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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> we start this afternoon at the miami international airport. for the second time this week, an unruly passenger caused a disruption on an airplane. the latest incident on an american airlines flight headed from jamaica to miami. just as the flight touched down in miami, police say 24-year-old ryan snyder got out of his seat and rushed the cockpit. several other passengers took snyder down. no one was injured and the plane was not damaged. snyder was arrested and is expected to face a judge next week in miami. if you think today's muggy, just wait until the weekend. >> veronica johnson is in the "weather center" to tell us what's going on out there today. >> what's going, we're fans ourselves, we're trying to keep cool already. and we haven't even gotten the higher temperatures yet for this memorial day weekend. we'll see the mercury rising, we'll certainly see the humidity go up. we're starting out by taking a look at the satellite and radar. you can see we have a mostly
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sunny to partly sunny sky there on the radar, more clouds to the east. we have the little breeze producing a few showers from west of ocean city toward cambridge and easton, but isolated showers. these are not a big deal at all. take a look he temperature, 84 in leesburg and manassas and cull pep, 86 from d.c. to 87 in fredericksburg and 88 in charlotte charlottesville. so those cooler temperatures right near the coast. the higher temperatures inland. and most of us will be feeling those higher temperatures this upcoming weekend. and plenty sticky, too. so that's the big news for the weekend is the high heat index value probably getting over 90. as far as your evening, we'll be cooling off. temperatures dropping down to the 70s. but again, last couple of days, it's felt like 85 degrees. going to be quite humid feeling like we're over-90 for saturday,
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sunday, and monday. so the place to go is ocean city and doug is in the thick of it on the board walk having ice cream. i'm jealous, doug. >> reporter: you should be. he'll tell you what, a beautiful day down here in ocean city and i'm here of course with my ice cream that i thought would last a little bit longer, but it is melting very, very quickly. temperatures in the mid-70s here. i'm here with some of my closest friends. say hello, everybody. i was asking them a question, are you ready for the summer? and verof course this is the unofficial start to summer and what a place to be. you come down here on the board walk which they have been cleaning, they have it all set up this year, new board work. you won't get the splinters like i did last year. actually into yetwo years ago. good this guy was here earlier without his -- well, let's take
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a look at his video. he had a swimsuit on. almost got through. but take a look. temperatures in the water right now are around 66 degrees. that is a fairly cool ocean water temperature. but that's what you expect during memorial day. so a lot of people trying to get in, some not getting in as much, but if you're down at the beaches, a great week. of course make sure you're wearing plenty of sunscreen. it will be a lot of spine, temperatures going to be on the warm side. i think we'll be looking at a fantastic memorial day weekend. so get on down here and enjoy it. i'll be back later on. i don't know if -- are you staying with me for the local three hours? okay. good. some of you said yes, some of you said heck no. but we'll be taking a look at some of the great things around here a little bit later on and you can see this is pretty much water how. i'm still going to eat it, but i'm about done. >> about to get real messy.
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>> eat faster, guys. >> if you're heading out how to the beach, pack your patience. this is a look at route 50 at sandy point. it looks okay if you're heading to the bay bridge. however, if you use the chain bridge, both directions are closed because of a crash there. millions of americans are hitting the highways at the start of the summer travel season in numbers greater than last year. that's partly because gas prices are lower than this time last year. brian mooar reports.
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we apologize. we were having a technical issue. meanwhile, millions of americans are hitting the hirms. and numbers greater than last year. that's partly because gas prices are lower than this time last year. brian mooar has our story. >> reporter: how is this for a good sign some gas prices going down just in time for the unofficial kickoff of summer.
