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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 28, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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continue to climb. good afternoon, everyone. . >> we are going on get started with breaking news right now coming out of dallas. that's where police are involved in a stand-off with a man on top of a construction crane on the campus of southern methodist university. police say that the man who is a robbery suspect claims he has a gun and is lettening to shoot. however, it is still unclear if he is actually armed. classes at sm ru not in session today. most of the students have already gone home for the summer. we will keep watching the situation there out of dallas. we bring you any more information as soon as it becomes available. back to the oppressive heat that's being felt across our region and right now. >> sure is hot out there. meteorologist veronica johnson is outside with a look at the temperatures and more on how things may cool off. it has to be scorching. >> it is. every now and then will is a light breeze that comes by. i'm stand big grill. that's where a lot of folks are
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on this memorial day. they are right up against the grill, trying to barbecue for the family. that makes it even hotter out here. conditions today, the heat index values throughout the area running between 95 and 100 degrees. of course, that's the reason why we have this heat advisory up and goes until 9:00 p.m. and covers so much of our viewing area. all those counties shaded in orange from north all the way down to the south. the temperature right now, actual air temperature, well, we got the numbers into the 90s throughout many neighborhoods here. reagan national airport right now is at 90 degrees. there is a little bit of the light wind i told you about. 14 miles per hour. but the dew point temperatures 72. this is our first stretch of the real summerlike heat and humidity combined. current heat index at 97 degrees in d.c. 100 degrees in frederick. 97 in fredericksburg, virginia. there is your sweltering and oppressive conditions. for your good night forecast, where are we going go from here? it will be warm and it is going
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to be sticky. probably not feeling better until we get to around 11:00 p.m. and midnight. make sure you hydrate. we are not going to have my storms. we did have some storms that rolled through here yesterday. of course, that prompted big interruption of the fireworks celebrations that were going on throughout the area. wanted to share as a matter of fact fireworks with you in case you missed it. fireworks that took place at the gaylord national resort. they were absolutely wonderful. and at least for anything that will be taking place tonight, we should be in the clear without any storms. but we are not finished with those storms yet. we have got more of those that are likely to come into the area in the next day or so. we are going to detail that as well as show you a living flag honoring our veterans. that's coming up in just a couple of minutes. angie, richard. >> thanks, veronica. tropical depression beryl weakened to a depression this afternoon. even though winds are dying down, it is soaking parts of the southeast and ruined holiday plans along the georgia and
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florida coast. n >> reporter: a rare may tropical storm sounded a wakeup call along the southeast coast p. hurricane which officially starts june 1 is already here. tropical storm beryl came ashore at near hurricane strength near jacksonville beach just after midnight. with sustained winds of 70 miles per hour, beryl is the strongest made tropical storm on record. >> it was kind of scary. >> reporter: on georgia's island high winds brought in an experienced young girl she will never forget. >> i felt like the house -- the roof was going to come off. >> reporter: the memorial day weekend proved more nerve-racking than relaxing for those that chose to ride out the storm. >> we came on the beach first. that was scary. >> reporter: this was the scene on jekyll island, georgia, sunday before beryl came ashore. a rare double rainbow before the weather turned ugly. now rain and rough creaseseas p
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a damper on memorial day plans as crews work to restore power and clean up debris left behind by this pre-season storm. >> back here in our area, people are still out and about enjoying memorial day activities despite those oven-like temperatures. >> julie carey is live in vienna, virginia, with more on how people are dealing with the heat. hi, julie. >> reporter: the problem is we just haven't had much of a chance to acclimate to this hot weather. but at the vienna festival it doesn't seem to have deterred the crowds. the three-day event has been a very busy place. that was a very popular stop along the avenue here. preice cold water. they tell me they gave away 5 thousand boug -- 5,000 bottles yesterday and today. anticipation of the warm days coming up made fans giving away to folks so a lot of people kept cool as they walked up and down
