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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 4, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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work a little smoother. it's -- yellow line stations will start at the green line station. the changes appear as dashed lines on metro maps. also today, loudoun county supervisors should get an earful about metro's silver line. the board of supervisors meeting to hear residents' complaints. opponents fear the county will raise taxes to pay for phase two of the line which runs to dulles. the board isn't expected to vote until this summer as to whether to remain part of the project. crazy storms on friday. we had a beautiful weekend. hope it continues through the workweek. >> tom kierein, what deuce? >> indeed. after the crazy friday afternoon, things did settle down over the weekend. although we did have a few scattered thundershowers yesterday afternoon and evening.
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this morning -- i had to jump out and take this photo. that's not the sun. it was a gorgeous, full moon flooding the western sky with moonlight this morning. and that moon now getting lower in the western sky. and we've had a few of these passing showers coming through. by the way, if you have any interesting photos, send them to our facebook page. send them them there. we had showers overnight. they did come into the metro area though briefly with a sprinkle. patches of green, storm 4 radar showing a few showers on the eastern shore, northeastern maryland. elsewhere, a few breaks in the clouds. and it's a mostly clear sky across virginia, into west virginia where that bright moon is shining now. as we get going, it is a cool start. in fact, down to the mid 50s most locations. had to turn the heat on coming in this morning. low to mid 50s in montgomery county. arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties. near the bay waters, low 60s.
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65 now at reagan national. here's the day planner for this monday. a slight chance of an afternoon shower. otherwise, a partly cloudy day. highs reaching mid to upper 70s. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. danella has an update on our monday traffic. good morning. good morning, taking the roads, look out for construction if you're traveling on the inner loop at leesburg pike. two right lanes are blocked due to the work zone. if you drove the wilson bridge this weekend, i apologize. i know how tough it was. starting on friday, actually, we saw big delays as you crossed the wilson bridge heading from maryland and making your way toward telegraph road. it was a mess. now it looks like the work zone is clear. it looks like lanes are open, no delays in this area. good news. now crossing over the american legion bridge, no issues here making your way and heading into virginia, as well as on the outer loop of the beltway heading to montgomery county. no issues there. making your way from the dulles toll road heading to the change, 58 miles per hour, not bad. 13 minutes to make the trip. i'm back in ten with another
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look at traffic. over to you. >> thank you. 4:32. we'll be keeping an eye on wall street to see how the markets respond to last week's disappointing jobs report. just 69,000 new jobs were created last month. the fewest in nearly a year. the unemployment rate jumped to 8.2%. the obama campaign is blaming congress for the numbers. one spokesperson says an additional one million jobs would have been created if congress had approved the president's job initiatives. mitt romney supporters say the jobs report is proof president obama's economic policies simply aren't working. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is giving president obama some credit for helping the commonwealth's economy. the republican governor and mitt romney supporter told cnn yesterday the stimulus programs did some good for virginia. mcdonnell says the country would benefit more from a republican agenda. the only thing i can say is he had a -- nearly $1 trillion in stimulus. that was one-time spending.
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>> did had t help? >> did it help in the short term, balancing the budget? sure. does it help in the long term to cut the unemployment rate? i'd say no. >> mcdonnell blamed the president for being weak on energy policy that republicans feel would create thousands of jobs. he did not talk about speck authorization he could be mitt romney's running mate. 4:34. nigeria will observe three days of mourning after a passenger jet crashed killing all 153 people on board. that jet crashed in the country's biggest city, lagos, yesterday near the airport. military officials say the pilot contacted the airport tower and reported engine troubles. crews say the jet crashed into two apartments -- two apartment buildings. at least ten people were killed on the ground. two firefighters are dead after their air tanker crashed in western utah. they were battling a 5,000-acre wildfire along the utah/nevada border yesterday afternoon. ground crews were also pulled after the crash. jury selection will begin for the man accused of killing a
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father and son during an armed robbery two years ago. the shooting happened inside the leda wholesale market at 5th street in northeast in 2010. christian taylor shot and killed 59-year-old mankun chi and his son. jury selection is to start at 9:00. closing arguments are set today in john hastens murder trial. he's accused of proposing as a pepco worker and entered david williams' house. he and brooks went back to the house the next day where she robbed and killed williams. brooks already pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison. a heads up to pedestrians in the merrifield area of fairfax county. starting today police will be writing tickets for pedestrians who don't use the crosswalk.
