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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 7, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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2005, a rising political star. he left yesterday in disgrace and, tomorrow, he'll be in court. on wednesday, now former d.c. council chairman kwame brown pleaded guilty to a bank fraud charge involving his home mortgages. thursday, prosecutors filed a new charge in d.c. superior court charging brown with a misdemeanor for violating campaign finance laws in his 2008 campaign. prosecutors say brown allowed a second campaign bank account to spend excessive amounts of money that largely went unreported. kwame brown, who was mobbed by reporters on wednesday, was unavailable for comment on the latest charges. they are much more minor compared to the felony offense to which he'll plead guilty in federal court on friday and may lead to a prison term. mayor vincent gray, under a separate federal criminal investigation of his 2010 campaign, sought to do business
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as usual on thursday, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the city's reorganized traffic department. but he acknowledged the total scandal used inside public. >> it's not to be unexpected that, you know, when situations like this occur, that they would probably dominate the headlines, they would dominate the news, but for those who choose to go beyond that, i think they will learn that the city is doing extremely well. >> reporter: federal prosecutors already have convicted two gray campaign aides of felony wrongdoing and more charges are expected. ♪ >> reporter: on a special edition of the politics hour a former corruption prosecutor says it is scarring the city's images. >> leaders are just as conscious as you and i that they are being scrutinized in this manner and, therefore, they have an added obligation to be extremely careful in how they conduct the business of the city and how they conduct their own businesses.
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>> kwame brown's day in court starts tomorrow at 11:00. at the wilson building, tom sherwood, news4. >> stay with us for complete coverage of the developments in this d.c. corruption scandal and have more on why the replacement for the council chairman could be doing more than taking over for kwame brown. that is coming up the next half hour. morgan state's president says security is the priority. last month, alexander told police he killed a family friend and then ate part of the victim's organs. the murder happened days after he was charged in an on-campus attack with a baseball bat and just months before that, the suspect was dismissed from the school's r.o.t.c. program. a congressman says the transportation security administration is so bloated it is unprepared for terror threats. house subcommittee laid into the tsa administrator on capitol hill today. last week, five security
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officers were fired for failing to conduct random passenger screenings at the southwest florida airport in ft. myers. 38 officers were suspended. >> i'm just telling you, it's palpable. the american people are just really disgusted and outraged with the department that they see is bloated and insef. >> lawmakers suggested the agency could do without 30% of its work force and still get the job done. the head of the tsa disagreed with that. in the presidential race, the latest fund-raising figures suggest that mitt romney has an edge in campaign contributions, at least in the short term. meanwhile, the fed chairman warned a failure to make a deal on tax rates could push the country over a cliff. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: mitt romney went to missouri to blame president obama for letting down american families. >> it is a moral failure of tragic proportion when there are over 23 million americans who
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are unemployed, underemployed or and stopped lookinging for work. >> in nevada, president obama blamed the republicans. >> we could have put more americans back to work. >> reporter: his new ad. >> it's paid for by asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more but congress refuses to act. >> reporter: hiking taxes on millionaires, but for everyone else, renewing the bush tax cut rates that expire in december. is the obama plan. congress won't act because republicans want all of the brackets to stay the same for another year. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke warned if there is no deal by year's end and everyone's taxes go up, the economy could go off a cliff. >> the potential expiration of so-called bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 tax cuts is the single
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biggest item in the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: meanwhile, the finances for the race for the white house took a turn. team romney raised $76.8 million in may and surging ahead of team obama at 60. the democrats year-to-date total remains far higher, $510 to 400 million. it will be more than 2 billion by november. a lot of it to be spent in the fight over taxes. a deal on tax rates before the election looks impossible. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. president obama asked congress to approve a one half of 1% raise in pay rates for civilian federal employees, but it appears that a pay freeze may remain in effect for at least another year. yesterday, the appropriations subcommittee approved a spending bill that ignores the request for an increase in january. spending bill for the department of homeland security also ignores the raise. and last week, the house passed a bill that does not contain funding for a raise for some of
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the workers at the defense department a the veteran affairs administration. federal union leaders are quite upset about the pay raise rejection. the white house also objects. first lady michelle obama was in northern virginia today campaigning for the president there. the first lady spoke at vfw post 1503 in dale city reminding the people the president inherited a dying economy and has started to turn it around. she said voting for mitt romney would be a return to failed policies that sent the economy into recession. >> are we going to allow everything we fought for, not just over the last three and a half years before the last several decades? are we going to let it all just slip away? >> no! >> no! we know what we need to do. right? >> yes! >> we simply cannot afford to turn back now. we have to keep moving forward! >> after that rally she made a stop at mom's apple pie company
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and treated to a violin shoulder from a student there from fredericksburg and she bought two pies before she headed back to washington. huge crowds streamed back to try their luck at maryland's biggest casino today after thousands were turned away when it opened last night. the lines to get into maryland live casino, they stretched around the building and off the property. so many people, that the facility reached its 10,000 capacity. many who wanted to try their luck, they never got in. some of them spent the night outside waiting until it reopened this morning. >> thousands of people all in one place, do you know what i mean? it was great and cool but you couldn't get in the building so it was no fun! >> they are predicting the traffic jams will go away.