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from postcard picturesque palm beach to the golden gate of san francisco, nearly 35 million americans travel 50 miles or more this weekend. nearly nine out of ten are going by car. and those going by air are paying a steep price. >> paid a little extra it for the ticket or you pay a little extra for the luggage. >> reporter: of course the meaning of this memorial day is about americans who made the ultimate sacrifice. at arlington national cemetery, troops placed an american flag on more than a quarter million graves. >> every one of these veterans are touched and shown that they are remembered. and i think it's very humbling to be a part of that. >> reporter: vice president joe biden paid tribute to the survivors of american's fallen warriors speaking from the haerts about losing his own wife and infants daughter almost 40 years ago. >> there will come a day, i
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promise you, when the thought of your son or daughter or your husband or wife brings a smile to your lips before brings a tear to your eye. you are not alone. >> reporter: on this memorial day 2012, honoring the americans who sacrificed for our freedom. and this will be a poignant memorial day here in washington as the nation marks the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. on capitol hill, brian mooar, news 4. rwe're a waiting word on th arraignment of the man charged with killing a 6-year-old decades ago. etan patz vanished while working to a new york bus stop 33 years ago today. on wednesday, 51-year-old pedro hernandez confessed to luring the boy into a building, choking him and dumping his body in the trash. hernandez is currently in the hospital and on suicide watch so the court proceedings will happen at his bedside. we'll bring you more information
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as it becomes available. patz was the first missing child to appear on a milk carton. john edwards took another baseball break today in the middle of his corruption trial deliberations. he and his daughter stepped out for the second day in a row to cash part of the acc baseball tournament in greensboro. jurors meanwhile wrapped up their sixth day of deliberations. edwards is accused of misusing campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress back in '08. he faces 30 years in prison if convicted. the jury will reconvene on tuesday. memorial day weekend means time if for block buck ters. >> men in black 3 is out. rafael seth has more in this box office preview. >> he's been dead for over 40 years. >> reporter: will smith goes
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back to the future in men and black three 3. it's been ten years since agents j and k were last on screen, but now agent k splayed by tommy lee jones is missing and world history is mysteriously being rewritten. to find him and put things right, smith has to time travel back to 1969 to find a younger version much his partner. men in black 3 is rated pg 13. americans peek behind will the iron occur anyone in chernobyl diaries. a group of young tourists decide to spice up their vacation by visiting the site, but there's more than just structural damage from the 1986 disaster. when their tour guide's car breaks down, they discover the go guest town is not abandoned. it's rated r. >> here is my plan. >> my answer is yes. >> when? >> reporter: young love blooms at summer camp.
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12-year-old sam and susie meet on an islands off the new england coast. they make a pact to run away together causing parents, scout readers and other responsible adults to launch an all out search hoping to find them before a violent storm comes ashore. it's rated pg 13. that's the box office preview. and when news 4 continues, there was no i do. so a guy now says i'll sue. the case of the jilted groom coming up next. the daughter of dr. martin luther king joins us in the studio to hear about her mo mother's memoir next. ♪ >> erin willett made it to the final eight on "the voice" and he's also here in our studio live and has a new single out. we'll take a listen to more.
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people are not going gaga for lady gaga in indonesia. in fact today hundreds of muslim activist protested gaga's planned contest there. the demonstrators are threatening violence in the singer doesn't cancel the show. gaga's moves are considered too risqué. the concert is planned for next saturday. indonesia is a predominantly muslim nation. he said she left him at the altar. and he's suing. he says the money is for lost deposits and cancellation fee, rent and for money withdrawn from hair joint bank account. his former fiance, kendra plat lee, says she owes him nothing. >> i can understand why he's emotional about it.
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you know, we started planning a wedding and it was really over the top. it was nothing that i wanted, nothing that i could ever afford for myself. >> i loved this girl with all my heart. i thought she was going to be the mother of my children. >> i just wanted to break up with him and go our separate ways and live our lives. and that's all. >> she just ripped my heart out of my chest as well as ripped away my bank account. >> reporter: the couple dated off and on since 2008. they were engaged once before, but mutually agreed to break it off. silverstein says this time there's no hope they'll ever get back together. on the flip side, wedding bells are ringing for keira knightley. the 27-year-old is engaged to her musician boyfriend. the couple began dating light last year. bernice king, daughter of martin luther king jr., is in
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town for a book signing. she'll be signing copies of her mother's memoir. it's called desert rose. and she's here in the studio this afternoon. we should call you ms., reverend, you're both. >> and you can call me bernice. >> well, welcome to washington and welcome to our news. you've chosen a special venue for tomorrow's book signing and of course that is down at the memorial on the title basin. seems like a natural place. >> it is for me. and more importantly, it's important that people have a connection and understanding about the work that my mother did to really bring my father to the prominence that he has today. she's really the one who was on the path every day after at high school satisfies nation keeping his legacy alive and his work going. >> and the fact touches on the impact that she made on the world after his assassination.
