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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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cabletown. a lot in the way of lightning with this. a lot in the way of very heavy rain and the potential is also there for some hail. we'll be watching this very, very closely. here is that watch, that warning, rather. that warning including frederick county as well as washington and clark county toward jefferson and eastern berkeley county and then western portions of loud oun county. watch out in this area. this severe thunderstorm warning in if he can until 5:45 tonight. the areas here in purple. that's a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. and i would not be surprised if this was extended off toward the east to include the i-95 corridor. we're going to be watching this very closely. this line of storms extending from upstate new york all the way down into the tennessee river valley. we'll watch as this moves through our area throughout the evening. i'll continue to keep you updated. today thousands are dismissing the heat and standing
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in lines that at times stretch for blocks all for a chance to say so long to chris brown. chris is outside the howard theater where the viewing is still taking place at this hour. >> reporter: good evening. it is hot. it has been sunny all day. we've had a few problems with the crowd. a couple people overcome with the heat. the ambulances transported them. other people selling water so people can stay hydrated. this has become a street party of sorts and will probably last until 10:00 p.m. a street party which is a fitting tribute to the godfather of go-go. fans sang songs in his memory and showed us the way his music makes them move. tony was a dancer who performed on stage with him. >> i started with chuck when i was 15 years old. now i'm 50. i'm going to miss him very much.
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>> reporter: the godfather of go-go touched so many lives. >> he is my real godfather. he is an inover 58thor. he isn't going anywhere. from of them, we'll be with him one day again. and god rest his soul in peace. we love you, chuck. >> reporter: fans waited in long lines to get into the howard athleter to pay their last respects. the d.c. mayor '50 sent gray spent an hour beside the casket shaking hands with the people. >> chuck was a good friend of mine. he did so much for so many people. it is nice to see the people coming back now to say thank you, chuck, for what you did. >> reporter: the councilman marian barry goes way back. >> from the very beginning when he started performing, he and i just sort of hit it off as two individuals who had come the hard way. >> for some, chuck brown was an inspiration. >> i grew up from a baby. i'm almost 30 years old now.
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my whole life. chuck was the forefront of the whole go-go movement. >> reporter: others feel they knew him because his music is a part of the soundtrack of their lives. >> seeing him with that guitar. he could play that guitar and i love him with his hat on. that's the way to go. >> reporter: you're looking live at the howard theater. cameras are not allowed inside out of respect to the family. i want to describe to you how beautiful it is in the theater, it is dark. there are a couple of purple lives. chuck brown's casket is center stage covered in white roses. his guitar alongside. he is wearing that trademark hat and those shades. if he is departing on a trip, he is going in style. that's the lacht from the howard theater. chris gordon, news4. back to you. >> thank you so much. street closures around the
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howard theater will remain in place until midnight for the viewing. >> there are blocks on seventh and eighth street between florida. >>. if you plan to go to the viewing, organizers say you should take metro. a veteran metro employee seriously injured. getting pinned under a train at the shady grove rail yard. pat collins has more on what weapon wrong with the latest on this mechanics condition. >> reporter: i get goose bumps just thinking about what happened here. a near death experience for a metro worker here at shady grove. it was so bad, they choppered in the team from the maryland shock trauma. just in case they had to anes they ties the victim. just in case they had to perform an amputation to set him free. high anxiety at the shady grove metro maintenance facility.
