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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 14, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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swallowing button batteries. >> plus, we'll reveal the top baby names of 2011. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly. we start off today with the royal family this afternoon after 60 years on the throne queen elizabeth is gearing up for a big diamond jubilee celebration. >> meanwhile the rest of the family made lots of public appearances over the weekend. it seems they've been up for just about anything. michelle kosinski has more from london. >> reporter: the royal weekend revved up on friday with another red carpet evening stroll. william and kate at a dinner honoring britain's olympic stars. this team is ready for their role as olympic ambassadors. >> the mood in london will be electric, ecstatic, and amazing. >> reporter: soon after, william and harry had a taste of glory at a charity polo match that saw both princes suit up and win.
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later, a star-studded concert. ♪ >> reporter: the house of windsor has been riding high on a wave of pride and admiration among their countrymen and beyond despite austerity at home. even this video of prince charles and camilla has gone viral. >> this afternoon it'll be cold, wet, and windy across most of scotland. >> reporter: and in their own style, nice hand motions too, presenting the weather on the bbc. >> the potential for a few flurries over bell marle -- who the hll wrote this script? >> reporter: it's all sunshine, not a scandal in their forecast, and this big year for britain. this weekend was the first one in a very long time that was not 50 degrees and rainy. unfortunately, it didn't last. now, fingers are crossed that london will have a spring and summer in time for the jubilee and then the olympics. back to you. >> to the beltway, a wet mess
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for the morning commute today. when will this rain return? >> storm 4 meteorologist veronica johnson is tracking this wet system as it hovers over us. veronica? >> that's right. you'll want to keep an umbrella in your back pocket, in your purse, and hope it opens up really big. we're looking at more rainfall coming in and at times it is going to be heavy during the overnight. as far as today goes, yeah, the rain that we had the early part of the day really slowed travel and it's been messing with our outdoor plans. .22 inch of rain in jessup. fairfax spoi 39. manassas, virginia 0.4. this is really beneficial for our area because the rainfall deficit for the year since january 1 running over 5 inches right now. on the radar, there is the heaviest rain. some moderate and heavy rain, montgomery county, to western howard county. it's moving to the east so you
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folks in columbia get ready. bowie, too, get ready for pockets of moderate and heavy rain. right now south to i-95 corridor from woodbridge down toward fredericksburg more moderate and heavy rain moving toward waldorf and then down to the south we've got several lines of some very heavy rain. a lot of this that is going to move up into our area during the overnight. so here is a look at your forecast for tonight. 7:00, 71, 68. rain and it's going to be picking up in intensity. we don't have a flash flood watch right now coming up in a couple minutes i'll tell you how much rain your neighborhood could get. >> thanks, veronica. there is more fallout today from the eye-popping $2 billion trading loss of jp morgan chase. the firm's top investor was forced to retire and as steve handelsman reports congress wants to know if the tighter regulations put into place after the 2008 financial crisis are tight enough. >> reporter: with jp morgan chase stocks still dropping after bad trading bets that
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could cost the bank $3 billion or more, president obama today at a graduation just up town from wall street took credit for tighter banking regulation. >> we know that we're better off when there are rules that stop big banks from making bad bets with other people's money. >> reporter: but mitt romney has been saying the obama crackdown has not controlled big banks. >> they've gotten bigger and the small community banks are the ones that have been most hurt. >> reporter: jp morgan today forced the retirement of investment chief ina drew. ceo jamie dimon was contrite sunday on "meet the press." >> in hindsight we took far too much risk. >> reporter: dimon opposed some tighter regulation but was known as cautious. is the rest of wall street taking too many chances again? >> jp morgan was supposedly the gold standard in terms of looking at risk and controlling risk. there are a lot of other entities out there that could very well have that type of risk. >> reporter: some republicans
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asking, if banks insured by taxpayers ought to bet billions. >> i think it's very questionable whether the bank should be able to engage in this type of activity. >> reporter: experts say there is no question. >> if we have to separate these kind of high risk activities from the commercial side of banking, we cannot spread the federal safety net over to high risk trading. >> reporter: all eyes on wall street's gamblers. four years after the crash. adding to the feeling of dejavu the senate will now hold hearings on jp morgan chase to see if big banks are skirting the new rules. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. there is also a change at the top for yahoo tonight. ceo scott thompson stepped down late last night under pressure for padding his resume. his official bioapparently included a computer science degree that he never received. there is also word that thompson's decision may have to do with his health. he reportedly has thyroid
