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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a prince georges county police officer is arrested. he's charged with driving drunk ask crashing his police cruiser. >> okay, pinch her nose closed carefully and tilt her head back again. give her two more regular breaths, ma'am, then pump the chest 30 more times. >> a 911 dispatcher saved a toddler from drouwning. you might just have heard his voice before. police say they killed a man wanted for child pornography after he came at them with a
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sword. news4's darcy spoke with one of the man's friends and she's live from springfield tonight. darcy? >> it certainly was a bizarre set of circumstances. fairfax county police got a call last night around 11:00 saying this wanted man was basically hiding out at a bedroom here in one of the apartments behind me in chelsea square apartments. they say they encountered the suspect which basically went after them with a sword. it was at that point that officers fired. he was shot and pronounced dead a short time later at a local hospital. what we're showing you now is video inside the apartment where this shooting took place. a restoration crew has been brought in to clean the mess inside. police have not identified the suspect who was shot and killed, but they do say he had seven outstanding warrants for possessing and basically making child pornography as well as having consensual sex with a minor. they say the suspect did not live there but was staying
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inside the bedroom. they do say there was a sword there but they claim the sword was not dangerous. >> what kind of sword was it? a samurai sword or pretend? >> it was like a pretend sword. >> was it plastic or metal? >> it was metal but it wasn't like a knife. sharp or nothing. he was a good friend, good guy, and i think it's really bad because he ended up dead. >> they encountered this man inside. he was wielding a sword at them. they gave him demands. he failed to comply with those demands and was fired with lethal and non-lethal beanbag rounds. >> fairfax police indicate they almost had the suspect in custody friday night. they encountered him and he basically produced false identification. they chased him and he was able to get away. they were given a tip he was hiding inside a bedroom here last night. that suspect shot and killed. one officer has been placed on
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routine administrative leave as a result of this shooting. reporting live from springfield, darcy spencer, news4. a police officer is facing dui charges after he crashed his cruiser in bladenburg. that happened at tang elwood drive. 31-year-old daniel lewis was off duty at the time. they did a breath test and said he had a 1.3. >> he was operating a marked vehicle, so there should not be a tolerance of any alcohol in your system. >> he was charged and released. prince georges county police and the state attorney's office are investigating. a developing story in montgomery county. a married couple was found dead inside their apartment this morning on colgate way. that's in the bridge cheney area of silver spring.
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police say it was a murder-suicide. news4 erica gonzalez is there tonight. erica? >> reporter: police were originally called to these apartments on a report of a missing person and wound up making a gruesome discovery. it was about 10:30 this morning when the montgomery county police department arrived at 13633 colgate way in bridge cheney. a family member opened the door for the police and they found a couple dead. investigators say it appears to be a murder-suicide, because they found a note along with the bodies. but they're not saying whether or not a weapon was used. >> there's trauma to the bodies. investigators are determining now to confirm just what type of injuries they suffered from, but right now they don't want to release that information. >> both victims were transported to baltimore for autopsies. meanwhile, witnesses tell police that they may have seen the male victim as early as saturday
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morning around 4:00 a.m. we're live in silver spring, erica gonzalez, news4. the nato summit is underway in chicago. president obama welcomed world leaders and set the agenda for the summit. a major topic will be afghanistan and how member nations will handle a troop withdrawal from the country. outside there were thousands of anti-nato demonstrators protesting everything from the war to climate change to human rights. most protests have been peaceful but chicago police have arrested 18 people. a fourth man was in court today accused of planning an attack during the nato summit. 24-year-old sebastian senakowitz was arrested at his home on thursday in chicago. police found explosive devices and molitov cocktails. it's the second explosive they said they stopped. police do not believe the two cases are connected. turning to the weather,
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clouds have been moving in all day. that means the rain can't be far behind. chuck bell and storm center4 tells us what the week will be like. chuck? >> good evening, everybody. the clouds have now followed that east wind on shore and raindrops have already been spotted out toward blue ridge. current temperature, 78 here in washington. still 81 in marmartinsburg. there are storms now. these showers are drifting off to the west, but there's more where that came from heading into southern st. mary's county and even offshore. we'll tell you how long it's going to last, coming up. >> thanks, chuck. the mother of teenager trayvon martin spoke to a church in maryland. sabrina fulton spoke at the parliament temple church in baltimore, thinking the church for their support. george zimmerman is charged with
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second degree murder for his death. zimmerman said he shot in self-defense. fulton talked about how she's coping with her son's death. >> a lot of times you interview for a position because you want that position, you thought about the position, you prayed about the position, but i was forced into this position. but guess what? i'm going to be a leader. >> zimmerman is currently out on $150,000 bond. families who lost loved ones on pan am flight 153 are relieved the man who brought that plane down is gone. he died yesterday. he was suffering from cancer. he is the only man convicted of the bombing that happened back in 1988, killing 73 people. the scottish government released him from prison in 2009. doctors gave him three months to live. both scotland and the white house believe others were involved in that bombing and they vow to continue that
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investigation. still ahead, a matter of life and death. give her two more breaths now, two more breaths. make that chest go up and down. push it in there. >> a 911 dispatcher helped save a toddler from drowning. we'll explain why his voice might sound familiar to you. facebook discoverer mark zuckerberg
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hundreds turned out in front of timothy geithner's house in bethesda. they want him to support something called a robin hood tax, a small tax on stock trade. some say it would generate billions of dollars for houses, jobs, health care. they say they will also make a stop in front of a bank executive's house in chevy chase. two people are dead in a head-on collision that shut down the bw parkway in greenbelt. a police driving a minivan crossed the median and hit another car. mohammad hasan of pennsylvania was driving the van. 49-year-old judith sonogel was driving the suv.