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a worker. a work he with 25 years on the job trapped beneath the wheel assembly of a four-car train. montgomery county fire and rescue brought in the big stuff as they moved to free that worker. >> we had to use extensive lifting equipment to get the train up off of him and to get him to a position where we could move him out from under it. >> reporter: was he conscious through the whole thing? >> yes, he was. he was conscious throughout the whole and triindication. our paramedics were there administering life support to him. >> reporter: this still picture inside the maintenance building gives you some idea of the intensity of the effort. and in about an hour, they managed to pry that heavy train off the man's body and medevac him to the hospital for treatment. and though it was there that go-team from the hospital never had to be deployed. >> his condition, it is serious
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with potentially life threatening injuries. >> reporter: so how did that worker end up beneath that train? metro is investigating. so is the national transportation safety board. live in montgomery county, pat collins. >> the accident comes on the same day that metro said it completed key safety improvements. the special rail guards had been installed to help trains move between the tracks reducing the rick of derailment. the ntsb recommended the guardrails after a train jumped the tracks at mount vernon square in 2007. metro has been on the safety enhancements for the past five years. the project cost $57 million. a prince william county high school baseball coach is behind bars. he is accused of sending inappropriate messages to an underage student. police say richard teller has been communicating inappropriately with a 15-year-old female in the high school since february. police were tipped off on
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friday. no physical encounter took place between teller and the victim but after investigating, police arrested and charged him with indecent liberties. take a good look at the man in this surveillance video. the d.c. police are calling him a person of interest in the recent murder of a hospital radiology tech. dewayneward died earlier this month after someone stabbed him in the shaw area. edward crash his car after getting into an argument with someone on the street. a person was hit by a car at 17th street in the heart of downtown. it was 10:00 this morning, witnesses say the cyclist first fell off his bike and was then hit by an suv. the driver of that car did remain on the scene. police are to witnesses to determine who had the right-of-way. the section of d.c. does not have designated bike lanes. forward second time in nine days, people in northern italy are coping with a deadly
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earthquake. this morning's quake had a magnitude of 5.8. on may 20th, the same region was rocked with a magnitude 6 quake. many building that's were damaged in the first quake collapsed today. authorities say at least 16 people were killed by this morning's tremor. the previous quake killed seven. the search is now on for survivors who may be trapped in the rubble. jurors in the john edwards corruption trial may be deliberating into next week. today is the seventh day of deliberations. still no verdict. during the lunch break, the judge elaborated on juror concerns about scheduling could be afflicts such as graduation. there is speculation this jury may be dead locked. edwards faces six felony charges stemming from the alleged use of nearly $1 million in campaign contributions to hide his pregnant mistress during his presidential run in 2008. now to kissing 2012. mitt romney will clinch the nomination.
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mean a while new poll is providing more evidence that virginia could be a key battleground in the campaign. it shows president obama is favored by 47% of the voters in northern virginia. 42% for romney. pretty close compared to a poll. entire washington region where the gap is much wider. that poll shows 56%, 55 for obama and 35 for romney. the survey was conducted on may 18th and has a margin of error of 4%. julie is in our newsroom with more on the virginia factor. many high profile republicans had already put their support behind mitt romney. his expected nomination signals the next stage of the presidential campaign in a state expected to be one of the most important to both mitt romney and barack obama. he was the most visible outspoken supporter in virginia long before it was clear the massachusetts governor would clinch the nomination. now that the obama-romney
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match-up is nearly set and virginia could determine the winner, he said the focus of the romney campaign in the commonwealth is clear. >> the key is always the independent and the swing voter. i certainly learned that in 2009 by focusing on a practice kitchen table bread and butter issue campaign. jobs, economy, education, transportation. that's what people care about. i think that's the same kind of campaign mitt romney is going to run. >> some political observers say now that the nomination is secure, romney needs to shore up support among some republicans. particularly some evangelical and conservative christians yet to accept romney. >> i think a lot of his effort is going to have to be directed in virginia at attracting the support and confidence of evangelicals who might be skeptical of someone who is a mormon for reasons unrelated to his political position. >> the political analyst says
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romney's recent commencement address at liberty university instantly improved his connection to the conservative core and he said governor mcdonald will be crucial as he builds his credentials among conservatives. >> i think the governor can do a lot to overcome those potential difficulties for mitt romney and to give the good housekeeping southeasterly approval. >> reporter: meantime democrat are happy to see president obama holding the lead over romney in virginia polling but they know those numbers will tighten. >> i'm glad the president has a leefld i believe he will in fact carry the common wealth. no one can be complacent. this will be a very hard fought battle. >> reporter: romney will start actively considering who will be his running mate. thanks. musicians, athletes and human rights activists were honored at the white house today. president obama awarded a group of 13 with the medal of freedom.