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yes, she had to make a critical decision the day before his funeral was a march that he was to lead for the sanitation workers in memphis, tennessee. and she opted to do it after certain people suggested she do it. because she felt that my father would want her to be there just as he has suggested her to be in certain places when khe could nt show up. and for a widow at that time with four young children, i didn't get to go, i was too young, she took my three siblings with her to lead that march, which was totally different than it would have been had daddy been living because people probably were paying their respectses at that time to her and the family. and she made very important statements. and she had been the kind of widow who was hurt and hostile, it could have set us on a different kind of course. but she called for nonviolence all over the nation and that became her pathway to
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introducing or further introducing to this nation and the world daddy's philosophy of nonviolence. >> and there by continuing his l lega legacy. >> the book was written by your aupt. >> yes, she started in 1966, put it in the mail in '68. daddy was assassinated that evening, so she had to shelf it. my mom wrote her own memoir at the time and my aunt completed this book and two weeks before she passed last year, we signed a deal with university of alabama press. >> is there anything in the book that might surprise the world? >> i don't know if anything might surprise it. for me i didn't know that my mother was engaged before and i'm actually glad that she broke it off of course because i couldn't get here through them. but that was a bit of a surprise to me. i think a lot of people, they're
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going to find out that she was very much a woman who had been prepared to walk with martin luther king, not a woman who was made as a result of the movement. i think that's the most important thing. she was very much a strong determined woman and an activist in her own right before she met dad. she was involved in the peace movement, had studied gandhi. so that was a natural union that they had to lead that movement. so you're going to do a book signing. are you pleased with the way it's turned out? >> i am. i mean, no one would be able to perfect anything. it's very hard to do that. a lot of times with african-american, it's difficult to get us right. but i am pleased with it. and more importantly, i think it's a permanent place for years to come and people from all over the world would know about martin luther king junior. >> and what were your thoughts about the controversy concerning the wording on the memorial and the way your father was
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portrayed when he talked about being a drum major for peace? >> i think it's important for historical accuracy that the quote be what it was. in fact, it was the approved quote and a decision was made that was not the same decision that should have been made. so that's why we have this issue today. so i hope that we can get the entire quote because it places him in the proper context for generations yet unborn who won't know the context that many of us know. when we see it, we know so it didn't worry bother us. >> we will get to know loretta scott king even more by reading the beat. it's entitled desert rose. and bernice will be there tomorrow at 11:00 and then a second signing tomorrow afternoon. >> bus boys and poets in arlington, virginia. and at the memorial, if ybuy fie copy, they've arranged to do a special picture with you and me. so we encourage you to buy
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several and give them to women and men in your life. because they need to know that not behind, but beside every great man is a great woman. >> thank you so much for joining us. when we come right back on news 4, we'll have popular bar banning bachelorette parties. plus a former football star finally free after serving ten years for a rape he did not
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we're running about ten degrees higher than average for this time of year. the mercury. but that dew point temperature is the humidity we'd be getting around the mid point of summer. you can see some clouds out
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there right now. a little showers around the area. but not the big moving slow moving thunderstorms as we've had over the last couple of days. we're at 86 degrees, dew point temperature 67 degrees. you get that number over 65 and you're already quite humid. we're talking about dew point temperatures over 70 degrees. it's 86 in frederick, maryland, 87 in fredericksburg and 88 in charlottesville. some spots right around the north carolina/virginia line at 90. you can see clouds pushing westward. a little bay breeze. clouds throughout prince georges county right now and a few isolated little showers. one of which was just west of ocean city. a light shower around down the northern neck area. the core of the heat right now here. memphis, tennessee, jackson,
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mississippi, dallas, texas. and this area of heat will be expanding eastward up into the ohio valley. touching on part of the mid-atlantic. along with the fact that we're going to see more humidity. look at the dew point temperature in jacksonville, florida, it's at 70 and likely to go up to about 75 with a little tropical system developing off the coast. to the north of us a little weak weather boundary and that's a warm front. so warm air for us. saturday even starting early. and close to that weather wound dri he boundary especially north to pennsylvania and west of us, we could be picking up an isolated shower during the afternoon tomorrow. it won't be anywhere close to a washout, but just know an isolated passing shower. and as the warm front continues more to the north on sunday, i think we're back out of the chance, but then back in it again for monday. and look at this area of low pressure off the coast of south carolina and georgia. this could be developing into a tropical system, tropical depression, tropical storm, but
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not good for the carolina beaches at all because of that tropical system. for us, it means more moisture with the next storm system early part of next week. 73 to 78, we're mild and humid with an isolated little shower just to the he's of us. patchy fog for tomorrow morning, 64 to 69, with a light wind. and then for tomorrow afternoon, again, isolated showers mainly to our west. it's going to be warm, it's going to be sticky. and with a high of 88 degrees, it's going to feel like we're 90 plus. same thing for sunday with a partly sunny sky, memorial day right now, we've got a 30% chance of seeing a pop up shower and then a better chance tuesday which should help bring down that heat. >> we'll need it by then. >> feeling more like july around here. >> thanks, veronica. still ahead, mission accomplished. space x does its job at the international space station.
