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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 30, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and spoke to him and asked him if he was okay. and he said no, i'm lost. and he was crying. that's when i went outside to go get him and bring him in. >> reporter: she said she tried to calm him down while waiting for the sheriff's deputies to arrive. >> he was sweating terribly. it was so hot. 90 something degrees. i got him some ice water and set him down and tried to find out a little about him but he was very, very nervous and he was tired. >> reporter: when police responded to the taco bell, the boy told them he had wandered away from an apartment on cynthia's place about a mile away with two other boys. 4 and 6-year-old brothers. they had gotten separated. they were being watched by this woman, 22 years old, a baby sitter. >> she allowed them to go out. >> apparently she said they could go play outside. the difficulty was they were not supervised so they left the area. i'm sure once they left the area they got lost. >> reporter: they found the boys in a field. they drove them around until one of them pointed to the apartment
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complex. they were all eventually reunited with their parents. authorities saying all three children were found in dangerous areas. this taco bell sits right next to a four-lane highway. the two younger boys were found in a grassy area right next to a water retention pond. harmon has been charged with three counts of felony child neglect. >> it is about responsibility and being responsible for your kids and other people's kids as well when you have them in your custody or care. >> reporter: the baby sitter told authorities that the kids had only been outside for maybe 15 minutes, but police are disputing that story. they say that from the time that the 7-year-old boy he saided up here at the taco bell to where they found the apartment complex where they had wantedered away from it, at least 20 minutes had passed so it is unclear how much time had transpired. police are saying the baby sitter was arrested on these very serious charges and being held without bond. darcy spencer, news4. a janitor at a prince
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william county elementary school is facing an assault charge. a 7-year-old boy told police that ross attacked him last friday at enterprise elementary in wood bridge. tend janitor pinned him against the bulletin board with a cart, pushed him and walked away. the police say the attack was unprovoked. the child was not hurt. the 59-year-old janitor has worked for the school contraddi for nearly 20 years. a culpeper police officer is charged with killing a woman outside a school lot and the officer's mother is also in trouble. >> reporter: daniel harmon-wright. a 32-year-old culpeper police officer charged with murder. he was on duty at the time. the victim, 54-year-old patricia cook shot and killed as she sat in the driver's seat of her jeep in the parking lot of a catholic school in culpeper. she was unarmed.
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gary cook, the victim's husband, reacted to the charges last night. >> it is showing me that progress is going on. that the system does work. >> reporter: this murder case involving a culpeper cop, front page news. the talk of the town. >> a woman lost a life fortune no reason at all. >> on main street. >> not something that we would ever associate with being part of culpeper. >> at the bakery. >> i think it has affected the town pretty well, pretty much. >> reporter: in the wrong way. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: flowers and notes of sympathy remain at the scene. people have not forgotten what that here in february. now at the time, police say officer wright was investigating the report of a suspicious person. police said mrs. cook tried to roll up the car window in wright's arm and that he opened fire. witnesses say it never happened that way at all. they stay cop shot her at close
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range as she tried to leave the lot. in an unusual twist on this already bizarre case, bethany sullivan wright's mother is charged with forgery. you see, she was theed a administrative assistant to the culpeper police chief and it is alleged she purged negative information from her son's record. it has been over three months and there's still troubling questions here. why was patricia cook in the lot in the first place? and why did officer wright feel the need to pull his gun? and fire shots? and what was it about his past that his mother was trying so hard to hide? maybe some answers as this case moves forward in the courts. in culpeper, i'm mat collins. news4. it is a beautiful day after the rain moved out and it took the heat with it. and tropical whatever, beryl continues to make its way up north spotting a tornado in
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north carolina. >> that's the thing about this storm. first the storm, then the depression. now it is being classified as post tropical cyclone beryl. it is back to tropical storm strength. it is no longer tropical. that's why they call it post tropical and now a tropical cyclone instead of a tropical storm. no worries as far as that's concerned for us by it is moving off to the north and east. into open waters could strengthen a little bit but no more land will be affected once it moves into the ocean. down along the outer banks, big time rain. four to eight inches of rain. and then right around buford. we have this video of a tornado that came through that area. take a look at this. tornado damage around that area. we do have reports of 67 home damaged from this. and you can see an extreme amount of trees also damaged from this tornado. not should you are how big this
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tornado was but maybe an yeef 1 or an ef-2 storm. we'll have more on that coming up in the next few hours. they can clean up here. many areas under flood warnings. for us, our rains. not a problem as far as we were concerned. this morning we did have some rain toward southern maryland and the del marva. we're looking at a very nice night. a great shot with some sunshine. 83 degrees, that's the high today. humidity is still up there but it will be coming down. one great day tomorrow. and then, wait until you see my forecast. new details about a deadly mid-air collision over fauquier county. the victim have all been identified and canadian investigators were hoping to get even more information about what went wrong from the sole survivor of the accident.