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taking in the vendors and going on the carnival rides. we found more people welcoming this dose of summer heat than complaining about it. >> i go to school in vermont. it is snowing and negative 20 nine months out of the year. coming home and adding warmth, culture shock, it is nice to be able to wear shorts and tank top instead of long sleeves and hoodie all year long. >> reporter: onlying up at 5:00, we will take you to one place in fairfax county where people were lining up to get a break from the heat. julie carey, news4. [ "taps" playing ] president obama marked memorial day by placing a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery. later in his remarks he noted this is the first time in nearly
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a decade that americans are not fighting in iraq and the war in afghanistan is winding down. he promised the u.s. would meet its obligations to the men and women that come home and those that lost loved ones to war, he said we can all strive to be a nation worthy of their sacrifice. later the president you a tend ad memorial day observance at the vietnam memorial. the ceremony marks the beginning of a long national commemoration of the vietnam war. it will run and 13 years until veterans day of 2025 which will be the 50th year since the last u.s. troops left what was then called saigon. the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan marked memorial day by reading a letter. written by a fallen marine sergeant. 23-year-old sergeant william stacy wrote the letter to his family so it could be read in the event of his death. he was killed earlier this year by a homemade bomb in southern afghanistan. at today's memorial service, general john allen read the letter in memory of all the
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troops who have died in that country since the war began in 2001. >> while our brothers and sisters fell at a place far from home, far from their families, the values for which they stood and for which they lived, and for which they died, occupy and enduring place in our hearts. >> stacy was on his fourth deployment when he was killed. in the letter he. veterans visited memorials and participated in ceremonies. megan mcgrath as more on how many of them are commemorating the holiday. >> reporter: quietly, solemnly, they walked. heavy rock packs on their backs. their journey began on saturday in harpers ferry and ended with a march around the memorial in arlington national cemetery. the group raised over $6,000 for
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the special foundation. >> they paid for their child's education. their college. it is a great thing. >> reporter: in a variety of ways and at a number of different locations, veterans were honored for their sacrifice. at the korean war memorial. >> it is amazing, you know, when you think of what they had to go through and you look at the stuff they had to carry up the hills. >> reporter: and at the world war ii memorial. wreathing were laid, "taps" was played. >> still have some friends but not many that were in world war ii. there are a few of us left. we went in together and came out. >> i still work for the department of defense and i felt that even though they give tuesday day off, it is to remember and that's the most important thing we need to do today. is remember all those that sacrificed so much for us. >> reporter: while some attended formal remembrance ceremonies others chose to honor the fallen
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in their own personal way. marine brian bataglia paused during his morning jog to say a prayer at the wall of stars. >> just my way as a -- you know, one marine out many service members who paid their respect to our fallen comrades. >> reporter: if you are planning on attend something of the memorial day events in the evening, you are going want to keep an eye on the sky. there is the possibility of late afternoon thunderstorms. in the district, megan mcgrath, news4. now to a story of survival out of idaho. where a family of three lived to tell about a plane crash into a snow-covered mountainside. a fireman from california was in a cessna with his wife and daughter on saturday when their aircraft went down. fortunately they were able to make a lifesaving call for help. >> 911. what's your emergency? >> i'm in an airplane and i crashed. i'm in the mountains. i need you to send a certain
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much party, please. >> weather conditions kept rescuers from finding the family for 15 hours. the survivors were flown to a hospital in boise where they are in stable condition. still not clear what caused their plane to crash. some great news to report tonight about a woman in georgia who is fighting a rare flesh-eating bacteria. amy copeland's pear wrote on his facebook page his daughter has spoken for the first time since she entered the hospital a pew weeks ago. he didn't say what she said. amy got the rare and deadly infection after a zip line accident. she's already lost her left leg, her right foot and both her hands. but she's now breathing on her own and is able to sit up in a chair. we are just ten minutes after the 4:00 hour. when "news4 at 4:00" continues, it is a moment a soldier returning from afghanistan a moment he won't soon forget. justin bieber reportedly under investigation by police in
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los angeles. why they want to talk to the pop star. how to keep the hot summer weather from ruining ing ing a y good hairdo.
