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tv   News 4 Today at 430  WRC  May 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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church, up toward reston and great falls, now just crossing the potomac, moving into bethesda in southern montgomery county, this is advancing to the north. right now getting a few sprinkles of light rain in the district of columbia and areas of lighter green, also into prince george's county, farther south, charles, southern fairfax, down toward southern prince william. but prince william county as a result of about a half an inch or more of rain that has fallen over the last few hours is under a flood warning until 10:00 this morning. it includes the city of manassas, manassas city park, and includes just about all of prince william county as the ground is still so saturated thursday from yesterday's rain. it has not taken much more. there is one road closure. aden is closed because of high water. we're in the 60s around the regionment later today we could get a few more passing showers, but mainly during the afternoon with some thunder and lightning. there's a slight chance this morning under a cloudy sky we ought to get to the upper 70s by
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mid-afternoon. i'm back with another update, we'll look at the radar in ten minutes. danella? tom, as you mentioned, we have a closure on aden road at carriage ford road. if this is your commute, be careful because we have high standing water in this area. also happening is construction starting with the beltway. outer loop as you make your way just toward i-66, you're going to see just the left lane allowed to get you by now. it looks like it's in the process of clearing. i did see delays on the outer loop. that looks to be almost completely gone. also this time on the outer loop at braddock road, had the left lane blocked. so stockton the right to get by that work zone. at kenilworth, we had cones up, but both are down. had it set up on the outer loop or inner loop, only left lanes blocked. taking the beltway, no issues in montgomery county. nice and clear. over to you. >> thank you. this morning, prince george's county police investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. this happened just before midnight at the jkds of branch
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avenue and -- intersection of branch avenue and kirby road. the victim's name has not opinion released. the driver did stay on the scene. no arrest have been made. today on capitol hill the secret service director will make his first public comments on the recent prostitution scandal in colombia. director mark sullivan is expected to tell a senate committee last month's scandal did not threaten national security. his prepared testimony states the agents implicated did not have protective information about president obama at the time of the misconduct. the agents would have gotten their briefing after their night of partying with the prostitutes. today's hearing before the senate homeland security committee begins at 10:30. four secret service agents involved in the scandal are fighting their dismissals. a government official tells nbc news some will contest their punishment on the grounds they didn't know the women were prostitutes. others will argue the behavior is not specifically prohibited. two dozen secret service and military personnel were implicated in last month's scandal. several harness race drivers
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are in the hospital after a crash at the rosecroft raceway in oxon hill. multiple horses and carts collided during race number five. that accident ended with three drivers in carts seriously hurt. two had to be airlifted to the hospital. the third was taken by ambulance. none of the injuries was considered life threatening. no horses were hurt. the gaithersburg man linked to a high-profile missing person case in aruba is facing new charges closer to home. gary giordano was arrested friday in annapolis. police found him and carol ann bach of tennessee having sex in an suv. both are charged with indecent exposure. a parking attendant saw what was happening and called the police. >> we had a customer come by and complain that they saw something going on that shouldn't be going on in a car. i went up and checked it out. and -- you know, it did appear that there was something not supposed to be going on, so i made the call to the cops. >> both giordano and bach face jail time and fine of up to $1,000 if convicted.
