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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 2, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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>> this morning a huge sigh of relief for three teens. the kids were swept up in the height of a strong storm. had to be rescued. >> for everyone else, there's cleaning up to do today. we've got a look at the wild weather as it moved through our area. sure was nasty yesterday. good morning, everyone. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. welcome to news4 today on saturday june 2nd. >> we are calling it the calm after the storm this morning. this is a live look outside. many of you went to bed as that severe weather was just winding down in our area. and we're waking up, it feels cool and crisp out there. >> definitely up for a cool down. we deserve it. >> we do. we needed a break. doug kammerer and veron ka johnson were on wall to wall yesterday. once the tornado warnings took off, there was no turning back. she went up and covered it. >> you did a great job as well. you were on top of the storms. >> we were socially networked into this.
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you can always follow us and stay connected at nfc washington. lots of sunshine and a breeze at 10 miles an hour. there goes the rain. it is new england's health care this morning. that's where it's going to be problematic. not here. we have the temperatures as i mentioned right now in the upper 60s. 62 in martinsburg. and that is the number down in fredricksburg. the forecast today, lots of 70s on the map. the average high is 80. this is cooler than average, but it will feel good. the reason why is because the humidity is also down. so enjoy these 70s. it'll be 76 in la pl a rks ta. coming up we're going to have a look at the peabeach forecast i bit. over to you. >> it is beautiful outside. a far cry from just a few hours ago when those heavy storms
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slammed the region. >> in prince george's county, three teens were rescued from the water after being swept into the river. derek ward is live at the scene. and derek, how high is that water right now? >> reporter: well, take a look at it. it is not as high as it was last night. no fear or danger of it breaching the levee here. but it's still running strong through here. that is the anacostia. it speeds up through here. it's also dangerous as teens found out last night. take a look at the scene. three teens had to be rescued as they were swept from the banks of the anacostia at about 7:15. taking in all its fury. then the river took them in. they managed to cling to the bridge supports and call for help. that's when prince george's county fire and rescue came to the rescue. it was a swift water rescue. they used boats, ropes and ladders to get to the teens.
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it was a scary time for them as we hear from the fire spokesperson mark brady. >> they were getting a little anxious down in the water. they kept after a period of time saying hey, what's happening? to see a situation where three young lives could have been swept away at a moment, it's scary. >> reporter: now, we understand those teens were taken to the hospital for observation. but any number of things could have happened to them. they are very lucky today. hypothermia conditions could have set in. and of course there is always the issue of drowning. you hear the lawn mowers in the back? they're on the other side of the levee. had this levee not been here, they would be in mud there. and the teens may not have been so lucky. it did give rescuers support to get them out. testament to how strong the storms were, how swollen this river was, and how something so
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picturesque can become danger. the strong storms flooded streets here in d.c. wlook at this. two cars almost completely under water. at olive street northeast. we talked to one of the drivers who told us he had to swim to safety. fortunately, no one was hurt. this morning the national weather service is working to confirm a possible tornado in hartford county, maryland. a funnel cloud was detected last night in bel air. that's about 70 miles northeast of washington. the strong winds damaged buildings, peeled roofs off the homes, and brought down trees and utility poles. at least four people were hurt. all of the victims are expected to make full recoveries. take a look at this video of a con fimpls tornado in hampton, virginia. police there are describing the situation as quote, controlled chaos. there was damage in the city along with uprooted trees and a gas leak in some power outages.
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no major injuries reported. firefighters in virginia say severe weather is to blame for a major house fire. crews were called out to trent home drive around 10:30 last night. witnesses saw lightning strike a house. that sparked a fire in the attic. a dozen fire trucks and more than 50 firefighters were called to battle the blaze. crews say all four family members inside, they were all able to get out safely. right now in montgomery county, the search for a missing man with special needs in silver spring. he's 31-year-old ramal thomas. he actually disappeared from littleton street in the aspen hill area as the thunderstorms moved in around 5:00 yesterday evening. police say they're worried for his safety because thomas functions at the level of a 4-year-old. but he does know how to get around on public transportation on his own. he's about 5'4" tall. thomas was last seen wearing
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blue jeans with a white shirt with the words ray ray recycling imprinted on it. he should be wearing a bracelet saying citizen of maryland. if you see thomas, contact montgomery county police. the storm snarled train traffic during the evening rush hour. the strong winds caused a power outage on the tracks. as a result, all marc and amtrak trains were kept at the station. the train service is back to normal this morning. weather is not stopping construction at the wilson bridge. crews are paving the final three lanes between route one and telegraph road. only one lane gets you by. the work is expected to last until 5:00 monday morning. drivers are urged to avoid the area altogether. and don't expect relief if you plan to take the metro. crews are doing work on all five lines. the biggest headache will be on the orange line. buses will replace trains between the east and west falls
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church stations. trains will also be single tracking on sections of the blue, red, green, and yellow lines. all work should be finished by monday morning. the time is now 9:07. we'll stay on top of the storm's aftermath throughout the morning. and we're following breaking news out of egypt. up next, the medical emergency just moments after hosni mubarak is sentenced to life in prison. plus the fight to contain a wildfire the size of new york city. and the president gets personal. who he'd prefer as the gop candidate running against him rather than mitt romney. plus the note president plus tthis country was built by working people.