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an update on the intrigue at the vatican. a spokesman denies italian media reports a cardinal is under suspicion in the scandal. the controversy exploded last week with the publication of a book that contained some of the pope's private correspondence and memos. the pope's butler was arrest ad few days later after police said they found secret documents in his possession. vatican observers say it is unlikely the butler acted alone. they suspect a power struggle along the cardinals. the cardinals appear to be like politicians anywhere. >> they are all after their own power positions and i wonder if it is about the papal lined up here to visit the vatican. >> reporter: the lawyer for the
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pope's butler says his client has promised full cooperation with the investigation. ♪ that's new mom beyonce singing "single ladies. saturday night. the concert was her first since giving birth in january to her daughter. beyonce told the crowd she worked really hard goat back into shape. she said she lost 60 pounds by exercising on the tread hill and eating lettuce. there was a lot of star power off stage as well. amongst the 5,000 fans in the audience, first lady michelle obama and daughter sasha and malia. lady gaga cancel ad concert due to personal security concerns. the singer was scheduled to perform in jakarta, indonesia, next month. the security concernses are because of threats by islamic hardliners who called her a devil worshiper. lady gaga tweeted last night,
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quote, i'm so very sorry to the fans and just as devastated as you, if not more. justin bieber is wanted for questioning after a confrontation with a member of the paparazzi sunday afternoon. the photographer says the pop star roughed him up, if you can believe that. he snapped photographs of the singer and his girlfriend outside of an l.a. movie theater. witnesses say that they watched bieber go after the photographer who went to the hospital complaining of chest pains. he was treated and released. the photographer filed a misdemeanor battery report against bieber. l.a. county sheriff's detectives are investigating the claims and say they plan to talk to bieber. if you spent any time outside today, chances are the heat and humidtri wreaking- october with your hair. trying to tame that during the summer can be a challenge. lindsay wilcox has tips for great looking summer hair from a group of women known for their beautiful locks. >> reporter: the dallas cowboys cheerleaders are a symbol of american beauty.
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there is the sex write uniform, amazing bodies, and, of course, all that hair. >> hair is super important as a dallas cowboys cheerleader. >> reporter: sidney is a five-year veteran and says she has a dirty little secret for getting ready for game day. >> this might be kind of sad but hair actually styles -- mine does better when it is dirt write. it is really mice to wash your hair, wait a day or two, and dry shampoo, brush it, tease it and actually it looks better. >> reporter: amelia says for her it is all about the right product. >> usually you put teasing powder in there to, you know, keep the tease and keep it kind of big and fluffy for the whole game. it is like baby powder almost but really sticky and you just put it on your roots and then tease it and it will stay all day. it is a miracle worker. >> reporter: some girls have another secret. hair extensions. it added volume. >> i can style my hair and completely different ways than i did before. i can do up, down.
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i can do big curls. and the curls will hold all day. >> reporter: for sidney it made her hair look healthier. >> i dyed my hair brown a pew weeks ago. extensions really helped conceal the damage. >> reporter: the u.s. is the largest market for hair extensions in the world. with more than half of salons offering the service, according to the professional beauty association. >> if you are going for a full set of hair extensions things can get pricey. there are a lot of options out there that are very cost-effective and also easy to do. >> this is something you can definitely do at home. >> reporter: they suggest clients start with clip-in hair extensions. for around $30, you can add length or volume with a few simple pieces that can be cut into your style. >> this is really good for someone that wants to add a face frame. >> reporter: fake hair piece conditions used to keep up with current trends. streaks of vibrant color. >> it is very american idolish. it is hip right now.