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>> reporter: for the first time investigators paint a preliminary picture of what happened monday afternoon. >> when the two airplanes collided, yes, the bonanza of the beechcraft came apart into at least two pieces. the main structure of the front cease, the engine, was one main piece. the aft was another piece and land away from the primary location. >> reporter: the pilot of the aircraft seen here managed to land the plane and survive. 70-year-old thomas prove yip of broad run is an faa employee. the beechcraft be-35 plane caught in the fire. it killed paul gardella and james duncan of bethesda. with the national traffic safety board. investigators trying to figure out who was at the controls. >> this particular type of aircraft has one set of flight
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controls that can be shared between the pilots. it is called a throw-over yoke. we've determine it was toward the left side so the person in the left seat would have been the person that would have had control of the aircraft. >> reporter: because the owners of the planes work for two government aviation related agencies, canadian transportation safety board officials are handling the investigation. in warrenton, jane watrel, news4. day eight of deliberations in the john edwards corruption trial has just ended. still no verdict. edwards arrived at the courthouse with his parents and daughter for a second day in a row, the judge held a closed door meeting with the lawyers. we still don't know what was discussed. the jury will work an extra 30 minutes today and tomorrow in an effort to reach a decision. edwards is accused of using campaign money to hide his mistress during the 2008 campaign.
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president obama called mitt romney today to congratulate him. the call was brief but cordial. the aide said romney thanked the president and wished mr. obama and his family well. his victory in the texas primary last night carried him well past the number of delegates required to win the republican nomination. d.c. mayor vincent gray is keeping quiet amid a campaign scandal that is swirling around his administration. this comes as the d.c. council today got a new member to replace convicted felon harry thomas jr. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: mayor gray was sar serenaded with pounding drums. he announced a new high school sports alliance. reporters pressed the mayor who has not commented publicly on the felony convictions of two of his former campaign aides, nor
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the ongoing probe into the campaign that prosecutors say deceived the voters. >> people are saying you need to say more about what happened as the leader of the city. >> i think what i've said is what i'll continue to say. things a penning ongoing investigation. he said he does expect to speak with the scandal lapping at his administration. >> i don't think it is appropriate to say anything else at this stage. >> reporter: are you anxious for the moment when you can speak? >> i don't know if anybody is anxious to be in a situation like this or anxious of any moment. i don't know if that's the right description but we will get to that point. >> reporter: another scandal chapter is closing on the d.c. council. kenyon mcduffy was being sworn in wednesday as the new councilmember from ward 5. elected in an april 3rd special election to replace harry thomas
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jr. who soon will begin serving the 38-month prison sentence for stealing money from city youth programs. in the district, tom sherwood. news4. tomorrow family members will say their final goodbye to chuck brown. a memorial service will take place at noon at the washington convention center. donnie simpson will host the ceremony. there will be performances by the chuck brown band with sugar bear, mesa, james funk and more. the public is urged to take metro due to limited parking. you can watch the service live tomorrow afternoon on nbc washington nonstop. next, and new at 5:00, a local man wanted in a murder-for-hire plot from 1975 is now in jail. police didn't have to go far to find them. he mistakenly went to them. a warning from the fda about some popular pre
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the food and drug administration has a warning d. it is sold by prescription but it is in short supply because its factive ingredients are tightly regulated by the federal some consumers have been sold fake adderall over the internet. the counter fit versions have misspellings on the package and are not effective. they could even be dangerous. a new study reveals colleges and banks are burying students in even more debt. it says as many as 900 colleges are pushing students into using payment cards with heavy fees. some colleges force students to use those cards to collect their financial aid. colleges and banks rake in millions while students find themselves in more financial trouble. the report says many of these
