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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  May 31, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> thank you, tom. >> we've had quite a week. this is what the sky looked like tuesday afternoon. >> whoa, that's a good picture. >> if you're driving and see a cloud like that. >> turn around and drive the other way? >> be prepared for bad weather. this is what jeff saw tuesday afternoon before the storms hit. that is one ominous-looking clough. if you have an interesting weather photo or nature photopost it to our facebook page. thanks so much, jeff, for sharing that great shot. as we take a look at that shot, all this color here, this is beryl. the remnants of beryl. even a little tornado down in the eastern north carolina. you got a lot of rain. quickly it headed out to sea overnight. between there and the midwest, we've got a big area of high pressure that's pushed in, cleared out our sky, cooled us down.
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we're down into the low and mid-60s across maryland and west virginia. right now at reagan national, 71. your day planner, 75 at 5:45. here's a live view from our city camera. 80 by noontime. a lot of sun. you'll need sunscreen. low to mid-80s by the afternoon. a delightful end to may. aisle take a look at the forecast again. coming up in ten minutes, danella has a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. following another accident. this one's pretty big. if you're making your way on marlboro pike, all your lanes are blocked. this is due to a fatal single vehicle crash in this area. you can take pennsylvania avenue as around alternate. 395 northbound, an update on it. it's actually 395 northbound closer to maine. if this is the commute you're taking, the left lanes are
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blocked. you're going to have to stick to the right as if you're exiting off of maine to get around the accident right now. we're seeing some delays as you travel northbound. good news. outer loop of the beltway in virginia had roadwork set up that blocked your ramp to 56 and 60. that's all gone. you're clear. interloop roadwork. eun, back over to you. >> danella, thanks so much. 5:02. thousands are expected to gather in downtown d.c. to pay their final respects to the father of go-go. that's where "news 4's" tracee wilkins joining us live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the doors are open to the public at 10:00 a.m. but they're closing doors when they reach the capacity of 14,500. no one has to imagine that that is very possible considering the fact that we saw thousands of people gathered outside howard theater on tuesday waiting to pay their respecting to chuck brown at the public viewing.
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people stood all day long, at times in the rain, to pay their respects to "the godfather" of go-go. today they can expect the funeral service to begin with a very traditional feel. there'll be appearances by city leaders and entertainers including -- more are expected to be announced. but before the close of service, there will be a live performance of a medley of brown's music. now, donnie simpson will serve as host. there will be special performances by the chuck brown band by sugar bear, maysa, james funk and others. when they reach capacity, they will shut doors and not allow anyone else in the public inside. folks who are coming down here are encouraged to take metro. i'm tracee wilkins reporting leave in the northwest. "news 4."
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>> tracee, thank you. you can watch the memorial live starting at noon on our website and on nbc washington nonstop. channel 208 vios. cox 460 and 4.2 over the air. this morning we're waiting for prince george's police to feed a man they say took his own life after a domestic dispute. neighbors say a man chased his wife and her young children from their home with a gun. the neighbors managed to drive the woman and her children to safety. witnesses say the man then set a car in the driveway on fire before he ran back into the house. moments later, neighbors heard two gunshots and the house went up in flames. >> it hurts because it's family, you know? 12 years. sorry. and she's like a big sister to
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me. >> firefighters eventually entered the burning home and found the man's body. it appears he shot himself. today it will be a home coming of sorts for former president george w. bush. he'll be back for the first time in more than two years. he and former first lady laura lush be l be at 1600 pennsyania avenue for the official unveiling. his father former president george bush will be at the white house as well. the last time he was there was in 2010 when he helped with the humanitarian effort with haiti. president obama holds a slight lead over mitt romney in ohio, florida, and virginia. that's according to the virginia/nbc/marist poll. the obama campaign says the election will be decided in those six swing states. mitt romney just picked up a key
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endorsement. condoleezza rice backed him up. she praised his leadership. many political analysts say rice could be a possible rung mate for romney because she would bolster his foreign policy credentials. first lady michelle obama will hit the campaign trail in northern virginia next week. she's expected to campaign in prince william county. that's considered a swing county in the commonwealth. this will be the first lady's first campaign event without the president this election year. >> all righty. it's now 5:06. demanding more of what poland's prime minister wants from the president after a comment he made about the country. a frightening accident caught of tape as a truck came barreling through a bar. a discovery that could finally provide answers into what happened to amelia earhart. you don't need an umbrella today but don't
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agtser tom hanks will film a couple of scenes. it's about the real life saga when somali pirates boarded a ship and held richard phillips hostage until he was rescued by the navy. the production is eligible for a $300,000 grant from the governor's fund from doing business in the commonwealth. no word on when that will happen. the movie will be released next march. >> i bet you it will be good. it will be interesting to see how it's play out. >> tom hanks can't do a bad movie. >> this is true. let's check the forecast now. just about 5:1. we have a beautiful morning. it is 67 degrees. lower humidity.
