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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  June 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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after a friend of a murder suspect. there was punching and kicking. a man down. a police chase. two assault suspects arrested, and a victim treated for a cut over his eye. >> my brother is the wrong person to take your anger out on. he had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with that. so i just think they're lashing out on the wrong person. >> reporter: a lot of sadness in congress heights today. you see this street fight came in response to a murder this morning on 13th place. the victim, 29-year-old amber kent, stabbed to death inside her apartment. police say the suspect in that case is a woman, a neighbor, and amber kent's best friend. for ms. kent's relatives, it's been a torturous day. >> we're doing like any normal
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family is doing, just trying to figure out why. why did if happen to her? >> reporter: amber kent was the mother of a little girl and they say that girl was in the apartment at the time. >> i can't even imagine what -- how a child feels to even witness something like that. it is sad. and i just pray for her. >> later in the day an arrest at malcolm x elementary school as the suspect went to see her daughter. sharon moore said he helped to hold her down. did she say anything? >> no. she was intoxicated, high off of drugs so she couldn't say anything. the only thing she said, she wanted to see her daughter for the last time. >> reporter: 31-year-old sedrice alvin charged tonight with murder of her best friend. live at homicide, pat collins, news 4. we have a developing story
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tonight. a jury is now deliberating in the case of a prince georges county businessman allegedly killed by two men posing as petco workers. david williams was shot in an apparent robbery inside his bowie home last july. police arrested craig brooks and john haston after that crime. brooks has already pled guilty. closing arguments at hampton's trial ended earlier this afternoon. lawyers for the so-called east coast rapist are planning to use an insanity defense. aaron thomas will stand trial in prince william county for the abduction and rape of two teen girls on halloween night back in '09. he is also linked to attacks in virginia, maryland, and connecticut over the past 20 years. attorneys for thomas say he is suffering from hallucinations. while behind bars he has tried to hurt himself. a hearing on friday will determine if he is competent to stand trial. the billboard campaign that led to the arrest of the east coast rapist will soon be used to find the killer of a virginia tech student.
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julie carey is here now with details of a new suspect sketch in the morgan harrington case. julie? >> what morgan harrington's parents call the campaign to find their daughter's killer. now they hope this new composite sketch enhanced by fbi specialists will help someone make a connection and turn the suspect in. harrington's mother jill spoke to news 4 by phone about the publicity campaign about to get under way. >> it just is so much more recognizable i feel than the artist's rendering from 2005. i think it really increases the likelihood that someone will see him and recognize him and call in a tip. >> reporter: morgan harrington was last seen leaving a metallica campus on the uva campus in october of 2009. her body was found three months later in a remote field outside charlottesville. her parents have been vigilant in their push to find her
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killer, even returning to the place where her body was found to draw attention to the unsolved case. in september of 2005 the same man grabbed a woman outside a fairfax city giant and dragged her to a park where he assaulted her. now the virginia state police and fbi are preparing to launch a renewed campaign to find the suspect. soon billboards will go up bearing the composite sketch. same technique produced a tip that led to the arrest of the east coast rapist back in march of 2011. jill harrington says the decision to publicize the case renews her hope. >> the more places we can get this image out, the happier i am. because it will lead to an arrest and i am determined that we find this serial offender through investigative means rather than through forensics from another dead body. i want to know that i did everything within my power to help save the next girl. >> a press release from the fbi reminds us that while the new composite sketch attempts to better identify the suspect he
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could have also altered his appearance. there is a $150,000 reward being offered in connection with the case. 100,000 comes from the harringtons and oo,000 from the band metallica. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire aboard a double decker d.c. sight seeing bus. it happened this afternoon along i-295 here near the john philips sousa bridge. you can see the back section the bus caught fire. officials tell us the only person aboard at the time was the driver. and they say he managed to get off safely. no one else was hurt. george zimmerman could get out of jail for a second time if a new bond hearing is granted. last friday a judge revoked his bond in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. prosecutors say zimmerman and his wife did not disclose a pay pal account that contained more than $135,000. that money, they say, was intended to fund his defense. but zimmerman's attorney claims his client was confused and didn't deliberately lie to the
