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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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two private planes collide in midair. one burst into flames, tonight we have learned that two people were killed. it is a memorial day tragedy
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that continues to unfold tonight. here's the very latest. the bodies of one pilot and passenger were pulled from the wreckage of a six-seater aircraft, it happened at 4:00 this afternoon in a premote county, fauquier county. shomari stone reports from near warrenton. >> reporter: this is the plane that burst into flames. this its what is left of a small plane that crashed. charred debris, mangled metal, broken pieces in the secluded area of fauquier, virginia. the burning plane crashed near john ledon's backyard. >> that's relatively close. >> 400 yard away. that's what it is. >> how does that make you feel? >> blessed. very blessed right now.
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>> why? >> because we could have been in the house when the plane struck it. >> reporter: virginia state police say the six-feet collided with the piper p-28. that pilot survived, landed, scattering debris. medics rushed him to a hospital while fire fighters trekked through the woods to put out the plane on fire. >> luckily close enough where we could get units to suppress the fire. >> reporter: an official believes the surviving pilot was flying here to warrenton-fauquier airport. this tragedy is a reminder. >> pause to reflect a little bit about frying to be about -- trying to be as safe as you can. >> reporter: it could take weeks to figure out what caused the crash. >> we are following a developing story out of canada tonight. debris falling from an air canada plane prompted emergency landing at the international
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airport in toronto. air canada says the plane left toronto on a flight to japan. shortly after takeoff blew out one of its engines. police received calls of property damage about falling debris from the plane. no one on the plane or on the ground got hurt. this memorial day is the hottest day so far in 2012. d.c. fire and ems says 13 people had to be taken to the hospital for heat related illnesses today. among them, nine adults. four children. most of our area was under a heat advisory throughout the day. we are joined with more on the conditions out there, now, doug. >> out there right now, doreen. extremely warm. look at this, 11:00 at night. we are sitting at 81 degrees. that dew point at 72, wind at the south, 7 miles an hour. you walk outside. you feel it. you can feel the atmosphere. how thick it is. current heat index. not the temperature. the heat index. 85 right now. in washington. 85 in annapolis.
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75, manassas. 83, fredericksburg. at 11:00 we have the heat index. we'll continue to see it through the day tomorrow. and then we are going to see this. a frontal boundary, well to our west. make its way closer. going to bring thunderstorm activity. i will show you how strong i think the storms could be. who has the best chance of seeing them, coming up. >> lots of people spent this memorial day trying to find ways to beat the heat. high temperatures and high humidity made it uncomfortable to be outside. but that didn't stop thousands from packing the streets of the nation's capital for memorial day traditions. jackie benson has more tonight from the national mall. >> reporter: those who have lived here for a while know that the secret to appreciating the nation's capital once the temperatures start to rise is to wait until after sunset. as the the sun dipped low, behind the trees on the national mall, a slight, but very refreshing breeze picked up. earlier in the day, temperatures that hovered above 90 did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm
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of the thouz sthansands who mar. it was enjoyed by those who call to see the parade and those who marched in the parade. >> i have never been this hot outside in my life. it was, i was, sweat dripping on my face. i was like, my gosh, it was -- an amazing opportunity. i could not have -- dreamed of anything like this. >> by night fall the city was much more quiet. dropping temperatures brought out runners and people like phillip and patricia adam whose are visiting from michigan. >> it's nice now. it's not too cool. because it was, like 90-something degrees today. when it is usually like 90 degrees when the night time comes is right about 70 degrees. i look it not too cool. >> while plenty of people were treat ford heat-related condition tuesday it comes nowhere near the total of last year's, sweltering, memorial day. reporting from the national mall, jackie benson, news 4. things got out of hand at a few of d.c.'s public pools
