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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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national spotlight at the spelling bee. >> a man slips through airport security and manages to get on a plane without a ticket. free-falling. a girl's harness doesn't work as she falls from a climbing wall. good afternoon, everyone. i'm barbara harrison in for jim handly. >> we begin with the spelling bee. there are ten local children of the 278 spellers from around the country. >> the most high profile of the spellers is 6-year-old laurie ann madison from woodbridge, virginia. she is the youngest child ever to compete in the spelling bee. >> her first word this morning was deridgible. >> it is an adjective. it means steerable. as in this cafeteria tray doesn't mean for the most deridgible shred, she said after she crashed into her friends and sent them. >> d-e-r-i-d-g-i-b-l-e.
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>> as you can hear, lori has the backing of the entire crowd. down at the national harbor, these students spend all year getting ready for this big event. we caught one 8-year-old shahir from baltimore. >> i didn't feel that nervous. i asked the questions and then i said the spelling. c-a-p-r-i-c-o-i-u-s-. >> did you feel pretty good about it? >> yeah. >> is it a big relief once you're done? >> yeah. >> it is? >> if they say if it is correct, then it is relieving. >> and only if they say it's correct. news4's erica gonzalez spent the entire day spelling. we'll find out which 50 spellers make the semifinals coming up at 5:45. someone amid romney's campaign could take a lesson from those young spellers. take a look at the new i'm with
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mitt iphone app. it is supposed to say a better america. but the name of our country is misspelled. the stumble comes at a moment when romney should be gathering speed for a long and grueling battle with president obama in the general electric. today the president called romney to congratulate him on securing the nomination. now it's on to the next phase. steve handelsman has that story. >> reporter: mitt romney played it low key last night when he pledged the gop nomination. and made clear today on fox the next phase will be tough. >> not a lot of people have focused time on the characteristics of a new candidate like myself. >> reporter: they will now and mitt hopes his wife ann can help. >> when i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, both of us just dissolved in tears. >> this is the new romney ad. >> as long as it is not something fatal, i'm fine.
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i'm happy in life as long as i have my soul mate with me. >> reporter: romney looks presidential and he's made a comeback, up 13 points in the new abc poll. the multimillionaire can seem out of touch with the middle class. he meets tonight with hewlett-packard's ceo days after she announced 27,000 layoffs. job losses blamed on romney's company bain will figure in more attack ads. >> the cement has not hardened yet on the public's attitude toward who mitt romney is and what he wants to do which is why the obama xanl comes in and trying to draw some graffiti in that sidewalk. >> reporter: this next phase will be easier for the president. he can take action to impress voters. today, signing a bill to help u.s. companies sell more overseas and hire more workers at home. but incumbents have records. >> obama invested our tax dollars in solyndra, lost half a
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billion. >> reporter: the president's record will come under more attack now. and going into this new phase, team romney is outspending team obama on advertising $45-39 million. news4. new video is surfacing from the earthquake that killed 17 people in northern italy yesterday. the italian fire department just released video of the rescue of a 65-year-old woman. she was trapped beneath the rubble of her apartment building. rescue workers dug with their hands to reach her. the building has been vacant since a previous earthquake. that was may 20th. but the woman went back inside yesterday morning to retrieve some clothing. that's when the magnitude 5.8 quake hit. a piece of furniture saved the woman from being crushed when the building collapsed. a pennsylvania judge ruled today that he will not delay the trial of former penn state coach jerry sandusky. it is scheduled to start next
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tuesday. >> reporter: the trial of former penn state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky remains on the fast track with jury selection set to begin on tuesday. the judge denying all motions by the defense for a continuance. in a pretrial hearing, attorneys ask for some of the charges to be thrown out. sandusky, arrested in late 2011 was charged with 52 counts of child sexual abuse involving ten boys over a 15-year period. many of the accusers were part of the second mile. a charity for at risk children that sandusky founded. some of the prosecution's strongest evidence is from the accusers themselves. as well as from eyewitnesses who say they saw sandusky abusing boys in showers on the penn state campus. sandusky denies the allegations and remains on house arrest, awaiting his day in court. now less than one week away.