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>> reporter: inspired by hair styles in "the hundredor games," braids are making a comeback. wheth experts say that their best advice is to make sure you have a good stylist, good color match, and remember that sometimes less is best. >> bigger is not always better. >> i like the streaks for you. >> streaks. >> red streak. >> remember that trend in the feathers where they were sticking feathers. kind of pretty. i don't think that would work on air. >> no? >> no. >> go for. >> it if you get extensions you need someone to show you how to do them right. i have seen a lot of bad ones out there. >> oh, boy. coming up on news4 there is high level opposition to one airline plant that charges families extra to sit together. >> plus, a local chef who is hoping to become the food network's next big star. we are going to introduce you to malcolm mitchell. >> and for all your news be sure to follow news4 online. search nbc washington on facebook and twitter. [ mosquitoes buzzing ]
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going to break a sweat if you spend any time outdoors today. >> that means not doing anything and you can still break a sweat. that's what i was doing
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yesterday all day. one of the highlights of the day was this big living flag we all got a chance to put together. everybody with their red, white and blue t-shirts, up stand here, you stand there. tommy mcfly on hand. this is part of a fresh w event, too. there they all are. >> where are you? >> there i am right there. . taking pictures and helping get the video. on handles is the camaro club helping out with the cars. we want to thank everyone to coming. this goes to a good cause. part of the wounded war yard projects. if you haven't had your moment of silence today to honor vets please do so before the day is over. head over to the weather wall and take a look at the temperatures out there now. because even those locations that are typically a little cooler, they are even pretty toasty today. 86 degrees in ocean city. that's with a westerly wind right now. not that east wind that helps cool us off. wind coming off the cooler water. hollywood, maryland, 92 degrees.
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93 currently in college park, maryland. we are sweating out there today. light wind at 14 miles per hour. still plenty of moisture in the air. we are bogey to have one more day of temperatures like these throughout the area. we have 80s at least. winchester, hagerstown. 94 in petersburg. 09 in fredericksburg, virginia, now. factor in the humidity. and we are way up there. upper 90s to you a round 100 degrees. toent studded don't think we will have any storms today. there is a few dying showers coming east of the mountains p as far as tomorrow goes, big storms back in the forecast. those will come mainly during the afternoon. after 2:00, it is going to be hot, humid tomorrow. and then we will have those storms to break the heat. this cold front comes through. even around midnight i think there will be a pew lingering storms around the area. but for wednesday, sunshine back in the area. humidity, squashed down to the south. it will be less humid and cooler, too, throughout the area.
4:25 pm
as far as tropical depression beryl right now it is still hovering, meandering around the southeast coast will, around northern spots of florida and southeastern georgia. it is expected to make its way northeastward. kind of paralleling the coast of south carolina and north carolina. so maybe by thursday, we could have stronger rip currents around ocean city. that's a possible bill right now. it will be moving out to sea. mostly clear, warm and humid for your evening. 81 to 85 degrees with your sun setting at 8:25. still plenty of time there to get in to barbecue. fun outside. 68 to 74 with the southwest wind at 5 to 10. then again, possible storms tomorrow. they could be quite strong. bringing heavy downpours and severe weather to the area with winds. highs getting into the upper 80s to low 90s. yet again. on your four-day forecast, nice because it is not only going to be a little cooler but less humid for wednesday and thursday. we could see a few storms back in for friday. if you are already looking ahead to the weekend, short workweek
4:26 pm
for us. we have that weekend forecast saturday, sunday coming up. >> thanks, veronica. still to come, royal celebration. 60 years in the making. we check out the prep for queen elizabeth's jubilee in great brit zblan surprise proposal adds special meaning to memorial day for a soldier returning home from afghanistan. i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side.
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an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit
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welcome back to "news4 at 4:00." s.w.a.t. teams and police are on the campus of southern methodist university. it is because a robbery suspect ran up a construction crane this afternoon and won't come down. he is threatening to shoot but still not clear if he's armed. there are no classes at smu today because of the holiday. there are very few people on
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campus. a pyreman and his wife and daughter managed to survive a plane crash in idaho overing the weekend. their cessna crashed into a mountainside saturday. it took 15 hours for the search party to find them because of rough weather. the survivors are listed in stable condition this afternoon. a photographer filed an assault charge against justin bieber. claiming the pop star roughed him up. the confrontation happened outside an l.a. movie theater sunday after the photographer snapped pictures of bieber and his girlfriend. detectives are investigating the claims and say they plan to interview bieber. president obama spent memorial day honoring the memory of the nation's fallen war heroes. he place ad wreath at the tomb of the unknown this morning. this afternoon he attended a ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial. a soldier returning to california from afghanistan had a memorial day homecoming she will never forget. >> that's right. her boyfriend was supposed to be in texas but he surprised her at the airport. then he surprised her again.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: today is the day. >> i'm so nervous. i'm not sure what to do. >> reporter: he waits patiently. nervously and as he has for months. this is a weekend most say thank you to people like ben who sacrificed through service. station he is supposed to be training in texas for his next deployment. it has been six months since he has seen robin. the love of his life, since coming home from deployment in afghanistan. >> i was going to try to hide the ring in my hat so she doesn't see it. >> reporter: shoes shrined, dress blue. >> i asked her father for permission a while back. he gave me his blessing. >> reporter: finally, the empty escalator turns full. robin is home and surprised to see ben.