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maryland live is open sunday through thursday from 8:00 in the morning till 2:00 the next morning. friday and saturday from 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 the next morning. >> we have seen thunderstorms north of us and now strong thunderstorms. that means that out of those, mainly up to the north of our area, it means that we, we could be getting some high winds, possibly even some hail from some of those storms up to the north. they are moving through areas of washington, areas of frederick county and carroll county and they will be making their way toward the south and east. those storms to the north with some lightning and they are going to be headed toward bartonsville area and mt. erie and lisban. what happens when the rain moves out? something we haven't felt in  more than a week and i'll have that coming up. school system may change the way it sghins students. fairfax county school board will vote on proposals that will get parents involved before a student is punished. julie carey reports.
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>> as a parents if my child has done something wrong, i want to know about it as soon as possible. >> reporter: this parent was shock there is no. it was the death of 15-year-old woodson high school student last year that cast a sharp spotlight on the issue of 15-year-old nick stubbin. the high school student killed himself after a disciplinary action that forced the athlete to leave his school, something his parents believe left him despondent. several amendments will be voted to notify parents right away any time a student faces serious possible disciplinary action like suspension, expulsion or referral to police for example. >> when talking about criminal charges serious circumstances that can alter the trajectory of a student's life that they need their parents there. >> reporter: school board member elizabeth shultz is one of several school board members
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that proposed it. >> my amendment says you will get hold of those parents. >> shultz says in cases, the notification could come later after the threat has passed. some parents welcome the proposal. >> i think it would be a good change in policy that parents should be notified before they question the sunt. >> if there is little we can do later. >> reporter: others say the administrators need the ability to act more quickly. >> i think the school should take action right there and because it's happened at the school and the parents are not at school so you have to take action right there, and then you can contact the parent. >> reporter: many principals too are opposed to the change in policy. they say it would be unduly burdensome and tie their hands when it comes to student discipline matters. in fairfax county, julie carey, news4. still ahead, new reports of
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another massacre in syria again targeting women and children. a man operating a train during rush hour allegedly caught reading the paper and apparently cover-to-cover. olympic swimmer is investigated after a photo was posted online. a group of women
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there are reports of a new civilian ms. carry in syria. the syrian government denying that forces loyal to president bashar assad saered out a methodical relentless attack yesterday. a video shows the murdered children and we have blurred the images. >> reporter: syrian opposition activists inside and outside of
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the khan are describing what happened in this city as a massacre on wednesday the syrian military shelled the village of 250 residents and followed up by a corroboration proximity attack. accounts that are coming out of the country the soldiers went house-to-house, street-to-street killing women and children in close range. but it is always very difficult to independently verify these accounts. now the syrian government is denying any responsibility. syrian state media saying the incident was carried out by terrorists. the kind of terrorists they have been fighting for the past year. now all of this is coming against the backdrop of continued international efforts to try and stop the violence. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton in turkey met with european and arab allies to come up with a coordination group to prop up the syrian opposition. >> assad has doubled down on his brutality and duplicity and syria, will not, cannot, be peaceful, stable, or certainly
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democratic until assad goes. >> reporter: but for the time being any suggestions that the international community may be willing to use some type of force in syria seems to be shot down by russia and china which so far said they would not endorse any call for military action inside syria. train operator up in new york has been suspended. he is accused of putting passengers in danger. the rider caught the operator reading a newspaper cover-to-cover. it allegedly happened during yesterday's morning rush on the harlem rail line. according to the man -- according to the video, the engineer was barely paying attention to his surroundings. transit officials say it is unacceptable for workers to read anything while they are operating a train. strong storms, some massive balls of hail up in central colorado. that hail punched holes in car
