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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 12, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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forecast, they got it. this saturday they do at least. >> on the whole, i think everyone's going to like their mother's day weekend. saturday no worries at all today. 100% sunshine. tomorrow may not be quite as nice as today, so if you have to stretch mother's day out an extra day, go ahead. start early and stop late. temperatures outside on their way up thanks to all that sunshine out there. we're 64 at national airport. 66 degrees in shadyside this morning. 61 waldorf. and get out into northern virginia, temperatures just now out of low 50s into though low 60s. shenandoah valleys still holding back in the mid and upper 50s. no rain on the radar today. there are rain drop potentials, though, for the second half of your sunday especially. if you're going to be doing any traveling the further south and west you go this weekend, the earlier you will run into the rain drops. today's planner, no problems at
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all. mid-60s for the rest of the morning. up to the mid and upper 70s. no complaints at all. all the little pictures on the refrigerator and everything, everybody loves mom. it's going to be a good day. plenty of sunshine. clouds will roll in later on in the day. a nice mother's day. tomorrow ice high around 78, 79. there will be a chance for extra clouds tomorrow afternoon, maybe a few drops late in the day. probably not until after sundown. >> nothing too bad. >> we'll keep you posted though because i don't want to mess this up. >> mom will get mad at you. no kidding she will. the man convicted of killing three of jennifer hudson's family members faces a mandatory life sentence. jurors deliberated for three days before deciding on a guilty verdict for william balfour in the death of the singer's mother, brother, and nephew.
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prosecutors say his jealousy led to the 2008 murders. prosecutors built a circumstantial case. testified that balfour threatened to kill the family in the past. some jurors said at times they felt sorry for balfour during the trial. >> some of us tried our best to make him innocent. but the facts and everything just wasn't there. we tried. that's what took us so long. we had to pick everything apart. you know, we tried. young man, you know, his life is on the line. so we did. i can say that with certainty with all of us. some points we all did feel sorry for him. >> hudson thanked prosecutors, police, and others who helped convict balfour and asked for prayer for his family. balfour's defense attorney says she plans to appeal the verdict. a d.c. man is in the hospital this morning after an empty beer can sparked a beating. police say it happened in broad
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daylight in the 1400 block of w street in northwest yesterday. that's where a man saw another man throw a beer can on the ground. the man asked him to please pick the can up. but police say the suspect argued using an expletive saying who do you think you're talking to and began punching the man in the face. city officials haven't been responsive enough to crimes near that building, residents say. >> we want people to feel secure in terms of being here and in terms of having their families here. and we want the old-timers and the stake holders who have been here to feel the same way. >> the victim suffered a broken jaw, a infrastructure in his face, and lost teeth. the beating was captured on one of the building's security cameras. police hope video of a robbery at 7-11 will become their best clue yet in finding masked men. it showed them pointing guns at
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the clerk last month. both robbers got away after the clerk emptied the registers. that clerk was not hurt but if you know anything, police want to talk to you. now to decision 2012 where president obama looks to gain more support in virginia. today the president's re-election campaign is opening two more offices in the commonwealth. one will open up on duke street in alexandria and the other in the richard monday area. president obama now has 15 campaign offices across virginia including locations in arlington and louden. the president's campaign released photos from his fund raising event at george clooney's house. jack black, barbara streisand are a few of the celebrities who rubbed elbows with the commander in chief. attendees had to pay $40,000 to
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attend. mitt romney is in virginia today where he'll deliver the commencement address at liberty university. liberty is a private christian college founded by pastor jerry folwell. yesterday he was in north carolina. romney visited a local business in charlotte. he told supporters that while the economy is improving, it would be a faster improvement under his guidance. romney also slammed president obama for being quote, beholdened to labor unions when making his policies. bristol palin has chimed in on president obama's comments on same-sex marriage. she says president obama shouldn't let his daughters shape his policies. the president said earlier this week his conversations with sasha and malia helped form his opinion. palin a single mother says children have a better quality of life when there's a mother and father to help raise them.
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bob ehrlich faces years behind bars for sending robocalls. but a jr. found him not guilty on three charges of voter fraud. henson urged democratic voters to stay home saying the election was already decided. luckily no major damage to report after quite a scene on the side of i-370. take a look at this. a trash truck caught fire. it was about to exit on to shady groe road in gaithersburg yesterday and the big smoke and flames caused traffic to slow down. investigators believe garbage inside the truck caught on fire. no one was hurt. today marks the day of accomplishment for thousands in the area. it's graduation day for the class of 2012. several schools are getting ready for commencement ceremonies right now. that list includes catholic university, howard university,
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american university, and northern virginia community college. this morning first lady michelle obama will deliver the commencement address at north carolina a&t university in greensboro. she spoke yet at virginia tech. she spoke to speak at virds tech because of the school's resilience. she was inspired at how the campus community united after recent violence including the 2007 massacre that left 33 people dead. >> we are all so proud of you. and we are all so inspired by you. and we are all determined to live up to the example you have set. and in those ways and so many others, yes, we are all still hokies. >> a little correction there, we meant she spoke to the class of 2012 at virginia tech. virginia tech did tweet out a number of pictures from the ceremony including this one.
