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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 29, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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parts of our region. doug kammerer has the up to the minute. >> well to the north and west washington, this is not include the i-95 corridor but just off to the west including loudoun county, a line of thunderstorm. this is the area toward the north and west. around washington county that is getting pummeled right now with extremely heavy rain. also we saw this around jefferson county and berkeley county through west virginia. finally moving out in toward washington county. right along 70. and notice this coming into frederick county. a ton of lightning associated with this. extremely heavy rainfall. this whole area under a severe thunderstorm warning throughout the rest of the 6:00 hour. but notice the green. this is now a flash flood warning that is in effect including martinsburg, over toward the hagerstown area. not only severe thunderstorm warnings but extremely heavy rain. watch out. never drive through flooded areas. the flash flood warning in effect until that area, continuing for that area and
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here's that line across our region. i speck it to make it through rest of the area overnight tonight. i'll continue to keep you updated right here. republicans voting in texas today are almost certain to give mitt romney the delegates he needs to wrap up the presidential nomination. but there is a distraction. steve handelsman on capitol hill with more on this. >> reporter: a distraction named donald trump. who is again questioning barack obama's birth place. prompting the white house today to say the american people are fed up but mitt romney so far is dodging the issue. >> on the day he is set to clinch the nomination, mitt romney was in colorado promising to roll back obama administration regulations that locals blame for hurting the nearby coalmine and power plant. >> i want government that is
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anal i've business. >> he charges president obama wasted tax dollars pushing low pollution businesses. not just solyndra. >> sun power. more than $1 billion in loan guarantees. lost half a billion last year laying off workers. >> but that romney message may be lost today. thanks to donald trump who romney appears with tonight. trump is back to questioning the obama birth place. this morning on cnbc. >> you're not allowed to be president if you're not born in the country. but let's see what happens. i'm be faping flames. this came out last week. a lot of people are questioning his birth certificate. >> romney gave trump a pass. >> i don't agree with the people who support me. >> president obama's campaign put a video up contrasting him to john mccain. >> i have read about him. he is an arab. >> no, ma'am, no, ma'am. he is a decent family man,
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citizen, that i happen to have disagreements with. >> why won't romney do the same? donald trump noted, john mccain lost. mitt romney's campaign late this afternoon put out a statement saying romney does believe barack obama was born in america. romney is going ahead with his plans tonight though to celebrate his clinching the nomination with donald trump. they'll be in vegas. from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman. virginia governor's popularity and the importance in the election have put him on romney's short list as a potential running mate. we'll have more on that in a report coming up in our next half-hour. a metro worker was pinned under a train today. rescue workers were brought in to help rescue the man.
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>> reporter: imagine being trapped beneath a metro train. an hour of terror for a metro work he here today. it was so bad they choppered in the go-team from maryland shock trauma just in case they had to anesthetize the victim. in case they had to perform an amputation to set him free. high anxiety at the shady grove metro facility. a worker. a worker with 25 years on the job trapped beneath the wheel assembly of the four-car train. montgomery county fire and rescue brought in the big stuff as they move to free that worker. >> we had to use extensive lifting equipment to get the train up off of him. >> was he conscious through the whole thing? >> yes. he was. he was conscious through the
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whole extracation. >> it gives you some idea of the effort. in about an hour they managed to pry that heavy train off the man's body and medevac him to the hospital for treatment. and though it was there that go-team from the hospital never had to be deployed. >> he is serious with potentially life threatening injuries. >> reporter: so what happened here? metro is investigating. so are the feds. in montgomery county, i'm pat collins, news4. >> thank you. police are hoping that some newly released surveillance video will help find a person of interest in a deadly stabbing in the district. it happened early this month along florida. >> in the shaw neighborhood. investigators say duane brisbane was driving home when he got