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the highest civilian honor. among the recipients, the singer songwriter bob dylan. >> today everybody from bruce springsteen to youtube owes bob a debt of gratitude. there is not a bigger jibe in the history of american music. all these years later, he is still chasing that sound. still searching for a little bit of truth. and i have to say that i am a really big fan. >> the former secretary of state secretary of state madeleine albright, astronaut john glenn and former tennessee women's basketball coach pat summitt were also honored. the 80-year-old who almost fell out of her harness while sky diving said the scare won't stop her from being a thrill seeker. we'll find out what she plans to do next. two planes collide in mid air over fauquier county. the sole survivor is talking about what went wrong.
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tropical depression beryl is blamed for a florida teenager's death. the 18-year-old's body found this morning seven mile from where he went missing. he was swimming with friends near daytona beach yesterday shortly after beryl moved through. it was at near hurricane strength. the system is dumping rain on parts of georgia. it is expected to hug the coast and restrengthen to a tropical storm tomorrow it is a heads out to sea. investigators are sifting through the rubble trying to figure out what started a fire at a storage facility in alexander re. a damage is estimated at $140,000. news4's tracy wilkins has reality from the scene on eisenhower avenue. >> reporter: this morning's fire at this self-storage facility shut down eisenhower avenue. that's just how big it was. now, fire investigators have moved on into the next phase of all of this and that's trying to figure out how it started in the first place. >> this is my truck. all my equipment is here.
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i have another one on the property. we can't even start today. >> reporter: ivan is frustrated. he is a business owner who use a unit here at atlantic self-storage in alexandria. for now this facility is the scene of a fire investigation and dozen of people who use units here have either lost or now have damaged possessions. >> is my material there? all the wood? all the foam? everything that i use. and the truck here is mine as well. >> reporter: anywhere from 40 to 60 units may have been impacted. >> from us checking to make sure there's no fire in there or from the fire itself. >> reporter: while an unreported fire inside a storage unit is unusual, fire investigators say it all depends. >> it is unusual. with the storage contents, we never know what's in there. >> reporter: the actual cause of this fire is still under investigation. in alexandria, news4. >> women who work the graveyard shift could be increasing their
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risk of breast cancer. danish researchers say night shift work involves exposure to light at night and that decreases the hormone melatonin. that hormone has been proven to help protect against certain cancers. the study also finds that sleep deprivation leads to a weakened immune system and that could increase the growth of cancer cells. the participants who worked the night shift more than twice a week. turning to the weather which has turned stormy in some areas this afternoon. >> very stormy. it has been a very hot memorial day yesterday. the temperatures above 90 degrees. i think we get above 90 today. we've already made it above 90 in many locations. now we have some strong to severe storms just off to the west, including a severe thunderstorm watch as it is moving, as that line is its way off toward the east. outside you can see plenty of sunshine around the metro area. we're seeing a lot of sun in those very warm temperatures. all of that allowing a spark to produce the showers and thunderstorms that are back off to the west. here's the i-95 corridor, baltimore, washington, fredericksburg, no problems for
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you. until probably around 7:00, 8:00. back to the west, look around winchester. back here toward morgan county in west virginia, and then toward the pennsylvania border. then back to the west. we're about petersburg toward shenandoah county. potential flooding. now that area also under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. we're not out of the woods just yet. take a look, just around route 7. if you live in blue mont, this is north and east. then back to the west. another severe thunderstorm. this one into morning an county right along 522 here. this is going to make its way around berkeley springs. if you live toward berkeley springs, heads up for and you around hedgesville as it makes its way toward the north and east. you could be caught by this. this storm mostly to the west of
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i-81. to the east, then across in toward frederick county around thurmont. just to the east. more storminess. we have a lot of thunderstorms out there. most of them to the west of i-95. that goes all the way up by 95. look at new york city and then back to the west. we're talking about severe thunderstorm watches and even a tornado watch a little earlier. this line extending all the way down to the south and then you go a little farther south and you talk about beryl its way into south carolina. a ton of rain associated with this system. the front should help to keep beryl just south of our area. i think there will be plenty of moisture so we'll see rain overnight and maybe into early tomorrow morning. out there now, 89 degrees with winds out of west. with that sunshine you add in the humidity. we get the heat index of 92 in washington. 94, manassas. another very hot and humid
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afternoon. as you work through the evening, we'll see our temperatures could not down. especially with the rain. only 70 in winchester. there's our 89 in washington and there's that 90 degrees toward fredericksburg. this evening, showers and thunderstorms, strong to severe. gusty winds and watch for some small hail. tomorrow morning, best chance of rain will stay to the south and east. so don't worry too much about that early tomorrow. we are going to see that chance of rain ending tomorrow afternoon with clearing skies. thursday, look for a temperature of 80 degrees. and then friday and saturday, it looks like another chance of rain. let's look at this elementary school. that's where i was earlier today talking to the kids all about the warm weather and the thunderstorm that they're going to be experiencing. a quick fact, the smallest elementary school in montgomery county. 170 students. hello to all of you. >> and they're all there. >> thanks. still ahead, a strange twist