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windshields yesterday and flooded streets around denver. officials believe that maybe six tornadoes touched down across the northeastern part of that state. >> wow. >> no injuries reported. but there are more than a few people upset when they went out and looked at their cars. >> don't you know it! >> right. >> we have had wild weather this spring and none coming this way, we hope. >> no. they are under a tornado watch again today for areas of colorado and northeast all the way and north toward wyoming. so they got some more severe weather. here, we have storms but no severe weather. just strong winds that are bringing pretty good range. pat called a couple of minutes ago and said she still has water in her backyard from last evening's storms that came through. let's head outdoors and see what is going pop the sky bubbling up a little bit but this was earlier today when the kids were out playing. this was right around the end of k street there by wisconsin avenue under that fountain. i've been there and it's pretty
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fun. meanwhile, folks out just enjoying themselves any way they can because temperatures today up into the 80s again. but we do have some storms so a lot of you keeping a watchful eye on the sky right now. the thunder north out of the pennsylvania. storm 4 radar right now we zoom into the storms up to the north. they have lightning with them and west of the louis town area. for this whole area in here out of washington county through frederick county and carroll county is where most of the lightning is right now. headed toward louis town the next two minutes and walkersville the next 16 minutes. you folks around mt. erie getting light rain and 50 minutes we have more showers, heavier shower there just along marshall, right around 66. that is going to be headed toward warrenton and maybe manassas getting a little bit of rain. the southern areas of cal vert and st. mary's county no
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lightning but some cells bringing pretty good rain. we have seen totals coming up over a half inch of rain in howard county and colombia, maryland half an inch and almost a quarter of an inch of rain real quick today with some of those storms moving through. 83 was our high. 58 the low. tonight is not going to be as cool. we are expecting to see temperatures heat up through the weekend. the last time we hit 90 degrees around here was more than a week ago and you know that we had so much heat early on before spring even started. 79 the temperature now at reagan national airport. 12-mile-per-hour wind. once the system finally kicks out of here and it should be gone by the overnight hours, we're going to have a little bit of wind around tomorrow at times. 77 the temperature in frederick. cooling to 70 hagers town, maryland and 80 fredericksburg,
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virginia. tomorrow morning, 63 the low. here is where we are going to be. sun rises at 5:43. a few clouds around the area. more sunshine than we have had probably any other morning this week for tomorrow morning. so not as cool. talk about the storms around denver. there you can see some of them right there areas just north of denver. north and east. all the way up to the north. this weather system will be making its way to the east by the weekend on saturday, we could be looking at some showers, maybe even some thunderstorms north of the maryland border up into pennsylvania, but at least the evening hours, showers and storms probably gone by about 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. sunshine as high pressure moves in tomorrow. then, well, we have more sunshine even coming our way for saturday. you can see on saturday, 6:00 p.m. where some of those showers may be setting up over the weekend. so isolated storms, 66 to 73. your morning temperature 52 to
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61 and high temperature, 79, close to 85 degrees tomorrow. terrific weather for friday. >> love that. >> school is out for a lot of kids on friday! they have been doing the half days and enjoying it. it's heat for the weekend and time of year when you want to remember to put that sunblock on. >> you always want to hear the word terrific. we like it. >> yeah. coming up tonight, parents in had to face a judge today because their kids were late to school too many times our richard jordan teams up with a 9-year-old to take on the apocalypse. maryland's first and only stand-up coaster. see how he does. coming up in sports, the nationals baffled by a knuckleballer. the thunder move into the nba finals. finals. and the
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when mitt romney says "planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." finals. and the romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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a couple of in loudon county, virginia, is in a manner of speaking off the hook this morning after they were charged with not getting their kids to school on time. >> within one year, those three dencore children had a combined 160 tardies. erika gonzalez was in the courtroom for the ruling. >> reporter: he says getting his kids to school was like getting cats. he said not getting their children to school on time has been dismissed. >> whatever the commonwealth is happy with, we are happy with. we are about partnership and not punishment. there was not about punishment. >> reporter: the couple were slapped with court paper work. your kids 9, 8 and 6 and many more years to come with school. are they going to be on time from here on out? >> i doubt it.
