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tv   Today  NBC  May 26, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> they're the new cows. they have stripes, not spots. >> that's it for news4 today. we'll be back in 25. >> "today" show's next. good morning. going to extremes. the holiday weekend kicks off with record heat in the middle of the country. yet another tropical storm system bearing down in the northeast. what the wild weather means for you and your travel plans. getting personal. >> for the first time in my life i understand how someone could consciously dewcide why to commt suicide. >> an emotional joe biden on love and loss. winging it. the first daredevil to land in a winget suit without a parachute and he's only talking to us. today's saturday, may 26, 2012.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm jenna wolfe. what do you thing are the chances that as he's going down, he's saying, let there be cardboard there, let there be cardboard there. >> i'm wondering if he's thinking maybe this wasn't such a good idea. he did have a parachute on and he could have pulled the cord. >> he walked away and he did well. >> we're going to talk to him later in the broadcast. >> it is memorial day weekend already. >> we're going to talk about the weather. temperatures in the 90s gripping much of the nation this weekend. tropical storm warnings are up, along the southeast coast. beryl is this year's second named storm. the hurricane season, by the way, hasn't even officially
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begun yet, but the weather didn't get the memo. we've got it all covered for you. and then is it a mystery solved? a new jersey man has been charged in the murder of little etan patz. 33 years ago the missing child was put into the spotlight. plus, we're going to look at history being made. this morning the space station crew is hard at work unloading the cargo. it's a mission that could help open the heavens to private enterprise, including rides into space for regular folks. >> it's a great hook-up. and it's memorial day weekend. not a bad day to shop for bar against. we'll tell you where this weekend's best sales are. don't for goat cookout. diets asight and cookouts front and scepter. at least that's my philosophy.
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>> scorching temperatures across much of the country and yet another tropical storm forming off the northeast coast. let's get the latest from nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: mother nature has chosen to surprise us with some unusual weather. this weekend at the indy 500, get the sunscreen and the floppy hat. temperatures are forecasted to be in 2the 90s for the next thre days. >> you need to hydrate a lot. >> reporter: more warm weather is expected in chicago where sunday's high could set the record set back in 1911. in missouri they're coping with flooding brought on by heavy rains that could threaten cookouts in the northeast. >> play inside. >> reporter: tropical storm beryl off the coast of the carolinas is forcing outdoor plans inside for this long weekend. while off the coast of mexico, a
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storm named bud dampened the plans along the east. in central florida, smoke from a five-acre brushfire closed sections of a highway. there are no reports of injuries. further south afternoon thundershowers are predicted for miami beach-goers, but for some south florida visitor, rain ishais hardly a worry. the weather channel's stephanie abrams is upstairs with more on that and the tropical warnings all along the southeast coast. good morning. >> good morning to you. good morning to you at home. let's start with the heat. it could be the hottest, indianapolis 500. you have the heat indices which will be hotter than that. it definitely lasts into our memorial day on monday.
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let's talk about subtropical storm beryl. listen, if it's a tropical storm, subtropical storm, doesn't matter. you're going to get the same effects as this thing moves westbound. there are postings here as we look. florida into georgia and into south carolina. the good news with this system is it's bringing rain exactly where we need it. it's going to move westbound. we're seeing the worst drought in the entire u.s. right in this vicinity. so jenna and lester, even though hurricane season doesn't start until june 1st, this is good news for those in the southeast with the rain. >> thank you, stephanie. we'll check back with the national weather forecast. >> let's check on the rest of the morning's news stories. tom llamas is at the desk. >> memorial day weekend where we pay tribute to the men and women who sacrificed their lives. it marks the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war in which more
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than 58,000 servicemen and women died. service men have placed flags on nearly a quarter of a million graves. a five-acre fire sending heavy black smoke toward thes be hotels and attractions at the walt disney world. another brush fire has burned through 2,500 acres in southern california and a 130-mile blaze has prompted help for arizona. this weekend got off to a scary start for people in indiana. a gunman was looking for someone he believed owed him money. the hostages were released about seven hours later. most were okay, but one had a head wound. the gunman shot himself before a s.w.a.t. team stormed the building. he died a short time later at a local hospital. attorneys representing a former university of virginia lacrosse player are asking for a
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new trial. george huguely was convicted in february of robbing and killing his ex-girlfriend yearly love. the defense team cites a series of errors in the first trial raging from the seating of the jury to failure to sequester the jury. huguely is scheduled to be sentenced in august. he face as maximum of 26 years in prison. the first round of results from egypt's historic voting is in. they'll face each other in a runoff election in mid-june. many egyptians fear it will bring an end to gains brought by last year's uprising. >> golden gate bridge celebrates its 75th anniversary on sunday. it still standing for many people as a symbol of hope and ingenuity. finally, talk about being a party animal. a half dozen cows who got loose
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from a nearby farm wandered over to a party and bellied up some beers. the crazy cows were eventually returned to the farm. no charges have been filed. that's the news. if you ask me, thing the cows were milked it. >> cow tipping or cow tipsy, i guess. >> stephanie abrams is back and clearly we -- >> we got the memo. >> so let's talk about the weather because lester didn't get it. >> i haven't worn a white suit in a if you'res. >> let's talk about what's happening across the country because there's so much weat there's so much weather. we talked about beryl. there's a risk for severe weather through the plains and into the upper midwest and also some showers there along the rockies. now here's a look at what's happening outside your door. >> and a good saturday morning
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to you. i'm storm4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a nice start on your holiday weekend. a little bit of fogginess and cloudiness this morning. that won't last long. we'll be left with plenty of sunshine today. current temperatures are in the upper 60s to near 70. we're looking for high temperatures today and tomorrow. mid to upper 80s. a few spots might be flirting with 90 degrees. especially as you get into tomorrow and on monday. have a good weekend, everybody. lester, over to you. >> stephanie, thanks. now to an emotional vice president joe biden who spoke to a group of military families on friday as part of memorial day weekend. he opened up about love and loss and went back to the day in 1972 when he was newly elected senator and got a call with news that his family had been in a terrible accident. >> i was down in washington hiring my staff and i got a phone call that my family had been in an accident. you knew -- you just felt it in
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your bones something bad happened, and i knew. i don't know how i knew. the call said my wife was dead, my daughter was dead, and they weren't sure how my sons were going to might. they were christmas shopping and a tractor-trailer broadsided them and in one instant killed two of them. for the first time in my life i understand how someone could consciously decide how to commit suicide. i remember looking up and saying god, as if i was talking to god myself, you can't be good. how can you be good? there will come a day, i promise you, and you patients aparents when the thought of your son or daughter or husband or wife brings a smile to your lips before it bridges a tear to your
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eye. it will happen. >> vice president joe biden remarkably opening up in very personal term ts in his own words. now, 11 minutes past the hour, here's jenna. >> lester, thanks. for the first time since the final space shuttle flight last summer, an unmanned space ship was linked up with the international space station. this morning the station's crew started unpacking and have just under a week to unload food, clothes, and other contents. what make this remarkable is it's not nasa's spaceship. it's a commercial spaceship making a journal and making history. more now from tom costello. >> station, houston, you have a go. >> reporter: a private company this morning managed to accomplish something only four nations have ever achieved. at 9:56 aim -- >> capture is confirmed.