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she's from d.c. police are trying to figure out why the van crossed over. rain is on the way, but we'll tell you when you need your umbrella and for how long. tonight at 11:00, if you own a smartphones, you can do more than surf the web and text. if you're on the go, it's easy for your cell phone bill and budget to take a hit. on news4 at 11:00, liz crenshaw explains how to avoid getting bitten by gigabytes. if you think you're protected with an
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david mcgowan now works as a 911 dispatcher. mcgowan's steady voice guided her through the steps of cpr, and minutes later, everything was okay. >> give her two more breaths now. two more breaths. make that chest go up and down. push it in there. let's go again. one, two, three, four. one, two, three, four. are they there, ma'am? >> yes, they're here, she's breathing! >> she's breathing? >> yes. >> he was the -- mcgowan retired from baseball back in january. he was with the orioles for 14
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seasons. what a voice. we are learning more tonight about mark zuckerberg's very big facebook status update. yesterday the facebook co-founder and ceo posted this picture and announced he was married. he had married his long-time girlfriend priscilla chan in a simple ceremony in his backyard in pal owal to. about 100 people were invited and they were surprised. they were told they were there to celebrate chan's graduation from medical school. the graduates at george washington university got to hear some words of wisdom from nbc's brian williams. he spoke at the commencement ceremony today. the event was held outside at the national mall. williams told the crowd of about 25,000 about his time as a student at gw. he was there for one whole semester in 1980. >> i want to share with you a bit of the story of how i came academically to achieve the sum total of 18 college credits.
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thank you very much! there is an atmosphere of academia up here on stage that you can't understand. >> williams was also presented with an honorary degree at today's commencement. what an amazing weekend we have had. it has been delightful. >> absolutely right. beautiful weather around here. all day today our skies look very floridaesqu all afternoon. it hasn't been smooth sailing all afternoon. this is in harper, kansas, south central kansas. look at that. big tornado going right through. this is a wind farm out there. those are windmills throughout that generate a lot of electric power throughout a lot of the great plains and this thing did a number on the turbines out there. luckily no injuries with this particular storm, but there were 17 different tornadoes in the great state of kansas today, and these storm chasers here, they were close. that's probably only about 2 or 300 yards away from the base of that tornado.
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amazing video out there. i mentioned how our skies looked like florida. here's a proof in the pictures out here. low base cumulus clouds bubbling up with that marine shore on flow. that's the reason the sky looks like it does. a very pretty sky around town. 78 in east washington and a wind at 14 miles per hour. that's bringing the marine layer off the ocean. temperatures generally now backing down into the mid and upper 70s pretty much areawide, so as you make your plan for your sunday evening, clouds on the increase, getting a little bit cooler. by 9:00, temperatures in the low 70s and showers becoming ever more likely as we get into the 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 time frame, and nearly everyone will be wet tomorrow morning. you folks have seen random raindrops this afternoon. this is heading out to the southern end of the shenandoah valley right now. not a lot of heavy rain are that, but there is more rain offshore and that is coming on
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shore here over the next couple hours. so you folks in southern maryland, out on the eastern shore, you'll be getting wet quicker than us here in east washington. that's alberto still spinning its wheels off the coast of georgia. it's going to be in east georgia, far enough out not to bother us. look at that spin out here, that's an upper level of low pressure. that's bringing us changes tonight into tomorrow. so by 8:00 tomorrow morning, everybody should be wet. umbrellas at the ready for tomorrow and for tuesday. tuesday won't be the low. it will be this cold front moving on in, so that will keep our rain chances on the high side. alberto should stay well enough on shore, but virginia beach should get some gusty winds and a little bit of beach erosion from the high surf. overnight tonight, clouds thickening, showers likely by morning. upper 50s and low 60s. rain likely off and on through much of the day tomorrow, and as a result noticeably cooler.
