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tv   News 4 at 6  WRC  June 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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his home worth by tense of thousand tens of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: kwame brown rose to power in city government, but never controlled his personal finances. >> are you still chairman? >> i'm just trying to get out. >> reporter: it was chaos in the wilson bidding this afternoon when council chairman kwame brown emerged from wri ed frod meetings with his staff over defrodding a local bank wlankts c . >> what can you tell the public? >> good-bye. >> reporter: kwame brown's staff members met behind locked doors consoles themselves after meeting with their boss who told them he's resigning. federal prosecutors wednesday timed one felony charge against brown for defrauding industrial bank of thousands of dollars to finance his home and lifestyle including a power boat.
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brown said just yesterday he had no plans to resign. >> can you here categorically say you will be here in your job for the foreseeable future and have no plans to prematurely leave at this moment your term? >> i have no plans to resign. so that's all i'm going to say about that. i don't have nom plans at this time resign. >> reporter: brown has been under federal investigation more than a year involving allegations of missing money from his 2008 campaign and personal finances. >> mr. brown, any comment? >> reporter: brown made it to his car and left the wilson building without commenting to news 4. brown is due in federal court friday at 11:00 in the morning to plead guilty. at the district building, tom sherwood, news 4. >> tom, thank you. d.c. government is reeling from a number of other high-profile cases. tisha thompson with the i-team is here to tell us about what
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this day's developments mean to the city government in days to come. >> reporter: jim, it has been a rough couple of months at the wilson building. d.c. chairman kwame brown is the fourth person charged by the u.s. attorney's office in the past six months. city council member harry thomas jr. resigned his seat after pleading guilty in january to stealing more than $350,000 in government money and filing false tax returns. he's been sentenced to 38 months in prison. last month, in a separate investigation involves mayor vincent gray's campaign, thomas gore, he's there, close friend of the mayor and assistant treasurer to the campaign pleepded guilty to breaking d.c. election laws and obstruction of justice. he destroyed a notebook containing records showing secret payments. two days later, another gray supporter, howard brooks, there he is, pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators about making those secret payments. this has many wondering if the
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mayor is the next target of the u.s. attorney's office, which makes today's charges against kwame brown so important as chairman of the d.c. city council, brown is the next in line to be the mayor, if the mayor had to resign. but if brown resign, then it's his replacement who could become mayor. this would only happen if the mayor had to resign at any reason which hasn't happened. it's has many speculating who could replace brown, because that person could become the mayor. >> it's complicated. >> a lot of people scrambling. >> more to come, no doubt. >> more to come. >> thank you. stay with news 4 for continuing coverage on this story now that councilman kwame brown is facing a fraud charge. new reaction from city council. hes and will have a report on that in the next half hour. the redskins is moving its training camp from ashburn begins next year.
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100mimes south around richmond. >> reporter: next season hitting the road for training it camp for the first time in more than decade. that's next season. not this season. reaching an eight-year agreement. training camp moves to richmond rand virginia will help subsidize meaning the redskins training facility will not be moving to washington, d.c. anytime in the near future. as for training camp, several sites in richmond are being considered including the lap daxda lackadaisical site and the governor announce the new deal this afternoon. >> truly a regional team pap great team. one of the america's most valuable franchises. it's going to be great to the have rg3 who has the most popular jersey now apparently in
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the nfl, before he's even played a down. we're delighted to be able to say that his home will now be here in virginia, we'll be able to see him next year in richmond. >> reporter: the governor said he's ban redskins' fan more than 45 years, and he married a redskins cheerleader. makes a heck of a lot of sense. >> okay. >> all comes together. thanks. that move could have an impact on fans. local businesses are worried about their bottom line. we have more on that in our next half hour. in alexandria, a judge convict add man in the drunk driving death of an 8-year-old boy. 22-year-old victor aldona guilty on all counts against him including manslaughter. the crash happened in january. he was drunk and possibly high when he hit both the child and his mother. they were walking on a foot path off the duke street in alexandria. maria chavez broke her legs and pelvis and the accident and also
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lost her only son. police say they have the gunman but still don't have a motive by hind. police say he shold herod debtor to death at the metro station in temple hims, maryland. >> we are not looking for any other suspects. this is the one suspect in this case. and he has been arrested within ten hours of this incident. so we're extremely pleased about this arrest and how quickly it occurred. >> it's unclear if the victim and he knew each other. and the son of the other than of that daycare charged. his mother is devastated by the news. >> i am so sorry. i am so sorry. i would never want to hurt nobody's child.
