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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  May 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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d.c. police looking into an investigation where a masked man burst into a home and shot a man inside. the feds looking to the $2 billion trading loss at jpmorgan chase. good morning and welcome to "news4 today," i'm eun yang. >> and good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. it feels like it's been a while since we've been able to show you the radar and not see storms hovering over our area. this morning, all is clear, and it is a start of what is going to be a pretty nice day, tom kierein. yeah, the air is fresh and clean in the wake of the rain yesterday. and off to a soft and serene start this morning. and yes, how much rain did we get? we needed it. over an inch around much of the metro area. in fact, some places south of washington had over two inch of rain. not much, though, fell in the shenandoah valley and much of west virginia and western maryland. locally, this was certainly welcome. our deficit for the year until yesterday was about five inches. we knocked a good inch or so off that deficit for the year. that certainly did help. and the grass will be growing rapidly. we'll be hearing the roar of
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lawnmowers today. temperatures near 60 in much of the region. virginia and maryland, 50s areas to the west. and we have some patchy, dense fog forming, too. many of the rural areas. watch out for that. a lot of the fog should be gone by mid morning. quite a bit of sunshine. temperatures into the mid 17. then by noontime, for your lunch hour, ought to be up around 80 degrees. a touch of summer in the air during the afternoon. in fact we ought to be peaking in the mid 80s by mid-afternoon. then dropping to near 80 by late afternoon. by then, there is a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. we'll be back here in just ten minutes with another look at your day planners and your current conditions. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. good morning. right now another update for you on the earlier crash. outer loop of the beltway as you approach river road. still seeing the flares up. chopper 4 is showing us a much clearer view. it's not as bad as it was at all. you see travel lanes are open as you continue on the outer loop of the beltway in montgomery county. now let's head over to i-270.
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earlier, i saw big delays as you made your way southbound as you approached the spur. those delays are now gone. however, on i-270, still seeing delays at 109. you're heavy on the brakes. slow out of fredericksburg. delays continue to clarksburg, passi ining clarksburg, clear te beltway. back to you. >> thank you. 6:02. new, a home invasion and shooting in southeast washington. police tell us someone broke into the home overnight in the 800 block of southern avenue and shot a man inside. the victim was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds in the leg and stomach. police are trying to determine a motive in this case. police are looking for the gunman in another shooting in southeast d.c. investigators say a man was shot in the leg on martin luther king jr. avenue around 1:30 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital. we are working it find out his condition -- working to find out his condition at this time. the ceo has called it egregious. now the just department wants to know if the risky trading that
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cost jpmorgan chase $2 billion was also criminal. the fbi launching an investigation into the trading scheme at the nation's largest bank. the sec and federal reserve are also looking into the matter. jpmorgan chase's ceo, james dimon, may face tough questions from federal investigators but seems to have the support of his bank's shareholders. shea allowed him to keep his job by rejecting a proposal to split the jobs of ceo and chairman at the bank's annual shareholders meeting. the head of the metropolitan washington airport's authority says he will address some serious spending issues. the department of transportation released a scathing report on the group which is overseeing construction of the dulles rail project. here are some of the expenses your tax dollars paid for according to the investigation. $238 for one, a $9,200 plane ticket to prague, and three dinner bills that totaled $4,800 in hawaii. the report also says one board member is related to an employee at a law firm, and that firm
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received a $100,000 contract with the airport authority. the panel is expected to meet later this morning. maryland's budget battle could be settled today. the house of delegates expected to vote on a measure that would raise taxes for a lot of people who live in maryland. under the plan, individuals making more than $100,000 a year and couple that earn more than $150,000 a year would see their state income taxes increase. maryland will face a half billion dollars in spending cuts if lawmakers cannot reach an agreement on a tax package during the special session. the senate already signed off on the deal. richmond's top prosecutor is calling the virginia house of delegates' rejection of a gay nominee for district court judge a form of bigotry. tracy thorn-beg lunlund has s oy gay. in the '90s he defied the don't ask, don't tell policy in a tv interview. a republican led the
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disagreement with the appointment saying he was an activist for the pro-homosexual agenda. later he said it was the political actions and not the fact that he's gay that makes him unable to judge others fairly. >> he took an oath, he broke. we're supposed to believe him when he takes an oath here? i don't think it's appropriate. >> that a gay judge would do that any differently than a heterosexual judge. i mean, where's the empirical evidence that once a gay person puts on a robe he or she advances this gay agenda? i don't know what a gay agenda is. >> the final vote ended with 33 for and 31 against. 50 yes votes were needed. thorn-beglund did not comment after the vote other than taking that the lawmakers who did support his nomination. this morning we know who will replace former d.c. council member harry thomas jr. democrat kenyon mcduffie won the ward 5 special election with 44% of the vote. barring anything unusual, mcduffie will be sworn in on may 30.
