs today up to 70s
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details on your mother's day forecast coming up later in the show. lester? >> all right, bill. thanks. the financial world is shaking over jpmorgan's $2 billion bet gone wrong. what happened? andrew ross sorkin of cnbc has more on the latest and is the author of the book "too big to fail." >> it's been four years since banks were bailed out for making risky business gone bad. now the largest bank, jpmorgan bank lost $2 billion through a risky trade has revived the debate, has anything really changed on wall street. jpmorgan's big trading loss is drawing attention on wall street because they've been one of the biggest. he's long been considered the best at managing risk.
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the s.e.c. is investigating the loss. >> he apologized calls the mistake grieves and self-inflicted. >> it put egg on our face. >> concerned about his brazen $100 million bet by a trader nicknamed the london wail calmed it down by callinging it a tempest in a teapot. >> we know we were stupid. we know it was a bad juchlkt we don't know if any of that is true. of course, regulators should look at something like this. that's their job. they will come to their own conclusions but we intend to fix it, learn from it and become a better company when it's done. >> occupy wall street protesters have targeted dimon who mainland $23 million last year.
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now the bank's admission is new ammunition for those in washington calling for stricter regulations on wall street. >> if they get away with this kind of bet, then we're going to be right back in the soup again, either end up facing economic disaster, depression, or having to bail out banks again. we don't want to be put in that position. >> the trades loss won't expect to put a big accident in the firm. it's still expecting to make a profit but it's raising questions and anxiety about whether other banks are making big bets too. >> jamie dimon is one of the best risk managers out there. if it can happen to chase, it can happen to anyone. >> that's the biggest fear. for the american consumer, if you're a chase customer, you don't have a problem. if you're an investor, you
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might. jamie dimon has said it could get worse, but the bigger issue is as you just described if it could happen to j.p. more gon p could it happen elsewhere. >> are they perhaps too big to control? >> that's the big issue. jamie dimon was considered the top risk manager in the business, and you look at all these other banks, look at the size and scale of the other banks and you have to think perhaps rightly or wrongly maybe they're making trades like this that could go wrong and if they're of size and scale, if they went really wrong, would the taxpayers be left holding the bag again. >> is this the same kind of risk, same kind of bad investments that led to problems four years ago? >> they're not sub prime mortgages. but there's an element that's very similar and goes to tissue of control and issue of regulation. he's been the most outspoken,
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pushing against regulation. the industry has lobbied so much against the legislation and is giving new ammunition to those who obviously want to make the "too big to fail" banks fail. >> he's hoping to stave off more push for regulation, but that's already happening. >> it's already happening. it was happened already. it's happening even more. and i imagine you're going to see renewed push for more regulation. he's going to have a hard time arguing against it. >> who takes the fall? >> voldemort or the london whale. >> andrew ross sorkin, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> a reminder, jamie dimon joins
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david gregory tomorrow on "meet the press." once again, here's amy. >> lester, thanks so much. now a race to the white house which took unusual twists and turns for president obama and the republican nominee mitt romney. romney could get an uncomfortable assessment today when he delivers a commencement address at an evangelical university. mike viqueira explains. >> reporter: after the president changed his stance on same-sex marriage, he made big news as we all know, and mitt romney dealt with those 48 chargeless that he was a bully in high school. both candidates spent yesterday getting back on message. after a week of unexpected detours, friday it was back to the campaign's pivotal issue, the economy. the president was in nevada, ground central of the home mortgage crisis and visited is a couple in reno.
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>> i'm calling on congress to give every responsible homeowner the chance to save an average of $3,000 a year by refinancing their mortgage. >> mr. obama began his day in los angeles after his thursday night record-shattering $15 million fund-raising haul at the home of george clooney. friday they paired up again with actor tobey maguire for a game of basketball. >> who won the basketball game? >> as you might expect, george and i won. but i think we're all winners because nobody got hurt. >> reporter: mitt romney was also on the trail, campaigning in north carolina two days after reports surfaced of a 1965 high school bullying incident where romney allegedly pinned another kid to the ground and forcibly cut his hair. he doesn't remember the incident but apologizes for what he calls the stupid things he did in high
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school. he told the story of his niece who's taking care of a deaf chielt and while his husband was deployed in iraq, she got much needed help for keeping up with her home. >> she comes outside and her neighbors are picking up the rocks in the yard, putting in a sprinkler system, laid downed so, put in landscaping and built a swing setd for her daughter. this is the america i love. >> reporter: and, amy, as you mentioned, mitt romney speaks today at liberty university. that was the college founded by the late reverend jerry farwell. he's going to be addressing issuing so important to him. there was a brief conversation. mitt romney is expected, however, to reaffirm his stance against gay marriage. he's not expected to address his own personal faith, houvgs amy.
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>> all right. mike viqueira at the white house. thank you. and mike halparin is a senior political analyst for "time" magazine and on nbc. this is likely to have a political impact as well. how are voters going fall on this. >> this is a big divide between the president and mitt romney. president obama is arguing that he's been someone who's championed protecting american consumers from wall street and it shows that. governor romney is the one who favors a more free market approach. anything that's in the headlines goes to that debate. should washington be regulating the economy, is going to be part of the campaign and i think if you had gone for pure politics, it's good for the president. wall street is still out there. threatening consumers, threatening taxpayers. >> another big headline, of course, was the gay marriage debate. it was opened wide by the president talking about his
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being in favor of gay marriage. in terms of who wins with this, obviously it's energized wins for both. but is there a winner in this debate. >> i think five years ago it would be a clear winner for republican party. it's true a lot are against gay marriage but a lot are if for it. republican base already pretty energized by trying to get the president out of office. it clears the decks a little bit. it lewis the republicans, some of them, to go after this issue. if they're going to win, it's going to be on the economy, not gay marriage. both sides are balanced. proekt a good move for the president and energizing a lot of support for his supporters. >> and then we're talking about the bulliy controversy that happened in the 1960s.
