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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 26, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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good morning, derek. >> reporter: good morning. in the parlance of our daily lives, memorial day becomes about sales and sun. there's nothing wrong with that, but when you visit a site like this you convey the details and messages here. it does avtd a degree of solemnity. represented the extension of a nation's power, influence, and will beyond the seas. this embodies the nautical themes. the mast, festooned with semifore. that comes at a cost, that influence and power being influenced across the seas. it comes at a toll in human life. hence this memorial and hence this weekend of observance. at 10:00 today, there will be a ceremony by the u.s.s. north hampton association. that was a ship sunk by a
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japanese torpedo in world war ii. roll b thunder will come through and lay a wreath too. and the high school band out of ohio will be here and they will perform some jazz music as well. so lots of things to do here the next couple days. we're live downtown. derek ward, news4. >> thank you for that report. thousands of people turned out last night for a special ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial. [ bag pipes ] >> people marched silently to remember the more than 58,000 servicemen and women who died in the vietnam war. in the world war ii mel moral, people placed cards and flowers to pay respect. we spoke to a war vet who says he appreciates the more than
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400,000 americans who died in world war ii. >> it's an honor just to get up to go to them and say thanks for what you did. we're taking the baton from you and we learned a lot of our lessons from you. tomorrow night hundreds of thousands of people will gather on the west lawn of the national cap pal tr a concert. form's show features trace adkins, daughtry, and the national symphony orchestra. millions of americans are hitting the highways this weekend to welcome the summer travel season. gas prices are a few cents below last year's level. that is reason to celebrate. brian mooar reports. >> reporter: how's this for a good sign? gas prices going down just in time for the unofficial kickoff of summer. from postcard picturesque palm beach to the golden gate of san francisco, nearly 35 million americans traveling 50 miles or
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more this weekend. nearly nine out to have ten are going by car. and those going by air are paying a steep price. >> either pay a little extra for the ticket or you end up paying extra for the luggage. >> reporter: of course the meaning of this memorial day is about americans who've made the ultimate sacrifice. at arlington national cemetery, groups placed an american flag on more than a quarter million graves. >> every one of those veterans are touched and shown that they are remembered. and it's very humbling to be part of that. >> reporter: vice president joe biden paid tribute to the survivors of americans fallen warriors. speaking of his loss of his wife and daughter nearly 40 years ago. >> there will come a day, i promise you, when the thought of your son or daughter or your husband or wife brings a smile to your lips before it i think brs a tear to your eye. you are not alone.
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>> reporter: on this memorial day 2012, honoring the americans who've sacrificed for our freedom. and this will be a poignant memorial day here in washington as the nation marks the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. in our area, close to a million people are spending this holiday weekend out of town. the roads are certainly a lot quieter this morning than yesterday. aaa says about 875,000 washds area residents are traveling more than 50 miles this weekend. that's almost 17,000 more than last year. and most of them are hitting the road, they're driving. in fact aaa expects nearly 90% of people traveling to do so by car. . drivers enjoyed a smooth ride on the highways as they kicked off their memorial day weekend. the bay bridge had a sfed i did
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stream of traffic but no major delays. people will have to pay an extra $1.50 on the toll. prices went up. >> last weekend you promised good weather, you delivered. >> even last weekend i was saying we would be flirting with 90 degrees when we got to the memorial day weekend. well done were for me. >> you said we'd have to weather that storm. can we say good-bye to it this past week? >> it was a little seasonally challenged during the week. but once we turned the corner thursday afternoon into yesterday, things started feeling more summerlike. it is going to look and feel like summertime. we have an awful lot of low clouds and fog around washington a few hours ago. that is quickly disappearing as the atmosphere soaks up all the cloud cover out there. and it's turned mild as well.
