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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  June 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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morning's rush. good morning, everyone, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. outside we are beginning with clouds this morning. this could be a scattered shower in the offing if i listened to tom kierein right. for right now, things are nice and dry. a beautiful skyline. >> sun sneaking in. >> yeah. about 45 minutes away from sunrise. sunrise at 5:43. getting earlier and earlier. we have a cool start under this partly cloudy sky. only 59 at reagan national. hagerstown down to 50. back to the upper 40s in parts of north central maryland and into west virginia, shenandoah valley, wow. and it's in the -- all the areas in dark green, 50s, that includes just about all of virginia, maryland, the eastern shore. look at ocean city down to justice 49 degrees right -- just 49 degrees right now this june 6. here's storm 4 radar the last several hours. we've had light showers moving in from west to east. a little light rain falling in
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fauquier county, stafford, spotsylvania. along 95, the trip up toward dale city and coming into mt. vernon area, quantico, that area is getting wet on some of the roadways there. and this is heading east. moving into charles county. should hit the northern neck, king george, toward st. mary's and calvert the next hour or so. showers, too, on the eastern shore from near st. michael's to easton and north of cambridge. and south of there. here's the day planner for this wednesday. we'll have a mostly cloudy morning and a small chance of a shower. sun ought to break out during the afternoon. highs reaching low to mid 70s. about a 40% chance of a passing afternoon thundershower. i'll be back with another hometown forecast in ten minutes. danella has traffic. good morning. thanks. well, traveling toward glen burnie, taking i-97 northbound this morning, two of your right lanes are blocked. this is route 174 because of a disabled tractor-trailer. please approach with caution.
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let's head to i-270 now. if this is your commute, things look good. out of urbana, all the way to the beltway in both directions, travel lanes are open. seeing a lot of green. we'll take a live look southbound past shady grove. connecting to the beltway, no issues this morning. and i'll give you the inner loop travel speed. traveling the inner loop from i-270 to i-95, not bad. 62 miles per hour, about ten minutes to take the trip. and if you're thinking of jumping on the rails, they're open. not seeing any reported delays. aaron, back to you. >> all right. thank you. a woman and a child are dead after a fiery car accident overnight. the woman lost control of her car on lee highway at germantown road in fairfax city. news4's tracee wilkins is there live with more on what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. fairfax city police have cleared the scene for now. they are going to be coming back to continue their investigation and try and figure out what happened here at this intersection. you can still see some of the remnants of the accident with the glass here on the highway
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and also the sign missing that once stood there at the median. let me show what it looked like a while ago. here's how police explained this. they say that there was a honda civic with a woman and two children in it traveling east on lee highway. the vehicle then sideswiped an suv on lee highway, then hit a honda van trying to make a left turn to go west on lee highway. the driver of the van had to be pulled out of his van and rescued. now police say the accident all came to an end when the civic hit a median, knocked over a sign, and came to rest in the eastbound lanes of lee highway. the driver of the civic, a woman, has been pronounced dead. one of the children inside the civic also pronounced dead. a second child taken to the hospital and was undergoing surgery. at last check, the 38-year-old man who was in the honda van who was taken out of that van and rescued was transported with -- with some injuries there to the hospital. now, police interviewed
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witnesses who were out here. mind you, the speed limit out here, 35 miles per hour. according to police, some witnesses told them that it looked like the woman was driving two to three times faster than that. that's all going to be part of the investigation as it continues throughout the morning. reporting live, tracee wilkins in fairfax city. news4. >> thank you. wisconsin governor scott walker survived a bitterly fought recall effort and will stay in office. the republican defeated challenger tom barrett, milwaukee's dwemocratic mayor. he told supporters his victory is an affirmation of political courage. the recall challenge was the result of governor walker's divisive measure that eliminated union rights for most public workers last year. walker is the first governor in u.s. history to survive a recall election. four minutes after the hour. today the senate banking committee will hold its first hearing on jpmorgan's $2 billion trading losses. jpmorgan acknowledged the loss
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on may 10. the money was in a portfolio that was supposed to manage the risks the bank takes with its own money. but bank officials say the portfolio turned out to be more volatile than first thought. ceo jamie dimon is scheduled to appear before the committee next week. bad credit could cost the manassas park school system thousands of dollars. recently tried to borrow $250,000 to lease three school buses. board members claim the bank with the best offer pulled the deal from the table. schedule leaders suspect it's because of manassas park city's bad credit rating. >> there is no letter of why, no explanation of what happened. we had two other bids on the table. we took our third bid from alliance bank which incidentally is in manassas park. >> the third bid is higher than the one the school district had originally agree toed to. officials say manassas park's credit score fell in recent years as a result of housing and credit crises.