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>> reporter: the spacecraft reaching out with a space arm and grabbed the space station. at spacex headquarters outside los angeles celebration and tears. >> i'd like to thank the whole spacex team. you guys are awesome. >> reporter: the man behind it, spacex founder elon musk. >> it's just a fantastic day and i think great for the country and for the world. >> reporter: with the space shuttle fleet retired nasa has been relying on russia spacecraft. while waiting for private business to take over. surprisingly this company just ten years old beat out some big competitors to win a $1.6 billion nasa contract. >> they completely built and tested and flew this spacecraft in a manner that has reason been just remarkable. >> reporter: the average age of spacex is just 30 but it combined years of nasa know-how with years of dernlt thinking to
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pull this off. >> this mission is only a beginning of the widening of space access, including not just cargo to orbit but people to orbit. >> reporter: the first manned mission could be just a few years away. this morning the space crew was unloading their cargo. >> i'm hoping a lot of people's doubts will be put to rest. >> reporter: with dragon in the station's arm, they're celebrating at spacex. for "today," tom costello, nbc news. >> once again, here's lester. it's been just over a few weeks since facebook went public. investors have filed lawsuits, mishandled and bungled trades are still being sorted out, and a lot of people just want to get their money back. cnbc's brian shactman is back. good morning. >> good morning, lester. >> a lot to go down. let's talk about morgan stanley that had been handling it. the earnings may not have been
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quite what we thought. the average joe didn't hear about it, did they? >> no. it's a legal beef that we'll see if it's played out over time. they're raising the price they're allegedly telling certain investors their earnings might not be what they thought they would be. if you're filing with the s.e.c., it moot not be illegal, but it's not look good. sometimes they put research out and it's our job at cnbc to put it out to the general money lick. they probably didn't break the law. we'll see what happens on the morgan stanley side. it's not the message you want to send when main street is skeptical about wall street anyway. >> a lot of people had an emotional involvement in facebook. that caused a bit of a meltdown at nasdaq, a computer-related
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exchange. >> they said for this i pi o you could make an order for a trade or canceled trade all the way up until they started trading. it was a flood of orders. some people didn't find out till a day later they were actually owning stock. here's the key. if nasdaq worked properly, maybe it doesn't sky rocket. but maybe they wouldn't have a complain here. that's the big problem. so many people got what they didn't want, and that's the legitimate complaint. >> does all of this overshadow the fact that the stock didn't perform the way they thought or we overthought the value of social networking? >> absolutely. at the time of the price range you're val yug facebook at $20 billion. people at home need to
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understand, they might love facebook and they have 900 million users. that doesn't mean it's a good investment. it remains to be seen if it's going be a great stock. >> does mark zucker berg need to come out and sell the stock? >> he's always said, i never wanted to go public. i wanted to focus on making facebook great. >> look at the hoodie. he's a cultural icon now, he's worked billions. it seems he could come out and assure these loyal people. state seems there's a leadership void. >> it does indeed. thanks against here's jenna. buffalo, new york, is normally a chilly place but a lot of people living there are hot under the collar these days over a health plan for teachers
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that lets them get all kinds of cosmetic surgeries for free, everything from face lifts to nose jobs to botox. here's nbc's ron allen. >> this includes tummy tucks, liposuction, even botox. >> reporter: the headlines are not as flattering as the treatment. a national magazine asking in disbelief, why does buffalo pay for its teachers to have plastic surgery? "the buffalo news" says it's a national embarrassment. but teacher brag says she's used the cosmetic coverage to get rid of a wrinkle or two and she claims buffalo teachers are among the lowest paid in the state and haven't had a raise in many years. they deserve a little something extra. >> it makes me feel like i'm prepared to go and teach and give my all. it's like a perk.
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>> it's more than just a perk. it's above and beyond. >> reporter: a perk that cost buffalo schools nearly $6 million. 9 million dollars a year before that. taxpayer money because the schools are self-insured in one of the nation's poorest city. it shoes 60 teachers spend as much as $30,000 each on procedures last year alone. >> one teacher actually called me tonight criticizing us for even covering it. but we are because there's a lot of outrage out there. >> it's just not fair. at this point in time, there are so many other critical things that money needs to be spend on. >> reporter: the money was orange naldly designed for people who were accident victims, cancer survivors, but now they advertise in the teacher's news flyers. >> arm lift, face lift and we do breast surgery as well. i don't know personally of any
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other company in the country that has cosmetic coverage. >> reporter: it's a zwrauchbld between the teachers and the city. the bottom line, how do you end this? they're holding onto it as a bargaining chip, better salaries. >> they didn't get into the contract by holding a gun to their head. >> reporter: do you see the public relation issue in this. >> absolutely. we're taking the heat and it's not our fault. and once again, here's lester. >> jen narks thanks. the next time you find yourself near a crying baby, you may want to resist the urge to run and perhaps thank the little one instead. why? nbc's michelle kosinski has the story from oxford, enland. >> reporter: oh, yes, that jagr sound is designed to get our attention. and how it works, say, on a
7:20 am
plane. sometimes nonhue manns offer a paw. they had test subjects listen to sounds for several minutes. babe crying, adulting c ins cry birds singing. after that, trying the hand/eye coordination game. whack a mow. >> you have to work quickly. >> reporter: and surely enough only after hearing the baby screaming people did significantly better. more than just game, the researchers feel listening to infant distress evoke callization enhances performance or helps you move faster, more accurately with more effort. even after the crying stopped. >> we were surprised alt the
7:21 am
magnitude. >> male and females? >> mail and females. there was no difference. >> was it much better? >> significantly. significantly, significantly better. >> reporter: and parents admit it. are you a good cryer? can you believe your crying help mom and dad perform better at muscular tasks? oh, yeah, babies get it. >> does it make you appreciate babies' screams a whole lot more? >> no, no, not really. >> i just thing i want to sleep in the night. >> reporter: the question is if those cries make people do much better at this, would they improve your performance before, say, the big job you'rable to do, the sports competition, and the oliympicsolympics?