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the judge is also considering the impact of intense media coverage on this case. several of the alleged victims have asked that their names be kept private. brian moore, nbc news, bell font, pennsylvania. this afternoon the judge in the john edwards trial held a closed door meeting with attorneys. jurors are wraupg their eighth day of deliberations in the campaign finance trial. they're scheduled to work an extra 30 minutes today and tomorrow in an effort to reach a verdict. edwards arrived in greensboro, north carolina, this morning, with his parents and his daughter. the form he presidential candidate is accused of using donated money to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 campaign. the severe storms have moved away and has left us with some cooler temperatures out there. >> storm 4 meteorologist veronica has the latest. >> that's right. some cooler conditions across the area. cooler air and less humid air has moved in. in fact, we've got a five-degree
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difference in the temperature from yesterday to today and that has made a world of difference along with the lower temperatures. check out our satellite and radar. you can see where the back edge of the clouds are along front royal. these are some high clouds. we'll have clearer skies in the evening toward the night. shaw and germantown, 81 degrees. late objectsville at-up. some slightly higher temperatures to the south. charlottesville at 84. wind more out of the southeast. your cooler readings are right there near the coast. annapolis at 77. very, very comfortable degrees. so your forecast then, we'll see our temperature drop from around 80 degrees to the upper 70s by 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. and what few clouds we have, those will continue to move out
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of the area. sunsets today at 8:26. your fast forecast then, continued clearing this evening. more comfortable air coming our way tomorrow. folks, we're not done with the storms. i'll show you where there are some big time storms taking place today. which way they're headed and what that mean for us coming up. >> thanks, veronica. fans and family will pay their last respects tomorrow to the late chuck brown. the memorial for the music legend will be held at the washington convention center. it begins at noon. donnie simpson will host the ceremony and there will be special performances by the chuck brown band, sugar bear, maysa, james funk and more. you can also watch the service live tomorrow starting at noon tomorrow on nbc washington nonstop. comcast channel 208. verizon 460.
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the washington wizards hope their lucky charms will work for tonight's draft lottery. they have the second best chance of landing the first overall pick. a 19.9% chance. the worst they'll pick is fifth. the owner ted leonsis son will be in. and paris hilton is back in the dating game. >> jessica simpson shows off pictures of her brand new baby girl. a child saved up for a dream vacation and then did something very generous. plus, a massive security breach. a guy slips through security and
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the first photos are out of jessica simpson's new baby, maxwell drew johnson. >> "people" magazine scored the first picks as well as interview with simpson and her fiance. former nfl player johnson.
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the report on the debut of little maxi. >> reporter: it's a brand new side of jessica simpson. mother, exclusive photos in the new issue of "people" magazine provide the world's first look at maxwell drew johnson. the baby girl almost 10 pounds at birth is shown sleeping in mom's arms as dad eric johnson, simpson's fiance, looks on adoringly. >> jessica simpson is absolutely achieved domestic bliss. the bliss that she sought for so many years. >> reporter: simpson first announced her pregnancy on twitter last halloween. soon after the excited mother to be bared all on the cover of elle magazine. though engaged to johnson, a yale grad and former nfl player since 2010, simpson said marriage would come after the baby carriage. >> i want him to be my husband so bad. so i didn't, i do still want to wear the pretty gown and everything. and i have to wait until after the baby. >> all right.
