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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight the off-duty fire fighter who pulled up on a crash
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and pulled a man out of a burning car. >> more body parts arrived in the mail in canada, this time they showed up at two schools. >> a graduation ceremony gone wrong when fireworks go off in the crowd. >> we begin with breaking news, a deadly shooting outside a metro station. police are swarming the southern avenue station in temple hills, maryland. richard jordan has our report from there. richard. >> reporter: hey, jim. that victim appears to have been shot in the head. police say he is about 40 years old. he never stood a chance. never made it to the hospital. he died almost instantly here. we'll give you a better shot. not going to get too close, the body is uncovered right now. crime scene investigators have just made their way to the scene. they're examining the body now for the first time. police say that this victim was standing near a bus bay, the covered portion of the bus bench. this happened at 9:30 tonight. accord to some people who happened to see the gunman, just
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after the shooting, they say he took off running and went right through the temple hills metts . 220 pound. blue jeans, black hoody. police trying to track him down. they don't have any other information at this point. to go off of. they don't even know exactly what went on between the two men, if there was a confrontation. at this point it is not even clear what the victim may have been doing here. if he was waiting for the bus, fryi trying to get on the metro. that is all unclear at this point. again, police are just getting now the initial information on the gunman nay mthey may be loo for. as the far as metro service. metro zipping through the station on southern avenue. not stopping. bypassing the station. however. officials expect they should have everything back to normal up and running sometime tomorrow morning. again the hunt is on right now
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for a man who shot and killed another man here. at the temple hills metro station on southern avenue. that's the latest information that police have to go on right now. it does, again, appear that this man was killed instantly, shot in the head. reporting live in temple hills, richard jordan, news 4. >> thank you. a possible twist tonight to a gruesome murder case in canada. two schools in vancouver received packages today one contained a human hand. the other a foot. it is similar to packages sent to canada's top political parties. police arrested a suspect in the case yesterday in germany. investigators say a video that the suspect posted on line shows him stabbing, dismembering and eating body parts of a chinese college student. >> the investigation will center on identifying the victim and from where the packages were mailed. the investigation is only a few hours old now. so i scant lycan't link it to a. he could be extradited to canada as early as the this week. >> a young woman killed in a car
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crash today. it could have been two people killed. were it not for a volunteer fire fighter passing by. he pulled a passenger out of the flames, and thus saved his life. >> reporter: the skid marks tell the story. a car coming east on dickerson road doesn't make the slight curve and slams into the stone overpass. >> when i came upon the scene, i thought it was radiator steam. so i didn't initially grab my gear. >> within second. washington county volunteer fire fighter, he saw fire coming from the car's engine and creeping into the dashboard. he grabbed the gear from his trunk including his helmet. >> busted through the window. took it off. busted through the window. shook the glass out. went become to work. >> he tried to pull the female driver from the burning car. >> took out the rear window. tried to get in behind her. and, and tried to move the seat and free her a little bit. but it wasn't happening. awe bought her legs were pinned
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by the dashboard and steering wheel. >> the fire started coming in the vehicle, and -- and i had to -- make a decision to go and try to extricate the passenger to the extent of the entrapment of the driver. >> there was no way to free her. >> i want to make it clear to the family of the driver of the vehicle that, that, every attempt was made to get her out. >> he feared the flames would also trap the passenger. >> at the point, i pulled the second guy out, it was across the ceiling. >> a passer-by called 911, and helped him carry the passenger across the street here to an area away from the flames. >> i want to emphasize the fact that, that -- it's not me. thank your local fire department. because i just happened to be driving down the road. >> in dickerson, maryland, news 4. >> emergency officials, par done
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me, still have not identified the driver. they're now checking missing persons reports and visiting bars and restaurants to see if they can find clues. >> breaking news on wisconsin's historic recall election. nbc news, declared scott walker the winner in a race against democratic milwaukee mayor tom barrett, the recall callenge the result of governor walker's measure that eliminated union collective bargain rights for most public workers in the state last year. his victory is seen as an endorsement of that controversial plan to curb state spending. and it makes him the first governor in u.s. history to survive a recall election. barrett has the not yet conceded. >> the d.c. council pass aid new budget today despite a cloud of speculation about the fate of the city's two top elected officials. and there could be more drama tomorrow. jackie benson is at the wilson building now with more on this. jackie. >> reporter: jim, i can tell you
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rumors are just flying around this place to night. as to whether there is going to soon be a decision in two separate probes. into the campaigns of d.c. mayor vincent gray, and council chairman, kwame brown. >> i am not going to answer any questions involving an investigation, anything that is currently taking place. >> reporter: after a day of denying reporters' pleas for a comment about an investigation into the finances of his 2008 campaign and other financial matters, d.c. council chairman, kwame brown broke his silence. but didn't say much. >> i've don't think i broke any laws in campaign. that's all i will say about the 2008 campaign. >> brown did address speculation he was about to step down. >> i have no plans to resign. so, i don't, that's all i will say. i don't hatch no plans at this time to resign. next question. >> reporter: in the past month a federal judge sentenced, harry thomas jr. to prison for stealing city fund.