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next time maybe thank the baby for the primal allial vocalization and then go do something better. i'm going to perform much bet oretown show now. still ahead, six days of deliberations and still no verdict. what's taking jurors so long on the john edwards trial. we'll get into that. [ mechanical humming ]
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♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. still ahead, on a wing and prayer. >> for first time a man lands on a wing without a parachute. he'll tell us how he did it. but first these messages.
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hi, everyone. good morning. it is 7:26 on this saturday, may 26, 2012. i'm richard jordan. here's a look at what's topping your news for today. you can expect to hear that sound all weekend. it's the 25th anniversary of the rolling thunder motorcycle rally in d.c. thousands are already in the district ready to honor military veterans and those missing in action. tomorrow they'll ride to the vietnam veterans memorial then gather in front of the lincoln memorial. police will be out in full force to make sure drivers are staying safe. police are taking part in the
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drive sober or get pulled over campaign. there will be zriebt check points to crack down on impaired driving. if you see a drunk driver, dial #77 on your cell phone. chuck bell has a l
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good morning, everybody. a beautiful saturday morning. a little bit of patchy fog across the area this morning. a few mid-level clouds as well. all this clearing out and we'll be left with plenty of sunshine coming your way later this morning and into the afternoon hours. we're off to a humid start. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s already. we're looking for highs today mid to upper 80s. one or two shower chances across the mountain chances of west virginia up into pennsylvania, but most of us will be dry for most if not all of your weekend. boy, is it going to be hot. highs near 90 through the stretch.
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back to you. >> thanks. we're going to have another news update in 25 minutes. back to the "today" show in new york. we'll have a full 90 minutes at 9:00. see you then. we're back on saturday morning, may 26, 2012. it is the unofficial start of summer. memorial day weekend. it sure feels like sum here in new york city. we've got a nice crowd out on the zpla this holiday weekend. our many thanks to them for spending part of their morning with us. i'm jenna wolfe alongside lester holt. coming up, we're talking about the zodiac killer. >> a former los angeles police officer says he's virtually certain he knows who the ill killer really was and why he was never arrested. we'll get more on that in a few minutes. and we're going to switch gears and talk to a self-proclaimed junky who journeyed out of a plane in a
7:31 am
winged suit without a parachute. nobody's ever done it before. we're going to talk to this stuntman what it was luke to fly free and walk away and more importantly talk to his wife who let him do it. >> dwrould that? >> many times. plus, calling all hunger games fans, we'll show you where you can tour the real life district 12 with archery lessons. >> would do you it. >> no. >> you barely fly. the jurors have been at it for six days but still have not arrived at a decision. are they just being thorough or battling it out behind closed doors? here's nbc's lisa myers.
7:32 am
♪ and the home of the braves ♪ >> reporter: as the jury deliberated, john edwards and his daughter cate caught a few innings of a college baseball game friday, the third day they have slimmed out of the courthouse and gone down the street to watch the tournament and break the monotony of waiting. for six days now, ed warksds cat, cate, and his parents have come to the courthouse. the tension is palpable. even among the prosecutors. the government's team also took in a baseball game this week. so what is taking a jury of eight men and four women so long to reach a verdict? >> i think it's divided. you may actually be having a mini trial going on where you look at the evidence and argue it and try to persuade each
7:33 am
side. >> reporter: jurors have requested dozens of exhibits, and on thursday, the judge asked if they'd just like to go ahead and get all 503 exhibits in the case. their answer, yes. and that could signal lengthy deliberations still to come. >> the key issue is have they decided on john edwards' criminal intent. if they haven't got on the that yet, we could be here a while. >> reporter: the jury is taking the long weekend off and get back to work on tuesday. its eventual decision will be whether after years of public score john edwards and his family can finally move on or whether he'll face 30 years in prison. time now for another check of your safrt frard from the weather channel stephanie abrams. >> let's talk about what's happening this weekend.
7:34 am
as we head into the day tomorrow, we just talked about how the severe weather is going to be through the portions of the plains into the upper portions of the plains. it stays in the same vicinity, but stretches south into portions of kansas. then into our memorial day. who's going to be able to grill outside and who's going to have to use one of the george foreman types inside? into the southwest you're good for grilling. around the great lakes, it could be risk. now a look at what's happening outside your door. >> good morning, everybody. we're off to a very nice start this morning. we do have a bit of cloud cover and fog around first thing. that's not going to last. there's one, two, three spots of showers. we'll get more and more sunshine as the morning wears along. current temperature now 72 degrees at national airport. mid-60s across much of northern virginia and sur bourban maryland. highs today upper 80s. one or two showers in the
7:35 am
and nr a details forecast you can also go 24 hours a day. everything you need is there. lester. >> all right, stephanie. thank you. the zodiac killer terrorized the area four decades ago. five people were shot to death or stab and two others wounded. a former l.a. police officer knows the identity of the killer. >> reporter: lynn don laugherty, a 70-year-old former california patrol officer says he knows who the killer is. his monster, the zodiac killer whose taumting cryptic messages and coded astro lodge cam symbols. it inspired several books and a hit movie in 2007 starring jake gyllenhaal and robert downey jr. >> and what's the one word we
7:36 am
know he'll use in here at least once. >> reporter: a killer never caught but who laugherty says he saw eye to eye in 1970 just inches away at a highway rest stop. >> the man's face was twitching, nose was snarling uncontrollably and i felt like i was looking into the eyes of death. >> reporter: now in his own book called "the zodiac killer cover-up," he knows who the eyes were, a local man who died an alcoholic at the age of 91. >> he was known by everyone he worked with as having an outrageous temper. >> reporter: he said the man who stabbed him repeatedly was not me thoed call sniet was boom, boom, boom eight times. rage. >> reporter: in the book laugherty only uses a sued name.