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>> and now she'll just be in the wedding. >> reporter: simpson rose to fame first for her voice and later as a reality housewife to husband and former boy band member nick la shea. >> i know it's tuna but it says chicken by the sea. >> reporter: but their fairytale soon ended after the couple split in 2006, simpson had a string of failed relationships. romance wasn't her only struggle. she also publicly battled her weight. slimming down to play daisy duke in the dukes of hazard. >> y'all ready to order? >> reporter: but now the singer and actress is a fashion icon. a judge on nbc's fashion star. >> i know how to style the everyday woman. >> reporter: with the clothing and accessories line worth an estimated billion dollars. >> jessica simpson's life has come full circle. this is a woman who started off as a pop star. then a reality star. now she is a business mogul. she has a fiance and a baby. the girl really has it all. >> and a beautiful baby at that.
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>> beautiful. in the "people" magazine article, simpson confirms that she'll be working with weight watchers to lose all that extra baby fat. >> she reportedly earned $800,000 for the photos of the baby but neither "people" magazine nor simpson's representative would confirm that. reality tv star paris hilton is reportedly back on the market. according to radar online, her boyfriend recently dumped her. the two have been dating about six months. the source told the site even though he had moved her her beverly hills mansion, he was not for anything serious. however, at the age of 31, she is reportedly ready to settle down. a music album he hem her produce is expected out later this year. they are the new generation of the british invasion. we're talking about the boys of one direction. it is one of the hottest groups in pop music right now. >> their names are louis, harry, nile and zane them sat down with
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jena bush to talk about their new found fame. >> of all of the british bands, you're the only one, and we're talking rolling stones, beatles, you're the only ones to debut number one in the u.s. just a smile? >> insane. >> it's mental. >> i think it's strange having that comparison when you think those bands didn't do that and they are such huge icons, for us to be able to do something that hasn't been done before is a massive achievement. it's amazing. >> one direction's tour is sold out through 2013. they say they're comfortable with the boy band label but they don't dance. a 9-year-old boy from massachusetts has given the family of a fallen soldier a free trip to disney world. >> as the reporter explains, it all started with a toy soldier. >> we heard about the guy, how he traded a red paper clip up until he got a house. and we wanted to do something.
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>> reporter: a soldier, for a soldier. back in february, 9-year-old kingston boy brennan wanted to trade for a trip to disney world. he started for a toy soldier. it got bigger and better until he met his goal. tickets to disney world including airfare, a stay at the disney villas and almost $900 in disneyland certificates. >> i think it would make them a lot happier. >> reporter: the family of a fallen soldier chosen randomly from this hat on this memorial day weekend. >> people posted that they had lost some family members in the war and we made some, put them in the raffle. >> reporter: and finally, the big reveal. >> liberty hope steele. timothy steele's family, ducksbury, a few towns over. >> it is interesting and touching that somebody so close to home.
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we had people from wisconsin, arizona, texas, illinois, all over the united states. >> reporter: then it was time for a drive to the family of first lieutenant timothy steele. the gift, a reminder of the nation's gratitude. >> it is memorial day. so we're fragile. >> reporter: steele was killed last august in afghanistan. he was 25 years old. >> tim was pretty special to us. he knew what he wanted to do. at a very young age. >> reporter: the soldier leaving behind a wife and a 2-year-old daughter named liberty hope. now these two families are connected by a single toy soldier. >> i bet tim wished he knew howed to that a long time ago. >> little people can do a lot of thing if they put their mind to it. sorry, he's not little. >> i'm be little. >> brandon says he was very surprised at how quickly co-make all that happen. >> what a generous heart that
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little guy has. coming up, a child falls down a climbing wall and her father is left to watch in horror. one state is dealing with a lot of creepy crawlers. >> look at that! and for all your news, follow news4 online. sear
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we haven't had a lot of sun to see today but at least it's calmer than last night. >> a tomorrowy one for sure for us. today we're peeling back the clouds. we've gone from hot and steamy yesterday to warm and a bit humid across the area. there's some of the vail of the high clouds we've got left across the area with our temperature at 81 degrees. yesterday's dew point at this time was 65. i know that doesn't sound like much but it is when you've got those higher temperatures throughout the area. wind now out of the south at seven miles per hour. some sunshine coming to us. we'll see the skies clear overnight. by tomorrow morning, we'll be starting in the 60s with sunshine. sunsets today at 8:26. it will be pretty nice when it come up tomorrow. as far as what has been going on
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down in the carolinas, they've had severe weather. do you know what's been left of beryl, that storm system near the coast of the outer banks. this happened around 11:00. the latest is 67 homes reported damage. for us, we've been seeing the last of the moisture make its way eastward. look at that circulation. that area of low pressure, what is left of beryl as it reorganizes. it not forecast to track up the coast but instead, out over the water. it should be no problems whatsoever for us. we're seeing the northern most edge of that moisture hitting areas around areas of southeastern virginia. so there's the area we're talking about with the bigger area. right around hatteras, too. no day at the beach at all. they've gotten about four inches of rain over the last 24 hours. look at the dew point temperature. it is at 60.