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the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy.
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we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ new from overnight. egy egypt's president hosni mubarak was sentenced to prison.
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shouting and fighting broke out in the courtroom. the 84-year-old who led egypt for 40 years faced a possible death sentence. he's already being taken to a cairo prison. he is the first leader to be tried by his own people in the country. now to division 2012 where the jobs report is shaking up the race for the white house. the past few months we've seen the economy go from shaky to steady. >> employers added only 69,000 new jobs, that's far less than expected. and the unemployment rate went up a bit to 8.2%. but economists say that's because more people are looking for jobs. both president obama and mitt romney commented on the dismal jobs report each offering their own spin on the numbers. >> there are steps that could make a difference now. that could also serve as a buffer in case the situation in europe gets any worse. so right now congress should pass a bill to help states prevent more layoffs. >> the president's policies with
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regards to taxation, regulation, as well as trade policies and labor policies all of them have made it less likely for businesses small and large to want to hire more people. >> and economists are not optimistic about the next few months. they say there's no sign the economy will get stronger between now and the november elections. a new financial report on mitt romney shows the gop presidential candidate's net worth is around $250 million. it's about the same as last year's financial report. romney made a large chunk through stocks managed through a blind trust. he also built his wealth from investment funds from his former company bain capital. meanwhile, president obama says he wishes he were running against john mccain again. the president says mccain is a reasonable voice on climate change and immigration. political analysts say it's part of a plan by obama to make mitt romney seem even more conservative. the president is also pointing
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out mccain's willingness to shoot down the birther issue. romney is campaigning along donald trump. and president obama finally got to spend a night at home, not here in washington though. it was his first night in chicago in awhile. the president told a group at a fund raiser last night quote, i'm going to go into my kitchen. i might cook something for myself, putter around in the back yard just a little bit. >> he deserves a little break. well, you've heard of getting out of class because of a doctor's note. but one minnesota student had something even more impressive. >> dave bergren tells us how one student got a note from the president himself. >> i was sitting in the front row with the vip. >> reporter: 11-year-old tyler sullivan wasn't at school. >> i was pretty exciting. >> reporter: instead he was at honeywell in golden valley with his dad listening to the president. >> mortgage and all the taxes. >> reporter: tyler took it all
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in, but also realized the president cares about school attendance. immediately following his speech tyler had a chance to shake hands with mr. obama. they had a moment. >> i said hi, president. and then he started asking me questions. and he was like, oh you must be out of school then? >> reporter: president obama then reached for a presidential pad of paper and a presidential pen and wrote out an official excused absence note. >> i was like really? he's going to really write me an excuse note? >> reporter: please excuse tyler. he was with me. barack obama. >> reporter: tyler's had autographed before, but this is a whole other level. >> i kind of want to brag at school and tell them look at what i got. >> reporter: now he hopes his executive excuse holds up come monday. >> i'm bringing this and showing it to my teacher mr. ackerman and i want to show you oh, this is why i missed school on friday. >> everybody say cheese.
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>> that was david bergren reporting. i bet he never turned that into the teacher. >> it's framed already. but he talked about wanting to brag about it. i don't think he needs to. it's on national television. >> yeah. >> how cool. weatherwise -- >> pretty good outside. >> -- you got a lot to brag about today. >> yes. we're finally back in mother nature's good favors. it's a lot better outside. it's a gorgeous weekend. i'll tell you the details if we're going to see rain or if we're drying out. we're drying out. answer comin i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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welcome to the week that was. it was a week full of moving parts in the presidential campaign. >> mitt romney surpassed the delegate number 1144 needed to glinch the gop nomination. but that was overshadowed by the news he hosted a fund raiser with donald trump. he repeated his debunked
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conspiracy theory about president obama being born in the u.s. >> we also unveiled new marist polls. very close. and finally the jobs numbers came out for may. they weren't good news for the obama white house. just 69,000 jobs created in the month. and the unemployment rate ticking up to 8.2%. >> that was the week that was. this morning firefighters are trying to contain the largest wildfire in new mexico's history. it is the large nest the country right now. the burn zone is 340 square miles. the fire was sparked by a lightning strike two weeks ago. and even some buildings.
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that fire sparked by lightning. no reported injuries. the fire is just about 15% contained at this point. and in the region the talk is about the severe storms. people sent us pictures on facebook, twitter, e-mail. >> we want to show you a few of those pictures. you can see we have some dark funnel-like clouds. i'm not sure what constitutes a funnel. can you imagine driving and seeing one of those? and tom tweeted one out this morning he got from a viewer in maryland. that's what you were looking at earlier. and this one -- what's this one? >> i think this is the wall of rain. you're seeing lightning as well. look how dark. and this was in the middle of the afternoon. usually we don't see this until 8:30, 9:00 at night. and yesterday -- >> that was near andrews air force base. >> yeah. they had tornado warnings that
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way as well specifically for the air force base. they were coming in. i stopped counting after the 15 warnings. but we will found out how many of those warnings actually turned into tornadoes. we had a lot of pictures. lot of pictures from the viewers. thank you very sharing them. it is saturday morning. time to get moving. and you don't have to worry about rain or severe weather at all today. so take it easy and enjoy. we have a few clouds left over this morning. i think a partly cloudy day is in order. our temperature has ticked up to 67 degrees at reagan international airport. and humidity is 57%. it feels good outside. and it will feel good the rest of the day. northwest winds are blowing at 10 miles an hour. so what you should expect, we're going to have no rain. cooler and lower humidity today. and a shower possibly to our north tomorrow. mostly in pennsylvania. maybe skirting across the mason-dixson line, but no washout forecasted.
