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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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rockville and down toward the parkway some very heavy rain there. out 270 all the way to frederick very, very heavy rain. that rain will continue. here it is on the live view here. you see the little enhancement of the showers and no thunder. we're not expecting any thunderstorms. this is just a rain event. as we widen out you can see more rain to come. the strongest storms are down around raleigh and there was a report of a tornado around south carolina. a lot more rain to come and yes we could see some of those storms move our way during the day tomorrow. we'll talk more about that and what you can expect for not only the rest of tonight's commute but tomorrow morning as well. a series of brazen armed robberies across prince george's county. police tell us masked gunmen held up six businesses from bowie to capital heights. news 4's pat collins is live at police headquarters with the surveillance video police want you to see. pat? >> reporter: jim, so what did you do mother's day weekend? out here two guys committed six armed robberies in 30 hours.
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one guy has a big backpack. the other has a big gun. and they've wasted no time ripping off stores in prince george's county. it began friday night at this shell station in bowie. they hit this mcdonald's in capital heights, a bp in glendale. two 7-elevens. they even knocked off a safeway that sells gas. >> scary huh? >> it is. >> that is mr. kim. his shell station was one of the targets. his security video shows them action. they wear hoodies. they wear masks. and once inside they force everyone to the ground. from the cash register they grab fistfuls of money and then step over people on the floor to make their getaway. watch now how one of the robbers pulls the sleeve of his shirt over the palm of his hand so as not to leave fingerprints on the
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door. >> for this time of the year people are going crazy and you don't know who is coming and going. >> reporter: the crime spree came to an end sunday morning 4:00 a.m. with the armed robbery of the chesapeake market on route 450 right across the street from the safeway gas station which they hit saturday night. about a mile down the street that shell station where it all began on friday night. these robbers seem to be attracted to businesses along route 450. the getaway car, described as a gray, dodge charger like this one. >> investigators have determined that this dodge charger was parked either on the side or in the back of these businesses that the suspects were targeting. >> now it doesn't end here. those two suspects have been charged one in connection with three armed robberies in southeast washington earlier
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this month. live in prince george's county, pat collins, news 4. lawyers for seven men in prison for the beating death of a d.c. woman nearly 30 years ago are asking a judge now to overturn their convictions. closing arguments began today. defense attorneys say there is evidence the murder of katherine fuller was likely committed by one of two people and not the mass beating described at trial. they also say police coerced false confessions out of witnesses. fuller was attacked and killed in an alley in northeast d.c. back in 1984. the case continues tomorrow. the husband of a culpepper woman shot to death by police last february has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the police officer. the victim is 54-year-old patricia cook. she was shot several times in her car while she pulled away from a parking lot at a catholic school. julie carey has the story. >> reporter: it's been three months since patricia cook was shot to death during a confrontation with the culpepper
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police officer as she sat unarmed in her jeep in a church parking lot. a special investigative grand jury is in the process of sorting through the conflicting reports to determine whether the shooting was justified or whether the officer should be criminally charged. but attorneys representing cook's widower gary say they are tired of waiting and they've decided to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer daniel harmon wright. >> we are growing a bit impatient with the process so we decided to move forward with the civil case, the wrongful death suit, and see what we can learn on our own. >> reporter: this lawsuit provides a story of the incident much different than that offered by the culpepper police officer shortly after the shooting. the initial statement from the virginia state police say the officers shot cook when she rolled her jeep window up on his arm and drove off dragging him. but this eyewitness and another one identified by cook's lawyers say the officer was never trapped. in the wrongful death suit cook's attorneys say their investigation shows, quote,
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defendant harmon-wright had one hand on the door of mrs. cook's jeep and the other on his gun when she began driving away. contrary to what has been claimed and reported defendant harmon-wright did not have his hand or arm trapped inside the window. >> she had a jeep that had a crank window and to catch one's arm in that it just, from a common sense standpoint, doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: the attorneys say they know of no reason the officers shot patricia cook multiple times at close range. >> something smells and we're going to try to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: the wrongful death suit seeks more than $5 million in damages and asks for a jury trial. in culpepper, julie carey, news 4. in the suit cook's attorneys say their investigation shows, quote, defendant harmon-wright had one hand not on the door of mrs. cook's jeep. julie will have more on this story at news 4 at 6:00 tonight. meanwhile after weeks of