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they say things have picked up and property values are on the rise. a major setback for al qaeda's terror network after their second, command is killed in a drone strike in northwestern pennsylvania. he was considered the operational leader and general manager of al qaeda. the white house says his death is a major blow for the group, saying it will be hard for them to find a replacement as skilled as he was. alibi was considered a hero in militant circles because of his escape from the american military prison. jury selection moving faster than expected in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the former penn stated assistant football coach is charged with molesting ten days over the course of 15 years. so far nine jurors have been seated. they include a retired bus driver, a high school teacher, an engineer, and a walmart employee. one is a long-time penn state football season ticket holder. three vesam gresham morthree mo
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alternates are still to be picked. when you thought it was impossible for starbucks to expand, where they'll be selling coffee. an update from the scene of a shooting at a metro station. and next, the mistake that sent graduates and their families running. ♪
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that wasn't supposed to happen. fireworks display did not if as planned at a high school graduation in florida. a wayward firework exploded under the bleachers during the commencement. at baker county high school, this is outside jacksonville. hundreds of family members were sitting in the bleachers at the time. six people are hurt. not seriously. the local fire department was in charge of the quivedisplay.
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>> lucky nobody got really hurt. tom kierein standing by with a beautiful skyline. >> look at that. predawn glow over capitol hill. drop your spatula and look at your television. there is a live view from our h.d. city camera this morning. it's chilly around the region. we are in the 50s much of the area. to the south, patches of green, sprinkles, prince william, fauquier, stafford, spotsylvania, drifting east. hometown forecast for leesburg, loudoun county, by mid morning, sun in and out, the low 60s. by noontime, might have a passing shower, upper 60s. could get a passing afternoon shower and thunderstorm. a look at the seven-day outlook into the weekend in tense e ten minutes. danella? tom, i just dropped my spatula check out the sky. it was beautiful. i'm also checking traffic,
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northbound i-97, a disabled tractor-trailer blocking right lanes. approach with caution. to 295 as well as 95 in maryland, both seeing a lot of green in both directions. i'll give you a live look at 295 at 32. making your way toward the city, no issues. same thing on i-95. angie and aaron, back to you. >> all right. go check your pancakes, they're burning. thanks. all right. the time is 5:12. ahead, the former redskins player talking about being gay in the nfl. and the gut-wrenching decision a local firefighter made when he arrived on the
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a few minutes ago the southern avenue metro station reopened. metro closed the station last night when a man was shot and killed outside in thrills, maryland. news4's erica gonzalez has more. good morning. >> reporter: hey, aaron. good morning. it looks like buses will be running on normal schedules this morning. the incident happened about 9:30 last night. detectives found a 40-year-old man dead near one of the bus bays. metro's spokesman says the suspect is described as a black male in his late 20s, about 5'8", approximately 220 pounds. he was seen wearing a black hoodie. he had a full beard and was wearing jeans. detectives are looking for the suspect. a 4 0-year-old man pronounce d
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dead last night. buses running on normal schedule this morning. live in temple hills, news4. >> thank you. today a 31-year-old woman will be back in court for the deadly stabbing of a mother in southeast washington. prosecutors say a 31-year-old was using pcp when she stabbed and killed her neighbor, 28-year-old amber kent. the stabbing happened on monday at an apartment building on 13th place in southeast. kent's 5-year-old was not far away. the "washington post" reports alvin says she has no memory of the incident. this morning we are hearing from a 24-year-old volunteer firefighter who happened to pass by a fiery crash in montgomery county. he pulled one man to safety but couldn't save the driver despite all of his efforts. rob gregorio tells news4 he was driving by early tuesday when he saw what he thought was radiation steam. it turned out to be a fiery crash on dickerson road at mt. ephraim road in maryland. the car left the road, hit a stone railroad bridge overpass,
