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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 17, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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these acts will be held accountable. >> you are a government contractor. if you are a public official, and you have engaged in illegal conduct, don't wait for us to come at your door. come forward now. it'll be better. it'll be worse off if we have to come for you. >> reporter: the scheme went on for years and it is alleged the kickbacks involved tens of millions of dollars. the prosecutor says kahn got big cash money. home improvements on his properties, expensive cars. rolex watches and payments to his mistresses in virginia, florida, and the philippines. federal thief kerry kahn is 54 years old and faces more than 20 years in prison plus he forfeits all those luxury properties, all that cash, all the high dollar cars. sentencing is scheduled for august 15th.
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live in northwest, pat collins, news 4. d.c. police tonight hope the newly released surveillance pictures will help find the person who attacked a man over a beer can. it happened earlier this month near 14th and w streets in northwest. a security camera captured the man kick and beat the victim after he reportedly complained about him littering in the street. that victim had to have his jaw wired shut as a result of his injuries. >> a murder investigation fwan with the sound of a car revving in fairfax county. it was 11:30 last night at san leandro place and mendocino place in mount vernon. someone called police about the engine noise. officers found a man dead inside a car. he had been shot multiple times and his foot was on the accelerator. police have only said that he was 40 years, 47 years old, no motive, no suspects. >> a developing story tonight in north carolina where closing arguments have wrapped up in the john edwards corruption trial. a judge is now giving jurors
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instructions before they deliberate. today both sides painted very different pictures of edwards. the prosecution saying he knowingly used campaign donations to mid his affair with rielle hunter. the defense saying edwards committed no crime. >> really took it to the government head on. said their entire case relied on andrew young and that the government had a legal standard that they couldn't meet. they never were able to show that john edwards knew he was violalolating the law. >> edwards faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. jury deliberations are set to begin tomorrow. a group working to get attention of the g8 leaders is taking the message to the d.c. streets. the one campaign painted part of pennsylvania avenue to get the president's attention just ahead of the food security summit that is going to be held tomorrow at the reagan trade center. painted messages include fight to end world hunger. similar messages are going to be poehne painted on roads leading to camp david where g8 leaders will meet this weekend.
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the one campaign says the paint is removable and nontoxic. paying the price in maryland. state lawmakers just approved a new round of income tax hikes for a lot of res denlts. news 4's richard jordan breaks down the numbers and tells us why the move may have many looking at the possibility of relocating. >> reporter: the price of living in maryland will cost more for those who earn more. maryland legislators voted to raise income taxes for single filers who make more than $100,000 and for joint filers who make more than $150,000. >> i think that's the rent that we pay for being citizens of maryland, this country. >> reporter: but all maryland taxpayers aren't pleased with the increase. joe henchman works on tax policy for legal and state projects. he says he doesn't see an easy way for six-figure earning maryland taxpayers to side step the half percent hike. >> you're going to pay the amount no matter what. unless you do something like earn less income or, you know, have another kid or move. >> reporter: td latest increase
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means a single worker earning a hundred grand a year will pay roughly $250 more than last year before deductions. you can really see the difference when the variables change. the tax foundation created a scenario. a family of four with two adults and two children living in montgomery county earning a combined annual income of $250,000 in maryland pays nearly a thousand dollars more than a family in d.c. in the same circumstances and $6,124 more than an identical virginia family. that $6,000 difference has some people in maryland looking over at virginia and wondering, is it worth a move? >> something to think about. >> reporter: but it's gone beyond just thinking about it for many. >> the comptroller of maryland peter frencho has said he has evidence that a lot of people have been moving because of this higher income tax. >> reporter: there are those who say maryland will always be home. >> i have no problem with paying extra money. if people want to leave to virginia for that, then go right