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pedestrians tried to take a shortcut around the construction at that intersection, but that puts them in the way of traffic. two pedestrians have been hit by cars. officers wrote 361 citations during a warning period. a ticket could cost you $250. as for the construction, it isn't expected to be finished for another four years. 4:36. the diamond jubilee celebrations continue today with a star-studded concert at buckingham palace. yesterday's cold and rainy weather did not stop hundreds of thousands of people from coming out to watch queen elizabeth sale down the river thames. she led a procession of 1,000 boats to celebrate her 60 years on the throne. today's concert will feature performances by elton john, paul mccartney, and stevie wonder. what a lineup. the concert begins this afternoon at 2:30 eastern/standard time. later tonight the queen will light the national beacon outside buckingham palace. news4 is getting a behind-the-scenes look at the queen's diamond jubilee. our own doug kammerer is in
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london to cover the festivities. look for his reports starting tonight on news4 at 5:00. wonder if he's up. >> up already? >> yeah. london time, you know. >> that's right. already -- later in the morning there. >> we'll do the math later. 4:37 here now. ahead on "news4 today," no dream at all. the surprise awakening a d.c. woman got in the middle of her weekend slumber. weeks after the historic flight, the space shuttle "enterprise" on the move again. a cool start as you head out. graduation, huh ?
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this is something you don't see every day. that is the shuttle "enterprise" on a flatbed of a tugboat going across the hudson river. you might remember just a few months ago that same shuttle was on display near dulles international. discovery took its place there. and "enterprise" moved to new york. now to new jersey. tomorrow another tugboat will move it to the manhattan side of the river. then a huge crane will lift the shuttle and place it on the flight deck of the "intrepid," a decommissioned aircraft carrier that is now a museum. >> we see the gorgeous displays and forget how much work goes into something that large. >> so we can ooh and ahh later. >> exactly. thanks for caring. coming up on 4:41 as we take a live look outside this morning. tom kierein, we're looking for a
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lot of sun today, huh? >> yeah, but not going to see a lot. later this afternoon we'll probably have clouds again. we're clearing a little this morning. you may have heard the furnace rumbling to life overnight as it's cooled down to the 50s all these areas in dark green. the lighter green areas in the low to mid 60s. that includes areas near the tidal potomac and around the bay. elsewhere, low to mid 50s much of the region. hometown forecast for charles county's waldorf, maryland, by mid morning, mid 60s and partly cloudy. a partly cloudy midday. by noontime low 70s. and partly sunny during the afternoon, hitting the mid 70s. only only a slight chance of an isolated shower. by mid evening, 60s. by this time tomorrow morning, starting off cool again. in the 50s. a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky. we'll take a look at the rest of the week ahead. looks like it's going to be cooler than average. the seven-day outlook coming up in ten minutes at 4:51.
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coming up is danella with the latest. good morning. thanks. if you're traveling the outer loop trying to access 66, that ramp shut down again today due to roadwork. checking out things along i-66 if this is your commute this morning, nice and clearment not seeing anything in the roadways now. here's a live look as you make your way past the rest area. eastbound as well as westbound, very light volume this morning. inside the beltway, same story. glebe road, no issues. in fact, eastbound speeds, as well, looking nice at 61 miles per hour. 11 minutes to get from the beltway to gw parkway. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at traffic. back to you both. >> thank you. 4:42. now 63 degrees. still to come, a popular grocery store forced to evacuate. the thing that was making customers sick. also ahead, her night to shine. how miss maryland was making a name for herself at the miss america pageant.
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welcome back. at 4:44, the worldwide search for an adult film actor wanted for murder is now focused on paris. police are investigating claims luca rocco magnata has been spotted in the french capital. he's wanted in montreal. police say he killed a man he was dating, videotaped the attack, and mailed his victim's dismembered body parts to the headquarters of canada's conservative and liberal political parties. they believe helew to france last week. jury selection scheduled to start tomorrow in the child sex abuse case against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the 68-year-old is accused of molesting ten boys over a 15-year period. sandusky pleaded not guilty. a judge denied his lawyer's request to delay the start of the trial so they could have more time to prepare. legal experts say the case will depend heavily on the credibility of the prosecution's witnesses because there may be little or no forensic evidence. family, friends, and fans
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are mourning the loss of actor-turned-game show host richard dawson. he died saturday at a hospital in los angeles. he lost his paddle with cancer. he was the host of the popular game show "family feud." during his nine-year run he kissed an estimated 20,000 women. remember that? earlier in the '60s he played a prisoner of war in "hogan's heroes." dawson was 79 years old. an 18-year-old security guard at a daycare if landover has a long road to recovery from a baseball bat attack. 18-year-old jalen farmer stepped in when michael young walked into the daycare center and got upset when he couldn't use the phone back in april. farmer had a baseball bat, but according to police, young wrestled it from him and attacked. young stole the keys of one of the employees and escaped. police later arrested him. farmer was severely injured in that attack. >> he has a long road ahead of him.