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cancer. thompson was hired by yahoo back in january. defense attorneys in john edwards' campaign corruption case are arguing today money that went to his mistress was not a campaign contribution. the former presidential candidate is accused of using more than a million dollars to hide his mistress. his attorneys are going after the prosecution's argument that the money is an illegal campaign contribution. today they called laura hagert as the first witness, the head of finance compliance for edwards' '08 campaign. she testified that the money in question isn't on disclosure reports because the federal election commission decided it wasn't a campaign contribution. a make or break moment in the perjury trial of hall of fame pitcher roger clemens. the star witness for the prosecution is now on the stand. brian mcnamee was clemens' former personal trainer and says he injected clemens with human growth hormone and steroids.
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he is accused of lying to congress when denied using drugs. new safety patrols in a northwest d.c. neighborhood after a man was brutally attacked in broad daylight last week. today the guardian angels will walk the 14th street corner near w street. on thursday afternoon the man was badly beaten behind a condo building after asking the suspect to pick up an empty beer can tossed near the building where he lived. that attack was caught on surveillance video. neighbors say the area needs a larger police presence. the guardian angels say they will make citizens arrests if necessary. >> we're here of course if we see any type of violent crime, felony being committed, at that point we won't hesitate to detain people and make citizens' arrests if we have to. >> i think the more healthy help out there for the police the better. >> police say the victim was so badly beaten that he had to have his jaw wired shut.
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we are told he has been released from the hospital but he is still very rattled. the suspect remains at large. jobs and the economy may decide the winner of the race for the white house. right now the national conversation is still on president obama's endorsement of same sex marriage. the president was applauded for his stand in new york today as he delivered a commencement address and tonight he is being honored at a campaign event with gays and lesbians. brian mohr reports. >> reporter: at one of the nation's most exclusive all women's colleges president obama stopped just short of reaffirming his stand for same sex marriage. >> no matter who you love or what god you worship you can still pursue your own happiness. >> reporter: but the issue has everyone else talking for a second straight week. it's a new battle front in the twef presidential race. "newsweek" magazine has declared president obama the first gay president. over the weekend presumptive republican nominee mitt romney
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delighted christian fundamentals at liberty university by defining marriage as -- >> the regularationship between one man and one woman. >> reporter: romney seemed less than eager to re-engage on the issue with the christian broadcasting network. >> how important it is to people a few months from now time will tell but my positions are i think out there for people to see and hopefully i'll be able to attract the support i need. >> reporter: romney would rather talk economy and what republicans call the president's out of control spendage debt. >> i'll spend the next year making tough choices. >> reporter: the obama campaign is picking up the primary season attacks on romney and his time with bing capital. >> like a vampire. came in and sucked the life out of us. >> reporter: team romney is firing back with a new ad saying he and the company were job creators not job killers. >> incredible. when i started we had close to 1400 employees. now we are over 6,000. >> reporter: the republican
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primary season came to an unofficial end today when ron paul announced he would end active campaigning. brian mohr on capitol hill, news 4. here is a job opening. help wanted. the caps are searching for a new head coach. >> they sure are. dale hunter stepped down today after less than a single season with the team. dan hellie has more. >> reporter: despite a disappointing regular season it did seem like the caps were making progress in the playoffs. they knocked off the defending stanley cup champs and then they took the number one seed in the eastern conference in the new york rangers to seven games so the announcement today that dale hunter would not be returning as head coach did come as a bit of a surprise. >> we were delighted that he could come in and spend six months with us or whatever it was because it was great and i'd rather have him for six months than not at all because he had quite an impact on this club and really taught this club the how of -- to win.