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words for a nice day. hi, tom. >> good morning. it's 5:11. we're seeing the first light of dawn showing up on the eastern horizon. it's a cool start. down to the low to mid-60s. right near the waters it's near 70 degrees. hometown forecast, leesburg, loudoun, by 9:00, upper 60s. bright sun, sunny day. mid afternoon ought to hit the low 80s and lots of sunshine with low humidity. into this evening should be clear. clouding up this time tomorrow morninging. could have big storms tomorrow. we'll talk about that and look at the weekend and next week. your seven-day outlook coming up. danella, how's traffic? >> there are two accidents, the first one unfortunately is fatal. your closures are between loring drive here. this crash here still blocks your left lane, three of your
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left lanes. you've got to get by to your right this is as you approach main avenue. making your way southbound. no issues from urbana as you pass clarksburg and head over to the beltway. >> we're watching the markets now as bad financial news is pouring in from europe. the driver's licenses that could save the lives of teenagers. >> plus the controversial plan to keep the sugary drinks out of the hands of
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welcome back. it's 5:15. check this out. a pickup truck barrels into a bar hitting six people inside. surveillance video captured the whole incident. the truck pinned four people inside the bar. the owner's son used a bobcat to
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move the truck and free the victims. >> they're dazed. they didn't know what happened. my fiancee went up to the lady who was pinned up against the bar and tried to help her. >> the driver had a medical condition and lost control of her vehicle. she and five people inside the bar were taken to the hospital. eight california students are in the hospital after being hit by a truck outside their school. an 18 in a pickup hit the kids as school was letting out. he ran a red lite and hit them in the crosswalk. the california highway patrol will investigate whether they decide to file charges against the driver. police say a gunman is dead. police say he shot five people, killing three and injured two. police say the same man later shot and killed a woman during a carjacking.
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he shot himself as officers closed in. the suspect's brother tells the seattle times he suffered from mental illness. a debate over abortion will once again take center stage on capitol hill. the house expected to vote on a bill that would make it illegal to have an abortion based on the gender of the fetus. supporters say research shows female fetuses are aborted much more than males. opponents say it will further limit a woman's right to choose and force doctors to scrutinize their dopatients unfairly. well, sometimes saying your sorry just isn't enough. powe land's prime minister is not satisfied with the white house's apology for a comment president obama made about world war xii-era death camps the president referred to a, quote, pole live death camp on tuesday when awarding a posthumous presidential award to a free tom fighter. the prime minister says he should have called it a german
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dealt camp in nazr-occupied poland. he's demanding a more explicit reaction than just issuing around apology. today guangcheng will hold a talk. cheng escaped mark the end of a month-long stand adjustment he was ultimately allowed to leave china and come to new york university as a visiting scholars. world leaders are called for new sanction against syrias after the u.n. discovered more bodies. the bodies were found blindfol blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs. they were killed execution fie. this comes days after kill 1g 50 people including children. syrian officials have promised a full investigation.