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it's going to be a rough road for him. however, his spirits are up. he doesn't see himself as a h o hero, but of course his family and friends and everyone that's been here for him, we all see him as a hero. >> farmer's family says he took the job to help pay for college. the waldorf jaycees planning an preshz dinner for him next month. the proceeds will help pay for his medical expenses. shoppers at the whole food market in rockville got an unwelcome surprise in the store. firefighters say someone set off a can of pepper spray yesterday afternoon. officials evacuated the entire store, sending everyone outside for a short while. no one needed treatment or a trip to the hospital. crews vented the building thoroughly. no word on who set off the pepper spray can. a close call as a cash crashed through a woman's apartment in the middle of the night. it happened around 3:30 sunday morning. the woman of hit in the head by a flying tire. her neighbor, a nurse, stayed with her until emergency crews arrived on the scene.
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>> she was disoriented, yeah. i had an ice pack on her head. >> it could have been a lot worse. >> yeah. it could have been, yeah. just a blessing. >> the woman is expected to be okay. police are trying to figure out what caused the driver to crash into the building. nearly 1,000 homeowners in northern virginia who once faced foreclosure can now get financial help thanks to a national mortgage settlement. bank of america and jpmorgan chase announced refinancing eligibility for homeowners in prince william county and in manassas and manassas park. prince william county was particularly hard hit during the housing crisis. it reported more than 16,000 foreclosures since 2004. that's more than 10% of all homes in the county. the banks will be notifying homeowners about their refinancing eligibility in the coming months. hundreds of couples in our region said "i do" again. >> i will love you and honor you
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in good times and in bad. >> cardinal donald wuerl led more than 500 couples in renewing their vows. all of the couples have been married at least 25 years. the cardinal says between all of the couples who registered, they total more than 36,000 years of marriage. a big congratulations. that's awesome. the miss usa pageant was a nail-biter to the end. it came down to a volleyball player from poe came, maryland, and a cellist from rhode island. >> miss usa 2012 -- rhode island! >> there you go. rhode island's olivia kopo took home the crown. she'll represent the u.s. in the miss universe crown in november. coming in a close second was miss maryland usa.
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earlier we tauk caught up with her. she talked about how great it was to grow up in the d.c. metro area. >> i'm blessed to have grown up in the maryland/d.c./virginia area. it's molded me into the ambitious person i am. >> miss maryland is from potomac. she graduated from sidwell friends school. she's currently applying to medical school. >> i'm biased. we were rooting for miss maryland, hoping she'd win. congratulations to all the lovely ladies. >> absolutely. coming up on 4:50 on this monday -- 4:51 on this monday morning. >> let let's check the forecast. >> we're off to a cool start this morning. you may need the heat going on in the cars as you go to work on this monday morning. and all around our region, temperatures are cool. there's a live view from the h.d. city camera. we've got a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky over washington. temperatures at reagan national, the warm spot. it's at 65. but it's comfortable dry.
