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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  May 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> blessed. very blessed right now. >> reporter: yes? >> because we could have been in the house when the plane struck it. >> the pilot of the second plane was able to land in this field. he was taken to mary washington hospital in fredericksburg. we do not know his condition at this time. none of the victims' names has been released. the faa tells us it could take weeks to figure out what exactly caused that crash. today in d.c., thousands of people will line up to pay their last respects to music legend chuck brown. ♪ >> the man known as the godfather of go-go music died may 16 of pneumonia at the age of 75. a public viewing for brown begins at 11:00 this morning at the howard theater. doors will stay open until 10:00 tonight. brown's funeral is thursday at noon at the washington convention center. if you plan to attend either service, organizers urge you to use public transportation right after the morning rush.
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d.c. police will close t street near the howard theater from 7th street to florida avenue. you'll find roadblocks on 7th and 8th between florida and s. the roads will be closed until midnight. then thursday, for the funeral, l street will be closed near the washington convention center between th and 9th streets. parking is also limited at both locations. 4:31. time for a first look at the forecast. as soon as i stepped outside the door, i could feel the humidity. it's still may, tomb. >> yeah. cooled a little bit, yeah, was feeling more like the 4th of july than memorial day. yesterday got to around 90 degrees. today we may repeat that. off to a mild start this morning, reagan national now at 77 degrees. and it's in the mid to upper 70s throughout much of maryland, near the bay. away from the waters, though, we're in the low 70s. it's in the low 70s across most of virginia and into the shenandoah valley, western maryland, and west virginia. all around the entire region we've got a lot of humidity in the air.
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under a clear sky this morning. we've got the summer triangle. and that is overhead. the starry sky. and as we look at the view from space the last 12 hours, we've had a generally clear sky. no storms around. we did have a few in the mountains yesterday afternoon and early evening. those have since dissipated. throughout the morning hours with the weak high pressure over us, we're going to have plenty of sunshine. humidity still in place and rapidly heating up. near 80 by 9:00. by noontime, the mid 80s. ought to get to 90 around mid-afternoon. we have a much greater chance of storms developing today versus yesterday. in fact, by late afternoon, around 4:00, 5:00, into the evening, we could have likely passing thunderstorms, some could produce heavy downpours with frequent lightning, maybe strong, gusty winds. we'll keep you posted on that. i'm back with another update in ten minutes. danella's here now with our back-to-school and back-to-work traffic. good morning. good morning. if you're about to get on the roadways, good news is facing you so far.
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things look really good in our area. checking for accidents, not seeing any at all. definitely not seeing any delays. you can take a look, nice and green around our area as you're traveling through washington, d.c., as well. no accidents to report. bridges look nice. here's a live look crossing the american legion bridge in both directions. incident free at this time. let's head over to the poplar street bridge bridge. -- to the 14th street bridge. it will be you and this one car as you make your way right now. to the key bridge, you and this guy traveling right now. so far, so good. back to you. >> all right. thank you. it is likely to be the big day for mitt romney in decision 2012. the former massachusetts governor expected to formally clinch the republican nomination tonight. voters in texas head to the polls today where 155 delegates up for grabs. romney only has to earn 58 of those delegates to reach the 1,144 needed to become the nominee. and mitt romney will celebrate the day in las vegas at a fundraiser hosted by donald trump. this could be a little awkward,
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though, after trump's attempt to reignite the birther debate. earlier this week, trump claimed that president obama was born in kenya and raised in indonesia. that despite the president releasing his birth certificate last year proving he was born in hawaii. romney addressed the controversy saying he doesn't agree with all the supporters but appreciates their votes. the president will hand out the highest civilian honor. he will host the recipients of the presidential medal of freedom. this year's honorees include former secretary of state madeleine albright, astronaut and former senator john glenn, nobel prize-winning novelest toni morrison, and singer and songwriter bob dylan. today midshipmen and women at the naval academy will mark a special occasion. the class of 2012 graduates today. the commencement ceremony begins at 10:00 this morning in annapolis. leon panetta will address the address. the ceremony will wrap up with
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the traditional flyover by the blue angels. the jury in the john edwards trial gets back to work after three days off. there is speculation the jury may be deadlocked or unable to reach a verdict. the jury has already deliberated for six days, trying to decide the former presidential candidate's fate. edwards faces six felony charges stemming from the use of nearly $1 million from donors to hide his pregnant mistress during his presidential run. this morning, fairfax police are investigating a shooting that involved one of their own officers. it happened around noon yesterday at a condo in alexandria. police say they were trying to arrest a man for destruction of property when he confronted them with a knife. police say the man did not listen to orders to drop the weapon. that's when officers say they fired. the 61-year-old man was flown to the hospital. police say they have had contact with him before, and he exhibited some unusual behavior. neighbors say the suspect was known as a good samaritan. >> i think he thought he was the sheriff of our community here. >> never danger, anything.
