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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, round two, mother nature with yet another blow to the washington area, after a dangerous first day of june.
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>> children trapped by high water, cars and trucks submer submerged. funnel clouds seen across the area and we are just now learning the true impact on the weekend getaway. >> good evening, everyone, i'm doreen gensler. >> doug, hour nine, is that right? tracking the storms? >> yeah, started after the 2:00 hour. nonstop from that point. the best news of the night. just about done. everything its moving out of the area. we continue to watch as the storms move on through. we talked line number one. line number two. line number one across delaware, and ocean city, getting hammered. line number two coming through. we saw a few storm warnings with this. but not nearly as many as what it was looking like a little earlier. very good news coming out of this storm. we'll take you in, show you what is happening now around the area. anne arundel, prince george's county, fairly heavy rain right now. around bowie, crofton,
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southgate, annapolis, you will see fairly heavy rain continuing on through out the evening. something else to mention. notice the yellow shaded counties here. those are where we still have a tornado watch in effect. in effect until 2:00. but they continue to shave this back. so i expect these to be dropped at any time. we do however, still see the flooding, flood warnings in effect for fairfax county. washington, montgomery county. northern prince george's, howard. anne arundel, baltimore. still the potential for flooding throughout the rest of night tonight. give yourself extra time on the roadways. even tomorrow morning. give yourself extra time. could be tree branches out there in the roads. talk more about that and how the storm is going to affect your weekend coming up. >> thank you, doug. three children are in the hospital tonight with hypothermia. after they got caught in some high water. rescuers had to pluck them from underneath a bridge in mount rainier. the daring rescues were caught on tape. shomari stone, joins us live
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with the details. shomari? >> doreen, i'm standing by the bridge. fire fighters say the kids are fortunate to be alive. a safe distance away from where they went in the water. the weather system was strong. the waters are rough, frigid and could have easily swallowed the children. dramatic video captures prince george's county fire ems rescuing three children, holding on to a support beam under this bridge on 38th street in mount rainier maryland. the technical response team lowered the fire fighter in a haern harness. he gives them flotation devices and pulls them out one by one in less than 30 minutes. >> to see a situation where three young lives could be swept away it is scary. >> it started when a 13 year old and two 14-year-olds were playing during the thunderstorm. they fell into the cold rough water, drifted downstream and grabbed on to the beam. >> they were getting a little anxious down in the water.
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they kept, after a period of time, saying, hey, what is happening? what is happening? >> reporter: witnesses called 911 while kids held on to the support beam. fire fighters saved them. >> when i saw the guy coming down on the rope and the child was holding on to the wall and the water was up, i parade to god that they would be safe. >> fire fighters treated the kids on the scene for hypothermia and drove them to children's hospital. >> fortunately for them this had a good outcome. >> reporter: now, just to let you know, fire fighters, cleared the scene here. and right now the kids are with their parents at the hospital. people around here in mt. rainier are saying prince george's county fire ems are heroes. shomari stone, news 4. >> thank you. an hour earlier bit to the west/northeast d.c., two drivers found out how dangerous rising water can be. pat collins spoke with one man who had to swim to safety. >> we're on eastern avenue and olive street northeast. eastern avenue goes underneath
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the railroad tracks here. you can see -- a couple of vehicles deep in water here. this one turned on its side. take a look. you can see the windows of the vehicle, have been punched out. you can see here, there is a baby seat. obviously a rescue that took place here on eastern avenue. look even further down, deep into the water there is a yukon truck deep in the water. he made a turn and found himself deep in water. and we talked to him about what it was like. >> i was in the truck. i made a right turn. and i got about to like right where the truck is. and the water rose up to about -- it rose up from 3 feet to about 6 feet, within. >> like that. >> just like that. i had to jump out of my truck. luckily my truck windows was down. i jumped out of the truck. when i hopped on this side.