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>> reporter: the voice you shear that of ruby miller. for 25 years she's run a licensed daycare center out of this home in dale city. yesterday police say something terrible happened inside that house. they say a 3-year-old girl was sexually assaulted. the suspect dayquan miller. ruby miller's son. i went inside and i talked to her today. she's destroyed by what happened here. >> my life is ruined. my daycare. i love children. always i've loved children. as close to god as you can get. >> reporter: police say the assault happened in the bathroom of the child. they said none of the other kids saw it. they say when the victim got home she began acting in an unusual way, and that her parents got suspicious. >> the parents began to question her and make sure she's okay.
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that's when more of the disclosure about what had happened earlier in the day came out. >> reporter: she talked about this assault? >> correct. >> reporter: back at miller house, ruby miller told me she was the one who brought her son to police for questioning. >> he said he didn't do it. he said he was upset that he was accused of something like that, and we believed him. >> reporter: still believe him? >> no. >> reporter: he did it? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: 18-year-old dayquan miller, charged with sexual battery. charged with sexual assault. held without bond bending further court action in this case. in prince william county, pat collins, news 4. fire ripped through an apartment complex in maryland theirs morning about 6:30 in the 5600 block of regency park court. about 100 firefighters were there. took more than an hour to get
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the blaze under control. one of the firefighters injured. reports of hording on the unit on the first floor. damages estimated at least $250,000. the fire forced 30 people out of their homes. been beautiful most of the day, but there are a few clouds and showers out there now. veronica johnson is tracking the changes weather. >> that's right. as promised, more of the wet weather around our area for today. moving through, and we'll have this chance from about now up until about 9:00 p.m. you can see some of the rain showers just south of d.c. now going, zoom in to see that one little shuer there on the southern side the beltway. the other story today is the minor and moderate coastal flooding. that's right. a coastal flood warning out for d.c. and for anne arundel county. some of the images from early this morning. that is a little pier there, and part of it is underwater. so the canoe, hard to get to.
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a coastal flood advisory that continues until 1:00 a.m. tomorrow. feeling like july. more on that coming up. and a hacker may have targeted a popular social networking website. millions of passwords could be leaked on to the internet, and an international manhunt comes to an end. the man accused of putting body parts on ch in the mail is
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queen elizabeth went to vis et her husband in the hospital, prince philip has been there since monday way bladder infection.
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doctors say he is cigaretgreatl improved and spirits good but want to keep him under observation. the prince forced to miss half of the diamond jubilee celebration. special prayers said during the thanksgiving yesterday. prince philip is 90 years old. new details about body parts found in canada's mail system. police believe the discoveries are linked to a canadian porn actor accused of killing a chinese exchange student. erica edwards has our report. >> reporter: the body parts were discovered yesterday in packages made the to a vancouver elementary school and a second school for boys containing a human foot and a human hand. dna tests must still be conducted to see if they belong to jun lin. they say they match those sent to the political offices last
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week. >> talking about the same body parts that we're looking for which is the right hand and the right foot. second lead was shipped from montreal. we know that as fact. >> reporter: he 235luka magnott arrested. they believe he acted alone, we have no reason to believe someone else is involved in this horrible crime. >> reporter: police confirmed reports of a foot found in montreal today turned out to be false. >> this is not a real one. it's the canada one use the in movie makes, and a fixed part. this is a very bad joke. >> reporter: magnotta says he won't fight extradition to canadaened that means he could be back home within two weeks. erica edwards, nbc news. defense secretary leon panetta was direct and unapologetic today about drone strikes in pakistan. a at a news conference in india,
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he dismissed suggestions that the air strikes violate pakistan's sovereignty. >> this is about our sovereignty as well. we have made clear to the pakistanis that the united states of america is going to defend ourselves against these would attack us. >> secretary panetta pointed out the al qaeda leaders who plannek was located in pakistan. an e-mail scam that targets military employees. the e-mail appears to come from defense, finance and accounting services carpetinging military personnel retirees and other employees. the e-mail says people receiving disability pay from the department of veterans affairs may be able to receive more from the irs. it prompts people to mail copies of v.a. award letters and income returns. if you receive one, calm the maryland comptrollers office or the irs.
