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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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r ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ a vicious beating caught on video. the victim punched, kicked and left staggering, all because of
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a beer can. and it was a must win, but the caps lost. their season comes to an end as they fall to the rangers. good evening, everyone. i'm chris gordon. game seven of the playoffs, and again, one goal was the difference. amber theo-harris is here and this was tough on players and fans alike. >> this one stings a little bit because this was the year they made so many changes, went through so many growing pains with the new coach and their system was supposed to play well in the playoffs, and yet here we are again. yet again, lord stanley's cup will not find a home in d.c. game seven, we all knew meant one thing, winner stays, loser goes home. tonight it's the capitals who are making that trek back to washington. they lose 2-1 to the rangers at madison square garden. the effort was there. the goals were not. the capitals beat the rangers three years ago in a game seven. there they are, hoping for similar luck tonight. third period, caps down 1-0.
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rangers on the attack. marianne gaborik shot, and new york up 2-0. less than a minute the caps str strike back. lundqvist's first goal of the playoffs, caps cut the deficit 2-1 but that's as close as they would get. rangers hold on and win by a final score of 2-1. they'll play the devils in the eastern conference finals. for alex ovechkin and the capitals another disappointing end to the post season. >> it's a terrible feeling i know and, but all i can say, we do our best, you know. it's probably the best team i've played with, the group of guys and the atmosphere and everybody was, you know, it's unbelievable to play. i hope it's better next year. it's hard.
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>> hard for everybody. coming up later in sports more on the capitals playoff elimination. we'll have a live report from the new york plus the latest on the nationals and bryce harper's eye. lot of people talking about that. >> our team coverage continues now, news 4's darcy spencer joins us live in chinatown with some disappointed caps fans. darcy? >> reporter: well, chris, disappointed, they're sad. as a matter of fact, i was tweeting and telling folks here at the station there was one gentleman i tried to interview had a caps jersey on and simply would not talk to me. perhaps he couldn't talk to me because he was so upset and angry. that just goes to show the level of emotion that people have in this game. now, we were right here at the red line bar on g street in the chinatown area of northwest washington in the final few minutes of the game this evening. obviously a big disappointment for the caps fans, big crowd had gathered out here and hoping they would be able to pull it off. i was able to get a couple people to talk to me, even
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though they were disappointed they say the caps had a good run this season. >> i thought they played hard. they had a lot of missed opportunities. could have scored a couple more goals but the rangers' goalie played good. can't complain. seven games, the defending stanley cup champions and the number one seed in the eastern conference. >> reporter: you certainly wished they would have moved on from tonight. >> definitely, would have liked to. they could have beaten the devils, but you know, it's just the way it worked out and hopefully next year they'll be able to go on farther but i think they've got a good shot at where they're going. >> reporter: so major disappointment for fans this evening to say the least but they're already looking forward to next season. reporting live from chinatown, darcy spencer, news 4. the weather was a winner and today was beautiful. you can't ask for anything better than this. now the pressure is on to make it this nice for mother's day. meteorologist chuck bell has the forecast in storm center 4. hi there, chuck.
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>> good evening to you and everybody. that's the mission, anyway s to make tomorrow as nice as today. unfortunately i think mother nature may have some different plans for mother's day. right now, it's a beautiful late saturday night here in washington. 68 down town. 57 in fairfax and mannasas. ground clutter on the radar but there are raindrops moving into west virginia, kentucky and developing across parts of eastern north carolina. there's almost nowhere for those raindrops to go but coming right through the washington area, but i think we can squeeze out many dry hours tomorrow. we'll talk about that and when the rain actually does get here, coming up, chris. >> see you then, chuck. caught on camera, a disturbing attack along d.c.'s 14th street corridor. surveillance video shows a man being beaten in front of his condo. some say the neighborhood has made big strides over the past decades, but as derrick ward reports, neighbors say they don't see nearly enough police there. >> reporter: friday afternoon, a
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resident of this w street condo asked a man who had been drinking in the alley behind his apartment to pick up his beer can he'd just thrown down. what happens next is violent and disturbing caught on the surveillance cameras the suspect punches the victim and appears to stomp on him before dlirg a vicious kick. he looms over him, apparently taunting him before going away. others come to the man's aid. >> i came out here there was a ja on the ground seemed kind of dazed and his face had obviously been kind of bloodied up. >> reporter: the victim suffered a broken jaw, fractures that could require plates be used to reconstruct damaged parts of his face. his mouth has to be wired shot for weeks. >> it's insane to think somebody who is a contributing member of this community, working, coming home from work, enjoying dinner in the safety of your own home, and you can't be safe in our neighborhood. >> reporter: residents say they've asked for more police coverage of the area especially at night, where it's often a different place than the day.
