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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and now from washington's leading news station, this is "news 4 at 11:00." >> you are instructed to leave the area in a safe and orderly
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manner and seek shelter inside. >> this year's memorial day concert came to an abrupt end. and the severe weather isn't over tonight. good evening. i'm chris gordon. the weather came as a disappointment to thousands of conce conce concertgoers on the lawn of the u.s. capitol this morning. they were barely halfway through she show when storms started to move in. we have storm coverage on the severe weather starting with darcy spencer live on capitol hill. darcy? >> well, chris, if you take a look behind me, this is the stage for the concert. it's been covered over in plastic to protect the equipment. there were thousands out here on the west lawn of the capitol enjoying this concert this evening when cit came to a suddn stop. ♪ if the sun comes up without me tomorrow ♪ >> reporter: thousands of people watching the national memorial day concert on the west lawn of the capitol were forced to leave
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because bad weather was on the way. >> ladies and gentlemen, you heard the capitol police. we have a severe weather warning and we ask that everybody leave in an orderly fashion. >> then five minutes later, the concert itself ended. >> we regret that due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to continue this year's national memorial day concert. >> well, we were sitting there enjoying the concert and along with the other -- several hundred thousand people and then the capitol police spokesman came on and said there was a severe storm headed our way and that we needed to start evacuating the grounds, that we had time, but suggested strongly that we start evacuating it as soon as possible. >> everybody was enjoying themselves and all of a sudden they said prepare for an evacuation. the police came and said stand up, start moving, don't stop. and they said they were going to continue the concert. by the time we got to the excite, the concert is over. >> some ran but for the most part, people were orderly when the evacuation was happening, the weather initially was just fine.
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but then the winds started gusting and lightning fell from the sky. >> well, a little disappointed but, i mean, if a storm is going to come -- >> i'm scared. >> yeah, so we're headed home. >> many scrambled to get back to their tour buses and hotel rooms as well as metro stations before the weather got too severe. some told me they traveled long distances to see the concert and favor performers. some are in town for monday's national memorial day parade. >> i was looking ford seeing natalie cole. >> did you get to see her? >> they cut her off during the middle of her strong. so everyone just got up and had to leave. >> so pretty big disappointment? >> it was rather sad. >> reporter: according to pbs, when they had to dump out of the live broadcast they then picked up the 2011 memorial concert so, obviously, they are prepared for anything to go wrong. they say that it was seamless for their viewers who were watching at home and nobody here was injured and really the
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weather didn't get too bad. but the people i spoke to say that the right call was made. reporting live from the capitol, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you darcy. the strong storms have left many people in the dark locally this evening. y. co reporting about 3500 without fire. the majority in montgomery county. 1200 people without power according to dominion. novec says about 1,000 people have been affected by this storm. many of those in loudoun county. our team coverage continues. let's go straight to meteorologist chuck bell in storm center 4 to find out if there is more rain to come. hi, chuck. >> hi, chris. good evening. round one of the thunderstorms is long gone into parts of southern maryland. there is a chance for another round of thunderstorms coming in after midnight tonight. not going to have quite the punch the first round did. nonetheless, don't be surprised to hear more rumbles of thunder. rain-cooled in the mid-60s across much of northern
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maryland. still hovering near 70 in town. doesn't look like a whole lot on the radar. as i put into motion, the last of the showers now dying out as they head into southern st. mary's. mostly light rain across the washington area. light to moderate. but there's the next batch right there across parts of southwestern pennsylvania. it's falling much the same track down to the southeast at 30 to 40 miles per hour. so on that track, most of those thunderstormses are going to go on to the west sides of our viewing areas toward the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. i'll talk more about the memorial day forecast coming up. >> thanks, chuck. looking ahead to some of tomorrow's activities, the national memorial day parade steps off the mall tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m. the parade starts at the corner of constitution avenue and seventh street and ends down constitution at 17th street. this year's parade features a tribute to veterans who served and sacrificed in "operation iraqi freedom" and "operation new dawn." there will also be memorial day
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parades in falls church at 9:00 a.m. and rockville at 10:30 a.m. alexandria has a memorial day ceremony at 11:00 a.m. across the country, this memorial day weekend is shaping up to be quite a memorable one. for many people, due to the weather, tropical storm beryl has brought strong winds and heavy rains. it's forced many vacationers to cancel their trips along the coast gaffe of georgia and flor. a fire in the gilla national forest has burned more than 150 square miles. and people are checking their calendars in northern california. a fresh coat of snow hit the area this holiday weekend. tonight, trains are back up and running between d.c. and philadelphia after some big problems on amtrak this afternoon. problems with overhead wires forced all service to be suspended between d.c. and philadelphia. the service disruption lasted about four hours and created
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delays all across amtrak's northeast corridor. at last check, amtrak was still working to complete repairs. they expect everything to be back to normal by tomorrow morning. police made an arrest in a hit and run accident that left a 49-year-old man in critical condition in prince george's county. a car struck the victim near the intersection of east west highway and ager road last night. police say the driver contacted police this morning and that driver is now in custody. police in fairfax county are trying to figure out who attacked several innocent defenseless animals at a farm overnight. it happened at a barn in frying pan park in herndon. police say a calf, two goats and a chicken were cut some time between 5:00 last night. it is the same park where horses were stabbed just last month. >> awful, horrible. senseless. it's just, yeah, that's just awful.
