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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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healing. the doctors are shocked how quickly i did heal. >> mike is a bartender at trustees on capitol hill. a woman trusted him to walk her from the bar to the nearby house. >> she was walking home. i told her i would walk her. >> she held her purse. the trouble started when the two turned on to southeast 15th street. the suspect was hiding in the bushes, came out. saw the woman's purse. grabbed it. mike grabbed it back. the two started wrestling. the woman i was with ran to get help. and then i collapsed on the ground. >> with three stab wounds on his lungs, once in the stup maomach the back. now folks at trustees call mike a hero. they're having a fund raiser to help pay his medical bills. >> if you had the choice to do it over again. would you? >> i would. >> why? >> because i care about the safety of people on the streets that i live on.
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>> he lives to see another day. >> shomar stone, news 4. >> police in southeast washington are investigating a shooting involving a police officer. we're told the officer shot a man on 6th street southeast just about 10 minutes ago. not clear what led up to the shooting. the officer involved was not injured. breaking news in the dupont circle neighborhood. two d.c. police say a man was stabbed twice near the corner of 16th and p streets. you can see the man being helped into an ambulance. not clear what led to the stabbing 30 minutes ago. we saw the definition of a rainy monday today. and more rain its approaching. lots of it. doug, what's the word? >> well we have very heavy rain trying to make its way our way. right now around the district. not a whole lot going on. few showers through the north and east. down to the south and west. that's where we are seeing heavier rain. along i-81, hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester, luray, south of fredericksburg, widen
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this out. yellows, oranges, reds. lightning associated with this. all trying to make its way our way. it will move in overnight tonight. it could affect you tomorrow morning. i will explain how, and just how much rain we may see as we go on through the next couple days. my complete forecast coming up. >> a warning for women in arlington tonight after two attacks in one night. believed to be by the same person. jackie benson reports. >> just after midnight friday when a woman walking in the 2100 block of lee highway had a terrifying experience. she told police a man grabbed her threw her to the ground and began sexually assaulting her. she was able to punch him. he threw her into bushes and ran away. an hour earlier, roughly a mile away, steps from the busy corridor, a man with a similar description, surprise aid woman inside the graarage. she saw him coming. and quickly hit the close
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button. he blocked the sensor to send the door back out. she managed to run inside. both incidents within walking distance of metro stations. >> on a friday. this place is packed. all of this strip is covered in lines. >> that's really scary. i thought this place was a little bit safer. i felt comfortable walking alone here. >> police don't know itch the man was getting around on foot or whether he had the use of a vehicle. both women provided a similar description. they say he was a black man, wearing a very distinctive red and white checked shirt with khaki pants and black gloves. reporting from arlington, jackie benson. >> d.c. police have a warning for minivan owners, specifically, any one with a van made by chrysler. thiefs stole two dodge caravans and voyager michigan park northeast d.c. police say the models are easier to steal because the steering columns are easily broken.
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suspects are thought to be kids. >> in a lot of case wes we see s stolen for kids, joy riding, getting across town. in cases like that having a club or anti-theft device is a strong deterrent. >> a screwdriver can be used to break the steering column. >> despite the efforts by both campaigns to focus on the economy. same sex marriage will be the big issue tomorrow. tonight president obama is making headlines again. angie goff joins us with details. angie? >> reporter: president obama spent a busy monday in new york and spoke about same sex marriage and j.p. morgan chase trading loss. the cover released to day features president obama labeled as the first game president. his endorsement became a focal point during the taping of the view set to air tomorrow. the president told the hosts, the defense of marriage act, one man and one woman, between one
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man and one woman is unconstitutional. later in the day he spoke at a fund raiser, hosted by openly gay singer ricky martin. >> we have never gone wrong when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody. it doesn't weaken families it strengthens families. >> during his time at "the view" the president spoke about the scandal at j.p. morgan chase hours after one of the bank's top executives stepped down. the president said j.p. morgan is one of the best managed banks there is. jamie dimon, one of the smartest banks we got and they still lost $2 billion and counting. it is going to be investigated. this is why we passed wall street reform. tomorrow the president will speak at national peace officers memorial service. back to you. >> thank you, angie. john edwards defense team says it will call on his daughter kate to testify in her father's corruption trial.