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court. >> if this was their intent why would they tell me the first day it was discussed and forward all of the money i asked him to the day we asked him to? >> a bond hearing could be scheduled by next week. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder following the fatal shooting of martin in february. that teenager was unarmed at the time. teens from the national weather service are surveying the damage today after severe storms wreak havoc across our region friday. 11 confirmed tornadoes touched down in maryland and virginia causing millions of dollars in damage. there were nine in maryland, three in montgomery county, two struck carroll county. anne arundel county, howard, prince georges, hartford counties each had one twister. a local emergency was also declared in hampton, virginia after a tornado there caused more than $4 million in damage. another tornado hit petersburg. so what's next? meteorologist veronica johnson is here now with the cooler
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temperatures and our next chance for some rain. veronica? >> that is exactly it for the week. the cool, a big area of cool conditions right over us. take a look at today. 70 to about 75 degrees. most neighborhoods up in frederick, maryland 72 right now. just a little warmer down south. 77 degrees in fredericksburg but really this week characterized by a lot of cool and unsettled conditions. bai yun settled? we'll have more of these clouds rotating through. partly cloudy right now. even some showers. not too far away. just west of fredericksburg and down south around charlottesville. so can't rule out an isolated shower for 11:00 p.m. our temperatures dipped down to the mid 60s by 11:00 p.m. so as far as your fast forecast goes we've got a nice evening. some cloud cover for the overnight period and showers likely for some of you tomorrow morning. we'll talk about the forecast coming up for the rest of the week and the weekend. something that we haven't seen
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in a little while around here coming our way the upcoming weekend. back to you. >> all right. thanks, veronica. and the race for the white house, president barack obama, republican opponent mitt romney, on the road today raising cash for their campaigns. the president will get a little help from former president bill clinton at a trio of fundraisers in new york. romney is on the west coast holding private fundraisers in seattle and portland, oregon. recent polls show a tightening of the race. a rasmussen poll released today has the two candidates tied in virginia with 47% of likely voters. >> we're just two days away now from the grand opening of maryland's newest casino. maryland live is located near awe rundle mills mall in hanover. it will be maryland's closest slots parlor to the d.c. metro area. not everyone is excited about all of the extra visitors. it's expected to attract. derrick ward has our story. with just days to go the finishing touches are still being worked on for existing
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retail in the shadow of maryland it's a gamble. more traffic could mean more incidental business but too much of it and people may go elsewhere. what about the communities around the casino? this is the boulevard. already busy and promises to get only business err once the casino traffic is here. nearby home owners are henleying their bets but for some the odds don't look too good. >> a lot of people want to go to the mall just to see what the casino looks like. yeah. so i'm kind of concerned because i can't cross the street at all. i have to turn right and it's kind of scary. >> changes have already been made to existing traffic patterns and that could ease some of the congestion issues. >> everybody is trying to see but traffic is going to get pretty bad around here. >> reporter: with gaming revenues slated to go back to the state for education and public safety there will be benefits for those near the casino and beyond. the question is, will those positives outweigh any
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negatives? those most affected hope it comes down to more than a roll of the dice. derrick ward, news 4. a warning for pedestrians in fairfax county. construction along gallows road has taken away a sidewalk. near the dunn loring metro station. so now people have to use a marked crosswalk to get by and many are breaking those rules. last week police issued warnings. today they started issuing violators $250 tickets. two pedestrians have been hit by cars in that area in the last five months. >> next and new at 5:00 tonight on news 4, easy access. how someone was able to get inside a fairfax county petting zoo and attack the animals. a local police department is using gift cards as an incentive to crack down on crime. some of the biggest names in music are performing at the queen's diamond jubilee tonight. one royal family member is noticeably absent. our own doug kammerer is in london with the developments for us.