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into an argument. he said that man stabbed brisbane. he crashed his car while trying to get to the hospital. police are offering a cash reward of up to $25,000 in this case. a bicyclist is in critical condition after being hit by an suv. it happened at 17th and m northwest about 10:00 this morning. witnesses said the cyclist fell off his bike and then was hit by a range rover. the driver of that suv stayed on the scene. police are talking to witnesses to determine who had the right-of-way at the time. the section of d.c. does not have designated bike lanes. it's official. the debris that fell from the sky and damaged several vehicles in toronto was indeed from a disabled jet. an air canada jet suffered engine failure and had to make an emergency landing. several cars parked near the airport were hit by the metal parts that dropped. today canadian officials confirmed it came from the broken engine. >> in basically, what it is indicating to us is we did have
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a failure in the back end of that engine that produces the power and this is debris that came out of the tail pipe of that, exactly what happened, what the nish yaigt event was as of yet, we haven't gotten into it enough so we don't really know. >> investigators say some chunking of the debris the size of cell phones. nobody was hurt. chuck brown, godfather of go-go, being celebrated today at the howard theater. thousands of people stood in lines that stretched for blocks to say farewell to the d.c. pioneer. >> good evening. t street northwest in front of the howard theater you can see filled with people. the interesting thing is, people come to this viewing. they wait in line. they go inside for a few minutes to pay their respects and then they come out and they don't want to leave. they want to be part of the street party. a sendoff for singer chuck
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brown. ♪ >> reporter: chuck brown was a force whenever he performed despite his success, he remained grounded and will always be remembered as the d.c. native son. >> he loved washington. he represented this city to the fullest. the city loved him back as you can see. >> reporter: fans waited in a long line that stretch three blocks at one point to get into the howard athleter to pay their last respects. >> what do you think he would be thinking? >> he would want to be playing. >> if he did, what would be the strong he would be playing? >> busting loose. >> this photo was provided by the brown family. showing the casket bathed in purple light. covered in white roses. chuck brown wearing his hat and his shades. celebrities came including sugar bear. >> chuck brown was a mennor to
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me. i am so happy to see what he gave for more than 40 years. generous love. you can see that washington, d.c. is returning that love to him today. it is a very special day. >> reporter: mayor gray says flags will be lowered to half-staff in the city on thursday. when asked about his favorite chuck brown song, the mayor didn't miss a beat. >> buffing loose. but it don't mean a thing if it don't got the go-go swing. >> reporter: for many, chuck brown was an inspiration. >> we called him pops. that is what he was to us. i had to pay homage to the legendary godfather himself. >> i'm very sad. i was just in there and i didn't know i was really going to break down like i did. yeah. chuck really men a lot to d.c. i'm going to tell you, wherever he was, there was a party. >> and you can see there's a
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party going on here. people dancing on the sidewalk on t street in front of the howard theater. this viewing will continue until 10:00 tonight. then on thursday there will be a memorial service at the washington convention center beginning at noon. that's the latest live from the howard theater. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. so doug, how are we? >> still looking at these very strong thunderstorms. the strongest storms through washington county and frederick county. now also notice the coloring. this is a severe thunderstorm watch. it was back to the west. it has been moved farther to the east around washington, fredericksburg and toward baltimore. i'll continue to keep my eye on these storms through the rest evening. coming up, a deadly plane crash. there was an unexpected connection to the faa and the ntsb. a mission to save the statue of the virgin mary turned deadly
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were another earthquake hit italy. radioactive tuna travels from japan to california faster than the wind. >> hip, hippo over. and hats off to the naval
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for the second time this month there's been a deadly earthquake in italy's region before may 20th there had not been a strong earthquake here since the 1300s. nine days ago, a quake with a magnitude of 6 killed seven people. today's magnitude was 5.8. authorities say at least 16 people were killed. the first quake destabilized some buildings that collapsed today. one of the victims, a catholic priest who went inside his damaged church this morning trying to salvage a statue of the virgin mary. he was kill by a falling beam
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when that church collapsed. the united states is the latest nation to expel syrian diplomats after a massacre of more than 100 civilians on friday. u.n. international envoy kofi annan urged syrian leaders to end the violence in their country. nbc's reporter has the latest from the cairo. >> reporter: international condemnation continues to mound on this syrian government following a deadly massacre on friday that left more than 100 people killed. the united states is among a growing list of countries that have expelled syrian diplomats from its capitals, adding to the isolation that the syrian government continues to find itself in. the united nations special join envoy kofi annan arrived in damascus on monday and held talks with the syrian president on tuesday. here's what he had to say following that meeting. >> i conveyed in firm terms the great concern of the international community about the violence in syria, including