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we are imperfect parents and have imperfect kids. >> reporter: they were tashrdy 0 times in a year. the trio attends waterford elementary school and live here less than a two-minute drive. >> why are are they going to school in the first place? they need their education. i'm sorry. i don't agree with it. >> reporter: an attorney by trait says he is happy the charges were dismissed. he just wanted to see them dismissed under his terms. >> there is actually no law in virginia that deals with tardiness. >> reporter: but two other judges who initially recused themselves from the case say the code under which the parents were charged is, in fact, valid. >> we're in the process of trying to have the attorney general in virginia render an opinion about the law here and to have -- help add some clarity. >> reporter: ever wonder where
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the most dangerous part of loudon county is? if you ask mark dencourt, he'll tell you it's the parking lot of waterford elementary school at 7:49 a.m. when parents are trying to get their kids to school on time. in loudon county, erika gonzalez, news4. house lawmaker says americans are disgusted with the transportation security administration. this came during a subcommittee here today on capitol hill. lawmakers say the agency is too far behind the curve to deal with terror tlohreats. five tsa employees were fired last week. trying to prove that the material he leaked did little harm to the u.s. two state department employees testified during a pretrial hearing today for bradley manning private first class. the officials say they worked around the clock after wikileaks released the documents in late
6:28 pm
2010. manning is accused of giving those documents to wikileaks and he is facing more than a dozen charges, including aiding the enemy. former d.c. council chairman kwame brown is facing a second charge filed today and it was filed today and accuses brown of misusing campaign funds. he also is accused of felony bank fraud and expected to plead guilty to that charge tomorrow. among the questions this raises is what is next for the d.c. council and who will be in charge? news4 i team is here to explain who could take over and what that means for the rest of the district government. >> reporter: as chairman of the d.c. council, kwame brown was in charge. as chair pro temp mary cheh will be responsible to call and preside over a council meeting to select a temporary chairman now that brown has resigned. under council rules, only at-large members elected by the entire city and not just one
6:29 pm
ward can take over as interim chairman. experts predict it probably will not be david katanya or michael because they have outside jobs and they would have to give them up if they became chairman. that leaves phil mendelson and vincent orange. whoever it does end up being, that person will not only run the d.c. council until the city holds a special election for kwame brown's seat, he is also next in line if something should happen to the current mayor. in other words, if the mayor ever has to leave office for any reason, whether it's health or legal issues, the new interim chairman could become the next mayor. we will find out who that person is next week. the owner of the d.c. improv has been found dead three weeks after he was improved missing. mark anderson's body was discovered in a hotel room in buckeye, arizona, yesterday
6:30 pm
morning that is according to the arizona republic. police say they don't know how he died. there will be an autopsy tomorrow. anderson has been having problems, business problems with the tempe improv another comedy club he also owned. a car salesman at the luxury car dealership, a luxury car dealership was shot to death in his home and there is no motive. a family member has trouble reaching 34-year-old eric sumoya and when police arrived at his apartment this morning on east west highway they found his body. no word on a suspect in his case. next week, another busy d.c. neighborhood will undergo a construction project. similar to the one that has made life a bit more difficult, more than a little for some people, in adams morgan over the past year. derrick ward explains what is happening along the popular u street corridor. >> it's been going on for more
6:31 pm