4:32 pm
>> i love you so much. i want to spend the rest of my life with you. >> reporter: mission accomplished. adding a new meaning to memorial day. for this couple. >> great couple there. there was a special ceremony at the district's world war i memorial on the national mall. the dome structure was built in 1931 to honor the 499 men and women from washington, d.c., who died in that war. every memorial day members of the group, association of oldest inhabitants, placed flowers at the site. the names that encircle the monument are listed alphabetically without regard to race, gender, or rank. that's unique when you consider when the memorial was built. less an week away from a historic event in england. queen elizabeth's diamond jubileesecelebrating 60 years o
4:33 pm
her reign. the seats are going up for a star-studded concert. on the river thames, rehearsals for a pageant that includes more than 1,000 ships with the queen at its center. from those taking part to those visiting, there's no escaping the excitement. >> very much a people's pageant. not just about military. not just about -- ordinary people participating, too. may abf m may. >> queen victoria more 00 years ago. it was rough day for former british prime minister tony blair. he appeared before a government inquiry into media standards today. blair was grilled about his close tie was media magnate murdoch. he shouted blair should be arrested for war crimes. officers removed the protester and the hearing continued.
4:34 pm
the protester struck again against mr. blair concluded his testimony, they threw black at the range rover carrying the former prime minister as he left those proceedings. more to come on "news4 at 4:00." up next, a dramatic rescue. after a horse falls off the side of a cliff. a private chef from some of washington, d.c., well-known athletes. taking his salads to the tv screen.
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take a look at this dramatic rescue caught on tape. crews rushed to the aid of a 2,000-pound horse that fell down a cliff near carson city, nevada. the rescue happened sunday morning. it took a team of vets, firefighters, search and rescue units, and sheriff's deputies about 11 hours to get that horse to safety. the horse was taken to be checked out and it is expected to be just fine. the long-time running series
4:38 pm
food network star features a finalist. the 41-year-old is a finalist on season 8 of food network. he is moan for a healthy twist to his soulful recipes. culinary superstars on the show hand select ad team of five finalists and produced and mentor them. the winner gets his or her own food network show. mitch sell competing on team bobby. >> very intimidating. i know i have skills. but then you match your skills up with other chefs throughout the nation. then you are being judged by some of the best chefs that are on the food network. >> mitchell earned his culinary arts degree after spending four years in the navy. food network star airs p sunday nights on the food network. finale is july 22. and viewers can vote online for your fan favorite. vote for mitchell. >> i saw some of that yesterday. you would have loved it because
4:39 pm
they were making desserts. they had to take reece's pieces. >> i had one last night. >> you would have been drooling if you had seen what they came up with. >> best of luck to him. when "news4 at 4:00" returns, some local college students about to get a high-tech escort to keep them safe on campus. >> and an entire species facing extinction. how the smithsonian is lead major effort to make sure that doesn't happen. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever.
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welcome back, everybody. we are dealing with our first taste of that summerlike heat. sticky, everything. we are just uncomfortable. up can't go anywhere it seem to cool off for any long period of time unless you stay indoors. who wants to do that? >> yeah. >> go out and have? fun. make sure you are mindful. one more day of this combination of high heat and humidity. tomorrow on top of that like yesterday when we got hit with the storms, we are going to see that tomorrow. throughout the area.