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>> reporter: it wasn't like an easy choice to make. we got a good thing going here but the biggest thing is the guys believe in themselves and the players are the key to the game. >> reporter: still, while dale goes back to london, ontario, george mcphee must now find his third head coach in seven months. we will have a lot more coming up from here at 5:00 and 6:00, including player reaction to dale hunter stepping down as the capitals' head coach. >> he went out with a big finish. >> he did. >> here's to the future. up next on news 4 at 4:00 a whole lot more to come. jessica simpson opens up today about another new clothing line, this one for moms. >> also ahead what are the top baby names of 2011? we'll run down the top five for boys and girls. >> we're not on it. nbc showed off its new fall lineup this afternoon. we'll look at the new comedies the network hopes are a lot of laughs. also at 4:30 the growing dangers of children swallowing button batteries. button batteries. e.r.s are getting packe
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the avengers shattered more records at the box office over the weekend. the marvel super hero movie raked in more than a hundred million dollars. it's the first movie ever to earn a hundred million or more in its second week. dark shadows came in a distant
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second with just under $29 million. think like a man came in third place with $6.3 million and the hunger games rounlded out the top four. >> to the small screen we go. the march to the fall tv season is officially under way today. nbc was the first of the major networks to show off its new schedule to advertisers up in new york today. >> a presentation known in the business as the up front. >> looking to the future -- >> reporter: nbc officially unveiled a fall lineup this morning heavy on comedy. four new ones including former "friends" star matthew perry in "go on." he plays a wise cracking sportscaster forced into group therapy. >> i like that he has some sort of dark, emotional stuff to deal with but doesn't want to, so he sort of masks that by being funny. >> reporter: there is also some monkey business afoot with "animal practice" and justin kirk stars as a veterinarian. >> are you about to have the most talked about costar of the
4:16 pm
new season? >> seems like it. i can choose to be jealous about the attention that christopher receives or just ride this monkey to the top. >> reporter: babies are also part of the comedy mix in guys with kids about young dads coping with parenthood. the new normal is about a gay couple who hire a surrogate to have a child and the cast welcomes the discussion that story line might generate. >> let's hold a pliror up to what is so divisive in our society now. let's do it with love and with tenderness and with humor. >> reporter: while the new fall schedule emphasizes comedies there are two new dramas in the mix. chicago fire is from law and order's creator featuring firefighters and pair med knicks the windy city. >> a lot of heart and personality. >> and revolution shows society trying to reconnect decades after a worldwide loss of electricity. >> i think it's a return to a world where we're going to see humanity rediscover on the back drop of some really great
4:17 pm
action. >> reporter: action the network hopes leads to big ratings. in new york, nbc news. >> should make for interesting tv watching. >> oh, yeah. the 2011 list of top baby names is out and this year as in years past the names are influenced by reality tv and religion. >> jacob takes the top spot for boys names. that old testament name. and character from "twilight" has been the top boy name for 13 years straight now. mason jumped up ten spots coming in at number two. mason which is also the name of reality show star kourtney kardashian's new son knocked michael out of the top five for the first time in 63 years. william, jayden, and noah round out the top five. >> with girls' names the list tends to change a little more often. sophia tops the list this year knocking isabella to number two. emma, olivia, and ava round out the list. the social security
4:18 pm
administration has been tracking baby names since 1880. i love all of those names. >> where is snooki on that list? >> didn't make it this time around. new mom jessica simpson is launching a line of maternity clothing. simpson is already the inspiration behind a line of designer clothes. the new line will be sold at motherhood, maternity, destination maternity, and macy's stores starting around $36. among the items sold will be vintage print tops, form fitting jersey knit dresses, and sweaters. simpson gave birth to a little baby girl. her name is maxwell. that was on may 1st. her fiance eric johnson is the proud papa. one of the young stars of the abc show "modern family" is speaking out about her life long battle against a serious kidney condition. >> 21-year-old sarah highland talked to 17 magazine after undergoing a life saving kidney transplant. the actress said she suffers from kidney displasia, a condition that affects the
4:19 pm
development of kidneys during child birth. highland's father reportedly donated his kidney for the procedure. the actress said she was thankful for a second chance at life. >> jersey shores star pauly d is launching his own liquor brand according to tmz. he has reportedly collaborated with the same guy who helped reality star bethney frankel launch skinny girl cocktails. industry insiders say the dejay's drink will be an even bigger hit. the cocktail called remix reportedly debuted at a wine and spirits convention last month out in vegas. they say the drink sold more cases than frankel's did 18 months ago. ♪ that's the new single "don't let me die" from bobby brown's upcoming album, his first solo album in 25 years.
