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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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leaders from the world's largest economies are meeting at camp david in western maryland with nothing less than the fate of the global economy in the balance. the issues that will discussed today at the g-8 summit. we heard pop pop pop. >> shots ring out in the middle of the day. who pulled the trigger and why they did it. and preparing for november, a look at mitt romney's first campaign ad of the general election. thank you for starting your
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weekend with us, everybody. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. welcome to news4 today on this saturday may 19th. there's also doevelopments on sending the rocket into outer space. >> we'll be looking at that a little bit later. but we turn our eyes to what's in the skies. you are all smiles this morning. >> absolutely right. you had a good week, right? >> so far. >> we had a good night. we were out last night. >> my invitation got lost in the mail this shin dig you took on. >> i thought you were still at the zoo. >> zoo-fari. did you make it? >> no. come in from miami now you're all over the town. >> i know. he is getting around. he's using up everybody's invitation. >> the new guy gets the invites. >> that helps. outside on a saturday morning, good morning, everybody. your weekend is finally here.
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and man, oh, man is mother nature taking it easy on us this weekend. bright and sunny. sun's already up in our eastern sky. came up about five or ten minutes ago. temperatures in the mid-50s inside the city limits of washington and right alongside the chesapeake bay. a delightfully cool start to what will turn into a mild bordering on warm saturday afternoon. cool for this morning but temperatures climbing well into the upper 60s by 10:00, up to the 70s near 80 degrees this afternoon. another winner no doubt. for tomorrow, weather looking pretty good too. no drops showing up around us. closest down in south carolina. that may interfere with our weather early on into next week. tomorrow looking good too. not quite as much sunshine as today, but every bit as mild.
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highs 80 today and tomorrow. >> no reason to complain though. >> complaint department has closed. the unmanned falcon nine rocket was supposed to blast off in florida about an hour ago. mission managers stopped the countdown just seconds before launch. a company called space-x owns the rocket. the next possible lanch could be on tuesday morning. when and if it does, falcon nine will deliver supplies to the crew members on the international space station. private companies can take american astronauts to space from u.s. soil. they hope to do that within the next few years. also this morning, three people are recory after an suv crashed into a building. it happened near georgia street and euclid street last night.
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one man was taken to the hospital with very serious injuries. two others suffered minor es in. police are not sure how many passengers were in the car. but what caused the driver to run into the building. after shooting outside the rockville metro station. it happened around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. police say a 16-year-old was struck several times and an 18-year-old woman coming home from work was grazed by a bullet. the shooting left metro riders ducking for cover. >> we heard pop pop pop pop. about four or five shots. and i knew it was gun shot and there was a young kid about 14 behind me. i grabbed him and we ran over behind the booth where the metro workers. and we hid behind there. >> immediately after the shooting, police arrested a young man at a gas station just a few blocks away. police say they took a second person into custody who was with the gunman at the time of the
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shooting. detectives say the incident stemmed from an ongoing dispute. d.c. police are looking for the person responsible for a deadly stabbing. two men got in a fight in northwest washington last night. one of the two stabbed the other several times in his head and chest. officers shut down north capital street near new york avenue. that intersection has since reopened. police did not release the victim's name or the description of the man they're looking for. the leaders are likely to discuss iran's nuclear threat and the continuing war in afghanistan. but the main focus appears to be the growing economic crisis in europe. jennifer johnson has the story. >> reporter: president obama greeted the g-8 world leaders at camp david. the beginning of a summit to discuss the worsening economic
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crisis, worries over greece, instability in syria, afghanistan, and iran. before the summit, president obama sat down with france's new leader as greece teeters towards a eurozone exit. >> we're looking forward to a fruit professional discussion with the other g-8 leaders about how we can manage a responsible approach to fiscal consolidation that is coupled with a strong growth commitment. >> reporter: global analysts say it's a critical time for the leaders. >> it's really crunch time. the situation in greece is rapidly deteriorating. this has huge implications for the global economy and more specifically the american economy. >> reporter: president hollande believed it was time to look for answers to greece's economic collapse. >> translator: our economies
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depend on one another. what happens in europe has an impact on the u.s. and vice versa. >> reporter: the heads of state are meeting in what will be the largest gathering of world leaders ever at camp david. the meeting comes just before the nato summit that starts sunday in chicago focusing on afghanistan. already anti-globalization activists and occupy wall street protesters have taken to the streets expressing their displeasure at the world's most powerful leaders. president obama will meet with the president of afghanistan to talk about the future of that war-torn country and its own economic issues. nbc news, washington. meanwhile about 20 miles from camp david, protests are planned today in frederick against the g-8 summit. the city braced for the incoming summit in different ways. some changed their business hours. police ramped up security this weekend by adding more patrols.