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deals are secret and illegal. it has been one year since we started asking people, what's your workout? tonight we're going to take a look back at some of our favorite and some of our not so favorite fitness routines. >> anti-gravity yoga is a blend. >> you're outdoors, adventurous, different. >> it is an intense toll body workout. it is based off kreeian martial arts. >> we'll lunges. >> people look at the boots and they think, i'm going to need to learn a new activity. i'm going to fall. they look scary. they really just make a cushion when you come down and they're very stable. >> double time. little pulse. pulse. good. >> definitely a fitness class, not a dance class.
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>> it is so much harder than i ever thought it would be. >> at first everybody has that little, i can't believe i'm going to hang upside down or this will hole me kind of feeling. when understand the laws of physics, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the inversion. >> definitely harder to do on a trampoline. the reason for that is first off your stability. your upper body will be required for getting up the rope ladders. even going off the zip lines. to keep in straight, you'll be using your hip and abs. >> ready, set, two. grab one at a time. one supply at a time. >> i thought the exercises don't look too difficult. when you speed them up and make them very intense and you're doing five, six, seven, eye, nine, ten, it gets tougher and tougher. >> to learn all about the workouts, head to the website. >> i would do almost all of
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those. that would be really great. >> specially boingy -- and the trampolines. >> anything boingy. >> i like the zip lines. >> that would be fun, too. >> you sounded quite threatening in your little tease a while ago. like what is that in our way? >> first off, i know you'll like this. a beautiful day with abundant sunshine. then on friday i think we have a chance for some severe weather and it could be some strong storms coming in. we'll have to watch out for that. out there now, a beautiful afternoon. it will be great for you in an hour when you'll be heading home. am i right about that? >> yep. >> 83 degrees with abundant sunshine. really, really nice with a dew point of 60. winds out of the south at three miles an hour. temperatures about five to ten degrees cooler than where they've been over the last couple days. say goodbye to the 90s, hello to the 80s. 82 in culpeper.
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80 in la plata. 70 along the shores here. 74, eastern shore coming in at 75. no rain to talk about in our area. we did see rain earlier in the afternoon. a little earlier this morning, as a result of our frontal boundary, that gave us the strong storms last night. and then as a result of the moisture from what is left over, from beryl. making its way into the open waters of the atlantic but still bringing parts of north carolina some tremendous rainfall. four to eight inches of rain. some reports over eight inches and yes, we did have that one confirmed storm. you can see that little spin that made its way to the ocean. there it is. and eventually as we mentioned, out to sea. it will not have an impact on our weather. what will have an impact will be toward the west. in through portions of kansas, texas and oklahoma. severe storms likely today.
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then during the day, it will move closer. tomorrow for us, beautiful. on friday, that area of low pressure and that energy aloft will move right overhead. that will give us a very good chance for some severe storms across our region. at least strong storms. this is something you want to stoontd for if you have any plans on friday afternoon or into friday evening. for this evening, mostly clear. more comfortable. nice, 79 to about 84 degrees. your temperature for tomorrow very, very good. we'll see temperatures starting off, 56 to about 64 degrees. a nice start to the day. then here's the next couple days showing 80 on your friday. friday, that chance of storms. but then clearing out saturday and sunday. high temperatures on saturday and sunday into the mid to upper 70s. right now the weekend looking good. tomorrow we're doing our backyard weather. i'll show you where we'll be tomorrow afternoon at 5:00. >> fun. >> it will be great. next at 5:00, some call her the neighbor from hell. doug doesn't want to do cooking in her backyard.