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and caught fire. gregorio volunteers for washington county. he said another man helped him rescue the passenger. >> i just want to make it clear to the family of the driver that every attempt was made to get her out. >> the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. she's not been identified. 23-year-old oscar martinez is in serious condition. investigators say he was not wearing a seat belt. the slot machines will be ringing today at ahundred dell mills mall. -- rundle mills mall. maryland live opens tonight at 10:00. the largest casino covers more than three football fields with 3,-200 slot machines, six restaurants, and retail space. tonight's opening celebration will include a variety of live entertainment in the casino and on the plaza connecting it to the mall. there will also be a ribbon cutting ceremony. a big change in the works for starbucks, and it could affect how you get your morning cup of coffee. the coffee giant will start
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rolling out savannah-serving kiosks. -- coffee-serving kiosks. they will serve seattle's best coffee. look for them starting this summer. by the ends of the yahooer there should be about 5 -- by the end of the year there should be about 500 machines. this morning, space shuttle "enterprise" is set to begin its final leg of the journey to its new home. sunday the shuttle float eed do the hudson river on a barge. at 10:00 this morning the shuttle will leave port elizabeth, new jersey, for the intrepid sea, air, and space museum. the trip should take two hours. once at the intrepid, it will be lifted by crane to the flight deck and put into position facing the hudson river. that process should take about three hours. the spacecraft exhibit expected to open to the public in mid july. always a sight to see, especially a shuttle on the ground. >> i have to get to see
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"discovery." >> udvar-hazy. i like sighing that. coming up on 20 minutes after the hour, as we look outside, the potomac in the foreground. clouds breaking up enough to really appreciate some of that sunrise. >> and me without my camera. look at that view. live view over the potomac. a spectacular sunrise underway. sun coming up at 5:43. on the closeup view, patchy showers, areas in green, in southwestern county, prince william sprinkles. this is drifting east, charles and king george. it'stravel east over the next hour. a couple of showers on the eastern shore, too. a chilly morning. only upper 40s to near 50 throughout much of maryland.
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closer to washington, low to mid 50s in arlington, southern montgomery, fairfax, prince george's counties, parts of southern maryland only near 50 degrees. it is near 60 on the warmer waters of the chesapeake bay. and here's how things are looking for the next several days. here is your four-day forecast. later today, partly sunny, into the mid 70s by mid-afternoon. might get an afternoon thundershower. special the early evening hours. then partial clearing after midnight. 50s again tomorrow morning. afternoon highs, though, near 80 on thursday after. might get a passing shower or thundershower. afternoon highs climbing to the low 80s. not too humid. more humid over the weekend. not swelter, but great beach and pool weather saturday and sunday, upper 80s to near 90 both days. a hot start to next week, too. now joining us is danella with a look at traffic. >> thanks.
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traveling along i-66, things look good for you. earlier we did have roadwork this morning as you made your way eastbound toward the beltway. it's gone. i'll give you a live look if you're traveling past sully headed eastbound to the beltway. travel lanes are open. traveling inside the beltway, a live look past 21st. at gw parkway, 62 miles per hour. 11 minutes from the beltway to gw parkway. back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. aaron, back to you. >> thank you. singer sheryl crow says she has a brain tumor. the 50-year-old grammy winner says he found out last year when she was worry good her memory. she had an mri done and found the benign tumor. according to her publicist this is a common condition, and crow is not currently suffering any symptoms. she is a breast cancer survivor. a former redskin who never played a down in a regular season game is making headlines. that's because wade davis is coming out of the closet.