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ahead. >> reporter: silver spring, richard jordan, news 4. ♪ ♪ all right. tonight the loss of two stars who were music royalty. the godfather of go-go chuck brown and the queen of disco donna summer. her first hit "let's dance" became an anthem at weddings and parties alike and she works hard for the money a mantra for women everywhere. ♪ she works hard for the money so hard for the money ♪ donna summer lost her battle with breast cancer today dying this morning in her florida home. summer broke into the music scene at the height of disco and even after it died off she successfully crossed over to have an award winning career as a pop singer. she won five grammys and had a
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string of number one hits. donna summer was just 63 years old. music fans also mourning the loss of our own chuck brown. many say his music had a beat that plamade it impossible to s still. tonight we're seeing a new side of the music pioneer. news 4's derrick ward spoke to those who knew him as he became the godfather of go-go. >> reporter: upon word of his death fans gathered yoult side the howard theater for a vigil in chuck brown's honor. for some in our area the memories are tangible. juji was chuck's drummer for years and says as a native son who had the world's attention chuck remained firmly rooted. >> always famous. but i never been popular he said. >> reporter: a testament to brown's international renown, he recalls a trip to japan. they stumbled upon a party where a sumo wrestler was guard at the door. at first he and chuck were told
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they couldn't come in. >> as we were talking to the guy he just totally ignored us. and then he just like, he leaned over and he looked and he says, chucker brown! chucker brown! chuck was like, yeah. i was like, yeah. chuck brown. so we went into the party. >> reporter: he referred to chuck as pops, a term of affection. >> tribe leader, you know, i mean, we lost our tribe leader, you know. and people can look at it and, you know, a lot of people do and they say pops, but i mean it goes real deep. >> reporter: derrick ward news 4. >> you can hear more on chuck brown in his own words on nbc washington nonstop tonight. tune in for one of his last interviews where he talks about what it's like to be the godfather of go-go at 7:30 and 10:00 tonight on nbc washington nonstop. let's go outside and look at our weather. doug went to the ballpark yesterday. now he is out playing golf. >> it's all for a good cause
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though. he joins us live from hay marquette with mohay -- haymarket with more on this forecast. >> a great night last night for a baseball game. today we have a fantastic day for a charity golf event. we'll talk more about that in just a minute. out here right now in haymarket just a beautiful day. plenty of blue skies. really not too many clouds in the sky at all and what i think is just about perfect temperatures. take a look at the numbers out there right now. currently we're sitting in the 70s across much of the area. 76 degrees at the airport with mostly sunny skies. if not completely sunny. winds right now out of the northeast about 6 miles an hour. it has been a little breezy at times. but that does not stop anybody from getting out today. 70 in leesburg. 73 frederick. 76 in fredericksburg. over toward the bay the temperature in annapolis right now at 72 degrees. take a look at satellite and radar together. what you see there is plenty of clear skies around our area. but you also notice a lot of cloud cover down to the south and east in towards portions of
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north carolina and down into southwest -- southeastern virginia. we'll talk more about that coming up as well. but for now, i can just tell you it's going to be a fantastic evening tonight. wait until you see what i have in store for the weekend. again we'll talk about this charity in just a minute. >> thank you, doug. new at 5:00 tonight thousands of architects travel to our nation's camped to find a new approach in fighting terrorism without compromising d.c.'s street side charm. >> excitement is building for facebook's public offering. who is going to get a piece of the action? and is it worth it? i'm liz crenshaw. hot, hip, high tech gifts for your dad or grad coming up.