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and two former campaign aide to mayor vincent gray have pleaded guilty in a widening probe into the may your's 2010 election campaign. unnamed council members hatch been quoted as saying that they hope any resignations would happen by july. now why that deadline? we are told it could potentially save d.c. taxpayers $1 million to combine any special elections with the regular november 6th general election. reporting live from the wilson building. jackie benson, news 4. >> thank you, jackie. the council did get business done today. gave final approval to a $9.4 billion budget plan for 2013. the budget includes funding for d.c. schools, and needy families and no new taxes. the budget raises money through extended bar hours and more speed and red light cameras. >> jury selection moving faster than any body expected in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse
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trial. the former penn state assistant football coach is charged with molesting ten boys over the course of 15 years. so far nine jurors have been seated in just the first day. they unclued a retired bus driver, high school teacher and engineer and wal-mart employee. one is a long-time penn state football season ticket holder. >> at one point the judge reminded the jury pool why they were there. he said "i need you to all have an open mind. this defendant is charged with a sexual abuse of children." at that point. jerry sandusky looked down and did not make eye contact with anybody. >> three more jurors and four all ter tha alternates need to be chosen. >> asking for a new trial in the murd per murder of yeardley love. both played lacrosse at uva before love was beaten to death in 2010. huguely's lawyers say the prosecutor broke the law by withholding plans of a civil
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lawsuit by love's mother and sister who both testified at the criminal trial. the judge will decide on that later this month. huguely is scheduled to be sentenced in august. >> private environmental company called in to clean up an oil spill on the potomac river. earlier today a floating platform at the fish market in the southwest waterfront broke apart. 50 gallons of diesel fuel leaked into the potomac. that platform where fish and seafood would be sold. it was under construction. nobody on it at the time. >> demonstrators and u.s. marshall injured in an altercation over a foreclosed house on capitol hill. the marshals were called in to break up the protest led by the group occupy d.c. an effort to keep a family from being evicted over a dispute with their landlord and the bank. nobody arrested. those who were injured are expected to be okay. >> a 16-year-old faces charges in loudon county for attempted
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sex assault of two middle school girls. yesterday morning on a path near seneca ridge middle school in the sugarland run area. the teen tried to grab a 12-year-old and 14-year-old walking to skuchool. they got away. he was tracked done and arrested. police are not releasing his name. he is a minor. >> all guests back in their rooms at a hotel in maryland, after police found a lab making meth. the lab discovered at holiday inn express late last night. five men in jail tonight on drug charges. police were called when someone smelled something unusual. all of the guests on the fourth floor were evacuated. as were some of the guests on lower floors. >> hearings begin tomorrow in a class action lawsuit that challenges legality of speed cameras in montgomery county. the court off pee appeals hearie case. arguing that a con stratractor operates the system and gets a cut.