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testimony about an illicit affair and money used to cover it up john edwards' lawyers are now telling their side of the story. defense attorneys today reopened their case with a nuts and bolts of campaign finance law. they claim even the federal government is split on whether edwards violated the rules. edwards has pleaded not guilty to using nearly a million dollars in donations from his '08 presidential bid to hide his pregnant mistress from the media. dozens of protesters stormed into president obama's campaign headquarters in chicago this morning kicking off what they're calling a week without capitalism in advance of a nato summit in that city. eight people were let out in handcuffs. the demonstration was organized by the catholic worker movement, a social justice group not affiliated with the catholic church. the group is planning a series of antinato protests this week. the senate will be holding hearings soon to examine the huge trading loss at jp morgan chase. meanwhile, heads are starting to roll within that company. ina drew the bank's top
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investment officer forced to resign after 30 years with the firm. it's the first casualty since the bank revealed last week it suffered more than $2 billion in a trade on corporate debt. two other top executives are also expected to step down. today the white house said the scandal proves that banking regulations put in place after the '08 financial crisis are necessary to protect consumers. yahoo ceo is also out. scott thompson stepped down late last night under pressure because he padded his resume. his official bioincluded a computer science degree that he never received. but there is also word that his decision to resign was partly influenced by his health. thompson reportedly has thyroid cancer. he was hired by yahoo in january. it's day one of a special session in annapolis that could result in higher taxes for a whole lot of residents. those making $100,000 or more and households making $150,000 would pay the price to help cut the state's budget deficit.
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darcy spencer is in annapolis now with the heated debate. >> reporter: on the opening day of the maryland general assembly special session protesters walked with signs urging lawmakers to not raise their taxes. >> if they do this budget, this is what our budgets are going to look like. they'll run in the red. theirs needs to stop. they need to live within their means like everybody else does. >> reporter: but a budget deal struck between house and senate leaders and the governor would raise income taxes when individuals making more than a hundred thousand and families making $175,000. those making $1.1 million or more would be hit the hardest. >> this governor is out of touch with reality. i don't know when the last time was that he paid for a gallon of gas. he has no idea what the citizens of this state are going through. >> reporter: the plan would dodge the so-called doomsday budget that will go into effect july 1st if the new plan isn't passed. it has some $500 million in
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cuts. >> we're trying to fully fund our education program. in the june budget it was $130 million worth of cuts in education, $40 million to higher education. >> reporter: republicans admit they have little if any chance of stopping the democrats from passing the increases but they say they're going to fight. our governor is lying to the citizens by telling them we're coming here to cut more spending. we're coming here to raise their taxes and shift burdens to local governments, plain and simple. >> we have a choice to make about the direction of the state of maryland. we can either fund public education and keep tuition at a rate that our citizens can pay for it or we cannot do that. >> reporter: maryland's democratic comptroller peter chancho criticized lawmakers for raising taxes saying it is the wrong approach at the wrong time and could hurt maryland's fragile economy. the special session is expected to last three days. in annapolis, darcy spencer, news 4. the at&t store at bowie town center is closed after this car
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barreled through a light pole hitting the store front. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. employees and customers were evacuated from the store so a building inspector could assess the damage. the driver was taken to the hospital. no word yet on what caused the crash or when the store might reopen. four new cities will be getting nonstop service to and from reagan national airport. portland, oregon, austin, texas, san francisco, san juan, puerto rico each will get one daily, nonstop, round trip out of national. the service will begin in late summer. the flights were added thanks to a new faa reform act creating room for new exemptions at national. any flight longer than 1250 miles needs special permission to take off and land at the airport. when we come right back on news 4 at 5:00 tonight the guardian angels pound the pavement after a d.c. man was beaten so badly his jaw had to be wired shut. they're found in countless household, items posing a real risk for young children.