4:24 pm
yesterday it was at 65. by friday we'll see it jump back up. by friday we're talking about storms around the area, too. the risk of storm with the next weather system. by thursday we'll see this area into the tennessee valley. south of raleigh, north carolina. areas around charleston, south carolina. even atlanta, georgia, could be looking at some storms. we see things warm up with yet another weather system moving through. one day tomorrow that we're at, really nice, comfortable conditions around here with a lot of this. a lot of sunshine. this high pressure moves back in briefly. then in another weather front and you can see where we'll be by 4:00 friday. right there with some storms to the west. bigger storms out in the ohio valley. areas around west virginia and down around western areas of virginia. so those storms may be coming in
4:25 pm
a little late on friday but nonetheless, it is looking stormy. for your evening, mostly clear, more comfortable. 79 to 84 degrees with that southerly wind, light, clear and cool for tomorrow. nice 56 to 64. a look at your afternoon. 80 to 84 degrees. it will be absolutely beautiful tomorrow. and feeling very, very nice. 80 for friday, again, 60% that we will have some storms around the area. and right now, the possibility of severe storms at that. the weekend back to nice 76 for saturday. 79 degrees expected on sunday. much cooler conditions for a weekend. and right now, quiet. i'm loving that. i've got a lot of yardwork to get out and do. >> all this rain. >> the grass is really growing. >> we're going to talk about the most, you will not believe what it stands at today. >> thanks a lot. still to come at 4:00, how a man managed to sneak through security and on to a plane.
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>> plus, it is one of a kind of will elvis f
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welcome back. >> today a judge denied a request from jerry sandusky's lawyer to delay the trial. the judge said no date is perfect and starting next tuesday is best for the zpeft the alleged victims. the former penn state assistant coach is charged with 52 counts of sexually abusing ten boys between 1994 and 1998. president obama called mitt romney today to congratulate him for locking up the republican presidential nomination last night. a senior romney adviser told nbc news, the call was brief but
4:30 pm
cordial. the aide says romney thanked the president and wished mr. obama and his family well. the scripps national spelling bee continues at maryland's national harbor. about a dozen children are competing from the area including ann madison. at 6 years old, she is the yichkt speller in the history of the bee. the semifinals are tomorrow morning followed by the final round tomorrow night. wall street stocks wiped out. the dow jones average fell 161 points. the nasdaq end the day 19 points lower. here's a story that has folks asking what if. a man released from prison on memorial day was able to slip through an airport emergency door in san diego and board a plane without a ticket. >> police say the guy was trying to get back home to alaska and probably meant no harm.