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in a deadly plane crash in virginia and why investigators from canada have now been called in. also, what happens in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas. go inside the latest casino and see how it is going to bring a slice of vegas to our area. later on news4 at 6:00, people in canada claimed there were plane parts falling from
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we're sports and cheer leading. >> and dan here is with more on the maryland program on the chopping block. >> not going to be around anymore. kind of sad to see. back in 2003, the university of maryland was the first school to make competitive cheer leading a varsity sport. now as we close in on the 40th anniversary of title 9, the cheer leading squad is a victim of the university's budget cuts along with seven other varsity
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sports. zachary has the story. >> reporter: it's true. a picture is still worth a thousand words. but there is something happening inside the university of maryland competitive cheer leading program that doesn't meet the eye. they are a family. a team. a sport. under siege. after sinking nearly $4 million into the start-up sport, earlier this year the university's cash strapped athletic department announced they would be cutting the program. >> there had been talk around campus saying that the university was going to cut the sport. not enough funding. and we were the last team to be called in so we kind of knew ahead of time. >> reporter: but according to some, the program's future was grim at best from the start. >> we were the first ones to elevate it to varsity status. since then, several, five other
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team have followed our lead and have added it to their athletic departments. it is very difficult. it is something that has had a great effect on all of us including the student athletes. >> regardless, there is no debbing these girls' athleticism or commitment. >> we practice every day. two to three hours, sometimes longer, in addition to an hour of lifting twice a week. sometimes more. conditioning. they're going every single day. >> like the other seven sports on the way out, the program has until june 24th to fundraise $5.2 million. if not, it is over. >> i will still be here and still be with them in here for them and every capacity possible. but i will have to find another career. >> reporter: in a world ruled by revenue, dollars, there's no question cheer leading doesn't cut it.
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in fact, they'll be hard pressed to find their jerseys for sale in the book store or raging fans scalping tickets. but there's something so pure about a team that rolls out their own mats, has practice depending on gym time. >> one two three! >> reporter: news4 sports. >> so they may still have a club cheer leading squad and the gals who were on scholarship will remain on scholarship until they graduate. >> we so want to adopt them. >> dough enhave type of. >> and there are seven other teams in the same boat. >> that's awful. thanks. here's what's coming up next at 5:30. coming up, the search for answers after two planes collide in mid air over fauquier county. a cannibal attack in miami and
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police believe they know what led to the gruesome scene. >> the national spelling bee kicks off today. a northern virginia contestant is already capturing headlines
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hello, everybody. meteorologist doug kammerer taking a look at the radar. a dangerous situation just to the west of washington. the metro area, not affected by this. if you live along i-95, don't worry. if you're along i--up, you really need to wash out for these storms here, especially you folks into jefferson county. let's zoom in and i'll show you what i'm talking about. you can see the line of thunderstorms around martinsburg and right around areas like shepherdstown. you can see the areas in orange including around hagerstown, around frederick to the west and
5:33 pm
then do you understand toward blue mont and clark and loudoun counties. some very strong thunderstorms. this area will be affected over the the next 15 minutes. watch out if you live in this area. once again, very strong thunderstorms moving through your region. those severe thunderstorms in effect until 6:15 tonight. >> thanks. new details in a mid-air collision that killed two people in northern virginia. >> it happened yesterday in fauquier county. today because of those involved, the investigation is now taken an international twist. news4's jane watrel has details. >> a virginia state trooperer is posted near the debris field following a mid-air collision monday afternoon in fauquier county. this aircraft pilot managed to land and he survived. those aboard the second plane did not. >> when he struck the ground, it burst into flames. it was completely destroyed by fire. we were able to recover two
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bodies from the burnt wreckage. obviously the pilot and the passenger. those bodies have been transported to the office of the medical examiner for positive identification. >> reporter: late today it took a strange twist. the prosecutors revealed a conflict of interest. one of the planes is owned by an employee of the federal aviation administration. the other, a national transportation safety board employees. so the canadian transportation safety board has been called in to the crash site to investigate. >> reporter: because of the denseness of the woods in that area, the remote location, it is a challenge to access. the troopers have been trying to go through the wooded area and locate every piece of debris and pieces of the plane they can. >> reporter: the goal of canadian safety investigators will be to figure out what caused the mid-air collision. they will have a media briefing on wednesday. news4.