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last august, giordano became the sole suspect in robin gardner's disappearance. she is presumed dead. giordano was detained for five months. he denied involvement and was released after there wasn't enough evidence to continue holding him. maryland state police will honor one of their own who was killed with working a part-time job. officials will join family and friend of the late trooper wesley brown to dedicate a highway signs in his honor. the maryland state highway administration will put up a sign with brown's name along i-495 near the forestville barracks. the 24-year-old was shot and killed working security at the appleby's in forestville in 2010. cyril williams is serving a life sentence without parole for brown's death. subpoenas went out for morgan stanley following facebook's disappointing performance on wall street. the bank is accused of sharing insider information. morgan stanley allegedly told investors the social network's business wasn't as strong as expected. investors also suing nasdaq claiming orders for shares were
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mishandled, causing investors to lose millions of dollars. facebook lost nearly $10 billion of its market value since going public. mitt romney is now within striking distance of securing the republican nomination for president in decision 2012. romney swept the primaries in kentucky and arkansas last night with 67 and 68% of the vote respectively. according to msnbc's count, the former massachusetts governor is now just 89 delegates short of the 1,144 needed to clinch the nomination. he could hit that mark as early as next week when voters in texas go to the polls. 152 delegates are up for grabs in that state. and romney is also closing the gap when it comes to voters' attitudes about the november election. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows that president obama leads romney by only 4%, 47% to 43%. just two points closer than last month when the president led 49%-43%. the economy seems to be helping
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romney close that gap. only 1/3 of those polled say they think the economy will get better, and only 43% approve of how the president has handled the economy. that is down two points from last month. this morning, president obama will head west to speak to graduates and attend several campaign events. first he'll deliver the commencement address to graduates at the u.s. air force academy in colorado springs. he'll then head to denver for a campaign event, and then ends his day in california at a fundraiser at the home of a supporter. today the jury in the john edwards trial will deliberate for a fourth day. the jurors asked for notes from rachel bunny mellon. the 101-year-old woman provided most of the $1 million that is in question. prosecutors accuse jed wards of using money to hide his pregnant mistress during the beltway in 2008. he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. changing their story, what several witnesses are saying that they saw the night trayvon
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martin was killed. the scary claims a woman made that forced a transatlantic flight to turn around. keening a close eye on the weather for you as more storms roll through the region.
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he got a breaking ball in the air to left field. did he get it? yes, he did. 4-1 washington. >> the nats may have gotten their upper hand in the rivalry
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with the phillies. 5-2 win. the nats have won sick straight in philadelphia and have 13 wins against their rivals in their last 16 matchups. things could heat up tonight when nats face cole hamels after intentionally hitting bryce harper. they say payback is tough. >> that's not what they say. >> you can't say those things on tv -- >> surprised you went there a little bit. you're absolutely right you can't. 4:40 in the morning. tom kierein is in storm center 4 track storms moving through the area this morning. tom? >> there's a live view of the jefferson memorial from the h.d. city camera. sprinkles of light rain now. time for weather & traffic on the 1s at 4:41. we've had heavier rains just to the west/southwest of washington over the last several hours. here's the radar going back over the last several hours. you see showers, moderate to heavy at times, now diminishing.
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we don't have nearly as much heavy rain. right now getting moderate showers from near mclean up to great falls and then across the potomac into bethesda and near potomac, maryland. to the south, from a half inch to an inch of rain has fallen across prince william county. the area in green is under a flood warning until 10:00. we have several roads closed due to high water flowing over roadways in prince william county. by noontime in manassas, in the mid 70s. maybe showers and thunder. then a greater chance during the afternoon and into the evening hours. we'll be back into the 60s after we peak in the upper 70s this afternoon. we could have more flooding later. a look at that up close and more in ten minutes. danella? good morning. you mentioned flooding in prince william county. let's check some out now. traveling on aden road, all lanes are blocked at carriage ford road due to high standing water in the area. also, on bristow road, your
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closures are in between lucasville road and windy hill drive. all your lanes are blocked there, as well. if you see high standing water, please avoid it. on the beltway, we have debris. sbard on the inner loop, blocking two right lanes. please use caution if that is your route this morning. i'm back in ten minutes. 4:42. an open lly gay virginia prosecutor may get another chance at a promotion. the threats this man claims he dealt with while on the job at v-dot. and a boost in the
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at least four key witnesses in the trayvon martin shooting have changed their stories. that's according to the "orlando sentinel." the report comes after florida state prosecutors released about half the evidence they have in their second-degree murder case
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against george zimmerman. zimmerman is currently free on bail for shooting and killing martin in february. he says he acted in self-defense. coming up on 15 before the hour. there's a new gender violence claim against the former leader of the international monetary fund. the housekeeper accusing dominique strauss-kahn of trying to rape her added the new gender-based violence claim in her lawsuit. she says the attack happened when she tried to clean his manhattan hotel suite last may. police arrested the former imf chief, but prosecutors later dropped the criminal charges. strauss-kahn is also under investigation for a violent sex party with two prostitutes here in washington in 2010. he denies the allegations. a suspected serial stabber accused of terrorizing in our area now faces life in prison for murder. a jury rejected an insanity defense and found the suspect guilty of killing a man in flint, michigan. he's suspected of stabbing more than a dozen black people in several states including three people in leesburg, virginia.