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linkedin confirmed today some of its users passwords have been stolen and leaked online. a russian website reports more than 6 million accounts were breached. however, the job networking site wouldn't confirm that number. linkedin issued an apology to users on its blog and company officials are investigating. users affected by the hacking will receive an e-mail explaining how to reset their passwords. about 160 million people use the social business network. a huge rebound for stocks today. wall street logged its best day of 2012 today. the dow was up more than 286 points. the nasdaq and s&p also posted big gains. stocks rose amid growing hopes that central banks will take steps to support the global economy. veronica is here with more about our weather forecast, and i guess some of us are getting rain or about to. huh? >> some of us are getting rain. i know, heard there was a concert around the area. some folks worried, is it going get rained out? no.
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these are passing showers. not sitting over the same area. >> take your raincoat or umbrel umbrella. >> take it. it's not really going to get in the way in any major type of way for your evening. as far as that wet weather goes, yeah, we've got a chance again coming our way tomorrow. let's look outside see what's going on. we've got lots of cloud cover around the area. mostly cloudy sky now. what we've had, of course, is about every day this week, it's been like a broken record. we've got a little bit of sun in the morning and then we get the clouds during the afternoon and we get the rain, too. as far as advisories go for the area, the coastal flood warning and advisories that went up last night, those have now been extended at least the advisories have for all of these continunt. water rising one to two feet above normal. around the west river there. that picture i showed you earlier where the water got high. a full moon and you've got and
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east wind prifty persistent. high temperature today, 75 degrees. pretty nice. it's hard to believe a day with rain can be nice. right? you know it has been pretty nice the last couple of days. 58 the low temperature. and average high, 81 degrees. we are close that average high tomorrow. yearly rainfall deficit now at 4.75 inches. the getting, not enough to help. there's the blue, the cool will be retreating up to the north and east to new england, sticking around there. a few more day, the cool conditions. then all that yellow, that's the warm air. that's what's going to be moving in as early as saturday with highs getting into the upper 80s around here. so here comes the warm air for the weekend. just in time with school wrapping up on friday. current temperature, reagan
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airport. light wind. you folks in fairfax, virginia, at 67. look at college park, maryland. 76 degrees currently. still a little warm there. radar right now, storm 4 radar, see the activity making its way towards the south and east meaning these showers around hughesville will be pressing on down towards the southeast headed to southern areas of cal verlt and st. mary's county. and a bit more rain off to the west around fredericksburg passing over i-95 around ashburn. and heading on to the chance until 9:00 p.m. this evening. amp that, getting a break and we're going to see skies clear yet again. like this morning again, sunshine around the area tomorrow morning. 5:00 and 7:00 a.m., mostly sunny to partly sunny. while we're starting out around 58 degrees right in d.c., they'll be locations starting out in the low 50s tomorrow morning.