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realized a car submerged underneath the water the i tried to swim out to see if anybody was in there. i couldn't see anything. by that time the rescue squad had came. they pulled the car out. and, wasn't nobody in it. >> so a rush hour on eastern avenue that drivers will not soon forget. near the high water, i'm any pat collins, news 4. >> also in north east, flash floods overtook some parked cars near the 6th district police station. this was the scene around busy intersection of 42nd and bening road during the evening rush hour. police cruisers didn't escape the high water. >> the orange line is back to normal. a downed tree, suspended service between stadium armory and cheverly as crews got it out of there. frustrated met row passengers tweeted pictures. a large crowd of people waited there for shuttle buses. >> people trying to fly into our area have had to wait hours
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longer than they expected to get here. right now, delays for arriving flights, at reagan national airport, averaging two hours and 19 minutes. bwi marshal seeing delays of two hours. arriving flights. things seem to be running more smoothly at dulles with arrival and departure delays of about 15 minutes. >> this its what rush hour looked like on the beltway at college park today. commuters driving through deep wa water there. this photo tweeted. >> earlier this afternoon. high fast moving water created dangerous driving conditions on clarksburg road in damascus. drivers risked their lives, driving right through the rising water. later this evening the water receded. in some places the wind was a bigger problem than water. damage was extensive in maryland, bel air. harford county. veronica johnson is live tonight. >> thanks a lot, jim. we are in the bel arizona yeah
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of h of -- bel air, area, of harford county. they believe a tornado touched down. what they can tell during the light of day. structural damage. over my shoulder, fire/rescue crews, plan to be working throughout the night. as we approached the area, a lot of roads were closed. closed due to power lines that are done throughout the area. and about 1/10 of the folks are without power up here. we are only about 15 miles from cal ripken stadium off 95. a lot of folks know that as a landmark. but folks are telling us that a lot of the structural damage they're seeing between 152 and route 1, possibly a tornado. what one of the county official has to say. >> some homes damaged. we have a hazmat team with licensed, inspection, permits. doing reverse 911 calls to each house to make sure there is no one injured in the house. make sure they're okay.
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>> reporter: yeah, they plan on being on hand all night long. at least four people have been reported injured up here. again, right off bel air road right now. not too far from here, there is a showcase auto park where one person was seriously injured. they remain at shock trauma right now. their name, has not been reap leas -- been reap leased. they were injured. a cinder block wall caved in. just to remind any folks that are up here or any folks in our area that aren't with power not to run your generator in your garage. or in your home. and as far as the national weather service, of course they will be up here tomorrow, assessing the damage. i think from what we have seen here, likely to confirm that this was a tornado that came through. back to you. >> veronica johnson, thank you. >> out of bel air, a helicopter captured the power lines on fire.
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disastrous scene in other parts of the baltimore area. treats snapped and fell on to buildings. into yards. and across fields up there. >> check out this video of a confirmed tornado in hampton, virginia. police are describing the situation as controlled chaos. there was damage in the city along with uprooted trees, gas leak and power outages too. no major injuries reported. rush hour at tyson's corner can be bad any day of the week. this evening the heavy rain made it worse. drivers had to battle through the downpour to make their way home. and the clouds looked ominous in anne arundel county. chom chopper 4 shot the skies over the tipton airport. appeared signs of rotation in the area. nothing confirmed yet. >> some spotted a possible funnel cloud west of dulles took the picture. see what appears to be a funnel beyond the buildings. it happened this afternoon. no reports of damage there. one of several possible tornados and funnel clouds reported
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throughout the area today. >> still ahead tonight on news 4-- the reason a judge changed his mind and wants george zimmerman behind bars as he awaits trial in the trayvon martin case. >> garbage man's surprise when he saw a runaway stroller heading for an intersection. tell you what he did. >> whoa, doug. >> are storms moving out of here? that's the good news. what does it mean for the weekend? the forecast for saturday/sunday. if you have more pictures of "the day that was" in our severe weather.
