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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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hollywood star power at the rehearsal. >> it's a privilege. it really is. it's a way of paying back in a very small way a price that many others have paid a far, far greater than i ever will if i come for the next 100 years. and if you are looking at the capital building, is that doesn't move you, you are dead. >> that starts at 8:00. meanwhile, that roar you are hearing is part of a unique memorial day tradition. it brings thousands of motorcycles from around the country right here to our area. derrick ward is live on the mall with the event. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at the intersection of constitution avenue and henry bacon drive, just south of the lincoln memorial. right on the course that rolling thunder will take once they leave the pentagon and get under way, that will happen at midday.
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if you look over here behind me, you will see the bikers gathered. on the hill where the flags are and that screen, this is something new. there will be a stage with speakers that will happen at 1:30 this afternoon after the event gets under way. this is the 25th anniversary of the start of this. it's hard to believe that it actually has been 25 years. this is actually a demonstration. the organizers are careful to point that out. it may well be one of the longest and continuous demonstrations over the issues of the treatment and the concern for prisoners of war and missing in action. not only in past conflicts but in current and future conflicts as well. and this marks the 50th anniversary of the official start of the vietnam war. tomorrow, some defense department officials will be gathering at the site of the vietnam memorial to talk about that.
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and so many things associated with the vietnam war are fraught with ambiguity and controversy and even the effort to observe the anniversary is not without conflict. >> evenly ya leon pennetta star 1962, and the names on the wall start in 1959. >> of course that does not take away from the mission and the event here. it's still about bringing attention to issues like that. they have gotten legislation passed in the past, and they hope to do that as time goes on, because sadly there will be a need like this until everybody is accounted for. the event gets under way at noon and the bikers are gathering right now at pentagon park and they will make their way across the bridge and down here and the events wrap up here this
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afternoon at the stage behind me. >> derrick, thanks for that report. i want to remind everybody, we do have the roads closed listed on all over the country, people are enjoying the unofficial start of summer by celebrating and honoring those that serve. brian moore takes a look at how come are commemorating this memorial day. >> getaways don't get much better than this. >> starting to kick off summer, chilling with friends. it's always a good way, beautiful memorial day weekend. >> not so in myrtle beach where swimming was prohibited as subtropical storm beryl was in the southeast. but it was a great day for a parade in chicago, and in maryland. >> i am excited about memorial day, and very, very grateful for the troops that protect our
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country, and i don't take that lightly. >> reporter: this was the sentiment at the navy memorial. it's patriotic. makes you proud to be an american, and we still have a heartbeat left in us yet. >> addressing graduate cadets, president biden noting how the days at war are numbered. >> president obama and i came into office determined to end the war in iraq responsibly, and today our troops are home. >> across america, a weekend of relaxation and reflection. brian moore, nbc news. >> a lot of events going on today. so it's lucky that we have good weather. >> good weather, but humid. >> unofficially summer for sure. summer, as you know, starts june 1st. >> i do know that. unofficial. >> it feels like summer for sure.
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outside all the folks getting their motorcycles shined up and coming over the bridge. look at them all, tens of thousands lined up in the north pentagon ready for the big roll over the memorial bridge. and a good day to have a motorcycle for sure, and a good convertible top-down weather sure four. 75 in falls church, and 72 in frederick, maryland, and a couple sprinkles here. southern carroll county just about on the carroll county and howard county lines. there's another line of showers there east of philadelphia, up towards new york city and long island. that's where the rain is this morning. i do think just like yesterday, we bubbled up showers and storms yesterday in southern pennsylvania. they rolled into northern
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maryland and i suspected that's similar to what is happening today. rain chances in d.c. itself are low. if you live in northern maryland, your rain chances are better for this afternoon. your sunday will be a steamy one, and since it's a three-day weekend, all eyes are open for tomorrow. patchy fog in the morning, but another hot and humid day coming our way. rain chances start to go up for everybody. we will talk about the rest of the week in a few more minutes. for now, back to you guys. right now, police are looking for a man who may be involved in the deaths are four people. police found the bodies of a missing man, his girlfriend and two young children in nicholas county, west virginia. west virginia state police say they found the bodies in a wooded area about a mile from where they discovered the missing man's van.