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today. d.c. park and recreation had to close four locations because of the rowdy crowds. authorities shut down four locations pools. it all happened around 3:00 this afternoon. all locations eventually reopened. ♪ ♪ >> president obama spent this memorial day honoring the sacrifice of the men and women who have given their lives in service to our country. this morning he place aid wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. he noted that this is the first time in a decade that americans are not fighting in iraq. the president also observed the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war at the vietnam veterans memorial. in richmond, several hundred people gathered at the virginia war memorial for an annual remembrance. governor bob mcdonald was there for the memorial day ceremony. for the first time it was combined with state's annual wall of honor ceremony. that wall was established in memory of those who have died, fighting the global war on
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terror over the last 12 years. emotions ran high at the d-day memorial in the roanoke area. a plaque to honor flight nurses was unveiled today. those nurses went into the line of fire to rescue wounded servicemen. some were on omaha beach in normandy in 1944. one of the nurses was overwhelmed by today's ceremony. >> this is an honor. i didn't expect it. and i'm sorry that i can't -- talk when i cry. but it's tears of happiness. >> a testament to the work of those nurses, only 46 of the 1 million patients evacuated by air during world war ii died in flight. the body of a boater was recovered today after a crash near the bay bridge. the accident happened last night about 11:00 at the kent narrows, police say the small boat hit a stone jetty. this afternoon, authorities recovered the body of the
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victim, 43-year-old david witlow, two others on the boat remau remained hospitalized in stable condition. a man in maryland set himself on fire trying to use a home made barbecue grill. it happened in waldorf. the victim igniting a 270 gallon barrel, converted into a barbecue pit, vapors, created a flash fire. despite having burns over half his body, the man was able to drive himself to the hospital and, he expected to survive. there was an apartment fire rescue in the district tonight. the flames broke out in the 1600 block of rhode island avenue. happened after 6:00 this evening. fire fighters rescued a resident who suffered smoke inhalation. everybody is expected to be okay. tonight, fairfax police are investigating a shooting that involved one of their officers. it happened around noon at a condo in alexandria. they were frying to arrest a man
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for destruction up property charges, he confronted them with a knife. the man did not listen to an order to drop the weapon. officers fired. the 69-year-old man was flown to the hospital. >> i think he thought he was a sheriff of our community here. >> there was never any danger, or anything, out here doing anything out of the norm. >> i wouldn't expect anything like that. like i said he always seemed real helpful. >> police have not released the suspect's identity yet. tonight, it is still not clear who attacked several animals. some of them just baby animals at a fairfax county farm. somebody slashed a calf, a chicken, and two goats at the kidwell barn overnight on saturday. that barn is at frying pan park in herndon, next to a stable where several horses were slashed last month. those horses are used in a riding program for children with disabilities.
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while investigators work to see itch the cases are connect the, visitors say, all this its disturbing. >> it's shocking. you don't expect that to happen. especially, take a look at how cute they are, and, makes you wonder. >> it's horrible. i mean they can't defend themselves. that's the worst thing that you could possibly do. >> all of the animals are expected to recover. thousands of fans are expected to pay their last respects to the late chuck brown tomorrow. there will be a public viewing at the howard theater from 11:00 tomorrow morning until 10:00 tomorrow night. the memorial service thursday from noon until 3:00 at washington convention center. the godfather of go-go music died of pneumonia two weeks ago at age 75. the public is encouraged to take public transportation to chuck brown's viewing. parking limited. in part because several streets will be closed for the viewing. t street will be closed from 7th street to florida avenue starting at 3:00 in the morning.