4:20 pm
brown says his legal and drug problems are the main reasons it took so long to finish another project. earlier this month you'll recall he blamed his ex-wife whitney houston for introducing him to drugs. brown says he's been drug free for more than seven years now. his album "masterpiece" drops june 5th. coming up on news 4 at 4:00 a devastating twister caught on video. plus a thrill ride that went horribly wrong. hi should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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the number of people who sleep walk is growing. a new study out by researchers at stanford university found more than a million americans are prone to sleep walking. 20,000 people were surveyed. 3% sleep walk at least once in the past year. people who were depressed were more likely to take a late night trek. people taking antidepressants or over-the-counter sleeping pills were also more likely to wander while they sleep. you wander outdoors and the rain is going to wake you up fast. >> for sure. >> starting on a wet note this week. >> let's talk about the weekend. the weekend was so nice. it was great.
4:24 pm
everywhere around here, meanwhile, in new mexico those folks had severe weather that was ripping through the area. severe weather and it did spawn a tornado as well, folks. take a look at this. >> wow. >> all right. this tornado touched down around the magdalena area. minor damage was reported. fortunately, there were no injuries, but early estimations are that this was either an ef-0 or ef-1 with winds 32 to upwards of 50 miles per hour. again from quiet weather here to nothing like quiet there. we've got 71 degrees right now. we do have rain falling throughout the area. the wind out of the south at 12 miles per hour but look at that dew point temperature. it's over 60 degrees. so it is kind of damp of course out there, damp feel. humid conditions even when the rain is not falling but we are talking about rain and some moderate to heavy rain coming our way this evening and for the overnight. 9:00 heavy rain. 11:00 heavy rain. then even tomorrow morning around 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. still
4:25 pm
some pockets of heavy rain. as you'll see in a moment that is going to be moving north and northeastward. temperatures, too. you can see where they are here in hagerstown, elkins, in the 60s. that's the cooler air that'll be over us tonight. our temperatures will pretty much be holding steady in the low to mid 60s throughout the area. 74 down around richmond. 77 around virginia beach. so everywhere throughout the mid-atlantic and parts of the northeast. in fact, all the way down to the south, the carolinas, we've got this weather system, slow moving, producing a lot of rain and heavy rain again coming our way during the overnight. for tomorrow morning, here is a look at tuesday afternoon. for tomorrow morning there will be some rain around the area. probably the heaviest moving out of here. for tomorrow afternoon we fill back in everywhere. i don't think it is going to be as soggy as today but know that for the evening rush tomorrow and for the morning rush tomorrow it is looking wet. then wednesday looks like a partly sunny to mostly cloudy day. we'll start with some sunshine and get a bit more rain with another secondary front that
4:26 pm
comes through late in the day. so we'll be slowly improving here as we work our way through the work week. again, beneficial rains for us. how much are we going to get? take a look at the purple and red. these lower educatications that1 to 2 inches frederick to fauquier county and half inch to an inch in areas of light blue. gaithersburg, d.c., la plata. an additional half to inch of rain and much more for martinsburg and leesburg and down toward culpepper. your forecast then some periods of rain which will be heavy at times. 62 to 67 degrees. tomorrow morning, rain is likely. i think it's going to be a tough morning drive again. 59 to 64 degrees. travel will be slow like it was this morning with bumper-to-bumper and probably even a few accidents with folks that are not going slow enough. 76 to 81 your high temperature for tomorrow. some very mild air will be getting squeezed in up ahead of this weather front. it's likely. then a few more showers for mid
4:27 pm