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queen elizabeth's husband hospitalized in the midst of her
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diamond jubilee celebration. prince philip the duke of edinburgh is expected to remain in the hospital a few days because the queen's press secretary says he developed a bladder infection and is being kept for observation. the duke was at the queen's side all day yesterday during the flotilla ride on the river thames. he will turn 91 on saturday. today marks day three of the festivities and our own doug kammerer is in the middle of it all, in london as thousands pay tribute to her royal highness as she celebrates 60 years on the throne. >> jim and wendy i know you are probably a little jealous we get to spend our time here in london and really the next couple days here for what is going to be a great couple days. they've called it a right royal weekend, ending the weekend today and one more day tomorrow where they've been celebrating the queen's diamond jubilee. she has been on the throne for 60 years and they have done so many great events here over the last couple days. tonight's event a fantastic concert right at buckingham
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palace. i mean, right behind buckingham palace they set up a huge concert venue. we were out there among the crowd. i got to have a little fun with some of them as well. from all over england and really all over the world. we had a great day. though it was on the cold side and we had to wear the jackets it was raining a little bit. but we got to see a great shot of big ben right when the sun came out. big ben an iconic feature here in london. everybody knows big ben. we got to see something else we weren't expecting to see. we just happened to be there at the right time. the changing of the guard. what a display. the horses rolling on in. we got to see the change of the guard and then the horses roll right back out. it was simply amazing to be able to view that on a day like today. so far day number one has been fantastic. at 6:00 we'll talk more about the preps for that concert and more about the diamond jubilee right here in london. and the concert headliners include paul mccartney, elton john, and annie lick. be sure to tune in for doug's
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next report on news 4 at 6:00. firefighters are dealing with a loss today as they battle wild fires in two western states, two pilots flying a fire fighting tanker were killed yesterday when their plane crashed in southwest utah. both pilots from boise, idaho were killed. it was the first of two crashes involving firefighting tankers yesterday. the tanker made a belly landing at an airport in the second incident. meanwhile the battle continues against a large wildfire in new mexico. more than 1200 people are fighting the blaze which started last month but is still less than 20% contained. >> it may take a while to contain that until the monsoon rains really start. >> probably a couple weeks until it's completely contained. we've got dry skies meanwhile. >> and cool. the air is dry. it's crisp. it feels like an early spring day. what is going on, right? after some of the hot and sticky stuff that we've already had to
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deal with. pretty sky right now. the little puffy clouds. the air again dry. so nice and comfy out there and it's going to be a bit of a cool evening, too, coming our way. let's check out the temperature right now at 74 degrees. we just dropped a degree and our wind out of the north at 18 miles per hour. so to go along with this, yes. it's a little breezy, too. as far as your good night wakeup forecast we could have isolated showers by the time we get to 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. there will be more clouds moving into the area. those clouds will be with us early tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy with i think a few isolated to scattered showers early on. temperatures in the upper 50s. just take a look at the radar and notice the movement from northwest to southeast. there you can see showers there around i-64. charlottesville toward richmond and heading toward the northern neck area. temperature right now 72 degrees. mount airy at 77 south and fredericksburg down here is where some of the warmest air was down to the south.
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take a look at the cool stuff though in boston. 51 the current temperature. and you saw that spin. that's an area of low pressure off the coast and in the upper atmosphere and it's going to be stuck. just about all week long. not really moving much at all. so that means we'll have kind of like carbon copy days with probably a better chance of rain. some showers coming up on wednesday. mid week. so here we are early tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m. clouds across the area. some showers there. mainly around the potomac and areas down to the south. then some scattered showers maybe even isolated thunderstorms for your afternoon tomorrow and then tomorrow morning or wednesday morning i should say we start out with a break in the cloud cover but back to some showers and back to some isolated storms. again, i think our best chance will be on wednesday as we get a little bit of a break in the cloud cover and a chance to warm up a little bit. 63 to 69 with the north wind 10 to 15 miles per hour so a little breezy. 54 to 59 degrees early tomorrow morning with those isolated showers around the area.
