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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, storms throughout the washington area, heavy rain, lots of lightning. the weather led to flight delays
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and even canceled the viewing for chuck brown for a time. >> outside the storms are still making their way across our viewing area. doug's in storm center 4 with the very latest. >> watching it out there right now. the area getting hit hardest southern maryland and along the northern neck continue to see heavy rain and a lot of lightning toward calvert county. cambridge and easton will see the rain. the heaviest rain moving around st. mary's county, you're next for the heaviest of this rain. you can see around washington area light rain across much of the region through charles county and most of southern maryland. will you continue to see the rain and i think we have a chance of seeing some rain through potentially tomorrow morning. i'll show you how much rain we saw and what comes next because we've got a pretty good change in the weather. >> thanks. this weather created a little bit of tension outside the howard theater tonight where crowds gathered to say farewell
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to chuck brown. jackie benson is here with more. >> reporter: people can planned very carefully to be here tonight and when mother nature interfered with the plans it didn't go well for a little bit. frustration was front and center, some of the hundreds of people who waited in line to pay their last respects to the legendary godfather of go-go, chuck brown, at the howard theater, were told by police it was too dangerous to let them continue to stand outside as a lightning storm approached. >> as soon as we got here they closed the gates. the line was around the corner and they said due to safety, they had to stop it because it was lightning and them rails right there, if somebody was holding on and the lightning hit, so they cut it off and they were starting to rowdy. >> reporter: tensions were eventually defused and people were allowed inside. >> you had people waiting out here for a long time, people that went to work, got off work,
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kids baby-sited, you know, standing out here in the pouring rain. you have to, in my opinion you have to give them credit and you got to let them in for that. >> reporter: d.c. mayor vince gray tweeted "the public may still pay their respects to mr. brown at his memorial service thursday beginning at 11:30 a.m. at the d.c. convention center, reporting live from the howard theater northwest washington, jackie bensen, news 4. breaking news in culpeper, virginia, where a police officer was indicted on a murder charge tonight, stemming from the shooting of a woman in a church parking lot and we've just learned tois that mother was also arrested tonight. shamari stone joins us live. >> reporter: doreen this case has rocked a small town of culpeper. they have 42 police officers tonight, one is charged with murder. the grand jury came down with the four count indictment against officer daniel harmon
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wright, this is the moment gary cook waited for months for. >> i found out maybe a few months ago. >> reporter: gary cook speaks about the late breaking news regarding his wife, patricia cook. police officer wright is facing four charges, including murder. >> on one hand it feels relief, and on the other hand, it's showing me that progress is going on. >> mr. harman wright turned himself in to state police. >> reporter: the officer shot cook several times during a confrontation while she sat unarmed in her jeep in a catholic school parking lot february 9th in the morning. he originally said when cook rolled her window up on his arm, drove off and began dragging him in the parking lot. the special prosecutor termed that as a mistake. >> the terms are not ones i
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would have used. >> reporter: the officer had another hand on the door handle and another on his gun. he filed a wrongful death lawsuit a few weeks ago seeking $5 million in damages against officer wright. >> after the criminal trial then the civil trial will kick in. >> reporter: the grand jury indicted wright's mother. investigators say she was the culpeper police chief's administrative assistant when the force hired her son in 2006. >> evidence came to light concerning mrs. sullivan's role in forging public records and documents in an attempt to purge harmon wright's personnel file of negative information. >> reporter: the special prosecutor says she committed those crimes six years ago and left the force two years ago. officer harmon wright is in jail tonight and his first court appearance is on june 8th. he's being held without bond. live here in culpeper county,