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the former cornerback attended training camps for the skins, seahawks, and titans between 2000 and 2003 but never made a regular season roster. he said he knew he was gay in high school but never went public out of fear he my lose his job. >> i would aid is around 11th grade, i can remember being in gym class and having the desire to look at a boy in a way that i should look at girls. >> davis now does campaign work for president obama. he encourages any gay athlete to go public with his or her sexual orientation. if you went to bed early last night, you migsed one heck of an ending -- you missed one heck of an ending to the nationals game. >> that ball is hit hard -- and that's the game winner! bryce harper, the nats win it 7-6! >> bryce harper got the game-winning hit in the bottom of the 12th to lead them to the 7-6 victory over the mets. washington had to come back
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twice in extra innings to pull off the win. the first place nationals -- i like the way that sounds. the first-place nationals take on the mets again tonight. edwin jackson will be on the mound for the nats. >> one more time -- >> the first-place nationals! >> all right. police are calling this one of the most extreme incidents they've ever seen. >> a colorado mother recently got cited for a seat belt violation. the thing is, she wasn't the only one who wasn't strapped in. take a look at this. officers took this picture of a toddler not properly restrained, and sitting next a gas can belted into a car seated. they pulled over the vehicle during a click it or ticket campaign. a 14-year-old passenger wasn't wearing a seat belt either. the mother was ticketed for three seat belt violations and not having proof of insurance. where is that baby's clothes? >> that's the other question. >> that's the other big question. >> it was that hot in colorado yesterday? >> with the can, i can only assume that it was full and they
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didn't want it to spill. you don't sacrifice the safety of your child. >> yeah. beyond the fact that the kid wasn't strapped in, the gas can in the car -- >> i would have given them more violations. >> we'll see if that goes anywhere else. 5:25. as if losing an election wasn't enough, why a voter slapped the loser in the wisconsin recall race. a new planned parenthood test that could be vital in the fight -- blood test that could be vital in the fight against cancer. video to come that could put a smile on your face.
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in stories making headlines now, while you slept, a will have wreck. a woman and child killed, another child badly injured. what may have caused the wreck. a hotly contested recall election is decided. what a voter did that has people talking. and corruption allegations are all that anyone is talking about at the wilson building. what kwame brown is and is not saying. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning. good morning, i'm angie goff. eun yang is off this morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today," it is wednesday, june 6. as we take a live look outside this morning, don't be frightened by the spider on the camera lens there. >> oh! >> look -- if beyond that. >> arachnaphobia -- >> it's pretty out there. >> that scare mead fd me right . >> i was ready to wax poetic but
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not anymore. gorgeous sunrise. starting off with a chill. cale that a tiger lily sunrise. one of our viewers sent that in. send photos in. this from king george, virginia. tiger lilies look beautiful. around the region, we've got a chill in the air. considerable cloudiness. high clouds over washington giving us that spectacular sunrise. south of washington, patches of green, we're getting a few sprinkles in prince william, in western charles county, farther south, scattered across spotsylvania, stafford county into culpeper and southern fauquier. these are heading off to the east. and moving across southern maryland over the next half-hour or so. temperatures right now in the 40s to near 50 degrees. yes, you heard me right. it's june 6. it is feeling more like a morning in april or early may. certainly not early june. 48 in gaithersburg. reagan national at 59. here's your day planner for this wednesday.