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dew point 52. a light breeze. but the wind ought to pick up as the morning progresses. the last 12 hours, 4:00 sunday afternoon, we had a few scattered showers mainly south of the metro area. then overnight, a few passed through. they're on the eastern shore, and the cloud cover is breaking up around much of the region. we've got the bright, full moon in the western sky. temperatures into the 50s most of maryland, virginia, and into west virginia. near the bay water, tidal potomac, low to mid 60s. here is how your day is taking shape. by 9:00, partly cloudy, into the low to mid 60s by then. and our sunrise at 5:44. that's getting earlier and earlier. by noontime, partly sunny to mostly sunny. we'll be in the low 70s by then. mid-afternoon ought to hit the mid to upper 70s. then by late afternoon back down to the low 70s under a partly sunny sky. only a slight chance of an isolated shower this afternoon as well as tomorrow and then wednesday, maybe a little greater chance. still not much of a chance. partly sunny tuesday and
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wednesday. low 70s for highs tomorrow, mid 70s wednesday. these are cooler than average temperatures. average shy 81. and by thursday, we do have an increased chance of some mainly afternoon showers and thundershowers. highs upper 70s. finally up near the average high on friday, saturday and sunday looking great. friday, saturday, sunday, sunshine, into the low to mid 80s on saturday and sunday. looking delightful. not a lot of humidity either. i'm back this ten minutes with another update. danella has traffic. good morning. good morning. checking things on route 54, if this is your commute in maryland, no issues here. eastbound as well as westbound, light volume on route 50 in this area. making your way between annapolis and the beltway, not seeing anything too worry about. volume's very light. you're traveling at posted speeds in that area. taking the beltway, a live look at connecticut avenue. again, no issues traveling the inner loop or the outer loop of the beltway in montgomery county, nice and clear. and outer loop checking travel speeds in this area, not bad.
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looks like you're above speed at 63 miles per hour. ten minutes from i-95 to i-270. slow down. back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. aaron and eun? >> thank you. 4:53. the nationals are still in first place, but just percentage points ahead of the new york mets and miami marlin after losing a heartbreaker yesterday. the atlanta braves beat the nats 3-2. that's despite home runs by steve lombardosi and brice harper. harper had a double later in the game but was thrown out trying to stretch the hit into a triple -- yikes. he was trying to be aggressive. his manager says that wasn't the right time to take a chance. bummer. >> he got me. in that situation, you know, i was thinking get three, but maybe i should have backed off a little, got two. with deloach and morris coming up, all i thought was he had to make a perfect throw and send t
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it. >> if you go, you got to make sure it's no contest. and you just -- he's a young, aggressive player. i like to see it. that's the case where -- we're in a situation to be in scoring position. >> lesson learned. the nationals are off today. they host the mets tomorrow night. ♪ a familiar face will not compete for teen usa at the poichblths gymnast shawn johnson says she's retiring because of a knee injury. the three-time olympic gold medalist had been working on a comeback since last year. last night she decided her long-term health was more important. the 20-year-old says she was attend college, volunteer, and stay involved in projects for gymnasts or gymnastics. johnson says she will attend the games next month as a spectator. >> i'm sure she's disappointed. but she has so much going for her. she won the "dancing with the stars" thing and -- ? rough, though, at -- she'll be fine. she'll figure out something to
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do at 20 years old. >> yes. she's got a lot going for her. 4:54. a new weapon in the fight against breast cancer. coming up, how to avoid painful side effects. the break drivers are catching as the busy driving season ramps up. better than the old "dog ate my homework" line. the excused absence note that got people talking.
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this appears to be a good year to buy a new dealerships are upping the incentives to move cars off their lots. the auto industry averaged more than $2,000 per vehicle in rebates and discounts last month. up almost 4% from april. that's according to, which is a web site that tracks auto prices. cheverolet offered the biggest discounts in may. analysts expect even more discounts as dealers try to make room for 2013 models. it's also costing less to get around. companies that track gas prices like aaa and the lundberg survey, they expect gas prices to keep dropping into the summer. right now aaa averages -- they say the average for the district is $3.72 for a gallon of regular. it dropped almost a penny this weekend. maryland, you're paying $3.51 this morning which is down one cent. in virginia, the average is down a penny to $3.39. in west virginia, your average dropped to a fraction of a penny or by a fraction of a penny to $3.65.
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>> keeps going that direction. >> still down. i paid $3.73. it was great. versus like $4.20 -- ? virginia? >> no, maryland. it's cheaper, definitely. there's an 11-year-old boy in minnesota who's going to school today with what might be the best excuse ever for skipping class. >> i'll say. the fifth grader was with the president. tyler sullivan missed school on friday to watch the president speak at a honeywell facility in golden valley. immediately followeding the speech, sullivan got to shake hands with mr. obama. when the president realized sullivan skipped school, he got out a pen and card with presidential letterhead. the note reads, "mr. ackerman, please excuse tyler, he was with me." a good excuse. the proof is even better. >> i don't know if he'll get the excused absence. but it is a good -- the president did it once for 2009. a 10-year-old in florida. wrote her a note because


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