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♪ >> she's home. remember that word. erin willett joins us live next. juicy johnsonville sausage.
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made with only premium cuts of pork since 1945. johnsonville. sausage is all we do. welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. here's what's happening at 4:30. canadian man is under arrest for rushing the cockpit of an american airlines flight in mike today. police say 24-year-old ryan s snider moved swiftly up the aisle after the plane landed. passengers detained the man and no one was injured. snyder faces a judge next week.
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we're still awaiting the arraignment of the man who killed etan patz. hernandez is currently in the hospital on suicide watch, so the court proceedings will take place at his bedside. expect slow traffic and busy highways if you plan to be on the roads this holiday weekend. aaa says travel is expected to be up this year because gas prices have been falling over the past few weeks. and the price at the pump is a little lower than this time last year. another flare up in europe's debt crisis knocked markets lower today. the dow lost 75 points and heads into the holiday weekend at a level of 12,454. the nasdaq closed with a slight loss of about two points and the s&p 500 lost three to close the week at 1317. ♪
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>> you recognize that voice. that's erin willett, a semifinalist on the season of the "voice." erin is a hometown girl we know from gaithersburg, born and raised here who was on team brake and she's back in our area. back home. and remember that word because that's your new single which dropped today. >> yes. i was actually on the tommy show 94.7 fresh fm. i've never had a song on the radio especially my own that i wrote. so it was a cool experience and i'm getting a lot of great feedback from it. so if you want to go download if, you can go to my website, erin and click the down load tab. >> we have it right here. so let's hear a few bars. ♪ don't forget this, don't forget your home ♪ ♪ leaving the town and the place
4:36 pm
where my life was made and getting ready for the life that's about to -- >> wow. i want to listen to the rest of it. when i heard it this morning on the radio, i didn't want them to stop. this is a different sound, too. >> yeah, it is. it's very different. the way i song write, it's just very simple and conveying just a simple message. and when i wrote this, i actually wrote it when i was in college at hofstra when i first left home and reminiscing on all the people that have affected who i am and it's a great song for right how with people graduating and moving on. and just remembering where you come from. but still, you know, achieving your dream and going for what you want. >> and you're back home. you were born and raised here as we mentioned. you've been home for a couple weeks. when she came in the studio, she said i'm so nervous. she's been watched by tens of millions of people, prime time on nbc for months. >> hey, nbc 4 is my go-to station.