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unspeakable. >> i think that's absolutely horrible. they're completely innocent animals and there's no reason for that at all. it's just cruel. >> police still have not made any arrests in the case last month that involved the horses. they will continue to investigate that case and this most recent one to look to see if there is any connection between the two. in syria tonight, the u.n. security council is condemning that country's government for using tanks and artillery to shell a residential area on friday. more than 100 people died in the attacks on the town of hola, including 49 children and 34 women. protesters filled the streets yesterday after the massacre. it's being called one of the worst mass casualty incidents since syria's anti-government movement began last year. at least two people are dead following severe flooding in central cuba. more than 20 inches of rain have fallen there since the beginning of the week.
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authorities say 6,000 people have been evacuated. in addition, 1,000 homes were damaged by landslides and flooded streets. the weather system is expected to bring more heavy rains this week. a scandal at the vatican is unfolding like the script to a hollywood movie. yesterday, pope benedict's butler gaberieli was charged with leaking hundreds of secret documents. and now investigators are trying to figure out whether the butler was the only one involved. duncan golistani has the latest. >> reporter: pope benedict has been searching for whoever betrayed his secrets. all along it might have been the man closest to him. yesterday, gabrieli, the pope's personal butler was charged. the 46-year-old was always right there with the pontiff, but what was he doing behind his boss' back? >> this is a pious, quiet, young
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man. >> reporter: the scandal took a new twist last week with the publication of a new book by an investigative journalist. in it, confidential letters and memos to and from pope benedict. as well as allegations of financial corruption at the vatican, many leaks seem to aim at undermining its secretary of state. >> it's clear that there is but only one man, but a group of monsignors and employees of the vatican who are following a line of underground opposition to the secretary of state, cardinal bertoni. >> duncan golistani also reports the investigation continues into whether other people were involved. gabrieli faces up to 30 years in prison if he is found guilty. turning now to decision 2012. tonight, the obama md romney campaigns are using the memorial day weekend to map out their campaign strategies for the long summer ahead.
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and all indications are that the race is going to be a dog fight decided by a few key swing states. one of those states is virginia where president obama still has a small lead. mitt romney hopes to boost campaign funds by appear with donald trump this week. but some conservatives are calling that move a mistake. >> the cost of appearing with this bloefiating ignore aimous is obvious it seems to me. >> meanwhile, president obama continues to pound romney for his record at bain capital. but also today, mitt romney got a vote of support from former new york city mayor giuliani who called romney's record on jobs, quote, decent. ahead tonight -- homophobic comments spark tensions in the mid-atlantic. coming up, the remarks by a pastor that had protesters from our area heading south. the over the top wedding proposal that's even catching the attention of pop artist bruno marz. and the cutting edge technology
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that is changing the lives of our nation's wounded warriors. coming up in just a few minutes on "sports final," we have a first place baseball team in town. the nationals defend their perch atop the n.l. east against the braves. tiger talks legacy in a one on one with dan hellie. and our nights of the roundtable have playoff predictions and weigh in on what the wizards should do next. all that and more tonight on "sports final." that's at 11:35 right after the that's at 11:35 right after the news right here on nbc 4.