7:37 am
he did not investigate. the reason laugherty says because that official had been having an affair with the suspect's wife, hence the alleged cover-up. but laugherty's case is boost on 100 details of circumstantial evidence from witness sightings of the suspect's car to the new reading of the crip toe grams and to the matched survivor's suspect sketch the with man he saw himself, the facial features, glasses, and more. >> one thing outstanding i'll never forget is the reddish tint to the man's hair, which was part of the description of the composite sketch issued by the san francisco police department. >> reporter: still, he's not absolutely sure. >> 98%. >> reporter: and not sure of the names he lists as the other murder victims claimed by the zodiac. >> some of these 37 murders might not be attributable to the
7:38 am
zodiac but we feel that the majority of them are. >> reporter: an old ex-cop who thought he saw one of the big ones. >> i know i'm out there all by myself. i don't care. >> reporter: despite the official verdict of the san francisco police didn't, that while it's a cold case, it's still not a closed case. for "today," mike taibbi, los angeles, nbc news. "the hunger games," get a look into the world's district 12. talk about free landing. this man makes a landing without a parachute. he'll talk about it right after this. [ male announcer ] if paula ebert had her way,
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make sun protection a lesson for life with spf 15 daily protection body lotion and spf 30 face lotion. only from eucerin. all right. now to a deaf-defying sunlt that's earned one man a title of winged man. he jumped out of a helicopter 140 feet in the air equipped with a special winged suit. he had a parachute just in case but he didn't need it as he became the first skydiver ever to land without deploying a parachute and he's thanking those thousands of cardboard boxes for cushioning his landing. gary connery and his wife vivian are in london to talk about gary's amazing accomplishment. good morning. thanks to you both for being with us. >> good morning. >> gary, let me start with you. you're a professional stuntsman. you've jumped out of planes
7:42 am
hundreds of times. why did you want to do it? why did outwant to jump without a parachute? >> i've about been doing it for serval years now and it was just the next stage, you know. i'd got on the a point where the base jumping was. exciting me enough. the winged suit flying wasn't enough. i had to do something -- take the next step on that lad sneer clearly you did that. tell me about your strategy here. was it something thr than one jump, and, two, hope for a bunch of cardboard boxes to soften your landing? >> hopefully. >> no, not really, but i've been telling everyone there's more to it than that, but, no, not really. i knew i could do it. my day job is tv and film stunts so i've done high falls and crashed motorbikes and what have you and crashing into boxes, so i knew that would work in terms of stopping me. i know i could fly in a winged
7:43 am
suit. it was putting two elements together. >> vivian, aisle get to you in a second. gairks when you landed and felt your body and knew you were alive, how did is that feel to you? >> absolute jubilation. i knew that would be the case. but what was most important to me at the time was to get into my pocket, get my walkie-talkie out. viv was on the other end and it was just about making call to her to let her know i was good. >> vivian, you're either the best wife of all time for letting him do this or the exact opposite. how much convincing was involved? i'm sure you had to dole out a little permission here for him to do this? >> i don't think i've given him permission to do anything in his life. i've lived with it for a couple of years and i saw the gradual training because there is training to it. i saw the graduate training to make this happen. >> thoroughly enjoying that champagne, well deserved for the two of you. real quick, gary, what's next?
7:44 am
is there something next on your short-term bucket list? >> yes, absolutely, there is more in the pipeline. i'm going to be shot as a human firework. i'm going to be encased in a rocket and shoot to about 1,000 feet. everything's going to go pop and i'm going to be in free fall but i'm going to deploy a parachute. i've gotten a question for you, jenna. >> absolutely. >> you said in that intermission you would definitely do what i would if nbc let you. when is your day off? >> the thing is i didn't know my mike was open. no kidding, if nbc allows me, aisle do it. thank you guys so much for joining us. i'm so glad you're doing okay and we wishual the best of luck on future stunts. >> brilliant. thank you for having us. >> thanks, jenna. coming up do, you want to pretent you're part of t"the
7:45 am
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if you or your kids love the hunger game, this next story is for you. the movie raked in more than $600 million worldwide. now a new tour can take you deeper into the world of the young heroin.heroin.
7:48 am
>> reporter: welcome to the world of "the hunger games." it offer as brand-new tour to the fans of the book 57b8d movie to walk in the shoes of katniss who fights to survive. a bulk of the blockbuster was filmed here in the majestic mountains of majestic north carolina where fans like 14-year-old anabel lewis are happy. >> out here you can see them out and there's stuff that likes like how the book describes. it's like, whoa, that's crazy. >> reporter: but this is more than just a walking tour of film locations. >> when're going to give you an opportunity to reenact. >> reporter: just like katniss, kids and parents will learn the art of the arrow. tour guide cami hopkins is also an experienced archer.
7:49 am
>> look at your perfect form. >> reporter: no, this is my first time. >> let me get you in the olympics. hear we come. ♪ my first arrow sailed right over the target. this could be strike two, folks. >> nice. >> reporter: proof that i actually shot an arrow. on top of the archiery there's the zipline. even the food is hunger games inspired. the cost for the tour and lodging, about 400 bucks per person. anabel's dad says it's money well spent. >> for me it's more time with anabel. itz's getti it's getting a 14-year-old girl in the woods to make a fire, do
7:50 am
archery. it's a time for the two of us to be together. >> i with us so excited. i was up and down screaming. cold not contain myself. >> reporter: if you thirst for more hunger games, you may find what you're looking for in these mountains. thanh troung. a story that rocked the nation three decades ago, but is the case really solved? we'll get into that. first this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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still to come on "today," prince william, a new book says the future king of england worried if he could ever be a one-woman man. we're live in london with details. >> plus, how much is too much when it comes to tanning? we'll look at the dangers and alternatives when it comes to getting a golden glow.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:56 on this saturday, may 26. i'm rich jordan. here's a a look at the top stories story. d.c. police are looking for who stabbed a woman in the jaw. it happened on m and 7th streets northwest. her name and condition are not released at this time. an undercover sting helped catch a mother who police say used her 6-year-old son to steal an iphone. an officer pretended to be asleep on the sidewalk sw his phone by his side. the woman allegedly told her son
7:57 am
to get the phone and he picked it up. police arrested the mother a short time later. the child referred to social services. maryland made the top five list of states to get speeding tickets. atlanta is the most ticket-happy city in the country. d.c. comes in seventh. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, everybody. i'm storm4 meteorologist chuck bell. it is memorial day weekend and it couldn't feel any more summerlike across the region. current temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. already it's 74 now in annapolis. 68 in winchester. we do have some clouds and fog around first thing this morning. that won't last long. plenty warm today with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.
8:00 am
can't rule out one of two of the shower chances later on this afternoon especially in high spots north and west. most of us staying dry. >> thanks. we're going to have another update in 25 welcome back to to "today," 26th day of may. thanks to those spending part of their memorial day weekend with us. welcome back. jenna wolfe is here with us this morning. coming up, the etan patz case. >> yeah. 33 years ago this 6-year-old boy vanished in new york city. a suspect has been charged with his murder but lingering questions remain. we're going to discuss those questions with an fbi profiler. and then we're going to switch gears and talk about prince william.