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the recent shocking events. >> reporter: one of the more disturbing revelations made by the united nations is that it appears the killings in carried out by government loyalists who went street to street, house to house, killing men, women and children. with more international condemnation mounting against the syrian government, it may be in the eyes of many, time for the international community to do more to try to intervene and prevent further killings. many have criticized the u.n. peace plan saying it has all but collapsed because it has failed to prevent the syrian regime from continuing its military operations against civilians. nbc news, cairo. one of the pope's private butlers is in jail tonight. he is accused of stealing and leaking confidential dolcuments from inside the vatican. he went almost everywhere with
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pope benedict xvi. he is accused of documents including personal letters to and from the pope. those documents were leak to the post and they allege corruption in vatican finance. pope benedict has appointed a commission of cardinals to investigate. today, would have been the 95th birthday of president john f. kennedy. there was a gravesite tribute this morning at arlington national cemetery. the u.s. army military district of washington held what is called a presidential armed forces full honor wreath laying ceremony. the wreath was placed by army major general michael lynnington, the commanding general of the military district of washington. the army holds this ceremony at the late president's gravesite every year on this date. nuclear radiation from the tsunami damaged fukushima power plant turned up in bluefin tuna
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off the california coast. this suggests these fish carried radioactive compounds from japan and across the pacific ocean faster than wind or water can. the tainted tuna was captured last august off the coast san diego. scientists say the fish are still safe to eat. the study was published in the journal proceedings of the national academy of sciences. wow! that's surprising. >> i'll pass on that tuna tar-tar. some wild weather out there. for some of us tonight. >> very strong storms out there in washington county through parts of the west virginia, and most us be seeing too much. if you're to the west of i-95, you're under the gun and we're starting to see more thunderstorms develop. that's why the severe storm prediction center in norman, oklahoma, has placed the rest of us. just about the rest of us under the severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. you can see the clouds getting a little darker across the metro area but still some sunshine. here's storm 4 radar. you noticed this line right here
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extending from hagerstown through frederick, leesburg and along the blue ridge. this line was coming through weakening a little bit. now that it is making its way across the mountains, we are going to see this potentially increasing in intensity and moving right toward the metro region over the next couple hours. now moving out of washington county. frederick county, maryland. you are really getting hammered. there's a ton of line, extremely heavy rain. if you're out there along route 15 toward the kreegerstown area, watch out. there's a lot of line with this. very, very heavy rainfall. i wouldn't be surprised to see maybe 40, 50, even 60-mile-an-hour winds from these storms as they move off toward the east and watch this. still a severe thunderstorm warning. in effect until 6:30 for eastern washington and northbound portions of frederick county. i would not be surprised to see another storm warning. the green is a flash flood
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warning in effect until 7:45. hagerstown toward frederick. a lot of rain has fallen, one to two inches of rain. some areas, a little more. we have seen some flash flooding. never drive through flooded roadways. just to the north and west of leesburg, if you live in leesburg, get ready. you will see that rain very, very quickly as this line makes its way toward the south and east. we're seeing some strong storms. this will move to the east. we are going to see this line move through over the next couple of hours. that's not it. still a ton of moisture associate with this frontal boundary back to the west. i think we could see rain tonight. notice the swirl. this is remnants of tropical storm berly. still technically a tropical depression. what it is doing is bringing a
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ton of rain toward georgia and south carolina. the front will be able to move berll out to sea. it could hold up just enough into the morning hours tomorrow, maybe 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow morning. driving in tomorrow from southern maryland. it could be on the tough side. the high temperature of 91 degrees. the low of 75. an extremely warm day. most of us under that severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. 88 degrees with that sunshine. winds, 21 miles an hour but gusting to near 30 miles an hour. here's that current, much cooler where we've seen that rain. the same thing goes for the temperatures around that 70-degree mark around the i-81 corridor. back here, a little cooler. we will cool off toward the metro area. this evening, showers and thunderstorms will be strong to severe with gusty winds, hail and very heavy rainfall. the temperatures dropping into the upper 70s to lower 80s.