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she could take the stand as early as tomorrow. edwards accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign funds to cover up an extramarital affair during the 2008 presidential race. today a judge decided to block most of the testimony from the former head of a federal election commission, the judge said he believes the alleged hush money did not qualify as a campaign contribution. >> the key witness in the roger cl clemmons perjury trial wishes he could talk it back. clemens former personal trainer and also the prosecution star witness in the case. he took the stand in the district to testify he injected the hall of fame pitcher with steroid at least eight times during the 1998 season. he also says he knew it was illegal. clemens is accused of luge to congress when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. >> nearly one in four households in montgomery county could pay higher taxes under a proposal in maryland. the focus of a special session of the general assembly that's
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under way right now in annapolis. that plan would raise income taxes on individuals making more than $100,000 a year. and households making more than $150,000. people in the d.c. suburbs would be hit the hardest. the increase would affect about 190,000 households, in howard, prince george's, anne arundel, and montgomery counties. that's compared to about 120,000 households in maryland's other 20 counties. >> talk a good look at the two guys in the surveillance video suspected in nine armed robberies including this one at a shell station. six this weekend, and three others earlier in southeast washington. investigators say they drove off in a gray dodge charger. >> off the husband of a culpeper, virginia woman, shot and killed by a police officer three months ago says he is tired of waiting for answers about her death. he has filed a wrongful death lawsuit to try to speed up the process. back in february, 54-year-old
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patricia cook was shot several times, by a police officer, who says she shut his arm in her car window and then drove off, dragging him. witnesses have contradicted his story. the case is now in the hand of a grand jury. >> why are growing a bit impatient with the process. we decided to move forward with the civil case, wrongful death and see what we can learn on our own. something smells. we will fry to get to the bottom of it. >> the lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages and jury trial. also identifies the officer for the first time as 33-year-old daniel harmon-wright who also goes by daniel sullivan. >> some of the leaders in d.c. are hoping d.c. alley ways will become safer places with a new lighting system. the mayor flipped the switch on new led street lamps, brighter, cheaper and longer lasting than old standard street lamps. 1,300 of them are installed in alleys all over the city. >> richard branson's virgin
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america airlines will have a presence at reagan national airport. transportation secretary, ray lahood announced virgin will have one daily nonstop flight to san francisco. he says, jetblue will offer a daily flight to san juan, puerto rico. lahood says extra flights will create competition for d.c. flights. hopefully leading to lower airfares. just two days after a game seven loss, the transformation of the caps has begun. dale hunter is not the only big name we could see leaving here. dan hellie, what its up? >> dale stepping aside. he may have run alexander semin out of town. ly doesn't want to return itch the caps play the defensive brand of hockey. they buy into the style once the playoffs rolled around. they fauld iled to advance. hunter, 37-37 overall. after taking over for the fired
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bruce boudreau. hunter said the decision wasn't easy. but didn't take long for hum to decide the allure of being home in ontario with his family, farm, junior hockey team, outweighed coaching in washington for another season. >> this was a tough, tough decision. i enjoyed coaching these guys here. and, being back to the team that, that is, figure not my team, but it is still my team. and it is a tough decision to make. but the right thing for me and my family. >> i guess we are all fathers, and sons and husband first before anything else. if we hatch ove our priorities in this life. family comes first. and dale needs to go home. >> interesting that that was the most rested and relaxed we had seen dale hunter look in the last six months. we'll have player reaction in sports in a few minutes. guys. >> thank you, dan. >> thanks, dan.
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>> ahead, a real life version of to catch a predator as officers take down men looking for kids they thought they met online. filmmaker george lucas pushing ahead with a plan to build housing. >> opening up doors to legitimize this kind of reading, allowing women to incorporate some of these fantasies into their sex lives. >> impact of "50see shades of ♪
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america's beverage companies are delivering.