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tonight what is behind the alarming spike in emergency room visits. >> we knew the off-season would bring big changes for the caps but not this quickly. dan has more on dale hunter's decision to step down. >> from janitor to ivy league grad how a new york city man ♪ ♪
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wild weather in new mexico. take a good look at this. authorities say this tornado touched down for about five minutes and though it appears to be ripping through a neighborhood of homes officials say there was very little damage. they say the twister just missed a major highway. no one was hurt but there was plenty of marble sized hail, lots of rain, and wind, too, in the aftermath of this storm. >> suddenly a rainy day here doesn't seem so bad. >> yeah. >> not at all. we really needed it. we really did. you guys know pollen has been a really bad thing. >> of course. >> and as far as rain is concerned we're over 5 inch below average so once again we need to see the rain and mother nature helping us out after giving us a fantastic weekend. out there right now we're seeing that rain. you can see fog out there as well and the cloud cover continues across the region. temperatures for the most part in the upper 60s to around the 70-degree mark. not all that bad. at least a mild rain instead of the cold rain we've seen over the past couple of last rain
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events. storm 4 radar right now showing you where the rain is pretty much all over. not raining everywhere but at least raining to the west, raining some to the south, to the north, to the east. finally seeing shower activity along the bay. not much rain there at all. the heaviest rain in through montgomery county and right along the beltway here. we'll zoom right on in toward tysons corner where some of the heaviest rain is right along tysons corner and the beltway over toward route 7 all the way out toward reston. as you move up in toward montgomery county we've seen heavy rain around olney, gaithersburg, also 270 a very wet ride. you'll continue to see that through the rest of the evening and over the next couple hours and probably through the morning hours too. give yourself extra time this evening and into tomorrow morning as i do think it is going to be fairly wet. even more rain down through the south. the heaviest rain coming through right now but down to the south still seeing some rain forming along the i-95 corridor toward fredericksburg. this'll move through staffed county and in toward prince william county and more rain to the south.
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we're not done with this quite yet. we have another 24 hours before all of this rain tries to move its way on through here. here is how much rain we've seen so far. nearly an inch back toward the west around winchester. 0.8 there. 0.75 in martinsburg and hagerstown at 0.84. annapolis, baltimore, pax river almost no rain for you. around the i-95 corridor around 0.25 to 0.5 inch of rain here. the numbers will be on the increase over the next few hours and into tomorrow morning. 67 the current temperature with winds out of the south about 10 miles an hour. those winds have been a little bit breezy at times during the day today but not all that bad. temperatures in the mid 60s, 64 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 71 fredericksburg and 70 down toward pax river. here is what to expect the rest of the evening. notice 9:00 the nationals by the way playing down at nats park. you may get a break. also the, down in woodbridge the potomac nationals also playing a game. could be at least some breaks in
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the rain so they may get the games in. watch this. the rain fills back in by tomorrow morning and by around 6:00 tomorrow morning we could see another inch between and tomorrow morning. back to the west a little bit less than an inch around winchester but some areas will pick up over an inch of rain between now and early tomorrow morning. let's take a look at the evenin. periods of rain. some of that heavy especially i-95 toward the west. 62 to 67 degrees. tomorrow we will see a better chance of rain and tomorrow morning's rush hour could be a tough drive so watch out for that as you are heading out and about tomorrow morning early. once again give yourself plenty of extra time. more rain tomorrow with the chance for maybe a thunderstorm or two. same deal goes on wednesday. notice wednesday only a 30% chance of storms and then thursday and friday we dry out nicely with highs in the 70s so, you know, not all that bad. once again, we need the rain. we'll get it. monday and tuesday. >> a little pay back. >> right. >> thank you, doug. some common household items are creating a spike in emergency room visits nationwide. every three hours a child goes
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to the er with a battery that's either been swallowed or put up their nose. the number is almost double what it was 20 years ago. that's according to a report in "pediatrics." nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy sneiderman joins us live from new york with more on the findings. hi, nancy. there are these little button batteries that seem to be in all of our remotes and that apparently accounts for like 85% of this. what is wrong -- why are they so dangerous? >> well they're dangerous because no longer are they poisonous. the poisons have been removed but they have an electrical current and it doesn't take long for those batteries if they've been swallowed to literally eat through the lining of the esophagus. a child may have no more than 2 or 3 hours of margin before -- between swallowing one and getting it out. on an x-ray, these little batteries are in everything from greeting cards to fancy car keys to the remote control, they can look like a nickel to an uneducated eye so in an emergency room if things are