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graduation parties and father's day had a lot of folks in search of that perfect gift. >> liz crenshaw is here to help you with unique gifts that are sure to please. hey, liz. >> great gadgets are still being sought after as hot gifts. the consumer electronics association shared some cool gift ideas for both grads and dads. it's that time of year. time to buy gifts for graduates and don't forget about dads. stuck on what will make a great gift? >> electronics are again a big deal. >> jim barry with the consumer electronics association says he
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has the answer. >> the new category you'll hear a lot about this year are ultra books. like this zen book. look at how thin and light it is. >> wow. >> it has all the connectors that you want. it has the full key board. full touch key board. but it's also got the kind of connections that you want including usb and hdmi. so more than you get with a tablet. >> we got to still talk about tablets right? >> tablets are still very, very hot. the ipad is the hottest. you have choices in tablets as well. this is the kindle fire from amazon. maybe 80% or 90% of what you get with an ipad at about 40% of the price. >> maybe your grad or dad already has a tablet but could use an add-on. >> one of the challenges with tablets is that virtual key board that you get on there that a lot of people don't like. this is a real touch key board. it's about $80. >> does your grad or dad already have a play station? there is a new twist to the popular video game system. >> this is the new play station
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vida so if you have a play station from sony you can just send the games wirelessly to this. say you're in the middle of a game and you want to go on a road trip you can take them with you. >> worried about running out of juice when you're running around? >> a couple interesting charging solutions here. first this is the power bag. >> okay. >> the power bag is a backpack that you charge up before you go out on a hike for instance. and then you have connections. >> my gosh. >> and you can recharge whether it's blackberries or other smart phones or i-phones and then this is great for hikers. throw this in your backpack. it's the n power peg. it uses your motion, kin etic motion. as you are walking and so forth it's charging. >> reporter: what about music? something new for music? >> if you already have your music player i have great head phones. these are called after shocks with a kz at the end. >> all right. >> they don't go in your ear. >> what? they lay in front of your ear
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and they use something called bone conduction so you can still hear what's going on but you can at the same time hear your music. >> reporter: the perfect gifts to get your grad or dad on the latest technology track. >> all these things are either in the stores or you can find them online. >> kind of cool huh? don't forget for beach use there are also solar chargers for your phones that run about 80 bucks. you can find information on all these gadgets on our website at nbc search grads and dads. i love the idea of sort of charging your backpack. >> right. >> before you go on a hike. >> a great idea. >> or the thing that just automatically charges -- >> those running things -- great for runners. kind of cool. >> so now you have some ideas. don't say you didn't. >> great ones. yeah. >> thanks, liz. now wildfire in arizona's prescott national forest has nearly tripled in size today. since it started on sunday. it's now consumed at least ten
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square miles. strong winds of up to 40 miles an hour are fueling the flames. officials say if the wind shifts, the fire will head for a community of mostly summer homes and the handful of residents who haven't evacuated yet will become trapped. the blaze apparently began in a house but investigators don't know yet just what caused it. >> when we come back, or actually let's go to our weather. doug is live at bull run golf club out in haymarket. >> he's been roughing it all day. huh, doug? >> roughing it. yeah. last night it was the nationals game as they won that game and today it's the golf outing for mary's center a great charity right in the district and across the area. that is bull run mountain out there off in the distance and what a great day to get out here and play a little golf. obviously the sun always helps but even if it wasn't so sunny everybody would be out here for mary's center today. with me now is the director and ceo of mary's center maria gomez. tell me what mary's center does
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we do maternal health and health for families and we see about 24,000 people and do education and social services. people can move up the economic ladder. and that is truly what mary's center is. we're here to raise about $15,000 to fill in the gap of $2 million we need. >> you guys had almost 90 people come out today to play. >> exactly. and the most beautiful, gorgeous day. thank you so much. >> you are so welcome. i did what i could. if i didn't show up you know that the weather might not have been so good but i came which meant things were going to be okay. so far, fantastic day for this. i'll tell you what. it is going to be nicer for the next couple days too. you going to have another golf tournament tomorrow? >> no. >> i just wanted to make sure. next year will be the second annual mary's center golf tournament. let's take a look and show you what's happening weatherwise. today really could not get much better. whether you're playing golf or outside doing anything you want to do. 76 degrees out there right now with winds out of the northeast at 6 miles an hour. temperatures around the region
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73 in frederick. 72 in martinsburg. 70 back toward winchester and down south culpepper right now at 72. very comfortable degrees. humidity by the way extremely low. storm 4 radar, nothing to show you around our region. but that's not exactly the case just down to our south. south and east we have shower activity down toward cape hatteras and also south and west into some of the mountains. traveling down i-81 around roanoke could be a few showers there but for us we're looking at potentially a terrific evening. i think it's going to stay that nice right on through the day tomorrow as high pressure really is starting to set in. the area of high pressure will stick around but notice the little coastal system there. an area of low pressure will form along the coast. friday will be beautiful with more sunshine. saturday also looking very, very nice. that area of low pressure could potentially move in here late sunday into the day on monday. but right now don't worry about that. the next three days will be beautiful. clear skies. delightful. low humidity this evening. temperatures dropping into the 60s. 60 to 69 degrees.