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then tomorrow morning, some rain early but best chance of that will be to the south and east. the temperatures, 64 to about 74 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, clearing skies, a bit cooler. less humid and nice. i think we'll see temperatures into the 80s. on thursday, a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine. a high of 80 degrees before another poet ensystem moves in late friday into the early portion of saturday. that system should get out of here in the afternoon. saturday night, sunday very good as far as the weekend is concerned. >> okay. but watch out tonight. coming up tonight, the vice president taking the week off for good reason. >> a day of wall climbing took a frightening turn when a child took a 20-foot fall to the ground. and we're going streaking. with bryce harper and adam jones.
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investigators in canada are look swoo a deadly mid-air collision in northern virginia. >> two people died when the planes collide in the fauquier county yesterday. and we're learning about a new twist involving the people on those planes. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: a virginia state trooperer is posted near the debris field following a mid-air collision monday afternoon in fauquier county. this aircraft piloted by 70-year-old thomas provin managed to land and he survived. those aboard the second plane did not. >> it burnt into flames and is completely destroyed by fire. we were able to recover two bodies from the burnt wreckage. obviously the pilot and the passenger. those bodies have been transported to the office of the medical examiner for positive
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identification. >> reporter: late today the accident took a strange twist. federal investigators revealed a conflict of interest. one of the planes is owned by an employee of the federal aviation administration. the other, a national transportation safety board employee. so the canadian transportation safety board has been called in to the crash site to investigate. >> because of the denseness of the woods in that area, the remote location, it is a challenge to access. the troopers have encountered snakes and everything, trying to go through the wooded area and locate every piece of debris and pieces of the plane they can. >> reporter: the goal of canadian safety investigators will be to figure out what caused the mid-air collision. they will have a media briefing on wednesday. jane watrel, news4. a steady stream of people lining up at the howard theater. they're there to pay homage to the go-go legend chuck brown celebrating his life and music.
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the viewing started this morning. it will continue until 10:00 tonight. in the meantime, the d.c. library is asking residents to donate old pictures, video and newspaper articles to help them create the chuck brown archive. the u.s. supreme court says it will not review how police departments across the country choose to use stun guns. the justices refused to hear appeals from hawaii and washington state. in both cases, the lower courts had ruled that officers could not be sued for using a stun gun. the courts did acknowledge that police have used excessive force and said police could be sued for assault and battery. ? . a 25-year-old metro employee is in the hospital. he was pinned under a train today at the shadio grove rail yard. the special rescue team had to be brought in to help lift the train to rescue that man. he was then flown to the hospital. mitt romney will clinch the gop nomination later today if he wins the texas primary and he is
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expected to. that means in battleground states like virginia, the 2012 campaign between romney and president obama enters its next phase. as julie carrey reports, it also puts a renewed spotlight on one of romney's biggest supporters, governor bob mcdonnell. >> reporter: he was an early backer of mitt romney's long before it was clear the former massachusetts governor would win the gop presidential nomination. mcdonnell's popularity and the importance of virginia in the 2012 race has put mcdonnell on the vice presidential short list. as romney secures the nomination, the questions have resurfaced. has mcdonnell been asked? >> they've asked for my schedule to see when i can campaign for him. that's it. >> reporter: and he repeated what he said before. if called, he would listen. >> anybody who gets a call from the party's nominee saying you can help our country and our party, of course you would listen. i've got the best job in america. the job held by thomas jefferson