than a year in adams morgan. the changes are evident on one side of 18th street. wider sidewalks and curbside parking improvements. on the other side, work is still in progress and, for some businesses, so is the pain. >> i hope they finish quickly. >> reporter: judith's salon would normally be bustling on a day like this but the month of construction have taken its toll on her client base. >> the client can't park on the street and, you know, business today is busy but wait for two or three people. >> reporter: that appears to be a theme. >> sometimes, there's no parking or people, some of our clients can't find parking or they don't know if they can park or not. >> walking is not too bad but driving is a little more problematic but it is what it is. it will be over eventually. >> reporter: starting next week, it will be u street's turn. >> we are starting at 9th street and moving westbound towards
6:32 pm
14th street. >> reporter: there could be a traffic lane lost periodically. >> we will keep the corridor open. >> reporter: even bigger changes are coming for the corridor like here in the 1400 block of u street. i can block the sidewalk by outstretching my arms but not so the case with the new street scapes. even bigger changes are coming for the corridor like here in the 1400 block of u street. some businesses have already shut down temporarily. others are counting the days until they can reopen with a massive new neighbor at their backs. all in all, it's part of a renaissance at the curb and beyond and if the experience of nearby adams morgan is any indication, those that survive, the pleasure will be worth the pain. on u street, derrick ward, news4. where are people are willing to sacrifice their air-conditioning this summer during peak periods of energy use. they are what is called the energy wise rewards program. the utility tested that program today. in the future, participating
6:33 pm
customers will be notified a day ahead of time when pepco plans to shut off their ac. residents will get a credit on their energy bills in return. pep dco recently launched the program in d.c. as well. speaking of hot. it's maryland's first and only stand-up roller coaster. apocalypse debuted today at six flags, maryland in largo, maryland. we sent over jordan to test it out. >> reporter: here-raising turns and sudden drops. the newest ride at six flags america strives to create an end of the world thriller with shooting fire and explosions. >> it definitely gives you the feeling that something bad and eminent is coming at the end of the ride. >> elizabeth ringas loves to ride roller coasters. she says she has been on 350 of them and her 9-year-old daughter calista rode her first coaster at 2 years old and there were the perfect partners for my first ride on the apocalypse.
6:34 pm
this camera will make you feel like you're on the apocalypse too. strap it on and put it tighter on my chest. there we go. we are ready to go. you guys ready? let's do it. let's go! the apocalypse is maryland's first and only stand-up coaster. are you nervous? no? i'm a little bit nervous. there was reason to be a little nervous. a bike seat rises in between your legs to hold you in place. once everyone is fastened in tight, we are set to take off at up to 55 miles per hour. calista, are you ready? >> yeah. >> reporter: all right. let's do this. oh! ow! this ride will have you shaking on your feet. as you can see, it's not too easy on the head. the twists and turns certainly take their toll. >> it also just gives your body a different feeling as you're going through the ride. can you feel it throughout your entire body rather than just a lot of times in your upper body. >> reporter: the high speed rush was over in a flash and calista gave the ride high marks. >> one of my favorites.
6:35 pm
my first stand-up so i've never been on one like this. >> reporter: i can check that off my bucket list. i'm ready to go home now. ow! at six flags, richard jordan, news4. you notice you didn't hear the 9-year-old screaming but you heard him. >> they don't care. they are like that. coming up a man who went to prison for a crime he didn't commit is going to get a second chance at his dream job. >> a facebook picture is causing concern for olympic officials who are preparing for the summer games. our friends north in frederick and carroll county
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6:38 pm
a couple of olympic swimmers are in hot water over a facebook photo. they are on the australian swim team.