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but they don't expect any violent protests during the summit. >> they're working extended hours. we have a lot of officers out. we want people to feel safe and secure. >> we're treating this as a snowstorm. we're predicting the worst and praying for the best. >> despite the extra police presence, some businesses are not taking any chances. at least two local banks hired security guards for this weekend. now to decision 2012 where mitt romney is catching up in the fund raising game. president obama's once-commanding lead in fund raising money is shrinking. romney raised $40 million last month. obama once held a 10-1 cash advantage. it's now down to 2-1 advantage. both sides are advertising with obama and romney spending $25 million in may on tv ads.
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president obama's getting a little more help from hollywood. sarah jessica parker is hosting an event calling it new york night with the president. non-hollywood stars can go online to try to win tickets to the event. they'll receive airfare and tickets to an event. mitt romney has released his first general election television ad and it will air in virginia and some other states. >> romney presidency be like? day one, president romney immediately approves the key stone eye line. creates thousands of jobs obama blocked. >> the ad says president romney would help out job creators and repeal what he calls obama care. the ad will run in virginia, iowa, ohio. the state must recognize a divorce from the same-sex
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marriage from another state. two women were married in california in 2008 then moved to maryland. a judge ruled back in 2010 they could not get divorced because the marriage was not considered valid. but the court of appeals said the marriage is valid. so the couple can legally split. today you can join the military in celebrating 100 years of aviation. gates open for the andrews air show this morning. this features planes as well as high flying stunts. it's going to happen today and tomorrow. representatives from each branch of the military will be there to answer questions and share stories. today's performance includes the blue angels. if you head to the air show, heads up. you're asked to park at fedex field or branch avenue station. lots open at 7:00 and free shuttles will get you to the base.
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should be great fun out there. >> i know. wonderful for the whole family. i grew up on military bases so that was always something to look forward to. >> i'm sure a lot of kids will be happy out there. >> bring some ear plugs for the little ones. 11 minutes after the 6:00 hour. one georgia woman's courageous struggle to survive an illness that's threatening to take her hands and feet. and strange brew. the beer ad so controversial that had marion berry over it. >> the one star andy cohen says he conside
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jurors in the john edwards corruption case will head back to the courthouse on monday after a full day of deliberations yesterday. if convicted, the former north carolina senator faces up to 30 years behind bars.
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a maryland beer maker took down its ad featuring marion berry. the flying dog made this ad with the words crack one open, d.c. for the first canned beer which goes on sale today at jack rose. that also poked fun at his 1990s drug arrest. he told the brewery to take the ad down because they didn't have permission to use the photo. to hide details of a legal fight as the kennedy family prepares to bury mary kennedy. the 52-year-old hanged herself and was found dead wednesday. mary kennedy was going through a lengthy divorce with robert kennedy jr. before the wake, the kennedy and richardson family went to court over the body. the kennedys will hold a funeral
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today in new york. a georgia woman with a flesh eating bacteria will now lose both hands and her remaining food. aimee copeland fell into a river. the bacteria infected a cut on her leg and destroyed muscle, fat, and skin tissue. doctors already amputated one leg. copeland's parents say she is aware she's doing another surgery. the bacteria is found in fresh water streams and rivers. this weekend you can help out a 15-month-old suffering from a rare form of cancer. >> one, two, three. wee! >> jionna hess has a rare form of liver cancer.