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i never saw him do anything or out here doing anything out of the norm. >> i wouldn't expect something like that. he always seemed real helpful. >> police have not released the suspect's name. this morning a lorton, virginia, man faces charges in a deadly hit and run in ocean city. police say he was driving his suv early yesterday morning when he hit a man trying to cross coastal highway. he did not stop. police say he was drunk and speeding. witnesses followed him until police eventually caught up with him and arrested him. the victim of cooksville died at the hospital. today we expect to learn how close opponents of same-sex marriage in maryland are to putting the issue to a vote in november. the maryland marriage alliance will announce how many signatures it has collected so far for a petition to put gay marriage to a referendum vote. the group has to turn in 1/3 of the nearly 57,000 signatures needed by the end of this week. the rest have to be turned in by the end of june. now 4:36.
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75 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," a close call for one neighborhood after people find unexpected items raining down on them. plus, communities bracing for more wet weather as another cleanup -- as other clean up after tropical storm beryl. another warm start to the day. will we get a break from the heat? tom has the forecast, and we
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the nats didn't have much to
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celebrate on memorial day. washington blew a lead to fall to the marlins 5-3. pitcher george zimmerman helped the offense early with the first career home run. i saw it. he wasn't as good on the mound giving up eight hits and four runs over six innings of work. bryce harper tried to do his part, extending his hitting streak to eight games. the nats will try to take one back tonight at 7:00. when i said i saw it, i saw it on tv. i watched the game -- >> took the jet down to florida? >> i wish. coming up on 4:41 right now. we take a live look outside. 75 degrees already outside our studios. and we are in for another dangerously warm day. hot, we'll go hot instead of warm. >> yeah. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. tom? the heat index yesterday got to the upper 90s. that's the way the air felt with the humidity and the temperature. today may be a little cooler. all these areas in yellow are in the 70s. the areas in green, the 60s. it is in the 60s, western maryland, much of west virginia,
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southern central shenandoah valley. farther east, it is in the 70s. low to mid 70s around washington, most of virginia, maryland, around the bay, and the eastern shore. reagan national at 77. we do have a front in the midwest, it's triggering showers and thunderstorms in ohio,ined, back to the missouri area. it will be approaching later today. with your day planner, have the umbrella handy for when you come home from work and school by late afternoon. that's when we could have storms developing. before then, we ought to get up to around 90. not quite as hot as yesterday. a look at a cool change for the rest of the week, your seven-day outlook at 4:51. a look at traffic. danella? good morning. facing a nice commute if you're traveling along i-95 now. ready to leave out of the house heading from stafford to the beltway. in fact, things look really good. i'll give you a live look traveling in the dumfries area. making your way southbound as well as as you travel northbound, no issues to report. i'll give you a live look at 95
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further north of backlick road. nice and clear for you. travel speed now looking at about 64 miles per hour out of quantico. a 23-minute drive. and traveling along i-270, here's a live look now at father hurley boulevard. again, clear in this area. southbound through rockville and connecting to the beltway, i'm not seeing any issues in either directions. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thank you. it is 4:42 now. still to come this morning, honoring those who gave their lives for our country. the role i got to play in a very special memorial day ceremony. plus, the impact this hot weather is
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breaking news out of denmark now. two danish brothers originally from somalia were arrested on suspicion of plotting a terror attack. they were reportedly overheard talking about methods, targets, and weapons.