week as the week unfolds we'll be doing much better with sunshine. keep that umbrella, the rain gear handy. >> all right. thanks, veronica. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, an alarming number of children swallowing batteries. plus a woman proves it's [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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welcome back everybody. >> here are the stories making news at the top of this section of our newscast. today jp morgan chase forced its top investment officer ina drew to retire in light of the bank's $2 billion trading loss. despite the move the company remains under the microscope. the senate plans to hold hearings soon to see if jp morgan and other banks are trying to skirt the new banking regulations. today the white house said this all proves regulations are necessary. >> jp morgan stock took another slide today as did the broader markets with increased concerns about greece's debt problems. the dow plunging 125 points to close at 12,695. the nasdaq down about 31. the s&p 500 lost about a single point. >> today the guardian angels are patrolling the 14th street corridor in northwest after a man was badly beaten in an alley
4:31 pm
near w street. the victim was attacked thursday afternoon near his condo building after asking the suspect to pick up an empty beer can. the guardian angels say they will make citizens arrests if necessary. >> the capitals are now on the hunt for a new head coach. dale hunter stepped down today saying he wants to return to his family in canada. hunter took over as head coach after the team fired bruce beaudreau earlier this year. he helped lead the caps to the second round of the playoffs. a new report out today is highlighting the hidden dangers of some household items that are hidden in just about every household. >> we're talking about those you about button batteries. every three hours a child heads to the emergency room after swallowing those. >> reporter: max is a healthy, happy 2-year-old, but when he was 15 months old, there was an episode that still haunts his parents susan and mark.
4:32 pm
max suddenly began vomiting but had no other symptoms. they rushed him to the hospital where x-rays revealed the cause. max had swallowed a button a battery and it lodged in his esophagus. >> the image is burned into my brain forever. i still see it with his head turned. we looked at each other and started crying. >> reporter: the battery had to be surgically removed. >> we just sat there not knowing if he would come out alive or even have a voice. >> he came out of the surgery screaming for us. that was a very good sign. >> reporter: according to a study published this morning in the journal "pediatrics" every three hours a child younger than 18 goes to an emergency room with a problem related to a battery. the number of those visits doubled in 20 years. the researchers say that with new, more powerful batteries being sold, the issue is no longer poisoning from the lithium inside. >> that isn't the problem. the problem is the current created by the battery when it stops on the way to the stomach in the esophagus.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: doctors say a three-volt battery can burn a hole in the esophagus in less than two hours resulting in serious injury, possibly including permanent voice damage or even death. in a busy emergency room a doctor could mistake a dangerous battery for a harmless coin. >> how can you tell the difference between coin and a battery? >> what distinguishes this battery is it has what we call a double rim side which is the double edge around the outside, the casing of the battery. >> reporter: researchers say parents should secure the devices' battery compartments. max's mom went to great lengths to child proof her house, locks on kitchen cabinet and covers on electrical outlets. >> you never thought about this right? >> never. max actually got this compartment out of the bottom. >> that's where the battery was. >> and the battery fell out and he picked it up and swallowed it. >> reporter: like any other happy, healthy 15-month-old might do. >> pretty scary. the electronics industry has
4:34 pm
