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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 21, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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75 in patuxent river. that is where we're starting to see at least some sunshine now. a little bit of dry air working its way right up the chesapeake bay but here i the rain from the i-95 corridor back to the west into leesburg around winchester over toward charlestown into west virginia and down around warranton this area of low pressure continuing to spin here and that is just one area of low pressure. we are sandwiched between a number of different storm systems and you can see all the showers and thunderstorms out there across the mid-atlantic and across the eastern half of the nation. i'll let you know just when we'll see most rain and when the rain finally moves out. today federal prosecutors filed the first criminal charges related to a year-long investigation of d.c. mayor vincent gray. an assistant treasurer for his 2010 campaign is charged with faking donation records and destroying evidence. tom sherwood joins us now with the story. >> reporter: jim, this is a major development in this scandal. the treasurer, he could face up to 20 years in prison.
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for more than a year, federal authorities have been investigating gray's campaign finances and allegations of a shadow campaign of fake documents and unreported spending. it began in march, 2011, with allegations by former minor candidate suleman brown, that he was paid by gray operatives to attack then mayor adrian finty on the campaign trail in 2010. now in the first public action the u.s. attorney's office is charging the gray assistant treasurer thomas gore for making three straw donations and using fake names on the donations. say the candidate who got the fake donations was suleman brown. more seriously u.s. attorney ronald machen is charging gore with destruction of evidence including a spiral notebook. thomas gore who has indicated he plans to plead guilty to the criminal information papers, faces up to 20 years on the destruction of evidence felony. attorneys say that could give him an incentive to disclose
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other campaign informing for leniency. neither gray who is traveling on city business in las vegas nor his attorney robert bennett commented monday on the federal charges. thomas gore -- neither he nor his attorney fred cook could be reached for comment. thomas gore is expected to appear in federal court tomorrow. jim? marion barry remains hospitalized in vegas tonight. the former mayor and ward 8 council member tweeted these pictures out today. he suffered a blood clot in his leg while traveling yesterday. barry's in vegas for a convention with shopping center operators. he told our tom sherwood the clot is not affecting his physical feeling or mental ability but at this point he's not sure when he'll be discharged. >> scary moments for commuters after a school bus catches fire inside the third street tunnel in d.c. some drivers abandon their cars
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to get out of the way. darcy spencer is live from the -- with the dramatic scene. >> reporter: wendy, that's right. some folks were heading to work this morning. they were heading to appointments. they were running errands when traffic came to a sudden stop in the third street tunnel. some motorists tell me they heard an explosion. some folks say they saw the tunnel filling up with smoke. they ditched their cars and ran out. it was chaos in the third street tunnel this morning as seen and heard on this youtube video take bin someo n by someone inside as the tunnel filled with smoke. >> the smoke is coming fast. >> reporter: this school bus being towed caught fire in the tunnel around 10:30. dozens of drivers were stranded in their cars and many had to walk out of the tunnel to escape the spreading smoke. >> i was headed to a meeting and was near the front of the tunnel where the explosion went off so it was a little scary. the tunnel started filling up
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with smoke. >> reporter: what was it like as people were exiting? >> it was panic. i mean, not knowing. the first thing that comes to mind is terrorism now. >> reporter: drivers stood outside the tunnel while firefighters put out the blaze and cleared the smoke. eventually, police escorted them back to their cars and they drove away. >> we seen the smoke filling up the tunnel as we were sitting in the car waiting to turn around. >> reporter: what did you think about that? >> i said, well, i think we better leave. that's what we done. >> reporter: three u.s. capitol police officers suffered smoke inhalation during the incident. they were transported to a local hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. no motorists were hospitalized but some including this woman who has asthma were treated by medics at the scene. >> i had an asthma attack and i guess i got scared because the smoke came to the car inside of our vehicle. >> reporter: the tunnel reopened more than four hours later after inspectors made sure there was no structural damage.