8:01 am
he's been married for a little more than a year. a new biography reveals he didn't think he could settle down with one woman. we're going to tell you why. >> i can tell you why. he's young, gorgeous, rich, and hot. we've got you konked from head to toe. everything from the big holiday sale to getting grill out of hibernation and planning your backyard barbecue. of course, that all hinges on the weather. the weather for a lot of folks is going to be pretty hot in some areas. there's also a tropical storm threatening parts of the southeast coast. we get more from nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: this weekend at the indy 500, get the sunscreen and a floppy hat. temperatures are forecast to be in the 90s for the next three days. the weather will be in the 90 ts. more hot weather in chicago
8:02 am
where sunday could threattown 94-degree record set back in 1911. in missouri they're getting threatening flooding. tropical storm beryl off the coast of carolina is forcing outdoor plans inside while off the coast of mexico a storm named bud dampened plans along the east coast. in central florida smoke closed sections of a busy highways, i-4, the home to many hotels and theme parks. there are no reports of injuries. further south afternoon thundershowers are predicted for miami beach-goers, but for some south florida beach-goers. rain is hardly a worry. kerry sanders, nbc news, yoer n orlando. speaking of the heat,
8:03 am
stephanie abrams is tracking the heat. >> let's talk about the records. look at indianapolis on sunday, 97 degrees. that could be the hottest indianapolis 500 on record. as you can see, it continues into memorial day. the other big story, as lester and jenna were mentioning is beryl. right now it is subtropical. whether it's tropical storm beryl or sup tropical, it doesn't matter. you're going to get the same effect. we already have advisories post officed here along the southeast coast. you can see tropical storm warnings here. beryl is headed westbound. this is good news. it will bring some rain exactly where we need it. we're seeing the worst drought for the entire united states here into the southeast so that rain will be beneficial. time go back outside to lester and jenna. >> all right, stephanie. thanks very much. let's get a check of the news headlines again from tom llamas. >> i was talking to these guys. >> you know, she has a job do
8:04 am
right now. >> i'm sorry. my bad. >> tom llamas has another look at the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. a sad start to the memorial day weekend. a fair started when an older cousin lit a match. everyone else got out safely. attorneys for former university of virginia lacrosse player are calling for a new trier. huguely was convicted of robbing and killing his ex-girlfriend yeardley love in may 2010. his attorney says his first trial was tainted with errors. vice president joe biden delivered the commencement address today to 1,000 cadets at west point. he spoke to family members of fallen troops on friday in arlington, virginia. he talked of personal struggles of grief after losing his wife and daughter in a car accident.
8:05 am
>> for the first time in my life i could understand how someone could consciously decide to commit suicide, not bus they were deranged or nuts, but because they'd been to the top of the of the mountain and they knew in their heart they would never get there again. they were never going to get -- never going to be that way again. >> vice president biden ended on a positive note encouraging people to stay strong and promising things will get better. almost 31 million will travel 50 miles. one reason, gas prices are down to $3.37 a gallon. that's 12 cents less than last year. that's the news. now let's get to stephanie abramses. >> we're going snow you where the severe weather riff look be and thatgoing on. we'll show you where the severe risk will be. also into portions of the midwest today.
8:06 am
look at that. can you believe? we're even going to see mountain snow. now here's a look at what's happening outside your door. >> good morning, everybody. outside of our windows here in northwest washington, still some cloud cover. and a little bit of patchy fog to deal with. once again, now that we have the strong may snienz out there, i think we'll have plenty of sun starting later on this afternoon. for now it's a muggy start. 73 in downtown. 68, though, in leesburg and ashburn. so for today, partly sunny skies. warm and humid. highs in the mid to upper 80s today. and near 90 tomorrow. lester, back to you. >> stephanie, thanks. 33 years after etan paid disappeared in new york city, a man was charged this week with killing him. the suspect now hospitalized, undergoing a psychological evaluation before his next court date. nbc's ron allen has details. >> reporter: outside the family home they've never moved from,
8:07 am
hoping etan would some day return, his father stan patz kept his thoughts to himself. whe pedro hernandez, age 51, was charged with second-degree murder. a married father, most recently a construction worker, arrested this week, leaving neighbors stunned. >> i knew the guy for five years. four years, five years. never no problems. he was just a quiet guy. >> reporter: in court hernandez's lawyer cast doubt on his confession, requesting a psychological exam saying he has skis fren ya, bipolar disorder. police say hernandez admits luring etan into a grocery store where he worked in 1979. he strangled etan in the
8:08 am
basement and putting the body in a bag in the trash. hernandez was, of course, a much different person back then, just 18 years old. police admit they have no physical evidence linking him to the abduction and killing. just his confession. the case consumed new york, shocked the nation. >> anybody talking? >> i myself find, i think, more thoughts about where etan is and how he's being detained and what he's eating and what he's thinking. >> reporter: since then, countless sightings, theories, and even other suspects have gone nowhere. police say hernandez first became a suspect last month and after seeing a renewed search for etan's remain, relatives alerted police that hernandez had talked about once killing an unnamed child many years ago, a child who to authorityings is a little boy who created a new awareness about missing and exploited children so long ago. for "today," ron allen, nbc new
8:09 am
york. >> clint van zandt is a former fbi profiler and nbc news correspondent. good morning, clint. >> good morning, lester. >> that's all they had. no physical evidence, no witnesses. could this prove to be a more difficult case to get a convention than it first seems? >> i think it will be, lester. number one, in new york state, the law says you have to have something nr than a conviction. you have to have some other evidence. now the criminal justice system is going to say, well, he talked about killing somebody as late as two years after etan disappeared, he's made other statements. but, again, as ron allen suggested, this is somebody who supposedly has mental health issues, has cancer, has hiv. so all of this is going to play in. the bottom line is does he have unique information that anyone else in the public wouldn't have from a very detailing search of
8:10 am
the media the last 33 years. >> we're still learning about pedro hernandez. he was 18 at the time. clint, you have studied the minds of a killer. how is it that someone who would kill a child would not have a preev history of victimizing children? >> i think that's the challenge we're going to have to look at. all of us remember the case of jonbenet ramsey. we had john carl stand up and say, i was with her when he died. everyone jumped on him. he had never been to colorado in his life. in this particular case shlg you have to say this 18-year-old at the time the little boy went missing, did he have any history prior to that? did he have any history subsequent to that that would allow him to have thought about something like this. we now for example etan -- this was the first morning he walked to the busby himself. so it couldn't have been a surveillance. he had to have been a victim of
8:11 am
opportunity from whoever grabbed him. the question is this particular suspect, could he have just seen him, seized him, committed this horrible ak and then simply moved on with his lives come part mentalizing this terrible secret in his mind for the last 334 years. >> and prosecutors will hang their hat oven the fact they told relatives and other people they killed a child years ago, but is it possible this was delusional and suddenly a lie becomes the truth in your own mind? >> well, if you're schizophrenic and schizophrenia starts to develop in your own mind, just like he was, a person suffering for this, lester, sometimes can not tell the difference between reality and their own perception of reality. and just as you say, if you tell the story, i think of the story long enough, that becomes your new reality. i'm glad they got a confession, but show me some physical evidence, something that links him to this crime other than his own words.