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that's the first lady touching the famed hokie stone over the entrance to the field. it's all about good eats and hot beats today in d.c. it's the 33rd annual chili cookoff. derek ward has more. hope you're hungry, derek. >> reporter: i am, indeed. i was so anxious to get here i drove myself and i got this great parking spot. no. this isn't really my car. this is better on gas. i want to direct your attention over here. this is really what it's all about today. this is the annual d.c. chili cookoff. there are some clouds of smoke rising from some of those tents. there's a lot to do, a lot to eat and it's for a good cause. this is the single largest rock festival. about 30,000 people are expected to attend. it raises more than a million dollars for the national kidney foundation in the washington area there are about 700,000
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people who are effected by kidney disease. 6,000 are on dialysis. this is all to benefit that cause. joining me now is vice president of the national kidney foundation. thanks for joining us. >> looks like we have a great day ahead of us. >> how long have you been doing this. >> this is our 33rd annual chili cook off. i've seen it grow and get bigger every year. >> reporter: this raises money for kidney research. how much money have you raised? >> the the past decade we've raised over $10 million. the d.c. area has the highest prevalence of kidney disease in the area. we're raising money for research and patient services, education, and organ donation awareness. >> reporter: indeed. it's just a lot of fun here too. i mean, do you have trouble getting people to participate or do you have to turn people away? >> we're expecting 30,000 people this year. we've got amazing bands.
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we've got incubus, cake. and more. there's no shortage of chili to taste. and there's junling going on. and lots of celebrity judges. redskins players and your weather man and a wonderful friend of the kidney man down here at noon. >> reporter: i'll be doing advance work for him, some tasting to make sure it's okay. what time do things get underwa i? >> gates open at 11:00. the bands start at about 12:30. it goes on until 8:00. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us. we want you to get particulars of this if you plan to come down. it's a great event, great day to do it. as we said, a great cause. as she said, wrc's doug cameron is going to be here. just relax and take your time. even if you're a little late, i've got you covered.
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back to you. >> all right. doug never misses a free meal. we'll check in with you later. and the time now is 9:10. imagine having to change your home address without even moving. why dozens of fairfax residents may have to do just that. also ahead, a $2 billion loss by the nation's largest bank. why some investors said the move that led to that loss should never have happened.
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a mother's day message this morning from the mother of trayvon martin. sybrina fulton is the face of a new psa asking lawmakers to reconsider the stand your ground laws. >> just like me, 30,000 mothers lost their children this year to senseless gun violence. nobody can bring our children
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back. but it would bring us comfort if we can help spare other mothers the pain that we will feel on mother's day. and every day for the rest of our lives. >> the ad was made by second chance. a campaign aimed at changing dangerous gun laws around the country. fulton asked people to contact their governors. george zimmerman originally was released by police because he claimed self-defense in the shooting under florida stand your ground law. he is now charged with second degree murder. the head of jp mohr dan chase apologizes for risky chance that lost the company $2 billion. he says the move was quote, grievous and self-inflicted. dimon is regarded as one of the most sound in the financial industry. dimon will talk about the $2
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billion loss tomorrow with david gregory on "meet the press." the $2 billion loss caused jpmorgan chase to take a big hit on the market. its stock fell 2% on the week. the dow fell 34 points yesterday but 83% of the dow's drop was because of jpmorgan chase. the bank's market value lost $14 billion the most in a single day in at least 28 years. it's a bad sign. signs marking a street named for one of the founding families of fairfax may not be spelled right. but fixing the possible mistake isn't as simple as remaking the signs? >> reporter: the name game is playing out on sager avenue. there are several street signs and address markers all nearly identical. the road name spelled out s-a-g-e-r. that's how residents spelled it
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for decades. >> that's the way it is right there. >> reporter: but officials may need to make a spell check. >> i never heard of that until you told me about it at this moment. >> reporter: it comes down to one moment. that e. >> my name is william sagar. >> reporter: william sagar says his ancestors are a.j. and anna sagar. the couple pictured at the fairfax museum and visitor center. the two are buried at flint hills cemetery. notice the spelling on their gravestone, s-a-g-a-r, no e. but the name is not only that way in stone, it's in black and white. in this document from the virginia general say semibly and in the 1870s, the fairfax times appointed a.j. sagar was appointed a judge. they want the city to correct the signs. >> i hope for history's sake that they consider it. >> reporter: the fairfax museum is in the original fairfax