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so this is like -- i remember when i first met and you couple months ago and i was like, oh, my god, that's jim hanley. i was so star struck. >> wow. and you have no idea what a huge fan i am of yours. >> thank you so much. >> you blew the roof off your final performance. >> thank you. >> i got to ask you, the man who took it all the way, you were on team blake, but jermaine. did he have your vote in the end? >> of course. he's such a genuinely great person. and to know especially all four of the top four have been working at this for so long. and to have him being at this for quite a long time is just great for him to achieve something. and i keep in contact with him and i'm really proud of him. i i mean, he came from team blake. and especially the fact that we went through the local process together, we were together every day and we were the last pew standing on our team and he was the one that won was amazing. and that's him with his wife and i love her and his family is
4:38 pm
amazing. >> has it taken a while to sink in that you were actually a celebrity somewhat's the welcome home be like? >> it's crazy. i was the starbucks and some lady is like are you that girl from the voice some and i was like yeah. it's just weird to realize, you know, how much of an effect on your community you have. and especially a place like gaithersburg and maryland and this metropolitan area. this is the place i grew up in, this is the place that changed me and molded me into who i am. >> as long as they don't ask you to sing. >> that's scary. but it's cool to see the people who are star struck by me because we were kind of in isolation and just working every single day. so to be able to come home and seat people that were behind the scenes voting and being supportive is really great. >> and you can hear her this weekend. are you going to be taking the stage this sunday at this year's
4:39 pm
94.7 fresh fm fresh-able. so what's it like to perform again some you said with tommy mcfly that one of the best things is your band will be paid. >> they haven't been paid at all. and they've been with me for a year now. and these are just my friends that love music just as much as i do. so being able to have them be a part of this experience, this is the first time i'll be playing in maryland with a band and especially opening for adam lambert. that will be so cool. >> and your mom is doing well. she's managing you. >> yeah, she's doing the e-mails and helping me out. and i think for her especially, it's a nice way to be involved. yeah, she's doing a great job. >> thank positive cos for comin. >> now that you're this enormous star. so proud of you. >> i'm really excited and hopefully i'll see people sunday. >> tickets are still available. sunday, 4:00. gaylord national harbor. you can still get the tickets.
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and adam lambert the headliner. that's a big name to follow. >> he'll be following me. >> that's right. you warm them up. >> i'll warm up the crowd. i'm excited. i'm really excited for this sunday. >> we're excited for all the good things out there waiting for you. pat, back over to you. florida's newest theme park is making a big splash. lego land unveiled its new water park by letting everybody in free and then it went for the record for the number of beach balls tossed in it to the air at the same time. the old record because 400. the new record unofficially, 1355. they did it. the new water park officially opens tomorrow. the decision to hand out condoms at a high school prom in new york city is getting a lot of mixed reaction. it's ordered 500 condoms to pass
4:41 pm
out to students at next month's prom. they were donated by a manufacturer offering free condoms at proms to schools across morning. so far the brooklyn school is the only school taking them up on that offer. new york city's school board allows schools to pass out condoms to students and they've sanctioned the event. some community members say this is a bad idea. and the owner of a popular hollywood night club is making a political statement that could be bad for business. the abbey is a gay bar, but it also attracts large groups of women especially bachelorette parties. now the owner says he will no longer allow martys for customers who are not gay and that he won't change the policy until same-sex marriage is legal throughout the country. he says it's not fair to let bachelorettes celebrate getting married, a right that his gay marriages don't have. when we come back, busy day in space as astronauts capture the space x dragon capsule. plus new developments in the
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search for a missing mother last
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a privately owned spacecraft docked with the international space station. astronauts captured the space x dragon capsule this morning. >> nbc's bamark barger has more. >> reporter: an historic catch some 200 miles above the earth. the dragon space capsule captured by crews on board the enter na international space station. as the capsule traveled through space at more than 17,000 miles an hour, teams at space x headquarters delicately maneuvered it. but not without difficulty. just minutes before the first attempt at capture, dragon was forced to retreat and reposition. with that maneuver completed,
4:46 pm
dragon was finally brought into range with the station's robotic arm to grab it, ushering in nasa's new post shuttle era and bringing relief and pride to the space x crew back on earth. >> capture is confirmed. >> reporter: on tuesday, space x's falcon 9 rocket lifted dragon of from canaveral. the first private mission to carry cargo to the space station. but elon musk hopes today's success is just the beginning for private space missions. >> we're at the dawn of a new era and there's a much bigger role for commercial space companies. ra ra . >> reporter: a new era firmly attached to the old. >> that's exciting. >> it is very exciting. and so is this weekend. some folks can you believe it, they don't have plans. wait, that would be me. >> i don't have plans either. >> but there is a lot going on
4:47 pm
this weekend. take a look at these strawberries. they are so yummy and fresh and juicy. and this is from the folks who put on the -- >> we can split it. >> okay, the destrawberry festil taking place. some of the horse stables opened hair doors. so you can take a tour there and see how some of the fine horses are bred and ask questions. but a good start to our summer. okay the strawberry festival at sky meadow state park saturday and sunday. those were good. all right. let's talk about the water temperature at ocean city. 68 degrees. and for saturday, we'll have a southeast wind. so temperatures will be the coolest on saturday. becoming more humid.