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bladensburg police are trying to figure out allow a man died after he was found unconscious in the middle of the street. he was found in the 6500 block of annapolis road. it was 11:00 last night. investigators say at this time, all they know is that he was suffering trauma to his body. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. that victim was not carrying any identification. prince george's county could be the latest local government to create a gun offender registry. there's a new bill being considered. it would require people who have been convicted of gun crimes to register with the county and submit to home visits from officers. the district and the city of baltimore already have similar registries. the council is expected to vote on this measure on june 5th. virginia tech is taking a new step to improve campus safety. it has hired a northern virginia company to install a video security network. the current contract is worth nearly $1 million but could ultimately be expanded to
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include the installation of as many as 2,500 security cameras across the campus. the university police have talked about a centralized camera system for years. with the new contract, the process is now underway. it's graduation day at the naval academy. 1999 midshipmen became commissioned officers this afternoon and celebrated with the traditional toss of the graduation caps into the air. the ceremony included a flyover by the navy's blue angels. a struggling economy is it hard for people, for many people to find work in the district. unemployment benefits are running out for about 1700 people. and the city officials are now scrambling to help them find jobs. tom sherwood reports. at the district's job center in northeast washington, hopeful citizens come every day looking for a job. a better job. or even a part-time job. >> but i want to work. i can't stay home. i need to work.
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and i just want a job, go to school, go back to school. >> unemployment is especially high east of the anacostia river. 20% in ward 8. now city labor officials say unemployment benefits are running out for almost 1700 workers and their families. >> over 1,600 people are falling off what they call extended benefits. so as of june 9th, they will no longer be able to access those benefits. >> it is something going on throughout the country. >> reporter: the city employment dregor says everyone should be looking for a be jo. her agency is stepping up efforts to find training programs and other job creation efforts. >> we'll be back in touch with them and let them know we'll have work readiness training. we'll have events starting around in about two weeks. >> reporter: unemployment in the district overall has dropped in recent years from nearly 11% to about 9.5%. still far higher than the national rate of 8.1.
5:38 pm
>> while receiving unemployment, you need to look for a job. you don't know how long your unemployment benefits will last. >> reporter: mallory says employers can also get tax breaks for hiring the unemployed. >> there are quite a few actual resources that we have in place through one city, one hire, that are available to employers. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. coming up next, a taste vegas right here. a look inside the new arundel mills casino. plus a stretch of road designed to help with traffic
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today we're getting our first look at maryland's largest casino a week before it opens. maryland live is located at arundel mills mall in hanover. when the phase opens, there will be 3,200 slot machines and electronic table games. this first phase includes
5:42 pm
restaurants, the cheese cake factory, bobby's burger place. later this year it will add more slots, a live stage, high end steakhouse, maryland live opens to the public next wednesday. the intercounty connector gives motorist as quick direct drive between montgomery and prince georges counties. some say it is under used. the 19-mile highway opened in december. many people both fans and critics say it is usually empty. especially compared to other highways across the region. that's according to a "washington post" report. some motorists say they don't use it that often because the tolls are too high. the highway officials say the vehicle volumes are meeting expectations for the six-month mark. still ahead, an 80-year-old survives a sky diving mishappen on her birthday. has no regrets. we're going to see what's next on her bucket list. i'm liz crenshaw. if you think the temperatures are rising outside, imagine how hot it gets inside your car. an important warning that may save a life is coming up.