4:43 pm
temperatures are still in the 90s. we are right on the other side of 90 degree just to the north in gaithersburg, maryland. you could see around mt. erie, frederick, maryland, 95, right there, petersburg. we are getting a lot of warmth everywhere throughout the area and again that high humidity. also, what is happening just to the west there, west of the mountains with on lift or some showers in a few -- and a few thunderstorms. these are not going to mess up any fireworks this evening. you can see them here and a lot of them just east of the mountains starting to die off. as far as the future weather goes overnight, we are going to be mostly clear. so we will clear out even more. by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, mostly clear sky throughout the area, then we will pick up a few clouds. then we will pick up a lot of storms. any time after about 2:00, 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, these storms will be coming in with the cold front making their way from west to east and know that after 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow, it will be stormy until we get to about 11:00 p.m. and on the other side of midnight. still a few isolated storms. and the area at highest risk of
4:44 pm
seeing the storms will be just to our west. western maryland, northern areas of west virginia. it is possible this line could be extended off to the east. with that we could be looking at not only downpours and lightning, could be getting isolated hail and some high winds throughout the area with tomorrow's storms. right now we have a 50% chance. again, with the high heat, 87 for wednesday right now. mostly sunny skies. less humid air for mid week. and for thursday, in fact, mid week, here after memorial day is going to be feeling pretty nice. especially thursday. what's the forecast for thursday? i was delighted to tell them that's not only going to be cooler but feel pretty write nice. next weekend, good chance for showers and storms on saturday. high of 76. >> little break in the middle there. >> yes. >> like to see the cool air. >> exactly. >> we are not acclimated to this just yet. >> no. >> all right. thanks,ver only kafrmts there's an epidemic affecting frog species around the world. a fungus that's going unchecked
4:45 pm
is killing off frogs in record number. >> now scientists are stepping in and building minimum noaa arks to save them. >> reporter: he may not know it but frog number nine is one very lucky frog. to understand why, you have to journey here. to the jungles of panama. brian's lifelong love appear with frogs has turned into a lifesaving mission. the spectacular colored creatures are dying in record numbers victims of a fungus spreading across the globe. brian is leading the effort to save them. >> this is the place where a frog is much vulnerable to the infection. >> the disease has taken a huge toll. >> you see it sitting there. >> reporter: on the ground in panama too many dead frogs to count. the panamanian golden frog,
4:46 pm
panama's national animal is now extinct in the wild. so to save these little creatures, brian and his team have dealt 2021st century noaa's arks. fungus-free containners the jungles of panama. >> this is why frogs matter. >> reporter: research centers in the u.s. free of the disease while scientists search for a cure. just since 1908, 125 species from gone instinct but experts think the real number could be far higher. and 40% of the moan frog populations are already in danger. >> think of a fungal disease like athlete's foot except it could kill whales and rats and cats and dogs and cows. >> reporter: frogs matter because they occupy the middle of the food chain. and we are only just beginning to learn of the benefits to humans. like the chemicals they produce that can help with high blood pressure, diabetic ulcers, even
4:47 pm
blocking hiv transmission. >> i'm not going to hurt you. >> reporter: researchers are coating the frogs with a bacteria that seem to shield them from the fungus. the question -- could it save the world's frogs? >> so far what we have been doing is swabbing them every two weeks to see if the bacteria persists on the skin. >> reporter: the clock is ticking. the frogs are dying in record numbers worldwide. but if this works, scientists hope to eventually release them back into the wild. >> we are really taking a page out of the biblical story of noah and are building very literal arks to protect the species from extinction. >> reporter: >> hopefully it works. those are cool looking frogs. >> definitely a neat concept. coming up on "news4 at 4:00," a high-level response to an airline's proposal to charge families extra to sit together. >> search for a 6-year-old taken from her home in the middle of the night. and there's evidence that could
4:48 pm
help release turnout. coming up on "news4 at 5:00," tragedy on memorial day as a virginia man is arrested for a deadly hit-and-run in ocean city. how bystanders jumped until police arrived. a look at a disturbing case of animal cruelty. fairfax police want to know if crimes are connected. we are going to have all the details at 5:00.