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he's scheduled to be sentenced in michigan on june 25. this morning the fbi is investigating a fight, a flight, rather, that had to be diverted when a passenger implied she had an explosive surgically implanted in her. according to the tsa, a french woman handed a note to a flight attendant mentioning the device. the packed usairways flight was traveling from paris to charlotte, north carolina, but was diverted to maine. two f-15 fighter jets scrambled to escort is to the ground where cruisers swarmed the plane. passengers say the woman attracted attention by walking up and down the aisle earlier in the flight. >> the first officer came by, escorted her back to the rear of the plane. then there was a lot of hu hullaballoo determining which bags were hers. >> the woman was determined to be mentally disturbed. the fbi has not released her
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name. a former treasurer for merritt gilroy mayor gray is the first to face prisontime a year into his campaign. thomas gore pleaded guilty to felony lying and destruction of evidence. he admitted he funneled money from gray's campaign found suleman brown. in exchange he made campaign attacks on then-mayor adrian fenty. gore's lawyer could not say if gray knew what was going on. >> i don't have any comment about that. nothing in the statement of offense mentions any participation by mayor gray in anything. >> sentencing guidelines call for gore to get between 12 and 18 months in prison. the judge delayed sentencing until the criminal investigation is complete. an openly gay virginia prosecutor will get a second chance to be a judge. tracy thorn-begland could still be named to the richmond circuit court on an interim basis according to a report in the "richmond times dispatch." the virginia house of delegates
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rejected thorn-begland's appointment. he would still need approval by the house in january to get a permanent spot. a virginia man says he feared for his life when he saw two nooses hanging in an office at the virginia department of transportation. keith smith is now suing vdot for discrimination. smith says he saw nooses hanging behind the desks of two of his supervisors, two different time. he also says he got an indirect threat, and that's when he quit his temporary job at the salem office. >> bunch of wild things going through my head. >> sure. >> i just -- basically just concluded just -- just let the job go. fear for my life. >> the agency told our sister station in roanoke, "vdot received a complaint from a contract employee alleging workplace harassment based on race. the civil rights division investigated the complaint, and the vdot employees involved were disciplined." 4:48.
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seven prince george's county nightclubs are facing criminal charges for allegedly not paying taxes. the indictments come after undercover surveillance from june to october of last year. maryland prosecutors say the clubs owe the state $700,000. some are accused of selling alcohol without a proper license. most of the charges carry up to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine. it is official. the redskins will lose $36 million over the next two years. an arbitrator upheld the salary cap reductions for the team and the dallas cowboys. the two teams were penalized because they overloaded contracts during the uncapped 2010 season despite lead warnings. meanwhile, offseason workouts for the redskins continue. veterans are getting their first look at new quarterback robert griffin iii. receiver santana moss says he likes what he sees and thinks the heisman trophy winner will only get better. >> that's what all of us are thinking, hoping, expecting. >> and i think that he so far is
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looking really good. >> i agree. >> all right. meteorologist tom kierein with us, keeping an eye on the skies. this has been a rainy week, and -- going to continue. well, as we've been mentioning, it's been an abnormally dry period for much of 2012. we've needed the rain. we don't need the flooding. and unfortunately this morning, we do have more flooding from passing downpours that moved across northern virginia. they are diminishing as they approach the district. but enough rain to cause more reeds to be closed in prince william county this morning. danella will have the closures for you coming up. right now, storm h4 radar showig a shower near potomac, maryland, then across the river to outside the beltway near great falls and the area around wolftrap. farther to the south, around mclean and arlington, down toward fairfax city and vienna, just a little light rain there. and just a few sprinkles in the district. now beginning to move into prince george's county from clinton down farther to the
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south to western parts of charles county, just getting a few light sprinkles this morning. yes, this area in green is under a flood warning until 10:00. here's manassas. this is prince william county, covers most of prince william county due to some of those road closures. some of the high water coming from the streams that are out of their banks there. by 9:00, just a chance of a shower. otherwise, cloudy morning. we'll be in the low 70s by then. by noontime, only a slight chance of a shower. otherwise, cloudy. low to mid 70s. then a lad of more rain during -- a likelied more rain during the afternoon. maybe thunder and lightning and enough trien cause localized flooding. we'll be in the upper 70s then to the mid 70s by late in the afternoon, into the early evening. how much rain? the rain totals forecast, the areas in blue could get one to two inches. it includes much of northern virginia and maryland. farther to the southeast, though, maybe up to an inch or so. and then this would be from this afternoon into tonight. a lot of this is going to be tapering off and ending