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anything suspicious about this? >> no. i mean, i talked to a number of the folks and it strictly appears to be mechanical in nature. >> reporter: you can see that everything is moving just fine now and the d.c. fire and ems officials say that tow truck and the bus it was hauling were part of the military being operated by the military. so they are a part of this ongoing investigation. reporting live from northwest washington, darcy spencer, news 4. two teenagers charged in a shooting outside the rockville metro station are being held without bond. 18-year-old kevin new eun and 17-year-old tavares harris charged with attempted first-degree murder in an incident that occurred last friday. police say new lyn was the shooter. a 16-year-old was shot in the leg and an 18-year-old woman standing by was grazed by a bullet. the injuries are not life threatening. a man's arrested for two sexual assaults in prince george's county. now police want to know if he's connected to similar crimes along a popular trail. the suspect is edwin rivas. he is charged with four attacks
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in hyattsville and mount rainier but investigators are also trying to find out if he is responsible for a series of sexual assaults along the northwest branch trail. erika gonzalez is live in the newsroom with the developments. >> police arrested rivas the same day another sexual assault happened on the northwest branch hiker/biker trail in hyattsville. maryland national capitol park police tell news 4 a 17-year-old female was nearly sexually assaulted on the trail behind the hyattsville metro around 1:00 a.m. on saturday. police say the woman's attacker came at her with a knife but she fought her way to safety. the suspect made a run for it. >> my girlfriend called for me on my work. i don't work in the night. >> reporter: later that day police arrested this man, 24-year-old edwin rivas. they say he confessed to sexual assaults at knife point in both the hyattsville and mount rainier area dating back to january. >> we already had the
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identification for the one guy. we were able to use a photo spread and one of our victims was able to make an i.d. on that. we shared that information with prince george's county who in turn was able to close one of their cases. >> reporter: whether rivas has anything to do with the multiple sexual assaults reported this year on the trail is still unknown. >> we're currently working with the surrounding agencies working cases that are similar and that he can possibly be responsible for so, yes. he could be responsible for other cases. >> there are a number of composite sketches that still line the trail because again police are not sure whether or not rivas is connected to those incidents or maybe they are possibly looking for yet another suspect. anybody that has information on this case is urged to contact police. live in the newsroom, erika gonzalez, news 4. the nato summit is wrapping up in chicago at this hour. nato leaders focusing on putting an end to their involvement in afghanistan by the year 2014.
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meanwhile, protesters are focusing on boeing aviation. they call it a war machine. the demonstration was notably smaller and more peaceful than the weekend protest that drew thousands to the streets. president obama will leave chicago within the hour to speak at the commencement ceremony for graduates of joplin high in missouri. there is still no verdict tonight in the john edwards corruption trial. the case went to the jury on friday morning. the former democratic presidential candidate is accused of using nearly a million dollars in campaign funds to hide an affair with his pregnant mistress during the '08 presidential campaign. if convicted of all charges, he faces up to 30 years in prison and a fine of $1.5 million. the naacp says the same sex marriage is a civil right and today it explained what's behind that decision. the group is hoping its endorsement will encourage blacks to support same sex marriage if the issue is put on the ballot in november in maryland. the naacp has historically opposed laws that ban gay
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marriage. this is the first time it has made a statement that goes beyond the circumstances of any single proposed law or state. >> the nature of the struggle may change. our bed rock commitment to equality of all people under the law never will. >> reporte >> right now gay marriage is legal in six states and the district of columbia. our area is home to more than two dozen of the very best high schools in the country. "newsweek" and "the daily beast" just released their list of the 1,000 best schools in fairfax county, thomas jefferson came in number ten. george mason high came in at 45th. poolesville high in montgomery county also made the top 100. a total of 14 schools in northern virginia made the list. eight from montgomery county. two from howard and two in the district. schools were ranked on graduation rates, s.a.t. scores, and the percentage of students who went on to college. coming up next on news 4 at
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5:00 a man pepper sprayed by d.c. police after a case of mistaken identity. well, tonight the victim is demanding more than an apology. a music legend gone but not forgotten. why a tribute to chuck brown is creating controversy in a local neighborhood. doctors have been urging men to do this for years. now experts say getting screened now e[ male announcer ] screened this was how my day began.