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added airline fees may get you an aisle or window seat but one lawmaker says families should be able to sit together without paying more. since last year american, delta, frontier, united airlines have increased the number of seats they set aside for elite frequent fliers or customers willing to pay more. now new york senator schumer is urging airlines not to charge parents who travel with young children extra. >> children need access to their
4:52 pm
parents, parents need access to their children. and airline fees shouldn't serve as a literal barrier between mother and child. >> two years ago schumer got five big airlines to agree not to charge passengers for stoeg carry-on bags in overhead bins. students at the university of maryland who want a police escort will no longer have to wait long for an officer to show up. "the washington post" reports the police and you don't know researchers will roll out a new smartphone app called the escort program. with a few key strokes students can connect to campus security. the security officer will then monitor their walk in real-time using video and audio from the student's phone. if campus security spots any problems they can send help. they expect to roll out the program in a few weeks. sounds innovative. still ahead here on "news4 at 4:00," what police found inside of the home of a missing 6-year-old that could help them solve a mystery. remember for all your news, be sure to follow news4 online.
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search nbc washington on facebook and twitter.
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4:55 pm
6-year-old isabelle vanished in arizona six weeks ago. >> police found possible bloodstains in the youngster's bedroom. still no suspects in the case.
4:56 pm
miguel almaguer reports. >> times we felt we were close and we follow up on it and then it just doesn't get us there. we need that one break to takes us all way there. >> reporter: the parents saw her the last night on april 20 in her bedroom when her father woke up the following morning, he says her bedroom window as open, the screen pushed aside and she was gone. now investigators released nearly 600 pages of documents revealing some of the evidence that could be crucial to solving the case. in her bedroom one investigator found blood on the floor. outside of the home, aekt diddive photographed several shoe impressions on and around an electrical box behind the house. during a certain much of a car outside of the home, police collected a hat and vinyl shower curtain with dark red brown or brown stains. another document refers to photographs taken of handwriting on the wall and inside the girl's closet. >> there are some items that only a perpetrator may know.
4:57 pm
or only someone who has some type of connection, may be aware of and we don't to put that information out. >> to the person orersons who has isabel, tell us your demands. tell us what you want. >> reporter: in his first public appearance in april sergio made an emotional plea for his daughter's safe return. but so far investigators say nothing suggest anyone is holding isbel for ransom and police have not named any us is pegs or persons of interest. police also confirmed sergio celis made an agreement with child protective services to stay away from his sons but both parents continue to cooperate with authorities. meantime, rebecca celis is trying to keep her daughter's name in the public. attending vigils and updating her facebook page including this picture she posted friday with this message. bring isa home, please.
4:58 pm
we miss you. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. up next, memorial day observances around the area. >> "news4 at 5:00" starts right now. a day of tributes on this memorial day as the nation stops to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. good evening. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm nancy goss. jim and wendy have the night off. president obama spent this memorial day honoring the sacrifice of men and women who gave their lives in service to our country. this morning, place ad wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. he noted this is the first time in a decade that americans are not fighting in iraq. and that american troops will soon be coming home from afghanistan. >> after a decade under the dark cloud of war, we can see the light of a new die on the horizon. as commander in chief i can tell you that sending our troops into harm's way at the most wrenching
4:59 pm
decision i have to make. i can promise you i will never do so unless it is absolutely necessary. >> this afternoon the president attending a ceremony at vietnam veterans memorial. the ceremony marks the beginning of a long national commemoration of the vietnam war. >> commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan marked memorial day by reading a letter written by a fallen marine sergeant. sergeant william stacy wrote the letter to his family to be read in the event of his death. he was killed earlier this year by a homemade bomb in southern afghanistan. at today's memorial service, general allen read the letter in memory of all the troops that have died in that country since the war began in 2001. >> while our brothers and sisters fell at a place far from home, far from their families, the values for which they stood, and for which they lived, and for which they died,


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