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elementary school house. that property was donated by the sagar family, but the museum spells sagar like the signs, s-a-g-e-r. the proper spelling may be difficult because way back centuries ago while the record keepers may have been good, they may not have always been the best spellers. >> the lack of consistent written records and you go on phonetic spellings. i could see how it would happen. >> reporter: the city has not decided what the proper spelling is yet. but some of those on the avenue is taking the name dispute in stride. >> i'll just change my address labels. >> fairfax officials aren't sure how much it would cost to replace the signs. it will be up to the city council to make a final decision. knowing just how much protection you're getting from the sun rays may be a little confusing this summer. the fda is giving sun screen
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makers until december to relabel their bottles to show just how much protection a lotion gives. the fda ordered the changes last summer and new bottles were supposed to be on the shelves next month. in the future, lotions that protect against both uva and uvb rays will be labeled broad spectrum. uva rays are linked to skin cancer and for now look for zinc and titanium. >> and it's the time of the year to pick up the sun screen. >> it may be a good day at the beaches. let's go to chuck. >> a little bit of chill left inside the water. if you're just going outside to enjoy the sun good news in the
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the john edwards trial will remain with the jury. the lawyers asked for the charges to be dropped but the judge rejected that motion. they say there's no proof. they argued the money donated to him was to hide the affair from his wife. he faces up to 30 years if convicted. this morning we're getting an update on the recovery of gabrielle giffords. giffords' husband mark kelly told msnbc she's doing really
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well. she recently made a trip to the district but is back in houston undergoing speech and physical therapy. give fords was shot in the head in 2011 at a public event outside a grocery store. six people were killed. and months ago a hawaiian surfer took on one of the biggest waves in history. >> and today it is official. he's now a world record holder. garrett mcnamara got his name in the books for surfing a 78 foot wave off the coast of portugal. mcnamara breaks the world record set in 2008 by just one foot. >> he's got a camera on the board too getting his reaction. >> that must be such a rush. >> you lose perspective how big the waves are until you see the speck of the surfer on the wave. >> and it's amazing when they
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emerge. >> that is a tube i wouldn't want to find my way out of. good for him though. >> good day for us too. >> we're sitting in the sweet spot for today. no doubt about it. you've played just enough golf to know when you hit the ball, and off it goes. that's the way today eess weather is going to feel. just right. sunshine today and plenty of it as well. now, tomorrow, mother's day not looking as pretty. but still i like your chances that you're going to enjoy both days this weekend. outside right now with a beautiful blue sky over washington. hardly a cloud to be found out there. i spotted one cloud yesterday, we might spot two today. that's going to be just about it for a knock on your saturday weather. mostly sunny skies. temperatures have responded very nicely to all that early morning sunshine. we're up to 64 now at national airport. the wind has gone calm for now. eventually we'll have a bit of a southerly breeze coming our way. 66 in annapolis right now.
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65 in huntingtown, maryland. and southern prince george's county 64. and your storm4 hometown forecast in bethesda, maryland, today mid-70s. closing in on 80 later on this afternoon. headed out to an 8:00 movie tonight? temperatures back to the low 70s. tonight temperatures back to the mid-60s. on the whole a nice saturday coming our way. nothing showing up on doppler too close to us. these drops will stay away from us the next couple of hours. these drops as they're coming into the dry air mass we have in place, a lot of those are drying up. that will not be the first chance for rain. our first chance for rain drops is lying back across parts o arkansas, louisiana, and east texas. that area of low pressure is going to bring our best chance for rain monday and tuesday. needed rain as well.
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could get an inch to an inch and a half. great start today. enjoy it. temperatures staying in the upper 70s and low 80s. weather front's going to slowly move in our direction. shower chances, i think, primarily stay west and southwest of us tomorrow. most of us will be dry on your mother's day, but can't rule out a few drops further down to the southwest. rain likely for everybody by monday/tuesday. for the rest of today, sunny and wild. generally mild nor the evening with temperatures 76 down to 68 degrees by 11:00 p.m. then more mother's day, we'll start out with sunshine for the morning. then clouds will fade in on the afternoon. most of us will be dry. i prefer to it as a precautionary rain drop just to let you know there's a little chance out there.
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can always follow me on twitter. we'll tweet about the weather all weekend. >> regardless of the weather, good couple days to go shopping for mom. >> i've never met a woman who couldn't find a decent day to go shopping. >> you can say that again. >> never. even myself. >> okay, chuck. >> well, okay. the time right now three minutes away from the half hour. caught in the act. the high end beauty products these two local women are accused of stealing. not shopping, not buying, stealing. wait until you hear how much police say they took. and you'll want to look at this closely. it may look like a
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hello, everyone. glad you can join us. i'm angie go.