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right now, stock markets around the world stumbling over spain's deepening financial crisis. that country's fourth largest bank has asked for a $24 billion bailout and unemployment is now at 25%. economists fear that spain could follow greece by defaulting on its debt, but the impact could be more widespread since spain's economy is twice as large. all of the major indices in asia closed down this morning because of the crisis. japan's nikkei took the brunt of the impact there, down 90 points on the day. the markets are actually up in europe right now, but only slightly. traders are a little more optimistic after a canadian i.t. company announced a deal to buy a london-based tech company. >> high fructose corn syrup will not be getting a new nachlt they describe sugar as a dry
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crystalized food and high fructose corn syrup does not fit that definition. the sugar association has filed a lawsuit against them saying they're simply con men trying to change their name. large sodas could soon be outlawed in new york city. the big apple is looking at imposing a 16-ounce soda sold at restaurants, sports arenas and movie theaters. mayor bloomberg said this is an effort to fight obesity. the ban would not apply to diet sodas or alcoholic beverages. and the thing about sodas, you get refills. if you get a small one, could you -- if you're a paying customer, do you -- >> i thank would be hard to pull off. i should be able to choose what size soda i want. it shouldn't be mandated or limited by the government some would argue. no debate about the forecast. tom kierein, we're happy with
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what you have coming our way. >> and i love that predawn glow behind you. we have the sun coming up at 5 klan 45 this morning. right now under this mostly clear skis, temperatures are cool and comfortable. low humidity. down into the 60s throughout most of virginia and maryland and the eastern shore, these areas in light green. much of western pennsylvania into western pennsylvania and virginia and parts of the shenandoah valley valley. right near the waters it's near 70 degrees. and for today by noontime, we'll be in the upper 70s. low humidity, warm, reached low to mid-80s. back down to the upper 70s. today at 8:27. by dawn tomorrow, big changes moving in ahead of a cold front arriving on friday evening. we'll have increasing clouds on friday, increasing humidity. afternoon's highs in the low 80s. late afternoon, damaging winds, perhaps some hail and heavy
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downpours and maybe a lingering shower saturday morning but we ought to dry out with the sun back in the mid-70s. afternoon highs near 80 and pick and each day, monday, tuesday, wednesday looking similar with a partly sunny sky with morning lows near 60 and afternoon highs near 80. i'm back with another update in ten minutes. at 5:31. danella's here now with an update of traffic. >> so far following breaking newses on the roadway. tough commute if you're getting ready to head out of the house. all your elapses are blocked due to the single fatal car crash in that area. also, 395 making your way northbound approaching main avenue, we still have three of your left lanes blocked an also this actually just happened. 66 as you make your way eastbound at gallows road. it's blocking your left lane. i can tell you i did see the
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ambulance arrive on the scene in this area. this is 66 eastbound at gallows road. >> we're talk about driving. teen drivers have a better chance of staying alive with stricter new driving laws. they found tough every licensing laws are saving lies. the new limitations include higher age restrikdss, longer supervised practice hours, nighttime driving restrictions, and a ban on all teenage passengers. >> there's a 21% reduction in the fatal crash rate associated with allowing no passengers versus allowing two or more passengers. >> each state is different when it comes to driving rules. according to irreparablers, connecticut, new york, and new jersey are among the best licensing practices. south dakota and iowa rank among the worst. this morning there's new evidence suggests that amelia
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earhart died on an uninhabited island. they found pieces of a jar that they believe once held freckle ointment. she had freckles and was concerned about them. the plane crash-landed nearly 57 years ago. researchers will veal their findings tomorrow. a long mystery. i wonder if they'll finally figure out that's exactly where she died. >> they've got three days to do it. the nationals would probably like to forget their latest trim to miami. they completed a sweep with a 5-3 win. it moved the marlins to within a half game of first plachls stephen strasburg will try to get the nats back on track tomorrow night against the braves at nationals park. from the baseball diamond to the soccer pitch. team usa is realizing just how
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good team brazil is. 2-1. hercules gomez scored the lone goal for team usa. it had little impact. it still drew quite the crowd. more than 67,000 people packed the stadium to watch the match. >> the third pick in this year's draft goes to the washington wizards. >> a disappointing night for the wizards fans who tuned into the nba's draft lottery. the wizards landed the third overall pick in this year's draft despite having the worst record in the lead. the new orleans hornets won the first and they'll likely select anthony dave davis out of kentucky. the charlotte bobcats who finished the season with the worst win percentage in nba history will pick second. everyone thought they'd go first, especially with having the worst record. >> number three isn't bad. hopefully we'll do well. >> let's hope so. coming up, while you were
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sleeping the spacex capsule was making more history. plus,000s are expected to pay their respects to "the godfather" of go-go. and tom is tracking further potential weather. potential weather. what you can expect to see n
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looking at the stories make headlines right now at 5:29. a packed house is expected at the washington convention center as fans pay their final respects to chuck brown. another milestone for the spacex capsule overnight as it prepares to return to earth. and former president george w. bush will be back at the white house for his first visit in two years. we'll have more on those stories but first good morning to you. i'm eun yang
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>> and i'm aaron gilchrist as we take a live look outside on this thursday, may 31st. the sun is up. we'll look at the forecast. first, right now, the international space station crew preparing to lease the spacex dragon capsule back into orbit. here is a live look right now from nasa tv. dragon was detached about an hour ago to start its journey home. it's expected to splash off just before noon today. dragon is the first private supply ship to visit the space station. it delivered more than a thousand pounds of food to the astronauts there. it will come home full of cargo and science experiments. we're going to stay on top of that for you. >> very cool. let's check on the forecast. a way to end may, tom. >> they got a beautiful view from space. the space station is moving at 17,000 miles an hour. you get a sense of that as it's passing over the earth. our view here is gorgeous this morning. we've got a beautiful sky over
5:31 am
the last 12 hours. we've cleared out. just a few clouds drifting over now, setting the stamg for a delightful sunrise. right now, beautiful pastel yellows and oranges on the eastern horizon and temperatures are cool and comfortable p hope you slept with the windows open. near 60 right now. near 70 right by the bay. and out in the mountains a few locations have dipped into the upper 50s. we have this mostly clear sky on tap here for the rest of the day today. here's your day planner. by 9:00, mid-70s. by noontime, near 80. low humidity in place through the rest of the afternoon with highs reaching low to mid-80s by mid afternoon. delightful day. if you're going to be out there for a length of time, you'll definitely need sunblock. you'll get a burn otherwise. sun rise will be at 8:27. i'm back with another update in ten minutes. danella is here with another look at traffic. good morning. >> i'm tracking breaking news on the roadway. eastbound at gallows road.