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so here's a look at your future weather. you can see for tomorrow morning, pretty clear. that pattern lifting. more showers, more isolated storms for the afternoon and in fact probably the best chance coming your way tomorrow for the whole week. sunshine on tap for friday, and friday is looking beautiful. for your evening, though, 63, to 69 degrees. a little wet around the area. 52 to 61, another cool start for us and probably jacket weather for many and up to a high temperature tomorrow of 75 to 81 degrees. so our warm-up starts tomorrow and then we get the heat over the weekend with a high of 88 on saturday to 91 on sunday, and, yes, the weekend is dry. >> summer will be making a comeback. >> uh-huh. >> thanks, veronica. coming up tonight we follow the latest developments in the felony bank fraud case against council chairman kwame brown. we'll flare mayor vincent gray among others. coming up in sports, the nationals pull off an
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in less than four hours now the doors officially open at maryland's newest slot spot. >> maryland live is near anne arundel mall in anne arundel county featuring more than 3,000 slot machines an game, restaurantsened other retail outlets. darcy spencer is live out there tonight with a preview of all the festivities planned for tonight's grand opening. darcy? >> reporter: the 3,200 slot machine nrs place at maryland
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live at anne arundel mills. 's in a matter of hours thousands of gamblers will take their chances at the state's largest casino. the third largest in the country. >> what we're going to give them is a first-class casino experience and one heck of a party. >> reporter: they're promising something for everyone. slots for gamblers, live entertainment and plenty of food. >> i told my cooks and proud to say this, as we open our doors today, this is the best buffet in all of maryland without a doubt. >> reporter: among the food choice, the cheesecake factory. bobby's burger palace, known for great burgers. sweet potato fries, and shakes. >> it's something that basically everybody can afford to eat in, and hopefully it will feel like this is the only gamble they're not taking here. >> reporter: gambling on your waistline a little bit. >> that's okay. we think it's worth the calories. >> reporter: for those looking to try their luck at the slots, you can wager as little as a penny, or if you've got the cash, up to $500 in the high-limit room. they may not have the table games you would typically think
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of, but they do have table games. it's just virtual. you sit down at the table, look at the computer screen and simply pick your game. the casino is putting thousands of people to work, including melissa stocker, who was unemployed since november. >> i had worked for this casino getting question a passed and when i saw they were hiring i got online and applied for several jobs and ended up as slot supervisor. >> reporter: wanted to know most, what's the chance of winning when you pull a lever or press a button? officials say the machine, required to have an 87% payoff. >> a lot of rumors that if you play this, if you play max bet, if you don't play max bet, if you alternate bets, there's no secrets, there is no tricks. it's just come and enjoy yourself. the outcome of the wisconsin recall race is triggering yet another political recalculation today. republican governor scott walker
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fended off a recall attempt from democrats opposed to his budget cuts. especially those that came at the expense of state union workers and their benefits. the margin of victory was wider than expected. now, experts from both presidential campaigns are trying to figure out what that race my portend for the general election in the fall. jury election sb complete for the jerry sandusky trial. seven women, five men will hear the case against the former penn state assistant football coach, san dusksy charged with sexually abusing ten underaged boys over the course of ten years. including three current employee. s along with a current and former student. opening statements are scheduled for monday. we are following the news involves d.c. council chairman kwame brown. he was charged today with one count of bank fraud. he is expected to resign. it's a felony charge that stems from a 2006 mortgage he secured on his d.c. home.
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investigators say he overstated his income of tens of thousands of dollars. brown is expected to be in court an friday to plead guilty to that charge. other members of the council met late this afternoon at the wilson building. jackie bensen is there live with reaction from the council and the mayor. jackie? >> reporter: jim, the council is in full crisis mode right now. what happens if when kwame brown resigns a short time ago, news 4 spoke to d.c. mayor vincent gray. >> i'm stunned. i'm shocked. i'm disappointed. i'm saddened. you know, i was elected to the council at the same time that chairmanlected to the counts counsel served the entire time. this is not something i ever would have imagined could have occurred. >> i'm pulling the meeting together now. >> reporter: late in the amp
6:30 pm
d.c. member counce ims met without chairman brown present, at least at the beginning. >> chair pro t pechem. >> reporter: the first order, close the meeting to media. stationed outside the door as opposed to the usual staff member. after the meeting adjourned, council member filed out looking ats if they dreaded seeing the cameras. >> a courtesy to let the chair speak for himself. >> what's the mood? >> everybody's mood is quite somber. >> reporter: the mood here is grim. >> he would have a statement later today or tomorrow about his intentions, and that -- once he makes that statement, then the city and council will know what it will do. >> i'm glad that our city is still moving forward in the right direction. we're getting business done, and we'll see what happens in the next 24 hours or so.