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tomorrow morning another great start but a little cool. temperatures 54 to about 56 degrees. some suburbs could be a little cooler than that. tomorrow afternoon we're going to see plenty of sunshine once again and another great day. temperatures 72 to 76 degrees and extremely comfortable. we'll call it a fantastic friday and let's call it super saturday too as we move into the next couple days. you can see saturday a high of 79 degrees. 80 on sunday. right now we left the shower activity out on sunday but it could move through late sunday night into the day on monday. again late sunday into monday we could see some showers. temperatures though about average or even a little bit above. so if you want to get out here again over the next couple days it's looking very, very good. thank you guys for having us out here. we'll see you again at 6:00. >> go nbc 4. >> i love her. >> thank you, doug. still ahead the kennedy family mourning after the estranged wife of robert kennedy jr. committed suicide. what the autopsy is revealing about her cause of death. a major milestone today for the first time in history
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minority babies are the majority in this country. google gives drivers a glimpse into the future. how long before this self-driving car hits the ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages...
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adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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the legendary blue angels arrived in town today for the annual joint service open house
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and air show. the daredevils are headlining this year's show at andrews in maryland. but other acts scheduled to perform include the golden knights parachute team. the air show begins tomorrow and runs through sunday. admission is free. doug is calling for clear skies. they need that. >> a lot of people are also gearing up for preakness. >> it's that time. dan hellie is here in the studio with more. >> it's a chance for a kentucky derby winner. i'll have another to win the second leg of the triple crown but he is not the favorite saturday in the 137th running of the preakness stakes up at pimlico. it is a small field just 11 horses, the shortest of the three triple crown races as well. >> i'll have another has won the kentucky derby! >> reporter: all eyes will be on kentucky derby winner i'll have another at this weekend's preakness. trainer doug o'neill likes the way his horse is progressing this week. >> he's doing great. i mean, this is what he has been showing us all year long.
5:24 pm
and, you know, he's eating good, he's got a great appetite, great energy, and his stride is just fantastic. and so he's showing us he is ready to run a big one. >> reporter: a win would give the 3-year-old a chance to become the first triple crown winner since affirm did it in 197834 years later that would require a win saturday and another at belmont next month. but for now o'neill says it's business as usual. >> from the training end, you know, we just keep doing his normal mile and a half exercise every morning and looking, making sure he's maintaining his stride and his energy. but, you know, we've had to call an audible one day with the rain this week but other than that smooth sailing and the weather has been great. we love baltimore. >> but there is another horse in the field that wants an opportunity to win. in front of the hometown crowd. >> holding on to the lead i'll have another! on the outside is closing in.
5:25 pm
>> the horse bodemeister out of barriville, virginia looked like it was on its way to victory two weeks ago at the kentucky derby but faltered down the stretch. >> he looks great. bounced out of it pretty well. i like the way he went today over the track and he should be it for another big effort. >> reporter: hall of fame trainer bob baffert has won the preakness five times and says it is not as complicated tas looks. >> i've had a lot of success and won the race with the best horse. that's what you need. >> reporter: his horse will get another shot this weekend. despite a second place finish at the derby bodemeister is the favorite and baffert is comfortable with that role. >> he was the favorite in the kentucky derby and i think a lot of people are just going by the fact that he blistered all the way around there and just got collard the last hundred yards so this race is, you know, 110 yards shorter so it could be to his benefit.
5:26 pm
>> two days and one hour away from the running of the preakness. wendy, i do believe you are correct. bob baffert easily the most visible trainer out there. every single year. >> he's there all the time. i have never seen any horse race without him. >> why do they all look like this guy? >> all right. we're counting down. >> thank you, dan. coming up next a special tribute for a softball coach in fairfax who lost his battle with cancer. antiterror architecture. how designers plan to keep the city safe without losing curb appeal. a jolt of good news. new research encouraging people to grab an extra cup of joe. tonight at 6:00 the reverend wright controversy alive again. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. featured $5 footlong™ of may!
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melty cheese, kickin' pepperoni and our signature marinara sauce on freshly baked bread. this may only, it joins our many $5 footlongs™! subway. eat fresh. fast 4 ward through the headlines. a former government worker pleads guilty in a corruption scheme that involved $30 million in government contracts. authorities say kerry kahn of alexandria one of several men who took bribes and kickbacks so he could -- for steering government contracts to favored businesses. new clues to help find the attacker responsible for brutally beating a man in an alley in d.c. it happened earlier this month near 14th and w streets northwest. a security camera captured the suspect kicking and beating the victim after he asked him to pick up his empty beer can. and the music world is mourning the loss of the queen of disco donna summer who died this morning in her florida home losing her battle with breast and lung cancer.