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the family vanished more than a week ago, and police suspect foul play. right now they are looking for the suspect. and family members of the man who contpefessed to killinge 6-year-old boy. one of the sisters said he told relatives he hurt a child, and another sister says she heard her brother confess to a prayer group in the 1980s. hernandez has a history of mental illness, and legal experts say investigators will need more than the confession to build the case. the body of the boy was never found. a heated confrontation. officers called to a candlelight vigil when an uninvited guest showed up.
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family and friends held a vigil for stone at the high school last night in northeast. police say the father of her children shot her in front of her kids in february. she died from her injuries last weekend. stone's sister got angry when a friend of the cook family showed up. police are still searching for him. >> i mean he done the damage and he done what he planned to do, and turn himself in so the kids can lead a normal life. whoever hide him, turn him in. why hiding him? >> police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to cook's arrest. the family will hold a funeral for stone tomorrow. new this morning, a water break. the crews are trying to fix the broken maine. telegraph road is closed in both direction right now. this is between will ton road
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and francona road. 30 homes in that area are without water, and they could be out there for the next couple hours. >> today, the daughter of the late civil rights leader martin luther king junior will be speaking in north virginia. bernice king will discuss the life and legacy of her mother, loretta scott king. that event begins at 5:30 this afternoon. the time is 9:09. a college student videotaped the gay encounter. who needs a john deer when you have a billy goat. they are solving
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more than 100 people wrote
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letters to the judge in the case of a former rutgers university student that used a webcam to spy on his roommate kissing another man. the judge sentenced 20-year-old to 30 days jail sentence, and that's for a lessen sentence of 30 years he could have received. his roommate committed suicide in 2010 after the spying incident. prosecutors are appealing the shorter sentence. lady gaga is canceling her sold-out concert in indonesia because of the security concerns. protesters say lady gaga's sexy costumes and provocative dance moves would corrupt the kids in
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inindonesia. and there are a list of key words and phrases it is used to monitor websites. in addition to attack order tea bomb, they flag anybody that uses cloud, pork, wave, smart and watch. it's to comb through possible threats. this morning you may notice a difference in the landscaping of prince georges county. a group of goats trimmed the brush and are fertilizing the area. >> the mall can plan the beautiful rose bushes. >> and also for them to see there's a farmers market here. again, we want people to shop local and spend money in their communities. >> i was pleasantly surprised to
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see the goats because i have never seen goats in real life before. >> the goats can eat 10 to 15 pounds of grass, shrubs and flowers a day. >> i want that metabolism. >> i want that goat at my house. if you want to get outside and enjoy the nice weather today, that's what it's going to be. nice. >> chuck bell, tell us more. >> no word on what teddy, the st. bernard is going to think about you bringing a goat home. how long will the humidity last? we'll have your forecast nex
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on this memorial day weekend, we honor america's war dead, whose men and women made
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the ultimate sacrifice for our country. one member of the community is remembering those in a unique way. mike taibbi reports. >> reporter: some a simple idea. genre jurors remembered a protester greeted him when he came home after two purple hearts. >> he stops and holds up his arms like this, and says, hey, baby burner. >> reporter: he viewed those now will be seen differently. this is a field of series. a soccer field that once a year has the whole town pitching in, has a cross for each of those fallen in those two wars, and crosses made by korean war vet. the name rank and casualty date
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on the cross. >> it's not just a name on the cross. it's a soldier. it's a family member. >> and it's who those soldiers are, and not just for the soldier that died. but stevens was killed in iraq and buried in his own town. his mother, thankful for anybody that wants to know the story about his cross. >> he was born with a sense of -- one of well-being. he knew who he was, but he loved protecting, he loved protecting people. >> so did tiffany petty's husband, jared. >> it hurts your heart. it hurts your soul. we need to remember them, not as a group of people, but as specific people.
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>> so here throughout the weekend, they are remembered by visitors all over the west, those who lost a loved one to war, and those who have not. >> how old was the little girl? >> six. >> even dennis the sign man to learn about the latest. >> 21-year-old single mother that had one small child. >> 6,378 stories, each remembered here. mike taibbi, nbc news. >> great story. >> nice tribute as well. and they put flags on all of the head stones at arlington national cemetery. there are so many great volunteers. some of my friends are volunteers, and they think that is one of the best ways they can spend their memorial day weekend is going out and doing that. thanks to all that gave their service to the country.