4:48 pm
winds will be picking up on monday. here's a look at what it will be here locally. 88 degrees on saturday. 89 close to 90 on sunday. we'll get a shower or thunderstorm there on monday, right now just a 30% chance. and as we look forward to next week, you you can see a bit more rain coming on tuesday and then cooling off and becoming less humid mid part of next week. of course coming up on news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00, doug still in ocean city having fun. >> we won't get him back. >> thanks, veronica. when we come back, how a former star athlete's rape conviction was overturned after he served a decade behind bars. plus a guy is dreaming o
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a california man has ban exonerated. 26-year-old brian banks was
4:52 pm
faultily accused by high school friend, he spent five years in jail after taking a plea deal to avoid a 41 years to life sentence. after banks was paroled, his accuser reached out to him on facebook. he hired a private investigator to videotape their meeting where she recan'ted their story. >> i've been dealing with this for you no ten years. i've had my moments where i was very angry and very vengeful. but i know it was best for me to try and move forward in a positive manner for the betterment of me. >> banks had hoped for a career in the nfl. something he still says he wants. surveillance video capture as man holding up a taco bell, but he found no money. this happened in bedford county, virginia. the robber crawled through the drive-through window and demanded money. however, employees told the robber they had already locked up the cash for the night in the
4:53 pm
store safe and they did not have the combination to get it out. the robber then left through the back door. still to come on news 4, new developments in the case of a missing mother who vanished mii woke up with this horrible rash on my right side.
4:54 pm
an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit
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qulapd what happened to michelle parker? she vanished six months ago. >> the evidence has led police to a person of interest. kerry sanders reports. >> reporter: despite more than 700 tips to police, investigators still don't know what happened to michelle parker. absent any answers -- >> tell us where she is so we can go and get her. >> reporter: her family's anguish remains raw. >> if there's any mother or father on the planet that has no idea what i'm going through, god
4:57 pm
bless you. >> reporter: michelle parker vanished the day she and her ex-fiance dale smith appeared in a taped episode of the people's court. >> he gets pretty malicious and sven dick difference. >> reporter: as she argued over an engagement ring. >> he said he wanted his ring, so i took it off and threw it at him. >> reporter: thursday, a new police panel made up of investigators from all over the state gathered to look at clues. >> this is a very, very active case. >> reporter: they say the evidence continues to lead them back to their initial suspicion. >> this case, we do have a very serious person of interest. we all know that. >> reporter: that person they say is dale smith. >> because we've had person of interest from day one. and all we need to do is fit that missing piece of the
4:58 pm
puzzle. >> reporter: dale smith has denied any involvement and his lawyer says smith remains concerned for parker, the mother of his children. >> and i don't know who did it for sure, i don't know where they put her, how disrespectful that is it. man up. you know? do the right thing. >> reporter: among the significance evidence found so far, parker's cell phone tossed in an orange county lake. and the last known image of parker, at a drive-through just hours before she vanish. >> even a tragic answer, you want an answer. >> i want my baby back. yes. yes. i want my baby back. and if somebody never goes to jail, i don't really care. i just want my girl. >> that was kerry sanders reporting. parker's twins are living with their father, dale smith. now at 5:00, the latest on your memorial day travel. off the top tonight, an undercover sting to catch iphone
4:59 pm
thieves ends in an arrest. how the mother allegedly used her 6-year-old son to commit the crime. a man accused in one of new york city's most toe tore yus missing child cases is on suicide watch as new details about the disturbing attack come to light. and there until on the tarmac as a passenger rushes the cockpit on an american airlines flight. good evening, everybody. i'm jim hanley. >> i'm pat lawson muse. memorial day weekend is here and the rush is on to get to the beach. millions are hitting the highways. 35 million people are expected to travel at least 50 miles or more this weekend. nearly nine out of every ten will travel by car. some 2 million others are expected to fly to their destinations for the long weekend. here's the scene from chopper four this afternoon. a steady stream of traffic rolling across the bay bridge throughout the day. travelers heading to the eastern shore for the first time since last summer may be surprised by th


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