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the closure will expanned to 9th street at 9:30 a.m. most of the other streets in the general area will shut down and remain closed until midnight. and for the memorial service at the washington convention center on thursday, l street, northwest will be closed, between 7th and 9th. that will happen at 6:00 in the morning. it will reopen at 6:00 p.m. getting back from the beach is taking a while for a lot of people tonight. the backup started building up around 4:00 this afternoon. by 6:00 or so there was a seven-mile backup before the bay bridge. extra volume was part of the reason. there was also a minor accident that caused the delays. apt the bridge tonight, the beach traffic has completely cleared out now after a rough return trip home. coming up on news 4 at 11:00, memorial weekend plans busted by beryle. los angeles police have serious questions for music star, justin
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bieber. a new advocate fighting for fame
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pop star justin bieber accused of roughing up a photographer. and the police are investigating the incident. according to the man taking photos happened outside a shopping center yesterday. photographer says bieber got physical when he tried to capture a shot of the singer and selena gomez. the photographer went to the hospital complaining of chest
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pains. he was treated released and filed a misdemeanor battery report. families should be able to sit together on a flight without paying more money according to a lawmaker on capitol hill that plans to fight added airline fees. since last year, american, delta, frontier, airlines have increased seats for elite frequent fliers or customers willing to pay more. now new york senator chuck shumer is urging airlines not to travel parents who travel with young children extra. >> children need access to their parents, parents need access to their children. and airline fees shouldn't serve as a literal barrier between mother and child. >> two years ago senator shumer got five big airlines to agree not to charge passengers for sto stowing carry-on bags in overhead bins. tropical storm beryl one of the strongest storms in 100 years. heavy rains and strong winds to
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parts of florida and georgia this weekend. the storm came ashore near jacksonville last night at near hurricane strength. beryl brought down trees and flooded roads. tonight thousands reman without power. beryl packed winds of 70 miles an hour making it one of the strongest tropical storms ever in the month of may. >> i felt like the house, the roof was just going to come off. >> we came on the beach first. that was a little scary. we decided to move to the pier. >> beryl brought a beautiful sight. video of a double rainbow. caught on camera. near saint simons island, georgia. it showed up just before the strongest winds and rain roared ashore. >> you can see on the bottom left hand corner, jim cantore taking pictures with his fans. look at the bottom left of your page, right there, jim cantore from the weather channel. taking pictures with his fans. way to go, jim. thank you for the great shot, buddy. >> nice pictures of that rainbow. and beryl is going to keep
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moving up towards soutd cah carolina? >> yes, bring rainfall to georgia, florida, have seen drought conditions not just drought conditions. worst drought conditions currently in the state. they need to see the rain. they're going to get potentially, 4 to 8 more inches before this moves out to sea. our weather though. we weren't talking rain. today we were talking about the heat. and once again, happening on memorial day. the unofficial start to summer for the third straight year. started with temperatures above 90 degrees. matter of fact, this year, was 90. this year, 90 degrees. last year, 96 degrees. that was the high temperature last year. not a record. we also had 91 degrees, just two years ago. three years in a row. temperatures above the 90-degree mark. the high temperatures today. 90, leesburg. 91 in gaithersburg. pax river, coming up with the touch 90 degrees. outside. extremely warm. and still on the humid side.
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81 degrees with a dew point of 72. heat index right now, sitting at 85 degrees. very rare this time of year. to see that heat index above the 80 degree mark. where it is right now on this memorial day. current temperatures now, 77, leesburg. 73 in culpeper. 80 in fredericksburg. 77 towards pax river. we are looking at a very warm, humid night. you are going to notice it when you wake up and step out the door tomorrow morning. storm 4 radar. no ran to talkin to talk about area. we'll see belttter chance of ra. back to the west. showers, storms, west virginia today. tomorrow the best chance, back towards west virginia, western maryland. making their way in towards our region. here is tropical storm, and, what's left of tropical storm, beryl, a tropical depression. one thing, banding still coming in. going to fetch off the gulf of mexico. right on into jacksonville. they will see, three, four, five, six inches of rain.