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rolling thunder getting to start, and a lot of other activities around the area getting going as well. outside we go. it's indeed a very humid start to your sunday. you are going to notice it feels like the middle of summer around here already, and it's only the last weekend of may. as you look live from the city camera view, in the distance you see the national cathedral, and in the gore ground you see the motorcycles in the pentagon. and also the john f. center for the performing arts. you have to like it hot and sticky, because that's the way it feels. light winds still out of the south, averaging 9 miles per hour. not expecting a lot of wind action today. good sailing weather, though. bay water temperatures in the low 70s now. so that's not so bad. ocean temperatures, still in the upper 60s. here we go, 70s now in
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staffford. your hometown forecast, quantico virginia, 89 degrees in virginia. rain showers not getting as far south as quantico today. and 11:30 tonight back down to 79 degrees. and annapolis, high today at 81 degrees. the little hint of an influence keeping temperatures cooler, and back down to 77 degrees by 9:30 tonight. again, those are moving away from us into the northern parts of the chesapeake bay. and those showers up near allentown, pennsylvania, are also staying away from us. these up here towards michigan, it goes from central pa and up into lower parts of michigan, and that will focus up chances
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for thunderstorms. and there is tropical storm beryl on the coast of florida, and it will bring heavy rain to southern portions right where they need it. basically if you had rain yesterday, your rain chances are good today. inside the city of washington, i think we will be mostly dry today. tomorrow that might be a different story as the heat and humidity start to build. there is the forecast if you are making it over the bridge. 79 if you are on the sand, and that's for today and 82 for tomorrow. around here today, a mix of clouds and sunshine. thunderstorms in the pm hours. mostly north and west of town. there you go with the extended forecast. 92 tomorrow. 91 on tuesday. and then cooling down just a touch as we finish out the week
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and head on into next weekend. got this great picture sent in by my co-worker, angie goff. these are my brothers in law. ken phillips, and ray, and my brother-in-law who is visiting from texas, and tracy phillips who is the mom of chris phillips, who is my sister who lives in leesburg. they are ready to ride. >> you mentioned a side car earlier -- >> i was joking about the side car. they are taking me out in a side car. >> you can't joke about that. they are really exciting about rolling thunder, because it's the 25th anniversary, as you know, and they point out it's a demonstration, not a parade, but a demonstration until everybody comes home. >> hopefully they will have a good time and be safe. >> yeah, and drink a lot of water, because it's going to be
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hot. >> the time is 9:25. >> we have disturbing video from one of the worse massacres from the syria up rising. more than 90 people killed including dozens of children. and history in orbit. why some experts are calling why some experts are calling yesterday one of the
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we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store. welcome. thank you for joining us. here is a look at the top stories this morning. that roar you probably here, thousands of motorcycles getting ready to roll into d.c. they are honoring those that died while serving their country. they are gathering at the pentagon and will roll into d.c. at noon.
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the police found the body of a man and his afternoon and two children. police suspect foul play. right now they are looking for the suspect. there's a memorial in front of the building with pedro hernandez says he killed the 6-year-old patz. the body of the boy has never been found. firefighters were able to contain the blaze, but are looking for hot spots now. the fire forced the florida highway patrol to close the state patrol for a few hours on friday. tornado season is in full effect as kansas dealt with six twisters ripping through the state. crews are working to restore electricity, and it went out friday night because of the storms. one person was injured, and
9:31 am
other than that it appears everybody else in the area is okay. officials are still assessing the full range of damage in the area. despite summer not officialy starting for a few weeks, temperatures are already here. a marching band had to stop early because some were suffering from heat exhaustion. the white house is condemning a horrific attack in syria. we have a quick warning. some of the images you are about to see you could find disturbing. the attack happened friday afternoon after a anti-government protest.