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and patrick henry. >> reporter: he will be very valuable in the months ahead helping to shore up support. >> that movement is made up larchly of evangelical and born again conservatives, many of whom are very skeptical of a mormon as a presidential candidate. i think the governor can do a lot to overcome those potential difficulties for mitt romney. >> reporter: but he says the vice presidential prospects may have been damaged by the contentious 2012 election. >> the women's issues and other social issues in the general assembly lesson that allowed obama to pain him as still beholden to an extreme or far right segment of the republican party. >> reporter: democratic congressman jerry connolly said he will be hard as a surrogate for obama's reelection. and he said he doesn't believe the popularity as governor will give romney much of a boost with virginia voters. >> it is very rare the popularity of a chief executive of the state rubs off on a
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presidential candidate. very rare. and as that polling shows, governor mcdonnell makes no difference whatsoever for mitt romney. vice president joe biden won't be seen around the white house this week. he is taking some time off to help with his daughter's wedding. 30-year-old ashley biden is getting married in delaware on saturday. her fiance is howard, a philadelphia physician. today the white house said the vice president is hosting the reception at his house and like any father, he is taking it all very seriously. today the education department granted eight states including maryland waivers from the no child left behind law. that law from the bush era requires all students to be proficient in math and reading by 2014. the waivers throw out that requirement and use alternative
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plans. the education secretary says the waivers will allow individual states to tailor programs for their students. 26 other states and d.c. have also applied for waivers. the naval academy graduated its class of 2012 today. 1999 midshipmen commissioned as ensigns in the navy or second lieutenants in the marine corps. the ceremony today included a flyover by the navy's blue angels. the defense second leon panetta offered the commencement address at the navy marine corps memorial stadium in annapolis. >> to serve this nation at a time of war. you have set yourselves apart in a profound and honorable way. the graduating class also recognized the lieutenant commander wesley brown today. brown was not the first black man to enroll at the naval academy but he was the first to
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graduate. he did that in 1949 along with his classmate and former member on the cross country team and later president jimmy carter. he died last week from cancer. he was 85 years old. the tough economy is it tough for a lot of people to find jobs. the district of columbia says 1700 people out of work in the city have exhausted their unemployment benefits. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: at the district jobs center in northeast washington, hopeful citizens come every day looking for a job. a better job or even a part-time job. >> i'm one of many people who have a lot of turbulence as far as financial difficulties, unemployment. >> i want to work. i can't stay home. i need on work. i want a job or go back to school. i just fnld school. >> unemployment is especially high east of anacostia river.
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20% in ward 8. now city labor official say unemployment benefits are running out for almost 1700 workers and their families. >> over 1,600 people are falling off what we call extended benefits. as of june 9th, they will no longer be able to access those benefits. >> city employment director lisa mallory says everyone should be for a job. her agency is stepping up efforts to find training programs and other job creation efforts to help the workers. >> we'll be back in touch with them. we'll let them know, we'll have work readiness training, events at the convention center starting in two weeks. >> unemployment has dropped from nearly 11% to 9.5%. still far higher than the national rate of 8.1. >> while receiving unemployment, you need the look for a job. you don't know how long your unemployment benefits will last. >> in the district, news4.
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may is asian-american and pacific islander heritage month. and nbc 4 is proud to highlight their contributions to our area. today several vignettes featuring the asian and pacific islanders were featured in our studios. the people were presented with awards for their achievements. one of those people, bell. >> i do menoring. and i help them with trying to get their jobs, helping them in every aspect of life to have a seat at the table. nbc 4 joined mcdonald's in presenting the $5,000 donation to asian-american lead. a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young asian-americans in our communicate. she was proud to emcee today's celebration. coming up, the youngest spelling bee contestant has a very unique way of practicing.