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you'll need a jacket this morning. by 9:00, ought to be into the low to mid 60s with a lot of cloudiness. a small chance of a shower south of the metro area. then during the afternoon, partly sunny, by noontime, near 70. a slight chance of a shower then. by early to mid-afternoon, though, into the later afternoon hours, could get a shower, maybe a thundershower. i don't think we'll get any severe storms. afternoon highs reaching the mid 70s. i'm back with a hometown forecast in ten minutes. danella has traffic. good morning. good morning. traveling northbound i-97 at route 174, had a disabled tractor-trailer. it was blocking two right lanes. it's now gone. checking travel speeds in our area, they look really good. let's take a live look now. traveling hunter mill road to the beltway on the dulles toll road, you're at 57 miles per hour. not bad at all. on i-95, out of quantico to the beltway, traveling 60 miles per hour. and if you're connecting to 395, things look good there, as well. look, 60 miles per hour, from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. that trip will take you 12
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minutes. and if you're taking the rails, i'm checking those, as well. not seeing reported delays on the metro, marc, and vre. back to you. >> thank you. two people are dead including a young child after a fiery accident. this happened around 11:00 on lee highway at germantown road in fairfax city. police say a woman was speeding down lee highway, weather she lost control slamming into a minivan. the car on fire when firefighters got there. the woman and one child were killed in the crash. another child is in critical condition and was in surgery. the driver of the other car was hospitalized but is expected to be okay. [ cheers ] wisconsin governor scott walker will stay in office after a recall vote left him fighting for his job. he beat out his democratic challenger in a race that gained national attention. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning with how wisconsin may shed light on who voters choose in november.
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good morning. >> reporter: angie, good morning. there's a reason why we're focusing so much on wisconsin. besides the fact that it's the first time that a governor has beaten a recall election, it also really sort of set up what we may see in november -- conservatives and liberals, democrats and republicans, and a very divided electorate. last night, scott walker was able to survive this, winning over democrat tom barrett who interestingly was slapped in the face by one of his supporters afterwards. he beat barrett by eight points. this is the second time that he's lost to walker. mitt romney, by the way, said this is a rejection of liberal ideas. he's hoping that will carry over into november. however, the exit polls showed us that wisconsin voters prefer president obama over mitt romney by seven points. they think obama will be better at fixing the economy. they think the president will be better at helping the middle class. this isn't a race that drew a lot of outside interest. maryland's governor and
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virginia's governor, governor o'malley and governor mcdonnell were both in wisconsin at one point. $64 million of outside money powered into the race. >> thank you. and we touched this earlier, the story behind it. it was a tough night for milwaukee mayor tom parrett. after his concession speech, one supporter did slap the democratic candidate for conceding. barrett says the woman was kind enough to ask if she could slap him. he told her that he would prefer a hug, that's when she went ahead and slapped him anyway. no word if charges will be filed. mitt romney is piling up delegates. the former massachusetts governor won five primaries yesterday. he won in california, new jersey, south dakota, new mexico, and in montana. romney already has the 1,144 delegates needed to win his party's nomination. he won't become the official nominee, though, until this summer's gop convention. today president obama heads west to raise money and build
5:35 am
support within the gay community. he's expected to speak at the lgbt leadership council gala in los angeles. the gay community has rallied around the president since he announced his support for same-sex marriage last month. president obama will also hold a number of fund-rairaisers over next two days. former president clinton is apparently at odds with president obama over the bush-era tax cuts. clinton said yesterday that all tax cuts should be extended at least temporarily. he says it will give congress time to reach a deal on a longer tax cut extension. it won't apply to the wealthiest americans. president obama opposes renewing tax cuts for people earning more than a quarter million dollars a year. in "news 4 your health" this morning, doctors may need one day to use a simple -- may one day need -- may one day use a simple blood test to predict when breast cancer will return. researcher at anderson cancer center found the higher amount of tumor cells in the blood