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here's all the heavy rain that was our problem yesterday. down east maine through cape cod and the islands. going away. it's their problem. here we have the sunshine back and a nice weather day on tap. middle and upper 70s. this is few degrees cooler than what we normally see. average high is around 80. we will be reaching for a 77 inside the beltway. and the sunshine stays with us. now, keep your eye on this part of the map. tomorrow a trough of low pressure is going to try to swing through. i think most of the showers stay to our north. and maybe one skirts on frederick county. otherwise a sunny day tomorrow. if you're headed to the beach this morning, great beach weather. the water temperature now 66 at ocean city. and temperatures in the middle and eventually upper 70s tomorrow with the west wind maybe a little breezy during the
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afternoon. here's how it looks. we've got nice weather for you today. we're going to take you up to 77. 79 tomorrow. again, a shower chance up to the north. we will increase our shower chances as we head into the middle of next week. that's when we'll be back down into the lower and middle 70s for the high. on the other side of that, we'll be back up into the middle 70s with sun and clouds around on thursday and friday. but if you went to bed last night, my gosh i got a headache from the thunderstorms. it's going to be a great day today to do whatever it is you want to do. >> and leading up to this we kept saying we need the rain. are we about where we need to be? >> we are still four irges behind for the year. and we got an inch and a quarter yesterday. >> all right. thanks, kyl. turning to sports now. a rainout for the nats. and it was a historic night in new york. amber theoharis has all the news in this sports minute. >> hello and good morning.
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your sports minute begins with a game that wasn't. game one of the braves-nationals rematch postponed due to rain. an august makeup date is likely. stephen strasburg scheduled to pitch friday. he will take the mound this afternoon. orioles and rays in tampa. a rough first inning for chen. he gives up five in the frame. and that's all the rays would need. tampa bay beats baltimore 5-0. the orioles have now lost six straight. and in queens, johann santana brings joy to metville as he tosses the first no hitter in franchise history. santana throws a career high 134 pitches and no hits. the st. louis cardinals in an 8-0 mets win. on the hardwood, the mystic fall to the sky. and in the nba eastern conference finals the celtics beat the heat 101-91. miami still leads the series two games to one.
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that's your sports minute. i'm amber theoharis. have a great day. it looks like "the avengers" has competition at the box office. just some of the films hitting theaters this weekend. rafael seth takes a look at them in this week's box office preview. >> mirror mirror on the wall, who's fairest of them all? >> reporter: charlize theron gets bad news from a talking vanity in "snow white and the huntsm huntsman." she doesn't want to just give kristen stewart a poison apple, she wants to consume her heart. she sends a huntsman too get snow white only to have the pale beauty turn hims against the throne. >> all you have is belief. >> reporter: andy garcia gears
9:26 am
up for battle in "greater glory." the administration is trying to neutralize the influence of the catholic church even if it means executing priests. so garcia takes a band of militants and turns them into formidable freedom fighters. it's rated r. >> you've never done this before have you? >> it's like freedom. >> reporter: a high school senior gets his first taste of freedom in "high school." matt bush decides to experiment with illegal narcotics just once. but the next day says sadistic principal demands mandatory drug tests. a b-movie getting 3d augmentation in "piranha 3d" when flesh eating fish get loose in the water, it turns into a blood bath for everyone regardless of cup size.
9:27 am
that's the box office preview. rafael seth, nbc news. >> you want to see that right away. the hoff. >> i've had enough of the hoff. but that snow white? >> charlize theron looks fierce. we're going to have another look at the wild weather, those severe storms that we've been telling you about that came through yesterday. that's ahead in our next hour. also ahead, we've got a new take on the john edwards case. this one's not out of the courthouse this time. the mistress who had a child with edwards is sharing her story. and activists take aim at target. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again
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check it out.