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sit that voters don't know a lot about him? >> this is what i call the challenge of being the change. people don't know a lot about you. if something comes out about the president, we know so much,ite's lit boiflt the piece of information of the totality of what we know. people know very little about mitt romney. whelp something li when something comes out, it eucon pelling. you saw governor romney for something he sayed he doesn't remember. they want to talk about the economy. so i thinks you'll see him try to move off of this. but it is a dangerer for him now. any piece of danger that comes out threatens to be something that defiance him for americans. we're not that far from election day. >> thank you. once again we appreciate it. here's lester.
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u.s. intelligence cored a major coux. the threat remains deadly serious. michael isikoff has more from washington. michael, good morning. >> good morning. they're on more of a watch as plots continue. passengers flying into the u.s. this weekend are facing more pat-downs and random searches under a new directive from home land security officials and the u.s. is stepping up drone strikes targeting militants in southern yemen. news officials tell nbc news they're worried that bomb makers in yemen may have assembled more underwear explosive devices including this one used in a 2009 attempt to blow up over
7:18 am
detroit. >> i think there's several plots that could pose a real threat to aviation. in terms of bomb making, chemical explosives, i would consider this the epicenter. >> this chilling vigneault shows how dangerous al qaeda and its people in yemen could be. an al qaeda alined group appeared to execute another saudi inform manhattan accusing of identifying him for rights. al qaeda has made dramatic advance since 2009. it's tripled the number of fighters and seized large swaths is of territory in military bases. >> in large portions of southern yes money and peninsula sees itself as the de facto area.
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>> they've announced they've expanded their bomb making facilities from a small and modest small laboratory three years ago to a new modern one today with access to a large deal of chemicals from military laboratories. all seen by the mastermind bomb make sneer he's had three more years to train other individuals to replace him if he were killed. so the assumption is aqap has more bomb makers today thant did in 2009. >> all this has made us more ware ya than ever. >> very disturbing. michael isikoff, thanks very much. now here's amy. a woman who wanted to run for a local city council was removed from the ballot because she wasn't fluent enough in english. and as nbc's ron allen will tell
7:20 am
us, that's making a lot of spanish activists worried it could set a dangerous precedent. ♪ >> reporter: down in southern arizona, the mexican border runs right through san luis, small town of some 25,000, where just about everybody, mostly speaks spanish. but if you want to run for office here, you'd better speak english. >> i feel bad. i feel disappointed. >> reporter: you think your english is good enough. >> yes, it's good enough for here. >> reporter: she's a stay-at-home mom who admits her english is pretty basic. she's a u.s. citizen concerned about her community who tried to run for the city council. >> expert testimony would be appropriate. >> reporter: but her rivals attacked her weakness. they took her to court using an arizona law from the 1900s that says anyone who is unable to speak, write, or read the
7:21 am
english language is not eligible for office. the only state with a law that specific. >> where did you go to high school? >> in 1986. >> where at? >> in 1986. >> a language expert testified she wouldn't understand council meetings. >> mrs. travarez is slightly above novice level. the they. >> they removed her from the ballot. they decided to let the juror a decide. >> there's no definition, never been interpreted. we don't know at what level you have to write, read, or speak english. >> reporter: why is this happening in the first place? smou town activisactivists.
7:22 am
her supporters say all this talk about english is payback and revenge. the mayor refused to talk to us, an ally and former mayor was behind getting cabrera off the ballot. >> she has to comply. anybody has to apply with the law. the reality here is the meetings are conducted in english, they're not conducted in spanish. >> reporter: why cabrera's attorney tries to get her case to federal court, she's fighting to help her supporters elect her to city council sid the law says she can't run herself. still to come on "today," halle berry lashes out at the paparazzi. what got her so upset. fi
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still to come, two young sisters snatched from their home are finally safe and sound after
7:25 am
two weeks on the run. this morning we'll take you inside the dramatic rescue. and these teens thought the prom would be the most exciting part of their night. they got the shock of a lifetime when posing for the pictures. they'll all join us to talk about it. first these messages.
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good morning. it is 7:26 on this saturday, may 12th, 2012. i'm richard jordan. topping your news today a man is recovering today after getting in a fight over an empty beer can. it happened in broad daylight. a man saw another man toss a beer can to the ground and asked him to pick it up. the suspect then started arguing with that man and attacked him punching him in the face. he suffered a fractured jaw and broken teeth.
7:27 am
police are asking for your help with a robbery at a 7-11. both got away after emptying the register. we'll get a check on the forecast next.
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the day is off to a nice start, but all eyes are looking ahead to mother's day tomorrow. let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell. >> today no concerns at all. beautiful bright sunshine out there today. current temperatures are in the upper 40s and low and mid-50s across much of the area. 46 one of the cool sports in frederick, maryland. but it's 50 in fredricksburg and also 49 in fairfax. for today plenty of sunshine and absolutely beautiful day today with a light breeze out of the south. today's highs near upper 70s to
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near 80. tomorrow there's going to be a chance of a few showers but probably not until late in the day and primarily south and west of town. most of us will enjoy a rain free weekend. >> sounds we are back on this saturday morning, may 12, 2012. we want to thank this great group of folks who decided to spend part of their saturday morning with us and we're going to head outside in just a bit and see who's who. back inside i'm amy robach along with lester holt. halle berry gets really angry. >> she gives the pop rahcy a piece of her mind after they got a little close to her daughter. a little bit of choice language here. actually a lot of choice language. i think a lot of o people will
7:31 am
identify. >> when your children are involved you become a different person. imagine this. it's a big prom night. you're posing for pictures with your friends when, wow, the deck beneath you crashes and you go tumbling. we'll talk about what happened in just a few moments. it's pretty amazing no one got seriously injuried. >> they heard the crack and all they could do was hang on for dear life. then martin sheen and his son emilio estevez was once part of the brat pack. now they're talking about their real life roles as father and son. we'll hear from them coming jup we begin with the stunning rescue of two sisters abducted from their tennessee home. >> reporter: sole survivors. 1 2r8d lealexandria bain and he daughter kyliyah. >> our prayers were answered
7:32 am