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a bear found a good way of enjoying the california hills. severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 for most of the area. a strengthening line of thunderstorms making its way toward the east. i'll sho
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a cell phone camera captured this outside the park in miami. an 11-year-old girl fell 20 feet from a rock climbing wall on saturday. her father was taking the video and immediately dropped the camera to run to his little girl. emily davis was the first climber of the day. she made it 20 feet up in the air and when she lost her balance, the safety harness malfunctioned and did not stop her fall. she suffered a concussion and is still recovering in the hospital. president obama honored a grooch political and cultural icons at the white house. the president awarded 13 people the medal of freedom. that's the highest civilian
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honor. the recipients get award for administration major contributions to the united states. among this year's honorees, madeleine albright, astronaut and former senator john glenn, and singer song/writer bob dylan. that was him in the shades. >> the scripps national spelling bee kick off today and one local contestant is headlines. laurie ann madison is 6 years old of she is the youngest person ever to compete in the bee in its 87-year history. she is from woodbridge, virginia. her mother said she was reading by the age of 2. she studies words while jumping on a trampoline. the bee started today with a computer test. semifinals and finals will be held on thursday at the national harbor. >> laurie ann, we're pulling for you. 6 years old? >> incredible. >> what's up? talking about the nationals.
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can you believe they continue to play despite all these injuries and play well? >> serena williams. plus dwyane wade and the heat get off on the right foot in the
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you can still see the entire area with the exception of the council boredering the chesapeake. under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. here's the line of storm making through frederick. around leesburg, warrenton and back to the west. their way toward culpepper and culpepper county. watch as this line continues. the strongest storms have continued to be toward frederick. eastern frederick county, northern portions of montgomery county. you are really about to get hit fairly hard so watch out here. also around howard copy, you're going to get hit very hard in the next say, 20 to 30 minutes.
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this same area is the area that came back through washington county a little earlier in parts of the panhandle. flash flood warnings in if he can. there have been reports of flash flooding around hagerstown. also around the shem heardstown area. give yourself some extra time. the strongest storms, toward damascus, their way to the south and east frederick. down toward the south. in through loudoun county, seeing some very strong thunderstorms here in through the northern portions of fauquier county. all of this, part of a very long line of strong storms. we'll continue to watch this as it moves through rest of the region. i think we will see strong to severe thunderstorms through about 7:00, 8:00 tonight. then just some shower activity through rest of the evening. i'll be back a little later on with one more check of the radar. you know, the teams are struggling, teams that had no bench. the stars go down and then they have nobody to back them up. this team, everybody is busted up and they still win. we thought that would be a
6:46 pm
weakness coming into the season. and today, kind of a mix bag in terms of injury news. michael morris will be rehabbing in potomac. he should be back by this weekend. he has been out the entire year. chad tracy goes with a groin injury. the muscle torn off the bone. he won't be back for a little while. >> that's awfully descriptive. >> the third of the way through the season. the nationals have the third best record in baseball. not in the division. not the national league but in all of major league baseball. best pitching staff of the game is the reason why. but the biggest story continues to be the 19-year-old phenom bryce haerp. tonight against the marlins, harper will once again be second. he has been white hot. he's had six of the last ten games and extended his hitting streak to eight games. perhaps the most impressive thing so far, his batting
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average. third on the team which will be even higher if chris coghlan hadn't made that catch to rob him of the extra-base hit yesterday. harper hype justified. first pitch for the nats and the marlins. meanwhile, one of the birds has a streak of his own. adam jones, the new $85.5 million man extended his hitting streak to 19 games in his last at-bat against toronto last night. jones in the top five in the a.l. in home runs, hits and top ten in nch about a. batting .307 this scene. he is playing again in toronto tonight. nba game two of the western conference finals. the spurs trying to extend their history winning streak to 20 games against kevin durant and the thunder. last night, lebron trying to prove that he is indeed a closer as the heat just wore down the celtics in game one of the eastern conference finals. dwyane wade already has a championship under his belt. getting some mommy love before the game. that's always good.
6:48 pm
the celtics scoring 11 points in the first quarter. in the second, a different story. 35 including this three from paul pierce with 20 seconds left in the half. so we had a tie game with the break. in the third quarter, the things took a turn. to pierce. wade. like rg3 here. lebron had. 32 that was a game high. miami goes up by five. fourth quarter, heat up by 13 and i'm not sure if his mom taught him this but d-wade with a wicked list crossover here. you can't stop that move there. 22 points and seven assists for dwyane wade. miami takes the game 92-79. serena williams. pay attention, vance. this is your sport. she had never lost in the first round of the grand slam tournament coming into the french open. did not expect him to win this one. >> she was never there. >> this kid is 107. >> 111.