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only mid-70s tomorrow. shower chances linger monday, tuesday, and on into wednesday and thursday as well. but each day the rain chances get a little lower. by next weekend, memorial day weekend, 88 saturday and sunday. so pushing 90 degrees for the unofficial start of summer. >> good way to start it, yeah. thanks, chuck. coming up in sports, steven straussburg creates his own run support. was it enough to avoid a sweep ♪
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how did they do? >> they did great. they did better than the last couple of games. thanks to steven strauss beburg and it wasn't just on the mound. he's hitting better than he's pitching these days. straussburg let down by his defense in his last start and there was a repeat of that today. top of the 2nd, brice harper for some reason calls off rookie tyler moore and then drops the ball. he probably should have let moore go after it, but that's all right, he's a rookie and he's going to get better. he would drive in betamite, and avery shoots one to the left,
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and the orioles up 3-0. both runs in the inning were unearned. harper trying to make amends, nick markakis has a beat on it but can't quite hold onto the ball. it pops out and danny espinosa score a triple for harper. it is now a 3-2 game. now tied at 3 in the bottom of the 4th, way chen and jesus going deep. not going to get that one. his first home run of the year and the nationals take a 4-3 lead. next batter steven straussburg. how about back to back jacks. the first career home run for straussburg puts the nets at 5-3. his teammates are pumped. he had five major league home runs, two today, and afterwards much of the talk in the locker
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room about straussburg's home run. >> it was great, but i know my place. i'm ain't real hitter out there so i'm not going to go out there and act like i do it all the time. just run around the bases and it was definitely a good feeling. i think i got one more home run than a lot of my friends back home now. >> we sit down there and fantasize about something like that as relievers. we don't get the opportunity to hit like the starters do, but any homer for a pitcher is awesome, so we're all very excited for him. >> he swings well in bp, i think all of our pitchers swing pretty well. i think it's great for him and he helped the team out. i think that was huge. >> brice harper on steven straussburg. you know normally when things with going well in business or sports or really anything, there's stability. well, things have been anything but stable for the miami heat as of late. who knew that chris bauch was so important? without their injured star, the heat have changed they're line-up again. the fourth line-up in four
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games. they tried to even their series. with indiana played pretty well. heat down by 7. wade with the ball. tried to make something happen here. cuts the lead to 5. then on the inbounds, wade makes the steal behind the back to lebron james. he lays it in. lebron had 40 points, 18 rebounds and 9 assists, almost a playoff triple double in the third. he's down by 2. wade falls down, gets back up, then gets the ball back, then proceeds to hit the 3. he played pretty well in this one. 30 foints for d. wade in the 4th. lebron gets fouled but just too strong going to the hole. 37 straight points scored by either wade or james in the second and third quarters. the heat win at 101-93. that series now tied at two games apiece. stanley cup playoffs, shane doan and the coyotes.
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jonathan quick prevented by clearing. doan beats quick. 1-0, phoenix on top. the coyote he's captain is not done yet. in the second period, a faceoff, quick shot by doan. it deflects off the stick of kings' michael scadary here. it goes in the back of the net and it bounces back out. kai e coyotes win it 2-0. game 5 is set for tuesday. now he's really made it. taking part in his first football card photo shoot. r.g. 3, one of 35 rookies taking part in the shoot at the rose bowl, for the panini trading card company. he says that's what ardonis used to be. i guess it's pretty big now.
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there he is, rg3, the biggest star in the sporting world in our town. redskins are going to be back at work. otas continue on monday and it feels like training camp is right around the corner. i know a lot of people cannot wait to see that guy wearing that jersey at fedex field coming up in a few months. >> we saw him trading a lot of those cards. >> no doubt. that is our news for now. nightly news is up next. and jim and doreen are going to be here at 11:00. until then, have a good one.
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