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crazy and a doctor sees a child swallowing something in the old days we would say well you know it's just a nickel. your child will go ahead and swallow it and it'll go through the intestines but these batteries you don't have that luxury. you really have two or three hours to get a pediatric, ear, nose, and throat doctor to take your child to the operating room and remove that battery. >> you may not even know your child has swallowed it. are there symptoms? >> yes. therein lies part of the rub. your child may complain of a sore throat, have a change in breathing, vomit for no reason. so we know toddlers put things in mouths. if something just doesn't make sense, i think the real call to action here is play it safe and get to the emergency room as quickly as possible. parents usually have some kind of gut instinct that something isn't right. so there is not a fever, no colds going around and suddenly your child is drooling or can't swallow or is vomiting get your
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child to the emergency room and say, you know what? i just want to make sure my child hasn't swallowed one of these little button batteries. >> boy. i bet parents are going around right now picking up remotes and putting them up on top of the refrigerator. >> absolutely. >> get them out of the way. >> yes. >> put extra tape around them. get them out of every toddler's way. i think we'll be shocked to see how many are really lying around the house. >> good report. thanks, nancy. you can see nancy's full report on button battery dangers tonight at 7:00 on "nightly news" with brian williams. she'll expand on this even more after news 4 at 6:00. >> frightening. only two hours to work with. >> considering all those musical cards. >> they're everywhere. up next a community on edge. tonight a chihuahua owner demanding justice after her tiny pet was killed by a larger dog. a new warning from d.c.'s top cop as national police week kicks off. who is in charge of keeping officers in line? and a controversial new cover is keeping the gay marriage debate swirling around
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the presidential campaign. that sto
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went out with a bang. he's been a familiar face on the ice and helped lead the caps to the second round of the playoffs. >> dale hunter will not be returning as head coach next season. let's check in with dan hellie to explain. where is he going? >> wendy, capitals general manager george mcphee brought
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his old buddy dale hunter back to washington after they fired bruce beaudreau in november. all said and done shall the capitals went 37-37 under hunter and once again failed to get out of the second round. despite his deep ties to the organization, coaching on the nhl level isn't something he wanted to do anymore. and this morning he told mcphee that he was out. >> this morning dale and i met about 10:00 and he let me know that he will not be able to return as the coach. he's going to head back to london and i guess we're all fathers and sons and husbands first before anything else and if we have our priorities right in this life the family comes first. and dale needs to go home. >> when i retired as a hockey player i had to retire because i
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wasn't that good anymore i guess you want to say but this was a tough decision. i enjoyed coaching these guys here and being back to the team that i always figure is not my team but ted's team but still my team, you know, and so it was a tough decision but the right thing for me and my family. >> he really taught this club the how of winning. they all wanted to win. they just didn't know how. and the how is being a team and sacrificing and he sure got that out of this club. >> mcphee must now find a third head coach in seven months and the players will have to adjust to another new system. to a plan, they did not expect to find out today that hunter would be leaving. >> it happened so quick. we've already, you know, the outcome is already out. but i understand that he's got a great thing in london and his family is there. you know, it's hard to be away
5:26 pm
from the family. >> he brought a system that i think really worked and we play good hockey and i think he's been doing so many good things for this team. >> it's tough. i thought we had a good shot at winning and knowing that he's not coming back just kind of got the news, it's different for sure. >> i was -- we played minute by minute in the game and i know i can do a better job if i was out there but, you know, you have to suck it up and do what i have to do. >> yeah. ovechkin one of the main people who had his ice time shaved by hunter because he wasn't a defensive minded player even during the playoffs. dale hunter going back to coach the junior team he owns in london, ontario. has the family farm there. his family is there. it seemed like, he never said
5:27 pm
this, but it seemed like this was a one and done type deal. >> yeah. >> he was doing george mcphee a favor. >> he's got a life. no pressure to get this done quickly. this search could take a while. >> i think they'll wait until they find the guy they want. i don't know if they have any idea who that is. >> thanks, dan. >> you're welcome. a high school senior has a prom night to remember after she asked her favorite nfl player to go and he said, yes. her name is joyce grinnedel. the week before the prom her date canceled so she reached out to cleveland browns corner back joe hayden on twitter. her message, hey joe, would you consider going to my senior prom with me because my date backed out? just a few hours later he replied yes. last friday he pulled up to her home in a white lamborghini, took some photos, then took her out. hayden is a graduate of friendly high school here in fort washington. he graduated early and never went to his own prom making it a special event for both of them. good for him. >> a nice guy. >> she is pretty brave. >> yeah.