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her parents are struggling to pay her for treatment. there is help on the way. jionna has been named thissier's beneficiary of the 5k joe foundation. joe died from cancer three years ago and his family holds this event every year to help families with sick children. >> we feel we're blessed in this situation to have all these blessings. god is good. we're positive we'll get through this. >> jionna a little tired from the interview, looked like. the race expects 5,000 people this sunday. you can still register for the race and register on race day. to learn more about this great cause, head over to the website. >> an adorable little girl. >> i know. and it looks like the weather will cooperate for that event as well as any other outdoor plans you have. >> it's going to be a beautiful
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day, chuck. >> certainly is. beautiful day for baseball. nats and o's playing this afternoon. beautiful day for an air show. and it's going to be good weather for what you want to do. ♪
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one of the newest kings of cable tv proved his star power last night. i got to see a fashion event with bravo's andy cohen. cohen is an executive behind the real housewives and top chef series. he spent 28 years in television but only recently in front of the camera. fans lined up yesterday morning to meet him starting at 9:00 a.m. this wasn't until 5:00 in the
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afternoon, folks. cohen says his show "watch what happens" is popular because it's not scripted. >> i have dream guests and she lives in a big white house. and she is the realist housewife of all. she is our first lady. she is my dream guest. it's an election year. make it happen. >> well, he's definitely in the right town to do that. he was a hit. look at him there. he's holding a baby like a politician. bravo is owned by nbc universal. that line there wrapped all the way down the restaurant across and around the building there on bethesda avenue. >> you should have seen angie out there, she gave those models a run for her money. >> she was working that. >> i got up there and said this is a way to give a girl is complex. those girls were this thin.
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>> oh, please. >> exactly. >> you're this thin. >> i'm wearing spanx. once we get to the spanx part of the conversation, i have nowhere to go but the weather. whatever you did yesterday afternoon, perfect weather for that. now your weekend is here and it looks like our great weather is going to continue all the way through your saturday at the very least. i think at least 99% of your sunday is looking good too. outside we go on our saturday morning. hopefully you've had a great week. and now you're ready for a weekend. a lot of folks it's getting to be wedding season out there. did i see a lot of people wearing wedding gowns yesterday afternoon. strange sight. first thing on your saturday morning, temperatures on the cool side. milder inside the beltway due to the heat island of the city. 56 at national airport. 3 miles per hour winds. temperatures outside of the
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beltway are a bit on the cool side this morning. 47 now for the panhandle of west virginia. 46 winchester and front royal. 46 gaiters berg to germantown. one of the many great things you can do today, go out to andrews air base. a bunch of aircraft flying around. going to be a good day for that. temperatures near 80 degrees. same for sunday with more cloud cover tomorrow. not much showing up on radar. too close to us with our clear skies. this is our next weather maker. this pressure off the south carolina coastline. that the going to be the wobble up the coastline. it will start to increase your clouds tomorrow afternoon. here's that little veil of high, thin clouds this morning. courtesy of high pressure. low pressure off the coastline. that will develop an easterly wind.
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a super saturday today. bringing in the cumulus clouds tomorrow afternoon. and rain chances, i think, probably hold off until monday at the earliest. rain chances once in the forecast for monday, they're going to linger for much of the upcoming week. be ready for a cloudy stretch after the weekend. today sunny, warm, low humidity. near perfect weather for outdoor activities today. don't forget your sun block. 30 or better on the spf now we're in the strong sun season. then tomorrow, another great day. we will pick up extra clouds by tomorrow afternoon. i don't think the rain drops arrive until the monday time frame. once they're here, until that area clears the coast, we have to leave drops in the forecast. weekend looks great all the way through the upcoming work week. we need the rain and nobody cares if it rains on mondays and tuesdays. >> you're right about that. >> it's all a good thing. >> you're good about making sure the weekends are clear and then