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so all week long it's not the big umbrella that air going to need. it's the small umbrella. the little purse sized. any of these showers that come through they're not going to bring a tremendous amount of rain at all because it's not really that humid out there. so the showers that come, that go, 76 ufr high for wednesday. 78 for thursday. right now friday is looking very nice at 80 degrees. what is on the other side of friday? some higher heat, some humidity. we'll take a look in a couple minutes. >> the weekend. >> yes. >> as always. >> we look ahead. thanks. >> coming up next on news 4 at 5:00 a football fan targeted because of her favorite team but not so fast. this crime was caught on her home surveillance system. >> the nerve. drastic changes to help improve the commute on metro. we'll see what it means for people who ride the rails. facebook for kids. what the social networking giant is doing to cater to kids under the age of 13. later tonight at 6:00 an interesting survival story.
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a serious accident has flipped a car and split it in two.
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tonight in sports we're talking basketball. >> dan is live at verizon center with news about the wizards coach. >> hey, wendy and jim. they decided to hang with who they had already. randy whitman was the interim head coach. they have removed that and given him a two-year contract to be the head coach of the washington wizards. the primary reason is because these young players responded to him. they won six in a row with eight out of ten to finish the season. now the roster rebuild continues for this team that has had four straight losing seasons. i asked randy what do you do with two of the top three highest players in lewis and balch who were basically not factors last year?
5:24 pm
>> they're part of this team and i've got to try to either get them to where they need to be and on the same page with everybody else or something has to change and it's pretty simple, pretty black and white. and that is who i am. there is no gray here. this is how we'll do it. and whoever is onboard is onboard and wlofr is not we have to do something about that. >> this is still john wahl's team zplekt. >> absolutely. >> you need him to be the guy. and it doesn't seem like he took that leap that we were hoping for. maybe it was because of the situation. maybe it was because of the lockout. he has to do that this next year. >> i think it's important. i saw things the last four to five weeks that i was looking to see. and hoping to see out of john. and i saw it. john is a great player and can
5:25 pm
be. where are you going to take that? are you going to become a good player or a great player? it's all up here and do you believe in yourself? when he plays that way he is as good as can be in this league and so that's what i'm trying to do. he has only played a year and a half. last year was a half year. i'm not discounting what you guys say. i don't listen to half of what you say anyway. but, you know, he's still young. there's ban lot of people in that situation. i don't know if he'll ever be that good and all of a sudden confidence. he's not a guy that supposedly can shoot the ball. >> till the other night when he went for 45. >> confidence. he is playing with confidence.