5:32 am
we had a situation on the left side of the roadway and ahead on the left side. officials temporarily shut down i-66 at the beltway. it's now open again but you're slowly making your way by there. two lanes to the right. but, again, we're seeing big delays on i-66. take a look at nutley. also still following breaking news, marble pike, your closures are between loring drive and darnell drive, you're going have to take pennsylvania avenue. good news here on 395. you had an accident blocking three lanes. you can see the delays lessening. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at traffic. eun, over do you. >> thank you. we're following breaking news right now. two american tourists have been kidnapped in egypt. security officials say armed attackers grabbed the two men while they were traveling in the sinai peninsula.
5:33 am
they're grain bus one of their relatives was arrested. the pentagon says a maryland marine has died in afghanistan. sergeant julian chase died while conducting operations in the province. he graduated in 2008 from woodrow high school in d.c. an arm soldier from springfield also died on monday. 51-year-old pratt died. federal authorities arrested doug story for trying to illegally by a fully automated ak-47. he said he was planning to murder police and when matter sha martial law is enacted. he said
5:34 am
this morning a janitor facing an assault charge. a 7-year-old boy told police that the man attacked him last friday at enterprise elementary school at woodbridge. he said the janitor pinned him against the bulletin board with the card, pushed him and walked away. the child was not hurt. the 59-year-old janitor has worked for the school district for nearly 20 years. >> thisern mog we're learning the names of the two men killed in a midair collision on monday. 57-year-old paul gardellao virginia and duncan. duncan was part of the nasa medical team on sight. he was honored by the president for hissests. one final good-bye to a music legend this morning. another 15,000 people expected to pack the washington convention center to honor chuck
5:35 am
brown. the memorial service for the father of go-go begins at noon and will last until 3. long-time radio personal donnie simpson will host the ceremony. there will be performances by the chuck brown band, sugar bear, maysa, james funk and others. brown passed away on may 18 after complications from mean. people are encouraged to use metro because of limited parking. you can watch the entire chuck brown memorial service live starting at noon on our website at or nbc washington nons ton. comcast 208, vios 460, cox, 403 and 4.2 over the air. it 5:35. police can final close the books on one of the old is cold cares. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. >> what cause add lawmaker to have a meltdown in front of all
5:36 am
his colleagues. >> we're catch break this morning. don't get used
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no matter the season, i still get dry skin. introducing the ultimate daily lotion from gold bond. because your skin needs a little healing every day. the ultimate daily lotion -- new from gold bond. person's hand. not the american way. come out at the last second and i've got try to figure out how to vote for my people. >> yikes. you might call this a meldown. representative mike bost reached his boiling point when a house speaker tried to push a vote before lawmakers had a chance to read the bill. you can see his reaction to that. it has to do with performing teacher pensions. the vote never happened. the state general assembly is scheduled to adjourn today. they're under a lot of stress an pressure.