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monday we always get a little wet. >> it makes my job easier. if we had severe weather on the weekend, nobody would get a break. and you need a break. >> i have a lot of mental breaks but sometimes need a physical break too. >> okay, chuck. you can expect delays on metro this weekend. on the orange line buses will replace trains between the east and west falls church stations. on the redline, trains will single track between tacoma and forest glen as well as van ness and friendship heights. and if you're traveling north of mount vernon square, use the green line. there will be no yellow line service past mount vernon. all the track work should be finished for monday morning. a vote today could usher in improvements for a landmark in arlington. renovations to the clarendon
6:27 am
metro plaza. will include new landscaping, seating, and lighting. construction will be done in fades so it doesn't block access to escalators or elevators. it appears the case against roger clemens is in trouble after their key witness seems to change this story in court. brian mcnamee retold his story about getting performance enhancing drugs for the pitcher. the lawyer pointed out mistakes in his story. mcnamee even admitting he misspoke. this trial is expected to last at least another two weeks. today thousands of horse racing fans are in baltimore for the 137th running of the preakness. the race is the second leg of the triple crown. all eyes will be on a horse named i'll have another. he pulled an upset by winning
6:28 am
the kentucky derby. catch the preakness here on nbc 4. >> you say i'll have another while you watch i'll have another. this year's edition of the battle of the beltway carries some extra significance as the nationals and orioles are having strong seasons to far. it was a pitchers dual last night. the game went into extra innings tied at one. but in the 11th inning, nick markakis got a solo home run. the two teams are back at it tonight at 7:15. >> that's markakis' seventh home run of the year already. >> watch out. >> unfortunately for us. the time right now two minutes away from the half hour. a man stopped at the airport with a gun in his bag. there's a side note. he was the pilot. this story when we return. and it was one of the most anticipated ipos in wall street history. wait until you hear what
6:29 am
facebook's top razz did in
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welcome to news4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. here's a look at your top stories this morning. world leaders are at the g-8 summit today at camp david. the top issue is most likely the economic problems plaguing europe. after this the leaders will head to chicago for the nato summit. a 16-year-old is recovering after getting shot outside the metro station yesterday afternoon. police arrested a suspected gunman at a nearby gas station. detectives say the shooting stemmed from an ongoing fight. a bullet also grazed an 18-year-old woman. today starts the andrews air show. wartime planes are on display and there will be air shows including the navy's blue
6:33 am
angels. gates at andrews air force base opens at 8:00 this morning. it took years for facebook to go to a publicly traded company. then a half hour delay caused drama in the company's first day of trading. now facebook is valued at more than $400 billion. here's more on how it got to this point. >> delay rather than a problem. there we have it. >> facebook opening for trade. >> reporter: the social networking site facebook known for doing things its own way threw a curveball on analysts opening a half hour later than scheduled. leeing traders in the dark. >> imagine there was only one theater showing the avengers in the last week and everybody was trying to get in waving their tickets. >> reporter: facebook put more than 420 million shares on the market and set a record for the
6:34 am
most number of shares traded on a stock's first day. >> not at all the first day many were hoping. >> reporter: many wonder if the deal was overhyped after the day one didn't have a pop. while markets closed they hadn't received confirmation of trades. >> dampereded interest in toks that may be why it started up a tiny bit from where it started. >> reporter: 28-year-old facebook founder rang the bell from his headquarters surrounded by hundreds of facebook employees hoping to become millionaires themselves. now facebook's 900 million users have a chance to get a piece of a company that helps connect their lives. >> buying any shares of facebook? >> no way. >> reporter: facebook does make
6:35 am
money it is one the elicits a thumbs up from behind this former dorm room start-up. >> how did facebook workers celebrate their new fortune? software engineers and technicians gathered at california headquarters and had an all night hack-a-thon. instead there was lots of red bull, chinese food, a deejay, even roller hockey. they have been a regular event at facebook. workers sit in a cramped room and try to think of new concepts for the site like chat and timeline. >> that's how it was created. youtube front man bono will strike big now that facebook is publicly traded. the singer owns 2.3% of shares through his investment group. that will make him the richest
6:36 am
rock star topping the beatles. but bono disputes that. he did say the beatles are quote, untouchable, and facebook had a brilliant team. a man identified as witness number six initially told police he heard george zimmerman screaming for help during the deadly confrontation with the teen. dateline nbc confirms reports that witness number six later said he saw martin on top of zimmerman but he wasn't sure who screamed. the amended account is not part of evidence released to the public this week. an airline pilot faces charges after security officials found a gun in his bag. 52-year-old brett dooeter was arrested in buffalo as he was deeting ready to pilot a plane. they say he may have taken the gun on as many as seven flights. deeter works for piedmont