5:26 pm
>> rajon rondo often compared to john long. he has become one of the better point guards in the nba. the wizards had the number three overall pick in this draft and they are confident they can get somebody who perhaps they can stick in the back court with john wahl who will help this team improve. it doesn't seem likely they'll add any big name free agents because there just aren't a lot of big name free agents out there who aren't point guards and of course they already have one. so randy whitman the new/old head coach for the washington wizards. and it's good to hear he does listen to half of what we say in the media. >> he's claiming that. >> true. >> thank you. coming up in the next half hour the rising temperatures also mean a rise in robberies. tonight we'll see what d.c. police are doing to stop thieves from targeting you when you are dining outside or riding metro. >> the reward money increases tonight as authorities search for the person who slashed several barn yard animals in fairfax county. and a fifth grader gets the ultimate excuse for skipping school. ♪
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the warm weather has many heading outdoors and that means criminals are out, too, trying to get their hands on your cash, credit cards, even your cell phones. >> and d.c. police are seeing a spike in these crimes of opportunity. news 4's darcy spencer is live in the newsroom with more on who is being targeted. women are being targeted because many of us tote around these bags with wallets and those wallets contain credit cards and cash. d.c. police say they're getting some 30 calls a day. they want women to be aware of what's happening. now that the weather is nice, more people are eating at restaurants that offer outdoor seating. police say thieves are taking advantage by swiping wallets and purses and using the credit cards to go on a shopping spree. >> somebody is watching and they're just waiting for you to
5:31 pm
turn your head. >> reporter: d.c. police say they get dozens of calls each day reporting theft and pickpocketing. they say many victims are women with bags and purses. the thief grabs the wallet when the victim isn't looking. >> if you have your purse, maybe kind of stuff it over your shoulder diagonally and hold it in your lap or put it between your feet on the ground with the strap over your leg. >> reporter: if you're eating at an outdoor establishment police say don't set your cell phone down on the table because a thief can grab it and simply keep going. police say women should keep their bags close to them and keep them shut. we found many who were not playing it safe. one woman has her wallet sitting right on the table in front of her. >> i've never thought this was bad but i've never been pickpocketed before and i don't really think about it. or worry about that. >> reporter: some are keeping their purses within grabbing distance. >> i see that you have your bag sitting here next to you. >> yeah. i'm too trusting i guess.
5:32 pm
>> you didn't think about someone coming by and taking it frmgt not at all. >> you don't have a purse or anything. why is that? >> because i already know about d.c. sometimes people just get your stuff so i like to keep my stuff with me and keep my purse and my personal belongings in my office. >> d.c. police are putting undercover officers inside some restaurants to try to combat the problem. sometimes these crimes turn violent. u.s. park police are looking for two people in connection with the credit card theft and beating at a metro station. i'll have more on that coming up on news 4 at 6:00. jury selection is under way tonight for the man accused of killing a father and son during an armed robbery two years ago. the shooting happened in the lita wholesale market on fifth street in northeast back in june of 2010. police tell us christian taylor shot and killed a 59-year-old victim and his 32-year-old son. opening statements are expected to begin tomorrow. prince george's county police are offering cash to help
5:33 pm
cut down on gun violence. the county's first ever gift cards for guns event is going to be held this saturday at 11:00 a.m. if you're willing to surrender a firearm you'll get a gift card valued up to a hundred dollars. the exchange will be held at the first baptist church of highland park on sheriff road in landover if you plan to attend bring your weapons unloaded and they should be in the trunk of your vehicle. metro is preparing for some of the most drastic service changes in its history. and the move could impact tens of thousands of riders. news 4's tracee wilkins has more from the frank cone ya springfield station. >> good morning, sir. good morning, miss. have a great day. >> reporter: some may say metro is handing out a bit of good news this morning. >> have a great day. >> reporter: metro spokesmen say rush plus will improve the commute for 110,000 customers on the green, yellow, blue, and orange lines. the red line will not be impacted. 21 stations will get more
5:34 pm
frequent service with six additional trains every hour of rush hour. >> part of this is getting ready for the summer line service which begins about a year and a half from now. this is the first step. we have to get trains, more trains switched off of the tunnel from rosalind and put them on the bridge that goes over into la font plaza. >> reporter: additional lines created for rush hour only are indicated with dashes. there is one for the orange line that will carry people from largo to vienna and there is one for the yellow line that will travel from greenbelt to franconia springfield without transfer. bus transfers are one benefit. here is an example of another. during peak periods orange line customers will get six additional trains per hour. three in each direction between vienna and largo town center. metro officials predict this will add an estimated 2600 seats per hour. although the blue line will lose some trains. the reaction to whether rush plus is a good thing depends on