5:36 am
stream, the higher chance the cancer will return or cause death. the blood test could replace the current invasive tests that rely on lymph nodes for women who battle breast cancer. scientists still need to figure out exactly what kinds of tumor cells are linked to the cancer coming back. aspirin bleeding risks may outweigh -- outweigh the benefits from taking it every day for a healthy heart. italian researchers found aspirin raises the risk of major bleeding in the stomach, intestines, and skull by more than 50%. patients with diabetes already have a 36% increased risk of major bleeding regardless of their aspirin use. just this week, scientists found taking aspirin every day could reduce the risk of skin cancer. the time is 5:36. ahead, a pageant controversy. why one miss america contestant -- -- >> rhode island! >> miss usa, yeah, that would be miss usa contestant is alleging the show is rigged. at 5:56, a high school runner praised for a remarkable
5:37 am
display of sportsmanship. what she's saying about the fuss. and our storm chance for the day ahead -- weather & traffic on the 1s.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at what a beautiful sight. we're waking up to a cool wednesday. nice to know we've made it halfway through the workweek. >> yes, ma'am. >> the low humidity that comes along with the cool weather, not bad. >> feels nice out there as we approach 5:41 on this wednesday morning. tom kierein's in storm center 4 with a look at the forecast. tom? what a spectacular sunrise. sunrise just three minutes away at 5:43. now two minutes away. approaching 5:41. looking at storm 4 radar, to the south it's cloudy in the moving areas of color. those are light sprinkles. they're moving across fauquier county out of culpeper, into prince william and southern and
5:41 am
western fairfax. that's advancing east and crossing the potomac toward charles county now. they're getting sprinkles there near la plata. that's drifting east. on the eastern shore, south of easton, they're getting sprinkles there. and as we look at the hometown forecast for culpeper, there still could be lingering showers by noontime. and during the afternoon, maybe even thundershowers. by noontime, upper 60s during the afternoon. near 70 or so with a passing thundershower. clearing by late evening. by 11:00, 50s. by this time tomorrow, again the low 50s starting off thursday. a big change for the weekend. the seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella? thanks, tom. no accidents to warn but. a good sign. traveling along route 50, lanes open from annapolis to the beltway. travel lanes are open. i'll give you a look at davidsonville road. want to let you know if you're making your way eastbound at
5:42 am
davidsonville road, just have a disabled vehicle in the right shoulder lane. not bothering you. you see light volume. heading inbound toward the city, you are clear. also, still checking the rails. if you're taking the rails, i'm not seeing any reported delays on the metro, marc, and vre. all are running on or close to schedule. aaron, over to you. >> thank you. the beauty pageant contestant who says miss usa is rigged. if you've ever seen the flash of a speed cam, there's a court case you'll want to hear about. why some may be ruled illegal. next, how kwame brown is answering tough questions.
5:43 am
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d.c. council chairman kwame brown is talking about the ongoing ethics fleebs aprobes t
5:46 am
becoming a distraction in d.c. he spoke yesterday after a budget was passed. brown says he has no plans to resign and says he did nothing wrong in his 2008 election campaign. >> i don't think i broke any laws in the 2008 campaign. that's all i'm going to see about the 2008 campaign. >> now in the past month, a federal judge sentenced former ward 5 council member harry thomas sdwror prison for stealing city money. two former campaign aides to mayor vincent gray have exploded guilty in a widening probe into the mayor's 2010 election campaign. jury selection is moving faster than expected in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the former penn state assistant football coach is molesting ten boys over the course of 15 years. nine jurors have been seated. connections to penn states did not necessarily keep prospective jurors from being chosen. >> we asked the jurors where they worked. 14 indicated they are employed by or retired from penn state.