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viewers snapped this picture of a possible funnel cloud west of dulles in brambleton in virginia. nothing has been confirmed. luckily there were no reports of any damage in that area. welcome back to news4 today on this saturday. i'm ann joe goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. mostly a lot of rain. it came down hard in some parts. and what appeared to be funnel clouds, maybe tornadoes. we're still waiting for confirmation on that. >> very scary clouds. it definitely impacted not only commuters but people that were hoping to fly, come into town. my husband's flight was canceled last night. and all three airports still had delays this morning dealing with it all. >> can you imagine trying to think of crossing the bay bridge yesterday like most people do on a friday. but, yeah, things were all backed up. today is a good travel day to get outside. where we have just a few clouds. some sunshine around. but no weather problems as we
9:32 am
look at the capitol dome. 67 is the magic number at the moment. and 57 is the humidity. that feels good. northwest winds are at 10. here's more numbers coming in. winchester, good morning. you're at 61. it is 66 across the bay in easton. la plata 67 pl so what are we looking at? middle and upper 70s. i like this. for me this is perfect. perfect weather with low humidity. lots of sun. not too cool, not too hot. we're going to keep it nice and friendly. we'll talk about the rest of your forecast in a few minutes. it's pretty good. i'll leave the rest up to your imagination in a bit. >> last weekend it was stifling. it was so hot and humid. so it is nice to get a break. >> yeah. all the pools are open too. >> they're busy. >> dive right in. thanks, kim. >> you're welcome. two drivers in northeast
9:33 am
d.c. found out just how dangerous rising water can be. pat collins spoke with one man who said he had to swim to safety yesterday. >> reporter: we're on eastern avenue on olive street northeast as it goes underneath the railroad tracks here. you can see a couple of vehicles deep in the water here. this one turned over on its side. take a look. you can see the windows of that vehicle have been punched out. you can see here there's a baby seat obviously a rescue that took place here on eastern avenue. look even further down deep into the water there's a yukon truck. a yukon truck deep in the water there. ricardo richardson was in that truck. he made a turn on to eastern avenue and found himself deep in water. and we talked to him about what it was like. >> i was in that truck and i made a right turn. i got about to like where the truck is.
9:34 am
and the water rose up to about -- it rose up from three feet to about, like, six feet within -- just like that. i had to jump out of the truck. luckily the windows was down. i jumped out of the truck. when i hopped on this side, i saw this car was submerged under the water. so i tried to swim out to see if anybody was in there. i couldn't see anything. by that time the rescue squad came and they pulled the car out. and wasn't nobody in it. >> reporter: so a rush hour on eastern avenue that drivers will not soon forget. near the high water, i'm pat collins, news4. >> the high and fast moving waters made for some dangerous driving in prince george's country. this is what the rush hour looked like on the beltway. commuters through deep water there. tweeted out this photo when he was stuck in it. it came up to the bumper of that huge truck there.
9:35 am
it was almost the same scene in damascus. doing what officials warn against. driving right through the rising waters there. fortunately no one was hurt. the water has since resided -- receded. take a look at this video near the police station in northeast d.c. flash floods consumed parked cars around the intersection. a police car was even taken over by the high-rising waters. several officers rushed to try and move their cars before the water got too high. luckily no one was hurt by these flash flads. we want to see your storm pictures. send them to us and we'll post them online. don't forget you can check the forecast any time on our website or by downloading our iphone and ipad app. in other news, george zimmerman now has less than 24 hours to turn himself in and go back to jail. a florida judge revoked his bail yesterday. he is charged in the shooting
9:36 am
death of trayvon martin back in february. martin was unarmed. zimmerman and his wife misled the court into thinking they did not have a lot of money to post during the initial bond hearing, prosecutors say. when they actually had $135,000 raised from the legal defense website. >> mr. zimmerman can't sit back, again i use the euphemism a potted palm and let his wife testify against the court when he knew the amounts of money in controversy. >> reporter: defense lawyers say the misunderstanding over zimmerman's funds was an honest mistake. he laz pleaded not guilty to second degree myrrh murder. arguably, the best boxer in the world is now behind bars. floi mayweather began a three month jail sentence in las vegas. his term stems from a september 2010 incident where he attacked his ex-girlfriend during a domestic dispute. he was initially sentenced in
9:37 am
december of december of 2011 but the judge allowed him to remain free so he could fight last month. john edwards has been cleared on krups charges but it seems it will go on longer. rielle hunter says she'll release a memoir later this month. it's titled "what really happened: john edwards, his daughter, and me." hunter and edwards had a child out of wedlock in 2008 after the two met during his campaign. oprah winfrey's popular book club is coming bang. the media mo gull has launched oprah's book club 2.0. it will feature the paper edition and new e-reader editions. she says this is a new interactive club for the digital world. her first book is called "wild". target is under fire once again for taking a side in the gay marriage debate.
9:38 am
the retail giant has released t-shirts that support same-sex marriage. they say harmony, pride, love is love alongside a rainbow. profits will go to a group working to defeat a gay marriage ban in minnesota. opponents are furious. two years ago target faced criticism for donating money to a minnesota gubernatorial candidate who is against gay marriage. the time is now 9:38. have you ever looked at art and wonder what in the world were they thinking? today you're going to get that question answered. how to get into the mind of some of the area's most talented artists today. we take you behind the scenes. plus here comes the queen. th
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here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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let's get a preview of what you'll find b in this week's
9:42 am
kids post. >> good morning. this week on kids post on tv, birds help kids connect from thousands of miles away. how to collect butterflies and get them to say. and folks with not much on resumes. joining us is tracy graham. >> great to be with you. >> first an unusual take on pen pals. birds are helping kids communicate with kids in other countries. this is interesting. >> this is fascinating. we look at a program that is actually run by the smithsonian but that unites kids from fairfax county and nicaragua. and the thing that connects them is the kids study the birds that migrate from northern virginia to this island in nicaragua. >> amazing. >> throughout the course of the year, they learn, they share, they make art projects and share them with each other. and real life long connections
9:43 am
are created through the birds. >> leave it to the smithsonian to come up with something so cultural and educational. >> exactly. these kids learn more about themselves and their classmates in other countries than they even do about the birds. it's really a wonderful program. >> up next, tips on a butterfly guard nn your back yard. my 3-year-old daughter would love this. >> and the thing is, it's very easy to do. in monday's kids post, we talk about how you can do this. it's just about having the right plants in your yard. and if you want inspiration, one of my favorite places is the wings of fancy butterfly exhibit at brookside gardens. so you can see the butterflies. then plant some daisies in your back yard. and the butterflies will appreciate it. >> got to get to work. and finally people who know a thing or two about holding a stable job. >> we were thinking all about the queen's diamond jubilee.