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screening for prostate cancer may do more harm than good. that's according to a new government task force. the news has left many doctors confused. some even outraged. erica edwards has our report. >> reporter: after poring over the latest data on psa drug tests to screen for prostate cancer a group of medical advisers convened by the federal government says the test shouldn't be offered to men of any age. >> we have convincing scientific evidence that there is at most a very small potential benefit. >> reporter: p.s.a. stands for prostate specific antigen a protein released by the prostate when cancerous cells are present. dr. virginia moyer chairs the task force which issued the new recommendation and says the majority of cancers picked up by
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psa tests grow so slowly that most men never need treatment. >> clearly, the evidence is it has been over hyped. >> reporter: urologists often promote a watchful waiting approach to prostate cancer rather than aggressive treatments that can lead to incontinence, sexual dysfunction, heart problems, even death. there are risks an estimated 90% of diagnosed men take unnecessarily according to the task force. >> it is very, very hard to know you have cancer and not do anything about it rnks the idea that it is better to live blissfully unaware of cancer rather than go after it with guns blazing can be difficult to accept in a culture where early detection has been touted. the new recommendation has been met with outrage from urologists. >> doctors can tell who needs treatment and who does not. let us make that decision with the patient. >> reporter: to prostate cancer survivors, a group that includes nasa captain mark kelly. >> if i didn't have the psa test and i wasn't diagnosed, who knows where i would be, you know, five, ten years from now. >> reporter: one thing all
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groups agree on, psa testing should be a personal decision men should make only after a discussion with their doctor about the benefits and risks. erica edwards, nbc news. tomorrow marks one year since one of the deadliest tornadoes in u.s. history struck joplin, missouri. as we mentioned earlier president obama is on his way to that region to deliver the commencement speech to joplin high school tonight. the tornado struck shortly after a graduation ceremony last year may 22nd and leveled joplin high. the twister killed 161 people, hundreds more were injured. thousands of homes and buildings were destroyed including six schools in that region. the ground in mineral, virginia was shaken last night for all the right reasons. country music star alan jackson playing to a crowd of 6,000. it was a benefit concert, music for mineral. the aftershock of hope. all of mineral's nearly 500 residents got to attend for
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free. additional tickets helped raise more than $150,000. it's going to help rebuild the county schools after they were damaged during that earthquake in our region last august. >> doug joins us now and lots of cloud cover today. we should get used to this rain, huh? >> we should. today was the drizzle and the showers. tomorrow it is not going to be the drizzle at least not in the afternoon. we could see some in the morning but tomorrow it could be the showers and maybe some heavy thunderstorms with some fairly heavy downpours. we're getting into a very tropical like system out there right now. a tropical air mass. that is going to continue. you notice the very low hanging clouds right there? also notice the breaks. we are seeing some dryer air trying to work its way in here. you can see blue skies there. temperatures have climbed to 75 degrees. with those breaks in the clouds we'll continue to see if some of those throughout the evening hours. winds out of the south at 9 miles an hour. we have light rain though around parts of the region. here is your current temperatures. 68 in winchester. 68 in martinsburg. only 66 in leesburg. this is the area we're still
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seeing the rain. to the east we are warmer. 75 here. 75 at pax river. 77 in easton. this is because we've seen clearing and this is what i'm talking about here on the satellite and radar. notice where the rain is back here toward the west but also notice the clearing. watch as this starts off. this is where the clearing is. along the chesapeake shall the eastern shore, calvert county, anne arundel county, prince george's county, down through st. mary's you're seeing sunshine down there. temperatures are going up. your humidity levels are going up so it may not feel all that comfortable but you're seeing the sunshine. we're still socked in the clouds back here to the west and we'll continue with that. here is where the rain is through montgomery county, portions of loudoun county, around the po the pot river and back to the west along the mountains and down along fredericksburg. a lot of people still seeing some showers and drizzle. a little bit of a zoom in and heavier shower just to the north of the chesapeake bay bridge there coming in toward gibson island and then back toward the west. here it is along the leesburg area over toward 340 and out toward charleston and west virginia. then there are a few showers right around the district along
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connecticut avenue here over toward military road as we make our way in toward bethesda and then right up in toward the petworth area along georgia avenue and back along michigan avenue all seeing some light showers right now. but wouldn't be surprised to see some moderate downpours from this ats we are starting to see at least some convection. by that i mean some warming in the atmosphere. that will lead to some shers and thunderstorms. speaking of storms look at the storms just off to our west here. this is a frontal boundary that's going to move our way. so we're right now in a little squeeze play here. our area of low pressure, tropical air mass moving out and then here comes this moisture from the west. so you've got a couple things forming tomorrow. we'll see another fairly wet day. not all day but any showers will have the potential to lay down pretty good rains. tropical storm alberto still tropical storm, 40-mile-per-hour winds, will stay off the coast and be a tropical depression by this time on wednesday. but wednesday afternoon guess what? more showers and more thunderstorms out there. this evening cloudy and damp for the most part. sprinkles and a little bit on