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dramatic police video out of florida. undercover operation, targeting suspected child pedestriredator. they all went to the house expecting to have sex with a child they met on line. instead they found undercover officers. suspects range in age from 20 to 62, include an attorney with the coast guard, and father who brought his 4 year owed-year-ol with him. >> george lucas' big project will be a low income housing community. lucas lobbied for 20 years to build a state of the art movie studio on his upscale property in marin county. his neighbors complained it would ruin the community and cause traffic problems. so instead, lucas is now reportedly in talks to develop a low income housing complex
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instead. >> steamy series, 50 shades of gray may be starting a revolution in the book world. women who have read the book, and two sequels are now hungry for more the as we report, when it comes to risque reads there are plenty. ♪ they're right there, in the romance section, lots of racy story telling. filled with hard core adjectives and verbs enough to leave your chest heaving. now thanks to 50 shades of gray there is a new market of female readers looking for them. >> i think it is opening up doors to legitimize this kind o incorporate fantasies into their sex lives. when the author of 50 shade of grey came to bethesda, the turnout was enormous for sexual dominance and bondage. >> women have been interested in the theme of bondage forever in
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terms of their fantasy life. >> this sighle k psychologist sn be good for will tine haomen to fantasies. >> fantasies are usually safe. if we can allow women to feel more comfortable having more fantasies i think that's great. >> your mom may have been into it. the "fear of flying" about a young woman's sexcapades in the 70s and sugar in my bowl is her latest erotic offering. there are thousand of books in this genre from tame to enflamed. you may even find sexual inspiration in the bible. >> like god's manual for romance to have a smoking hot relationship. >> john sly, pastor of grace community church in arlington is doing an eight-part sermon on the song of solomon from the
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bubl bible. he entitles it, smoking hot. >> there are some passages i will not read publicly to my church. go home, read them yourselves. and if you think it is saying what you think it is saying, you are probably right. >> we want a great marriage. why settle for something that's fair. >> the truck to reading erotica, sdwroun lo download to your e-book. the sale of erotica this way has gone up 30%. >> for a list of some of the more popular authors in the genre go to nbc >> the first video ever of one of the most endangered and elusive animals on the planet. cameras recorded a group of cross river gorillas as they strolled around a sanctuary in cameroon recently. wildlife officials are hoping this footage will spark efforts to help the gorillas survive. there are only about 300 of them left in the wild.
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they will disappear at the slightest hint of a human. at one point in the video, a large silverback runs by the camera beating his chest. hunters and loss of habitat are threatening those gorillas. >> very cool use of the camera. >> it is. enough to scare you a little bit. the guy coming at you. >> should we be scared of weather cupping our woming our ? >> tomorrow. a little commute tomorrow. coming in on 66. one of more hazardous roads. beltway, virginia, call it a day. with all the construction out there, add in the rain overnight tonight into early tomorrow. you are going to have delays. you want to probably give yourself extra time as you leave the house early tomorrow morning. and storm 4 radar showing where the rain is now. we have some rain, southern maryland. areas that have not seen a lot. south of annapolis. around annapolis. calvert county. moving in towards st. mary's
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quou county. leonardtown. and to the west. where the rain is. put this in sensitive mode. and do zooms. west virginia, washington county. hagerstown. in towards maryland. around i-81. winchester. where we are seeing some of the rain. follow 81 all the way down to luray area, mount jackson. front royal, seeing some rain. notice the enhancement here. down toward around locustdale to the southwest of culpeper. that's actually, wouldn't be surprised to see a rumble of thunder out of this. it makes its way twoord toward north and east. thunderstorms as they die down move into a stable air mass. over the washington, d.c. area. big time storms, down to the south. we will have energy moving our way. that's why i think we stand to see some moderate to heavy rainfall over the next say, six to 12 hours. maybe including tomorrow morning's rush hour. high temperatures today. 73 degrees. even with, all of the cloud and the rain. we still saw temperatures close to the average. 1/4 inch of rain today. at the airport. there is more on the way.