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we're watching that strong line of severe thunderstorms to the west of the i-95 corridor. the severe thunderstorm watch in [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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a high profile same sex couple says i do. >> it is one of the stories trending online today. sex in the city star cynthia nixon is a newly wed. she and her long time partner tied the knot on sunday during a private ceremony in new york. >> they have a son together named max. the couple gott engaged in 2009 at a rally for same second marriage in new york. a little girl from wood bridge, virginia. she is 6 years old of she is the youngest person ever to compete in the spelling bee's 87-year history. she talk a mile a minute and she studies words while jumping on her trampoline. her mother said she was reading by the age of 2 and wants to swim in the olympics and wants to be an astro biologist when she grows up. >> the bee will start thursday. the woman involved in a frightening mishap while sky diving doesn't seem willing to give up her dare devil ways.
5:47 pm
laverne went sky diving for her 80th birthday last year. something went wrong and she slipped out of the harness. >> she dangled all the way to the ground. she said she was not scared and she is ready for another adventure. >> you say you want to go in a race car now? >> i'm considering it if i get a chance. >> you really want to do it? >> i'm considering it. >> a knitting class? something like that? >> knitting is boring. >> she's one gutsy lady. more than 500,000 people have watched video of her sky dive. >> wow! and the guy she was attached to was probably having a heart attack. turning now to our weather. doug is some strong storms out there. >> some very strong storm out there. especially just off to the north and west. we're talking about in through the west virginia panhandle, also loudoun county. some very strong thunderstorms. you see other storms here.
5:48 pm
not quite as strong here but that entire area under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00. it does not include the metro area but i still think we'll see some of this move through our region. let's take you into the strongest stuff right now. right now, this is really where the dangerous wead is. just to the north and east martinsburg, shepherdstown has come through the area. most of this in through washington county. we're talking about a severe thunderstorm warning. also, a brand new flash flood warning there. and in fact for washington county, as well as over toward western frederick county. watch out along the river and then down to the south, in loudoun county, just to the north and west of there. here's where the severe thunderstorm is. the severe thunderstorm warning is until 6:45. it includes martinsburg. just to the north and east hagerstown will get this. if you're driving from maybe frederick out toward hagerstown,
5:49 pm
you really want to wait. this will take an hour to get over to saturday and 270. hire it koss over 270, you'll have much better conditions on the way out. as we widen out and move to the south, this is where it is. this is one strong storm. the severe thunderstorm warning was in effect but no longer. right along route 7. then back to the north. around shepherdstown. still seeing the line and thunder but downsville really getting hit hard. and around boonesboro, you'll be hit hard, too. just to the west frederick, around yellow springs, some very heavy storms. this is all part of a much longer line that will continue to make its way toward the east and we will be seeing this throughout the night tonight. so watch out for this across the reasoning overnight. and in through early tomorrow morning. then i think we see clearing skies. thursday, a high temperature of 80 degrees. thursday great. a good chance of rain friday night into saturday and right now, most of the day saturday and most of sunday looking pretty good.
5:50 pm
great. thanks. the latest report on consumer confidence is out and a warning tonight after the death of two children left in a hot car. >> it is that time of year. plus the frustration of finding room for your luggage on an airplane. it could get easier. it needs to. it is impossible. we'll start with consumer confidence. we begin with the dismal consumer confidence numbers released today. americans' confidence in the economy fell in this month to its lowest level in eight months, according to the conference board which is a private research group. the research shows consumers are worried about slow hiring. a big stock market drop, and the global economy. the results fall short of economists' expectations. decreasing consumer confidence implies slow economic growth and consumers are likely to not spend as much. it's only may and we're already seeing summer-like temperatures near 90 degrees. two children have died so far this year after being left in hot cars.