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the drizzly side with humid conditions to the east. we are still seeing some clearing but i expect it to fill in with some fog overnight. there could be areas of dense fog tomorrow morning. watch out for the drizzles and showers tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon mostly cloudy, warm, humid. showers and thunderstorms likely. temperatures 76 to the next 80 degrees. there it is for the next couple days here. 78 on your wednesday. 79 on thursday. look at memorial day weekend. >> oh, we need it bad. >> it looks about perfect. >> yes, indeed. all right. >> don't be reading your instruments too closely. coming up, mystery over a flesh eating bacteria. tonight a third person falls victim raising new questions about this rare infection. a new way to target speeders. why failing to pay a fine could cost you your tax return. in sports, tiger woods returns to our area as congressional country club welcomes home his golf tournament. later tonight at 6:00 an
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a new campaign is helping drivers reach the beach faster this summer. starting wednesday new electronic messages will be helping drivers choose the quickest route to both virginia beach and north carolina's outer banks. v dot will display current
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travel times for two different routes for you. the six signs will be posted at strategic points in newport news, virginia beach, and down in chesapeake. >> dan hellie joins us. >> yeah. >> hey, you know, you got to just take your -- >> wendy says your tie is looking a bit like the beach. >> you look so beachy today. i'm tweeting a picture of your beachy tie. >> you'll get it tomorrow. >> did you tell people how she tweeted it out? what is your handle? at dan hellie so she literally spelled a-t -- >> hey. i'm distracted. i've had a rough day. it's raining. not good on rainy days tiger, all eyes on him. >> he is back in up to. thank goodness. we need some golf to talk about lately. after two years at the golf club outside philly the tiger woods hosted at&t national back at congressional country club in bethesda in late june. it's moved up a week. today tiger in town promoting the event he wants to play tougher than last year's u.s.
5:24 pm
open. it ain't going to be easy. i asked him how much time he spends recruiting golfers for his tournament. >> i don't do any recruiting. because i know what that feels like. as a player when they, you get asked to do it and you can't, you can't appease everybody. so i'm not going to do that to them. if they want to play and support the event we welcome them with open arms. if they don't, i totally understand. i get it. some guys didn't play. some of my best friends on tour didn't play. because the 4th of july weekend they want to be with their families. i get it. but i'm definitely not ever going to pressure anybody to play. because as i said, i certainly know what that feels like. >> when somebody asks tiger woods who is the best golfer in the world right now, what does tiger say? >> i think it's -- >> he is technically ranked number one or rory. >> it goes back and forth. >> do you still feel you're the best player in the world? >> when i play the way i know i
5:25 pm
can play i'm tough to beat. >> it has been written and said jack's record of 18 major championships isn't as important to you now as it once was. is that fair? >> it's important. certainly no doubt. that hasn't changed. >> reporter: is the family factor, you talk about patience, i have two kids so i know about patience. are you maybe more patient in terms of getting there than you were in the past? >> i knew it was going to take a career. it took jack what, 24 years to get it done. you know, as of right now i'm on the same pace as he was. people forget that. you know, because i was ahead of schedule for a while. but i'm on the same pace. actually, he didn't win his 15th until he was 40. so you have a while. i do. we have a long time. we almost saw a 59-year-old win the british open so we can play this game for a long time. >> your seventh win at bay hill was your most recent pga tour victory. was that more special than some others because of what you had to overcome to get there? >> it was special and then
5:26 pm
obviously was difficult at the same time. because arnold wasn't there. arnold was sick at the time and it was a great win but also then again it put things in perspective real quick when arnold was in the hospital. >> tiger had to wait a long time to get that win. he hasn't won a major in almost four years. his next chance at the u.s. open in just three weeks. so then right around the corner after the open we come here for at&t national. it's a week earlier. it is not over the 4th of july weekend this year so they're hoping that that might have a few more people come out. >> great. >> thank you, dan. coming up on news 4 at 5:00 tonight d.c. police stormed in hoping to make a murder arrest but had the wrong guy. now the man at the center of it all is fighting to clear his name. >> a legal fight between the catholic church and the federal government. a battle over birth control has both sides at odds. bitten by gigabytes. liz crenshaw has a warning for smart phone users who could be
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coming up in this half hour an activist claims he was roughed up by cops. now protesters are the streets with new demands for d.c. police. a showdown over a tribute for the godfather of go-go. who's fighting to have this work
5:30 pm
of art removed? and a warning for drivers with a need for speed. why local leaders may be going after your tax return. but first here's doug tracking the wet weather from storm center 4. tracking that wet weather right now on storm 4 radar showing the showers coming across the district into parts of fairfax county, montgomery county, right along 270. and then back to the west along the blue ridge back into western portions of the loudoun county area over toward charles town and west virginia around martinsburg we're all going to continue to see at least some showers down toward southern maryland. we've actually seen some sunshine there so we may actually see enhanced rainfall from the area a little later. we'll talk more about that plus how long will you need your umbrellas? the forecast in a moment. >> all right. a case of mistaken identity led to the arrest of the wrong man and it was all captured on video that you'll see only on news 4 tonight. this arrest happened this weekend at a capitol hill hotel and it sparked some protests around the city today. pat collins joins us live with the details.