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she had several hits including last dance and bad girl and she won five grammys throughout her career. she was 63 years old. here in the nation's capital, security fears led to all kinds of barriers and restrictions all over buildings, public and private. >> architects are meeting in washington this week. they say security design doesn't have to be ugly. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: more than 18,000 architects and other professionals are in town for the american institute of architects' national convention exploring tougher glass for buildings. energy efficient lighting. building communication and increasingly how to blend quality architecture with modern security fears. >> good architects can deliver the message and deliver those kind of buildings that are functional, beautiful, and secure. >> it becomes a really central area ever concern in a place as
5:31 pm
obvious as washington. >> robert avi runs the architect's institute. >> the mall is the front porch of the nation. >> reporter: but many federal and private buildings are ugly bunkers blaring security fear when more should be simple like a small wall that encircles the washington monument. >> if we can think creatively we can do so in a way that makes a place like the washington monument still an attraction for business. we don't feel off put by jersey barriers and ugly things stuck in the landscape. >> the message is this. security and function are partners not competitors. >> the two can co-exist and i think there are some advantages that can be seen from some of the spaces that were created by the barriers going up. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood news 4. it could be a huge break in a series of white powder scares across the country. a mailing store clerk in plano, texas reported a repeat custom wer a letter addressed to the town's mayor today. she says the customer sometimes wears rubber gloves.
5:32 pm
well today she put his letter aside and they're now checking the surveillance video. earlier today a letter with white powder was delivered to a courthouse in plano. this comes just one day after federal authorities offered a reward and a suspect profile in this case. more than 400 of these white powder letters have been delivered to schools and other businesses and buildings across the country in the past four years. that includes dozens here in our area. d.c. police still don't know if two men who led police on a wild chase are the fake officers they've been looking for. a real d.c. police officer spotted the suv yesterday afternoon. it matched the description of one used by robbery suspects wanted for impersonating cops. the suv crashed into a prince george's county squad car before crashing into cars in northeast d.c. police arrested both men in that suv. no charges have been filed yet in connection to the police impersonation incident. a bill that would ban abortions in d.c. after 20 weeks of pregnancy is generating a lot of controversy. congress held its first hearing on this bill this afternoon.
5:33 pm
house minority leader nancy pelosi expressing outrage at the fact that d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton was not allowed to testify. norton told msnbc that congress does not even have the authority to enact an abortion law in d.c. >> congress gave up that jurisdiction almost 40 years ago when they delegated the responsibility for local affairs to a d.c. government with only a few enumerated exceptions, reproductive choice was not among those exceptions. >> norton will submit written testimony instead. it is unlikely that this bill would become law this year. tonight the softball community in fairfax county is paying tribute to a beloved coach who died of cancer over the weekend. coach barry grodnik known as coach g played softball at robinson high school as a kid then became robinson's coach for more than two decades. julie carey has more on how he's being remembered tonight.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: as a teenager barry grodnik was a two-sport athlete at robinson high school. as an adult he returned and for 24 years coached two sports and worked as a technology specialist. that's why the school flag is now at half staff. and why so many are mourning the 47-year-old's death saturday from nonhodgkins lymphoma. >> he was the guy that would get things done. he was the rock. he was the constant that when you came to robinson he would always be here. this was his life. the blue and gold. he bled. >> reporter: it's also why the school gymnasium was a fitting place for his memorial service today. >> what a perfect place to celebrate the life well lived. and the legacy of barry grodnik. >> he was known simply as coach g or just g, an assistant football coach in the fall. in the spring he was the highly successful head coach of the girls softball team. with a record of 323 wins to 184 losses. senior clair mcgowan had known
5:35 pm
coach g since she was a 6-year-old batgirl when her older sister played on the team. >> any time you needed to go see him during class e was always there. any time even after school he was always there. he was a great coach on and off the field. >> the only coach i've ever met that everybody that knows him just loves him. >> reporter: they say he could raise his voice when needed but had a mostly calm demeanor. mitch hughes filled in for coach g when his treatments kept him from coaching this spring. >> his personality was such that no matter who he was dealing with you really felt like you were the number one person on his agenda. >> reporter: in spite of their sorrow the softball team just picked up a win in the district tournament that guarantees them a spot in the regionals. >> we're definitely playing for him and that's why we said, we've been saying before the games. >> reporter: the loss of course is greatest for coach g's wife and three children. the community has come together to raise more than $50,000 to help with their needs. along with everything else coach g was known for keeping this