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security officials say the arrest "prevented a concrete act of terror." no details about where or when the attack was going to happen. an air canada flight made an emergency landing at pearson national airport in toronto after debris began to fall off the plane. the plane was on its way to japan. the airline said there was an engine shutdown shortly after takeoff. one of the passengers on board described what happened. >> midway through, the air conditioning popped, which doesn't really happen. and then we stopped accelerating. the plane continued in that kind of angle of acceleration, but nothing happened. >> none of the 334 passengers or crew members were hurt. police say there were several calls about debris falling on cars. fortunately, no one was hurt. 15 before the hour now. search crews in florida looking for a missing swimmer after tropical storm beryl. the 19-year-old disappeared in rough surf near daytona beach after the storm moved through. rescuers said he went swimming with a friend and never returned
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to shore. beryl churned up strong seas and rip currents that caught many swimmers offguard. >> we knew that there was going to be bad weather. as it cranked into a full tropical storm, it was a little more than we expected for memorial day. >> beryl is now a tropical depression and forecast to soak part of florida, georgia, and south carolina today. firefighters rescued a person from the rappahannock river just outside of fredericksburg. stafford county fire officials say the person was swimming in the river last night and could not make it to shore. a person managed to swim to a small island near the falmouth bridge. fire crews rescued that person from the island and took the patient from the hospital to get checked out. police found the body of the man killed in a boat crash near the bay bridge. they say the small boat hit a stone jetty sunday near camp narrows. crews pulled the body of 43-year-old david whitlow yesterday afternoon. two others remain in the hospital. today the military will pause to remember president john
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f. kennedy. the army will hold a wreath playing at the former president's gravesite to honor what would have been his 95th birthday. that ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. at arlington national cemetery. financial aid michelle obama is sponsoring the first submarine to allow female crew members. mrs. obama will sponsor the future "uss illinois," named after her home stated. the virginia class nuclear-powered submarine is being built in gratin, connecticut, and newport news, virginia. it is expected to join the fleet in 2015. mrs. president obama joins a tradition of first ladies sponsoring submarines including laura bush and hillary clinton. 4:47 now. breaking news in maryland. a man found dead in the middle of the street in bladensburg. news4's tracy will kin is ee wi on the scene. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this happened in the 5600 block of annapolis road after 11:00 p.m. now police tell us that an adult male who they have not been able to identify was found here in front of this building.
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this is the medical center here in bladensburg. there's still some crime scene tape left here. they say that the man was found here, taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. he was suffering from trauma to the body. what they're looking for is any information that can assist in this investigation. bladensburg police are asking folks to call 301-864-6080, or you can contact the prince george's county police department at 301-772-4925. reporting live, tracee wilkins, news4. >> thank you. today the district is expected to open its public outdoor pools as scheduled. rowdy crowds forced officials to close four pools on memorial day. d.c. parks and recreation shut down banneker, randall, ft. dupont, and ft. stanton yesterday afternoon. all of the pools eventually reopened. today it is expected to be another hot day in the capital. temperatures hovered above 90 degrees during the national memorial day parade.
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look at those costumes the people had to wear. d.c. fire and ems took at least 13 people to the hospital for heat-related issues. official set up a cooling station on 17th and constitution in northwest. parade-goer and those who marched in the parade enjoyed that much-needed water. >> i've never been this hot outside in my life. it was -- i was -- sweat dripping on my face. and i was like, oh, my gosh. it was an amazing opportunity. i could not have dreamed of anything like this. >> many people waited until the sun set to venture for a run and a walk around the national mall. tough to be outdoors when it gets that hot. >> it was. i'll tell you, tom, i was in arlington last night around 7:30. you could feel sort of a -- i don't want to say cool not, but the temperature obviously went down. >> yeah. >> there was a nice breeze out there. it got bearable last night. >> amazing what a little breeze will do. it will cool you down. we're not acclimated yet either. this is our first real hot weather. >> boom, really hot. >> you can quickly get into a
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dangerous health situation, too. heat illnesses as we saw. we had to rescue several people yesterday due to the high heat. if you're going to be traveling today, there may be travel delays from the remnant ofs -- remnants of beryl. and elsewhere, there may be travel delays along a front between st. louis to indianapolis, up to detroit. this front is going to be advancing farther east. elsewhere across the western half of the country, should not have any travel problems. but it's along this front later today that there could be. for us now, we're off to a clear start. and it is mild this morning. temperatures around the region are in the 70s as we start off this may morning. and we have it in the mid to upper 70s right in washington, right near the chesapeake bay. but away from the waters, generally low 70s much of maryland, virginia, into the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. a few places to the upper 60s. for the morning hours, we'll is quite a bit of sunshine. upper 70s by 9:00. by noontime, a few high clouds coming in.
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it's going to be humid. temperatures up into the upper 70s to mid 80s by noontime. then mid-afternoon, ought to peak around 90 degrees. by then we'll have dark clouds building. maybe with some thunder and lightning by 5:00. and we'll drop from near 90 mid-afternoon down into the 80s by late afternoon. this evening, we will likely have passing showers and some heavy downpours with some frequent lightning. that may linger into tomorrow morning. especially areas east of washington. then a little sun coming out tomorrow afternoon with lower humidity and cooler weather moving in. so a break coming in tomorrow. then much cooler. in fact, down to the 50s by dawn on thursday. this will all be a distant memory. thursday should be a sunny day with highs in the 70s to around 80. just beautiful. and cooler weather, too, on friday. highs in the mid 70s. but it looks like more showers and thundershowers moving in friday afternoon, perhaps lingering into saturday. right now, sunday looks like the better day for the weekend. highs in the upper 70s near 80.