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i'm shamari stone, news 4. experts from the transportation safety board of canada are now leading the investigation of a deadly midair collision in north virginia. today, u.s. investigators reveal that the two planes involved are owned by employees of the federal aviation administration and the national transportation safety board. that crash happened in southern faulkier county yesterday. two people from one of the planes died after it crash landed in a wooded area and then caught fire. the pilot in the other plane survived. he's still in the hospital tonight. there are new developments in the same-sex marriage fight in maryland. opponents of legalizing same-sex marriage say they delivered double the necessary signatures to force a referendum on the issue in november. the state now has 20 days to verify the signatures before deciding if the issue will go to the voters. gay marriage supporters say if it goes to a referendum, they believe the measure will pass. the presidential matchup is
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now officially set. mitt romney won enough delegates tonight to become the republican nominee. right now he's in las vegas, hoping to raise millions of dollars alongside donald trump. brian moore has our report. >> reporter: a win in the texas primary gives mitt romney enough delegates to clinch the republican presidential nomination. he thanked his supporters on twitter, and to prove he was eligible, he released his birth certificate. on romney's big day, republicans were revisiting the fight over president obama's birthplace. earlier, romney joked about a businessman who wanted to have the constitution rewritten to make sure presidents have business experience. >> in addition to the age of the president and the citizenship of the president, and the birthplace of the president being set by the constitution. >> reporter: romney spent his evening in a big money fund raise we are donald trump, who has rekindled the birther debate in recent days. >> you know, you're not allowed
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to be president if you're not born in the country. >> reporter: romney didn't defend trump but didn't back away either. >> i don't agree with all the people who support me. >> reporter: as newt gingrich threw his support behind romney, he didn't buy into the birther game. >> we believe that this is an american-born job-killing president. >> reporter: a big night for mitt romney and a reprieve for an old attack on president obama. though romney has the number of delegates needed for the nomination, it's not official until the convention in august. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> mitt romney's win tonight puts a renewed spotlight on one of his biggest supporters, that's virginia governor bob mcdonald. mcdonald was an early backer for romney long before it was clear the massachusetts governor would win the gop nomination. mcdonald's popularity and virginia's importance as a swing state have put him on the vice presidential short list. >> anybody who gets a call from the party's nominee and says you can help our country, help our
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party, of course you'd listen, but look, i've got the best job in america, the job held by thomas jefferson and patrick kennedy. >> reporter: mcdonald will be important to romney in the months ahead, whether he's picked as a running mate or not. one focus will be on shoring up support among conservative christians. the music world lost another legend tonight, folk musition doc watson died. an eye infection blinded watson shortly after birth but that didn't stop him from winning eight grammy awards. watson also created mehrle fest, a huge festival named after his son. doc watson was 89 years old. a metro worker is in critical condition tonight after he was hit by a train, it happened at the shady grove metro maintenance facility today. the worker was trapped under the wheel of one of the cars. rescuers had to use extensive
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equipment to lift the train to free the worker. we're told the victim has 25 years experience with metro. a northern virginia company will try to take security up a notch on the campus of virginia tech. x-7 systems integration is working on installing as many as 2,500 security cameras at the university. they've talked about a centralize centralized system again. in december, a campus police officer was shot and killed there. today the prosecution rested its case against all-star pitcher roger clemens. the government called 23 witnesses, hoping to prove that clemens lied to congress back in 2008 about his use of steroids. clemens is accused of making more than a dozen misleading statements during his testimony. the judge dismissed two of the charges because of lack of evidence. the defense is expected to take about two weeks to present its case. a former political aide to
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governor bob ehrlich will have to pay the state $1 million. the judge ordered julius henson to pay for violating telecommunications protection laws. he was convicted in a robo scheme that attempted to keep black voters away from the polls. maryland's largest casino will open its doors to the public in a little more than a week now. it's called maryland live and it is the size of three football fields and will start off with 3,200 slot machines. it will include restaurants such as phillip's seafood and cheesecake factory. later it will add a music venue, steakhouse and another 1,500 electronic games. it will open next wednesday at 10:00 at night. tomorrow the youngest person ever to compete in the scripps national spelling bee will find out if she moves forward. lori anne madison is just 6 years old. she's from woodbridge, virginia.