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>> i'm richard jordan. a jury found jennifer hudson's former brother-in-law guilty of murder. he faces a mandatory life sentence in prison. a d.c. man is in the hospital after being beat up over a beer can. police say the man saw a passerby throw the can on the ground. when he asked him to pick it up, police say the suspect beat up the man breaking his jaw and fracturing part of his face. security cameras caught the beating on tape. the head of jpmorgan chase is blaming himself for a risky trade that lost the bank $2 billion. jamie dimon says he's sorry for committing quote, a grievous and self-inflicted mistake. the sec is investigating the move. a teenager charged with attacking people with a hammer in d.c.'s petworth neighborhood
9:32 am
has been found incompetent to stand trial. michael davis is charged with three attacks including one that killed tourist gary diedrich last month. yesterday a judge ruled him mentally incompetent for now based on the testimony of a clinical psychiatrist. family members of the victims disagree. >> he went out to hurt people. that was his intention to do. if he can hurt people, he can stand trial. >> police say davis could be connected to as many as five attacks and more charges could come. he will undergo another mental evaluation in 60 days. prince george's county police say they recovered $20,000 worth of stolen products and perfume. two women are accused of swiping the goods and reselling it for profit. jane watrel shows us how police made that bust.
9:33 am
>> we apologize for that technical difficulty. hopefully we'll be able to get to jane's story in a moment. but first, new this morning, three boston university students were killed in new zealand. the three were in a minivan that crashed. police in new zealand say the van rolled over when the van lost control own tried to overcorrect. the students were in a study abroad program. two children taken from their tennessee home are home with their family. 33-year-old adam mayes killed their mother and older sister. he shot and killed himself in a dramatic standoff with police. according to court documents, mayes' wife helped kidnap the
9:34 am
two surviving sisters along with their now dead mother and sister. last weekend authorities discovered the victims in a shallow grave at the mayes home in mississippi. at this point police don't know exactly what motivated mayes to take the mother and her children. thousands of fans turned out in san diego to pay their final respects to junior seau. the chargers, his team for more than a decade, held a public memorial at qualcomm stadium last night. fans, former teammates, and even the mayor showed up to honor the nfl veteran. they all agreed he was a great man on and off the field. >> of all san diego's most accomplished athletes, junior was the most charismatic. the one that had the biggest impact on a room simply by walking into it. >> the chargers also announced they are retiring seau's number 55. seau was buried yesterday in a
9:35 am
private funeral. right now, venezuelan president hugo chavez is back home in caracas after treatment for cancer. he denies reports complications developed during his treatment. he began his treatments in march after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor from his pelvic region. he has kept many details of his illness secret. there is a death threat on chavez's brother. in this cross word puzzle. he claims a code in is hidden in the puzzle. the number out of immigrants in the u.s. is a new high. a new report shows 40 million
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foreign-born people were living in the u.s. in 2010. that's up from 31 million a decade ago. hatch is from latin america and the caribbean. nearly 30% is from asia. and more than half live in gateway states. carroll shelby creator of the shelby cobra has died. shelby passed away from pneumonia. the texas native grew up raising chickens on a farm but eventually worked his way up to become an icon of the auto industry. his cobra and shelby mustang designs are instantly recognizable. he raised the profile in the 1960s at a time when racing was dominated by europe. carroll shelby was 89. the time is now 9:36. we're going to show you a
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picture. see if you can figure out what's wrong with it. a major clothing store is now apologizing for a seemingly innocent ad. and a bloody bryce harper. an accident that left him gushing blood on the field. neither campaign thought the week would begin or end this way. the obama campaign didn't think the week would be about same-sex marriage. it was supposed to be about obama's campaign launch. the romney campaign certainly didn't think it would be about responding to a story about his behavior in prep school 50 years ago. that story, by the way, shows romney is still not quite clearly defined. the white house is trying to make sure when the history books are written on when and why the president came out for gay marriage, that the book won't start with joe biden's comments on "meet the press." but what is clear is that biden is the reason why obama made this announcement this week. the obama campaign is up with more ads in swing states including his first one touting
9:38 am
the auto bailout. for more log on to first read on nbc that was the week that was. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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now to that police investigation in prince george's county. $20,000 worth of stolen products recovered. here's jane watt rel. . >> reporter: this is a security photo of the alleged perfume thieves in action. latasha mungo and darquesha wilkinson were smooth operators stealing high end products from retailers in the blink of an eye. >> they're very charming ladies. they're well-dressed. they go into the store, they're polite. put the items in their bag and walk out. it's their job, what they do.