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>> i have to say that police presence is not consistent, and i advise people to come here at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and to see the activity. >> reporter: there are issues and security cameras are a good idea here and a lot of places but this incident may prove that they helped solve a crime. police have a copy of the video and it's being studied in hopes of identifying the attacker. hundreds held vigil at boston university tonight to remember three students who died in a horrific crash in new zealand today. the students were studying abroad. they were headed to a hiking trip when the driver lost control and flipped the van that they were riding in. five other students were also hurt. one is in critical condition. after three years, a controversial plan to redevelop alexandria's west end is moving forward. city council voted today to approve the beauregard design. much of the current space would be changed into a town center. critics worry about the tree
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canopy and affordable housing. right now, there are more than 5,000 apartments under the plan. 800 would be kept as affordable housing. still ahead tonight, the hot button issue mitt romney took on during a graduation speech in virginia. plus, the crossword puzzle that could have been hiding an assassination plot. then, are ipads dangerous? why the u.s. post office is refusing to ship them to certain places. and forget a love potion. the pill that could help you find the one.
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venezuelan authorities are investigating if a crossword puzzle could be evidence of an assassination plot. the wednesday crossword puzzle in ultimas noticias newspaper had assassinin killed and that intersected with the word adan which is the name of the brother of president hugo chavez. state tv anchor suggested it could be a plot. the author called it nonsense but he is being questioned. you won't be able to use the u.s. post office to send that ipad or kindle to a loved one overseas. starting wednesday the u.s. postal service will ban international shipments of electronic devices with lith rum batteries. there is concern the batteries could explode on a plane. you will still be able to send them with private shipping services, however. the post office hopes to lift the ban by 2013. more than 30,000 people spent the day at rfk stadium for good weather, good music, and
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lots and lots of chili. it was the annual d.c. 101 chili cookoff. awards were handed out for the best chili in four different categories and our own doug kammerer was a judge. cake and incubus were the bands among those performing. the event raised more than $1 million for the national kidney foundation. up next, the pill that could turn falling in love into a science. and chuck will be back with our mother's day forecast.
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turning to the race for the white house, mitt romney sounded
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off on gay marriage today. romney delivered the commencement address at liberty university, an ultraconservative institution, founded by the late reverend jerry falwell. brian moore has our report. >> the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. >> in his commencement speech at the world's largest christian evangelical university, mitt romney underscored his stand against gay marriage. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> that line was a guaranteed crowd pleaser at liberty university, which was founded by the late reverend jerry falwell and is located in the battleground state of virginia. the presumptive republican nominee's appearance is an important step toward winning over the ultraconservatives who shunned him during the primary. president obama, who made history this past week by publicly supporting gay marriage, was honoring the nation's top cops. >> there are people who are
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alive today only because of their courage. >> first lady michelle obama was at north carolina a&t state university talking about civil rights but inviting comparisons to current fights, like gay marriage. >> but we all know that there are still plenty of serious injustices crying out for our attention. we know this. >> two campaigns sharpening their lines in the fight for the white house. brian moore, nbc news. if you're ready to give up on love, take heart. catching that special someone may be as simple as taking a pill. oxford researchers say it all comes down to chemistry. they say all you need is certain amounts of pheromones, hormones and an emotional stimulant drug. the combination is different for everyone, but the right mix could chemically alter someone's attraction and attachment to you. >> i do think it is possible to put it all in a drug because we
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are biological by nature. we are made up of chemicals. >> i wouldn't want to be in love with someone that's only in love with me because of a pill. >> i don't know, if we're fighting i'd love him to take a pill and love me no matter what i say during our argument. >> word of warning, even the love pill would have a shelf life so you'd have to eat it or take it while it's fresh, if you want to get fresh. a "saturday night live" alum is coming back to host. will ferrell is taking on hosting duties for the third time since he left the program. ferrell was a cast member for seven years. he's best known for impersonating george w. bush, james lipton and alex trebek. tonight's musical guest is usher. catch "snl" in less than 15 minutes right after "news 4 at 11:00." chuck is here and you can't do any better than today. >> not going to try. it's mother's day and still going to be a fine day but it
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can it be as nice as today? it was a beauty outside. hopefully you had a chance to enjoy it and mother's day is going to start just fine. if you're taking mom out for a mother's day brunch the weather will be cooperative. afternoon time things get dicey. pleasant saturday night in the nation's capital. temperatures went up at the airport, up to 68 degrees. pleasant evening to be outside, a lot of folks eating outside at sidewalk cafes and enjoying the great weather. what a nice night after a fantastic day. 68 at international airport with a light breeze out of the south averaging three miles per hour and a mild night outside, temperatures upper 50s to low 60s in most of the suburbs. the urban heat island keeping d.c. warm and the bay water temperature keeping annapolis up to 65. it's 56 out in the mountains of west virginia. your mother's day planner, here's why i'm optimistic tomorrow will be a pretty good
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day. high clouds in the morning, temperatures in the mid-60s. sunshine fading away during the early afternoon hours. by then temperatures will be flirting with 80 degrees once again and shower chances are probably stacked up way late into the afternoon for most of us in and around d.c. proper it might not even be until closer to midnight tomorrow night. these are just false returns on the radar for now, but there's real rainfall across western west virginia, much of central kentucky, and there's a large slog of moisture now down across alabama, that is all lifting northbound, so really the chain of moisture goes from the great lakes all the way to the gulf coast. this is a no misser for us, but i think the bulk of our rain comes monday, monday night into the front half of the day tuesday. so tomorrow, the mother's day forecast looking pretty good, just not as nice as today. so high clouds coming in during the overnight hours tonight. you'll start out with some breaks of sunshine first thing in the morning but clouds lower and thicken in the afternoon.