when we found the two young ladies to be sayre. >> reporter: they identified how they spotted the sisters and the accused kidnapper in a dense wood. >> they began lying down trying to take cover. i began giving commands. the little girl picked her head up, another picked her head up. and he raise his head. >> reporter: authorities say adam mace refused orders to surrender and with the girls present, shot himself in the head. >> we ordered mr. mayes to drop his weapon. >> reporter: authorities say ad adam mayes abducted the two girls after kill their mother and their older sister. after killing them he transported the bodies along
7:33 am
with the girls to his home in alpine, mississippi. soon after the bodies were discovered, mayes became one of the most wanted fugitives in the country. it in tentensified the search. >> it was sad they had to experience it. >> reporter: mandy johnson has known the girls since they were born. she said their accused kidnapper is the epitome of evil. >> i think he got what he deserved. i do. >> reporter: what plans mayes had for the sisters may never be known but the actions in these woods have gimp the girls their freedom. for today, thanh truong, nbc news, whiteville, tennessee. >> time for a check of the weather. >> bill's everyone's favorite person at least in the northeast. >> we're going to make some moms happy, of course, and ovther mos
7:34 am
and families staying indoors. it's going to be clouding up in the east, but at least it should be dry. the west looks nearly perfect and hot. if anything you want to take mom somewhere where she can cool off. here's the mother's day forecast. the areas of rain are going to be concentrated through the ohio valley, especially through the tennessee valley and then there will be some latedate showers arriving in areas like pittsburgh, buffalo, syracuse and possibly albany. it's not a perfect mother's day forecast out there. you want to have alternative plans in areas of the tennessee areas of the tennessee valley in case you had anything planned for mom outdoors. that's a look at the national forecast. now a look outside your window. >> it is a beautiful saturday morning in washington. i'm storm4 meteorologist chuck bell. temperatures in the 40s climbing into the low and mid-50s now thanks to all the sunshine out there. 54 at national airport. here's your forecast all the way through the remainder of your weekend. sunshine today with a high of
7:35 am
79. tomorrow clouds on the increase with a high near 80 but a chance of rain near late in the day and primary south and west of town. most of us should st >> that's your weekend forecast. lester? >> thanks very much. now to hollywood where actress halle berry angrily yelled at the photographers after they hounded her. what set her off? here's nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: lashing out at the paparazzi as she picked up daughter nyala from school in beverly hills. she felt her doubter was being threatened and talked. barre spoke to "extra" tv two weeks ago it's not in the best interest of anybody to exploit a child in a
7:36 am
personal situation. it's frus startering and hard to handle. >> reporter: as a hollywood iowa lister barre is used to the spotlight but the paparazzi has been crossing the line and it has happened. >> hi. you can turn your video camera off because i'm going to talk to you about the fact that you're also a school where children go. turn it off. >> reporter: julia roberts, nicole richie and britney spears are some of the moms who spoke back. >> every time you pay $4 for a magazine, you can blame yourself. that's what's fueling this. >> reporter: barre says she's even thinking of leaving the country, heading to france with her new fiance where privacy laws may better protect her child it's not one photographer hiding
7:37 am
in the bushes. it's 30, 20. i'm not complaining about me. i'm an adult, i can handle it. children should not be subject to that. >> reporter: this is the first time she squared off with paparazzi. in 2008 she filed a criminal complaint after she was photographed in her own backyard with her daughter. the pictures were pulled from circulation but now barre is making headlines again, this time snapping back at the tongue lashing that's gone viral. can you blame her? >> no. in fact, i was feeling angry for her. you go, come on, tell them. >> you have to draw a line. your family's separate. coming up, we'll talk to some teens who have real prop excitement before they made it to the dance. the deck underneath them collapsed and they tumbled to the ground. they're okay. we'll talk to them coming up. actors martin sheen and
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when real life father and son worked on a movie called "the way" taking a journey and learned real life lesson, they took another adventure and ended up writing a book together. it's called "along the way condition the journey of a father and son."
7:41 am
martin sheen and emilio estevez, welcome to the show. i understand this is a big birthday for you, emeiilioemili >> the big 4-0. >> i thought it was 5-0. >> it's called the halfway mark. >> what a better way than to write a book with your father. is that something you dreamed about? >> i never have seen this guy before in my life. >> you look an awful lot alike. >> yeah, that's the problem. >> what was it -- >> the book was going to be a companion piece for the movie "the way" and "along the way" and there thewas a lot in the w in the book. si simon & schuster send someone to us. neither one of us had the
7:42 am
discipline in writing the book. we took to it and told our stories and remarkably a lot of them came together. we remembered accurately very important events in our past that we brought out and we told a very honest story and the hope is that it will inspire other fathers and sons to trust each other and love each other and enjoy the journey. >> because it is a journey of ups and downs. emeiilio is your first born. you had him when you were 21. you have three other children. do they feel left out? >> we're going to find out real quick. >> have they saiding anything? >> no one's read it. >> let's talk about your name. martin, you address this. your birth name is ramon estevez. >> i didn't officially. my real name still my name. my driver's license, my passport. it can get very confusing. i never wanted to exchange my name. but when i started there was a
7:43 am
great deal of, you know, prejudice against hispanics in 1959 here in new york city, and i love the hispanic community but i had enough trouble trying to get a job as an actor, and i was always told they looked more irish than spanish. my heritage is irish and spachbish. my mother was irish, and so i decided i would start using this name. see how it would work out. and i can always go back to it if the acting thing doesn't work out. i'd become ramon. >> did you ever consider being emilio sheen? >> i did. in fact, my first head shot had emilio sheen printed at the foot of it and i looked at it and i said, wow, is that looks really stupid. i said, that's not who i am. >> how have you changed as fathers over the year. you all have grown up together. you're a grandfather as well. how have your roles changed? have you evolved? >> i hope so. i think the last person we have
7:44 am
any effect on is ourselves some of it takes overs to let us know we've grown. his son taylor and i are very close. i feel like emilio's brother and i feel like taylor is our younger brother. >> my daughter is -- son is 27, my daughter is 26. i grew up with my kids. earlier on i was a better movie star than i was a father because that's where the focus was. and i think in -- you know, nowadays, you know, i've figured it out, for today. >> we can all read about it. the book is "along the way." emilio estevez, martin sheen, we preesh yeah sniet we've got a lot more to tell you. >> we're done. we're back at this. d you get a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash -- well, except her. no! but, i'm about to change that. ♪ every little baby wants 50% more cash... ♪ phhht!