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he will serve the remainder of thomas' term which runs through 2014. thomas stepped down after pleading gilly to embezzling hundreds of -- guilty to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars that was meant for children. mitt romney won yesterday's oregon and nebraska primaries. he'll pick up most of oregon's 2 25 delegate. nebraska's 32 delegates will be determined at the convention in july. romney is counting on more than 970 delegates. he needs 1,144 to win the gop nomination. i'm for mitt romney, that was george w. bush's four-word endorsement for mitt romney. he made the statement as the elevator doors were closing at a downtown d.c. building yesterday. the former president was in town and was on his way to give a speech on human freedom at the george w. bush institution. president obama will lay out his economic agenda for the year today. he'll meet with leaders from both parties at the white house. he's expected to call on congress to pass legislation that would eliminate tax incentives for companies that
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ship jobs overseas. and new tax credits for small businesses and companies that develop clean energy. the president will call for a tax credit for businesses that create new jobs or increase their wage. it is now 6:07. 64 degrees. the congressman waging a war on pizza. also, what a difference a day makes. a beautiful morning out there. >> wow. >> the temperatures are about to take off. weather & traffic on the 1s. and next, rocky road. the side of a mountain comes falling down. ♪
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a town in switzerland cleaning up after a series of huge rockslides. take a look. you see the rocks break away from the side of that mountain and take out some trees on the way down. a lot of trees. the slides forced several major roadways to be closed, as well. some people were evacuated from their homes as a precaution.
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nobody got hurt, though. >> can you imagine if you liveder in there? >> you hear that and see the rocks coming -- >> move fast. just about 6:11. can we pause for a moment and -- sunrise. >> yes, pay homage to the beautiful sunshine. we're happy to see after all the rain. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. tom? >> yes, things should be better for the commute. here's a live view from the skywatcher camera. figure over the potomac valley it morning. and the sun was up at 5:54. and by midday, near 80. we'll have quite a bit of sun this morning. clouds building during the afternoon. peaking mid 80s mid-afternoon. late afternoon, might have a passing thundershower. your seven-day outlook coming up at 6:21. danella? if you're taking the rails now, not seeing any reported delays on the metro, marc, and vre. now over to the roadways, traveling along i-95, getting volume right now. northbound at lorton, i've seen cars hit the brakes just a bit. also at the occoquan, slow in
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that area. average travel speed from quantico, driving at 45 miles per hour, 30 minutes to get to the beltway from quantico. and on 395, travel lanes are open at glebe. no incidents to report. driving nicely at 57 miles per hour. 12 minutes to get to the 14th street bridge. still to come, a story you want to hear before you decide what you're having for breakfast. the one went whom experts say could save john edwards could take the stand in just a few hours. and immediately after this break, the new report out that appears to back up george zimmerman's story.
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a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. 15 after the hour. this morning, new information about the injuries george zimmerman may have suffered during his confrontation with trayvon martin. a newly released medical report is raising more questions about what happened before martin was killed. news4's melissa mollet with the latest. >> reporter: new details about zimmerman's injuries from the medical report. it was written by his doctor the day after the shooting. a source familiar with the report shows he had a broken nose teamwork black eyes, swollen lips, lacerations to his head and back pain. it says he ignored his doctor's recommendation to see a psychologist after reporting he got nauseous thinking about the shooting. the report is part of evidence prosecutors received from
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zimmerman's lawyers. other items include 911 calls, photos, and surveillance video. that video is from the 7-eleven where martin had been shopping. and inside the neighborhood gates where he was killed. legal experts say the medical report could play a pivotal role in the case. and zimmerman's claim of self-defense. also new, reports out of florida say the fbi could be pursuing a hate crime charge against zimmerman. if he's found guilty of a hate crime involving murder, he could be punished by life in prison or even the death penalty. aaron? >> all right. thank you. the defense lawyers for john edwards are keeping their final witness list close to their jest. john edwards, his former mistress, and daughter kate could testify. kate is expected to say despite all the lies and betrayal, her father still cared for her mother, elizabeth. the 30-year-old lawyer is also expected to say the alleged cover-up of the affair between her father and hunter was to protect the family. >> taking the stand talking about her father, how much family mattered.