5:31 pm
hey, pat? >> reporter: wendy, what do we have here? assault on a police officer or excessive force by police? let's go to the videotape. this is video of the take down of a man who police thought was a murder suspect. the police said they had to do this because the man resisted arrest. that man turned out to be a protester in town for a conference. he said he had nothing to do with the murder, that the cops had the wrong man from the start, and that he was wrongfully roughed up. this video taken by another protester who witnessed the incident and this confrontation has led to a series of protests today. a double barreled protest first at d.c. police headquarters then again at the u.s. attorney's office, marching and chanting to clear the name of this man, craig nehemiah wilson, a fellow
5:32 pm
protester, who says he was man handled and pepper sprayed by police. >> you can look at me and you can see that there was excessive force used at minimum and there was misconduct at minimum. and it shouldn't happen. >> reporter: craig wilson is 42 years old. he's from new york city. saturday he was at the capitol hill hyatt regency for a national peoples action conference. he had been in town for two hours and was in a meeting room at a table with some colleagues. he said police thought he fit the description of a murder suspect. there was a confrontation with police officers. and he got roughed up. later police determined wilson had nothing to do with the murder but they did charge him with misdemeanor assault on a police officer. >> at the end of the day that's the thing. i was not the guy. they never, ever, even apologized or admitted that they made a mistake right? they wanted to charge me with assault. >> reporter: now, d.c. police say they're investigating the
5:33 pm
allegations of excessive force, the u.s. attorney's office says it's reviewing the assault on police officer charges against craig wilson. live downtown, pat collins, news 4. a new mural of the late godfather of go-go was creating a stir in the petworth community. a local artist painted it on the side of the sweet mango cafe here on the corner of georgia and new hampshire avenues. washington city paper photographer darryl montgomery says it's copyright violation because the mural is based on his 1992 photograph. chuck brown died last week after a battle with pneumonia. today the archdiocese of washington filed a lawsuit against the federal government for its mandate on birth control coverage. federal rules are requiring employers to offer birth control coverage to employees. there are exemptions for some religious institutions but only for those that primarily hire and serve members of their own faith. catholic hospitals, charities,
5:34 pm
and schools that serve all individuals regardless of faith do not qualify. cardinal woourl talked about the reason for the suit. >> we have been serving the poor, educating, providing health care, doing social services ministry for decades and decades and decades. we've never run into this problem. >> reporter: today's filing is part of 12 filed nationwide on behalf of 43 catholic institutions. a fast forward through the headlines. federal prosecutors charged a former campaign official for d.c. mayor vincent gray, thomas gore, and assistant treasurer for gray's 2010 campaigns accused of making illegal donations and trying to destroy evidence. gore is due in court tomorrow. a school bus being towed through the third street tunnel catches fire this morning. it sent some drivers scrambling and trapped dozens of vehicles in that tunnel. that fire appears to have been caused by a mechanical failure. the road has reopened. a man's arrested for two
5:35 pm
sexual assaults in prince george's county. the suspect is edwin rivas. he was arrested over the weekend and tonight police are trying to figure out if the suspect is also connected to similar attacks along the northwest branch trail in hyattsville. if you don't pay your speeding ticket in d.c., you could see a smaller tax refund. the tentative budget includes a plan for the dmv to collect outstanding bills by digging into driver's tax refunds. the district thinks it could collect $2.5 million a year. that plan would only affect d.c. drivers who account for less than 20% of tickets that are issued in d.c. tragedy on the bw parkway over the weekend. 49-year-old judy shenagle was driving northbound yesterday when a minivan driving across the median slammed into her vehicle. both drivers died. the victim's long-time boyfriend jim mccarthy spoke out only to news 4. he says she was at the prime of her career, a ph.d working at
5:36 pm
the university of maryland, baltimore county. >> she was doing all of the things she liked to do. she was teaching at the university. it was very successful. had written a number of articles. lectured. and then to have something like this. >> reporter: she was heading to baltimore to bring her two german short-haired pointers to agility trials when she was killed. one dog survived the crash. the other was killed. a big honor for special needs teachers. >> reporter: i'm julie carey in fairfax county. she has only been in the classroom for three years but today megan beatty gaetta was named a super teacher. i'll tell you why coming up. too close for comfort. will smith has a lot of people talking after this confrontation with a reporter. and a surprise finish for a
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5:39 pm