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some areas have received well over that amount. so, much needed rainfall. that storm will continue to make its way to the north and east. eventually, moving back out into the open waters of the atlantic. for us tonight. just on the humid side. same deal goes for tomorrow morning. here comes the frontal boundary. notice the front to our west. i think it will be close enough that we will see scattered showers and thunderstorms as the it moves through. then, we'll turn our attention done to the south. here is beryl off the north carolina coastline. thi this front will stop the northern progression. storm will move out to sea. for us. behind it. wednesday. thursday. we are looking at nice weather. thursday. by the way for the first backyard weather. second itch yf you count ocean . looking beautiful. not just beautiful. thursday. best day of the week. part low cloudy. 68-74 tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, once again on the hot, humid side, with temperatures around the 90 degree mark. possible strong storms with heavy downpours. best chance, to the north and west, of the washington metro
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area. then the next couple days. nice weather, wednesday, thursday. high of 80. friday better chance of storms. same deal goes for saturday. saturday could be wet. have to watch out for that. a lot of time to check out the weekend. continue to modify the forecast. >> possible stormy weather. early, later tomorrow. >> later. >> afternoon. >> going on a bike ride? >> i guess i will be okay. >> all right. >> probably after 5:00. >> thank you, doug. fred the ferret is -- rather -- i should say, dozens of people capped off their memorial day outside at the air force memorial in arlington tonight. [ "taps" plays ] f a guest narrator, for the performance, part of the reading from preamble of the constitution, the band played patriotic selections to honor our country's service members. the event was free to the
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public. now, fred the fert. >> now time to talk about fred the ferret. he is making headlines in the sports world. we'll tell you why. coming up in sports. the pitcher packs some power. was it enoug
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>> kind of a grueling road trip for the nats. can't win them all. he had the turn around like the guys did. not an easy turn around for the nationals. primetime game in atlanta. memorial day game in miami that started early this afternoon. the nationals ran out of juice. following the marlins in the new stadium. 5-3. the nats started out well.
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pitcher jordan zimmerman. getting it done at the dish. facing his opponent, he is not used to this. doing the home run trot for the first time. his first career home run. solo shot puts the nationals up 5-0. bottom six now. nats up 3-1. the dangerous john carlos stanton facing zirmman. th -- stanton facing zimmerman. perhaps the most dangerous guy in baseball right now. that is the ugliest thing i have seen. >> that's cool. >> not cool at all. >> $2.5 million to put that out there. t what's wrong? it's interesting? >> circus thing in the middle of the baseball field. here is henry rodriguez. right? should be routine for ankiel. in cups a fast runner here, to put him up 5-3. that's kind of, the way things looked the rest of the way for
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the guys. they lost 5-3 to the marlins. nationals will get another shot. as they play the marlins in miami tomorrow. meanwhile, the os visiting toronto. tommy hunter and the birds down 2-0 in the third. and a man on, gets into this one. that's gone. the two-run shot puts toronto up 4-0. so, we go to the sixth inning. the o's down 6-0. adam jones with an 18-game hitting streak on the line. 0-2 at this point. drew hutchinson. high heat. gets him there. nine strikeouts. over seven innings for drew. top nine. jones, last chance to extend the streak. and he does. in his final at-bat. a single off francisco cordero. at 19. the os lose, the streak for them, in terms of losing, now 3. they fall 6-2 in that one. loyola, maryland. playing for the national championship in lacrosse this afternoon.
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the good news, its that a maryland team won. the bad news it wasn't the terps. loyola takes home the first title in school history. fans calling this one the crab bowl for good reason. pick it up. second quarter. tied at two maryland out front. 3-2. the terps' bench jacked. maybe they were celebrating too early. loyola. the great move there. and then the pass to eric lusby. had an unbelievable game with four goals. this is a-- the grad has 17 in the tournament, as loyola wins its first men's lacrosse title. 9-3 was the final. all right, since trailing 2-1 to indiana, last round of the playoffs. miami heat have looked like an entirely different team. lebron, dwayne wade made the celtics look like what they are in game one of the finals. old. but, there is dwayne wade with his mom. having a good little moment
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before the game. he wasn't thinking they were old. thinking they will come out and dupe what th do what they do. passing down the court to a wide open lebron james. lebron had 32, that puts miami up by five. in the fourth quarter. heat up by 13. not sure if mom taught him this. these are nifty moves from dwayne wade. d[ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two-year agreement. this is a limited time offer, so don't wait. get fios at this great low price. act now and you'll get $250 back.
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tonight, meeting the animal tasked with predicting the outcome of a soccer game. fred the psychic ferret. ukrainian organizers are counting on fred to correctly pick the match winners. similar to paul the octopus, remember him. >> he was great. >> did a good job predicting winners during the world cup a few years ago. fred the ferret. looks like he picks his winners based on what he does or does not choose to eat. that's our news for now. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪
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now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from marvel's "the avengers," robert downey jr. from "smash," katharine mcphee,


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