8:12 am
>> all right, clint van zandt. good to talk to you. thanks, much. >> thank you. >> still to come, it's the unofficial risks of summer. next, a new biography claims prince william has doubts about marriage. we'll have thatstair right after these messages. hailstone in u.s. history. hellt oh, that will leave a dent. which is exactly why we educate people... about comprehensive coverage. yep. the right choice now can pay off later. looks like a bowling ball. yeah. oh! agents, say hello to the second-biggest hailstone in u.s. history. [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
8:13 am
cleaning better, doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm going to... drink this... on the porch! ♪ give me just a little more time ♪
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[ female announcer ] mops can be a hassle, but swiffer wetjet's spray cleaner and absorbent pads can clean better in half the time so you don't miss a thing. swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. and for dry messes big and small try swiffer sweeper vac. a new biography of prince williams had speculations on how he was scarred by his parentses' failed mancht duncan has the story. duncan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jenna. it's known that as a child prince william saw how upset his mother was during the breakdown of her marriage, even at one point passing diana tissues
8:15 am
under the door as she sat on the other side, crying, not knowing how it might have affected him later in life. a year into the marriage and could william and kate look any happier? she has relaxed among the adoring crowds while he simply looks proud of his new wife. but why did they take so long to go from college sweethearts to a married couple. a new biography about prince william out next month claims it with us the devastating breakdown of his own parents' marriage. according to the book's author, william was unsure whether it was possible to love just one woman. he knew his father had a longstanding relationship with camilla, while diana had relationships of her own. >> when she was alive, he had to
8:16 am
live through the huge public glare of the breakdown of his mother's marriage, and then his mother died so, a true trauma in his adolescence. >> reporter: the book writes that the loss of his mother made him scared to attach to another woman. an unhappy reminder of his mother's marriage before marriage which the book says made him feel claustrophobic. >> i think his reluctancy to get married because because of this. he takes his time over everything. if you watch, everything he does is very calculated, very thought out. he was not going to rush. >> reporter: it seems his patience has paid off. it's made this couple's bond only stronger. they do look happy. we just changed position so you can see the seating and staging that's going up for new england weekend's special jubilee
8:17 am
concert right in front of buckingham plachls this is just part of the celebration to mark the queen's 60 years on the throne. jenna, the crowd's already florming. >> thank you so much. here's lester. >> summer begins and so does the urge to hit the beach and so does working on the perfect tan. where do you draw the line, and we don't mean the tan line. veronica de la cruz looks at it. >> reporter: a glowing glow seems to be it. >> everybody gets something. it's just a matter of how far they go. >> reporter: more fans trying to glow like their favorite stars, tachb salons seem to be popping up on every corner. >> i have definitely seen an overall increase in the number of people admitting to me
8:18 am
they're tack. >> reporter: for some it can have serious consequences, results even celebrities admit. >> reporter: for others like patricia, an overtanned appearance attracts constant criticism. >> i'm sorry. i'm tan. i like to be tan. it just feels good. >> reporter: according to the academy of determine toll jirks 28 million tan indires and experts say that can have serious health risks. >> if you tan significantly, you'll have a 74% increase in your rate of melanoma. it's the highest rate of cancer in the country. it needs to be taken seriously. >> reporter: accelerating lotions can amplify the problem. if an alcohol-based lotion is applied before hitting the tanning bed, 15 to 17% are more absorbed than when soaking up the sun. the good news, you can still get
8:19 am
your glow on without these effects. the jersey shore crew now use bronzers and spray tans. >> my bronzer is leaking off my face. >> reporter: one sign that the doctor's warning may be working. >> coming up, everything you need to know for memorial day weekend. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:20 am
8:21 am
still to come on "today," a special memorial day whip to get you for the holiday -- ready for the holiday weekend and the summer ahead. we've got it all covered. we'll tell you where to find some great holiday bargains. >> and then we're going head outside on the plaza for some food after being stored away all winter, we'll show you how to
8:22 am
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the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. good morning, everyone. it is 8:26 on this saturday, may 26, 2012. topping your news today, attorneys for george huguely are claiming problems with the jury and wanting a retrial. they say the jurors expressed bias about him and the case. huguely was found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend in 2010. his lawyers say he deserves a fair and new trial. be sure to add extra time to your plans as two lines will see delays on the metro. four stations on the green line are closed this weekend.
8:27 am
greenbelting with college park, west hyattsville. buses will go between greenbelt to help riders out. on the red line, single tracking between forest glen and tacoma. everything will k back to normal for for your thursday commute. this holiday weekend police will be out in full force. police all over the state will be taking part in the stay sober or get pulled over campaign. they are asking you to help out. if you think you see a drunk driver, dial #77 on your cell phone. meteorologist chuck bell has a check of the forecast.
8:28 am
8:29 am
and we've got some nice weather for the weekend. right, chuck? >> absolutely. off to a humid start first thing on our saturday morning. and the low clouds and the fashion have been dimming out the sunshine for the last couple hours, they're starting to disappear. we are ready for the big warm-up now. current temperatures already climbing into the low and mid-70s in many neighborhoods. forecasted highs today mid to upper 80s. under a partly sunny sky. plenty warm and humid. can't rule out the chance of one or two showers today. but by and large, most of us will be dry for most of your holiday weekend. it's going to stay hot and on
8:30 am
the humid side all the way into memorial day itself. >> thanks. we're going to have 90 minutes of news, weather, and sports at 9:00 with news4 today. ja we're back on a saturday morning. it's may 26, 2012. kicking off memorial day weekend, the unofficial start of summer. but official enough that we are wearing white on the zpla. at least some of us are. shaping up to be a hot hazy day here in new york city. we, of course, want to thank the fantastic crowd for joining us. i'm jenna wolfe along with lester holt. still to come, a rather serious story. why were three children left alone and found alone in a shed? >> this happened in portland, oregon. it was two girls and a boy all under three years of age. they were left in an empty shed. a tip led police to their mother. now we're going to switch
8:31 am
gears and talk about memorial day. is that why you guys are all here? memorial day? whoo-hoo, raring to go. and, of course, memorial day sales. we're going to talk a little bit of shopping. there are some great bargains out there with retailers slashing prices in half. we're going to tell you where you can find the best deals. >> every year i get to say this. ready, set, grill. we're going to show you how to get your grill up and running. a top chef filist will be here to grill everything from chicken to broccoli. >> first we want to check in again with the weather channel stephanie abrams. she's out here on the plaza. hey, stephanie. >> i'm hanging out with the guys in the navy. what are you going to see? >> the empire state building. >> ground zero. >> time square. >> rockefeller center. >> seems like they're going to hecht up all the spots here.