5:36 pm
softball field in meticulous shape. it's a field school administrators say will soon bear his name. in fairfax county, julie carey, news 4. now we'll go back outside and live from haymarket, doug kammerer out there raising money. >> raising money having a good time right here on the putting green. these four gentlemen, i've got dave, herb, montel, and don. they just took part in a putting contest. guys, how did you do? >> great. >> you did not do great. you missed everything. i saw it. right there. no? >> no. >> they might have won something but they got a few more holes to go on this beautiful afternoon. i tell you what, guys, a great day for mary's center. look at tower cam and you see plenty of sunshine. it is going to be a perfect evening. you guys might be golfing until about 7:00 or 7:30. don't worry. the sun goes down at 8:15. we'll be back in a couple minutes. >> thanks. appreciate it. >> see you guys. >> oh, boy. he's -- >> going to sink one.
5:37 pm
>> i thought he did too. still ahead yet another tragedy for the kennedy family. what an autopsy report is revealing about the death of robert kennedy jr.'s estranged wife. and people in the district do a double take as google shows ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels
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facebook stock goes on sale tomorrow on wall street. it is expected to sell for $38 a share. the social networking site could rake in more than $18 billion. ceo mark zuckerberg will still be in control with more than 50% of voting shares. hedge funds and mutual fund managers generally get first crack at ipos making it tougher for individual investors to get in on the action. fan you do decide to buy it could be risky. several ipos have seen declines in the past year. d.c. leaders got a first-hand look at the future of driving today. google's much hyped self-driving car took a quick test run around our city. it operates on its own. it uses gps, motion sensors, and radar technology. it got its first license to operate in nevada this month. council member mary chay went along for a ride and said google officials told her the car could be ready to use in an urban environment in two years. >> just the idea that it can
5:41 pm
have all this information and respond in real time, i found it mind boggling. >> we were debating why you would want a car that drove itself. the self-driving car still lets a person take control. you step on the brake or turn the wheel and it is back in your hands. >> blame it on all our speeding and parking tickets. >> i wasn't even in the car. it was on its own. >> next on news 4 at 5:00 tonight minority babies now in the majority in the u.s. tonight a look at the significance behind the numbers. friends prank a nervous groom and their antics go viral,
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all right. that extra cup of coffee could help you live longer. the national institutes of health did a 13-year study, the largest of its kind. the researchers examined data on more than 400,000 adults over the age of 50. they found that men and women who drank up to six cups a day had lower death rates from heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. >> for the first time there are more black, hispanic, and other minority babies being born in the u.s. than white babies. that is according to new data
5:45 pm
from the u.s. census bureau confirming a long growing trend. but a local hospital says that's old news. news 4's jane watrel joins us from the newsroom with more. >> jim, that is because one of every eight deliveries in the state of maryland happens at holy cross hospital. the silver spring institution says minority births there have been out pacing white births for years. it's been a momentous day for the hind family from gaithersburg who welcomed baby aasha into the world shortly after midnight. >> she is our second child and so definitely could feel her more and she was definitely an active child. so, yeah. she made herself known. >> she is part of a growing national trend. minority babies out numbered white newborns in 2011 for the first time in u.s. history. the latest milestone experts say is changing demographics of the nation. a trend those at holy cross
5:46 pm
hospital say started happening for them after 2000. >> the state of maryland's deliveries increased but here at holy cross our deliveries increased probably five times that rate. so we are actually leading the nation in this demographic change. >> the census figures showed that the united states is on its way to becoming a minority majority with almost half of all young children currently from minority groups including hispanic, black, and asian. the castellanos family from silver spring fits right in. with newborn aden joining his big sister and parents as part of the trend. >> he is all over the place just like in my belly. >> when he makes noise that means he says hi. >> we've had extraordinary growth here and we deliver nearly 9,000 babies every year. it ends up being one every hour. >> this could explain why the statistic. more than half of all residents