9:44 am
60 years in one job. that made us think about some other people who have held jobs for a long time. in tuesday's kids post we introduce readers to a 102-year-old doctor who has been delivering babies for 70 years. a montgomery county school teacher who has been teaching for 50 years. and of course the queen who has been on the throne for 60 years. >> terrific. all right. thanks so much, tracy. for some fun family activities, visit or and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv this week. if you need something to do this weekend whether you're a kid or parent, the whole family, a arts festival could give you a good reason. 11 stories of creativity are set up at 1851 south bell drive. it's a building set to be demolished this summer. right now it's home to artamatic
9:45 am
2012. and you have a chance to meet the artists themselves tonight. more than 1300 of our area's most talented are displaying their work for the next three weeks. i had a chance to check out some of the pieces earlier. some which are for sale by the artists. >> seven years ago i printed up a few thousand self-addressed postcards to write down a secret mail it to me. but the secrets started coming to my house. that was seven years ago. since then i've received over a half million of these extraordinary postcards. each one with a secret. they come from all over the world. >> tonight meet the artists at artamatic. and set your dvrs for a feature on this event on our n nbc washington nonstop. and i tweeted out information about the event. includesing the hours and --
9:46 am
that's funny. he showed me some of his favorite. you might have seen the one on the starbucks card. it he did calf checked on it and said i serve decaf to mean customers. >> how much does that run for? >> how much does that cost? >> it's all free. >> okay. >> that's the best part. it is completely free and some of the stuff in there will blow you away. it's not just paintings. we're talking furniture that they -- just -- the creativity is crazy. >> i was asking how much the cup costs. because at starbucks it's ten bucks or something. now it has art on it it's probably worth something more. >> yeah, no. but really neat stuff. stop by and see all the secrets. >> and the weather will cooperate for that? >> absolutely. take your secret with you and leave your umbrella behind. forecast coming up next.
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the new boeing 747-8 has arrived at dulles. the plane made its debut from frankfurt, germany. it is environmentally friendly. they will use the plane from frankfurt to washington. the airport had activity of its own yesterday. take a look at this video from tipton airport. this was shot last night from chopper had while it was grounded during the storms. it shows some very ominous looking clouds over the airport. there appeared to be signs of rotation. but no tornadoes were confirmed. and it could be quite some time before we get official word, is that right? >> that's right. i was talking earlier with you guys about how one of the airport personnel in the tower reported seeing tree debris within the perimeter of bwi.
9:51 am
likely the same storm. but, boy, am i ready for a break? >> i think everyone is. >> it's great to e soo you on this saturday morning. the time is 9:50. let's get moving. got the patch of blue there. it looks so good. how about the beach today? you'll be in the low to mid-70s this morning and this afternoon. tomorrow upper 70s at ocean city. we're at 67. and the 50s are gradually turning into 60s up to the north and west where martinsburg is now at 632. southern maryland 66. fredricksburg 67. our highs today will be in the middle and upper 70s. haigerstown putting on the brakes. and mostly sunny squies, maybe more clouds to the north and west. yesterday's heavy rain and the severe weather have shifted to
9:52 am
the east. now it's heavy flooding rain through boston. and block island. it is just nasty weather if you're traveling to new england today. there might be delays. but leaving here we shouldn't have any. in fact, we have to talk about some baseball today. 4:05 is the first pitch. braves are in town. yesterday's game got postponed from the weather. calling for partly sunny skies. 76 degrees during the first pitch. and should stay in the 70s through the seventh inning stretch. lows tonight will be chilly in the 50s just about everywhere. that is open the window weather and put on an extra blanket. we're going to have a few showers try to crop up tomorrow. i think most of them are going to stay to the north in pennsylvania. you folks in northern frederick county, northern washington, northern carroll counties might see a shower during the day. i think our area should stay dry. i'm going with a partly sunny
9:53 am
weather forecast. so to put all the details together for you, it goes like this. we're working on 77 today. this is cooler than average. a little bit warmer tomorrow not by much. still in the upper 70s. as we plan ahead through the middle of the week that's when you'll need to get your umbrellas. if you washed the car today, get a few days out of it. but we're looking at 70s again once the rain showers come back by about tuesday and wednesday on the other side of that we will be partly to mostly cloudy. and temperatures still climbing back into the upper 70s. @weatherkim on facebook and twitter. hope you share pictures. we love sharing everybody's pictures. >> how long before we get back results of whether or not there were tornadoes or not? >> i would think in e in next couple days. they're probably out today and tomorrow getting the ground on that. but they have to survey the damage. and one area actually had some trees in maryland that the branches were stripped from