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hundreds turned out, include something people from maryland and virginia turned out in north carolina today to protest some controversial comments made by a pastor. demonstrators flocked to the town of newton to condemn statements made by pastor charles warley. earlier this month, he called
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for gay people to be locked up behind an electrified fence until they die out. the comments made shortly after obama made his support of gay marriage publicly. >> they are not going to hijack christianity and let the whole world feel that that's what christians think. because we don't. >> i don't hate nobody, i don't hate the gay community, but i come to stand for what i believe in. >> police watched over the demonstration closely which was mostly peaceful. almost half of this country's newest veterans are seeking disability benefits. 45% of the 1.6 million vets of the wars in iraq and afghanistan have filed injury claims. officials say that number is more than double the estimate of 21% who filed such claims after the gulf war. advocates say it's unclear how much worse off these service
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members are compared to their predecessors. but the increase may be associated with a disabled vet's inability to find a job. well, that news brings us to a fascinating look at how some of our wounded warriors are getting some cutting edge help and a new lease on life. robert bezel has our story. >> reporter: ramon padilla fought with the 173rd airborne brigade combat team in afghanistan. the unit profiled in the award-wing war documentary "restrepo." he was struck by a rock net 2007. >> right away, i knew i had lost my arm, and the only thing i was hoping for or praying for is that, you know, telling god that, you know, please let me see my wife and my kids one more time. >> reporter: he was reunited with his family. >> it offers up to 14 different ways to close and open. >> reporter: to replace lost arms, prosthetic specialist ryan
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spill and the researchers at advanced arm dynamics. >> this is called a power grip. >> reporter: they are developing customized bionic hands giving upper extremity amputees even more dexterity. >> three months later, i was playing catch, skiing, golfing and doing a bunch of stuff. >> when your rock climbing, how long are you typically in the prostheseis? >> probably six to eight hours. >> they work with each patient to meet their specific needs and interests. >> this is more like a survival arm. >> reporter: triathlete bernie diamond lost his arm in a drive-by shooting and helped design this personize e izalize prosthetic. >> the standard of care 25 years ago was mechanical hook. now with some of the new electronic hands, we have all
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sorts of different patterns and the amount of effort a patient uses to be able to operate that type of hand is much less. >> getting ever closer to the natural arm lost by so many wounded warriors like padilla. >> how is the speed of this compared to the other? >> reporter: and tens of thousands of others every year. >> i was just telling chuck that i interviewed sergeant padilla, the golfer. he had a ring, he stuck a golf club in there. he was at the tiger woods at&t national cup a few years ago. were you nervous? i said how far did you hit it? >> 230 yards. >> indomminable spirit. just impressive. impressive people. >> let me ask you this. you said earlier we have a one-two punch. >> punch number one has come and gone. that's good news. punch number two won't be as big as punch number one. it's going to come in later tonight and primarily out to the west of the d.c. metro area. doesn't mean you couldn't hear another rumble of thunder in
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town. most of the action is done with for now. outside, a live picture of the old poolsville town hall. poolsville, maryland. rain soaked on your sunday evening. was dry for the vast majority of the day around the area. boy, once the storms got going, they came in fast and furious between about 7:30 and 9:30 tonight. they came roaring through. a lot of folks tweeting me pictures and updating them. thank you for all the storm reports and the great pictures. right now, it's a rain-cooled 71 here in washington. winds light from the west. averaging 6 miles per hour. still a little bit of light rain falling as you look live at the kennedy center. generally speaking where you've seen the heaviest of the rain, temperatures in the 60s. showers and storms really fizzled as they came down into the southern sides of the metro area. for your memorial day planner, patchy fog and dry. rain-free at least in the morning. a lot of wet roads and fog. 70s in the morning. hot and humid again tomorrow with temperatures near the 90-degree mark. another chance for scattered
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thunderstorms tomorrow. much like today. really only about a 30% or 40% chance. sometimes 30% is all you need. there goes that push of rain n wind now down in far southern maryland. that's going to be about the end of it. just light rain and sprinkles around town. there's batch number two. just to the north of frostburg, maryland. running southeast bound. winchester to laray. might have rumbles of thunder between midnight and 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. overnight it will continue to fade. a quiet start tomorrow morning. then with the heating of the day, storms will pop on monday. be ready for that. the real light show comes up on tuesday afternoon and tuesday night with the actual cold front itself. still keeping an eye on tropical storm beryl making landfall near jacksonville. the official track off the cape hatteras coastline by late wednesday. not much of an impact here. rain ending by daybreak. thick fog in the morning. mostly upper 60s to near 70.