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74 now at national airport. 72 degrees out at manassas this morning. 72 also in fredricksburg. there's storm4 radar. nothing show up too close to us. i'll widen it out and give you peace of mind. most of the activity in michigan will stay in pennsylvania and ohio and the swirl off the north carolina coast there, that is tropical storm beryl. we'll keep an eye on it. we're sitting pretty among those spots of unsettled weather. we're in the good spot for the weekend. today partly to mostly sunny. perfect barbecuing weather. temperatures staying i think mostly in the mid to high 80s today. don't forget the sun block, it's really getting strong. then another patchy fog possibility first thing in the morning. turning toasty warm. each day i think you'll add about one degree, maybe two
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degrees to your afternoon high temperatures. if you're making the drive over the bay bridge, beach weather could not be any nicer. air temperatures if you're laying on the sand probably going to be in the mid-70s. if you dare get in the water, surf temperature, 66 degrees. >> but sailingwise, it's going to be good, right? >> and the chesapeake is more like 70 or 71. you can just about get into the bay. the ocean, that's a short splash. >> thanks. and jury deliberations in the john edwards corruption trial ended this week on a strange note. the judge cleared the courtroom to speak about one of the jurors. one has been accuse of flitting with edwards. she's been seen smiling and flicking her hair while looking a the senator. deliberations will pick back up on tuesday. attorneys for george huguely have suggested the judge start a
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new trial. they say the judge allowed witnesses who expressed bias about him and the case. he was accused in february of killing his yeardley love in 2010. his toeshs say he deserves a new and fair trial. the charity started by former penn state assistant coach at the center of a sex abuse scandal seeking court approval to shut down. sandusky started the second mile 30 years ago to help underprif ledged children. donors' support has dried up, volunteers have left and there are no more referrals. sandusky's trial is set to start some time next month. a traffic alert for metro riders this weekend. two lines will have delays. four stations are closed this weekend. greenbelt, college park, prince george's plaza and west
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hyattsville. on the red line there's single tracking between forest glen and tacoma. everything should be back to normal for tuesday. >> if you're driving expect to see plenty of cops especially in maryland. cops will be taking part in the driver sober or get pulled over. police say these check points cut down on drunk driving deaths by 20%. they're also asking you to help out. if you think you see a drunk driver. pull on over. dial #77 on your cell phone. >> it's a fun weekend but be safe. the time now is 9:09. a local woman accused of stealing an iphone. it's how she did it and who her accomplice was that has everyone talking. and mark zuckerberg is facing more heat.
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not about his company but
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the lawyer for the man accused of killing a 6-year-old 33 years ago says his client a mentally ill. pedro hernandez is currently on suicide watch. he's suffering from bipolar and skits fren ya. he confessed to killing etan patz. he admitted the details after being led into custody. >> he led him into the basement, choked him there and disposed of the body by putting the it in a plastic bag and into the trash. >> a judge has okayed a psychological examination. police say an undercover sting operation in the district
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helped this catch a woman who used her 6-year-old son to steal an iphone. pat collins shows us how police caught the woman and her son red handed. >> i keep it zipped up in here like this. >> i keep it tiegts in my hand or pocket. >> reporter: what do you do to keep someone from stealing your iphone? >> it's all about the guns. >> reporter: it's no secret that iphone thefts are a big problem in our city. above and below ground. thooes take them out of your hand. and there's a good chance you'll be using someone else's sfoen to call 911. what happened here at 14th and parkwood place northwest takes the cake. police say a woman used her 6-year-old son, her 6-year-old son to steal an iphone. but i'm getting way ahead of
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this story. police have tried all sorts of things to curtail thefts. metrotransit police have used down under. when the crook grabs the phone, the cops grab the crook. they had an undercover officer here pretending to be asleep with his right hand next to his iphone. they say the woman comes along with their 6-year-old son and tells the little boy to grab the iphone. and grab the iphone he did. the woman, that young boy in the stolen iphone continue up shth street. they turn around and see the undercover officers get up. they drop the phone, but it's too late. other cops move in and make the arrest. stealing an iphone is one thing. using a 6-year-old boy to do it -- >> wow. >> what do you make of something like that? >> bad parenting.
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>> you can't do that to a little kid. >> i think that's sad. i think it's really sad. >> reporter: the 29-year-old mother has been charged with theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. her son has been referred to social services. pat collins, news4. >> have to hold on to your iphone. >> we know someone with their phone always on them because he's tweeting on the weather. >> chuck bell, give us details. >> i will be tweeting out an updated forecast within the next couple mnts. follow me #chuckbell4 on twitter. your weekend forecast next.
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now to decision 2012.
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everyone's asking who will be mitt romney's vp nominee. donald trump has a good idea who it should be. donald trump. he says he would help romney improve measuring's economy. he wouldn't turn down other opportunities in the white house. romney's team says they won't make any announcements on a possible vice presidential choice until romney officially wraps up the nomination. the gop candidates are stumping for every last vote. george allen, bob marshall, amy radkey debated for the last time last night. the most came on the issue of thorne begland. he is openly gay and was blocked from becoming a state judge earlier this week. allen offered a more moderate response. >> sexual orientation in my view is not a criteria for
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disqualifying or qualifying a judge. >> the latest poll showed allen cruising to the republican nomination. facebook could be on the hook for $1 billion or more in damages over the social media company's botched ipo. the company could be held responsible if the lawyers could prove the company and bankers misled bankers. two congressional panels are looking into the matter. speaking of facebook, first it was facebook's ipo's disaster but now mark zuckerberg is being accused of cheating his wife on her wedding ring. >> they married in a small ceremony the the back yard of their palo alto home last weekend. on thursday paparazzi photos appeared of her with her ruby ring. that hasn't stopped jewelers from speculating at how much
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zuckerberg spent on it. some have valued the ring at $25,000. others say it could be $100,000. the general rule of thumb, you spend three month's salary. >> i think he would have been criticized no matter what. it's $100,000. >> how big can you go without it looking too gaudy? >> he's worth how many zillion dollars? is that an average over three months salary his whole life. >> maybe shel get a new ring every three months. who knows. >> she married a guy whose net worth went up a zillion dollars first day she married him. >> speaking of which, i was just about to tweet the complaint department is closed. going to steal that from you. weatherwise, it's going to be great. >> everything you want to do this weekend, everybody with memorial day, everything is going to be great outside.