6:37 am
airlines. . new this morning, the chinese dissident looking to plead to the u.s. will leave today. he and his family will arrive in the u.s. however, his flight has been delayed a few hours. chen had been on under arrest last month when he got to the u.s. embassy seeking asylum. chinese officials allowed him to apply for fellowships at american universitys. he will attend new york university when he and his family arrive in the u.s. new zealand police charged a 20-year-old boston university student in a crash that killed three a classmates. he's charged with several counts of careless driving. houseman made his first appearance in court yesterday. his next hearing is scheduled for next month. the boston university students were studying abroad in new zealand. they were headed to a volcanic
6:38 am
crater last week when they crashed. firefighters are maintatryi maintain a fire. investigators say the fire started in a home on sunday and quickly got out of control. firefighters are struggling because of warm, dry weather with high winds which is helping that fire spread. only 5% of wildfires have been contained. and the time right now is 6:38. it may look like a typical yearbook page but take a closer look. why many are calling this one one of 43 most clever pranks ever. why hundreds of people want this food truck shut down and it this food truck shut down and it has
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the "today" show is next here on nbc. let's see what they're working on. >> amy robach joins us live. >> coming up, break news. the chinese blind activist is on his way to the u.s. we are live in beijing with the latest. then space-x. what was to be a history-making launch was scrubbed just seconds before liftoffs. plus real life drama for dog the bounty hunter. his family is at the center of death threats. and a reporter learns the hard way why he shouldn't get too fresh with the fresh prince of bel air. what made will smith snap. all of that and more when lester and i see you on "today." back to you. >> and will smith is usually really fun and stuff. i don't know. guy got a little too close. thank you, amy. the much anticipated iphone 5 will still have steve jobs
6:43 am
hand prints all over it. there are reports that the latest version of the popular smart phone will be the final model designed by the late apple cofounder. bloomberg reports jobs played a key role in developing the iphone 5. it's expected to have a larger screen and will likely be released this fall. food trucks are all over the area, but there's one feeling the heat after complaints online. the beef has nothing to do with the food, instead about the attire. >> reporter: the d.c. food truck craze is serving up lots of dishes. but there's one that's in bad taste, others say. the f a ojol cook up indian cuisine. they're not only for the food but its presentation. the cooks dress up in turbans
6:44 am
and mustaches. franklin cooked up a frenzy of his own when he posted his opinion online. urging the brothers to lose the costumes. shopa is from mumbai. she says she's turned off by the misrepresentation of the culture. >> the mockery they've made of what is a different culture than their own really is racist. >> reporter: but the brothers say the accusations against them have gone too far. and the food truck owners fear a backlash. franklin wrote on facebook, find a new gimmick or at least please set that ugly tin wagon and fire and drive it into the potomac. >> i have no intention of doing anything to their truck. i don't think anyone else does either. i don't want them to pollute the river. >> reporter: but the regular
6:45 am
customers say it's the criticism that's over the top. >> i don't see it offensive. it's just different. they have the best curry though. >> reporter: the organizers of the petition say they plan to deliver this signatures to the fojol brothers. the truck owners say they mean no disrespect. eighteens at a california high school had a little fun with their yearbook quotes. >> check this out. all eight have the same last name wen. under the names they used a one or two word phrase. altogether that read one statement. we know what you're think and no we're not related. they started out their names in appearance by alphabetical order. >> so many with the same hair cut and name. >> they had fun with it. you don't see a lot of
6:46 am
yearbooks. schools are looking at phasing them out with the use of online. >> i think a yearbook, you know -- it's great if it's digital but you can't sign it digitally. that's the reason you need the yearbook. >> fail figure out a way. the sun is shining. but will it last? does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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the weekend is off to a great start. >> sun rays and saturdays go together. here to present it all, chuck bell. >> yes. beautiful way to get your weekend started. good morning, everybody. your weekend is finally here and yes, indeed, the weather could not look any prettier outside. live look from our city view camera this morning. there's the capitol building there. beautiful way to get your weekend going. light breeze out of the north at only 3 miles per hour. temperatures in the mid-50s right inside the immediate metropolitan area. you don't have to go too far