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for tomorrow, partly sunny. another chance for some showers and thunderstorms late afternoon into evening tomorrow. best chances for rain this week or actually tuesday afternoon, tuesday night into early wednesday. i think wednesday afternoon and thursday look great. another rain chance ahead of some cooler weather coming in late in the week. you can always follow me on twitter @chuckbell4 tweeting out the updates with where the rain was. >> and you were very busy on twitter tonight. >> very busy tonight. the countdown is on in london. we'll see how the city is preparing for the first big event of the summer starting in just a few days. and in sports, the nationals go for a
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let's get out the broom. >> that's it. >> the nationals looking for the sweep this weekend. the braves came into this series just one game back. nationals took care of that. they say the chicks dig the long ball but there are some of us
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out there that still love a pitcher's dule. the nats/braves matchup looked great on paper. two of the best e.r.a.s in baseball. the nats had a good game plan. get after the bull pen and stay in first place. gonzalez getting warm early. it took him a little while to settle into this game. he'd give up two runs over the first three innings. but he helps his own cause in the top of the fourth. up with the bases loaded. he gets this one just high and just deep enough for the sacrifice fly that drives it ian desmond. that ties the game at two. not bad from a pitcher. same score, top of the sixth. hernandez out of the pen for the braves. jesus flores knocks one up the middle. danny espinoza scores and the nats put up a four spot in this inning. they go on to win, 4-2. nats sweep the braves, 7-2. and they now are three games up on the mets in first place.
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orioles/royals. and that right there, folks is a rich man. adam jones signed a six-year $88.5 million deal today. and this is just icing on the cake. he extends his hit streak to 18 games with that double in the fifth inning. jones earning that meg mega paycheck. that ties -- the game tied at two. brian mattes on the hill. 4-1 in the month of may. in the sixth in some trouble. trouble's name is jeff franceur. today marked the 96th running of the indianapolis 500. let's head to the final lap. dario franchitti out in front. today he makes it three. cue the bagpipes for the scotsman. his wife ashley judd the movie star, she's happy.
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franchitti wearing the white sunglasses to honor last year's winner dan weldon who was killed in a crash last october. it's a bittersweet moment for him. he's bathing in the famous victory lane milk. coming up, more from indy 500. and when rogue tires fly across the track. the thunder and spurs kick off the western conference finals. tnt analyst david aldridge joins us to discuss the nba playoffs. plus, dan hellie goes one on one with tiger woods at the ate nation at&t national is coming back to congressional. price harper is showing why he belongs in the big leagues. >> that's on "sports final." we'll be watching you in just a few minutes. ahead on news 4 -- it's his first time back in the big screen in four years. we'll see how will smith's latest movie did at
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this is a very confusing time in my life. "the avengers" finally got knocked out of the top spot at the box office by "men in black iii." the movie marking will smith's return to the big screen after a four-year hiatus raked in $55 million. "the avengers" finished with $37 million in sales. in the number two spot. it has now made more than $500 million. only three other movies have ever reached that milestone. we have just 60 days to go until the opening ceremonies for the 2012 summer olympics in
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london. but that is not the only thing that has britain buzzing. the queen is celebrating her diamond jubilee marking 60 years as queen of england. there will be four days of celebrations next weekend to mark the big event. including a star-studded concert and flotilla with more than 1,000 vessels. up next tonight, an eager groom-to-be shares just how long it took him to put together this
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an over the top marriage proposal is the latest viral video to hit youtube. isaac lamb got 60 friends and family to help him pop the question to his girlfriend amy. the whole thing took six months to put together. the artist you hear in the background bruno mars sent out a tweet congratulating the happy couple. couple. says it was a great music you know what's exciting? graduation. when i look up into my students faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix.
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