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4:00 afternoon a possibility of a few sprinkles and light showers west of town, the mountains of west virginia, into the west of the blue ridge that's where showers will be possible. as we get towards late sunday night into monday morning that's a whole other story. the main wave of low pressure comes our way, rain likely around here as early as monday morning rush. overnight, mainly clear, temperatures 50s and 60s and tomorrow a nice day, just not as nice as today but mild, highs up near 80 tomorrow and then low 70s with the rain likely for monday, monday night, into much of tuesday, and the raindrops may not be really done until we get to wednesday morning. on average i think one to two inches of rain area wide, we need it. we're five inches behind in rainfall. >> thank you very much, chuck. appreciate it. coming up in sports, we're live in new york city, where the cap season ends in game seven.
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and now we begin the analysis. >> yeah, looking back at this, this was a tough one for the caps and everybody mourning this loss, for the fifth consecutive year the capitals fall short of the stanley cup. tonight's 2-1 loss leaves that empty feeling d.c. fans know so well right now. this capitals team endured a mid season coaching change and so many growing pains and yet here they are again eliminated in the second round. braden holtby is a new dad, son benjamin born on thursday. richards' quick shot beats
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holtby, fourth goal of the season. less than two minutes in, new york up 1-0. in the third period alex ovechkin crossed up by michael del zotto. he turns it over, rangers going the other way, caps in the middle of a line change. one shot blocked but michael del zotto's is not. less than a minute later the caps come back in it. they strike back. roman hamrlik's shot is deflected, and the deficit is cut 2-1. rangers hold on and win 2-1 and advance to play the devils in the eastern conference finals, for the caps, another disappointing end to the post season. let's head to new york to bring in comcast sports net's jill sorenson who has been all over the series. this team went through so much to become a better playoff team. is that where so much of this disappointment lies now? >> reporter: there's no question, amber. you mentioned the coaching
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change, learning a new system. they had several closed door meetings, yelling matches, trying to get every player to buy into this new team-based, everyone's got to be in, system. they almost didn't make thes playoffs, but then they started winning. everyone bought in. that adversity made them grow closer, so yes, the disappointment of losing in game seven to the top seed in the east, there's just no sugar coating it. >> you're inches away from losing the last series, so it's all relevant. lo a loss is a loss. it doesn't -- it probably would have -- it's just as bad when you get blown out or whatnot. it hurts the same. >> you can't beat yourself up about past events. it is what it is and we played a great playoffs, a great series here, and the guys in this room should be proud of what we were able to accomplish. >> we were playing some really good hockey the last couple months and you know, to go down this way it's hard. we couldn't find the back of the
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net. lundqvist played well and we couldn't find the rebounds. >> it's really too bad in a game of this magnitude we stunk, it was pretty much not good for us. >> reporter: despite the disappointment, definitely a lot of pride in that locker room. now there are some big questions to be answered this offseason, amber, the biggest will dale hunter be back next season as head coach. we'll find out soon. >> some things yet to be seen. the capitals are 2-4 in game seven over the past season. the playoffs will roll on, eastern conference finals begin on monday. to baseball, bryce harper went all gus frerot, remember when the quarterback banged his wall in 1997 and hurt his neck? he slammed his bat into a wall and it ricochetted and left a welt over his eye. harper's okay but his eye not so well. nationals taking on the reds. down 1-0 in the fifth inning,
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wilson ramos facing matt letos and he launches a bomb deep to center field, his third of the year, get out of here. ties the game at 1-1. danny espinoza homer gives the nats the 2-1 lead in the sixth. zimmerman's pitch gets away from ramos, he chases it, collapses to the ground after existing his knee, had to be helped off the field. he'll get an mri. davey johnson has a bad feeling he tore something in there. tough day for the capitals fans. >> we want to give them props for a wonderful playoff run. good night, everyone. ♪ ♪
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vigs president biden still in there? >> yes, 34r presidemr. presiden. >> joe, it's me, barack. >> you


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