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it's one of the biggest events in any high school student's life, going to the prom. but for one group of kids from indiana taking pictures before the big dance, things didn't go as planned. >> take the picture. >> they're going to see your finger. >> it's not my camera. >> we're joined this morning by the students in that video. good morning, everyone.
7:48 am
we're glad you're well. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> tamara, let me start with you. you were behind the camera for all of this. tell me what you saw. >> well, actually the students were up on the deck. there was about 12 of them. and we were waiting for a 13th student to get up there. so she had just walked under the deck to go up. i had the video camera in my right hand, a camera in my left, and we heard a crack. i was recording and all of a sudden the deck started collapsing. >> you obviously rushed in there. what did you expect to see and what did you find. >> i'll be quite honest. my heart such. i'm not going to lie. i aged about ten years during that process. but as i approached the kids, i started seeing some smiles and i started seeing movement and believe it or not, they all kept their shoes on and they were all
7:49 am
pretty much standing except chandler. she was kind of wrapped around a pole. my first thought was to try to help chandler out. >> that's remarkable. and kept their shoes on. morgan, let me start with you. you were in the front row of all of this. was there any noise or perceived sense that this was going to happen? >> yeah, we kind of felt the balcony start to bow a little bit and then you heard this crack and the next thing you heard was a bunch of screams and then everyone laughing a little bit i guess at the end, everyone making sure everyone was okay. >> i looked at the picture. i'm trying to figure out which one is you in the picture. you were holding onto the railing. were you able to hold on? did that save you? >> the girls kind of grabbed onto the railing for dear life and the guys tried to grab onto the girls. it worked out pretty well. >> when you turned around and you were all in a heap there, were you expecting to see
7:50 am
injuriinjur injuries? >>y. first i wasn't sure i was supposed to laugh or not because i didn't know if anyone was hurt. i kind of expected this em to be. surprisingly everyone was okay. >> what was the moment then when you looked around and realized everyone was okay. was it a moment to laugh? >> yeah. it was after i looked around to make sure everyone was okay and then we started laughing. we were still shaken up but it was pretty funny at the time. >> it's funny, i guess, to the point you can laugh about it and everyone's okay. that's great story. hope you had a great prom night. tamara young and the rest of the gang, thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
7:51 am
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instantly on any screen. find out more online. still to come on "today," "time" magazine makes headlines
7:53 am
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good morning. it is 7:56 on this saturday, may 12th, 2012. i'm richard jordan. it's a big day for thousands of college students in the area this morning. many of you are getting ready to walk across the stage for graduation. several schools in the area are holding commencement ceremonies today. the list includes catholic university, howard university, american university, and northern virginia community college. congratulations to the class of 2012 along with the friends and family who helped them get there. you won't have to worry about station closures this weekend, but still expect delays on metro. trains will single track on the red line between tacoma and
7:57 am
forest glen. on the orange line between eastern market and cheverly. you can expect 20 minute delays in those areas. that work should be finished by monday morning. we're going to check your forecast next. ♪
7:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:59 am
the weekend is off to a nice start. let's see if the weather will hold up. >> thanks, richard. a beautiful day outside today and of the two days this weekend, today's probably the prettier of the two. near 100% of your sunshine. climbing into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees by later on this afternoon. 62 in town. and 54 now in germantown and gaithersburg. there's your forecast for today. sunshine and 79.
8:00 am
tomorrow increasing clouds. a very slight chance of a few showers late in the day tomorrow. primarily west and south of town. i think we'll stay dry in the city. that is until monday and tuesday when the rain drops welcome "today" on saturday, may 12, 2012. >> that's euro cue to cheer. a lot of people, but they're all moms. >> i know. >> anyway, coming up, a verdict for a man accused of killing three members of jennifer hud n hudson's family. >> that's right. a chicago jury announced its decision last night after three days of deliberations, guilty on all counts. we'll have hudson's reaction to the verdict coming up. plus "time" magazine has rigged a debate about breast-feeding with its current
8:01 am
cover story. you'll look at it and see why people are so emotional on the topic and some quite not so pleased. our experts weigh in coming up. and the duke and dutch chess of cambridge hit the red carpet last night for the event celebrating the london olympics. kate went outside her fashion comfort zone. she stunned onlookers with a teal dress and a new hairstyle. we'll give you all the details. before that, let's get to the news. veronica de la cruz is at the news desk. good morning, veronica. >> good morning. we start with a tragedy. three students were killed when their minivan drifted off the road and rolled over when the driver attempted a course correction. this happened near a vacation town in the center of north island. the accident injured at least five other b.u. student, one critically. the student were part of a study abroad program. they were on their way to hike a
8:02 am
spectacular crossing. officials say their prayers are with the families. a surprise million dollar trading loss. it's triggering calls for tougher regulations for banks just three years after their near collapse in the financial crisis. ceo jamie dimon says the money was em bebarrassingly lost by a group designed to manage risk. >> we know we were sloppy, we know we were stupid. we know there was bad judgment. we don't know if any of that is true yet. of course, regulators should look at something like this. that is their job. they will come to their own conclusions, but we intend to fix it, learn from it, and be a better company when it's done. >> you can hear more of dimon's comments tomorrow morning on "meet the press" with david gregory. a federal judge's refusal to throw out campaign corruption charges on friday means the former presidential hopeful will have to present his case to a jury. edwards' lawyers are expected to begin calling witnesses on monday. he's accused of using money from
8:03 am
secret payments from donors to hide his mistress as he prepared for the presidential nomination in 2008. president obama is keeping a light load this weekend after a week of campaign appearances. the president will honor the 2012 national association of top cops ward in a ceremony at the rose garden today. the president's likely republican rival mitt romney delivers the commencement address at liberty's university founded by the late jerry falwe falwell. he's committed to talk about his own family than the same-sex faith. a tear lless reunion. she got the surprise of her life when her father made a surprise visit to her school. major pike had been stationed in afghanistan in october and she wasn't expecting to see him again until the fall. finally a new video is creating an online sensation. the video features
8:04 am
cancer-stricken children and doctors and parents lip syncing to the kelly clarkson song "stronger." she sent a message to the children saying that their video is amazing. that is the news. now let's head back outside to lester and amy on the plaza. >> what an inspirational video there. veronica, thanks so much. we're going to head over to bill who's out on the plaza with us for another check on your frachlt bill? >> we've got a little girl with explaining to do. sorry, mom. i left her in texas for a daddy/daughter trip and you just turned 10. what's your name? >> allison. >> this is your chance to tell her how much you miss her and love her to make up for it. >> i think that worksing right? makes mom smile. probably a little tears. let's give you the forecast as we look toward the weekend. we've got beautiful weather in some spots. it's been kind a cool may. it will feel a little bit like