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we'll tell you why her wild antics forced a family to get a restraining order. >> d-i-r-i-g-i-b-l-e. >> hundreds compete but this little 6-year-old from virginia is stealing the spotlight at the spelling bee. we'll meet the d.c. roller girls next in sports. later, we'll tell but a special pit bull task force.
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if you really want to live on the edge, spend an evening with the d.c. roller girls. >> when most are calling it a
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night, the flat roller derby league in d.c. is just heating up. zachary has their story. >> reporter: they come from all walks of life. secretaries, librarians, even a vet's assistant. regardless of what they do to pay the bills, they are all roller girls at heart. >> you go to work to faye bills and buy derby equipment. you need some new wheels. some new skates, you need new pads. you want to travel to cincinnati to play their team. i think it is for a lot of people, it is more than just a hobby. you know what i mean? >> reporter: step inside the armory and you'll find a sub culture of d.c. roller girls. they want to make one thing clear. >> the biggest misconception is this was a stage. it was comparable to the wwf or
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the wwe i guess it is called now. today everything you're seeing is action. >> the game start off with five players on each team. made up of three blockers. >> in the back you have a jammer. she has the star on her helmet. she'll be the one that runs up. there's no ball, there is no enzone. both teams play offense and defense at the same time. >> reporter: but it is not for the faint of heart. or uninsured. >> a couple concussions, broke my tailbone, i obliterated l-5 and had back surgery. but it took a little time off but i'm back from that. so i'm all good. >> reporter: despite the tough competition, there's some real camaraderie between the girls. >> once it's over, we're all friends. we'll all go to beer together. but yeah, on the track, it is
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serious. it's fun. we take our fun very seriously. >> i love professional sports but i think that something that is missing is that drive. there's no money here. we run this league. we do all the marketing. everyone has like a position. it is all heart and it is all for the love of the sport. i think that's something really unique. >> reporter: news4 sports. >> the league was founded in 2006 and 78 women take part. tonight at 6:00, be sure to tune in to jim vance who will have all the highlights. and here's what's coming up in our next half-hour. >> reporter: next, a surprise twist as a local man wanted for murder accidentally turns himself in. more than 30 years after the crime. someone forgot to hit spell check. see the big mistake from mitt romney's camp. >> d-i-r-i-g-i-b-l-e.
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>> she is the youngest ever to compete. we're live at the spelling bee to see
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one of the oldest cold case murders in montgomery county may have been solved. >> by accident. it happened after the 63-year-old suspect voluntarily reported to the sheriff's office thinking he was clearing his name to get a job. chris gordon is in our newsroom with more on this story. >> reporter: good evening. bobby coley of seecht washington was applying for work as a temp. they did a background check and they found something. he had no idea it was an arrest warrant. he is being held without bond at the montgomery county jail being
5:32 pm
held. they found an outstanding arrest warrant and he had to clear it up. so he voluntarily went to the sheriff's department. >> we looked at his name. we weren't finding anything until we looked in the judicial case search and we actually saw that a warrant popped up under that name, bobby coley. it said first-degree murder. >> reporter: it happened july 26th of 1975. the man disappeared. two days later his wife contacted police and reported him missing. >> the missing persons case began but mr. crowmac was never located, never rush home will. >> reporter: in 1984, a detective got information that the missing person case was actually a murder for hire. that the wife's motive was that her husband beat and abused her. >> reporter: the 1984 arrest warrant said that france i crowmac told an unnamed source that she hired three member name
5:33 pm