5:40 am
that's a tough job. >> i wonder how long that lasted. definitely an unusual reaction when you need more time to read a bill. >> expressing himself. >> okay. 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. tom kierein is in "storm center 4" this morning and he's got the sort of forecast we like to hear on a thursday morning. tom? >> this will calm you down. look at this gold and blue sunrise over the potomac river. the sun will be up here in about five minutes and a beautiful morning under way. the birds are chirping. it's loud outside. we have temperatures around the region and the 60s. those areas in the light green and near 70s by the waters. the dark green in the 50ss. a very cool start. parts of the shenandochenn an ul a valley. we'll have the low humidity in
5:41 am
place again into tonight. but big change is on the way tomorrow. could have a stormy friday and then changes for the weekend. look at that with your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella, how's our traffic? >> right now still following breaking news on our roadway. it's a tough commute. a couple things to look out for. you're still closed between loring drive and darnell drive. this is due to a single fatal car crash. let's head over to i-66. big delays, in fact, as you make your way toward nutley. you're very slow this morning. another thing to look out for. 66 eastbound as yu ire approaching the rest area. right lane is blocked by a disabled vehicle there. over to the roadways we have a ten-minute delay. train nber 302. however, metro and mark are both running on or close to schedule. aaron and eun, over to you. a new plantar getting deer population at a popular park.
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>> plus, turning off the lights at a local landmark. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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15 before the hour,000. one of the oldest cold cases in montgomery county may be solved. it's a murder-for-hire case that dates back to 1975. on tuesday 63-year-old bobby coley applied for work as a temp. there was warrant against him so he went to the montgomery county sheriff's office to look for his name. >> we didn't find anything. we looked in the judicial case search and we saw a warrant popped up under that name bobby coley and it said first-degree murder. >> now, let's go back to 1975. a woman said her husband disappear after leaving this apartment complex in wheaton.
5:46 am
the man's body was never found. in then in 1984 a detective received information that missing person case was actually murder for hiefrmt the informant said the woman hired three men including bobby coley the kill her husband because he abused her. maryland lawmakers could be passing legislation. they're studying the effects on a recent rules that found pill bulls are a dangerously inherent breed. that means when the pit bull attacks a person, they no longer have to prove the dog is dangerous. the owner can be held liable automatically. it could demand legislation stemming from that julg a trial for a bus dispatcher charged in a deadly crash last year in virginia has been postponed. the trial was supposed to start in june. it's now been pushed back to october. he's accused of telling a driver of a tour bus despite the driver
5:47 am
saying he was tired. he then fell asleep and swerved off the highway killing 24 people. both men face involuntary manslaughter charges. a virginia babysitter is facing three charges after children she was caring for wandered off. she's being charged with knellny child neglect. she told three young boys they could go out planld while she stayed inside with the toddler. the three became separated. one boy wound up at taco bell a mile away from the home. a taco bell employee found him and stayed with the boy until the police arrived. >> i stayed with him, gave him a hug, told him the police were coming and everything would be okay. i kept asking where he lived. all he kept saying is i'm going to be in so much trouble. the other two boys were found near a retention pond near the taco bell. they were brought home shortly
5:48 am
after being found. thieves broke into 11 stores in howard county. all the burglaries happened in columbia late tuesday night into wednesday morning. in each incident the boys crawled to avoid truping the alarm and stole cash from the registers. >> in prince george's county, police are hoping this surveillance video will help identify an armed robber. the man used a bring to break a within dough at mcdonald's. police say he then used a metal cup holder to threaten a woman while demanding money. the state of maryland has come up with plan to spend $06 million it received from a national mortgage settlement. they plan to use $14 million to stabilize snabds hit hard by foreclose. $10 million will be used to help clean up prince george's county. more than 8 million will be used for housing counseling and then finally $6 million o will be put into maryland's general fund. >> 5:48 is your time.
5:49 am
today governor o'malley is headed for wisconsin for a one-day trip. he's trying to help barrett unseat wairk. walker signed a bill to restrict collective bargaining rights. virginia governor bob mcdonnell also visited wisconsin on tuesday but to attend a fundraiser in support of werek. he told msnbc he expects walker to win by a narrow margin. michelle obama is expected to hit the campaign trail for the first time by herself. the first lady will likely visit prince almost county which will be key to winning the commonwealth this november. four years ago president obama became the first to win virginia in more than four decades. the obama campaign says virginia is one of the six states that could decide this election. right now the president holds a slight lead there and in ohio
5:50 am
and florida. things are even closer in the other three states. the race is a virtual tie in iowa, colorado, and nebraska. mitt romney just picked up one. condoleezza rice backed him up last night. she praised romney's leadership. many political analysts say rice could be a possible running mate for romney because she bolsters his foreign poli sicy credentia deer are becoming a major problem. they plan to fix it. park officials say number of deer has increased from four sightings in 1960 to more than 80 per square mile in the foursquare mile park. they're planning to reduce the deer population because of the damage the animals have done to plant growth. sharpshooters and birth control are two methods being discussed to deal with the population. this morning people are cleaning up from the tropical storm beryl.