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the contractor maintains the system but does not run it. >> a simple blood test could be a breakthrough in predicting whether breast cancer will return for patients who are in remission. a new study from andersen cancer center in texas, analyzed tumor cells in blood samples from hundreds of women. those were the higher amount of tumor cells in their blood stream had a higher chance of cancer relapse or even death. researchers say the next step is to figure out exactly which kinds of tumor cells are linked to the recur ns of chanrence of >> senior denied his diploma when his family makes too much noise at this graduation. >> fireworks celebration went wrong. sent several people to the hospital. >> local school district will have to pay more for school buss because of bad credit. >> if you didn't see it earlier, we'll show you the venus transit. >> veronica, what is a head in weather? >> wow, it sure was cool today. mid 60s to low 70s. how fast is your internet?
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wow. this isn't what anybody had in mind for graduation ceremony near jacksonville, florida. a planned fireworks display malfunctioned during the commencement at baker county high school friday night. the video was just released of one of the flares landing by the bleachers where family members were sitting.
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there were several minor injuries. everybody is okay. the local fire department was in charge of the fireworks display. >> high school graduate in ohio cannot get his diploma because his family cheered too loudly for him during the graduation last month. the school in cincinnati says the family of anthony cornist disrupted the ceremony and there were strict rules laid out against cheering. the school is demanding anthony complete 20 hours of community service as a consequence. his mother refuses that demand. she says others in the audience also were cheering. >> bad credit will mean the school board of mansas park, virginia will have to pay more for a loan to get school buses. the board fried to borrow $250,000 to lease three buses. they say cal first the bank with the best offer pulled its deal from the table. >> there is no letter of why. no explanation of what happened. so we had two other bids on the
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table. we took our third bid from alliance bank which incidentally is in manassas park. >> officials say the credit score fell as a result of the housing and credit crisises but say things have picked up and property values are once again on the rise. >> grammy winning artist, sheryl crow says her prognosis is good after revealing she has the a brain tumor. sheryl crow is 50 years old now. the benign tumor known as meningioma, according to her publicist is common condition. and crow is not currently suffering symptoms. doctors discovered the tumor last fall when she went in for an mri. crow is already a survivor of breast cancer. >> a once in a lifetime view and tonight millions of people had a chance to witness what is called the transit of venus. when venus appears to be crossing in front of the sun. chopper 4 captured this incredible video earlier this evening. you can see venus, the little
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small dot right at the top right corner of the sun. this is a rare occasion that only happens once a century. only six of these transits have been observed since the first discovery in the 17th century. the next one, it won't happen until december 10th of the year 2117. guess we will miss the next one. >> missed out from getting good images around here because of all the cloud cover. >> good to see. >> good to see it from other parts of the world. >> that's right. >> we are talking getting a few more showers tomorrow. clouds on the way. >> exactly. more cloud on the way, too, for mainly the afternoon tomorrow. that means, then we can have an isolated thunderstorm maybe even coming our way tomorrow. let's go ahead and take a look. this was earlier from the terrace of the kennedy center. there you can see all the monuments in the distance. that is one pretty image too. that was just before sunset. where you can see all the different, layers of clouds, from the high to the mid. and yes, they have been
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squeezing out just a little bit of light rain. we're at 64 degrees right now. your wind is out of the east. it is at 3 miles an hour. because the the wind will be picking up a little bit through the day tomorrow. national weather service has issued a coastal flood warning for d.c., for anne arundel county and as well as baltimore county. the areas near the water could see -- a little bit of minor flooding. as well as -- coastal flood advisory for the counties shaded in light green. your high tide times, for tomorrow, one to two feet above normal. for fort mchenry. 8:45. annapolis. and for the washington channel. 9:58. 10:16, high tide time. it was a cool one today with a high temperature of just 71 degrees. it was the coolest temperature in nearly a month. we have dropped to the 50s. low 50s in jessup, maryland right now. starting out, once again cool. i think we are going to be starting out dry. take a look at the radar.