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>> reporter: d.c. council member mary chaif holholds the chair. if when kwame brown resigns mary chay would be required to call a special meeting and new chair chosen from among the four at-large council members. reporting live, jackie bensen, 234uz. the daughter of maryland representative steny hoyer announced she is gay. stephanie hoyer hemmer came out publicly today. she grew up in prince george's county and lives on the eastern shore now. hoyer has been watching same-sex grow in maryland and wanted to do whatever she could to keep it going. 345r maryland is set to approve same-sex marriage. steny hoyer hopes it passes. police say speed play add role in a deadly accident in fairfax pap mother and her young daughter died in the crash.
6:32 pm
it happened last night on lee highway in germantown road and richard jordan sfopoke to a neighbor shocked by the news. >> reporter: a light trail of smoke comes out of the car where a mother and two daughters were pulled from the highway near germantown road. the driver of his minivan had to be cut out of his vehicle, but he made it out alive. only one of the girls in the other car survived. >> couldn't even tell it was a minivan or a sedan. i mean it was just -- crushed, both of them were crushed. >> reporter: the crash killed 27-year-old dejohn williams and her 5-year-old daughter faith. the girl was not in a booster seat but did have on seat belt. 7-year-old victoria was rushed to the hospital for surgery. >> i can't believe it. >> scott conway lives next to the family in frederick county and says he always saw the girls playing outside. their mother never far away. >> very nice people. the kids were great. she was wonderful. >> reporter: police say the mother was driving recklessly.
6:33 pm
the car seen weaving through traffic and going far beyond the 35 miles per hour speed limit. >> some people said the vehicle did appear to be gob two or three times the speed limit. >> reporter: but conway says he knows the mother always put her children first. >> very protective of them. but, man, i late to hear that. i hate that. >> reporter: both girls went to greensboro elementary in frederick county, virginia. today, the last day of classes but school officials will have grief counselors in the building the rest of the week for any of their classmates that may be having trouble coping with this tragedy. in fairfax, richard jordan, news 4. one of the major hangups in phase two of the dulles rail project has now been eliminated. the metropolitan washington airport authority voted this morning to go without a pro-labor agreement in the construction plans. that agreement had made state
6:34 pm
lawmakers in virginia angry. virginia is a right to work state. the state along with loudoun county leaders threatened to withhold as much as $350 million in funding if those plans weren't changed. >> i find it offensive we are now going to change working conditions on the workers that have done and outstanding job in the 100-degree heat, in freezing cold winters and now we want to change the working conditions on them because of politics. >> the dulles extension depends on funding from loudoun county. officials there must vote by july 4th. if. is completed, the dulles project would be a 23-mile extension from east falls church to dulles international arp and then west to ashburn. mixed reaction tonight after news the redskins will move their training facilities next year the skinns head south to set up training camp in richmond. some fans say that's too far away, and businesses worry about what it could mean for them.