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why not? you got to ask. >> go for it. coming up next the guardian angels. now patrolling the streets after a brutal beating in d.c. an argument over a piece of trash sparked this attack. >> more headaches for metro riders tonight. the station that reports most problems with its escalators. a police officer chases a run away bus. there is no one behind the wheel. we'll find out who was responsi
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. right here on storm center 4 take a look at the radar and you can see some of the areas of rain moving through the area. some heavy rain right now. let's look at where the heaviest rain is. we'll zoom into montgomery county and northern portions prince george's county right along i-95 and back towards 270 around gaithersburg down to the south, up to the north around olney and ashton seeing fairly heavy rain right now. we'll continue to watch as the rain moves off toward the north. the district also seeing heavy rain. we have a lot more to come. we're not done just yet. some areas tonight could see very heavy rain. not only going to be a tough rush hour tonight. i think we're in for another tough rush hour tomorrow morning. i'll be back with the complete forecast in a moment. >> thank you. a d.c. man is out of the hospital tonight after a brutal attack that was caught on tape. >> this started after the victim asked the suspect to pick up a can of beer that he had tossed. >> derrick ward is here now with the new presence in the neighborhood and the effort to find the person responsible. derrick? >> you know, this violent attack
5:32 pm
in the northwest alley in the middle of the afternoon is focusing new attention on a neighborhood that's been in the midst of change. the attack was swift, brutal, and apparently unprovoked caught on security video. it came after the victim is set to have asked a man drinking in the alley behind the victim's condo to pick up the beer can the attacker discarded. now the victim is recovering from a broken jaw and surgery to repair shattered bone in his face. the incident brought outrage and the guardian angels. >> we were asked to come here because of the recent beating that occurred. people were saying, look. when they're going to the store or coming home from work they are in fear. >> reporter: outrage is compounded because the attack happened in the middle of the afternoon last thursday with people close by in an area attractive to new development and all it entails. not everything is changed. >> we were clearly making a difference but we have people hanging out. we have people coming from all over the city dealing and using
5:33 pm
drugs and they've got to be arrested. >> reporter: residents say the alleys often hold the last vestiges of the not so distant and not so desirable past and they say they've been asking for a more intensive police presence. but some things like attitudes are hard to police. in this instance, a sense of civic pride was rewarded with a beat down. it drives home a harsh and sad reality. >> you see something going on and if you want to approach somebody don't do it unless you have a buddy with you. >> reporter: those who care about and who patrol the neighborhood and others believe that the attacker in this instance was different from the usual person you'd encounter here even in an alley way. >> he was a bully, straight up. no normal citizen would beat someone for asking to pick up a can. >> so far there has been no arrest. the attacker remains at large and we are told the victim remains out out of the hospital. his jaw is wired shut and he has not returned home. there is a meeting scheduled tomorrow evening between
5:34 pm
neighbors and third district police. it was set up before the attack but the incident will now likely be front and center. a woman in glover park wants justice tonight after she says a man let his dog attack her chihuahua and walked away. yates barrety says her four-pound dog named freckles was sitting on the stone fence in her yard when a man and his dog walked by. she says the larger dog snatched freckles and by the time she pried her dog out of its mouth freckles was dead. >> to have something that sudden is hard enough but then to not really have any closure behind it is worse. and to know that this dog is out on the streets. >> both d.c. police and animal control are investigating the attack. a civic group also posted flyers around the neighborhood in hopes someone with information might come forward. a fire left five university of maryland students homeless just before the start of finals. the fire started last night on the 7,000 block of baltimore
5:35 pm
avenue from a light fixture in the ceiling of a basement bedroom. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. only one student was home at the time and the damages are estimated at $13,000. >> montgomery county public schools tonight are mourning the loss of a legendary educator. jerry marco spent nearly three decades as principal of walt whitman high school in bethesda. he passed away last week. erika gonzalez has more on his lasting legacy. >> reporter: students, faculty and alumni are mourning the loss of a great educator. dr. jerry marco the second principal of bethesda's walt whitman high school died last week after years of underlying health problems. one of his former students who is now an assistant principal kathy mchale says after 44 years of service marco helped grow whitman into one of the top 100 high schools in the country. >> the kids, the school, the community, this whole process of education was his life.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: marco ushered in a new era of leadership and took whitman from this to this. his love for the arts lined the walls of the school. but it was his design of controversial programs like that of no tolerance that still resonate with the community. this after three students died in alcohol and drug related accidents under his term. >> it was very harsh but upheld by the superintendents. we didn't have any student deaths from that point on. >> reporter: the school stadium was dedicated to dr. marco in 2004 when he retired. although most of today's students didn't get a chance to meet him, they've got a pretty good idea of who he was. >> he was doing a good job and wanted to push us toward bigger things. >> reporter: nbc news washington bureau chief antuan fells pointes is a living example. the class of '85 grad says it was his open door policy and genuine care for his students that made him what he is today.