6:49 pm
a perfect 46-0 today. let's take a look at how this went down. she won the first set. blew a 5-1 tie break lead in the second. in the third set, she is serving for the match. ranked 111th in the world. you can see the shot coming up here. just goes a little bit long and she knows it. the line judge comes over to confirm and she wins. 4-6, 7-6, serena loses in the first round of the grand slam tournament. serena said i'm not happy about it by any means but i always believed things could be worse. on the men's side. the number two seed and the defending champ. rafael nadal. >> did you see this? >> no, i missed it. >> rolls in straight sets looking for his record. >> it ain't luck. >> good point. he is going for his seventh
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french open title. nadal, 46-1. the u.s. men's national soccer team hosting five-time fifa world cup brazil. why are we telling you this? it is at fed-ex field. in the midst of five games and 18 games coming off the 5-1 win against scotland on saturday. the last two wins, the world cup qualifiers. you know what i was trying to say. getting point in those extremely important. but u.s. keeper tim howard says the team will play with just as much vigor in tomorrow's friendly. >> we don't have the luxury of picking and choosing. we're always having to impress. and there's always a sense of your honor ency and pride when you play for your country. so of course, there's three points on the line when we play a qualifier. but these games are vitally important to us. we're a bunch of prideful guys
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who have a job to do and we go do it no matter what the end result is. >> fun to see them play at fed-ex field. the top selling jersey in the nfl right now, rg3. robert griffin iii. the host thing on the market this month. number one pick, andrew luck. fourth on the list. let's hit the heli pad. the miami dolphins will be showcased on hbo's hard knocks this summer. it will be the seventh season for this reality series which documents them. not exactly the first choice. numerous teams said thanks but no thanks. no pretournament media brush for tiger woods. he is going to the google hangout session. instead of talking with reporters the second time he's done that. he's been put on the disabled list because of a hurt right shoulder and he is expected to
6:52 pm
be out for six to eight weeks. the phillies division rivals, things continue to look good for the nats if they can get some of those bodies back, it will be even better. >> he was the one
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people in the foot himself monrovia, california, are used to seeing wild animals from time to time. but not quite like this. yesterday, two teenage sisters were just about to leave home when they noticed this brown bear lounging in their backyard infinity pool. they watched from a distance and then recorded the animal. that's when the bear started to swim in some laps. it was only in the 70s in monrovia yesterday. it seemed like the big guy wanted to take in the view. who can blame him? it is a pretty spectacular view from the backyard there. >> look for a long lens on that camera. >> they're behind the glass and
6:56 pm
the door and everything else. >> we're looking warm as far as the radar is concern. these storms strengthening as they make their way toward our region. right now all of us under a severe thunderstorm star. no warnings at the moment. notice that line starting to get a little bit better enhanced. so i would be surprised to see some very strong storms through montgomery county, fauquier county, through culpepper copy in the next half-hour or so. you're already seeing those around the leesburg area. these storms continuing to make their way off toward the east. the strongest storms toward leesburg down to the south around the middleburg area. so watch out there. as far as the next couple days ago, things get a lot better tomorrow into the day on thursday. thursday, by the way, beautiful. the high around 80 degrees. >> thanks, doug. a soldier station in the afghanistan pulled off quite a holiday surprise for his family. it hampden at the atlanta braves game yesterday. his family was invited on to the
6:57 pm
field to watch the videotaped soldier greet. >> i can't wait to be with you again. in fact, wait one minute. >> you guessed it. the matter sergeant dave simms was right there in the stadium. later, one of his sons said he almost fainted when he saw his old man come out. mrs. simms said the last time her husband deployed, he came home in a christmas box to surprise her so she half expected that he was up to
6:58 pm
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