9:54 am
them. that's usually a sign that it's more than just straight line winds. >> good indicator. you said even with all this rainfall we're still behind. >> four inches to go to get caught up. >> thanks, kim. starting today, hundreds of thousands of people in england will celebrate queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. >> with her 60 years on the throne, she is britain's second longest reigning monarch. this is video of her arrival at the derby. it's a great way to kick off the diamond jubilee. a trip to the horse races is one of her favorite pastimes. the jubilee is a four day event. >> here's a quick look at the rest of the diamond jubilee schedule of events. to where the pageant. and the bbc will host a concert at buckingham palace. sirs elton john and paul
9:55 am
mccartney are expected to perform. she's going to have a long day. the queen will light the national beacon. then on tuesday the festivities will end with a day of celebrations and appearances throughout london. >> we've also got behind the scenes look at the diamond jubilee in the days ahead. our own doug kammerer is headed to london to cover those. you know he loves elton john and paul mccartney. his live reports kick off monday at news4 at 5:00. a big event people watching that. >> he wants to head out for a free concert. >> who doesn't? >> i know what the real deal is. he wants to go over there to give the weather in celsius instead of fahrenheit. >> is that how they do it there? >> yes. no, no. that's canada. i forgot. >> he can try it out. >> and are we taking bets on whether he's going to break out a hat? >> i don't know. he loves his hair. >> you might pay for that one.
9:56 am
a little later on this morning we're going to introduce you to some classy ladies by day, but they are bad to the bone when they hit the rink at night. meet the d.c. roller girls coming up. plus how those strong storms will actually keep traffic rolling along in one area this weekend. that's all ahead.
9:57 am
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hi, everyone. good morning. welcome to news4 today i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. so glad you can join us early. looking live outside, a much different story than what we were dealing with yesterday afternoon and into the late evening. we have sunny skies and nice feeling of cool air out there. >> great day on tap. nothing like what we saw yesterday. look at those clouds. >> they're white. >> the ones we like to see. not those dark gray ones that we saw yesterday.
10:00 am
all throughout the afternoon and evening there. it's quite a change with that. >> some fair weather cue. that's what we'll call those. no air you can wear. just comfortable. so runners, all of us are taking a break from exercise, but if you run -- >> you have a good excuse. we don't. >> i'm coasting on that though. it's going to be gorgeous. it's 69. a bit of a breeze westerly at 13 miles an hour. around the metro, 63 in leesburg. baltimore 67. and good morning. camp springs you have 66. today 77 is what i'm going with. annapolis 75 over a leesburg 74. the cool spot today western maryland cumberland where it is beautiful and a high of 72. i'll tell you more about the weekend weather forecast coming up in just a little bit. i think you're going to like it. >> thank you. three teens are recovering this morning after crewing
10:01 am
rescued them from last night's storm. dramatic video from prince george's county and ems that shows the rescue in progress. the kids were playing along the waterway in mount rainier when they fell into e the water. the three held on to a support beam under the bridge while crews came to get them. all of them were taken to the hospital to be checked out for hypothermia. the strong storms flooded streets here in d.c. take a look at this. two cars completely under water. this was during the evening rush hour on eastern avenue at olive street northeast. we talked to one of the drivers who told us he had to swim to safety. fortunately no one was hurt. new from overnight, because of that bad weather, v.d.o.t. had to post done the construction planned on the mixing bowl. that work would have shut down all lanes last night connecting northbound i-95 to northbound 395 but the road work has now been moved to next friday night. crews will restripe the pavement
10:02 am
and shift traffic during that road closure. >> a lot of virginia drivers loving that this morning. >> weather isn't stopping the construction on the wilson bridge either. crews are paving the final lanes between telegraph roads. you'll only get one lane there. the work is expected to last until 5:00 monday morning. drivers are urged to avoid that area altogether. from the road to the air, the storms took a toll at our local airports. all three airports had delays for arriving and departing flights. it was more than two you are hoes. we just checked on it. right now arooils and departures are all running on time. jack evans says he expects to run for mayor if political scandals bring down vincent gray. for either mayor or council chairman. tom sherwood reports.