5:47 am
then they were asked if any of them knew jerry sandusky personally. four people held up cards. >> the jurors include a retired bus driver, a high school teacher, an engineer, and a walmart employee. one is a long-time penn state football season ticketholder. three jurors and four alternates need to be chosen. opening arguments are scheduled for next monday. another disturbing development in a canadian murder investigation. police are trying to determine if body parts mailed to two vancouver schools belong to a man they say was murdered by his elk lover. the schools received packages containing a hand and a foot yesterday. the suspect, luca magnatta, is in custody in germany. police say he voeped himself killing and dismembering a man and then mailed some of his victim's body parts to canada's top political parties. the trial of fairfax county man accused of killing a child in a drunk driving accident is
5:48 am
expected to wrap up today. victor aldana was said to be drunk and drugged when he drove off a busy road in january and plowed into maria chavez and her 8-year-old son, brian. the boy was killed. his mother was badly injured. police say aldana's blood alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit. he faces several charges including manslaughter. his attorneys say the accident was a tragedy but does not constitute manslaughter. a 16-year-old faces charges in loudoun county for the attempted sex assault of two middle school girls. it happened monday morning on a path near seneca ridge middle school in the sugarland run area. police say the teen tried to grab a 12 and 14-year-old as they were walking to school. they got away. he was tracked down and eventually arrested. police are not releasing his name because he is a minor. a private company will come in to clean up a diesel spill along the southwest waterfront in the district. a floating platform at the fish
5:49 am
market there broke apart yesterday, spill being 50 gallons of diesel fuel. normally fish and seafood are sold on the platform, but it was closed for renovations. no one was on board at the time. the fire department contained that spill. a bowie man who showed up at court for a probation hearing is not allowed to leave. police were awaiting there to arrest him for murder. officers arrested ronald austin on friday as he arrived at the prince george's county courthouse in upper marlboro. he's now charged in the murder of 36-year-old eric jones. jones was shot and killed in the suitland area back in 2011. the d.c. council is standing up to a -- to the federal government over its plan to crack down on illegal immigration. d.c. council voted to him a law requiring police to hold a suspected illegal immigrant for 48 hours. council members say they will only detain those who have been previously convicted of a dangerous crime. the 48-hour requirement is designed to give i.c.e. time to interview detainees and decide if they should be deported.
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today the senate banking committee will hold its first hearing on jpmorgan's $2 billion trading losses. jpmorgan acknowledged the loss may ten. the company says the money was in a portfolio that was supposed to manage the risks the banks take with its own money. the bank officials say the portfolio turned out to be more volatile than they first thought. ceo jamie dimon is scheduled to appear before the committee next week. take a look. a rare celestial event turned out to be pretty nice for a lot of star gazers around the area. look at video. amazing video from chopper 4 last night. the transit of venus here. the planet crossed in front of the sun. it appears as a black dot on the screen. this is a rare occasion. only happens twice in a century. the next will happen on december 10, 2117. so for most of us, that was it. hope you got to see it. >> it makes you realize how big the sun really is. it looked like a mole. >> yeah.
5:51 am
how tiny the earth is. the earth is about the same size as venus. speaking of the sun, we have a spectacular sunrise here underway. it's a renaissance sunrise i call this. or insert your own superlative here. there it is. a gorgeous view from our h.d. city cameras. aren't you glad you bought an h.d. television? when you see one of these scenes, this is what really makes your flat screen sing. there it is. and enjoy as we are helped to a cool start. i can get behind this weather. this is a -- a wonderful pattern here. i love the cool, fresh air that we have. 59 at reagan national. comfortably dry. and as we look at what's been happening the last 1 hours, we did have cloudiness yesterday. it did obscure the view for a lot of people trying to see the transit of venus. this morning, high clouds over washington. all cloudy south of washington. not too far. ten miles south, outside the beltway into fairfax county, prince william, staffed, spotsylvania, fauquier. patches of green are light rain showers. some sprinkles now just moving
5:52 am
into charles county, as well. this is drifting off to the east passing south of the metro area. the next hour or so. it is certainly chilly in the air. look at gaithersburg, down to 46 in montgomery county. martinsburg, 49. it's just near 50 throughout much of maryland, southern maryland, as well. and into virginia, it's in the mid 50s. we'll have a few clouds in and out mid morning. a slights chance of a shower mainly south during noontime. by the latter part of the afternoon, a greater chance of an isolated thundershower popping up. mid 70s before then. then near 70 pie late evening. tomorrow in the morning, the 50s again. and partly sunny. warmer thursday afternoon, near 80. and there's a great 'er chance of maybe afternoon -- greater chance of maybe afternoon showers and thunderstorms. friday, saturday, sunday, summer-like weather. it will linger into the first part of next week, too, with sunshine, 80s friday and saturday. near 90 sunday, monday. that's the way it looks. danella has traffic.