5:37 pm
>> not only for me but all my friends who went to walt whitman high school. the minute they learned that dr. marco had passed, you know, part of our childhood left us at that point. >> reporter: whitman will host a memorial for marco with music, a timeline video, and even marco memorabilia as they're calling it from across the county within the upcoming weeks. >> what an impact he had on so many young lives. >> thanks, erika. next on news 4 at 5:00 tonight a woman hospitalized with a rare flesh eating bacteria. >> tonight the new hurdle she is facing and what her family says about her rollercoaster recovery. i'm liz crenshaw. before you take your phone tablet or e-reader on the go this summer make sure you know how to protect them from sun, sand, and surf. my
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a new graduate at american university wendy's alma mater got more than a diploma when she walked across the stage this weekend. that's the way they do it there. that was sam miller down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend sarah cooper. he got permission from au to be onstage for the big surprise. they had the audience cheering like crazy. the two met the first of the school year their freshman year sam said about three months into their relationship he knew he
5:41 pm
wanted to spend the rest of his life with sarah and said he was also pretty sure she'd say yes and she did. wendy, he even slipped a ring on her finger while they were on stage. >> that is lovely. it's great. well, a new york janitor defied the odds and earned an ivy league degree this weekend. nearly 20 years ago he left his family in the former war ravaged yugoslavia and came to the u.s. with no money, no job, and couldn't speak english. he got a job at columbia university and was a janitor. then he started taking classes. he was accepted into the school's general studies in 2000 and took advantage of free courses for employees. >> and after midnight and i studied during the night, sometimes got even two hours sleep, sometimes no sleep at all. >> the 52-year-old graduated with honors and wants to go get a masters degree and maybe even a ph.d. good for him. coming up on news 4 at 5:00
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tonight police dash cam video shows a bus speeding through traffic and there is no one behind the wheel. what set off the dramatic chain of events? >> national police week is under way but who is policing the police when they park illegally, take part in rowdy behavior? here is doug. >> here's doug with the forecast. talking about the rain out there. we have more rain to come. take a look right now along the i-95 corridor. there is more rain to the south.
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it's national police week, a time for officers from around the country that come to washington and honor those who have died in the line of duty. but it is also a time police chief kathy lanier has to warn visiting officers not to act rowdy or behave in an illegal manner. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: thousands of law enforcement officers, families, and supporters are here honoring those who serve and those who have died serving. a solemn and respectful observance. but each year the week is marred by some officers who illegally park and engage in public activities that an ordinary citizen might be arrested or ticketed for doing like blocking rush hour lanes. >> it is a very apathetic attitude and they don't seem to
5:46 pm
care about local traffic jams. >> i think it's a double standard. the rest of us pay for parking and when i'm on vacation i don't get to park for free or any kind of event. whenever you say anything to them, about putting money in the meters, they think it's -- they're above and beyond that. >> reporter: a citizen who lives downtown sent news 4 this and other pictures of what he said were out of town officers drinking on public sidewalks near 5th and 8th streets northwest. >> we would hope there would be no drinking, no public drinking, that frankly the officers would comport themselves in a way that we would expect the citizens -- these are law enforcement officials. >> reporter: some past years have been so rowdy that chief kathy lanier sends an annual stern letter in advance to other police departments. she writes, the unacceptable behavior of some participants in activities associated with national police week could have negative consequences on our city and reflects poorly on the policing profession as a whole. the letter specifically warns against parking illegally,
5:47 pm
public drunkenness, and other activities. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. customers who use the wheaton metro station are the most likely riders to deal with escalators that don't work. among the system's longest escalators the washington examiner finds the three escalators at the wheaton station were just 67% of the time between october and march. the slightly shorter escalators at bethesda station are available 90% of the time followed by woodly park at 89% and medical center at 87%. we are tracking the wet weather. >> when is the heaviest stuff going to roll in, doug? >> we're seeing some now but another round overnight tonight and into early tomorrow morning. here we are right now. that one heavy band coming right through portions of montgomery county including the district and over toward portions of howard county. we'll take you on a little zoom here in through montgomery county right around gaithersburg over toward ulney. this area has seen rain over the past hour to two hours.