5:35 pm
who you talk to. >> they say it will help most people. it won't help me any. i go on blue line. i get off at farragut west so i probably will have to wait a few more minutes for a train. >> maybe it will help alleviate the congestion and make the system more efficient. residents will have a chance to sound off on the metro to dulles project. the loudoun county board of supervisors will meet tonight at 6:30 to discuss phase two of the silver line. opponents fear the county will raise taxes to pay for construction from dulles into loudoun county. the board has until july 4th to decide whether or not they'll pull out of the project. now let's fast forward to today's top headlines. fights broke out in southeast d.c. in response to a mother's murder. 29-year-old amber kent stabbed to death inside an apartment while her 5-year-old daughter was in another room and it's her best friend who is now facing charges. there is a new effort tonight to catch the killer of virginia tech student morgan harrington. the fbi released a revised
5:36 pm
sketch of the suspect who is also linked to an abduction and sex assault in fairfax. morgan's remains were found in january of 2010 several months after she disappeared from a metallica concert in charlottesville. two days away from the grand opening of maryland's newest casino maryland live in hanover opens wednesday night expected to draw some big crowds but some businesses and residents are worried. they say traffic in the area is only going to get worse. now let's fast forward to our weather. veronica? >> we had a comfortable weekend and comfortable start to our work week, too. outside the air is nice and dry. it's even been a little on the breedsy side today. take a look at your highs. your high temperatures today 70 degrees in gaithersburg and leesburg. 80 in fredericksburg. 78 in pax river. a little bit on the toasty side down there. our temperatures have fallen off a couple degrees. we're at 70 in d.c. and gaithersburg. 73 in la plata. 76 in pax river. on the radar there are some showers. that is the other story for the work week.
5:37 pm
those showers down south will see more tomorrow and then again on wednesday. we'll take another look at your seven-day forecast in just a couple minutes. coming up she has been called the neighbor from hell and now she is headed to jail. what she did that landed her behind bars. >> music therapy for premature babies. this innovative program is using a mother's voice to help newborns recover.
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facebook is exploring ways to give kids more access to the social network. "the wall street journal" reports that facebook is working on software to allow children under 13 to use facebook under parental supervision. some ideas include connecting children's accounts to their parents' accounts and controls that allow parents to decide whom their children can friend. hospital incubators are state-of-the-art housing for premature babies but they're missing one major component of a fetus's development. nbc's erica edwards tells us how
5:41 pm
doctors are helping bring the soothing sounds of a mother to tiny babies in tonight's news for your health. >> reporter: this is the sound of loving, maternal instinct. a mother soothing her child with a lulla by. it's the sound this doctor in boston thinks is a critical missing piece in the care of premature infants. >> this is too quiet for the baby and then if it's too quiet the auditory system is not getting enough stimulation. >> reporter: the doctor has been recording new mothers' voices and heart beats for over a year. he then plays those recordings for their tiny, premature babies through mp3 players in the incubators. the idea is to stimulate the sounds -- simulate the sound of the wound as much as possible. so far the addition of the mommy sounds seems to be helping the tiny babies get bigger and stronger. >> simply by modifying their
5:42 pm
accoustic environment we can get the babies to gain more weight. >> reporter: 15-month-old maggie and her mother nicole participated in the brigham program. you never know it looking at her today but maggie was born more than ten weeks early. back then nicole jumped at the chance to record her voice for maggie. >> hi, maggie. it's mama. >> reporter: singing songs and telling her all about her big sister and her cousin. >> also will love you to pieces. >> reporter: discovering the program has the potential to benefit mothers too. >> i didn't really fully comprehend what it was going to be like having to leave her. >> reporter: going into a lopt to have a baby and then having to leave the hospital without the infant can be excruciating. >> it just gave a little bit of peace of mind for a very emotional time. >> reporter: gaining peace of mind by leaving a piece of herself. erica edwards, nbc news. >> makes so much sense. >> it does. you don't think about it. noisy all around there. still ahead, caught in the act. why a d.c. home owner says she was targeted because of her favorite football scene.