just adopted new standards to child proof devices like using a screw to secure the battery compartment or old devices. doctors recommend taping them shut. the man with the golden voice says he has come a long way since his homeless days. >> ted williams once worked in radio but lost his family and home after years on drugs. you may remember a reporter discovered ted williams on the side of the road in 2010. he recently wrote a book about his rocky recovery and talked about it this morning on the "today" show. >> all through that journey i never stopped praying. i never lost hope, matt. i never did. i would ask god, please, let my mother and myself stay alive one more year, lord. please. let a life changing turn-around happen in my life so that my mother would not close her eyes saying i did a bad job raising this child. you know? and every year it would get more and more difficult to accept. as i mentioned to you a year ago
4:35 pm
that i was going to mark 2010 as another year wasted. but it actually was the year that i found christ in my life. >> williams admits he has had setbacks with drugs and alcohol since his bout with fame in 2010 but he says he has been clean and sober since may of last year. >> looks and sounds great. >> he sure does. fans now have a chance to own a piece of the king of pop. michael jackson's costumes are going on a worldwide tour. >> clothing created by the jackson long-time costume designer will be exhibited in south america and europe and asia and sold to the highest bidder in december. the first exhibit opens this friday in santiago, chile and will feature items such as jackson's captain shirt, the black spandex outfit from his scream music video, and the breakaway suit he wore during his bad tour back in the late 1980s. more than five decades after graduating from high school, a woman down in mississippi reached a new milestone.
4:36 pm
>> over the weekend, carol shipmats crossed the stage as a college graduate. she earned an associate's degree in business many years ago but never had the passion for it so she enrolled at the university of southern mississippi to pursue american studies. on saturday, she graduated with a 3.95 gpa. it's a moment she says she'll never forget. >> when we walked into the coliseum and walked into the auditorium where we were graduating from, i filled up and choked up and i thought oh, my goodness i'm going to cry. it was very emotional. >> she has recently published a children's book. now that she'll have plenty of free time she hopes to finish writing a couple books for adults. >> good for her. cooming up, forgetting your home work is never a good thing especially if you leave it at a crime scene. >> 7-eleven mixes things up with the traditional slurpee to make it low cal.
4:37 pm
plus when the world's shortest man comes to town the
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4:39 pm
the slurpee is getting skinny. 7-eleven is unveiling a lo-calorie version later this week. slurpee light will make its debut in mango flavor. the drink will be sugar free and every eight-ounce serving will have just 20 calories. the company plans to release a
4:40 pm
strawberry banana flavor and cherry lime flavor later this summer and if you want to try one for free mark your calendar. may 23rd the company will offer free eight-ounce slurpees at all participating locations. >> a childhood favorite. this short story is no tall tale. at just 21 1/2 inches, 72-year-old chondra is the world's shortest man. he is from nepal but vacationing now in australia. he says it's his first time on the beach ever. he holds two guinness world records, one for being the shortest living man and another for being the shortest person ever recorded. an 18-year-old student in utah might wish the dog had eaten his home work. the teen was arrested and charged with burglary after a couple awoke to find him in their house. the suspect punched the home owner and fled but abandoned his backpack in the yard. in that backpack police found a u sb drive with the suspect's home work on it.
4:41 pm
during the arrest they also found evidence connecting him to that burglary. when news 4 at 4:00 continues howard stern is back. tonight he makes his debut on "america's got talent." we'll have a preview. >> plus a young woman went for a thrill ride on a zip line and wound up with a flesh eating wo[ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub! featured $5 footlong™ of may! melty cheese, kickin' pepperoni and our signature marinara sauce on freshly baked bread. this may only, it joins our many $5 footlongs™! subway. eat fresh.