9:42 am
>> reporter: they had no idea about the sticky fingers until the arrest. the products on this table alone retail for $7,000. perfumes, makeup, and panties. in all police con fes kated $20,000 worth of products. a theft operation that reeked of money. >> they would steal all week, make enough, go to miami on the weekend. stay the whole weekend. run out of money and come back and resume business. >> reporter: police say the pair not only stole beauty products in prince george's counties but in malls in tyson's corner and fairfax as well. in palmer park, jane watrel, news4. new jersey's tanning mom has put bronzing in the spotlight. >> now a popular clothing company is feeling the heat. swedish company h & m is apologizing for this
9:43 am
advertisement. it features a brazilian model in a new line of bright swim suits. but it's the dark tan that brought the attention of the swedish cancer society. more people die in sweden each year of skin cancer than in traffic accidents. h & m says they were not trying to encourage dangerous behavior. >> might have been a little photo shopped also. looks pretty dark, that tan. >> they photo shop model pictures? when did this start. >> they make a note it would be digitally enhanced and makeup can do that as well. >> you have to be sun smart. >> but they don't want to send the wrong message. but wear the spf today. >> 30 or better. days like today we're getting closer to the summer solstice. what about the weather? we'll talk about that next.
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the weekend's off to a nice start. almost like you're still in l.a. >> people say i brought the sun rays back with me. they are here to stay at least today. >> yes, indeed. thanks for bringing it back for us. sunshine for sure for saturday as you look outside right now. what a great day it is. weekend is underway. on the side of constitution avenue there. great day owl of downtown washington. looks like the good weather is going to last through today and through most if not all of your mother's day. that's the day that matters the most. 64 in washington. the winds have gone calm for now. southerly breezes bring temperatures well above average. still 58 in haigerstown, but
9:48 am
front royal and toms brook has made it into the 60s. getting close to 70 in charlotte hall, maryland. for today all sunshine through this morning. and i think really for most of the day. sunny and warm today. temperatures well into the upper 70s. a lot of spots may touch 80 degrees for highs today. no threat for rain on saturday. nearest rain drops to us are across parts of tennessee and georgia. but these are drying up as they come through. the air mass in place is really dry. as these first round of rain drops try to come in, i think they're going to evaporate. those will not all evaporate here. those will be our next chance of rain here that rolls in as we get into monday and tuesday of the upcoming week. so high pressure has led to a great start to your weekend. a veil of thin clouds drifting in overnight tonight. here we are at 9:00, a mild
9:49 am
night with a cirrus deck coming on in. by tomorrow, by noontime on your mother's day still dry around here. and i think plenty of sunshine in the front half of your day tomorrow. further down to the south and west. later on into the day, i think there will be a chance especially west of the blue ridge into the mountains of west virginia, have a chance for a shower there. in and around town tomorrow, i don't think we have anything to worry about. rain looking more and more likely into monday and tuesday. here's the forecast for today. beautiful, bright, and sunny and delightful today. highs near 80 degrees. for tomorrow, mother's day, a lot of sunshine early on. taking mom out to brunch tomorrow after sunday services. good weather for that. a few clouds tomorrow afternoon. and there's a chance of a couple showers late in the day probably not until after the sun goes down and primarily out west of the d.c. metro area. with all that in mind, here's the important forecast. 79 today with full sun. and a small chance of a shower
9:50 am
there. monday and tuesday looks like it will be the best chan for rain all week. as we head into the end of the week and into next weekend, looks like we'll stay dry as well. i'll be tweeting about the weather all day. you can join in and i'll answer questions and tweet back out specific forecasts. good race weather in darlington, south carolina today. someone was asking. >> i've covered some races in darlington when i worked that way, and mike tells me you promised him beautiful weather for darnstown day. >> if that's today, 100% chance of good weather. and tonight either winter continues or summer starts for the capitals. rangers take on the capitals tonight in a winner take up a game seven. capitals had a 2-1 win wednesday. and braden holtby is even me excited now. he became a dad.
9:51 am
benjamin hunter holtby was born. he 22-year-old says it's an exciting time but he is focused on the win. >> it's a great day. mom and baby are doing great, but now the focus is on hockey. circumstance is different, but it's still is the same game. still hockey. the main thing you learn when you turn professional is separate personal life from hockey. that's what we're going to do here. >> tonight's winner goes on to play the new jersey devils in the eastern conference final. you can catch the game on the nbc sports network. the puck drops at 7:30. so far this season, the nationals have been a streaky team, but it appears their offense is heating up along with those temperatures. >> that time desmond was not running. bernadina goes right center. see you later. >> it's out of here. roger bernadina helped washington's cause hitting a two-run home run and an rbi single in the first two innings.