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i think it could be powerful evidence for john edwards. >> edwards is accused of spending nearly $1 million in campaign donations to hide his pregnant mistress as he ran for the white house in 2008. he has pled not guilty to six counts of campaign finance violations. only 14 jurors including two alternates remain this morning to hear the rest of the case against roger clemens. yesterday, the judge dismissed a juror for sleeping. it is the second time that has happened. today those remaining jurors will hear about physical evidence that the prosecution says proves the former pitcher used steroids and human growth hormones. brian mcnamee, a former strength trainer, says he saved a needle, swab, and catton ball he used when he -- cotton ball he used when injecting clemmens in 2001. the former head of the international monetary fund is filing a counterlawsuit against the maid who accused him of sexual assault. dominique strauss-kahn filed the $1 million suit in new york. he said the maid's claims were malicious and wanton and cost him his job.
6:18 am
police arrested strauss-kahn nearly a year ago in new york. prosecutors dropped all the charges because of a lack of evidence. the maid then sued strauss-kahn in civil court. he's also accused of raping a belgian prostitute at a hotel in washington. new safety concerns about one of the military's top fighter jets. the navy and nasa are helping the air force figure out what's causing some f-22 pilot to become sick mid flight. the pilots say they've become dizzy and suffered other symptom of an oxygen shortage while flying the jets. the air force grounded its f-22s for four months last year. yesterday leon panetta ordered new flight restrictions on the jet. the f-22s have to fly close to air fields so pilots can land quickly if they feel sick. one congressman is trying to start a food fight over school cafeteria pizza. colorado representative jarrett polus introduced a piece of legislation aptly named the slice act. it calls for the usda to stop classifying school lunch pizzas as a vegetable.
6:19 am
the american frozen food institute argues that the only thing classified as a vegetable on the pizza is the tomato paste. the slice act allows for a reduced sodium some school lunches and sets a requirement for using whole grains. >> that could be a start. use the whole grain pizza crust. >> yeah. >> a lot of kids look forward to pizza friday. did you have pizza friday at school? >> we might have had it more than -- definitely had pizza. >> pizza friday. >> pizza and a vegetable? >> no, it's not a vegetable. that's his point. his point is pizza is not a vegetable at all because tomato paste doesn't count as a vegetable. >> just the argument doesn't -- >> in my kids' book, yeah, i'm eating tomato. all right. the fda says it is trying to prevent a sunscreen shortage this summer. >> the government agency giving sunscreen makers a little longer to make dhienchlgs labels. companies now -- change to labels. companies now have six more months to make changes that could better protect consumers from sunburns. the labels must be clear if the sunscreen will protect against
6:20 am
both sunburn causing ultraviolet b rays and the deeper penetrating ultraviolet a rays linked to skin cancer and premature aging. sunscreens will also no longer be able to claim to be waterproof or sweat proof. manufactures said without the deadline extension, store shelves would have been nearly empty this summer. you got to put on the sunscreen. >> that's what i hear. i just stay out of the sun. i don't go. >> very smart. you know, that's probably better. if you just stay out of the sun. if you're going to go in the sun, sunscreen. spf like 90 on my face. tom? >> how much sun are we going to see? >> you guys are anchoring in the sun. right behind you. we've got bright sun up in a partly cloudy sky. and around our region, that rustling sound you hear outside your window, that's probably the grass growing. we'll no doubt be hearing the roar of lawnmower and weed whacker the next couple of hours. in the wake of the rain, everything's going to be growing quickly. gaithersburg, in the low 60s there in montgomery county. by mid morning, near 70.