8:05 am
summer. temperatures are going to soar in the west today. phoenix up to 103. head to the pool. teen northwest get lgs to the mid to upper 80s. the troubled weather now leaving texas all over louisiana, mississippi, tennessee, alabama, eventually kentucky. that looks like where is going to be. that's a look at your national forecast. now a look outside your window. >> it is a beautiful saturday here in the nation's capitol. i hope you enjoy your mother's day weekend. weather will be mostly cooperative for your saturday and your sunday. today no problems at all weatherwise. mostly sunny. temperatures 50s to near 60 now. will reach into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees for highs today. just a delightful day coming today. tomorrow we'll start out with sunshine. but clouds coming in and a slight chance of a few showers late tomorrow afternoon. well, if you have outdoor plans this weekend for your mom, you want your hour-by-hour
8:06 am
forecast gorks to lester, back to you. >> bill, thanks. in chicago, the emotional end to the gut-wrenching trial of a man who killed three member of oscar winner jennifer hudson's family. nbc's kevin tibbles has the story. >> reporter: jennifer hudson was in the court r5078 every day and when the verdict was handed down she was seen shaking her head and holding back tears the jury found her former brother-in-law guilt of murdering the sister's brother, mother, and 7-year-old nephew. >> despite the dna evidence they were able to believe he did it beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: 31-year-old balfour now faces life in prison without parole guilty of three counts of first-degree murder, one count of home invasion, one count of aggravated kidnapping, one count of residential burglary, and one count of possession of a stolen vehicle. balfour sat silently as the verdict was read. >> this was a vicious cold-blood
8:07 am
inhuman execution of three people. >> reporter: hudson's brother, mother, were found shot dead in the home. her nephew was found dead in a van three days later. they're saying balfour was in a jealous rage. the defense says no dna or fingerprint evidence linking balfour to the crime was ever presented in court and also points the finger at chicago police. >> i would never say the word "frame," and i don't think that's the position we would ever take. but is there some questionable use of evidence in this case by the chicago police department? i tlink was. >> reporter: in the end, the jury reached its you manus decision. >> we have to stick with what we know and what we had in front of us. >> i think we really took our time with all of the testimony, all of the witnesses one at a time. >> reporter: while the guilty verdict brings some closure to
8:08 am
the family of jennifer hudson, the family has already indicated they're planning to appeal. >> jennifer hudson and herr sister released a statement after the verdict says we have felt the love and support from people all over the world and we're very grateful. we want to extend a prayer from the hudson family to the balfour family. we have all suffered terrible loss from this tragedy. that's the end of the stainless. once again, here's amy. >> thank you. to say the latest "time" magazine is creating a buzz around the water cooler would be an understatement. nbc's veronica dell la krauz l has more. >> what has people talking is her son is nearly 4 years old. >> it's disgusting. he's a big boy who shouldn't be breast-feeding. >> it definitely upset me. >> 3 years old. he's too old for breast-feeding.
8:09 am
>> reporter: as soup as it hit the newsstand, it touched a nerve. the latest issue of "time" magazine with cover photo of 26-year-old jamie lynn grumet breast feeding her 4-year-old son. >> i do understand why "time" creates the picture very it advocates extended breast fielding, keeping a baby in your bed and wearing him or her in a sling all the type. dr. william sears is the man behind the parngt. he's the author of "the baby book." >> this is what you would naturally and instinctively do to give your baby the best investment you'll ever get. >> reporter: it's stimulating strong comments online. actress alyssa milano dwighted to time, no, you missed the
8:10 am
mark. you're supposed to be making it. your cover is skploisive and extreme. >> one wrote i support extended breast-feeding and don't find it or attachment parenting to be extreme. another wrote, i think this picture and story is disgusting. i'm all for breast-feeding your infant, not your 4-year-old. mommy bloggers sounded off as well. >> look at this mother and she's beautiful and she looks like a supermodel and her breast is perfect and she's asking you, are you enough? and to me it wasn't even about being a mother. it was about being a woman. >> reporter: mother jamie grumet knows not everyone is into attached parenting but some may find it useful. >> you can take the philosophy, and it's okay. you're not a bad parent. your child will still be okay. >> now groomth says her son breast-feeds up to three times a day. she says she's not telling
8:11 am
others to do what to do. she's choosing what's best for her and her baby. >> robi ludwig is a therapist. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i mean everybody has an opinion and almost a visceral reaction when they see the cover of this magazine, robbie. here's an unscientific poll we conducted. 74% said they don't really want to see that. why does it draw such a strong reaction. >> i think in part we have this sexy, beautiful, skinny mom who's breast-feeding an older child and there's a sexuality component to it and i think what the article is saying without really saying is if you don't parent in a certain kind of way, then are you a good mom? maybe you're not a good mom. >> are you mom enough. >> are you mom enough. that's exactly what the title says. and a lot of moms, even though they do their best, they attack themselves and they really feel
8:12 am
they're not living up to this idealized image of momhood as it is. >> and this didn't help. lola, specifically people will point to the age of the child and that's why they dope want to see that they're against breast-feeding. it's the age of the child. >> people understand breast-feeding when it's an infant, but showing this boy who looks like he could drive, he's a big 3-year-old, that's what's disconcerting. it feels a bit ed i pole and people feel that way. one person wrote why would any mother exploit her child like this? this is going to follow him around for the rest of his life. >> is that something -- >> i have one thing to say. robbie, keep your leather couch open because this child will be on it. this is going to plague him at school on the playground, at the wedding. >> it will be his future facebook page picture, you know. >> you know, the truth of the matter -- that and you know he's
8:13 am
going to be a breast man. he's not going to be a leg man, we know that. >> but the truth of the matter is there are lots of different ways to parent and this mom has a right to engage in breast-feeding. it's done all over the world. we're just not a country that's used to seeing it and this is a very provocative image. >> we have more comments that people have written in. we've gotten this one. as soup as the teeth comes in, it's time to use a nursing pump and ridiculous, give the kid a fork and spoon and feed him at the table where he belongs. why do people feel the need to speak out on this subject. >> because i think a lot of moms are saying, hey, i didn't parent this way and i'm still a good parent or i want to feel like a good parent or this article or this mom or this doctor is making me feel like i'm not doing my job. >> it feels like a direct attack on them. >> also i tlink's a preoccupation with celebrity and motherhood in the culture. you see, people are so invested
8:14 am
in the length of jessica's simpson's pregnancy. beyonce in the hospital room and chlkhloe kardashian. >> when we see parents meeting their needs through their children and the question comes up who is this really good for? >> attachment parenting. >> you know, are we really talking about the mom's needs to have her child sleep with her, to get in extended breast-feeding to babywarear? i think moms get angry and ask is this healthy. >> thank you very much. interesting topic. i'm sheer people will be talking about it. still to come, something to always talk about. the duke and duchess of came brip. once again kate gets high marks for what she wore. we're going to show you after these announcements. uh-huh. i know this hasn't always been easy for you.