a transgender beauty queen didn't win miss universe. >> her appearance is one of the top trending topics today. the first ever transgender contestant at the miss universe canada pageant finished in the top 12 on saturday. 23-year-old jenna talikova was born a man but underwent a sex change operation four years ago. >> the beauty queen did win the miss congeniality award which she shared with three other contestants.
5:40 pm
if you have trouble sleeping, perhaps sleep apnea, you might have a higher risk of cancer. that is the result of two studies released today. sleep apnea is a disorder that causes snoring, fatigue, and dangerous pauses in breathing at night. it can deprive the body of oxygen. ov over time it can cause cardiovascular disease. >> this is the first time it's been linked to cancer in humans. about 28 million americans have some form of sleep apnea. experts say many cases go undiagnosed. ♪ ♪ >> a step back. that's will smith singing along to his theme song from the fresh prince of bel air on the bbc. this video has already gotten more than 1.4 million hits on youtube. >> smith also made headlines on friday when he slapped a tv report inner moscow. smith says the man tried to kiss him on the lips.
5:41 pm
he told the crowd this joker is lucky i didn't sucker punch him. goodne goodness. still ahead, paying the price for convenience. liz crenshaw is next to show us how smart phone users can avoid getting socked with extra fees. the tan mom speaks out in an exclusive interview. her message to the media after being arrested for allegedly taking her 5-year-old to a tanning salon. first here is doug. still seeing some showers in parts of the area right now. sun in other parts. right in the district right now we have a little bit of both across the region. you can see what i'm talking about. a couple different storm systems coming together could mean a lot
5:42 pm
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5:44 pm
leave my family alone is the message from the tanned new jersey mom. patricia krentcil says she is tired of the attention she has gotten from the media and sat down for an exclusive interview with the "today" show. >> i'm sick and tired of everyone. why doesn't everyone just leave me, my family alone, and find something better to do like help people instead of, you know, criticizing a ma who sits at home and gardens and takes care
5:45 pm
of her kids? >> krentcil says she is looking forward to her next court appearance in june because she feels like she will be proven innocent. she was charged with child endangerment earlier this month for allegedly allowing her then 5-year-old daughter to use a tanning booth. the nation's capital tops the list of best cities for college graduates. d.c. took the number one spot even though the average one bedroom costs almost $1700 bucks. that's one of the most expensive on the liss. but the area has a very low unemployment rate. the study also finds entry level salaries are higher than average starting at about $39,000. the report was done by the career builder and new york city came in second followed by boston. a fairfax county teacher is being rewarded for her devotion, named a super teacher for her work with special needs students. as news 4's julie carey reports her work takes her well beyond the classroom. >> reporter: when megan beatty was called out of her classroom
5:46 pm
for an evaluation today she wasn't expecting this. just three years into her career at robinson high school gaeta was named a super teacher an award from the virginia lottery. as a high schooler at robinson she already knew she wanted to teach special needs kids. >> she knew going off to college she wanted to be a special-ed teacher and i told her the minute you graduate you come back and i'll hire you back. >> reporter: principal dan meyer made good on his word and gaeta picked up where she left off. megan was just a sophomore at robinson high school when she started something called the partners club. it paired special needs students with general education students to do special activities on friday nights like go to movies, even the prom. she is now the faculty sponsor for the partners club and started another ambitious project with her special needs kids called package with care. she takes the students shopping for a wide variety of items needed by various community groups like homeless and domestic violence shelters. the students package them up and deliver them. >> it gives my students the life skills, job skills that they
5:47 pm
need but also benefits the community. >> reporter: gaeta raises the funds herself. last summer one friend says that meant collecting hundreds of pepsi bottle caps to help win a $5,000 grant. >> i love my students. i love my job. my students have more to give than a lot of people i know. and they're just special. >> reporter: today's award brings $2,000 in cash and $2,000 in office supplies that gaeta can certainly put to good use. the other reward? the joy in her students' faces seeing their teacher honored. >> i think it was pretty cool. i was crying a little bit. >> it was awesome to see that she got the award. >> reporter: in fairfax county, julie carey, news 4. >> wow. what a difference she is making. tenth grade she knew what she wanted to do. >> you got to do what you love. here is doug with another check on our weather. still cloudy? >> still cloudy but we are starting to see at least some sunshine in parts of the area. you can see where the sunshine is. it is not back to the west.