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it was shocking. several farm animals slashed in fairfax county. >> erika gonzalez is here with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: outraged by the attack, community members have banded together to help raise thousands of dollars to help find out who hurt these animals. henry the calf is once again playing with kids at the farm park in herndon. >> pet the cow. >> reporter: you pet the cow. what sound does the cow make? >> moo. moo. ha ha. >> reporter: this after someone attacked him, two goats, and a chicken over memorial day weekend. he needed eight stitches and eight staples but his caretakers say he is recovering well. >> a good place to bring my son. he loves it here and he loves the animals. he loves the tractors.
5:47 pm
and i can't imagine why anybody would want to do something like that to a place that's obviously good for the community. >> reporter: jack pritchard with friends of animal park says concerned citizens are offering up $7500 in reward money. >> we'd like to get a solution to it to find out what happened and who or what happened and how that happened and so we get that out of our minds. >> reporter: at the time of the incident henry was inside the barn and the door was open. while farm officials say the barn doors can be closed they can't be locked because it's a fire hazard. police would not go into detail but say additional security measures have been implemented on the farm. >> suffice it to say that security has been beefed up. >> reporter: many of the same detectives working this case are also trying to determine who slashed three horses exactly one month earlier at a nearby location. >> other than the proximity and the location, we don't have a lot of physical evidence that we can talk about that would link
5:48 pm
them. however, it makes sense. >> at the farm the programs are free. an operator says the public safety is not in jeopardy but a really sad story and just good to see that the little calf is doing a lot better today. >> thanks so much. the minnesota woman described as the neighbor from hell is headed back to jail. a judge sentenced laurie christianson to 90 days behind bars for violating her probation on a restraining order. the hoffman family across the street videotaped several incidents that document christianson's alleged harassment against him including rude gestures and signs that mocked mrs. hoffman's struggle with alcoholism. christianson claims she'll never go back to the house. a brazen thief steals a large pittsburgh steelers banner from a home in d.c. and it is not the first time this has happened. the home owner has surveillance cameras and posted the video on youtube hoping someone will recognize the guy. watch the top left corner of
5:49 pm
your screen as someone walks into the yard, grabs the banner, puts his foot up against the wall for leverage, and rips it down. the home owner who lives off reno road says it happened last month. she says the suspect had a getaway driver in the alley near warren street. the steelers fan says it's the third time her banner has been stolen. >> busted. turning now to our weather. >> here's veronica with another check on our forecast and what is heading our way this weekend. >> that's right. this week, too, the weekend, the heat and humidity coming up. but tomorrow, an ultra rare event. something that isn't going to happen again until the year 2117. that's this little dot right here. that would be venus. this is the sun. venus is going to be passing, transiting venus or transiting the sun coming up tomorrow. but here are some things to keep in mind. the sun sets tomorrow at 8:31. one thing is for sure. you never want to look directly at the sun so protect your eyes
5:50 pm
and that means not using sunglasses but finding ways to look at the sun indirectly. that is the best way to do it. just little tid bits about venus. again, our second planet from the sun. it has more volcanos on it than any other planet. the temperature, because of all of the carbon monoxide on that planet, over 800 degrees fahrenheit. and it's a very windy planet, too. we're not going to have much wind around tomorrow but we'll have a few showers. a few showers for the morning. there we are at 5:00 a.m. some cloud cover, too. and it's going to be on the cool side starting out. in the 50s with highs again tomorrow running right into the low 70s. take a look at all of these blobs of green where we could have some scattered showers around the area. not going to bring any heavy rain at all. only about 0.1 inch or so. then on wednesday we've got a better chance to see some showers. not in the morning. 6:00 a.m. wednesday. but during the afternoon. showers maybe even a few little embedded thunderstorms there. but isolated thunderstorms. so highs tomorrow between 70 and
5:51 pm