griffin, smitty, and bobby coley to come here to kill her husband. that they smothered him, wrapped his body in a rug or carpet. brought it out to a van and dumped it along central avenue. bobby coley has been in and out of federal custody since 1968 on various charges. he was in the d.c. jail in 1984 but apparently was not detained after the montgomery county murder arrest warrant was filed. the 1975 murder case presents challenges for prosecutors. no body has been found. there is no direct evidence against bobby coley. anonymous sources who supplied the information may not be available. the public defender representing bobby coley in court today that there is no move there actually even was a murder but the judge is holding coley in jail for a week to give prosecutors and police time to assess the viability of their case and decide whether or not to put bobby coley on trial for
5:34 pm
first-degree murder. back to you. a silver spring man is behind bars for attempted murder tonight. police say tommy shot another man in the leg after getting into an argument at his townhouse on wimbledon circle. he ran off before police got to the scene. police did arrest pru this afternoon. police hope this surveillance video will help them track down the man who broke into a fast food restaurant yesterday. the armed robber used a brick to break a window in temple hills. and then he used a metal cup holder to threaten a worker's life while demanding money. police say he got the cash and ran off. a reward is offered for information in this case. now let's fast forward through today's top headlines. a baby sitter in stafford county is facing neglect charges after three young boys she was supposed to be watching wandered off. one wound up at a taco bell a mile away. the other two were playing near a retention pond. all three were safely reunited
5:35 pm
with their parents. canadian investigators are trying to piece together what caused a deadly mid-air collision in fauquier county on monday. 57-year-old paul gardella and james mike duncan were killed. the pilot of the other plane survived. the canada authorities were investigating because both victims worked for u.s. aviation agencies. mcdutchy has been sworn in as the new councilmember for ward five. he won a special election replacing harry thompson jr. who is heading to prison for stealing money from city youth program. now let's go to weather. >> beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. at least in some locations. take a look out here. i don't show you kansas very often but there is a severe thunderstorm warning in if he can for kansas and severe thunderstorm warnings. why i am a showing you that? that's the same storm system that will be its way our way in the next 24 to 48 hours.
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i'll show you how big our thunderstorm could be coming up. still ahead, a nightmare neighbor. a family gets a restraining order against a woman for harass many. we'll show what you she is alleged to be doing. plus, a new movie featuring [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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hollywood is coming to virginia, this time playing hoecht to a tom hanks movie. captain phillips will be shot in virginia beach. he will star as ship captain richard phillips who was health by somali pirates for three days until navy s.e.a.l.s saved him in a daring rescue. today governor mcdonnell will honor the armed forces and bring revenue to the commonwealth. it is eligible for a $300,000 grant for doing business there.
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>> it has been about a year since we featured amman. >> amman found that family. barbara harrison has his story. >> fantastic! great to see you. you've turned into a real winner, haven't you? >> yeah. >> fantastic. i think you have a winning family over here. are you going to introduce me? >> he came to the park with some of his new family so that we could get to meet them. >> my dad, my mom. >> his parents and five of his new siblings joined him. some of the older ones have already grown up and left home. but there's still plenty of family ready to make him feel welcome, and most of all, feel safe. >> we had to keep assuring him that he was safe. that no one was going to harm him. that this was going to be a permanent home. he was getting a whole big family. he had plenty of protection
5:41 pm
around him. >> they met in the military in germany and decided in addition to biological children, that they wanted to help foster kids as well. >> we've taken care of 86 children in the years we've been fostering and adopting. >> he said they started adopting the foster children when they realized how difficult it was to say goodbye when foster children left their care to move on. >> i cried for every last one that left. >> as a minister, anthony mcclain said his ministry has become helping to save children. and not just on sunday. he teases him about that. >> i wanted a sunday child but they told me he was a wednesday's child. >> he said amand is his son every day. >> monday through sunday. that's my son. >> news4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your heart for a wednesday's child, please call our special adoption hotline.