5:51 am
there were remnants of that storm spawned a tornado that tore through a neighborhood near the north carolina coast. the strong winds flattened three homes and damaged at least 50 others. the storm dumped heavy rain and is now out in the atlantic ocean. time for a look at "weather & traffic on the 1s." we have the beautiful sun behind us and a beautiful morning to start our day. we like it so far. >> sunrise about 5 minutes ago. it's coming up in a mostly clear sky, but it did look like this on tuesday afternoon. jen in berriville, virginia, posted this rotation of a cloud very close to the ground. great shot, jen. thaefrpgs for sharing that photo. look at this view. a pink sun. a live view from our nbc 4 hd city camera on this thursday
5:52 am
camera. 71 now at reagan national. dew point comfortably dry. humidity dropping. fresh breeze at 10 miles an hour. down into the. much into the shenandoah valley and into the mountains and west virginia. closer to washington, we're in the low 60s. prince george's, arlington, much of southern maryland too. throw mid-60s. father south from prince william into stafford, spots vain yarks culpeper, rappahannock, it's down in the low 60s there as well. a lot of sun today. by noontime, mid-80s. a lot of sun. you'll need sunblock. then this evening under a clear sky, down to the 60s by late evening. by this time tomorrow morning we'll have increasing clouds ahead of a front that will likely trigger strong thunderstorms late afternoon into friday night. some of those storms could
5:53 am
produce damaging windings and hail and very heavy rain. that would be late friday afternoon into friday evening is the way it looks right now. might have a lingering shower, then drying out saturday afternoon. looks delightful for sunday. keep that in your weekend recreational plans. afternoon highs near 80. back to work and school on monday, tuesday, wednesday. similar each day. i'm back in ten minutes. danella is here now with the latest with our traffic. good morning. >> good morning. following breaking news on the roadway, here's a live look from chopper 4. above the accident on 66 eastbound, you're going to have to stick two lanes to the right gets you by. again, this accident is causing big delays on i-66 as you make your way eastbound. significant delays. in fact, i'll give you a closer look at 123. claim bridge road. look at these cars.
5:54 am
complete jam. heading over to maryland, following more breaking news here, marlboro pike is closed. all your lanes are blocked. unfortunately a fatal accident in that area. if you're taking the rails on that particular line, a dlachlt due to equipment problem. however, metro, marc, aren't reporting delays at this time. back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. back over to you. student debt is growing and growing and a new study shows colleges and banks aren't helping the issue. they looked into student loans and they said as many as 900 schools are pushing schools into using special debit cards with heavy fees. some put the loan money on the cards. many of these movies are done in secret and should be considered illegal. the u.s. student loan debt is more than $1 trillion and is the largest source of unsecured
5:55 am
debt. students at maryland college will be paying more for their education when they return in the falle. they're raising instate tuition by 3%. that amounts to about zran $200 per semester. out of state will go up as much as 5%. it is a third straight year the board has raised costs. controversy is hurting registration. registration for the washington, d.c., global race for the cure is down nearly 40% this year. only 20,000 people have signed up. that's compared to 40,000 last year. similar downturns have been reported around the country. they yanked funding from planned parenthood. but overwhelming public outcy forced them to reverse that decision. >> after more than three decades in business. ar mand piezzeria plans to clos
5:56 am
june 30. the owner says the rent has gone up every five years making it too expensive to keep the restaurant open. he said it's heartbreaking to close the restaurant his father started. >> it's heartbreaking. we've had great, great run, 37 years is quite an accomplishment. >> at this point the other four armand franchises are going to stay open. we're sad to see it go. thanks for all the pizza. >> good pasta too. >> the field is down to 50 at the scripps national spelling bee. >> but the youngest contest tanlts won't be among the contestant is. 6-year-old lorry ann missed by one letter.
5:57 am
the word that knocked lori an out of the bee was ingluvies. she missed first letter. starts with an "i," not an "e." two others still in jack nolan and jay kanetti. the finals are tonight at national harbor. >> congrats to lori ann. did you see the meek row phone came up to here. who now. ingluvies? really? all the words in the spelling bee make you feel kind of thumb. >> the list of words, it's that stick. 24kys were in the competition. down two. still competing. wish them the best of luck in today's competition. 5:57. stay with us. nusz 4 today continues in a moment . i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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