74 degrees. la plata a little warmer down south again around fredericksburg and charlottesville. your four-day forecast, warming up through the week. friday is looking like the nicest day out of the work week but tuesday, wednesday, thursday are running all below average. average now 81 degrees. now take a look at the weekend. talked about the heat and humidity. we'll be right up around 90 degrees. wow. on sunday. and then also around 90 degrees on monday. we not only get the high heat back around the area but we also get the humidity. so there you go. >> yikes. >> thanks, veronica. now to today's top trending topics. first up, tributes continue to pour in from family and friends of the allegedary game show host richard dawson. dawson hosted "family feud" for nine years. >> he is remembered for his kisses and wise cracks on the show. before "feud" he played a prisoner of war on "hogan's heroes." he died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. dawson was 79 years old. an 11-year-old boy in
5:52 pm
minnesota has the best excuse ever for skipping class. >> tyler sullivan missed school on friday to see the president's speech in golden valley. afterwards the fifth grader got to shake hands with mr. obama. >> and when the president realized he skipped school to see him he decided to bail him out. he got a pen and a card with presidential letterhead and wrote to his teacher mr. ackerman. please excuse tyler. he was with me. ♪ ♪ >> this youtube clip of miss usa contestants is going viral. they did a rendition of the pop song "call me maybe" with an appearance from donald trump who runs the pageant. >> the winner last night was 20-year-old olivia popo from rhode island. >> coming in very close second was miss maryland nana meriweather from potomac. she graduated from sidwell friends and is currently applying to medical school. >> she did us proud. coming up next on news 4 at 5:00 tonight the cost of convenience. why your cell phone may be
5:53 pm
posing new challenges for corporate security.
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5:56 pm
authorities in berlin arresting a 29-year-old adult film star this afternoon ending an international man hunt. eric newman is wanted in connection to a brutal murder in montreal. investigators say he posted a video online that shows him stabbing, dismembering, and cannibalizing another man. they believe he mailed body parts of the victim to canada's top political parties. these days a lot of employees use their personal cell phones to keep up with things going on in the office. >> it's convenient and productive.
5:57 pm
as chris clackum reports it's also a security threat. >> reporter: the business world has latched on to byod or bring your own device. the concept of letting employees use their own computers, smart phones, and tablets to access company computers. >> working wherever you happen to be from any device including things like ipads and android phones, etcetera, is absolutely not only possible but easy. >> reporter: but that ease of access can also make it easier for crooks to get in. for access to critical company information. the internet security codes at mcafee say it is especially scary seeing how mobile mall wear increased to 1200% recently. >> so many people are so interconnected and as a result of that functionality the threat landscape for mobile has gone ballistic. >> reporter: so the challenge for i.t. is to protect data but still give users access.
5:58 pm
>> if you allow just complete mixing of work items and personal items then there are exposures that can happen and it's really important to provide a safe system for this new phenomena of bring your own device. >> reporter: the problem experts say is people don't think of their newer devices as having the same vulnerability as their now old school pcs and lap tops. >> they look at an ipad and see functionality, apps, and games, and social media. and as such, they don't take the same precautions. >> reporter: it is a connection many employees don't make. personal activities on the web that can have ripple effects even for your employer. chris clackum, news 4. >> now at 6:00 the economy taking center stage in the race for the white house. a mother stabbed to death with her young daughter nearby and then more violence breaks out. >> the fbi taking a new aggressive approach to solving the murder of a virginia tech
5:59 pm
student. thee good evening everyone. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. there are fund raising efforts on both coasts tonight as president obama and republican challenger mitt romney try to raise some cash for their campaigns. in the meantime, the president's backers are calling for a shift in his re-election message. this amid new concerns about the economy. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: jim, thanks. good evening. stimulus plan number two, another big one, billions and billions of dollars is what some democrats are now demanding. it would mean a change of direction for the obama campaign. >> i'm barack obama. >> reporter: president obama's new ad targets mitt romney's record as governor. >> i speak the language of business. >> reporter: but democrats who agree romney fell short on jobs which romney today disputes. those democrats say president obama has to attack less and go positive after his setback


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