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1-88-to-adopt-me. next, how a man managed to slip on to a plane without a ticket. the pressure is on as hundreds compete in the scripps national spelling bee. did your local favorites advance to round two? that's coming up. first, here's doug. >> 6 years old? >> she's scary. >> i have no chance. storm 4 radar all clear. it will be a nice day tomorrow. then the radar will look a lot different.
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a 6-year-old in our area is the youngest to ever compete in the scripps national spelling bee. she just hit a snag. erica gonzalez is down at national harbor where the preliminary round is just wrapping up. how is our little girl doing? >> reporter: she is 6 years old. she is this phenom from woodbridge. her name is lori ann madison. there are two rounds and she spelled her second word wrong. that doesn't mean that she is out of the running and being a semifinalist for tomorrow. we'll have more on that at 6:00. meanwhile, all of these kids. there are about 278 of them toll. but the ones from the d.c.
5:47 pm
maryland virginia area, 24. they have tricks up their sleeves. they can show you how to do some air writing like this. for instance. v-o-o-r-t-r-e-k-k-e-r-. they do some claps with it to help with timing. any way, they are in the running for being the next spelling bee champ. national spelling bee champ, that is. some of the words 278 students from across the country, including 24 from d.c., maryland, and virginia set out to spell today. correctly, that is. >> d-i-r-i-g-i-b-l-e. dirigible. >> reporter: this 6-year-old and woodbridge native, lori madison. it is 12-year-old tuli's first
5:48 pm
time at the national bee. >> i knew some of them already from earlier bees but i studied like 400 new ones. >> reporter: she is practically a walk webster's dictionary. who needs auto correct when you've got third grader sahir? >> capricious. c-a-p-r-i-c-i-o-u-s. >> reporter: spelling bee freak madison wore all her lucky bee gear to help her get through the rounds. >> i have my bee earrings, my bee necklace, i have black and yellow. >> reporter: however, she said it is practice that makes perfect. >> i study every day. a couple hours. and i think my record is stunning. seven or eight hours straight in one day. i was off school so i thought i would just study all day. >> reporter: seven or eight hours. can you believe that? on a free day of school? coming up today at 6:00, we will tell you who is in the running
5:49 pm
in the semitimes for tomorrow and then we will also tell you who these folks are looking to beat. and i'll give you a hint. it is last year's third place winner. we're live from the national harbor. back to you. >> someone in the romney campaign could probably use a lesson from those young spellers. that's one of the stories represent thing today. he should be celebrating his status as the presumptive gop nominee but instead, the internet is buzzing because of mitt romney's official ipad app. notice anything wrong there? if you look carefully, you see the word "america" is misspeld. next up, speculation continues. the iphone 5 should be out by september or october. that's the word from the analyst from the royal bank of canada. consumers have gotten used to getting a new i-phone every year so this timetable makes sense. they predict the iphone 5 will have the latest 4 dlte
5:50 pm
technology and redesign. the baby pictures that have many people waiting. many people have been waiting for them. jessica simpson is holding her baby girl. she was born may 1 to simpson and her fiance. she has mommy's eyes and daddy's calm personal at. >> i know i've been waiting and waiting for those pictures. the temperature, plenty of sunshine. a very nice night. the winds out of the south at three miles per hour. it will be a nice night. the current temperatures, 90 in rockville. 83 in college park. 79 in camp springs. a nice evening across the region. that's the way it will stay. don't worry about any rain. the storm 4 radar. we are all clear. 53 degrees overnight in martinsburg. 56 in frederick. 65 in the district. so a nice cool night tonight.