8:15 am
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the duke and duchess of cambridge stepped out in support of the opening london olympics and all eyes were on kate and what she was wearing. once again she didn't disappoint. anabel roberts is in london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. this morning the olympic torch was lit but we'll bring it here in just 76 days which doesn't seem like very many. last knight olympic hopefuls were joined by prince william and kate for a glal. no surprise, they took gold for style. every inch the glamorous young couple arriving at london's royal albert hall. all eyes were, of course, on kate's dress by british designer jenny peckham. for a change she wore her hair up in braided chenille. but it wasn't only about fashion. it was in support of britain's
8:18 am
sports men and women, team g.b. >> naturally i was asked to compete for team g.b. in every sport. but sadly the lord said there were london pigeons with more athletic prowess than me. >> reporter: they decided both kate and william have a genuine interest in sports. >> this image of prince william and kate, young and energetic and sporty. kate was a hockey player at school and william was on the team in water polo and like most family members is a polo player. >> reporter: this week they've had little time for sports. for prince harry, an award to collect in washington for recognition for his work with men and women injured in service. it seemed to be catching. >> this afternoon it will be cold, wet, and windy across most of scotland.
8:19 am
>> reporter: prince charles surprised tv viewers in scotland when he delivered their weather forecast. no chance he'll be putting al roker out of a job. the queen holds par lament, it would allow kate's firstborn child to inherit the throne, even if it's a girl. nothing has changed. the queen seemed happy to swap the gown and crown for head gear and galoshes. so a busy summer for your the royals with the jubilee celebrations. and then you can be sure you'll be seeing plenty of the younger sporty generation here through the end of july. lester. >> anabel roberts. thank ju. still ahead a freak accident leave as wombatling flesh-eating bacteria.
8:20 am
first this is "today" on nbc. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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lester, we know you're the king of the weekend. you're always busy. but you actually hadded some extra duties. you had some fun with jimmy fallon last night. >> i sure did. i get these notes from jimmy sometimes. i love him. so i'll do anything, even bubble soccer. he challenges stephen colbert to bubble soccer. fallon choeld me and colbert chose david gregory. we wore these full body bubble suits to play soccer and it was game on. take a look. >> bearing down. you were bearing down. hold him down. hold up the ball. >> get on your stomach. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. go. >> who won? i can't tell. >> i don't even know who won. i think i scored two goals in the north elevator. >> how many times did you fall? >> many times.
8:23 am
i was like humpty dumpty. i was like, what am i doing. >> and you're like, who convinced me to put the suit on. >> and then we saw this and said, who -- >> i think that's a fun. >> we had fun but we were all balls of sweat afterward. >> thanks for that extra bit of information. >> i'm just saying. >> on that note, we'll be right back. the new cherry berry chiller, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. ♪ so we created "chiller talk." ♪ made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors, blended with ice. bringing together the natural sweetness of cherry and raspberry, for an ice-cold twist on fruit juice. here for a limited time only. new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. ♪ our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream.
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8:26 am
good morning. happy saturday morning to you. we are kicking off our mother's day weekend with a beauty of a day. the time right now is 8:26. thank you for joining us on this saturday, may 12th. i'm angie goff. in the news tonight the capitals get to continue their season. the team takes on the rangers in a winner take all game seven. the capitals are coming off a 2-1 win wednesday. the winner tonight goes on to play new jersey devils. puck drops at 7:30. this is a big day for thousands in our area.
8:27 am
this morning several schools in our area are getting ready for commencement ceremonies. that includes catholic university, howard university, american university, and northern virginia community college. the best to them. and you won't have to worry about any metro station closures this weekend, but you can still expect delays. trains will single track between tacoma and forest glen. on the orange line between eastern market and cheverly. you can expect 20 minute delays no those areas. work should be finished by monday morning. we're going to get a check on your weekend forecast after the break.