6:50 am
outside the capital before you run into cooler temperatures. all in the mid to upper 40s this morning. in suburban maryland, same story. 56 downtown. bay water temperatures up into the low and mid-60s. that's keeping the bayside communities on the milder side of things. andrews air force base the joint base operations out there, big day at the base. and near perfect weather for staring up at the golden angels. for today coming in today and tomorrow, more cloud cover. battle of the beltway. baseball. first pitch at 7:15 at nationals park tonight. so near perfect weather for the outdoor activities today. no rain too terribly close to us. this area of low pressure off the carolina coastline, that is going to become a factor in our
6:51 am
forecast here over the next 24 to 36 hours. then a weather front will interact with that low and bring us a showery stretch, i think, through most of the upcoming week. be ready for not a lot of sunshine after the weekend. for today, though, there's the little deck of cirrus clouds outside first thing thunderstorm. the faint white color is the cirrus deck. as high pressure to our north and low pressure off the coast start to combine forces, it'll generate an easterly wind. an east wind cannot be trusted around here especially with relatively cold water now. as a result i think we'll see cloud cover increase tomorrow. i think we see a lot of cloud cover into the monday time frame. you folks into southern maryland may get a couple delays tomorrow. for most of us, our shower chances don't pick up until monday morning. here's your forecast then for today. mostly sunny, warm. a delightful day.
6:52 am
highs 75 to 80 today. 76 to 81 tomorrow. but tomorrow will be cloudier today. especially by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. be ready for that. on the whole, i think you're going to like the weekend. lows mostly in the 50s to near 60. and once we get the rain drops in the forecast, there's a high chance for rain. but rainfall amounts may not be all that much. we'll have to wait and see. sunshine will be at a premium. i'll be tweeting about the forecast on twitter this afternoon. follow @chuckbell4. the time right now eight minutes away from the 7:00 hour. it's one of the most talked about stories we've done in years. a former d.c. teacher and principal now homeless and living on the streets. a look at how she's doing now a year after we first introduced you. having spent my entire life
6:53 am
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an update now to a story we brought you last year about a former d.c. principal who was homeless. carol dostert ended up losing her job and home and was sleeping on the streets. hundreds of viewers offered to help her. now dostert has disability benefits and a place to call home. >> and whether i'm living on the streets, sleeping on somebody's couch, hiding out in a church, or working for the d.c. government fighting for the
6:57 am
rights of children, i'm a human being. >> dostert says she's going to get legal help and counciling before she begins a job search. having spent my entire life in public service -- >> an anti-abortion protester stopped health and human services director kathleen sebelius. she was in the middle of a commencement address at georgetown university. once police took the man out of the room, the crowd cheered. the archdiocese of washington criticized the university for inviting her. it was a big day at george mason university. the patriots center overflowed its capacity yesterday. thousands on hand. some even turned away. they were there to see the
6:58 am
latest class of graduates. so many showed up, some were turned away. tribute to one man who's getting ready to say good-bye himself. >> veronica carmen. >> reporter: it's a bittersweet day for these graduates as they prepare to leave behind a school many have grown to love. and this year university president allen mertin will share their experience. after 16 years leading mason putting it on the national map, dr. mertin is retiring. about 6,000 students applied when he started. this year nearly 18,000 did. he has also preceded over an ambitious building campaign. >> the thing i'm most proud of is the pride people have in the university. >> in how the george mason community now views itself. >> what we did was we were
6:59 am
aggressive in getting the right people, getting the right programs, and building the right buildings. at all times. didn't make any difference what the economy was like. we made progress. >> reporter: these brand new graduates agree. mason's come a long way since its days at a commuter college. >> i'm proud of the school. >> i'm proud it's the school i went to. >> reporter: it's standing room only. george mason became one of the fastest growing universitys in virginia and one of the most diverse. he says he's soaking it all in trying to enjoy this. they range from a piece of the patriot center score board to a boat named for mertin and wisconsin wife. >> to be recognized as the most up and coming university in the country meant a lot. i want us always to be the most innovative and


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