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mother nature ask going to -- rain chances are going to remain fairly low no matter where you go. as long as you're staying close to the washington area. outside here's the way it looks on your saturday morning. what a beautiful way to start your holiday weekend. still a little bit of early morning cloudiness left. boy, that strong may sunshine is going to do its thing. we'll be breaking out into plenty of sunshine over the next hour or so. with the morning fog and cloud layer. temperatures climbing fast now. already into the low and mid-70s areawide. 74 at ronald reagan. the dew points are closing in on 70. 70 degree dew points, that's where i personally say whoa. we don't need any more moisture than that. it's going to be awfully sticky around here this weekend and it looks like on into early next week. for now temperatures are climbing quickly into the low and mid-70s. anything you want to do on your saturday will be shorts and t-shirts weather. don't forget the sun block.
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you have to be sun smart. 87 by 2:00. perfect barbecuing weather. sun doesn't go down until 8:30 this evening. nothing showing up on radar right now. we're off to a dry start this weekend. this swirl of rain showers off the coast, that is tropical storm beryl. and it's actually expected to move westbound into southern parts of south carolina. if your hole i did plans will bring you to about jacksonville, north carolina, be on the lookout for rain chances there. look out for delays in the great lakes with thunderstorms up there. just mid and high level clouds here. that won't last long. hello summertime. great weather to get out today. this weather front hanging up just to our north will be the
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focus for most of the rain chances for the weekend. so if you're traveling up to southern pennsylvania or out into the mountains of wefds, better chance you might have a quick passing shower. but most of us, here it is. warm and humid. no more than the slightest shower chance. i don't want to say absolutely no chance because there will be one or two especially in high spot. then tomorrow mostly sunny. feeling like summertime and so many people headed out. the bay water at 70 degrees. might be a skosh warmer right on the sand. but air temperatures at the beach today, low to mid-70s. mid up toer 70s rest of the weekend. here's the way it looks if you're sticking around town. rolling thunder, one of the classic things to do here in washington. they should get pictures and you could tweet those in. >> i'll ask them to do that. thanks. the time right now 9:25. some prominent politicians may be in trouble with the law.
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and it's all because of some pictures they posted on facebook. the details are straight ahead. and later if you're still planning your summer vacation, we've got a look at where you'll [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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hi, everyone. welcome to news4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. the time is 9:29. memorial day weekend is finally here. thousands of people are in d.c. paying respect to veterans. tomorrow thousands of bikers will take part in the 25th annual rolling thunder motorcycle rally in support of military veterans and those missing in action. this weekend caps off with the national memorial day concert on the west lawn on the u.s.
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capital. pedro hernandez accused of killing etan patz 30 years ago is on suicide watch. he admitted to 6-year-old in 1979. his attorneys say he's mentally ill suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar police say a mother used her 6-year-old son to steal an ito en. an officer pretended to be asleep with his phone by his side. the woman told her son to get the phone and he picked it up. police arrested the mom a short time later. the child has been referred to social services. new this morning, d.c. police are searching for the people who stabbed a woman in the jaw. police say two other women stabbed that victim around 11:15 last night at the intersection of 7th and m streets northwest. her name and condition are not being released at this time. u.n. monitors are heading to syria where they believe more than 100 people were killed in a
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bombing by government forces. it happened yesterday in the homs province which has been a rebel stronghold during the uprising. in hopes of organizing a cease fire agreement. human rights groups say president bashar al assad has killed thousands since the uprising a year ago. about two hours ago the hatch was opened between the space station and the newly arrived spacex dragon. crew members were wearing protect i have masks and goggles as they were opening the hatch. the crew will now spend four days unloading more than 1,000 pounds of car go. the dragon will then be reloaded with cargo and return to earth. splash down is scheduled for thursday in the pacific ocean. the postal service is getting creative to solve money problems. they're offering all mail handlers a buyout effort in an effort to cut costs.