5:48 pm
66 in leesburg. 69 in dulles. 69 in reston. 73 in camp springs. 77 in hunting town. most of calvert county seeing the sunshine. same deal goes for anne arundel county. most of that county seeing the sun. here's where we're seeing rain right around the district through the northwest portion of d.c. around chevy chase over toward bethesda up rockville pike up toward rockville and then down the beltway toward tysons corner and then right out route 7 back toward reston seeing those showers. falls church, alexandria, annandale all seeing some light rain. as we look toward the wider picture look at how the rain is moving in. from the east this is a flow right off the ocean and then once it hits the mountains that's when we start to see those showers move in. so you can see behind the mountains really not a lot going on here. this is what happens here. we have those mountains just off to the west. we get that flow right off of the ocean. that picks up the moisture. allows it to wring itself out so to speak. that is why we're dealing with the drizzle and lighter rain with the flow coming right off the atlantic ocean. we see a ton of moisture and
5:49 pm
that moisture is going to stick around for the next 24 to 48 maybe the next 72 hours. that is the next two to three days. your morning lows tomorrow 64 in washington. 60 in frederick. 60 in leesburg. and coming in around 59 in culpepper. expect some drizzle and showers overnight tonight as the area of low pressure continues to sit and spin around the region. tomorrow i think we'll see at least some sunshine. a high of 79 in washington. 81 in manassas. 82 in culpepper. 78 in martinsburg. the more sun we get the better chance we have for some thunderstorms tomorrow and any thunderstorms that do develop could produce some locally heavy downpours. same thing goes on wednesday with showers and thunderstorms there. thursday, some more showers and storms. and then this weekend looking very good. friday, saturday, and sunday all looking good and then we get into memorial day. right now i think memorial day also looking good with a high of 88. we start our back yard weather one week from today on memorial day at one of our local beaches. can't wait to get out there for that one. if you want me to come to your
5:50 pm
back yard send us a picture of weather at nbc >> guess we got to buy a house on the beach pretty quick. >> got a week. >> thank you, doug. smart phones are getting more versatile by the day but surfing the web and uploading and downloading video can really add up. liz crenshaw is here now with more on how you can avoid getting bitten by gigabytes. liz? >> got to count your gigabytes. just this week verizon wireless announced it's changing who can keep unlimited plans and how much it'll cost. so it's time to start counting all of those gigabytes. do you know what a gigabyte is? >> i think so. probably not. >> a million bytes of memory i believe. don't quote me on that. >> reporter: a gigabyte is a way to measure data and a way for cell phone companies to keep track of how much you're using your cell phone or tablet. some cell customers have unlimited data plans but many cell users must choose a data plan or a data cap. if i said to you your data plan
5:51 pm
is two gigabytes don't go over it. would you know what that meant? >> not really. >> reporter: phone calls, e-mails, texts, don't use up too many bits and bites. but when it comes to video? >> you need to be aware that's going to hit your cap very quickly and be very costly. >> reporter: michael weinberg is staff attorney at public knowledge, a nonprofit public interest advocacy group that says consumers are promised great video at high speeds but use your phone like that -- >> with a 4g connection you could burn through your monthly cap in under an hour. >> reporter: so how much video is too much for your plan? well, at 2 gigabytes a month public knowledge says you could stream two hd movies or stream three hours of tv or you could download half of an hd movie or upload two ten-minute videos. you want to pay by gigabyte? >> not at all. >> reporter: some cell companies have decided making customers pay when they go over their plan
5:52 pm