5:51 pm
one in texas. the other in missouri. the national highway traffic safety administration is warning drivers not to leave children behind in the car even if you're simply running a quick errand. this animation shows it takes just minutes before the inside of a car reaches dangerous temperatures. at 80 degrees outside, a car can easily reach 99 degrees in just ten minutes. and after one hour, the temperature inside the car reaches 123 degrees. nitsa has kicked off a safety campaign. look before you lock your car and walk away. >> this can happen to anyone. break in routine, fatigue, a mole of forgetfulness. that's why weir asking folks to think, where is baby? look before you lock. unfortunately, this tragedy can happen and has happened to a wide range of people. >> last year, 33 children died in overheated cars. 49 deaths were reported in 2010. one more thought. also, don't forget about your
5:52 pm
pets. they, too, can die if left in a hot car. and finally, finding adequate space for your carry-on luggage may soon get easier. united, delta and u.s. airways are either retrofit go older planes with bins that can accommodate or purchasing aircraft with bigger overhead bins. according to the usa today. boeing new 787 dream liner and 737s are reportedly being built with pivot bins that can better fit the standard roller bag bags. baggage fees have become huge revenues forcing passengers to change the way they pack their bags. a little more room on the overhead might be able to carry more on and maybe pay less money for the baggage fees. >> i don't see it. >> i can't see them saying, hey, let's get less money from the consumers. >> people are getting frustrated. they complained to the fax and the d.o.t. and sometimes things happen. may is asian america and pacific islander heritage month.
5:53 pm
and nbc 4 is proud to highlight the contributions to our area. today, there were features of the work of pacific islanders were featured during a ceremony in our studios. the people were presented with awards for their achievements. nbc joined mcdonald's in presenting a $5,000 donation. a nonprofit to helping young asian-americans in our communicate. next, new details about a disturbing attack. >> what prompted a miami man to attack and eat the face off his victim? coming up at 6:00, the safety harness failed for an 11-year-old wall climber. the pope's butler is revealing
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police in miami are hoping witnesses can help them piece together what happened during an unusual and grooonly crime over the week. >> police say they were forced to shoot a man who was mauling another man's face and they believe a hallucinogenic drug was to blame. >> we warn you, some of the video and details may be disturbing. >> reporter: surveillance video from a surveillance camera showing a naked man devouring the face of another man. >> 75 to 80% of his face was missing. he was actually swallowing pieces of the man's face. >> reporter: while police say they've never witnessed anything this extreme, they've recently seen similar cases of people with no clothes on acting violently after taking a new potent form of lsd. >> their body, their morning ans
5:58 pm
are burning up alive. they've reached a temperature where they're melting inside their body and that makes them take off their clothes. >> reporter: in the emergency room at jackson memorial hospital, they've seen an increase of people suffering from psychosis after taking a variety of drugs. >> cocaine and new lsds. they cause delirium which means you don't make sense when you take them. when you don't make sense, you don't control your emotions, your actions, you find yourself in circumstances that you just don't want to be in. >> reporter: during and after the recent ultra music festival, dr. paul adams says he has seen the effects of a designer drug nicknamed bath salts which also causes body temperatures to spike. >> and then people don't drink water while they're taking it so they become dehydrated. so you mixed dehydration with elevated temperature with loss of inhibitions and you have a life threatening combination. a mix for disaster. >> reporter: bath salts were
5:59 pm
banned in florida in 2011 but new formulations have become dangerously popular. >> we've had several deaths. earlier last week, we probably saw our first deaths from bath salts. people were running into the macarthur causeway, being chased by the police and then just collapsing. >> the victim of that attack does remain in the hospital and is in critical condition. now at 6:00, we are severe storms across the region. >> the celebration of the life of chuck brown continues at this hour. the tribute to the godfather of go-go will go well into the night. >> a metro worker trapped today under a train. >> two small planes crashed in mid air with deadly results in fauquier county. now there's a surprising reason that a team from canada will take over the investigation into what went wrong. >> good evening. i'm jim vance. >> we begin with a weather alert.


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