6:35 pm
derrick ward reports from ashburn. >> reporter: it was news to some fans that they left otas add redskin park in ashburn today. maybe the last year they'll be able to get their jersey the autogra autographs, up close and pland personal with players. >> i don't care for it. i won't drive down anymore. >> reporter: others who follow the team through the good and bad feel at least they can do, follow then down 95. >> long distance for me. i like checking it out. i'll probably go. probably run down to richmond. >> i think it's pretty good. the field and everything is good. might as well. you know? >> as a fan, i don't have a big problem. >> reporter: would you go down that far? >> sure. i'm a redskin fan, not just where they are. >> reporter: the team will remain headquarters in ashburn. plans are good news for loudoun county officials. establishers like this, close to
6:36 pm
redskins' park catching the post-practice business. what do they think about the move south? >> loss of customers, and trainers come over here, too. >> reporter: going to richmond. what do you think? >> it's not a good idea. it will hurt us a little bit, yes. >> reporter: would you like them to say? >> of course. >> a lot of people like seeing the players play around town, they live around town. it's always great, the relationship between the players and community vit here. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. coming up, a grand entrance coming up, a grand entrance for the space shuttle when mitt romney says "planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." coming up, a grand entrance for the space shuttle romney is saying he'll deny women the birth
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control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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i am happy to say welovethis story. it's about megan who's on a track team at a high school in ohio. she won the state championship in the 1600 meter race saturday. first girl from her high school to win a track knights 20 years. that's not the story. the story is what she did next. she was running the 3200 meter race. her energy was sapped from winning that title. she was just trying to finish when the runner in front of her collapsed. vogel says she didn't think twice. she picked up that girl and helped her to the finish line and pushed her over the line in front of her. vogel finished last. she thinks what she did was no big deal. she says if you work to get to the state mete you deserve to machine. 24 that is a champion athlete. >> great story. >> it is. hard enough to make it to the olympics. imagine trying compete at eight
6:41 pm
months' pregnant? she will be doing just that. she's a shooter from malaysia, going for the gold in the women's 10 meter air rifle event. she says some of her family members are worried about her decision to compete. so close her due date. her husband and doctor will both accompany her to london. she will be sitting out at 50-meter event even though she qualified, because she figures her bell ip going y's going to for her to shoot lying down. >> suppose when she -- just as she squeezes the trigger -- the baby kicks. wow! >> she's find out. >> fig ter out, for sure. >> make that jacket for her? >> probably make her own. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country.
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when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the state two point six billion deeper in debt. so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then, and it won't work now.
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little wet right now. you don't have to look too hard on the radar to see exactly where. see that dot there, a shower south of d.c. right now around the beltway making its way to the south and east of piscataway. 1/10 inch and hughesville, lighter showerses that are returning southeast towards calvert beach. a little rain out there right now. meanwhile, we've had, of course, cloud cover around the area today. and thick cloud cover right around ocean city, and rehoboth. because of that and that east wip wind, the temperature, just 64 degrees. close the water temperature today. see what an east wind does? 77 degrees expected saturday. ocean city, 81 degrees on sunday, from partly sunny, a few
6:46 pm
clouds hanging out, to sunshine on sunday. very nice conditions. another look at your seven-day forecast coming up in a couple minutes. >> thanks. okay. get this straight right away. some of us don't like this. >> no. >> we know he's going to make money. that's a good thing. it was fun going to carlisle. it's a beautiful ride out to frostberg. going to richmond stinks. 95 is never any good at any time of day. it's not only traffic, a yucky ride. nothing see. it's awful. so you have influence? >> tell me what you really think? >> what's the good sides of this? >> is there a good side? >> well, the good side is, if you're the redskins organization you're getting some money. if you are a fan who lives in loudoun county, sure the redskins will be there the next eight years. flirting with d.c., and p.g. county, not moving there. >> a d.c. team that plays in maryland and practices in virginia. that stinks. >> and plays in prince george's county, their games. yeah. >> it is what it is.
6:47 pm
>> finally to the story. redskins training camp hitting the road. the skins moving from headquarters in ashburn to richmond in 1013 for training camp. mike shanahan has always wanted this. something the team explored several years. they don't know where in richmond they'll pull training camp yet. citi stadium is a possibility. it's not exactly a state of the art facility now. vcr also in the mix, including state money. $4 million going towards $30 million in upgrades at redskins park meaning their headquarterless stay put in ashburn and not moving to d.c. redskins general manager bruce allen discussing the announcement on espn 980 this afternoon. >> i only know football with the nfl team traveling away. it allows you to concentrate on your other family, which is your team and it's not just a cliche.