4:31 pm
but as tony shin reports, the incident has revealed a big hole in that airport's security. >> reporter: how does someone just waltz into the airport through a secure area and board an aircraft? >> nicholas is talking about the man who boarded this united airplane. a man who nicholas described as scruffy looking and carrying a burlap duffle bag. >> we thought he was just someone who was on the wrong plane. it seemed simple. it seemed like a mistake. >> reporter: nicholas says a few minutes after boarding, a flight attendant realized the man didn't have a ticket. he was immediately escorted off. >> then they say we'll have to have everyone come off the aircraft. we'll have to go through search, do bomb sniffing dogs. >> reporter: the police say the man, a recently released prisoner walk through this emergency fire door at the terminal which leads directly to the tarmac. >> this is the first time something like this has happened. in my 23 years. >> reporter: the lieutenant james jordan says the door alarm
4:32 pm
sounded and security followed the man through surveillance cameras. as officers headed to the tarmac. >> when the subject went through the door, he just blended in with the people already. >> reporter: by the time the officers got there, he was already sitting in a seat with a duffle bag which was later found to only have some wet clothes. >> what if this guy was a terrorist? >> reporter: that's why he says this is the hole in security that needs to be fixed immediately. >> what if the guy decided not to go in the aircraft but just decided to put something in the aircraft and walk away. there is so many what ifs. >> that was tony shin reporting. the flight attendant discovered the man was on board because the passenger count was wrong. the man is now back in jail and faces trespassing and other rnlgs cha. pope benedict is speaking out about the scandal. the pontiff accused journalists of presenting a false image of
4:33 pm
the holy. one of the pope's butlers is under arrest for leaking confidential documents to the press. the pope said the recent events caused him sadness but he still has full trust in the vatican aides allegedly involved in the scandal. the diehard elvis fans have a chance to own the crypt where the king of rock 'n' roll was buried. elvis was originally buried in the crypt inside this mausoleum at the forest hill cemetery in memphis. the crypt is now up for automatic at julian's auction house in beverly hills. the bidding start at $100,000. >> we've never sold a crypt before so his crypt will be the first. we anticipate people will be dying to get into it. >> elvis was buried at forest hills cemetery for two months before his body was moved to graceland. and there's more to come on news4 at 4:00. one state is dealing with a nasty invasion. >> plus, a dog's rescue tale after a trip out on the water.
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central and western utah are being invade by millions of crickets. officials say this is the worst cricket invasion since the 1940s. they're estimating farmers could lose $25 million in damaged crops. wildlife experts are trying to find out ways to get rid of some of them. talk about a lucky dog. a little mutt in chicago has
4:38 pm
been on an adventure the past few days. tiny tank was enjoying the river with his family on monday when he accidentally slid off the back of the family's boat. for thatly he knew how to doggie paddle until a woman found him and took her home with her. she contacted the news and they are reunited and doing just fine. a special delivery in chicago on memorial day. the city's shedt aquarium welcome ad new dolphin calf on monday. mom and baby can be seen swimming side by side in the new aquarium exhibit. they said the next few months will be critical in the calf's month as it begins to nurse and then feed on its own. >> they're born pretty big, aren't they? with half the size of his mom. >> looks that way. and born knowing how to swim. >> amazing. when news4 at 4:00 returns, a celebration fit for the queen. [ mosquitoes buzzing ]
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facebook stock tanked again. late trading. the stock dropped 65 cents$65 c share to close at 28.19. the drop this week means mark zuckerberg is no longer on the list of 40 richest people in the world. bloomberg reports his fortune fell by $1.5 billion yesterday alone. the 28-year-old is still worth though a reported $14 billion. he's still pretty rich. >> he is still doing just fine. >> i bet he felt that. at least he could feel it on paper. >> and we're feeling a little more comfortable today? >> right. a little more comfortable. there are probably a few people out there who have the scratchy itchy throat. maybe they're coughing, wheezing, maybe the irritated eyes. that's because of all the rain
4:43 pm