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it's lost more than $3 billion already. the usps has to cut its workforce by 150,000 people by 2015. despite the buyout offers, officials say it will not effect services now. a better hiring outlook and lower gas prices pushed consumer confidence to its lowest in years. sentiment jumped to 79.3 in may. that's up from 76.4 just last month. the previous best reading was in oklahoma of 2007. two months before the recession began. maryland made the top five list of states where drivers are most lickly to get a speeding ticket. atlanta is the most ticket-happy city in the country. lucky them. d.c. comes in seventh. the survey was done by the national motorists association. high-ranking lawmakers in wisconsin could be in trouble for posting photos of their completed ballots on facebook
9:33 am
and twitter. the state prohibits anyone of posting pictures of ballots and that includes state officials. lawmakers immediately took down the photos after being told about the law. prosecutors are unlikely to seek charges against any of them. the u.s. government is using twitter to help discover emerging health issues. the department of health and assume services has started the now-trending challenge. it asks twitter users to keep track of trending illnesses. the department hopes it can sort this information into regional results so users can figure out the top five health concerns in their area. for 75 people in fairfax county, this is a special unique and special memorial day weekend. it's their first as u.s. citizens. they were sworn in yesterday. >> mexico. morocco. >> reporter: this is what an american looks like. and this. and this. >> sudan.
9:34 am
>> reporter: 75 people from 33 countries gathered at the fairfax county government center to become naturalized united states citizens. they were sworn under oath. >> i will support and defend -- >> reporter: and pledge their allegiance to this country. >> my fellow americans -- >> reporter: congress man jerry connolly makes it a point to attend the sore mowny every year. >> just now you took that oath. and that makes you as american as me. >> reporter: originally from great britain, andrew eats says becoming a u.s. citizen is about paving away for his family and playing an active role in society. >> when you don't have that you hunger for it. and 16 years being a kind of, you know, partial participant in the democracy can be frustrating. >> reporter: for others it's about honoring the sacrifices their parents made for them and moving forward with the american dream.
9:35 am
[ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: maria says it was the hardest thing to do to leave her family in peru the years ago. but she wanted more opportunities for her son. >> i mean, this is my home. >> reporter: and today havier became an american. >> by not only integrating myself to this culture but representing where i came from and kind of merging both of them. my american culture and my peruvian culture. i think that's what's going to keep this country beautiful. >> reporter: in fairfax county, news4. the time right now is 9:35. it's being called one of the greatest catches in baseball in years and it wasn't even made by a major leaguer. we're going to show you that when we return. also ahead, hay look like toys or candy but they're laundry detergent. what one company is doing to avoid a deadly accident. and why parts of the potomac
9:36 am
may be deadly. welcome to first read's take on the week that was. mark, it was chuck full of news. >> that's right. our new national poll and nbc poll of ohio, virginia, and florida shows obama with slight leads over mitt romney. >> but the week wasn't just about polls. it included another furious back and forth over mitt romney's tenure at bain capital. it started with cory booker, a democrat, decrying the attacks. he later reversed course. >> but that conversation forced president obama into the debate. and the president said the attacks on bain weren't a distraction but rather what this presidential campaign will be about. and he kept up those attacks in iowa. >> for more log ton to first read and download the nbc politics app for your phone. >> and important, it's free. ♪
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welcome back. a man who went to great lengths to rob a taco bell in virginia. he's crawling into a drive-thru window. when he wanted money the employees said they just locked up and no one had the combination to the safe. it's a popular warm weather activity that carries a lot of hidden danger. hundreds of people will spend part of this holiday weekend on the potomac. i took a tour of the river with the park service to see what its doing to keep people safe in the water this weekend and fer the rest of the summer. we geared up with helmets, life vests, and training rescue workers to ride on the river. it's not all fun and games.
9:41 am
a few minutes under water could be tragic. >> all you've got to do is cover your nose and mouth for three minutes, you're dead. >> reporter: the last three years having especially dangerous. in 2008 and 2010 two people drowned. ten died in 2009. but last year no one was killed. >> there was a sign that said no boating. i said whoa, that's not good. >> reporter: betsy says last april her husband had a harrowing experience on the river. the avid canoeist fell in the water. he and his friend holding on in the water for hours. >> hit me like a bolt. you've got to call 911. so that's the other message. don't hesitate to call them. that's what they're there for. >> reporter: the rescuers are ready to respond, but they say they hope the public respects the river. the water looks choppy on the surface but officials say what's really a big concern is what's happening beneath the surface.
9:42 am
>> because you've got all this underneath, it forms these pools and currents and contra currents that are going to suck you down under water. >> reporter: but the water's not the only threat. cliff divers are regularly jumping in and getting hurt. >> number of broken legs, broken ankles, broken arms, serious gashes in your body. we've seen people have their stomachs torn open. >> reporter: the goal is to have fun but be safe. and there are volunteers who will patrol the potomac. they are trained in rescue efforts. but officials say the bottom line is be prepared and use caution. it is a lot of fun. just make sure you take the proper precautions. >> do you normally wear button ups to go boating? >> sometimes. i like to keep it conservative. >> keep it classy in the water. >> i got soaked. >> but you did not get burned. >> i did not. i was well covered up. >> it's going to be an spf 30 or higher weekend for anybody who
9:43 am
wants to spend time outside today. it's feeling like summer. the humidity's back for those of you who like that kind of stuff. how long does it all last? your holiday forecast next.