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tomorrow. only a small chance of additional rain on thursday. maybe some thunder and lightning, too. highs reaching low 80s and partly sunny. then on friday, partly sunny day. and heating up. here dms summcomes summer. 80s and 90s saturday, sundays, and memorial day. great beach weather. it's going to be humid, too. just a slight chance of an afternoon thundershower just on sunday and perhaps on memorial day. only a small chance. now danella, how we looking this morning? you know, i'm checking out flooding and have an additional road to add to the previous ones that i mentioned. let's focus now on aden at carriage ford. all of your lanes are blocked due to flooding. also seeing flooding along bristol road. that's shut down in between lucasville road and windy hill drive. and if you're planning to travel along nooksville road, please avoid it. i hear now that it's impassable completely. avoid it and make other plans. please avoid high standing water altogether. heading back to the beltway, the
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inner loop at sbard rigt. barna, two lanes blocked by debris. use caution. >> thank you. the first phase of the dulles rail project already reached a major milestone. crews installed the final segment of the elevated track that runs through tyson's corner called the tyson's guideway. it is the longest of three elevated sections on the line. the completion of the guideway means work on phase one is nearly 80% complete. construction on the two stations is also finished, and crews will now begin the process of tying the silver line into the existing orange line. for the first time since september 11, the attacks, the district set a new tourism record. nearly 18 million people visited washington last year, according to the d.c. tourism bureau. the previous record was 17.4 million, set back in 2000. the number of visitors from across the country rose 3.7%. and international visitors were up more than 4%. all those additional visitors are spending money, more than
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half the city's sales tax revenue come from tourists. the virginia state fair is on again this year. that's from the fairgrounds' new owner. universal fairs placed a winning bid for nearly $6 million to take over meadow event park that's near kings dominion in virginia. the state fair virginia was the previous owner. it filed for bankruptcy in december and initially called off this year's fair as a result. the new owner says this year's state fair will run from -- from september 28 through october 7, and it already started contracting rides and vendors. >> think you'll go? >> that is great news. you know, oddly enough, i lived in richmond for 22 years and never went to the fair. i'm not a roller coaster guy, all that stuff. but a lot -- i mean, a lot of people go to the state fair in virginia. >> i'll let you take my kids. >> your kids are fun. i'll take them. 4:54. 65 degrees. coming up at 5:15, why a person's skin may help the heart heal itself. first, why you can expect
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big crowds when you hit the road this weekend.
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today you can earn a buck just for buckling up. prince george's county police will hand out dollar bills to everyone who is wearing a seat belt. they will be stationed in the 13600 block of bawl avenue in laurel at noon. for those not wearing a seat belt, officials will hand them materials that show how seat
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belts can save lives. the program is part of the national click it or ticket campaign. if you are heading out of town for the memorial day weekend, you might want to think it leaving today or tomorrow. according to aaa mid-atlantic, about 875,000 people in our region plan to drive 50 miles or more between friday and monday. that's up 17,000 from last year, and the best travel forecast since 2006. aaa says falling gas prices are driving a lot of folks to hit the roads. as for air travel, an estimated 64,000 people plan to fly this weekend. that's actually down about 5% from last year. >> all right. >> you doing anything this weekend? >> staying home. staying home with the kids. maybe go to a couple barbecues. hang out with friends. >> so you can walk or metro? >> there you go. 4:58. stay with us, "news4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m.
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a developing story as more storms mean more flooding in the region. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang, welcome to "news4 today" on this wednesday, may 23, 2012. there are flooding fears in virginia, especially prince william county. the county is under a flood warning until 10:00 a.m. the water level at lake jackson dam rose above normal levels since the first storm moved through monday night. emergency crews evacuated families in two homes. emergency officials tell news4 they are closely pavilliontorring the water levels. they say -- monitoring the water levels. they say an inch of water an hour could cause flooding again. we turn to meteorologist to tom kierein get an idea of what we can look for today from the weather. >> that has happened. we picked up a half inch to inch of rain the last few hours in prince william county again. it seems to be the focal point as we've got a stalled front over our region. we have several rural roads closed now in prince william county. danella will be here in a minute to let you know which of those


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