8:28 am
8:29 am
we had a cool start to our saturday morngs, but things are heating up. chuck bell has more. >> good morning, everybody. yes, indeed, after a nice cool start early this morning, the bright may sunshine is doing the trick. temperatures are warming into the ooz and low 60s. with near 100% sunshine. so a gorgeous day coming. just delightful to be outside today. don't forget your sun block. highs today upper 70s and low 80s. tomorrow will start out just auz pretty as today. and there's a slight chance of a few showers late in the day tomorrow. i think by and large, most moms
8:30 am
will get a rain free mother's day. >> i like it, chuck. thank you. join us for a full half hour of news coming up at 9:00. we'r morning, may 12, 2012. it's shaping up to be a beautiful day in new york city. it's a great day, ied my add, to go out shopping and get a gift for mom. we want to thank the crowd for being here. i'm amy robach along with lester holt. coming up in this half hour, this is a bizarre story. this woman had an accident. she lives in georgia. she's now battling a rare flesh-eating disease. >> horrible story. she was on a zip line on vacation and she ended up with some kind of -- she cut herself, ended up with bacteria that's so
8:31 am
rare the centers for disease control does not keep statistics on it. we're going to get the latest on her case in just a few minutes. and then we're going to switch gears and talk real estate with barbara corcoran. for many buying a house, it s.t.e.m. still seems like an overwhelming process. today barbara corcoran is going to take the pain out of the process. wedding bells are in the air if many of hollywood. >> before we get to all of that let's get a check of the weather from bill karins who's out on the plaza. good morning. >> good morning. all of these students here, sixth, seventh, eighth graders, we're going to come over here. hold your sign up. this is the honors builders and designers club. good job, maddy. let's take a look at forecast. we have beautiful weather on the
8:32 am
west and east coast but we're looking at flubl the mid of the country. we're watching rain heading out of mississippi, alabama, sbup arkansas, little rock to memphis. as far as what we're going to deal with, the rainy weather will expand northward. on mother's day late in the afternoon it looks like some of the rain could slide your way. it's notnot perfect for all thet there, if you're on the east and west coast you may have a big smile on your face. here's a look at the weather outside your window. >> reporter: good saturday morning, everybody. i'm chuck bell. it's a beautiful saturday here in the washington area. temperatures fast into the 60s we're going. looking for high temperatures this morning near 80 degrees for a brief time. so get out your sun block and enjoy the day. a very nice day coming up today. temperatures 75 to 80. not quite as nice but still a pleasant day. morning sunshine giving way to clouds and only
8:33 am
be a nice forecast for so many. back to you, amy. >> all right, bill. thank you. now to a bizarre story in georgia that's left a young woman in critical condition. 24-year-old amy copeland is fighting to survive a flesh-eating bacterial infection that forced doctors to amputate most of her left leg. she is reportedly responsive, but she is not out of the woods. nbc's michelle franzen has the latest on her condition. >> reporter: fighting for her life. doctors in georgia are racing to save amy copeland from a rare flesh-eating bacteria that set in after she cut her leg in a zip line accident. surgeons have already amputated one leg and her family says the 24-year-old will likely need more amputations. >> i couldn't conceive of what it would be for my daughter to lose her hands and the only other foot she has as well and that appears to be what's going to happen. >> reporter: the freak accident happened just over a week ago when the graduate student at the university of west georgia was
8:34 am
kayaking with friends and fell from a home laid zip line that snapped while she tried to cross the river. she sustain add big gash in her leg and went to the emergency room where doctors used nearly two dozen staples to close the wound. within a few days her father says she became so sick she was rushed to the hospital in augusta. she was diagnosed with necrotizing bacteria. >> the problem is the bacteria produces toxins, and when you have this sort of a situation, the host response to the infection causes low blood pressure and shock and that's often what kills the patient. >> reporter: amy nearly died, family members say, but in recent days has shown signs of improvement. a facebook page is dedicated to updating her progress, and a place where friends can share stories of her determination and
8:35 am
love of life. amy's will to survive has inspired her friends to take action, raising money and also making sure a support system is in place when she comes home. >> and we'd like to collect any cards or any business cards of anybody that wants to help, not just money. when she is in recovery, she will need all the encouragement she's getting right now. >> reporter: holding out hope she will win the battle. for today, michelle franzen, nbc news. >> we certainly wish herthe best. john goodman, the polo magnet who once adopted his girlfriend in a bizarre bid to shield his fortune has been sentenced to six years in prison, the punishment for a drunk driving death of a woman was handed down in kwort yesterday. kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: multi millionaire
8:36 am
john goodman sat in court as the mother of the 24-year-old engineering student explains who and what she lost that night. >> it's going to be mother's day. >> reporter: it was two years ago when goodman, heir to a billion-dollar family fortune after an evening with drinks and friends ran a stop sign in palm beach, florida, and slammed into scott wilson's car. his convertible bentley pushed wilson's car into a canal where it sank. inside the medical examiner says the still living wilson drowned. >> he did the most horrible thing anyone could ever do and that is leave the child inside the canal to drown. >> reporter: he himself asked for forgiveness on friday. >> my heart goes out to the family. i'm so remorseful. >> i'll sentence you to a term of incarceration to the department of corrections, 16
8:37 am
years. >> reporter: a surprise. goodman can go free while his lawyer appeals if he posts a $7 million bond. >> mr. goodman walking out of jail today does give us a sense of lack of finality. >> reporter: good man's girlfriend who he legally adopted as his daughter to protect his family fortune was not in court members could now fund goodman's escape. but under florida law, even the prosecutor says he has a right to be free but with conditions. he'll be under house arrest, tracked with a gps ankle monitor and have round the clock-off-dutiy police sub vis that goodman will have to pay for himself. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, west palm beach, florida. up next, questions on buying your first home. barbara corcoran has some answers for us.
8:38 am
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8:41 am
the world of real estate can be difficult to negotiate for first-timer, even second-timers. here to answer your question is real estate contributor barbara couric ran. barbara, good morning. >> good morning, amy. >> this is an amazing number. for a 30-year the interest rate is 3.83%. >> first-time home buyers focus on the price of the home. it's not as much as that lovely low interest rate. so for example, today right now with a $300,000 home, you would be paying $1,050 a month to finance 75% of it. if that interest rate just tips all little bit more than 1% of 5%, it's $1,200 a month. now's the great time to buy a home and get the cheap money. >> money is cheap. we like that. we're going to go out to the plaza for a question for you from jennifer. what's your question for barbara, jennifer? >> hi. how should first-time home buyers read the housing market
8:42 am
right now? has it reached bottom? >> that's the million-dollar question, isn't it, that everybody's asking. my only question is it reached bottom two months ago. the reason for that is all the statistics are supporting it. when you look at all of the leading 25 markets in the united states. almost every one of thome has turned around and some of them with whopping increases over the last year. for example, phoenix, arksz up 27%. that was a foreclosure capital of america only a year ago. miami, they used to have every apartment seemingly vacant is up 24%. orlando, florida, people are thinking i'm not buying in florida, is up 12%. and inventory is down 25% to 50% across the nation. if that's not a turnaround, we're missing something here on the numbers. >> we even fwoobt another question for you. this one from lisa. she joins us via skype. lisa, what's your question for barbara? >> i'm in the washington, d.c., metro area and we have a
8:43 am
20-month-old son and another baby coming in six weeks and we're trying to figure out if a townhouse makes sense for us as an investment in the d.c. area with a family of four already. >> well, townhouses are always cheaper than homes in any market right now in kmt c., the townhouse is selling for $230,000 on average where the house will set you back for $315,000. but think about this. you have children. it's always much better to have a house that you grow into versus a house that you have to move in two years and get closing costs all over again. it's always better to buy a bigger house that you can move into, even if you have to settle on an area that's further out than where you want go. it's a better investment. >> lisa, thank you so much. we have a question from sheila. she joining us on the phone from sunnyvale, california. what's your question for barbara?