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just in time for summer, the list of the best beaches in the u.s., it's out. according to the dr. beach survey, coronado beach in california took the top spot. the beach is on a peninsula across the bay from san diego. it's also the home to that iconic hotel featured in marilyn monroe's 1958 film "some like it hot." of the top ten, only one beach in the northeast made the list. it's not around here. main beach in east hampton, new york. >> speaking of some like it hot, it is hot out here. >> you know, we have still not had our first 90 degree day yet.
9:47 am
>> it feels. the mugs are out there. >> the last was may 26th. ironically today is may 26th. if you really want the 90 degree weather, you're not going to have to wait long or go far. whichever way you want to go. i think our first 90 degree day likely to be tomorrow or monday. going to be close today though. outside, take a look at it. the clouds and the fog this morning lifting and lifting with each passing hour. left with plenty of sunshine today. you will need your strongest sun block. you'll get burned very quickly. so 74 now at national airport. winds are out of the south averaging 8 miles per hour. that's southerly to southwesterly breeze today will put temperatures up into the 80s. we were 86 yesterday and we'll be 88 or 89 degrees coming up
9:48 am
today. i don't think too many spots at 90 today but tomorrow and monday that will start to climb. 77 in annapolis. 75 in charlottesville. 72 degrees in ashburn and upperville this morning b. temperatures areawide headed into the upper 80s this afternoon. with plenty of sunshine. perfect weather for the outdoor barbecue this evening. no rain on the radar just yet. i'll give you a 90% chance you're going to be dry today. but there may be a couple of sprinkles or showers against parts of southern pennsylvania out into the mountains of west virginia. around town, not much of a concern. beryl if you're traveling this weekend or for next week down to southern north carolina, south carolina beaches be on the look out. beryl keeping weather unsettled there. for us, our next chance for showers is going to be this weather front laying up just across pennsylvania. that will be the focusing mechanism for any real shower or thunderstorm chances not just today but on through the
9:49 am
remainder of the weekend. the front's hanging out just up to our north. that's the reason our rain chances are better in the northern and western spots. as the front hangs up against the line, i think will once again be the focus for rain chances this weekend. maybe a spritz or sprinkle there there on the mason-dixson line. the general trend is for most rain to be north or west of our area. that is welcomed news. here's your saturday forecast. partly sunny. warm and humid today. one or two showers. again, mountains of west virginia, southern pennsylvania highs today 84 to 89. tomorrow i think we'll be one or two driveways warmer than that. today and tomorrow both, a few spots might touch 90 degrees. the bowie still almost 70 degrees. it's going to be toasty warm. temperatures mid to upper 70s at the beaches. with all the humidity around, it
9:50 am
feels like summertime. that cool water can feel very refreshing for a short little burst, i suspect. i need it to be warmer than this. but nonetheless, there you go all. the way through the next seven days. temperatures climbing to at or near 90 before tuesday before we cool it down again. i'll be tweeting out any rain drops that dare form today >> all right. >> probably be good for a quick dunk and run out and back to the beach. >> it's fun to trick people into the water. how is it? oh, it's lovely. jump right in. >> shock to the body. thank you, chuck. now to hurricane bud. it has lost some of its punch. it's now a tropical storm. that was to drop rains -- strong winds damaged dozens of homes. the storm could dump about 15 inches of rain throughout the day. they keep your clothes clean, but a new detergent
9:51 am
product could also be dangerous for kids. concentrated detergent pods are becoming more popular. but more and more kids are mistaking the pods for candy and eating them. they say it's easy for kids to confuse thee pods with toys or a treat. and many kids and parents we spoke to agree. >> it's kind of cool. and it's kind of squishy. it feels good. >> yeah. it looks like a cookie jar. that's right. and does it open all the way? yeah. >> they don't taste like cookies though. officials from procter a& gambl will make a new container that's child proof. >> unless you like cookies with soap. >> and just getting it on your skin it could give you a rash. >> yeah. you've got to be careful. shifting over to sports, a big night for the nats and o's. and in hockey we know which
9:52 am
teams will be playing in the stanley cup finals. >> good morning, everybody. scoring runs has been a problem for the nationals all season. last night it wasn't. the nats had plenty of bats going against tim hudson, a guy who's normally a nats killer. let's go to atlanta. top two teams in the nl east going at it. bryce harper had a hitting streak coming into this one. rooigt up the gut. three batters later, two on, two out for ian desmond. he's going up the middle as well. harper and ryan zimmerman will come in to score. later if the inning, many for nats offense. rick ankiel cranks one to deep left center field. this one almost out for a home run. just a little short. no worries. goes off the wall. desmond coming to score.