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her mother says she was reading by the age of 2. the spelling bee started with a computer test today and results will be announced tomorrow. the semifinals and finals will be held on thursday at national harbor. >> hip, hip -- >> hooray. >> hip, hip -- >> hooray! >> one of the best traditions you'll see, hats tossed in the air in annapolis as the naval academy graduated its class of 2012. 1,099 mid shipmen were as ensigns in the navy or second lieutenants in the marine corps. today's ceremony included a fly over by the navy's blue angels. defense secretary leanne panetta delivered the commencement address at memorial stadium, and i got to say, congratulations to brit campbell, my nephew, who graduated today. a young girl survives a frightening fall when a rock climbing wall's harness fails. facebook slump on wall
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street reached $25 billion. plus why an earthquake in italy could
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concern over facebook keeps growing tonight as the stock took a major dive today. facebook stock lost 10% of its value. it closed below $29 a share. facebook debuted on the nasdaq exchange only two weeks ago at $38 a share. with its latest drop the
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company's value is now down from $104 million to $79 billion. a child is recovering from this frightening fall caught on camera, and the 11-year-old girl dropped nearly 20 feet and hit the ground after reaching the stop of a rock climbing wall, it happened saturday during the marlins/braves game in miami, that was right at the stadium. the safety harness that was supposed to catch her was apparently broken. she is expected to make a full recovery. >> all i was thinking is, because you see that, and i'm just thinking, be alive, be alive, be alive, that was all that was in my head, be alive. >> it's heart-wrenching to know she went through that and had that impact and just 20 feet up in the air, your worst nightmare. >> the marlins released a statement wishing emily well and the team is investigating the cause of the accident. a deadly earthquake in northern italy today also dealt a serious blow to that country's balsamic vinegar industry. it was a 5.8 magnitude quake that killed at least 15 people,
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and levelled some buildings. it also hit hard in a section of the country known for its agricultural products. officials say companies lost $18 million worth of balsamic vinegar, which can go for as much as $1,900 a liter. another recent earthquake in that region did major damage to the production of parmesan cheese. excessive heat and humidity forced schools in philadelphia to close early today. many buildings don't have air conditioning so school administrators were concerned the heat would make students or staff sick. the camden, new jersey, school system also sent students home early today. doug, are we done with storms? >> just about. i think most of us are going to be done with the storms. you'll go to bed tonight and not going to hear mother nature too much except in the way of shower activity outside your window. out there we'll show you what's happening or out towards the airport right now, a fairly quiet night, still seeing some light showers or some sprinkles around town so don't be surprised if you're getting out
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to take that last walk or last dog walk around the area. you are going to need the umbrella. storm 4 radar shows you the biggest storms toward southern portions of calvert county, leonard town, st. mary's county and toward the eastern shore, we're saying fairly heavy rain, thunder and lightning and back toward the west still seeing some lighter rain that's coming through the area and through fairfax county, rain around montgomery county, airport and down toward the district and prince georges county and towards anarundel. strongest through 301, around allen's fresh and bigger rains across the potomac in towards the county, leonard town, pours off to the east, around clark's landing, and tin top hill and red gate, there is more rain to come. st. mary's county you were the last to see the rain, around the
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california area, just to the north and west of lexington park. how much rain did we see? we need to see some rain out here, many areas have been very dry with the exception of northern prince william in northern faulk, they've seen a ton of rain over the last couple of days and another flash flood warning in effect, saw nearly two inches of rain again today, this area does not need to see any more rain but where we need to see it around washington close to an inch of rain in parts of the area, fairfax county to the north and west around leesburg and frederick county over two inches of rain fell today with heavy thunderstorms that made their way on through. the wider view showing that first boundary making its way towards the east and back to the west, here is our cold front, this cold front will swing through, we could still see some shower activity from this, mostly around the pennsylvania or rather the west virginia panhandle and into portions of maryland, but i'm not expecting a whole lot more in the way of rain overnight tonight. could still be some wet roadways when you get up in the morning. high temperature today 91 degrees, after a low of 72, that