we've had lately. it has really taken the mold spore count sky high. today it is at 31,269. our information, courtesy of walter reid center. the grass pollen is moderate. we've gotten a lot of rain. three to six inches in some places. rockville, maryland got hit hard yet with the storms and almost two inches of rain. i know we want to cut the faucet off, right? we'll have one day of fairly quiet conditions tomorrow. pretty nice in fact with low humidity. then we're back in with storms on friday. there's a look at our satellite loop. the radar, too, where all that rain. that's what is left of beryl making its way north eastward off the coastal it will be moving away. another cold front will be barrelling in by friday. especially friday afternoon and evening. you can see the clear skies. a few puffy clouds there blowing up on the mountain. for us again, clear and some pretty nice conditions coming
4:44 pm
our way for thursday. a lot of sunshine throughout the area. the white, that's the clouds. there might be a few high clouds to the south around waldorf and cambridge area. then watch what happens as we make our way through friday. we've got more moisture. it will start moving in. a partly sunny day. maybe some early morning showers coming through, too. for us probably around mid morning, late morning. that will be with the warm front hooked up with this waem stet. then the cold front. look at the showers and storms west by 4:00 outside of maryland. again, a couple days out already so timing will be monitoring this for you very carefully. because for much of the mid-atlantic, it could be storming. some airport delays. a lot of locations for raleigh northward. as far as our evening goes, we clear out. it will be nice and starry and pretty comfortable. sfuf at 11:00 p.m. 60s, 60 to 65 degrees by tomorrow morning. the sun is up at 5:45. take a look at some other locations.
4:45 pm
mound airy, leesburg, 56 to 57 degrees. starting at 61 in la plata. we've been in the low 80s today and much more comfortable conditions coming our way for tomorrow. then friday, the humidity with the storms coming back in. showers and storms pretty likely. isolated severe weather throughout the area and then we're back quiet for the weekend. nice and breezy. 76 your high, to 79, close to 80 on sunday. for the early part of next week, we get into the unsettled pattern. with the clouds around and the east to northeasterly wind, cooler temperature with a chance of showers and storms. so the beginning of next week not too good. the weekend, looking okay. >> good. thank you. saturday will mark the 60th anniversary of the coronation of
4:46 pm
queen elizabeth. >> the celebration of her diamond jubilee has already started. michelle kosinski has the latest. >> reporter: while britain busies itself making itself as busy as it possibly can. decorating the streets, themselves. the queen has been enjoying the outdoors. tis the scene for the garden party. a rare look at that other side of the palace where sometimes it looks like more hats than people. and there's catherine making her first appearance at a palace garnet party. charming everyone. the jubilee is for everyone to honor the queen in their own way. >> i have a crown icon. i've connected that with rose quartz and pearls. pearls obviously represent royalty through the ages. >> reporter: this zoo named itself camel elizabeth. there's a accordingy themed decanter. and a hol graphic portrait of
4:47 pm
the queen. her eyes seem to follow you about the room. >> it is quite flattering in a way to be, to have one's movements watched so closely by her majesty. >> reporter: in a few days, the world's eyes will be on her magnificent reign and her country brimming over with pride. one thing we notice is how much fun the royal family seem to be having at these events. people say they've never seen the queen talk so animatedly to people. in three years time, queen elizabeth will be britain's longest reigning monarch ever. back to you. coming up on news4, new details revealed about bacteria that works at work. and we'll tell but the dirtiest spots at the office will plus the latest on the spacex. i'm wendy rieger. coming up, a surprise twist as a
4:48 pm
local man wanted for murder accidentally turns himself in. more than 30 years after the crime. a family forced to get a restraining order against their neighbor. they say it is still not enough. later tonight on news4 at 6:00, we'll tell but plans in the works for a chuck brown day. i woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit
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the williams sisters are out of french open after just the first few days. venus williams lost her second round match today in straight sets. she is a seven-time grand slam champion. her sister serena was knocked out of first round yesterday. women win the battle of the sexes when it comes to germs around the workplace. >> a new study examined 90 different offices in three major cities. researchers found that offices occupied by men had three time more bacteria than offices occupied by women.