8:32 am
by the way, thank you for all you do. i appreciate your service here. let's have look at our look at forecast. so for all your sightseeing here in the northeast, maybe a little bit on the wet side. on sunday we have the risk for severe weather. then on memorial day, that is going to shift a little bit eastbound here. otherwise here into the northeast it is going to be just stunning. now here's a look at what's happening outside your door. >> good morning, everybody. unofficially summertime is coming on in on your memorial day weekend. it's going to feel officially or not a whole like summer out there. near 90 for sunday and memorial day. not much chance for rain. current temperatures in the low to mid-70s around town. one or two showers today cannot be ruled out especially in the mountains of west virginia and pennsylvania. same story for tomorrow and monday. and she's celebrating her
8:33 am
16th birthday. you can go to 24 hours a day for a check on the weather. jenna, back to you. >> thanks. authorities are looking for a suspect in a horrific killing. a young bride is dead and her husband is under watch. as michelle franzen reports the search stretches from suburban chicago all the way to mexico. >> reporter: she was supposed to be celebrating one of the happiest days of her life. the suburban chicago bride had just married the father of her son, family members say, in a small ceremony two weeks ago in city hall. but on sunday police found her body in bathtub at this parent complex where she lived. authorities say she was stabbed to death and still wearing her wedding dress. now the hunt is on to find her new husband. police say he hasn't been seen since the ceremony.
8:34 am
news of carrera's death shocksed the new neighbors saying the young mom had moved in just a few months ago. >> you'd see her walking with her young son to the car. no problems. that was it. >> very friendly. i never seen a guy or anything. so i don't know where she met this guy yet. >> reporter: carrera's family said after they married they celebrated with a small group of friends and ended up at a chicago club. police released the video showing her in her wedding dress. her family notified police when she failed to pick up her children later that weekend. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of jiminez. they are fielding hundreds of tips including the search for the suspect's car, a maserati with illinois license plates. in the past week they have traced cell phone calls from the texas/mexico board where he
8:35 am
reportedly owns property. police say he called his sister and said they had a bad fight and when he left, she was bleeding. he said he was leaving illinois and headed to mexico. now as police continue their search, carrera's family is left mourning the loss of this young bride and mother. for "today," michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. and now here's lester. >> jen narks thanks. a mystery has been solved in portland, oregon. police now know but are not releasing the identity of the woman who allegedly left her three young children alone in a shed. this morning there are still a lot of questions how a mother could abandon her kids and what will happen to them now. nbc's kristin dahlgren has the latest. >> reporter: the children were found in this small shed, two girls and a boy. one just a baby, the others no older than 4. >> the mother was not there, and the father was not there. no family member was there.
8:36 am
>> reporter: behind an abandoned home neighbors heard children's voices and called police. >> when the lady cop came, she said there were three babies back there and they called dhs and it was heartbreaking to see those little kids. they gave them stuffed animals, two were walking and the cop had the other one in his arms and it's like -- >> reporter: neighbors say they often see homeless people using the shed but no one could tell who was responsible. >> the people back there knew the mother had dropped them off because she hadn't been back. >> we asked them to come forward to help us identify who the children were and any information who the mom might be or dad or other family. >> reporter: on a tip, the police tracked down the mother who is now facing charges. this morning her children are in protective custody. >> they checked out. they're -- you know, they're in good physical condition, and
8:37 am
they are at a place that's safe. they're getting the care, you know, that they need. >> reporter: the children will have a hearing next week to see who will be taking care of them. for "today," kristin dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. up next, we're going to offer some tips to help you have the ultimate memorial day weekend. we'll show you some of the great bargains you can find this weekend. but first these messages. does any mother ever feel like their kids are adults? i have twins, 21 years old.
8:38 am
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with the home depot certified advice to help us expand our palette... ...and prices that keep our budgets firmly rooted... ...we can mix the right soil with the right ideas. ...and bring even more color to any garden. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get memorial day savings with 4 bags of earthgro mulch for just 10 dollars.
8:40 am
it's memorial day weekend. that means the holiday sales are out in foul force. today's consumer correspondent janice lieberman is here with some deals. good morning. >> good morning. >> memorial day, big, bag sales. anything different this year? >> after travel and food, it's shopping. it's like black friday basically. any time they can get a three-day weekend, they throw on the sales and they want us interested in getting summer stuff out of the stores. >> they want you thinking
8:41 am
summer. i would think they wouldn't be on sale right now because everyone wants to grill. >> they will be on sale a little later in the season, but if you need it, they need it. but if you're going buy a grill, you 're going to buy accessorie. this is from sears. they're charged $500. a $100 saveingsavings. >> you have to assemble. >> times they'll do it for you. ask. it doesn't hurt. we have other ones. lowe's is having a sale on grills and also home depot has a really great deal and veterans get 10% -- know, sorry. lowe's, 10% off. four-burner gas grill, $200 and
8:42 am
they'll throw in free delivery. >> and they may go down. >> when you need it, you miss it. >> and it's a good bargain. >> i think so. >> let's talk about shoe deal this weekend. >> they're all from aerosol aes. it's basically the mid-priced to lower priced stores that are offering these deals, but, you know what? 50% off, you can't beat it. >> and big deals on kicks. >> if you use the famous footwea footwear. and if you go to shoe carnival, you can use 100 ff 50 or print their online coupon. go online, do your homework, take your coupons, bring your apps. do everything. go in fully educated. >> and store's apparel. what are the big things in apparel? >> again, i'm surprised.
8:43 am
swimsuits and sun dresses, 50%, 60% off at kmart. >> things you want right now. >> this is from macy's. they had tons of stuff not just for women but the entire family. so that was really worth getting in there. you know, it's a short season for them, a couple months. they want the stuff in and out and they want you to buy it. >> that's great. getting people out there right now. and lastly this is kind of what doesn't go in this selection but mattresses. >> kind of random? >> right. you get a memorial dama tress. >> mattress sales, they love three-day weekends, july 4th, memorial day. this is a tempur-pedic cloud preem. it's expensive. $2,500 today, usually $3,000. a $500 saving. my vice, whenever yadvice, when mattress store, bargain.