6:48 pm
there's a great bond between players and coaches, and players and players, and coaches and coaches, and it does give you that special bond of camaraderie, and i also think for our fans, it will be a great opportunity for some people who haven't been able to travel up to northern virginia to come on up and watch us practice. >> buying it? going to be a good bonding experience. >> it's about the money. >> of course it's about the money. >> it's all about the money. >> to be honest, i kind of like it, more of an event like it was in carlisle. you're going away to training camp. >> a few of those trips up and down 95. >> then come back and talk to us. >> back to you in a year. my good friends, sports junkies, selling t-shirts that say sised for brice. defined in the urban dictionary, filled with immense joy or delight. last night, coined by them. they made up the word. last night a perfect example why we should all be siced for bryce
6:49 pm
harper. the slugging sensation, the first teenager way game-ending hit in more than 24 years. crazy game between the nationals and the mets. we picked it up in the eight. nats down 4-3. desmond at plate going the other way. zimmerman comes in to score scoring the game at 4, how it stayed after nine innings. going into extra innings. free baseball for everybody. in the tenth, the serve snth pitcher of the night, henry rodriguez. not responded well to pressure situations recently. with a runner on third he throws it away. skort hairston scores on a wild witch. oh, henry, the mets take a 5-4 lead. bottom 69 tenth. desi. ian desmond opening another big spot with two on. hitting what looks like a double play ball. commit a second error, gift for the nationals and we're tied at 5. 12th, tied at 6. bases loaded for bryce harper
6:50 pm
and the kid delivers the game winner. no catch there. florez comes in to score. nationals win 7-6. first of many walk-offs hits for harper i am sure, bryce was slyced after this one. >> that type of environment and that type of game. meaning, i'm speechless. unbelievable. >> he's been unbelievable since he's been here. every time, batting, pitches is tough. fitting for him. hasn't been done since years. something in the '80s. sheffield, another guy i managed. >> the only thing awkward, zimmerman and bryce jumped to hug each other, a chest bump. a hug? awkward. get it together. wouldn't it be something in lebron and the heat go another year without a title?
6:51 pm
seemed like just yesterday lebron was holding this interruptry circus in miami talking about the number of championship it's they would win. not one -- not two -- not three he said. now they're one game april way from not any. chris bosh back for the neat game five. first quarter, bosh making his way through traffic gets the bucket and the foul. nice move there. bosh set after the game, happy to be in uniform again. jump to the fourth. heat up by 6. dunks a block. back to rondo. kicks it out for 3. 13 off the bench for beatrice. keep it up. boston up by 1. paul pierce canearce, a kill wh game's on the line. celtics win 94-90 lead the series three games to two. next game tomorrow in boston. a fan favorite and brigrind
6:52 pm
not bringing him back next season. knuble not surprised since he was a healthy scratch at times this season. knuble getting long in the tooth at almost 40 years old, but hoping to return to washington. first time since 2001 and 2002 failed to report goals in a season. his only
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
one more check on that wet weather out there. >> right. and those showers we have out there, those will hang on until about 9:00 this evening. head the out, as far as tomorrow morning goes, at the bus stop it is looking like it's going to be dry right now. definitely cool with a low temperature starting out to
6:56 pm
about 51 in that area. up to 62 in fredericksburg. jacket weather for a lot of folk. the high tomorrow, 81 degrees expected for tomorrow. even 83 for friday. friday's looking like a beautiful day. warmest day of the week. then we keep that gorgeous weather around for the weekend. right? some folks have been waiting for the heat. you're going to get it this weekend. >> kids. they're like, you know -- i want it to be armor around here. i want to hit the pool. >> thanks, veronica. coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00, president obama heaer. which celebrities he'll woo tonight. place spelling mistake. thousands of seniors will get a replacement. those stories and more tonight at 11:00. space shuttle "enterprise" is now headed to its new home in manhattan. the prototype traveled on a barge up the hudson river from jersey city this morning.
6:57 pm
it passed the statue that of liberty and the world trade center site before it reached the intrepid seea, air and spac museum. the shuttle "discovery" took its place after nasa retired the nation's shuttle fleet. >> a whole different scene than the last time we saw aircraft on the hudson. >> yeah. whip sully. >> right. sully. sully[ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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