9:52 am
that was all gonzalez needed. washington's lefty went five innings while striking out nine. they win 7-3. these two teams are back at it tonight in cincinnati. bryce harper went hitless last night but he was the big story for another reason. harper needed ten stitches for this ugly looking gash over his left eye. apparently in frustration, the 19-year-old swung a bat at a wall, the barrel came back and struck him in the face. it's still unknown if he'll play today. they're calling him bam bam. a traffic alert for metro riders. you won't have to worry about station closures this weekend but still expect delays. trains will single track on the red line between tacoma and for or against clen and between van ness and dupont circle. and on the orange line between eastern market and cheverly. you can expect 20 minute delays
9:53 am
in those work areas. and that work should be completed by monday morning. now let's get a preview of this week's kids post. . >> good morning. this week on kids post on tv, some simple ways to save ozone, teaching kids to ride bikes on their own, and exhibits that will make you give a dog a bone. joining us is tracy. good morning to you. nice to see you. >> wonderful to be here. >> a group of kids at school that can teach everyone a lesson or two in going green which i think is very important. in sunday's kids post, we follow the green team at great seneca elementary which is in germantown. they have created a school where in every aspect they are trying to be green. they have this beautiful mural which reminds everybody as they walk into school how to be green. they have third through fifth graders who run the recycling program. you see them every afternoon. they roll these bins through the
9:54 am
school. there's sort of a clatter and a -- as they go through. and they sort the recycling. they've also equipped the school with sort of urinals that don't use water. dry urinals. who knew? and the kids have some great suggestions in sunday's kids post for ways that all kids can get green. >> our kids call it being a planet pal. >> absolutely. >> next a program to help special needs children do something that for most kids they take for granted which is to ride a bike. >> in tuesday's kids post we look at a program called lose the training wheels which is remarkable. a couple weeks ago it was in fairfax county. it equips bikes for kids ages eight to 12 who have learning disabilities and have been able to ride a bike with training wheels but not been able to master without the training wheels.
9:55 am
and it teams them up here with middle school volunteers and mentors. and in the course of a week, these kids as you can see here go from not being able to ride a two wheeler to being rolling around, powering on a two wheeler. it's such an empowering thing for the kids and for their parents. it's a wonderful story. >> great story. and finally an exhibit every dog lover will love. >> strafmore has gone to the dogs. the art center has an exhibit called strafmore unleashed. it's on the grounds and mansion. this is called big dog. this is a six foot tall bronze sculpture on the grounds. and this is inside. this is called car door by jackie elli. and if you get close up, the
9:56 am
items she has used to create the dog will just delight kids and adults alike. and this is a painting called shore lee by claire hartman. she does pet portraits that instill some of the elements of the owner in them. every day excepts sundays, it's closed sundays, through june 23rd. it's a wonderful excuse to go out and celebrate man's best friend. >> very fun. thank you as always. and for family fun activities, visit it is four minutes until 10:00 right now. a woman is sexually assaulted and nearly beaten to death in broad daylight. even more disturbing is where that happened. and we're going to go back out life to rfk stadium and the d.c. 101 chili cookoff. why you don't have to be a chili lover to have a great time.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
thanks for sticking with us. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. in the news, a jury found jennifer hudson's former brother-in-law guilty of killing three members of her family. william balfour faces a mandatory life in prison sentence for the murder of the singer's mother, brother, and nephew. the public defender said she will appeal the verdict. a d.c. man is in the hospital after being beat up over a beer can. the man saw a passerby throw a can on the ground when he asked him to pick it up, the man punched him fracturing his face. the head of jp mohr dan chase is blaming himself for a
10:01 am
risky trade that lost the bank $2 billion. jamie dimon says he's story for committing quote, a grievous and self-inflicted mistake. the sec is investigating and lawmakers is looking at changing wall street regulations. it is mother's day weekend so everyone wants to know if mom is going to see the sun or clouds this weekend. >> it sounds like if you wanted to, you could eat outside. >> no doubt about it for sure. tomorrow looking very cooperate ito outdoor plans. the only real hitch is that we will be picking up some clouds tomorrow and there will be a slight chance of a shower late tomorrow. beautiful bright sunny start to your saturday morning. temperature now 66 at national airport. already 70 at leesburg. 70 at fredricksburg. 64 in winchester. no rain drops on the radar
10:02 am
anywhere near us. so we've got many, many dry hours coming our way. today looks wonderful. all sunshine all the time. highs up near 80 degrees by later on today. and tomorrow not too bad. little increase in cloud cover. rain chances are coming our way for tuesday and wednesday for sure. one or two of the drops may get here by sundown tomorrow. in and around tomorrow, rain chances very low. only a 30% chance posted. and that is for primarily folks out of the shenandoah valley. most of us, i think, will have a nice dry mother's day. >> thanks, chuck. fairfax county police are looking for two men wanted for a disturbing attack. a woman was robbed, severely beaten and assaulted. it happened on a church around 1:00 yesterday morning. the attackers used something like a rock to severely beat the woman. neighbors say the violence is alarming. >> i'm shocked.