9:53 am
ryan zimmerman up with the bases loaded and two outs. hudson still in the game but not after this. zimmerman finds the gap in left center. it's a three-run triple. we like to call that zim-surance. they now lead atlanta by two games in the nl east. steven strasburg on the mound this afternoon. the o's opening up the set with the royals. this is j.j. hardy. a career .315 hitter against the royals. you expect to see this with numbers like that. the high football over francoeur's head. two runs come in to score. the orioles take a 3-0 lead. fast forward now. it's now 4-0. jones has a 15-game, i mean
9:54 am
16-game hitting streak after this hit. markakis scores. and the orioles win big 8-2 over the royals. our family at nbc sports may not like it as much as an l.a./new york finals but the folks of new jersey happy. new jersey headed in after finishing off the rangers last night. for the nirs time since '03. in the second period, the rangers with the puck down 2-1. dan girardi shot deflected by ryan callahan. and the rangers captain ties the game at two. so this one is going to overtime. and it did not take long to be decided in the extra frame. devils scramble for the puck. take another look at this. lundqvist is sprawled out. alexander scoots it through.
9:55 am
it's the devils and the l.a. kings in the stan dee cup finals. game one is on wednesday night. womens lacrosse. final four. maryland and northwestern. the opening face-off, there's action right away. terps win the face-off. here they come. kristi black to griffin. just 11 seconds in. maryland's already scored. they take a 1-0 lead. shannon smith, the great pass out front to lacey vigmastad. the wildcats go on to beat maryland. tough loss for maryland. but another great season for the ladies. don't forget, the maryland men playing in the final four this afternoon. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie. have a great weekend. >> okay, sports fans, it seems like the play of the year contest has been decided. >> all thanks to a washington
9:56 am
state baseball player. take a look at this. derk salverg makes one of the craziest catches ever. the best part, that was the game winning catch. as his team defeated everett community college. in the first round of the playoffs. and this thing has just gone viral. it's even on pinterest. >> that fence is nothing for him. he's jumping back and forth like no big deal. >> it's unbelievable. look at the still shots. it looks like the guy is flying in the air. so cool. the time right now four minutes away from the 10:00 hour. why you laughing, chuck? okay. coming up, hackers steal information. how the thieves did it. and he fled from the united states one week ago today. now there is word that the chinese dissident and human rights activist's brother is missing. details ahead.
9:57 am
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good morning, everyone. >> welcome to news4 today on this saturday, may 26. here's a look at stories that we're following. pedro hernandez. the man admitted to killing etan patz is currently on suicide watch. his lawyers say he's mentally ill and suffering from bipolar disorder. earlier this week hernandez admitted to killing the 6-year-old in new york back in 1979. an undercover sting helped police catch a mother they say used her 6-year-old son to steal an iphone. it happened wednesday. an officer pretended to be asleep with his phone by his side. she told the 6-year-old to get the phone and he picked it up. the child has been referred to social services. thousands of people are in d.c. to pay their respects to
10:01 am
veterans this memorial day. derek ward is live at the u.s. navy memorial in northwest where there's more happening there today. hey, derek. good morning. >> reporter: good morning again. on any given day, the u.s. navy memorial subway station sees more traffic than the memorial itself. that is not the case now. it gets at the heart of what this weekend is all about. at the city's inception, envisioned a naval memorial. and occupying a prominent part of the district. it didn't become a reality until this memorial was dedicated. it is a tribute to those who died under the standard of the u.s. navy. what's going on now is a wreath laying ceremony. it's being held by the hampton association. it went down. bearing that same name serving an important role. we spoke to a couple of shipmates from the vessel about
10:02 am
the significance of this day and observance. >> the ship that we were on was the president's ship, the floating white house during the cold war administration. so we're having a special commemorative ceremony to have our ship's model displayed on at the navy memorial. >> very patriotic. it makes you feel proud to be an american. that we got a heart beat left in us yet. now at 11:00, there will be another wreath laying ceremony. this will be done by guys from rolling thunder. we talked to a veteran here that he's going to meet an old shipmate here. someone he hasn't seen since he left the navy. i asked him if this memorial itself brought back memories. he said yes and stared off. you could tell he was reliving some of those moments at sea. that's what this memorial is about. to evoke those memories and to say thank you and remember and
10:03 am
observe those who gave their lives. news4. >> all right. thanks is lot for that. it looks like no matter what memorials you do go, good weather. >> and there'll be great places on each and every one of these to see veterans and say thank you for your service. it does mean a lot. the rest of us that enjoy freedom realize it didn't come free. >> and the rolling thunder, they're in town. we have people online tellings us they hear the rumble of motorcycles outside. >> there will be 500,000 of them tomorrow. it's going to be great. it's one of the greatest classics. mother nature appears to be cooperative and that's important. outside, there we go, on our saturday morning. your holiday weekend is finally here. you're loading up the car. where is that beach chair and towel? you've got to find it. temperatures now on their way up into the upper 70s already. frederick, maryland, 79 degrees.