6:21 am
then by noontime, upper 17 to around 80 degrees. a few clouds popping up from time to time during the afternoon. ought to peak in the low 80s much of montgomery county and maryland. but areas to the south ought to hit the mid 80s. that includes the metro area and much of virginia and southern maryland. late afternoon, into the evening hours, a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. but most areas including montgomery county and areas north and west of i-95 should stay dry. back to the mid 60s by late evening. then by this time tomorrow morning, down to the mid 50s starting off thursday morning. and after that cool start, though, we'll be warming back into the 70s tomorrow. a beautiful day. sunny, sunny friday. 40s in the morning. afternoon highs up near 80. and a great weekend to follow saturday and sunday, looking mostly sunny. afternoon highs near 80. and continued mild into next week. danella? well, the roads are dry. i'm not really seeing any accidents. not worried about that. let's talk about some volume. chopper 4 is live over i-66.
6:22 am
making your way past 50. we are seeing delays in this area. they continue as you head eastbound past 123. and again, it's not so bad for you as you make your way past nutley. travel lanes are open as you continue toward the beltway. no accidents to report on 66. over to 50 now, westbound at 202, volume is increasing in this area, as well. and you will continue to see volume as you head from landover road and connecting to new york avenue at bladensburg. no accidents. again all about volume. back to you both. >> thank you. 6:22 now. next, what you may be about to eat for breakfast that could be making you dumber. plus, the graduation controversy brewing at a local university. and it is a sign of the times.
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when they tried the maze again, the group had trouble finishing the maze and did it at a slower rate. stay away from the high fructose corn syrup. there's a survey of single men, and it says that we are more nervous about wording the perfect text message than initiating the first kiss. >> what? >> that's according to a dating web site called tsb magazine. the survey leent ask e ed recen- recently asked the worst parts of dating. it ranged from texting, knowing when to lean in for the first kiss. 32% of readers said knowing when and what to text to a woman is the most confusing aspects of dating. >> seriously, people? >> everything from word choice to punctuation and quantity of text messages can make or break a relationship. i absolutely agree with that. >> you agree with that? >> i have written text messages, and then deleted and rewritten. you look to make sure that you used the right word s. this really -- >> i have a suggestion -- i have a suggestion, next time pick up
6:27 am
the phone. >> that's not the way people do it these days. i know it's been a while since you've been out of the game. we don't pick up the phone anymore. starts a text message. >> you never pick up the phone? >> eventually, yeah. there's a lot of texting that goes on, too. >> texting is harder than -- initiating the first kiss would seem like a stressful situation. >> no, if you have sex lips, i'm leaning in at the end of the date. putting it out there. >> all right. >> you asked. 6:27. 46 degrees. ahead, the comedienne being honored with comedy's top prize and saying it's about time. plus, what a local hospital employee is accused of stealing and selling. inside the interrogation room. this morning we've seen the evidence that moved one juror in the george huguely murder trial to tears.
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a family tragedy. this morning a maryland family in agony. the accident that claimed a little boy's life. and a dangerous mistake. the investigation into why the doors opened on a moving metro train. good morning and welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it is going to be a spring
6:31 am
scorcher. >> yep. the sun is up on what's going to be a hot day. no rain, but this afternoon you might be hoping for rain. tom's here with the forecast. tom? look at that beautiful view. there's a bright glitter path on the potomac. sun is up in a partly cloudy sky this morning. here's another view from chopper four hovering at 1,500 feet. you see the bright sun and high clouds. not much fog around locally. there is dense fog. visible to near zero at prince william county, culpeper, southern fauquier, warrenton. near zero visibilities down to near charlottesville, much of the shenandoah valley, southern part of it. closer to washington, visibilities aren't bad. we've got ten-mile visibility locally. here's the view from space. thankfully the rain is gone. what we -- we needed the rain, but it did complicate the commute the last couple of mornings. this morning no weather problems
6:32 am
as you head to work and school. you won't need an umbrella until later this afternoon. on the cool side, we're in the 50s. lighter green areas generally into the mid 60s and for the day, by 9:00, near mid 70s with lots of sun. noontime, ought to be up to near 80 degrees and mostly sunny. a look at chances for storms in ten minutes. danella? it looks good crossing over the american legion bridge on the outer loop. as well as the outer loop. outer loop looks really nice to dulles toll road. continuing to the interchange, your travel speed on the outer loop to the interchange, 56 miles per hour. a 14-minute drive. continuing on the outer loop to the wilson bridge, no problems actually in either direction on the wilson bridge. travel lanes are open. outer loop speed, though, from van dorn to the wilson bridge, driving at 56 miles per hour. right now that's looking like a seven-minute trip. i'm back thin ten.