9:32 am
>> it's unacceptable and it's unforgivable. the death of 32 young children, the future of syria. >> witnesses say government-backed forces went home to home killing people, and it's considered one of the worst massacres since the rebel up rising began over one year ago. and police say a naked man was chewing on the face of another man yesterday afternoon. officers tried to get the man to stop, but he ignored them. officers shot and killed the suspect. the other man was taken to the hospital suffering from critical injuries. nato is investigating separate roadside bombings. one was during an insurgent attack on friday and the other yesterday when a soldier was travelling in a vehicle. 33 nato service members have been killed this month alone in
9:33 am
afghanistan. officials did not release details about the soldiers' deaths. and then eight members of a family killed, and that happened yesterday where soldiers were conducting an operation against insurgency when the family was killed. karzai warned that attacks that kill civilians hurt their relationship between them and nato forces. chen's family says he is worried about what a they call retaliation. it's unknown whether he returned voluntarily or was forced by officials keeping him and his family under sir violence.
9:34 am
been an awesome ride. and i have no regrets. >> 17-year-old sean wilson miller posted this a few weeks ago, and he called it my final good-bye. he was suffering from chronic heart reskwrejectiorejection. the video has been seen by almost 2 million people around the world. crew members got their first look inside the private spacecraft that docked two days ago. inside, more than 1,000 pounds of food and supplies. it's the first time a private spacecraft has landed. >> officials say they are
9:35 am
already working on eventually sending people into space on the private spacecrafts. >> a very exciteding time. >> are you going to go up? >> sure. the time is 9:34. still ahead, a major milestone for one of the country's most beloved landmarks. and how rescue workers managed to save more than 6 dozen people trapped on chair lifts. romney clinches the nomination. he races money with donald trupl in that vegas, and obama hits the campaign trail in chicago and minh. minnesota. so how will romney celebrate? he will hold campaign events in swing states of colorado and nevada, and raise money in las vegas with one-time presidential
9:36 am
rival, newt gingrich, and donald trump. he awards the medal of freedom for albright. enjoy the long memorial day weekend, and remember download the free nbc politics app for the free nbc politics app for your phone pad or ipho
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welcome back. phoegs people think of babies and toddlers when they think about building a family through adoption, but there are older children searching for homes, too. >> and ronald is hoping for parents that care about him, and help him reach his goals.
9:40 am
>> reporter: there was a chef's coat and apron. the culinary school was giving ronald an aspiring chef a lesson. ronald's social worker says being a chef is one of the tkrarplz he has for the future, but she says he would like a future that would include an adoptive family. >> he is a sweet kid. the thing that is so amazing about him, he wants to really do well and do well. >> you have cooked anything? >> uh-huh. >> spaghetti, and omelets, and my own version of skwrupl bull lia.
9:41 am
>> at 15 he says he has a few things he would like to do some day, he wants to make a family proud of him and wants a family that cares. >> he needs the emotional support of a mom and dad and that's what he is looking for. he is a really good kid pfp >> when the pasta was done, he topped it with egg and sprinkled it. the institute had a cookbook signed by the teachers there, and the good thing was getting a taste of success. if you have room in your home and heart for ronald or another child who is waiting to be adopted, please call our special adoption hotline, and it's 1-888-to-adopt-me.
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they left this morning with a big sendoff from the inner harbor in baltimore. you may remember this post called zacking. it's named after zach lederer. you notice he doesn't have any hair and has just undergone the fourth week of radiation. he struck the pose before he underwent treement for a brain disorder. he has inspired cancer patients across the nation. he had stars, athletes -- >> the governor who placed a call to him. we wish him a lot of luck. >> he will finish his fight in the next couple of weeks while they make the ride out to see algt. that's a long time to be on a bike. >> they wear the special shorts in the pads. >> good idea.