5:47 pm
in several states were minorities as of last year according to the census bureau. >> thanks, jane. tonight i have a chance to catch up with betty white the 90-year-old actress who is in d.c. tonight to talk to the smithsonian associates discussing her career and long-time passion for animals. she is also signing copies of her new book. white will also be getting a private tour of the national zoo tomorrow. so watch news 4 at 11:00 tonight to catch my interview with betty white. then right after news 4 at 11:00 robert griffin iii will visit the tonight show with jay leno. be sure to check out the new resident quarterback's trip to burbank and see what he says about the skins when he is on national television. >> look forward to that one. hundreds took part and now we're getting our first look at two people's choice winners who will help redesign the washington monument grounds. the first winner the people's forum by carolina karioka. her idea includes large gathering space at the base of
5:48 pm
the monument including an underground visitor center. the second winner you and me. the design creates a circular pathway around the monument. at different points steps rise and fall along the path causing visitors to experience the monument in different ways at different points. both entries will be on display at the virginia center for architecture in richmond until june 24th. let's get another look at our beautiful weather as the weekend becomes deliciously close. >> doug is live once again in haymarket with the forecast. there he goes. >> jim, sh. shhh. quiet please. >> the pressure is on, doug. >> the third time today that mr. kammerer has made a -- >> three could be the charm. >> uh-oh. >> he almost did it. he loses the tournament? he loses the tournament! i don't get to kiss my wife. i don't get to hug my baby at the end. you know, a shame. i tell you what. a fantastic day out here for a charity golf event today here for mary's center. here at the bull run golf
5:49 pm
course, bull run mountain right over there in northern prince william county. it is a gorgeous afternoon and has been all day long. by the way, jim and wendy, i know you follow me on twitter. i posted a video on twitter. you got to check it out. it is unbelievable. that's all i'm saying. now let's look and see what hams. my photographer is laughing at me. what? let's take a look out there right now and show you how the temperatures are across the area. once again plenty of sunshine. a good day to get outside and get a suntan. remember this time of the year the sun is very, very hot. so you want to make sure you really do have plenty of sunscreen with all the sun over the next couple days. 76 degrees right now with winds out of the northeast about 6 miles per hour. humidity only 30%. that's just how nice it is. tonight is going to be a great night to sit outdoors and some of the outdoor restaurants around the region. current temperature 72 in through gaithersburg. rockville at 74 degrees. fairfax county 71. reston, 76. fort bell voir and the warranton area 76 degrees. manassas just down the road
5:50 pm
coming in at 73. as far as satellite and radar goes we are all clear but just down to the south we're looking at a lot of cloudiness, mostly high level clouds around richmond over toward the delmarva. even a few showers down to the south and west of us down around roanoke. we're not going to see any of those. i think the clouds will stay south as well. we'll watch that area to the south very closely over the next couple days with a developing area of low pressure. a coastal low that will be creeping to the north and will start providing parts of the area with some rain. maybe as early as late sunday. right now i think most of the day sunday will be dry but by monday we could be talking about an east wind, rather cool, wet during the day on monday. not anticipating a ton of rain out of this so this is not going to be a big coastal storm but a coastal storm nonetheless. it will bring down temperatures and also produce a lot in the way of cloud cover and maybe just a little bit in the way of some rain. as far as the next couple days go tomorrow beautiful. 76 degrees. saturday 79. we're talking about 80 degrees
5:51 pm
on sunday. once again most of sunday i think will be dry. so if you have any plans on sunday don't worry about those right now but stay tuned to the forecast. this is one that could change just a little bit. right now we're anticipating those showers late sunday night into the day monday. monday a high of 77. but it could be even cooler if that area of low pressure moves up. let's take a look at tuesday, wednesday, and thursday as we move on through the middle part of next week. we'll see the numbers around the upper 70s to the 80-degree mark but once again it really does depend on what that coastal low is going to be doing. if you want to get out and play some golf the next couple days are the day to do it. today in haymarket but if you want me out to your back yard all you have to do is send us pictures of that yard to weather at nbc we'll be going through back yards all around the region. coming up in just about two weeks. we're starting this in two weeks, guys, around memorial day. believe it or not, memorial day is literally less than two weeks away. that's ridiculous. >> that's amazing. you got a big yard where you are right there. you staying there until sunday or coming back here?