6:33 am
6:32. a 3-year-old boy is dead after climbing out of his car seat when his mom made a brief stop. this happened around 2:00 yesterday afternoon on sugarberry street in waldorf, maryland. police say the child's mother pulled over to the side of the road to give a letter to the mailman. that's when the child unbuckled himself and jumped out of the car. he was hit by an suv. police do not believe speed played any role in the crash. george huguely will not be sentenced for killing his ex-girlfriend, yeardley love, until the end of august. for the first time, the public is hearing what police heard the moment huguely found out he killed his ex-girlfriend. the media and public were given the chance yesterday to see and hear the 64-minute videotaped police interrogation of huguely. at the end of the trial, the monitor was turned so only jurors could watch that video. in the video when huguely, a university of virginia had cross player at the time, is told his former girlfriend is dead, he insists over and over again, "i don't believe she's dead. there's no way she's dead.
6:34 am
i didn't do anything last night that would kill her." he let out a cry and drops his head after that. huguely was convicted of second-degree murder. this morning a howard university hospital worker is facing charges for allegedly selling patients' medical records. lori napper worked as a technician in the surgery department. the federal lawsuit says she sold patients' names, addresses, dates of birth, and medicare numbers from august, 2010, until this past december. if convicted, napper faces up to ten years in prison. we tried to call howard university hospital for a comment. they is not called us back. in montgomery county, a fight over ambulance fees is brewing. council members approved a plan where patients would be charged a fee ranging from $300 to $800. in most situations, health insurance would cover it. the money will help provide more public safety services and equipment, says the county executive. critics fear the plan would keep people from calling for help in an emergency. the policy would take effect in january of 2013. though council members believe the issue could go to another referendum vote.
6:35 am
you'll soon be able to party in d.c. bars until 4:00 in the morning. at least on holidays. the d.c. council passed a revised version of mayor gray's budget yesterday. the council approved the extended hours for the night before all district and federal holidays. the mayor had wanted the late hours all of the time. he says it would have generated $3.6 million for the city. 6:35 now. the catholic archdiocese firing back at georgetown university's president. the feud is over graduation speaker kathleen sebelius. the health and human services secretary played a key role in the new birth control mandate that all employers including most religious ones provide employees with contraception coverage. on monday, georgetown president john dejoya said the archdiocese was upset with sebelius over the birth control controversy. the archdiocese says dejoya is missing the point. the real concern is violating religious freedom. the diocese issued a statement saying, "the selection of a featured speaker whose actions as a public official present the
6:36 am
most direct challenge to religious liberty in recent history. the fundamental issue with the health and human services secretary mandate is not about contraception." the u.s. says it is ready to admit a chinese activist who caused a diplomatic crisis. the state department says it has had a visa ready for chen for a week now. he's awaiting proper documents from officials. he escaped house arrest and took refuge at the u.s. embassy. chen originally wanted to stay in china but accepted an invitation to study at new york university because of threats against his family. today family and friends will remember a figure of the watergate scandal. a memorial service will be held at washington national cathedral this morning for charles colson. colson died at the age of 80. he served as special counsel for president richard nixon and served a prison sentence for a watergate-related conviction. after serving time, he was best known for founding a christian
6:37 am
prison ministry. the former marine was burred at quantico national cemetery last month. just about 6:37. of more to come including a look at the presidential bank account. plus, money well spent. the questions being raised about thousands in purchases by the group in charge of the silver line. i said, oh, my god, what have i done? >> a former waitress with a good tip for lottery players. one local county is the place to go for lotto luck. metro opens doors doesn't mean this.