10:03 am
>> reporter: jack evans chairman of the powerful finance and revenue committee says he's helped rebuild the city and its finances. >> produced from a living downtown. not just an office building crystal city downtown. >> reporter: evans told politics hour he'd like to be mayor. >> you know, again, i've made to no set credit i would love to be mayor of d.c. i'd take it. >> reporter: two campaign aides pleaded guilty to tilt the 2010 election in his favor. that investigation continues. chairman kwame brown surnd criminal investigation for separate financial issues including his 2008 campaign. either could be forced from office. >> we have a mayor, we have a chair. until or unless something happens between now and whenever, all of us have jobs to do. >> reporter: speculation for mayor also borders on marianne bouzer and david catania who
10:04 am
have made no public comments about running. evans hopes the u.s. attorney investigations are done soon to help clear the air in city politics. >> we'd like this to get over with. we encourage the district attorney to move as quickly as he can and move forward. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4. the newest and fifth maryland casino is set to open next week and its owner are urging lawmakers not to open others. will open next week at a mall and there are already plans to open another casino in prince george's county. yesterday its owner pleaded with lawmakers to hold off on what will be the states sixth casino. before agreeing to move forward a gaming center. opponents of the redistricting plan says they are closer to putting up for a vote. they've gathered about 25,000
10:05 am
signatures and need about 30,000 more by july for it to be put on november's ballot. republicans have been critical of the congressional redistricting especially the sixth district in maryland. the redrawn plan includes a piece. an 8-year-old girl is dead after her mother accidentally ran over her and four other children who were playing in a driveway. the accident happened at a home along hannan street thursday night. marianne cruz-lopez was in the process of moving out of the home when she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. she struck the five children including her daughter and 2-year-old son with the suv. the vehicle then crashed into the garage sending bricks down on to the children. 8-year-old natalie hernandez cruz died. three of e the victims a toddler and a 6 and 7-year-old boy are all in stable condition this morning. an 11-year-old boy remains in serious condition. so far cruz-lopez has not been
10:06 am
charged. an army official who's accused of killing 16 afghan civilians has new charges this morning. robert bales now faces charges of steroid use and alcohol use in addition to murder charges. he's accused of leaving his base, going to two small villages and opening fire on random afghan citizens. his team says a claim of roid rage could be brought up but didn't want to comment further on their possible defense strategy. bales is currently being held at the military prison in ft. leavenworth, kansas. more u.s. navy warships will be moving to the asia pacific region in the coming years. leon panetta announced the move at a security conference in singapore. by 2020, 60% of the navy fleet will be in the region. some say the added military presence could lead to tensions with china. panetta says he believes it could lead to a partnership for
10:07 am
counterdrug programs and humanitarian aid. >> our every day to renew and intensify our involvement in asia is fully compatible with the development and growth of china. >> as of march, the u.s. navy has a fleet of 282 ships including support vessels. the time now is 10:07. hold off on breakfast if you haven't eaten. an event about to get started. it might have you making plans for lunch. f[ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two-year agreement. act now and we'll add a special bonus: $250 back. but hurry, this offer ends june 2nd.
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10:11 am
it's happening on wisconsin avenue between m and k streets. tickets are $5 for one tasting or $20 for five tastings. proceeds will go to the georgetown ministry center organization and shelter aiming to reduce homelessness in d.c. fishing fans, you better grab your rod and reel and hit the water. >> this weekend you can fish without a license in more than 30 states and that includes maryland and virginia. in maryland you can fish for free this and next saturday. and in virginia today and tomorrow are free fishing days. it's all part of national boating and fishing week. it's also national trails day today. parks across the country are hosting workshops and guided hikes. there are plenty of parks in our area for you to enjoy. you can celebrate national trails day, head over to american and click on national trails day. d.c. is holding its fourth annual housing expo today. anyone who owns a home or is looking to buy a home in d.c. is
10:12 am
welcome to attend. there will be workshops in everything from credit scores to home improvements. the housing expo started just a few minutes ago at 10:00 this morning. and it lasts until 3:00 this afternoon. >> a lot of good stuff happening around. just got to get out there. yesterday we were stuck inside. >> we were stuck inside and stuck outside today if you're out in the falls church area, i know they're doing their greek festival. a lot of people happy. >> baklava martucci in the house. baby would love some of that. oh, man, what are you doing to me? >> i'm ready to eat. >> the question is is it going to rain today or tomorrow? i will tell you all the details coming up with my full forecast. i'm hungry but the forecast is full. it's coming up. [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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last night storms brought a
10:16 am
cool change for today. it's nice. >> are what are you going to do today? >> i don't know. maybe sit outside. >> why don't you go to the herndon festival. >> says the hornet in the house here. we'll check in tomorrow with your pictures. >> yeah. we'll be watching your twitter feed. >> i'll be there. >> great to see you. how are you today? you got some plans? tell us what's going on. i just found out about baklava. i want to know more. let's take a look. it's gorgeous outside. we've got sun and clouds. but most importantly no nasty rain drops blowing horizontally and causing our streams and rivers to overflow nor do we have tornadoes going on like we had yesterday afternoon. 69 is where we sit at reagan national. the dew point is 51. people say what does that mean? the lower it is, the drier the air feels. west winds blowing at 13 miles an hour. so here's what we have today.
10:17 am
no rain. cooler and lower humidity. and if anybody sees a shower tomorrow, it'll be a farther north. right along the mason-dixson line is what i'm thinking. pretty sure most of the day around here should be dry. here are the numbers coming in. looking good with that 67. 64 in rockville. and towards huntington 68 degrees. high temperatures will move out of the 60s and into the 70s. like 75 at leesburg and gaithersburg. frederick too. luray we're looking at a high of 77 this afternoon. heavy rain is now along the new england coastline. it's going to be pestering them all day. around here we have the sunshine. we don't have to worry about this. this batch of energy will try to pin wheel to our north tomorrow. that would trigger that isolated shower chance i around our northern suburbs.