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how much more of this are we going to get, veronica? >> a lot more starting at about 8:00, 9:00. you'll see the rain picking up in intensity again or at least hear it, hopefully hear it. we can see an additional half to just over an inch of rain. look at some of the rainfall we've gotten already as we go into fairfax county up around howard county, montgomery county at the top with 0.46 of rain, chantilly at 0.4. a lot more in columbia, maryland with 0.63 inch of rain. that is exactly where some of that more moderate and heavy rain is falling right now coming through howard county, eastern areas of montgomery county right now, and all headed to the east. here we are looking at our good night wakeup forecast for 9:00, 11:00 p.m. moderate and heavy rain will be moving through. temperatures down to the mid 60s. then i think our temperatures are going to hold steady for much of the overnight. low to mid 60s throughout the
4:45 pm
area and patchy fog in a few locations that don't have the real heavy rain for tomorrow morning. as far as the overnight temperatures and how we'll start the day tomorrow anywhere from 60 degrees in frederick to 62 in fredericksburg, virginia. so the range is not going to be wide but a little cool to start out your day. then they'll rise in a hurry tomorrow. a lot of warm air out ahead of the cold front. the high tomorrow in fled rick 77 degrees. mount airy too only up to 78 degrees for a high temperature. you folks around annapolis, maryland 75 for a high. fredericksburg 81 for a high temperature. and more rain comes our way tomorrow. let's take a look at your future weather. here we are looking at this evening with again the pockets of moderate and heavy rain depicted by the yellow and orange there. it comes on through. then for early tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. a sloppy morning rush for the early morning rush. by the time we get to 8:00, 9:00 in the morning a lot of that heavy rain is going to be gone but again it doesn't take much to lead to trouble on area roads and really get traffic backed
4:46 pm
up. we got more rain again coming our way for tuesday, for tomorrow afternoon. 80 degrees your high for tuesday. 82 for wednesday with just a 30% chance for more showers and storms but we're going to dry out in a hurry. the end of the week looking very nice. 75 for a high on thursday. 77 for a high on friday. again we'll be drying out and warming up a bit for the weekend. right now it looks fantastic with sunshine. >> we got to earn it today, tomorrow, and wednesday. >> we do. >> thanks, veronica. >> thank you. well, america's got howard stern. the hit nbc show america's got talent premieres tonight at 8:00. >> this time the shock jock himself will join the judge's table. will he be able to calm his abrasive personality for the family friendly show is the big question. >> reporter: with america's got talent, you just never know. >> there's everything and there's anything.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: the new season is again a mix of the genuinely talented -- >> over his head to his butt. >> reporter: and those who think they're genuinely talented. >> even if they're kooky or not all there, i still want those people to do good, too. >> in fact, the kookyquotient might be high ther season. >> this seems like the craziest show this season. it is wild. >> it is howard stern's job to sort through it all. >> i got to stick to my guns. we got to get the best talent. i don't want to go buzzer crazy but i am going to be a strict judge. >> reporter: stern's controversial radio career has raised concern in some circles about his impact on the show. at least if your implants had exploded we'd have had excitement. >> fellow judge sharon osbourne says stern is more than his reputation. >> people don't realize he is a big softy. he does more cuddling and caring for contestants than anyone.
4:48 pm
>> reporter: contestants who all aspire, some more legitimately than others. >> you are amazing. >> reporter: to be the country's next big star. >> it is not the same ole same ole. >> i can't tell you how many times, how many moments so far this season we have been totally blown away. >> reporter: now it's america's turn. expect the unexpected. >> that is exactly right. howard stern is howard stern. coming up on news 4, a bear on the loose is causing quite a stir in one neighborhood. >> plus a chiropractor hopes to save the life of a kangaroo with a neck issue. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 national police week is under way. who is policing the police who are parking illegally and engaging in rowdy behavior? liz crenshaw has all new tricks of the trade for protecting your phone from water damage to no hassle road trips. a must see for your summer travel. tonight at 6:00 a new speed camera warning.