5:51 pm
very comfortable. you may even be able to open those windows. 82 for a high. 83 in manassas. maybe 85 in fredericksburg. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. a beautiful afternoon from the mountains to the bay. tomorrow will be fantastic. behind beryl, nice remnants tomorrow. then a big potent storm will drive the frontal boundary through. we have the potential for some severe storms late friday afternoon into the evening hours. once again, if you have plans, friday evening, you want to stay tuned to this forecast. as we make our way through the next couple days, 80 degrees on friday with the chance of storms late. saturday and sunday, both nice. the temperatures, 76 on saturday to 79 on sunday. also looking good. down at the beaches if you're thinking about doing any boating or heading to the beaches. also looking very, very nice on saturday and sunday. then next week we hit a little snag. maybe some rain.
5:52 pm
monday, tuesday, wednesday. high temperatures at or a little below average. coming up, we'll be live at the herndon festival. if you want me to come to your backyard, send pictures of your yard and tell us why you would like us to come. and wendy and pat, you are still as always, ineligible. >> gee, thanks. we have an update from the scripps national bee. 6-year-old lori ann madison did not qualify for the semifinals. we're so sorry about that. coming up next, a major security breach out of san diego. it involves a man fresh out of jail. coming up at 6:00, we're learning new details about an american kidnapped overseas. president obama made a phone call to mitt romney. we'll tell but that. we'llwhen it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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a major security breach at san diego international airport. a man released from prison on memorial day was able to board a united airlines jet yesterday without a particular. authorities say he slipped through an emergency door that leads directly to the tarmac. the alarm sounded but he managed to board the plane with another passengers and take a seat. flight attendant finally realized an extra person was on board. he is now behind bars facing trespassing and other charges. police say the guy was trying to make his way home to alaska. >> a family in minnesota says they have the neighbor from hell and the video to prove it. >> this neighbor's behavior is so offensive, she has been ordered to stay away from the family's home. nbc's craig melvin has details. >> reporter: the home videos tell the tale of what kim and greg hoffman say is the ultimate
5:57 pm
nightmare of a neighbor. >> she is the neighbor from hell. >> definitely the neighbor from hell. >> reporter: they moved here 15 years ago. a perk place to raise their family. they thought. but over the years, the hoffmans say they've become prisoners in their own backyard as they tried to avoid laurie christianson, their neighbor, directly across the street from their front yard. >> started with the obscenities, just really went crazy and started calling me names, swearing at me. >> many people say we've got a neighbor just like that. and i've said, no, you don't. this is different. >> reporter: this week prosecutors filed court documents with more claims against her including verbal tirades aimed at their children. she pled guilty and served more than a month in jail for a felony violation over a restraining order obtained by the hoffmans. the prosecutors say in tweb, she also pled guilty to two misdemeanors.
5:58 pm
much of the alleged harassment has been aimed at kim hoffman who is a recovering alcoholic. >> i've been sober for three years. it has kept me very sober. >> reporter: the hoffmans videotaped one large sign they say was posted on christianson's garage door. it reads, quote, i saw mommy kissing a breathalyzer. other signs say things like get a life and the guilty talk the loudest. >> she has followed me at different times in her vehicle. so i feel like i'm under could not assistant surveillance. >> reporter: police say they've received at least 60 calls complaining about christianson's behavior toward her neighbors. nearly all of them, police say, from the hoffmans. police confirm they have visited her home more than 40 times in the last two years. >> almost had a life of its own and it kept growing and growing and nobody really can put a finger on what was the initiator. >> reporter: christianson who is
5:59 pm
49 works as an executive assistant. neither she for her attorney would comment for our story in february, she had this to say to a local television station. >> i had a psychological evaluation. they said that if i were to have been a man, this would not be happening but because i'm a single female, i have a very good job, i have the biggest house in the neighborhood. >> reporter: the case is before the court, she has been ordered to stay away from her own house as well as the hoffman family. now at 6:00, new details in a deadly plane crash. >> the aftermath of beryl stirring up a tornado that touched down. former football coach jerry sandusky loses a battle in court. two people killed in a plane collision in fauquier county have been identified. >> good evening. developing details on that mid-air collision in fauquier county, virginia. tonight we're learning that one of the people whod


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