8:44 am
hagel. tempur-pedic are expensive. rooms to go will take away your old bedding. they always have deals. but bargain, bargain, bargain when grow into a store. >> anything you should hold off on? >> electronics. patio furniture. if you can hold off, but when you need it, you need it. also the inventory gets less and less. >> janice lieberman. good to have you here. we're going to head out on the plaza for a backyard barbecue, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start.
8:46 am
glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. time now for our holiday backyard barbecue right here on the plaza. >> we've got a top chef cook here on our plaza for some memorial day recipes.
8:47 am
be ever you cook, your grill may need some getting into shape. with us is george oliphant. >> i'm glad you're in white. we're going to get down and dirty. >> i had a conversation with our photographer rob here. i've never come this close to grail, believe it or not. i'm glad you're here to show us how do it. the first thing is we're getting the grill back out. we've got to clean them. >> a lot of people probably had a big labor day barbecue and put the tops on and now they're busting them out. >> what's the most important thing? >> the first thing you have to do is clean the great. you have clean off the great. get the brush and start scraping. >> you usually do this in a white dress? >> i always wear a white dress. i decided to wear pink because it's spring. >> this is a mildly dirty grill? >> this is mildly dirty. this is made for a grill.
8:48 am
however, if you can't get the grease off, then you've got to take it up a notch, lay out some newspaper and just spray on some of this oven clean ore they make barbecue cleaner. spray it on for five to ten minutes. leld it fold up and then you can clean it off with a brush. >> not just the great but the inside lid as well. >> exactly. you don't want the flavors from last year's barbecue sitting there, all that barbecue and smell to be sitting in your chicken and burgers. you want to get in there, clean out the inside of your grill and you want to get a putty knife. >> gosh. what were you grilling last year? >> mahimahi -- >> clearly, is there a difference in cleaning a charcoal grill compared to a gas grill? >> yes. with a gas grill just like an oven, you can heat it up so that will get all the grease and everything warm so you can clean it off. but if you're still having
8:49 am
problems, you'll want to go back to the oven clean sneer talk to me about the charcoal grill. what are the problems and how do we solve it? >> a lot of people leave the charcoal in from last year. before you start you want to get rid of all the old charcoal and you want to dispose of it in a fireproof container. you're going to have two little knobs down here. that basically gettings ought the charcoal out and you're going to pinch and pull. i can't get it out. don't put it in a paper bag because there could be hot embers in there. you don't want to start a fire. >> good to know. this is a gas grill. >> you want to get in there, clean your greats. then you also want to clean your burn protectors and you'll see there are all these little holes. that's where the gas comes out. you want to make sure no grease or gurng or anything has gotten in there. you can clean these, again, with a brush or you can get like a -- a paper clip and poke out all the holes. >> few seconds left.
8:50 am
this is propiane? >> you want to make sure you don't have a leak. if you smell gas, paint it on with soapy water and turn it on. if you see bubbles, you have a hole. you with replace it. you can replace certain parts without having to replace the entire grill. >> george oliphant, good to know. happy memorial day. >> you have a happy memorial day yourself. >> jenna, we have a perfectly cleaned grill because we have a barbecue menu. lindsey is one of the top chef finalists. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> what was your inspiration. >> i wanted to create a meal that you'd could everything outside and ingredients that you could easily find at any supermarket sfwhee'
8:51 am
supermarket. >> we're going do -- you're going to do a lemmon chicken. >> we're going to do it. you're going do it with me. we have chicken in plastic bag. you can use they thighs or qua but we're using legs. we have lemon juice and we're making a simple lemon vinaigrette with a little bit of salt and pepper and olive oil. >> are you saying some for your other dishes? >> you can save half of it and we're going to save it later to toss our broccoli in, that we grill our broccoli. once we do this, we pour it over the chicken, seal up the plastic bag, and you really can marinate this anywhere from about an hour to overnight. >> overnight would be best, i would think. >> it would. it would. then we've got the chicken already going on the grill. and once it's done, it can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. >> you don't want to rush chicken, but you don't want to
8:52 am
overcook it. it's always a hard one. >> these why we're going to with the dark meat. you cook it slow. it will taken 20 to 30 minutes be u the best way to check is to use a thermometer until it registers 165. >> 165. then you're going put a nice garnish on it when you're all done? >> yes. these are peppers that you can find in the pickle aisle and we just chopped those up, and we've also got some capers that we've drained and chopped as well. a little bit of parsley and some feta cheese. and we're going tos to that with a little bit of olive oil as well and just pour that right over the chicken. would you like to try one? >> i would like to try one. >> mind if i join you guys? you're finally making something i absolutely love, healthy and delicious. >> it's a lemon grilled chicken and we -- i keep saying "we"
8:53 am
like i'm doing something over here. >> you are being helpful. >> the last thing we've done are potatoes. we used some fingerling potatoes that are tender. you can use a chicken sausage or italian sausage, anything you like. the thing that really makes this unique is making a fresh tomato vinaigrette. we're going to take a tomato and grate it. >> we're going to have to run. but i want to show you, grilled broccoli, which looks so good. lindsey, thanks for coming up. >> did you get some? >> no. but i had my eye on that broccoli. that looks perfect. >> we'll be right back. >> fantastic. thank you. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses.
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it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. okay, but i just took a mortgage out on the cabinet. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. to your kids' wet skin. neutrogena® wet skin kids. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®. she would help her child. no. no no no no no. mommy's here [ male announcer ] with everything. but instead she gives him capri sun super-v. with one combined serving of fruits and vegetables. new capri sun super-v.
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two hours just flu right by. lindsey thank you for being with us.
8:56 am
stephanie abrams and tom llamas. >> aisle see you on the "nightly news." so long and have great weekend, everybody. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. straight ahead on news4 today, a
8:57 am
bizarre twist in the john edwards trial. what one juror was doing that led the judge in the case to clear the courtroom. we knew, just felt it in your bones. something bad happened. >> joe biden breaks down. we're going to have more on that speech that had the vice president in tears. a solemn ceremony here at the navy memorial. part of the observances of memorial day this weekend. details coming up on news4. and a lot of people are planning on spending a lot of time in the great outdoors this weekend. will mother nature cooperate? a check of the forecast in just a few minutes. >> all that and more when you join us in less than two minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
hi, everyone. good morning. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome to news4 today on this saturday, may 26. memorial day weekend is finally here. >> thousands of people are in d.c. paying respects to the veterans. >> derek ward is liv


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