8:44 am
>> good morning. i'm looking to buy a home in southern california. it's become so competitive and the prices are creeping up. i've changed realtors, increased my offer but with no success. >> you're in the unfortunate position of chasing the prices as they're going up and losing out to other buyers and that's just going to get worse before it gets better. the best thing to do is adjust your expectations and shop for a smaller house and don't worry about settling for something less than what you had envisioned because you've got to get in the market to have a house to trade up with when prices continue to get up. the key here is get your hands on a house before it runs away from you. >> all right, sheila. thanks so much. barbara always has the good advice, straight viet. we have another question from lisa who's skyped in. go ahead. >> i want to consider buying my first home in the next year but i have a lot of student debt from getting my master's greechl
8:45 am
i have a good stable job. my question is should i try to pay off more student debt first or think about buying my first house? >> you know, lisa, that's a personal call on what you feel comfortable carrying, how much debt you're comfortable living with. i would suggest grow on a trial run. add up what you're neigh student debt plus what you would have to pay in a mortgage payment and taxes on the would-be house that you would buy and try it on for size for six months, that total expense, and see if you could live with it. if you're comfortable. go out and buy a house. if you're uncomfortable, i don't care what the rags ail is, you're not going to sleep well at night. wait to buy a home. >> teresa, thanks so much. and braush corcoran, thanks so much for being here. >> my pleasure. coming up, celebrities planning to say "i do" this summer. but first this is "today" on ♪
8:46 am
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some of hollywood's biggest names may take some time off this summer, not just a break from the job, but to get mair and go on their honeymoons. nbc's miguel almaguer takes a look at who's likely to talk a walk down the aisle in the coming weeks. >> reporter: not many events in hollywood can top the hype of a blockbuster movie. or the glitz and glamour of the star-studded red carpet event. but celebrity watchers are buzzing about something that could be even bigger this summer. a slew of celebrity "i dos". >> this is the summer of celebrity weddings. they want to know everything. they want to see the ridng, the flowers, the food, the dancing. >> reporter: it's rumored several notable starlets could be hitting the altar in a couple of months. topping the list of possible aisle waefrp, drew barry moor,
8:49 am
britney spears, and the big one, angelina jolie who with fiance brad pitt shocked hollywood by confirmed their engagements last summer. >> if they get married this summer, it will be the biggest. we want to see everything about their lives and the wedding will be a culmination of everything we love about them. >> reporter: though it's unlikely any nuptials will be shown on tv, it's unlikely they'll be showing it. >> sometimes they release them, sometimes they sell them. sometimes they give the proceeds to charity. it really gives fans a sense that they're at the event. >> reporter: where it's marital bliss for kate hudson or halle berry or ann hathaway, you'll
8:50 am
likely get a look. we'll be right back, but first these messages. all multivitamins give me the basics.
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welcome back. mother's day is tomorrow. we've got a few special moms and their families out here on the plaza this morning. >> we have agnes from texas, darlene johns from ohio and sherry sue from arizona. ladies, good morning. thanks for being with us. why are you here this morning? >> i really -- i my husband entered a contest? i don't know. >> do you guys know why you're here? >> we got a backstage pass. >> well, it was more than that. everyone kind of tricked you. see the deal is we brought you here because your loved ones thought you were deserving of a little pampering for mother's day. they wrote in to tell how much you meant to them and decided they wanted to pamper you by giving you a full celebrity makeover here in new york city, shopping at bloomingdale's, louie bakari salon. >> they're getting rid of me.
8:54 am
>> no, they think you're worth it. >> what do you think about that? >> really exciting. >> it only took forever. >> it only took forever. >> like it's about time. >> yeah. >> and what did you -- what were you told about coming out here? >> i just knew that my daughter got a backstage pass to come to the "today" show. >> who's your daughter? >> i have amy and amanda. >> amanda, come here a second. this is your idea? >> we think you're also deserve of a makeover as well. you're a mom too. >> that's nice. we're going to include you in the celebrity makeover. how do you feel about that? >> she's really surprised. >> congratulations to all of you. we want to tell you, happy mother's day. what are you looking forward to most as a makeover. >> my hair. >> your hair? >> yes. >> i have no idea. an overhaul. >> we're going to see you back here tomorrow to see how it went. >> we're going to see the big reveal. you'll show us how you look.
8:55 am
happy mother's day. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. that's going to do it for us this morning. veronica de la cruz and bill karins. thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning. take care.
8:56 am
good morning, everyone. i am angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. straight ahead on news4 today. >> bryce harper bloodied up.
8:57 am
the freak account that caused this injury and the impact it'll have on his playing time. chilly today and we're not talking about the weather. it's the annual chili cook off. detail ace head. >> derek gets all the good assignments. nothing but sunshine for your saturday. but what about mother's day? could it possibly be this nice? i'll have the forecast. all that and more when you join us for news4 today. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
8:58 am
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this was a vicious cold-blooded inhumane execution of three people. >> guilty. jennifer hudson's ex-brother-in-law is convicted of murdering the actress and singer's family. the prison sentence he's now facing. a vicious beating in an up and coming d.c. neighborhood and the attack was sparked by an efferent beer can. well, hello hokies! >> michelle obama addresses virginia tech graduates. the first lady's words of wisdom for the class of 2012. good morning, everyone. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome to news4 today on this saturday, may 12th. it's a mother's day weekend. if those


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