10:04 am
easton, maryland, 79. no rain anywhere near us. we will have a chance for one or two lonesome showers. but by and large, most if not all of us will stay dry for most if not all of your weekend. here's your saturday planner. the sun came up at 5:47 this morning. doesn't go down until 8:23 this evening. just a few passing clouds. humid sunshine today. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s for your saturday afternoon. and there's your sunday planner as well. toasty warm and still plenty humid. highs today and tomorrow both flirting with 90 degrees. and if you're making the drive over the bridge down to the beach, yes, indeed. 66 degrees in the water. temperatures on the sand with your -- your diet coke in the one hand. your sun screen in the other. and your mocktail. good weather outside for all of your beach activities. if you're going to take the boat out on the chesapeake, great for
10:05 am
that as well. >> we know where your mind is as well. >> i'm on vacation already. >> all right. thanks. the brother of a blind chinese activist is missing. according to chen guangcheng, he left his village earlier this week. he was seeking legal help for his son being held on an attempted charge. he never made it back last night. chen guangcheng had been under house arrest for years. chen and his family finally made it to new york. the widow of a pilot who was killed september 11th has died. sandy dahl made it her mission to make sure nobody forget her husband, the pilot of united
10:06 am
flight 93. dahl believed her husband fought alongside passengers that day. she became a splik speaker. no details have been released about the cause of her death. >> sorry to hear that. she did a good job. hackers have stolen more than 120,000 social security numbers from federal employees. the hackers told information from people who enrolled in the tsp. a retirement plan to federal workers. the fbi notified the workers and say they're offering help if anyone's accounts were changed. and the time right now is 10:06. he has given speeches. he's signed bills into law. but president obama just twooshed for the first time. >> what was that? >> i don't want to say it again. >> twooshed. we'll explain ahead.
10:07 am
new details in the disappearance of a louisiana
10:08 am
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police in louisiana hope surveillance video can help them find a missing college student. mickey shanek sphered a week ago. the video shows her on a bike half a mile from a friend's home. friends say it's definitely her and are scouring the area for u clues into they are disappearance. how do you show your anger over an anti-protest law? with a protest. that was the scene last night in montreal. groups demonstrates against a law that requires advance notice of protests and sets steep fines for violators. they held loud marchs through the city. police have arrested more than
10:11 am
700 protesters in montreal and quebec city since wednesday. now let's get a sneak peek on what's ahead in this week's kids post. >> this week on kids post on tv, the funkiest music you've ever heard, a summer movie featuring an exotic bird and a brilliant young woman who can spell every word. joining us again is tracy grant. hello. >> great to be with you. >> let's talk about this funky music. >> this funky music, sunday's kids post is devoted to jazz which has rich roots in d.c. and which kids have a great opportunity next weekend to explore a d.c. jazz festival's family fund day. next weekend, june 2nd and 3rd, admission's free. there's musical petting zoos where kids can explore the instruments, they can hear the museum. and so in sunday's kids post, we have everything to get you
10:12 am
excited about jazz. >> now let's talk about movies to let people beat the summer heat. >> that's right. we look at the g-rated and pg-rated movies that families can explore. we know there are lots of comic book movies that may not be appropriate for all kids. so we have "madagascar 3." we have "brave" which is pixar's first movie featuring a female heroin. >> that is exciting. now, you were talking about "brave." i have to ask you about this young talented girl. >> oh, my gosh. so the national spelling bee starts next week. and in wednesday's kids post, we feature a story about laurie ann madison. she is six years old. she is the youngest child ever to qualify for the national spelling bee. and she's just amazing. she's a competitive swimmer.
10:13 am
she loves grilled cheese. and she has learned all 1500 words that she needed to learn to win her county spelling bee. so we'll be keeping our fingers crossed for laurie ann madison next week in the national spelling bee. >> definitely. that's amazing. as always, thank you. and for some fun family activities, visit or and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv this week. >> that spelling bee is no joke. she has to learn a lot of words. >> i moderated one with aaron gill crest. i was impressed. some of those words -- i can't even remember them. >> can't remember them, can't spell them. >> i didn't do well as a contestant. i did worse as a moderator. then you've got to know how to pronounce it. that can sometimes be just as bad. >> if you're into documentaries "spell bound" is one of the best ones out there.
10:14 am
>> i went to the county spelling bee. >> let's move it on. >> your weekend forecast is just two minutes away. we'll come back with something weather appropriate after this.
10:15 am
10:16 am
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♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. i'm a master twitter. >> zero characters left. that's the perfect tweet. >> the perfect tweet. what's it called? >> a twoosh. a twitter swoosh. >> twoosh sounds like something else. >> like something you'd eat. >> president obama had a big accomplishment. he wrote a twitter swoosh. that uses all 140 characters. he was discussing energy options when he achieved that twoosh. reminds me of -- i don't know.