4:52 pm
experts say this is probably because men tend to wash their hands and brush their teeth less often. chairs and phones were the germiest. surprisingly, key boards, computers and the computer mouse had a lot less. the first commercial spacecraft visit at the international space station is set to make its return to earth. the spacex dragon capsule is scheduled to release from the iss after 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it will splash down off the southern california coast a few hours later. the capsule brought 1,000 pounds of food and clothing to the astronauts aboard the space station. on its return, it will bring back about 1,400 pounds of cargo. is that trash? >> or whichever. it depends. still ahead, at 4:00, a father watches his daughter fall from a climbing wall and he videotapes the entire ordeal. hear from the girl and her father next.
4:53 pm
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guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. par laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. this is a terribly difficult video for a parent to watch. a father capturing his
4:56 pm
11-year-old daughter while she scaled a rock climbing wall at a baseball game only to have something go wrong at the top that send her 18 feet to the concrete below. nbc's mark potter reports. >> reporter: with her family close by her side, 11-year-old emily davis is doing a lot better now than after her horrible fall over the memorial day weekend. where her father feared she might have been killed. >> be alive, be alive, be alive. ything else we can take care of from there. >> reporter: the accident occurred during a family trip to the miami marlins baseball park. >> see how far up she is. >> reporter: at the end of the game, emily was the first to scale a rock climbing wall set up for kids. but as seen on a video shot by her dad, when she got to the top of the wall, her safety harness failed and she fell about 18 feet heading her head on the concrete below. >> i started coming down and the cable snapped and i fell on my back. >> reporter: what do you remember about that fall?
4:57 pm
>> all he remember is just seeing like everything kind of fall. as i was and then i blacked out. >> her father rushed to her side feeling for a heartbeat or other signs of life which he finally heard. >> about that time, that's when she started gurgling and moaning and these beautiful noises. >> reporter: at the hope's children hospital in miami, emily was found to have a concussion and serious bruising but no broken bones or internal organ damage. for a while though, she had to wear a neck brace which she hated. >> it was kind of like a dog with those cones over their head. it was uncomfortable. >> reporter: the miami marlins issued a statement saying they immediately closed the climbing wall after the accident which is under investigation. they also said, the marlins will continue to prioritize safety for all activities taking place at marlins park. we wish her well in her continued recovery. the vendor the marlins said they hired to operate the rock
4:58 pm
climbing wall could not comment when contacted by nbc news. meanwhile, emily has some tongue in cheek advice about climbing walls. >> just make sure that several people have gone before you before all of a sudden you go. >> emily is now slowly. her parents are considering legal action. her father warns other parents to be careful with climbing walls and to check out the safety equipment before the kids are allowed to play there. at 5:00, a baby sitter in northern virginia in trouble for what happened to the kids. >> off the top, a baby sitter busted on child neglect charges after three of the kids she was watching wandered away. >> plus, new details about a mid-air collision over fauquier county. what canadian investigators now say about the victims and the sole survivor. college students buried in debt. a new report finds their own school could be making the problems much worse. >> good evening. welcome to news4 at 5:00. i'm pat lawson muse.
4:59 pm
>> jim handly has the night off. a baby sitter is facing charges after letting three young boys whom she was supposed to be watching, wander off. one of the kids turned up at a taco bell a mile away. darcy spencer spoke with the worker who found him. she is live in stafford with the details. >> reporter: yeah, the general manager was working this drive-through window saturday afternoon when she spotted that little boy outside. he was hot. he was sweateding. he was crying. he said that he was lost. she took him inside and called police and police found out that he was with two younger boys and they wandered away after the baby sitter said they could go outside and play. >> the only thing he could keep saying was i'm going to be in so much trouble. he was a very, very precious little boy. >> reporter: she was working the drive-through window at taco bell on washon road in stafford saturday afternoon when she saw a 7-year-old boy who appeared


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