10:03 am
i found out and i'm shocked. this is our area, churches. and it's quiet. >> anyone who might know anything about the attack is encouraged to contact the police department. 18-year-old trenton carter caused damage to the mosque. it happened back in january before that mosque even opened. police don't believe this was a hate crime but additional arrests are still possible. well, it's all about good eats and hot beats today in d.c. it's the 33rd annual d.c. 101 chili cookoff. that's where we find news4's derek ward. he is live at rfk stadium. have you already been doing a little taste testing? >> reporter: exactly. right now it's smell testing. if you're riding around the
10:04 am
stadium and say smoke wafting, don't be alarmed. take a whiff and you'll know. this is actually d.c.'s largest running one-day rock festival. music is a big part of it. 30,000 people with expected here. this raises about a million dollars for the national kidney foundation. in the washington area that's important. more than 7,000 people with effected by kidney disease. there are more than a hundred of the top chefs taking part in -- you know, some closely guard their secret recipes. but some will let you in on that special formula that makes them special chili. >> i'll give you a couple pointers. no water. little bit of beer and some cinnamon, honey. and the rest i can't tell you. >> reporter: you'll have to imp
10:05 am
vi ro vise if you want to go beyond there's a free style competition. all kinds of things. doug kammerer will be one of the celebrity judges down here. a good cause and a good time to be had by all. news4. >> derek, what's your favorite kind of chili? you've got to try the green chili out there. >> reporter: the green chili? i will try that. i'll put that on my menu. there's some interesting ones. there's actually folks cooking up chili in a toilet bowl over here. but trust me it's a brand new toilet bowl so you're safe. >> that sounds delicious. all right. be safe out there. >> the beer went with the chili, alongside the chili not in the chili. there yo wow go. the time is now 10:05.
10:06 am
he risked his life. how uncle sam is thanking the double agent for his heroics. and another new brac facility that could cause a headache for thousands of commuters. where it is and the impact it'll where it is and the impact it'll have on conges
10:07 am
10:08 am
are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
10:09 am
the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. welcome back. the man accused of shooting at the white house and trying to assassinate president obama is now facing two new charges. a federal grand jury inindicted on firearms and injury charges. ortega used an assault rifle to shoot at the president last november. ortega has pleaded not guilty to the initial dharcharges. he faces life in prison if convicted. the agent who helped stop an
10:10 am
al qaeda bomb plot is going to become a rich man. the fbi is going to give him $5 million for carrying out the mission. he was ordered by al qaeda to detonate a sophisticated underwear bomb. but he was really working for u.s., british, and saudi officials and turned the bomb over to authorities. officials say the agent's family will be relocated to ensure their safety. base realignment or closure or brac could present another problem in our area. this time it's fairfax county. in a month, 3,000 workers will work into a complex near the beltway. congressman jim moran toured the area yesterday, said the move could mean major delays on arlington boulevard. those who live in the pine spring neighborhood worry about noise, parking, and lights in their back yards. others are concerned of the armed guards. >> what does this mean if
10:11 am
they're taking those precautions to protect the buildings? what happens to the folks with kids in their back yards? >> the entrance to the complex will set off fairview park. today is a day to be oud if you can. >> great car washing day today. but rain drops are not so terribly far away. keep that in mind. although a good hose fight washing in the driveway can be fun on a day like today. fun o[ male announcer ]. this was how my day began.
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welcome back. we'd like to give a shoutout to boeing's potomac council. they celebrated heritage month in virginia. it was exciting to be part of it. i did a little keynote on talking about diversity in the media and the workplace.
10:15 am
it was a yummy event at that too. there's michelle and vic, my new friends. well, michelle i actually went to high school with. >> you said you liked the food. >> i did. they had a taste of asia event. traditional thai, indian. enjoyed it as well as i believe chinese food and japanese food there. pretty much everything. i should have invited you guys. >> yes. or bring us back some. >> so thanks to boeing for that. and it was a really good time. and happy asian pacific islander month. >> yeah. beautiful day outside yesterday. speaking of boeing, they had the new dream liner. saw that leaving national airport the other day. i was like cool, score. >> you're such an airplane fan. >> it's also on my regular running route. i can go to the end of the runways there. talk about a fun cheap date place, gravelly point.