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showers, northwest to southeast. really, really drying up as they do so. so, we may even see some breaks in some of the cloud cover that is over us. just a little bit of shower left there around winchester. for the most part, again, we are drying up with the dry air. we have 51 to start your day. frederick, mount airy. fredericksburg. big range in temperatures. really still cool for this tomb of year. about 10 degrees too, off of the high temperature. here is a look at your future weather. pushing into the area. blobs of green. showers. mainly light showers for tomorrow. little heavier ran will come our way thursday. during the afternoon. and so there we are at 6:00 a.m. here it comes. that's the front coming through the area. on thursday. and the pattern breaking. so that little area of low pressure kicking through. 51-58 degrees. mostly dry for tomorrow morning. 71-76. with some scattered showers, a little scattered wet weather.
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only a 30% chance for tomorrow. and then, your four-day forecast. take a look at friday. the high, 82. going to be really nice at the end of the week. from really nice to really hot. and a bit sticky on top of that. starting -- on sunday with a high of 90 >> another dramatic change. >> heat wave setting up there. >> thank you, veronica. ♪
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>> catch your breath. you got to love these guys, don't you, and this kid. >> i was hoping to stay to the end of the game. it kept going and going and going. fun tonight. tonight more proof that the
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national league east race is going to go to the wire. nationals and mets. needed extra innings. lots of them before this one was decided. there were some ugly moments for both teams. in the end it was a good one for nats fans. not sure if this is legal in the president's race. >> a bike? >> gets the win on a bike. come on, abe, you can't cheat like that. we pick it up in the eighth. nats down. and one on. two out. high fastball from frank francisco. hits it into right field. zimmerman in to score. knotted at 4 after nine. we are going to extras. in the tenth. the seventh pitcher of the night. it's the enigma, henry rodriguez. runner on third. throws one in the dirt. scott harriston, on the pitch. mets take a 5-4 lead. bottom of the inning. ian desmond again. and another big spot. two on. hits what looks like a double play ball. oh, no, the shortstop can't field it.
11:26 pm
zimmerman scores. tied at five. bottom of the 12th now. bryce harper up with the bases juiced. he comes through. facing alvin ramirez. that's the game. can't get it in time. jesus flores scores. nationals win, 7-6. how about the teenager? bryce harper coming up huge. as the the nationals beat the mets. the game just wrapped up. he is running from all the gatorade bats. to fenway park now. orioles opening up a set. next opponent. the red sox. bottom nine. os up 6-4. jim johnson. perfect 26-26. in save opportunities. facing his opponent. perfect no more. and takes it deep. the sox catcher. hits a two-run homer. johnson's first, save of the season. going to extras. top ten. tied at six. one up, one out. knocks the base hit up the
11:27 pm
middle. mark reynolds. scores the go-ahead run. johnson from a blown save off to the winning pitcher. as the os win, 8-6. that is your final. nba playoffs. a pivotal game five of the eastern conference finals. for both celtics and heat. miami getting chris bosh back after he missed the last nine playoff games with the lower ab strain. even bosh couldn't, help the -- the heat. weather the storm against the celtics. they're able to take a 3-2 series lead. bosh was playing. not starting in the game. late in the quarter. norris cole, bosh in the paint. bosh spinning. whirling, dealing. off the glass and in. bosh, pumped. glad to be playing again. second quarter. heat up. ray allen in his face. lebron. look at him. sizing it up. can't block that. 6'8", 30 points. 13 rebound.
11:28 pm
sett celtics up by one. from way downtown. 19 points for pierce. boston holds on to get a huge road win. 94-90 is the final. >> smile. >> didn't
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there was quite a party at the kennedy center in honor of four men inducted into
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archbishop carol high school hall of honor. associate judge of superior court was one, reverend michael bryant, a former chaplain at d.c. jail, reverend edward flanigan and jim vance. the other three are graduates of carol. vance founded a scholarship with the school in northeast d.c. to help graduates further their education at historically black colleges and universities. >> quite an honor. >> nice crowd. nice crowd. >> that's okay. this country was built by working people.
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