10:18 am
that would be late tomorrow afternoon. look at these lows tonight. this feels fantastic. leesburg 54. 68 the water keeps warmer over there. just partly cloudy skies tonight. the sunshine all day today and then look tomorrow. we try to get those showers to develop. most of them should be staying up farther to the north in northern pennsylvania. i don't think we'll see too many around here. if you are headed to the beaches, i have good news for you. ocean city, the water temperature is 66. and weather today will be in the middle 70s and upper 70s with mostly sunny skies for your sunday. so let's get this show on the road. your weather forecast looks like this. middle and upper 70s today and tomorrow. we'll reach for 80 on monday. for tuesday and wednesday that's when we start to cloud up more with showers maybe a thunderstorm moving in. temperatures in the lower to middle 70s. then beyond that, a little touch and go thursday and friday. call for highs around 76. so looking good. forecast is nice this weekend.
10:19 am
hope everybody has a great, safe weekend. just enjoy. we need a break from all that rain. >> don't wash your car if you don't have to. although it will last you. >> thanks, kim. softball, kick ball, hockey. they've made their mark in d.c. now a new kind of athletic club is skating into town. >> it's roller derby. we're going to introduce you to this team and find out what makes it unique. here you go little man.
10:20 am
[ humming ] [ babbling ]
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10:22 am
welcome back. if you really want to live on the edge, spend some time with the d.c. roller girls. >> actually their lives are quite normal. when most call it a night, the roller derby league a heating up.
10:23 am
>> zachary kiesch has their story. >> reporter: they come from all walks of life. secretaries, librarians, even a vets assistant. regardless of what they do to pay the bills, they are all roller girls at heart. >> you go to work to pay the bills and buy derby equipment. you need some new wheels, you need new skates, new pads. you want to travel to cincinnati to play their team. you know, it's -- i think it's for a lot of people it's more than just a hobby. you know what i mean? >> reporter: step inside the armory next to the stadium any niekt of the week and you'll find an elbow throwing, hip checking subculture of d.c. roller girls. and they want to make one thing clear. >> the biggest misconception is this is staged. there was a time when it was. there was a time when this was comparable to the wwf or wwe i guess it's called now. but today everything you're seeing is action.
10:24 am
>> the games start off with five players on each team made up of three blockers, your pivot or play caller. >> then in the back you have a jammer. she has the story on her helmet. she'll be the one that runs up, she scores the points. there's no ball. there's no end zone. both teams play offense and defense at the same time. >> reporter: but it's not for the faint of heart. or uninsured. >> had a couple concussions, broke my tailbone, obliterated l-5 and had back surgery. took a little time off but i'm back from that. >> reporter: despite the competition there's camaraderie between the girls. >> once it's over, we're all friends. we'll all grab a beer together. but yeah. on the track it's serious. it's fun. but we take our friend very
10:25 am
seriously. >> reporter: i love professional sports but i think something that's kind of missing is that just drive. there's no money here. we run this league. we keep it on -- we do all the marketing. it's all heart. and it's all for the love of the sport. i think that's something unique. >> reporter: zachary kiesch, news4 sports. >> he league was founded in 2006 and now 78 women participate. >> want to be 79? >> i would consider doing that, but i don't know if i remember how to roller skate. >> we should try it out. if i'm going to herndon festival, i think you should put on skates and skate around here tomorrow. >> i'm not going to skate around the studio but it looks cool. being a mom, i think it's a great outlet to get out all that aggression and stress you deal with on a daily basis. and at the end they're all friends. >> an alter ego out there. >> yeah. angry ang. if you think skating is dangerous, look at this video.
10:26 am
a garbage truck driver saw something strange through an intersection. it was a runaway baby stroller. the driver immediately stopped his truck to block traffic and then reran after the carriage. the woman who was watching the baby apparently didn't realize the stroller wasn't locked. fortunately nobody was hurt. the driver even said the baby was giggling after the unexpected ride. just look at that. that is scary stuff. >> we were talking. it can happen so fast. >> we've had moments of oh my gosh what happened to my kid. >> at only with strollers but shopping carts. >> the ones i always see roll sideways and you don't see that. now they reach out and pull themselves everywhere. that's the other problem i have. glad the baby's okay. how about nice weather for the herndon festival. we have the virginia wine festival going on too. look at the weather outside. it's gorgeous. the humidity feels good too.
10:27 am
not a sticky day, everybody. the weather is going to show you 70s today. 77. 79 tomorrow. we have a stray shower possible northern suburbs tomorrow. monday 80 and then no real threat of bigger rain until about tuesday and wednesday. those are the wet days coming up this week. >> real quickly we're looking at reports on bwi and a possible tornado. >> within the perimeter. we're waiting for the ground troop to come out on that. >> that's going to wrap it up for this edition of news4 today. we appreciate all of you joining us. keep sending in those storm picks at >> we're going to be back here tomorrow morning starting at ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon
10:28 am
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