5:48 pm
fairly heavy at that. howard county around columbia and right on the border of prince george's and anne arundel county, my cousin over there in odenton watch out. you'll see rain soon. down toward fairfax right around the city of fairfax some moderate rain right now along route 50. you'll continue to see that coming through the area and down to the south down toward spotsylvania we'll continue to watch as this moves up toward the north in toward stafford county. we've got a lot more rain to come throughout the rest of the evening hours. some low kays picking up over a half inch. gaithersburg over a half inch. chantilly close to a half inch. woodstock, virginia nearly a half inch and columbia, maryland 0.6 so far. we could pick up between 0.5 and an inch by tomorrow night at this time. tomorrow warmer temperatures. i think near 80 degrees. we may see some sunshine tomorrow. the more sun, the more instability, the better the chance for thunderstorms. i think we'll see a lot of clouds and we have a good chance of showers and maybe thunderstorms too. we'll continue to watch out over the next couple days.
5:49 pm
more showers through wednesday. thursday and friday though looking very nice with plenty of sunshine and windy. just in case you were wondering about the weekend it looks fantastic. nice and warm with a high of 78. >> wow. i can get on with my life now. hey, you plan on taking your cell phone or e-reader or tablet to the beach this summer? you better have a plan to protect it. liz crenshaw is here with tricks to protect your favorite technology while you are on the go. >> the sun, surf, sand can po tlings destroy every day gadgets. best buy's geek squad helped us with summer tech tricks to keep your technology dry and safe. it's enough to make your heart sink just the thought of your phone falling into water. it's just one thing that can go wrong when you take your technology on vacation. >> you're going to the beach because there are a lot of different things you need to worry about like the sand, humidity, water obviously and then the glare and the sun.
5:50 pm
>> robert is with best buy's geek squad and has tricks to keeping technology safe this summer. >> electronics and moisture don't mix well. >> the first trick is pack your gadgets in a zipper bag. >> keep it separate from other things you might be bringing to the beach and another layer of protection against moisture and heat and sand as well. >> if you want to water proof your phone there are different cases made for different smart phones that you can buy to protect them. >> these cases are very good and guaranteed to protect your device. slip your phone in there. you still have access to your camera and all your normal features. it even has extensions if you still want to use it as an mp 3 player. pop it right in there and you're good to go. >> if you don't have a water proof case and your gadget gets wet, first remove the battery and dry off your device. the trick to completely drying it out? uncooked rice. >> put your device inside of a container sealed with rice to actually absorb the moisture. what we don't want you to do is attempt to use any kind of heat source like a hair dryer.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: what happens when you drop your device in the sand? >> it is not the end of the world. if the device still works just get the excess particles out of there. tab something like a bulb syringe to blow out the additional particles. what you don't want to do is use something like a compressed air which is actually too high powered and could damage the internals of your device. >> reporter: another trick? use a screen protector for your tablet, your smart phone, your e-reader to help prevent the sand from scratching the surface and it also has an anti-glare feature. if your electronics help you find your way to vacation, here is a trick to no hassle road trims. update your gps before getting in the car. get the latest maps. >> if you have one with live traffic it will actually route you around major accidents. some of them have navigation where you can actually plan your route based on the most fuel efficient route. >> like most technology don't leave your gadgets in a hot car. remember, take them with you and
5:52 pm
store them at room temperature. >> certain things you need to think about before you take them to the beach if you want to still have the device when you leave. >> if you want it to still work. the trick to keeping your gadgets in the zipper bag is a smart one. one more thing. remember when you get back into the cool indoors where it is air conditioned make sure you open that zipper bag and remove them. otherwise the condensation builds up and you end up with a moisture problem in the device. >> goodness. so much to think of. >> you know we used to just go to the beach with a book and a pencil. >> right. >> and a beer mug i think. >> that rice trick. >> that's cool. it works. we've tried it. >> great tips. thank you, liz. a grad student in georgia is fighting for her life tonight. 24-year-old aimee copeland contracted a rare flesh-eating bacteria after a zipline accident two weeks ago. the bacteria is so aggressive doctors have already had to amputate one of her legs. she'll probably lose her fingers. she is still listed in critical condition. she is on a respirator.