is bad for business. t-mobil slows your speed if you use too much data but doesn't charge you more. >> we do that because every customer wants to have an unlimited plan, to not worry about bill shock or surprises on their bills. >> reporter: sprint looking to boost its customers offers unlimited data to everyone. >> you don't have to worry about how much data you're using. you're not going to be throttled in any way, shape, or form. >> reporter: but the biggest carriers, at&t and verizon wireless, no longer offer unlimited data to all their customers and charge $10 for every gigabyte over your chosen plan. why? verizon wireless tells us it has usage-based options for customers to select the plan that best matches their use. and that heavy data users pay a fair price for the services they consume. it says it is evaluating its data pricing structure and will share details well in advance of their introduction. at&t told us our data plans
5:53 pm
require that they pay for the data they use. with mobile data usage continuing to skyrocket, and the availability of spectrum scarce, at&t manages its network in the most fair way possible so that we can provide the best possible mobile broadband experience. once you hit the cap, everything then counts against that gigabyte. >> reporter: one customer says she went over her cap after using her phone to video chat. how much more did you have to pay? do you remember? >> i think it was like an extra 60 bucks. >> expensive to go over. remember the fcc wants carriers to alert consumers before and after they go over their data cap. cell companies have agreed to do that. so keeping track of how many gigabytes you're using. >> who knew? you just think wow. >> i didn't. >> look how cool this device is. thanks, liz. coming up next a former rutgers student sentenced to jail time for using a spy cam to record his roommate. coming up today on news 4 at
5:54 pm
6:00, big traffic changes at d.c.'s new 11th street bridge. buildings that stood for centuries have been reduced to rubble in italy. we'll tell you about that and it's about to get a lot more expensive just to sit next to expensive just to sit next to your family
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
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prosecutors say they'll appeal a 30-day jail sentence for a former rutgers university student who used a web cam to spy on his gay classmate. darn ravi was placed on probation today. his roommate committed suicide jumping off a bridge in 2010. he had used ravi use -- learned ravi used the web cam to capture him kissing another man. a dramatic turn of events for the woman fighting a rare flesh-eating bacteria. >> gabe gutierrez has more on her recovery and the growing mystery about this infection. >> reporter: amy copeland's emotional rollercoaster documented in her dad's facebook post. he writes that while his daughter faced losing her hands and feet she did not lose her sense of humor. on wednesday he remembers telling her, aimee, you are as priceless as the mona lisa. his daughter shook her head and mouthed the words "i'm nothing like the mona lisa.
5:58 pm
she doesn't have eyebrows." by the next day, though, her condition worsened. her father says he finally told her about the accident. how she had contracted the flesh-eating infection while zip lining with her friends. i took aimee's hands and held them up to her face he writes. she didn't draw back in horror. she knew the condition she was in. when doctors said they'd have to amputate her hands and remaining foot, she smiled and raised her hands up. we all understood her next three words. let's do this. she is not the only one battling what is called necrotizing faciatis. a south carolina woman contracted the infection days after giving birth to twins in an atlanta hospital. lana kirkendale remains in critical condition in greenville. >> she does respond sometimes. you can see it in her blood pressure or she has opened her eyes a little bit at times. but that's pretty much about it. >> but now there is a third case with ties to georgia.
5:59 pm
bobby von is a landscaper from cartersville. he spoke to "today" by phone from his hospital room. >> i was just working one day and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. >> reporter: he says he has been through five surgeries where doctors removed almost two pounds of infected tissue near his groin. >> i still don't know the extent of this thing. i don't know. i've been -- i was told i was close to death. >> reporter: but he is thankful he is now in good condition. and his thoughts are with aimee who is just a few rooms away at the augusta hospital. the young woman still fighting for her life. now at 6:00 tonight a new campaign scandal for mayor vincent gray. >> smoke filled a tunnel full of cars. people had to abandon their vehicles to escape the school bus on fire. might as well get used to the rain. going to be around for a while. on the final day of the


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