6:38 am
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6:40 am
a man attacked by a great white shark says he will go fishing again but will wait a few days. the man was fishing with two
6:41 am
buddies off the coast of california when the 15-foot shark took a bite out of his kayak. look at bite marks. the force of the bite sent the man five feet into the air. he was not hurt. just a bit shaken up. not shaken enough apparently to not go back into the water in that kayak. >> you know, sometimes that -- that warning is telling you enough is enough. you need to go to the fish market instead of the river. whatever you -- >> sorry, as soon as i saw the great white, done. okay. >> that's it. hope that shark doesn't come back for you. take a look outside with us this morning. 6:41 the time now. and while we don't have rain to we'll do, tom, it appears some people have fog to contend with this morning. yeah, parts of the beltway shrouded in fog. time for weather & traffic on the 1s at 6:41. here's another view from the skywatcher camera 300 feet above northwest washington looking forward the potomac river valley. you see the den fog over the river. don't have any visibility problems locally. farther south into virginia, many locations have near zero
6:42 am
visibility in some patchy, dense fog. temperatures are near 60 most of the region. panhandle, mountains of west virginia. mid 60s in washington, southern maryland, near the bay. here's the day planner for this wednesday. we will have temperatures climb to near 80 near noontime. it will feel like summertime, mid-afternoon, temperatures should peak in the mid 80s. then by late afternoon, we have a small chance. about a 30% chance of an isolated thundershower popping up. that's mainly south and east of the i-95 corridor. i'm back with your seven-day outlook. that's in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? cars in the midst along i-66. a live view from chopper. let's talk about fog in the area, as well as congestion. your travel speed eastbound, under speed at about 37 miles per hour, 16 minutes to get from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. also seeing some fog along i-95 at the occoquan. under speed.
6:43 am
here's your travel speed, faster. one mile at 38 miles per hour. 16 minutes from the occoquan to the beltway. on the rails, look here, no reported delays on the metro, marc, and vre. things are looking good. over to you. >> thank you very much. 6:43. train doors opening mid ride is "extremely rare," that's what metro is saying this morning to reassure riders. commuter on the red line during the morn rush saw the rare event. doors suddenly opened as the train was traveling between van ness and tinley town. one of the riders posted this photo to twitter. the cars involved are 1,000 series models, the oldest in the system. the affected cars have been pulled from service. new, a home invasion and shooting in southeast d.c. somebody broke into a house overnight in the 800 block of southern avenue and shot a man who was inside that home. the victim was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds to the leg and stomach. police are still trying to figure out a motive in this case. eun? police are looking for the
6:44 am
gunman in another shooting in southeast d.c. investigators say a man was shot in the leg on martin luther king jr. avenue around 1:30 this morning. no word on the victim's condition. 6:44. this morning the widow of a man shot and killed by police in southeast d.c. is speaking out. officers who shot and killed dominique campbell monday say that campbell opened fire first. campbell was walking two small dogs at the time. his widow says he had his cell phone in one hand and the dog's leashes in the other and could not have fired a gun. >> he was walking with the dogs and a cell phone. he was on the phone with me. he was a husband, he was a father, he was a brother, a son. he was a friend. he didn't deserve to be shot seven times for nothing. >> campbell's sister tells us her brother did carry a gun but never shot anyone. she says he carried a gun for protection. maryland's house of delegates will vote on a bill that could mean higher taxes for
6:45 am
the state's top earners. the state passed legislation yesterday during the legislative session. the tax hike would impact individuals who earn $100,000 a yearor more. couples who make more than $150,000 would also pay more in taxes. if this measure does not pass, maryland will face a half billion dollars in spending cuts. democrats say the state can't afford that right now. republicans say it's higher taxes the state can't deal with. richmond's top prosecutor is calling the virginia house of delegates' rejection of a gay nominee for district court judge a form of bigotry. tracy thorn-beglund has worked as a prosecutor in richmond for dozens of -- for a dozen years. he's openly gay. in the '90s he was discharged from the navy after coming out during a national tv interview. delegate bob marshall, a republican from manassas, led the fight against the appointment. over the weekend, marshall said thorn-beglund was "an aggressive activist for the pro-homosexual agenda." marshall later said it's
6:46 am