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more u.s. naval warships moving to pat sievic region in the coming years. leon panetta announced the move in singapore. panetta says by 2020, 60% of fleet will be in the region. some say the added presence could lead to tensions with china. secretary panetta says he believes it could lead to a military partnership for programs and humanitarian aid. >> george zimmerman has less than 48 hours to turn himself in. a florida judge revoked his bail
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today, zimemerman charged with shooting and killing 17-year-old trayvon martin unarmed in february. prosecutors say zimmerman and his wife misled the court into thinking they didn't have a lot of money to post during the initial bond hearing. when they actually had $135,000 raised from zimmerman's legal defense website. >> mr. zimmerman can't sit back, i use again euphemism, and let his wife testify falsely before the court when he knew well in advance of that hearing the amounts of money in controversy. >> defense lawyers say the misunderstanding over zimmerman's funds was an honest mistake. zimmerman claimed self defense in martin any death and pleaded not guilty to second degree murder. >> the dow jones average had its worst day this year. lost 275 points. a disappointing jobs report is behind the plunge. unemployment went up, i'm sorry, unemployment went up, to 8.2%.
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mitt romney took advantage of the dive. he called it, in his words. a harsh indictment of president obama's handling of the economy. it is official, the green lantern is game. d.c. comics announced to day one of the most well known super heroes has come out of the closet. green lantern the name of multiple super heroes who possess a green power ring. over the past 70 years there have been many green lanterns. the writers say the first one, allen scott who is game. the series writer told "the new york post" that the move makes the comic a realistic depiction of society. >> garbage truck driver in seattle washington saw something really strange rolling through a busy intersectsch a runaway baby stroller. caught on camera. the driver stopped his truck to block traffic, and then he ran after the carriage. the woman watching the baby apparently did not know that the stroller wasn't locked. nobody was injured. the driver even said the baby was giggling after his
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unexpected ride. >> my goodness. the truck driver sure wasn't giggling. >> he wasn't. >> no. >> so are we almost in the clear? >> we are done. we are done. we are in the clear. that its the good news. just about everybody out of the tornado watch. that tells, everybody, we can take a, at least breathe a little sigh of relief here and start to see what we may have to clean up. this weekend. and right now the weekend is looking pretty good. take a look outside right now. out towards the airport. partly cloudy. mostly cloudy skies across the area. not a bad evening west of washington, right now. a very wet evening. may see some areas of fog, temperatures though starting to cool off. storm 4 radar showing where the storm system is. right now, philadelphia really getting hit very hard. also, out towards the del marva peninsula. the secondary line that has come through the region is continuing to move on towards the east. so washington, dry right now. still a few leftover showers. don't be surprised if you see sprinkles or showers as you make your way out and about this evening. out towards bowie, crofton, an
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an s -- annapolis, fairly heavy. and in effect for the counties, but that gigs to is going to be. don't worry about tornados. still posted for the del marva through the evening. the flood warnings are still here until 3:00, 4:00 in the morning the because of the rain across receipt under. that's why we have the flood warnings in effect. right on through the early morning hours. once again, give yourself a lot of extra time. take a look at the storm reports today. ones here in red, in frederick. over towards anne arundel county. these are your tornado reports. funnel clouds reported. in and around these areas. you see these areas here. these are all wind reports. wind, with trees down around the loudon county area. one area, six to ten homes damaged. f and wind damage and flash flooding continued throughout the early evening.