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72 is the current temperature out there, at the airport, we officially picked up about a half an inch of rain today. temperatures sitting at 72 degrees, winds are calm, dew point 69, so the humidity is up there. we could see some fog developing overnight tonight. 70 degrees currently in martinsburg and culpeppeper and mannasas. 72 in fredericksburg. they're not going down too far. look at the high temperatures today across our region. 91 here. 92 in philly. back to the west, 83 in pittsburgh and 85 in columbus. that's the air that's coming in behind this cold front tomorrow and into the day on thursday, looking pretty nice. mostly cloudy early tomorrow morning with rain showers most likely down to the south and east, in through southern maryland. you have the best chance of seeing some rain tomorrow. you may need the umbrella as you step out. most of us should be okay. clearing skies tomorrow afternoon, cooler and less humid, high temperature into the 80s. look at thursday, just beautiful, 80 degrees, plenty of
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sunshine with low humidity and another area of rain comes in most likely late friday into friday night that could give us a little bit of a wet start on saturday but right now the weekend looking okay. friday night's rain could also be on the heavy side. an incredible collection of icons honored at the white house with the highest civilian honor. in sports, harper is still hot, and so are the marlins. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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what's up with the nationals and the marlins? they're not all that good, are they? >> only two of the best teams in baseball this year, vince. >> they are the better team these days. >> last couple of nights you're exactly right. the nationals have been one of the best teams in baseball the entire season but this month the marlins have been the best team in baseball. 20-8 since may 1st and tonight they stayed hot against the naty. corey brown playing left field making his first start for the nationals. top five, no score. ian desmond on third with one out, brown lays down the suicide squeeze and desmond scores. nationals take a 1-0 lead on brown's first career rbi. bryce harper with the eight-game hitting streak, 0 for 2 to this point, not anymore. deep to right center, this one will stay inside the park. trouble in the outfield there, they're not sure what's going on.
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harper gets in to third, his fourth triple of the year, tied for second in major league baseball. hit streak now at nine games. bottom seven, jackson in the game facing dobbs with a man on third, the fly ball to left, this is cory brown the new guy camping out underneath it and coming home. the arm not quite strong enough, chris coughlin tags to beat the throw and the marlins win 3-1. adam jones riding that 19-game hitting streak entering tonight's contest with the blue jays, a great way to extend that streak? how about a home run in your very first at-bat? solo shot his 15th of the year, that hitting streak now at 20 games. fast forward to the fifth, j's up 8-1. check out the catcher, irate with the home plate umpire, tells him "you're terrible" and weitteres, normally mild
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mannered is tossed from the game. jones again, may i have another, sir. number 16 on the season, but it's not enough as the orioles fall to the j's, 8-6 is the final. one more baseball note, nationals outfielder michael morris making a rehab start with the potomac nationals. he was 0 for 1 with a strikeout. the game was called because of rain. nba, game two of the western conference finals will likely wind up the same way as game one. the only difference the spurs looked better than they did the first time around. san antonio on its way to taking a 2-0 lead in the series and extending their record-setting winning streak to 20 games. apparently doing this will get you an appearance at theate center and this guy had some skills out there when you listened to him. late second quarter, spurs up by nine. duncan he still has it, and san antonio up by 11 at the break. third quarter, crazy play here,
11:28 pm
duncan falling down, gets the ball to parker, who ginobuli with the fake back to parker. >> oh, my. >> is he wide open? >> better be. that's the hardest shot. >> right now, late in the fourth quarter the spurs up 99-93, so kevin durant and the oklahoma city thunder are closing in just a little bit but the spurs look great. david aldridge tweeted, local guy covering the nba for 25 years says they are passing better than any team, the spurs than he has seen in the time he's covered the league. [ mechanical humming ]
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political icons, cultural icons, some of the best our country has to offer, today president obama honored 13 people with the medal of freedom. among the recipients, former secretary of state madeleine albright, singer/song writer bob dylan, astronaut john glenn, and author toni
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "snow white and the huntsman," kristen stewart, from "american idol," randy jackson,


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