10:18 am
something else. >> it's just a word name. >> that doesn't make sense to me. >> i don't know. >> it's like a swoosh. >> very few things in twitter make sense to me. i don't understand why it had to be 140 characters rather than 150 or 141. who knows. i know there's an answer and maybe someone can tweet me the answer in 140 characters. try to explain it. i've only got two minutes left to explain it. >> you've got an easy forecast. >> boy, is it ever easy and good. because sometimes an ugly forecast can be just as easy. your memorial day weekend is here. it's starting to feel like summertime outside for sure. temperatures already closing in on 80 degrees. before 10:00 a.m. in the morning on your saturday. and a lot of spots up near 90 if not so much today than as we get into your sunday and memorial day holiday yourself. it's going to be warm and humid around here. dew points are inching their way
10:19 am
closer to the 70 degree mark as well. let's the live picture over washington. there's your monument standing tall in the middle of downtown. 77 degrees now at national airport. winds remain out of the south at 9:00 miles per hour. those southerlily breezes, they're going to continue through your holiday weekend. south winds five to 15 miles an hour for much if not all of your weekend. remember you have jiefing coming back south. 77 at the harbor. 77 in gaiter burg. now 80 degrees in fredricksburg. and temperatures in the mid-70s into southern maryland. here's your hometown forecast. on the cusp of the blue ridge. already 77 degrees. mid to upper 80s. plenty of sunshine around back into the mid-70s by 9:30 tonight. overnight generally fair skies. just a few fair weather clouds and startoff temperatures tomorrow morning, mid-60s for
10:20 am
you folks. no rain to concern ourselves with for now. we will see a few showers bubbling up with the heating of the day in the mountains of west virginia. most of us don't need to worry about that. this is tropical storm beryl which is making westbound progress. so if your travel plans will take you from about wilmington, be on the look out for that. and if you're flying through detroit or chicago or minneapolis, keep that in mind. if you're staying around here, no problems today. there's a little deck of mid-level clouds out here. that will be washed out early. we'll be left with a mostly clear blue sky. this weather front's going to hang up just north of the mason-dixson line. that will be the mechanism that focuses most through the weekend. you may have to pack the rain gear. where if you're driving down into the blue ridge, not as much of a threat. one or two spotty showers.
10:21 am
for today partly sunny, warm. you're going to enjoy the humidity out there. most of us don't need to worry about that. and going down to the beaches indeed. ocean water temperatures, 60s. just sitting on the sand. perfect weather for that. just many sun smart. they wanted us to hit this hard this summer. to remind everybody to be smart. i will try. i will sit in the shade and do nothing and see how well i do it. temperatures will trend back closer to average by after the memorial day weekend. so you can tauls be ready for a slightly cool down there. i'll be tweeting out updates and should any drops appear on radar, i'll tweet where it is.
10:22 am
don't need to worry too much today or tomorrow. monday might be the next chance for rain on the holiday weekend. >> i think we're rained out this week. >> we'll be all right. >> thanks, chuck. well, the time right now 10:21. a dramatic new picture from the surface of march. mars. why nasa thinks the picture is so funny. i just went downstairs and i have about six cows in my yard. i don't own cows. >> yeah. those are some real life party animals. how cows crashed a graduation party. wait until you hear what they really wanted. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
even robots like to take pictures of their adventures. back in march, nasa's rover on mars decided to show off its playful side and show a picture on the rim of a crater. the rover named opportunity took a picture of it casting a shadow. the rover landed on mars back in
10:26 am
2004. opportunity's twin, yeah he has a twin, spirit. stopped communicating with nasa in 2010. >> those robots are so funny. they do the craziest things. >> they have multiple personalities, you know? such a rebel, that spirit. so everyone's got those friends that will crash a party any time anywhere. no i don't. you're going to party you didn't invite me. >> you'll crash it. cows crashed a graduation party. it appears they had a plan to vash this party all along. >> they enjoyed it. they went right for the beer. when one was done, they knocked another one over. >> they had a good time. they came a quarter mile down the road and heard the music and the lights and the fire. decided cows night out. they wanted a drink. >> drunk cows. even though these party animals were harmless, the shin dig
10:27 am
ended pretty quickly as you might imagine. police showed up and steered the herd back to their home. wherever their home may be. hopefully they weren't driving because they were drinking. >> that's true. >> or they're not driving because they're cows. >> that too. >> i like they're all striped cows. i'm used to my cows being splotchy. >> they were pretty cows. i wonder if it'll make it into the milk stream. i don't know. no response? >> no. >> only a mom would say something like that. >> drunk cows. >> all right. that's going to do it for news4 today. be safe, everybody. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00. have a great day.
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