10:16 am
the best cheap date. paurk in the parking lot and the planes go over your head. enjoy a little sunshine for today. so there's date idea number one. if you take mom to the end of gravelly point, you may find yourself cooking on your own for the rest of the week. she may not appreciate that. what a great day it is today. sunshine a plenty out there. get to keep it all day long. sun was up before 6:00 a.m. this morning. doesn't go down until 8:00 p.m. this evening. we'll get almost all sunshine through the course of those 14 hours. beautiful looking day outside today. not much of a breeze blowing just yet either. winds will be fairly light out of the south and southeast. but nice day today. 66 already. do you wants in the mid-40s. that dry air is going to keep us dry for tomorrow as well. show you why in a second.
10:17 am
66 now gaithersburg. 65 rockville and bethesda. 70 in manassas park. and in annedale, virginia. 67 degrees tonight. then mostly clear overnight tonight will lead us to a chilly start tomorrow morning. wake up on annandale with a cool start. clouds on the increase tomorrow amp. up near 80 degrees once again. and showers will be possible, not likely, but possible starting about 6:00 and later. most of your mother's day looking a-okay. not as nice as today. can't complain with today's forecast. 100% sunshine. these rain drops here, that dry air i was talking about that's
10:18 am
in place over us, that's going to eat up all that first wave of rain drops as they try to come up the spine of the appalachian. the rain across arkansas and louisiana, that will have a chance to interfere with our forecast as we get into monday, tuesday time frame. for now high pressure, great start to the weekend. and 99% of us will be dry for 99% of the weekend. a few high clouds streaming in late tonight. sunshine will be dimming out during the course of your mother's someday. i think any real shower chances stay out to the west of washington then roll in. tomorrow will start with the sunshine. later on in the day. probably not until after sundown for most. then once we get the sun down, rain drops become far more
10:19 am
likely. rain looks a solid bet now on monday and tuesday. both could get an inch of rain across the area. we need it. we're five inches behind in rainfall for the year. this soaker will be what the doctor ordered and help get rid of the pollen. the grass pollens are starting to come in. follow me on twitte twitter @chuckbell4. >> at least most of the rain is going to wait to the work week when we like it sfp. >> no one cares if it rains on monday. >> thanks, chuck. the time right now is 10:19. it's one of the hottest events right here in washington. i'm talking literally. a preview of the award winning chili you can preview. and a real life prescription for love. the love potion some say is no joke. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
10:20 am
droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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one of "saturday night live"'s best will return. will ferrell will host. he was a cast member for seven years impersonating alex trebek and george w. bush. tonight's musical guest is usher. catch all the laughs at 11:30 on nbc 4. and fuel up with chili tonight. >> do you think he's going to pull off the anchor man? i hope he does. >> why are you cutting me off? as i was saying, thousands are heading to rfk stadium for the
10:24 am
chili cookoff. >> you still didn't answer me. okay. later. it all benefits the national kidney foundation and features some of the country's best chili. our own liz crenshaw wanted to find out which chilies will reign supreme. take a look. >> reporter: chili. that classic stew of meat, peppers, spices, and beans. lots of folks throughout history take credit for inventing chili. that could account for the vast differences in recipes. the national kidney foundation brought us four of the 101 chilies. we're here at the square. >> i'm in mid-bite. let's get other people up here and see which is the best. >> this is a very serious group of folks here today. we want you to take one from a, from b, from c, from d.
10:25 am
which one do you like the best? >> a. >> why? >> it got a nice spicy taste to it. >> sweet. >> i've got to give it to a. >> yeah? can you guess what that spice is they're tasting. >> i thought it was cinnamon. >> chili a comes from dean tran. >> b is is the best to me. it's savory, has flavor. >> what makes b perfect? >> sweet and spicy. >> b was bland. >> lisa has been contributing to the cookoff for more than a decade. >> i'm going to go with c. >> because? >> it was very spicy and i like spicy chili. had a big kick at the end. >> which one? >> c. >> tastes like? >> pasta sauce. >> the saucy chili c was between
10:26 am
heinz and saw. they are newcomers. look at their faces it's like they're tasting wine. >> just as classy as a wine tasting. >> i like the steak in it. it's different. >> chili d is also a newcomer this year. but the recipe comes from a champion. >> a had me, but d just came with the kick. i think i like to be kicked more than sweetened. >> in the end a lan away with the win. it got 19 votes. b had 13. nine of our tasters went with c. while d got eight votes. >> hands down, a. >> because? >> it has a sweetness to it and i can't put my finger on exactly what it is. >> that was last year's third place winner of the whole contest. >> well, it's first place today.
10:27 am
>> you hungry yet? the d.c. 101 chili cookoff begins at 11:00 this morning at rfk stadium. tickets are available. it's going to cost about $60 each. there are going to be great bands playing including incubus, ca cake, and the neon trees. the winning recipe is also going to be available on our website >> like to be sweetened or kicked. i think that's the big question. >> i like the kick. >> that's all for news4 today. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever.
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