5:53 am
good morning. thanks, tom. well, if you're traveling around the beltway, we'll take a closer look. things look really good. traveling in prince george's county, looping to montgomery county, no issues. in fact, a live look crossing the american legion bridge, very light volume. from the american legion bridge traveling on the outer loop, heading to virginia, no issues here. continuing on the outer loop past van dorn street, heading to the wilson. here's a live look now. the travel speed from van dorn the wilson bridge, 62 miles per hour. just a seven-minute drive now. back this ten with another look at traffic. back to you. >> all right, thank you, danella. a critical vote today for the future of the metro silver line project. the washington airport's authority is expected to vote this morning on whether to loaf a controversial pro-labor provision in its construction plans. that provision has angered lawmaker in virginia who are threatening to withhold $150 million in funding if it remains. the airport's authority has publicly voiced support for the labor agreement in the past. the legality of speed
5:54 am
cameras in maryland up for debate today. the state supreme court -- the state's highest court will hear arguments this morning from drivers in montgomery county who claim the cameras are being run illegally and should be turned off. the drivers say the cameras break the law because a portion of each traffic fine is paid to the company that maintains the cameras. lower court rulings have sided with police. there is no debate when it comes to the district's newest speed camera. starting today, you'll get a ticket if you're cost driving too fast. the city installed 27 new cameras last month. police had only been issuing warning for the first 30 days. the cameras were set up along with strengths with the highest number of crashes and injuries. the district is one step closer to a taxicab overhaul. the d.c. council gave initial approval to a plan that would require cab companies to install credit card readers and satellite navigation systems in all of their vehicles. the bill also requires all cabs to be painteded the same color
5:55 am
and would dramatically increase the number of city taxi inspectors. a final vote is expected this month. bad credit could cost manassas park school system thousands of dollars. the school board recently tried to borrow $250,000 to lease three school buses. but board members claim cal first, the bank with the best offer, pulled the deal. school leaders suspect it's because of the city of manassas park's bad credit rating. >> there's no letter of why. no explanation of what happened. we had two other bids on the table. we took our third bid from alliance bank which incidentally is in manassas park. >> that third pitted is higher than the ever -- the one the school district had originally agreed to. city officials say manassas park's credit score fell in recent years as a result of the housing and credit crisis. they say things have picked up, and property values are again on the rise. one of the contestants in the miss usa pageant says the competition is fixed.
5:56 am
miss pennsylvania, sheena monan, turned in her crown. she said the officials chose the five finalists before sunday's show on. facebook she called the pageant morals, and trashy." and they said that she had complained during the pageant because they go a week ahead and compete. >> right. >> about the transgendered individual being able to compete. and so she was upset about that. so -- >> at least nobody's hair got pulled. always a bright spot. >> no extensions, you know. >> oh, boy. all right. she won the state title in her first race, but it's her last place finish in another that has people praising a high school runner in ohio. >> yeah. that after her inspirationopera gesture for one -- inspirational gesture for one of her opponents. megan was in the final stretch
5:57 am
of the race when she stopped to help a friend, arden mcmanagememcmath, who collapsed. she help author her feet and helped her across the finish line. she said any girl would have done the same for her. >> i didn't think twice. i knew i would help her out. if you work to get to the point of the state meet, you deserve to finish no matter who you are. i was going to make that happen for her no matter what. >> a great way to look at things. mcmath finished 14th and vogel 15th. both girls plan to stay in touch. >> i bet they do have a special bond. >> herely it's the competition, you want to be first, at least as close to wilson bridging as possible and to say, you know what, i'm going take a loss and -- >> a lot of times athletes are in the zone. win, win, win. like you said, not everyone would have done that.
5:58 am
5:57. the list the post office will find today on today. next at 6:00 a.m., w
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