thorn-beglund's former political actions and not the fact that he's gay that make him unable to judge others fairly. >> he took an oath. he broke it. we're supposed to believe him here. it's appropriate. >> i don't know that a gay judge would do that any differently than a heterosexual judge. i mean, where's the empirical evidence that once a gay pursuant puts on a robe he or she advances this gay agenda. what a gay agenda is. >> the final vote in the house ended with 33 for and 31 against. 50 yes votes were needed. thorn-beglund did not comment other than taking that the lawmakers who did support the nomination. the d.c. special election results are in for the district's ward 5 council seat. democrat kenyon mcduffie won the special election with 44% of the vote. barring anything unusual, mcduffie will be sworn in on may 30. he will serve the remainder of harry thomas jr.'s term which runs through 2014. thomas stepped down after pleading guilty to embezzling
6:47 am
hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars meant for children. expect to see plenty of anti-president obama ads in the coming weeks if you live in virginia. the pro-mitt romney super pac crossroads gps is spending $25 million this month on ads attacking the president in ten battleground states that includes virginia. the first 60-second commercial criticizes president obama over his handling of the economy. mean while, mitt romney is celebrating two primary victories this morning. he won yesterday's contests in oregon and nebraska as expected. the presumptive gop nominee will pick up most of oregon's 25 delegates. nebraska's 32 delegates will be determined at the state convention in july. former president george w. bush endorsed romney during a stop in the district. he -- his endorsement was pretty brief. the former president uttered "i'm for mitt romney" as the doors closed on an elevator in washington. the former president was in town and on his way to give a speech on human freedom at the george
6:48 am
w. bush institute. a big day for president obama's economic agenda. the president will lay out his to-too list for the economy today. he'll meet with leaders from both parties at the white house. he is expected to call on congress to pass legislation that would eliminate tax incentives for companies that ship jobs overseas. and new tax credits for small businesses and companies that develop clean energy. the president will call for a tax credit for businesses that create new jobs or increase their wages. 6:48 the time. the white house has put out the latest numbers on the president's finances. the forms which list ranges rather than exact numbers show that president obama is worth about $2.6 million and $8 million. most of his income last year came from book royalties with the book "dream for my father." pulling in as much as $1 million. he also is saving for his daughters' educations. he has four college saving account with between $50,000 and
6:49 am
$ 00,000. -- $100,000. interestingly the president has up to $ million in a high-end jpmorgan checking account. how could the nation's largest bank make risky trades that cost it $2 billion? the justice department is trying to answer that question. the fbi is investigating jpmorgan chase's trading scheme. the federal reserve and sec are looking into the matter now. jpmorgan chase's ceo may face tough questions from investigators but seems to have support from the bank's shareholders. they rejected a proposal to split the chairman and ceo's positions. the head of the airport authority says he will address serious spending issues. the department of transportation reloewsed a scathing -- released a scathing report on the group overseeing construction of the dull rail project. here are some of the expenses your tax dollars paid for. according to that investigation -- $238 for wine.
6:50 am
$9,200 plane ticket to prague. and three dinner bills that totaled $4,800 in hawaii. the are the autopsy says one board member is related to an employee at a law firm that got $100,000 in a contract with the airport authority. the panel is expected to meet later this morning. left minute changes to facebook's initial public offering pushing it closer to a record-breaker. jackie deangelis with that story and more. good morning. good morning. facebook is increasing the size of its ipo by 25%. the hike valuing the deal at around $18.5 billion combined with a higher price target, of course. the range now $34 to $38 a share. facebook's ipo could be the third largest u.s. offering, trailing only visa and general motors. the deal is expected to price on thursday evening, and facebook is going to start trading on friday after ringing the opening bell at the nasdaq. and on the eve of facebook's ipo, the company may be losing a big sponsor. general motors is dropping its ads from the social networking site due to their low impact
6:51 am