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how much rain did we see? a lot. 2 to 3 inches where you see this green area. places that were hit the hardest. loudon county. gaithersburg, north of gaithersburg. and three, four inches of rain there. then 2.4 inches right here. right around college park. down towards the -- the burke area. 3.2 inches of rain there. much-needed rainfall. officially at the airport. not nearly as much. just under an inch of rain there. the whole system. the very large system continues to move out. once again, behind it. we're done. 82 degrees. the high temperature today. low of 71. there is the rain today. just under an 1 inch of rain. and mentioned finally done with the rain. tonight. 66. winds out of the northwest at 14 miles an hour. little breezy. behind the front. we're seeing cooler numbers. 61, leesburg, gaithersburg. 63, winchester. you are going to wake up tomorrow to achange. that change is going to be the cooler air, severe storms move out. here comes the nice weather,
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behind it. saturday, sunday. tomorrow morning. clearing skies. areas of fog. 54, some of the cooler suburbs. a good day to get out. clean up leaves or clean up, the potential for -- for the, branches, branches that may be down too. that's what i was thinking. get the gutters cleared out. i did that yesterday. 78, saturday. 80, sunday. monday, tuesday, wednesday. a little unsettled. a chance for more shower activity. but no strong storms next week. unsettled, but not strong storms. >> should make a big didn't our rainfall deficit, huh? >> going to help for sure. >> thank you. >> we have sports up next. don't you know they're partying up in queens tonight. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again
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back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ a lot of things got washed out in all the rain. among thet tm, the mets' game. >> was it raining today, doug? >> little moist. >> the nats realized. those hoping to see michael moore's return to the lineup saw the rain instead. game one of the nats/braves' rematch was postponed. august makeup is likely. meanwhile, steven straussburg supposed to pitch tonight will start tomorrow instead. rain coming down in st. pete as well. the orioles, facing the rays.
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but, luckily, the tropicana field has the a roof. like scott facing his opponent. with the bases loaded. he is going to make his former team pay. slaps a base hit into center. bj upton. matt joyce score. rays take a 2-0 lead. a 36-pitch inning for chen. two batters later. matsui makes it worse. to-run shot gives the rays a 5-0 lead. your final score. os have lost six straight. big night at city field. check this out. melts hosting the cardinals. santana, just one out away from the first ever no hitter in mets' history that if have been around since 1962. santana struck him out after 8,020, the mets have it on their books. padres the only major league team without a no hitter. in the nba appears randy
11:26 pm
whitman and the wizards are closing in on a two-year deal to make him the team's head coach. an announcement could come next week. the wiz, 18-31 after whitman took over for flip saunders, fired back in january. mean while, the playoffs are rolling on, eastern conference finals game three. paul pierce and the celtics trying to win a game in this series against lebron james and the heat. first quarter, miami down one. mario chalmers drives. dishes to lebron. he takes a hit. gets the hoop. and the foul. lebron with the game high, 34 points. he is balling. after the opening quarter. celtics. boston up 13. kevin garnett. they trail the series, two games to one. and last time i checked it was not raining inside there. think the only place it wasn't raining to day. >> you know what is wrong with baseball. >> they don't have a roof in florida.
11:27 pm
doesn't make sense. >> makes a lot of sense. why the marlins did it too? >> sa peit's the rain, jim. it's the rain. a lot of
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breaking news in oakton, virginia, erica gonzalez on the scene of a house fire. she is on the phone with the latest, erica. >> talk about the side effects of the severe weather that we have seen today. this may very well be another example of that. fairfax county fire fighters were called out to this scene, 3100 block, about an hour ago. now prior to that, two hours
11:31 pm
prior to that, the residence of this two-story home called emergency officials saying they had heard or seen some type of lightning strike. neighbors called in and said the residents were trying to extinguish the blaze themselves. fire crews were called out and said the attic was engulfed in flames. the fire fighters tell us all four family members were able to make it out okay. they have a dozen fire trucks out here, and ambulances, about 50 fire fighters, they are still working as you can see, crews are on the ladder, over the attic working to extinguish this blaze. fire fighters say they be a result of a lightning strike in oakton, virginia. doreen. >> erica gonzalez reporting by phone. thank you. >> doug, awfully bad news for them. for the rest of us it is pretty much over. >> we really are done. biggest thing to worry about tonight. going home. driving around. may see downed trees, downed
11:32 pm
power lines. avoid those. you can see that line, finally moving east. of the washington area. here is the next couple days. once again showing we will see a very nice weekend. both saturday and sunday. looking good. 78 saturday. 80 sunday. the latest tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. >> all right. we like that wee at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization
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