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just bring your pillow and sit on that for the next thousand
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a couple concerts tonight and fireworks show, so everybody needs to know the pressure is on. >> there is tonight and then the fourth of july looming and we have had very stormy fourth of julys in past years. most of the celebrations etc. today will go off without any real rain problems. that being said there is a chance for showers to be becomeling up. we have plenty of humidity, and temperatures are soaring into the 70s and 80s, and it's not close to noontime yet. as you look outside over washington this morning at the pentagon parking lot, just filled to the breaking point with all of the motorcycles for
9:47 am
rolling thunder, that gets under way about noon. soy the pressure is on. the forecast needs to be good. it needs to be accurate, if nothing else. that's what we care most about is accuracy. winds are out of the south at 9 miles per hour. 79% relative humidity out there. it's think and kind of gunky out there. code orange, so not that great of an air mass over head. and faulkner county, already 78 degrees. beachgoers, a beautiful beach day today. ocean water, still below 70. it will be a chilly day. so your sunday planner, muggy and mild, and i don't think we will make 90 degrees, but we
9:48 am
will close and the heat index values will be up around the 90s for most of the day. there is the last of the showers moving through in pwaultd more right now, and the showers still going north of philadelphia, and those are headed out on parts of central new jersey, so we don't need to worry about those. and the tropical storm beryl, the track will bring the storm on show sometime late tonight and early tomorrow and bring a lot of rains in southeastern georgia and southern south carolina where they need the drops. basically, the further north you go, the better your rain chances will be for today. if you saw rain yesterday you are probably under the gun again this afternoon. plenty of heat and humidity. things quiet down overnight tonight and maybe into tomorrow morning, and then once the heating of the day comes on
9:49 am
monday, scattered showers and thunderstorms likely. today, partly sunny, and a chance of afternoon thunderstorms mainly north of town. we will be dry in the city, but a close call. here is the all-important seven-day forecast. 92 tomorrow. i think with the extra couple degrees will mean the difference between rain and no rain in the city. that goes into tuesday and wednesday as well before we cool down just a touch. i will be updating my twitter status. it will tell you where the showers are and where you will be. >> thanks. today marks 75 years for one of the country's first bridges. >> the golden gate bridge opened on this day in 1937. they built the bridge during the great depression.
9:50 am
the celebration includes fireworks display today, and many of the people that walked across the bridge when it first opened, that's what you are looking at now, the lunch in they held together. and swrus to show you -- >> i thought you were talking about yourself personally. >> and just to show you the sign of the times, golden gate bridge has a twitter handle. the time is ten minutes away from the 10:00 hour. yesterday, you might remember, we told you about cows that crashed a college party. >> apparently, one friend felt left out. we will tell you how one woman reacted when she woke up to find reacted when she woke up to find a bull peering in her window.
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talk about a high wire rescue. crews rescued 78 people trapped on chair lifts nearly 100 feet above the ground in southwest china. apparently one of the gears on the chair lift got stuck and left everybody stranded in the air. it took more than four hours to get everybody to safety, and nobody was hurt. the chris matthews show follows us, and then it's meet the press. >> good morning, washington. coming at 10:00 on the chris matthews show, the winner this fall may be the one who wins the argument we saw this last week. and on the other side, can this president handle the economy that has not found full
9:55 am
recovery? we have new polls show three quarters of white women will probably control the results this fall have doubts their kids will live as well as they do. and plus it's memorial day weekend, and did you know this is the first time since world war ii when neither presidential candidate served in uniform. is this the look of the future. join us for a great roundtable. now for a look on what is coming up on "meet the press," here is david gregory. >> who has the skills to turn the economy around? that's the big question this week as we talk about that this morning, on the economy and jobs, and join me and newt gingrich who will campaign with governor romney this week, and martin o'malley. and then the political
9:56 am
roundtable as we gear up for the hot summer months of campaigning. plus a special conversation with maria shriver. it's coming up on "meet the press," and stay tuned after the program for my special press pass interview with ashley judd. a woman in california has a wild story. she spotted a bull outside her home. this was in fresno. the 1500-pound beast started to hit the side of the fence. >> that's going to give quite a tug if you get the hras yo around it. >> the police officers were trying to catch this. they were able to wrangle the bull and return it to its owner.
9:57 am
>> that's quite a bull story. and yesterday we had the cows. >> scottish cows. you said you have seen them in the midwest? >> yeah, i went to school in missouri, and we had them. >> come over to the zoo. if you are planning to head outside today, to enjoy the wonderful memorial day weekend. >> hot and steamy. >> enjoy it, everybody. >> snap on the spf. have a great day, everybody. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in.
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hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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