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this black bear is apparently making himself comfortable in greenville, michigan. at one point yesterday the big guy ran up a tree. police and natural resource officers were going to use tranquilizers to get the bear
4:52 pm
down. before the tranquilizers arrived on the scene the bear crawled down and ran off. experts believe the bear is about 2 years old and they say they think he is moving away from the city but they want to make sure he is nowhere near people. >> yeah. i would want to make sure of that too. the marching band at florida a&m university has been suspended now for at least one more school year. university president james ammon says the additional suspension is to, quote, cleanse the hazing culture that led to the death of a drum major. until a new band director is hired and new rules are put in place the famed marching 100 will stay off the field. 11 people are facing felony charges in the death of drum major robert champion. two others are facing misdemeanors. last week he revealed three of those charged were not students at the university at the time of the tragedy. still ahead on news 4 the effort to help an injured kangaroo. plus a zip line adventure and now a woman has a flesh
4:53 pm
eating bacteria. her story straight ahead.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
a chiropractor in georgia is working to save the life of a wounded wallaby, 5-year-old oliver. his owner says oliver badly hurt his neck likely after being spooked and running into a
4:56 pm
fence. the chiropractor says despite being a wallaby he handles himself well, better than some people. >> he knows what's going on. >> absolutely. the first time i touched him his ears perked up. he is definitely aware that i'm there to help him. >> the chiropractor gave oliver a neck brace and says it'll be a few weeks before his neck heals. for now the big challenge will be keeping oliver upright so he can eat. a young graduate student in georgia is fighting for her life after becoming infected with a rare, flesh-eating bacteria. it all started as an infection after a zip line accident and has already forced doctors to amputate one of her legs. gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: for the family of 24-year-old amy copeland her recovery has been agonizing. >> her fingers basically appear mummified at this point and it makes me shake tongue about it. >> reporter: copeland contracted a rare, flesh eating bacteria almost two weeks ago.
4:57 pm
she was out with friends along this river west of atlanta when a home made zip line broke. she fell badly cutting her leg. days later the infection spread leaving the university of west georgia graduate student fighting for her life. >> she is just an extraordinary woman and was adventurous in the way that she looked at the world and the way she looked at herself. >> reporter: since then her father has been updating the world on her rollercoaster recovery through facebook and blog posts. early last week aimee opened her eyes this morning. on tuesday, aimee's survival chances are slim to none. but by friday a breakthrough. she mouthed the words "where am i" and over the weekend started to rely less on her respirator. >> prefer to let time play out. let's see what god's will is for her and i believe that will will be done. the most important thing is my daughter is alive.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: alive and improving. she has already had one leg amputated and doctors thought she would lose all of her limbs. now while she may lose her fingers, her family is hopeful she'll be able to keep her palms making it easier to use prosthetics. >> it will be very difficult. her recovery will continue the rest of her life. >> reporter: meanwhile fellow students are fund raising for aimee and in her honor donating blood to help other patients with serious illnesses. >> the response of the community has me just blown away. >> aimee's parents say they are optimistic that she'll be taken off the respirator very soon. aim aimee's dad says his daughter was able to tell him yesterday that when that happens the first thing she wants to eat is ice cream. now we are tracking storms that could ruin your evening. tonight at 5:00 convenience store crooks caught in the act but police are hoping this video will put an end to their crime spree. >> new evidence in a police involved shooting outside a church. why the victim's husband says
4:59 pm
she didn't have to die. >> hidden dangers in your home causing a spike in emergency room visits. the small object that poses the biggest risk to children. good evening. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. we are on storm watch tonight, folks. we've seen rain almost all day long across our region and the heaviest stuff is still enroute. >> this was the scene during the morning commute in chevy chase. a giant tree falling on connecticut avenue and quincey street. no one was hurt but boy did it back up traffic for more than an hour. there is more wet weather in store for us. here is doug tracking it all. >> possibly a lot more wet weather out there. some locations already picking up between 0.5 and 1 inch. mostly to the west of i-95. in southern maryland you're looking out and saying we didn't see much rain at all. so far for you only about 0.01 inch. from i-95 to the west is where the heaviest rain is right now. montgomery county being hit very hard if you're thinking about leaving alon t


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