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temperature right now. 68 degrees. light rain across the area. wind right now out of the southeast. five miles per hour. current temperatures. mild this time of night. 63, leesburg. 64, manassas. 67, fredericksburg. temperatures aren't the problem. notice where the rain has been. become to the west. an inch in hagerstown. right now 81. where most of the rain has been. the i-95, corridor, quarter to 1/2 inch of rain. you move out toward the bay. almost nothing in annapolis. pax river. that i think will change for you by early tomorrow morning. let's take you through it. over the next cup hours ouple h. the hole around washington. showers north and east. back to the west. by tomorrow morning. they could be around rush hour. the metro area. once again. maybe just give yourself little bit of extra time. then i think we will see a break before we see, more showers, and thunderstorms, develop during the afternoon. there is a better chance for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. if we see some sunshine.
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and i think we moight just see few breaks. good news. by 9:30. everything starting to calm down a little bit. by tomorrow morning. rain likely. some could be heavy. could see a tough drive tomorrow morning. temperature thousands, 59-64. tomorrow afternoon. expect to see some showers. they will be likely tomorrow. possible thunder. temperatures, 76-81 degrees. also be a little on the humid side. the next couple days. 82 wednesday. chance of a shower or thunderstorms, most of us should be dry. and then look at this. temperatures in the mid 70s. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. the weekend right now. looking really, really nice. >> little more rain. lot to look forward to. >> yes, yes. >> thank you, doug. >> sports coming up next. bryce
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>> the allure of canada was too strong for dale, huh? >> he has a great life there. family, farm, the owner of a junior hockey team. >> not bad. >> things are stressful here. wasn't like the old playing days. dale hunter said a tough decision. took him less than 48 hours to decide he was leaving. dale hunter, stepping down as caps' head coach to head back to canada to run his junior hockey organization and be close to his family. >> it was a tough choice. it wasn't like -- it was -- you know -- easy choice to make. got a good thing going here. you know the biggest thing, the guys believe in themselves, players are the key to the game. >> we are delight heed could co -- we are delight heed coued he co
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in. he had quite an impact on the club. really topped the club. the how of, to win. >> it doesn't surprise me, in the fact that he -- he would want to be there. because of all the work that he has done in that organization. and -- you know we'll miss him here. i think he's going to be a capital for as long as, you know, he is a round. >> more harper history for the nationals. bryce harper the youngest to hit it during a nat's win. sandy leone goes down with an injury. and henry rodriguez was pulled before he could blow a save. we pick it up in the third inning. bryce harper, batting. nats up. good things happening during this at-bat. nick hundley tries to get,
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bernadina at third. and comes in to score. the nationals are up 3-1. the very next pitch to harper, was pulverized to dead center field. in his 15th major league game. harper hits his first career home run. at 19, he is the youngest player to hit a homer since 1998. nats up 4-1. curtain call. and top four. more injury troubles for the nationals. orlando hudson. right center. alonzo scores. and chase headily. and leon gets his ankle caught up in the collision. just called up from harrisburg yesterday. making his major league debut. he has a high ankle sprain. goes to the 60-day dl. unbelievable. and nats up by. and he already walked two, walks another. load the bases.
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davey johnston has henry's back. forced to make a change. in comes the vulture. sean burnett. trying to bail the nats out. faces jose guzman. double play ball. first save of the season. nationals hold on to win it 8-5. they are now 22-13 on the year. perhaps, burnett could be taking ♪
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i'm jackie benson, reporting live, in southeast washington. you can see the scene here a short time ago. maybe half an hour ago. there was a shooting involving, a person, suspect, being shot by d.c. police. there are a number of officials here on the scene the we are told the man's condition at this time is life threatening. now when we get more details we'll have them on news 4 today, tomorrow, reporting live, jackie benson. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. that's our broadcast.
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