with consumers. g.m. says it's not unusual for a move like this to move its ad dollars around. it's going to keep its facebook pages which don't cost anything to create and run. that will help promote the vehicle lineup. back to you. >> all right. jackie deangelis. thank you. it is 6:51 now. we want to get one more look at the forecast. tom kierein's here to give you ready to leave off for work. we're happy to see the sun and no rain for the commute unlike the last couple of mornings. we certainly had a complicated commute. the rain was beneficial yesterday. and the flowers loved it. look at this irresistible iris. this was sent in by one of our viewers, carl newcome who does his work every morning watching us. this was in wheatfield, virginia. beautiful picture. send your interesting photos to look at the visibility around our region now. we do have patchy, dense fog. south of washington, manassas, warrenton, culpeper, down to
6:52 am
charlottesville, parts of the shenandoah valley, luray to stanton, virginia, near zero visibility there, as well as parts of western maryland, cumberland to petersburg. it's near zero visibility there, too. closer it washington, don't really have a lot of fog. just valley fog around the potomac river. looking at temperatures now, mid 60s in washington. much of southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore is near 60. and in the upper 50s now in montgomery county, fairfax, and loudoun, frederick, and into prince william and fauquier. generally it's near 60. 50s shenandoah valley, into the mountains now where they have that fog. there is that fog over the potomac river. that's a live view from our skywatcher camera this morning. and we'll have a lot of the fog dissipating by 9:00. in the mid 70s. a lot of sun this morning. then a few clouds this afternoon. up into the mid 80s. a touch of summer in the air on this may afternoon. and there is a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up later this afternoon. looks like mainly areas south and east of washington. southern maryland, northern neck. and perhaps around the bay and the eastern shore. that would be late afternoon and
6:53 am
into the evening hours. then a beautiful weather pattern. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, sunshine each day. morning lows cool. afternoon highs in the 70s to near 80. and we'll stay mild first part of next week. danella, how's traffic? good morning. right now checking out some stopping along new hampshire avenue on the outer loop of the beltway. i am watching this road, and i am seeing cars come to a stop. you are under speed making your way to i-270. outer loop, looking at about 34 miles per hour on your drive so far this morning. over to 395, volume is increasing in this area. and if you drive this road in the morning, you know how it goes. i'll show you what the 14th street bridge looks like. kind of slow as you head into the city. the good news is no accidents. the bad news is, you're slow. 28 miles per hour, about 2 4 minutes from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. now back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:53. this morning a retired waitress and a retired teacher both from prince william county are waking up lottery winners. >> this is a big paycheck for
6:54 am
me. biggest one i've ever seen. >> mary adkins won a $100,000 scratch-off ticket. she bought the ticket at a 7-eleven in dumfries. she tells news4 she waited on tables for 30 years but has never had this much money. >> it feels awesome. really awesome. especially when you've, you know, go from month to month for -- it pay your bills and all of this. and my husband is deceased. so it's just me. >> she does have a daughter and son-in-law. and mary isn't the only lucky winner. retired teacher frances peacher and her husband from manassas won $1 million. they bought their ticket at an exxon in woodbridge and say they'll use money on college for their seven grandchildren. that's nice to want to share their winnings. >> buy lotto tickets in prince william. >> that's right. >> got it. >> making a little detour today, are we? >> i'm going to find a reason to go there.
6:55 am
yes. sometimes you need a push to get through the morning workouts. for a lot of us, music helps. >> this morning, a look at the first lady's workout play list. take a listen -- ♪ whip my hair back and forth. i whip my hair back and forth ♪ >> i want to see the first lady doing that on the treadmill. >> rights? >> that was will smith's daughter willow. the first lady tells "women's health" magazine the song gets her moving and grooving. singers including stevie wonder, who's simply divine, janelle monet, and beyonce also on the list. the first lady says her fitness goal is to be as healthy as 75 as she is now. we want to know what motivates you. log on and tell us how you get through your morning workout. i've heard from some of my tweets. they say rihanna is a big one for working out. >> okay. i was watching beyonce. >> hard not to watch. talk show host and comedienne ellen degeneres is dancing her way to d.c. to
6:56 am
receive the 15th annual mark twain prize for american humor. will ferrell took home the prize last year. the funny woman has been busy. in the '90s she starred in her own sitcom. she's been in blockbuster movies, hosts a talk show, and was a judge on "american idol." she said "to get the same award that's been given to people like bill cosby, tina fey, and will ferrell, it makes me wonder why i didn't get this sooner." she'll be honored october 22. >>: grassroots to h big congrat >> thank you for starting your day with us. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with breaking news.
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