5:52 pm
>> well, i'm staying down here until i make that putt. >> sunday. okay. that was close. >> two weeks on memorial day. all right. thank you, doug. okay. talk about brain power. it's now possible to control a robot using your mind. >> yeah. that's just one of the stories trending online today. a paralyzed woman uses the power of her mind to tell a robot to reach and grasp for items. the study out of the national institutes of health here finds the brain gate system helps patients paralyzed by stroke perform every day tasks. >> a chip is implanted in the brain that monitors signals for movement. software interprets that message and sends them to the nearby robot. the technology is still several years away from practical use but researchers are excited with these results. more than 1 million people have watched this youtube video of a groom being pranked during his bachelor party. the best man told the groom he was about to take a 50-foot bungee jump while blindfolded. oh, boy. that's -- there you go.
5:53 pm
the unsuspecting groom didn't take that giant leap of faith. he soon discovered he had only jumped a few feet into shallow pond water. everyone including the groom had a good laugh about this one. ♪ ♪ a dance off of sorts on the "today" show plaza this morning between two sports teams who were behind viral videos of the song "call me maybe." >> the men's baseball team from harvard and the women's crew team from southern methodist recreated their routines. >> we actually had a pretty positive response. a little worried about our coaches and what they would think. they loved it and had a good time with it. hopefully it will abgood recruiting tool and good for publicity for the team and the school. >> when the votes came in the harvard band won with just two percentage points. in sync they are. >> yes they are. still ahead the craigslist ad
5:54 pm
that raised eyebrows. a man selling a toddler for a few hundred bucks. police track down the seller. find out why he wasn't arrested. coming up tonight at 6:00 a member of the gospel family the winans has been carjacked and robbed. we'll tell you more about that. there is a health concern linked to a common antibiotic known as zepac. somebody caught a really, i mean really big fish. weighed in at more than 1300 pounds. i can assure you it was none of the guys i regularly fish with. wish it was.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a virginia plan won't be charged after posting a craigslist ad with a toddler for sale. it stated a 2-year-old baby girl was for sale for $300. police say a 22-year-old man posted the listing. he was locating using his computer's ip address. no children were found at his house in portsmouth. police say it was all a prank. today we learned more about the untimely death of mary richardson kennedy. an autopsy shows she hanged herself. >> her body was found yesterday at her new york home. her death hits the family that has seen its share of tragedy. >> reporter: those closest to mary richardson kennedy the
5:58 pm
second wife of robert f. kennedy jr. describe her in reports as depressed in recent months. she battled drug and alcohol problems. she was discovered in the sprawling bedford mansion dead in an apparent suicide. >> i'm sorry because i really liked her. i knew her and she was lovely. >> reporter: in 2010 rfk jr. filed for divorce soon after mary kennedy was charged with dwi. months later police arrested her for driving while impaired with prescription drugs. people who live in the area expressed sadness. >> oh, god. what a horror. sorry. >> reporter: it's yet another tragedy in the kennedy family. rfk jr. was 9 years old when his uncle president john f. kennedy was assassinated. he was 14 when his father suffered the same fate. two younger brothers died david of a drug overdose in 1984, michael was killed in a skiing accident in aspen in 1997. mary kennedy's family released a statement saying, we deeply regret the death of our beloved sister mary whose radiant and creative spirit will be sorely
5:59 pm
missed by those who loved her. our heart goes out to her children who she loved without reservation. >> the kennedys have quite a cross to bear that family. >> she was 52 years old. now at 6:00 a familiar controversy on the campaign trail. ♪ ♪ >> the undisputed queen of disco has died. the music world, stunned by the loss of donna summer. our region continues to celebrate the life of our own musical icon chuck brown and now we're learning more about the godfather of go-go as he became a legend. a new attack ad against president obama shot down even by mitt romney. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the reverend jeremiah wright is back in the spotlight in the presidential race. a


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