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i'm back in ten minutes. danella has traffic. good morning. good morning. checking incidents in the area, not seeing anything to worry about just yet. traveling on i-66, travel lanes are open. it looks really good as you are making your way, in fact, out of haymarket and traveling to the beltway. . we'll give you a live look past the rest area. eastbound travel lanes are open. and you can see very light volume here. nothing to worry about. same thing as westbound. eastbound will continue inside the beltway. check your travel speed. 61 miles per hour. inside the beltway, no issues as you make your way all the way to rosalyn. you see here eastbound continuing to gw parkway. not bad. driving at about 64 miles per hour. don't need to drive that fast. lanes are open. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. back to you both. >> we will see you then. thanks. 4:52. the weather along the sound of music helped cap off the memorial day. >> the united states air force band honored fallen service members, and i had the privilege of being able to assist with that patriotic salute.
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among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. ♪ >> just as the sun set, the bands kicked off a free concert at the air force memorial in arlington last night. the show obviously featured soloists from the singing sergeants, and the band playing a number of patriotic tunes there. it was a full house up on the hill there in arlington overlooking the district. and a lot of service members and former service members from all the prancbranches were there to the performance. >> you were reciting a very famous speech. >> yeah. there were excerpts from president kennedy's inaugural address, from the gettysburg address. some letters from former service members, as well. so it was a patriotic evening, and just such a privilege and honor for me to be able to help out with that. >> very nice. i'm sure they were delighted to have you, too, aaron. >> i hope so. 4:53. 75 degrees.
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ahead, a potential breakthrough in the fight against skin cancer that you'll find in your own medicine cabinet. but first, fighting back against airline fees that split families up when they travel. and the welcome news that will have more of us packing our cars
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welcome back. great news as you start planning summer roadtrips. gas prices are expected to fall even more in the weeks ahead. analysts expect prices to keep
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dropping into june, possibly as much as ten cents a gallon. experts say prices should remain well below $4 a gallon throughout the summer. a lawmaker on capitol hill fighting to keep airlines from charging families extra money to sit together on a plane. since last year, american, delta, frontier, and united airlines increased the number of seats for frequent flyers and added fees for aisle and window seats. the new york senator, chuck schumer, wants airlines to waive that fee for families. he says parents should not have to pay more to sit near their young children. >> children need access to their parents. parents need access to their children. and airline fees shouldn't serve as a literal barrier between mother and child. >> two years ago, senator schumer got five big airlines to agree not to charge passengers for stowing carry-on bags in overhead bins. soon tsa agents could pat down fewer people going through airport security with the help of new equipment. the department of homeland security is asking technology companies to come up with a
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handheld scanning device. the agency wants the device to determine if someone is carrying a hidden object, weapon, or explosive. the agency would still need to approve and test any new device. that could take at least a year. it is one of the coolest new exhibits in town. the u.s. botanic garden has a whole bunch of insect-eating plants on display now. whoa, easy, kid. watch it, watch it! the exhibit features -- >> looks like fun. >> this features interactive displays, obviously, that show you what it sounds like and feels like when a plant munches on your head -- i mean, a bug. the savage garden exhibit has dozens of insect-eating plants on display inside and outside including sundos, venus fly traps, and bladder warts. one of the bigger than life displays lets you hear real digestion sounds when plant east bugs. the exhibit is open now through october. >> who knew that plant made digestive noises. did you know that?
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>> i didn't, and i don't think i'd like to find out firsthand. >> i like that kids aren't afraid to stick their head in the plant. >> good for them. >> stay with us, "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. the search for clues continues this morning after a deadly collision in the skies above northern virginia. plus, the potential roadblocks you may run into today as the community remembers the life of the godfather of go-go. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this tuesday, may 29, 2012. we'll take a live look outside now at 4:59. 75 degrees out there. pretty muggy already. and it is only 5:00 a.m. >> yeah. we turn to meteorologist to tom kierein tell us what all we'll will have to deal with today. >> it was a hot one. the hottest day of the year easily yesterday. we had the heat index, the way the air feels, in the upper 90s yesterday afternoon. be thankful you were not stuck in traffic jams coming back from the shore. >> could you imagine?


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