5:53 pm
her parents believe she will pull through. >> prefer to let time play out. let's see what god's will is for her and i believe that will be done. the most important thing is my daughter is alive. >> reporter: aimee's parents say she is improving every day. they can talk to her, read her lips, and understand what she is saying to them. yesterday she told her dad as soon as the respirator is removed she wants to eat some ice cream. earlier today we had a special guest by our studio. angela on "the office" is in town today. in addition to acting she is also an ocean activist, part of a campaign lobbying congress today to pass legislation aimed at seafood fraud. and the mislabeling of seafood. during the day's taping of the nonstop rundown i had a chance to ask her the big question that fans of "the office" are dying to know. who is the father of angela's baby? >> i can't say who the daddy is. i can't. >> the state senator could be? >> exactly.
5:54 pm
>> okay. >> but my money is on dwight. >> i know. >> he wants it to be. >> i want it to be too. i am a huge dwight and angela fan. i like nerd love. >> she is funny. she had us rolling on the floor. you can see my full interview with angela kinsy tonight at 7:30 and 10:00 on nonstop. female erotica, a topic not as sensitive because of the suctionselves the steamy novel "50 shades of gray." the fiction follows the lives of two lovers describing in elaborate detail their daring sexual encounters. now fans the book are thirsting for more. tonight at 11:00 i'll explore the world of erotic literature and why it can be good for women to read it. on news 4 at 5:00 tonight still to come how the dmv is using a little superstition to convince people to renew their registration longer in virginia. coming up today on news 4 at 6:00 somebody is pretending to be a cop. he stops drivers and then for no reason shoots them.
5:55 pm
there are new developments in the race for the white house. ron paul has made a decision. we'll tell you about that. one of the world's most rare and endangered gorillas
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
virginia's dmv hopes superstition will encourage drivers to renew their vehicle
5:58 pm
registration for two years instead of one. the agency launched an avoid 13 campaign. it warns drivers if they get one year renewals they'll have the unlucky number 13 sticker on their plates. who wants that? the dmv is also offering a $2 discount to those who take part. tonight we're getting a good look at what happened when a run away city bus went flying down the streets of a small town in connecticut. >> take a look at this. elana gold reports. >> reporter: this video from a police cruiser shows an officer chasing a run away connecticut transit bus through plainville wednesday morning. the officer gets on the loud speaker warning drivers to be careful. the bus is out of control and no one is behind the wheel. seconds later it slams head on into a truck and the impact is so intense that truck gets pushed into a car and they slide 20 feet. the bus finally comes to a halt in a neighborhood across the
5:59 pm
way. >> the first thing that i thought of when it happened i'm like oh, my god did i pay my life insurance? it is the things you don't want to think about but in a split second anything could happen. >> jennifer was in this crash and had no idea no one was driving the bus until police came to her rescue. >> immediately thought i was okay and then within a minute started shaking uncontrollably and crying. >> when she was being rushed to the hospital she learned that same bus was in a crash earlier that morning about a mile up the road. a tow truck came to take the bus away but police say a supervisor with new britain transportation didn't lock the brakes causing the bus to roll forward. >> what if it hit five feet to the left? i might not be here. >> reporter: she is grateful she and the other driver survived the scare. >> how often do you hear of a run away bus and a bus that's been in two accidents in a day? coming up at 6:00 a woman shot and killed by police and the new effort to find


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