6:39 pm
monk is holding two shotguns and darcy has a pistol in each hand. the photo recently taken at a gun shop here in the united states. outfit called swimming australia issued a statement saying it became aware of what they called inappropriate photos and contacted the athletes to ask them to take the photos down. the australian olympic committee is considering sanctions. the nfl is now facing one massive lawsuit from 80 cases. scores of former players say the league hid information that links concussions to permanent braen injuries. the plaintiffs include art monk of the redskins. they want the nfl to care for players who are suffering from dementia and alzheimer's disease. some don't have symptoms of brain damage but want to be monitored in case they develop symptoms. the nfl has not responded to this but has responded in the past against other cases.
6:40 pm
one all-star is perhaps closer to living his dream. brian banks spent more than five years in prison in california after a childhood friend falsely accused him of rape. last month, a judge threw out the conviction and cleared him of all charges. he had been a usc recruit before that conviction and now banks has a shot at playing for the seattle seahawks. he is going to try out at their upcoming minicamp. >> this is by far the second best day of my life. may 24th, my day of exoneration. and just today to be out here on this field, to work out with the seahawks, to be given an opportunity to have a tryout, i really don't have words for it. this is a dream come true. >> pete carroll was coaching usc at the time that banks was being recruited. he is now the coach at seattle and as soon as he heard the story, he called brian up saying, come o man, try it out.
6:41 pm
he says banks is a perfect ka l example of brananks given a sec chance. >> he will also work out for the skins. he could get invited to skins minicamp so he may have to make a decision whether to go to seattle or here in washington. >> we want him to make it. >> i would love to see him make it it. >> what else is coming up. redskins players ask for the first time what they think of moving training camp to richmond. the thunder stage a classic comeback to close out the spurs. the nationals get knuckled under by the mets. sports is coming up. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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thunderstorms in north of frederick and carroll county and along 70 and making their way towards eldersburg and next our
6:45 pm
there. heavy rain and lightning coming toward your neighborhood if you're in that location and possible hail here in areas west headed toward mitchell. heavy rain and hail there. a little bit more of it to the north up in pennsylvania. some of these thunderstorms cells are losing their punch, their energy as you can watch here on the loop that runs over the last hour. still could be getting some more moderate rain up until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. here is your future wet weather until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m., scattered wet weather around the area. tomorrow morning, at 5:00 a.m. dry and nice and sunny throughout the area. sunshine with high pressure moving in. and, saturday, there could be just a few showers over the maryland line. i think during the afternoon. we are going to watch those certainly closely because they may interfere with our beach and boating forecast. saturday right now we have got sunshine but we may need to add a few more clouds. at least we will be heating up.
6:46 pm
>> thanks, veronica. i wonder if any fans went out to the game today and took brooms with them? wouldn't that have been nice? >> for the sweep, yeah. i'm sure a couple of brooms in the stand but unfortunately may have left them there. >> never mind! a knuckleballer is on, they can be nearly impossible to hit. that was the case at nationals park this afternoon. nationals facing r.a. dickey. he has been the mets best pitcher this year. and his knuckleball in full effect baffling the nationals! dickey now has more wins than any other pitcher in major league baseball this season. wong on the hill for the nationals. he serves up a long bomb to lucas duda. all bryce harper can do is look and watch as the two-run home run over the fence and number ten for duda on the year. mets -0 lead. 2-0 lead. the nationals couldn't solve this guy. r.a. dickey. what a story he is. average pitch until he
6:47 pm
discovered the knuckleball and strikes out bryce harper. he had eight of them on the day. bottom of the seventh. two on. one out. ian desmond grounds to third and david wright makes the routine double play. bottom nine now. nationals down 3-0. ryan zimmerman facing frank francisco. he goes down to get this one. zimmerman finally hits a home run, his first homer in three weeks. is the comeback on? 3-1 game. not really. 3-1 is the final. mets able to avoid the sweep because of knuckleballer r.a. dickey. >> he's very good. he throws a hard and throws it soft, you know, it's just sometimes starts at your face and goes down to the strike zone and, you know, he is a pretty unbelievable pitcher. >> he has a sneaky fastball and throw it 85, 86 miles an hour and locates that pretty good too. so he is a tough customer right now. you know?
6:48 pm
it's not -- you know, not a happy day face ago knuckleballer. >> you know float like a buller fly and sting like a bee. that is floating like a butterfly. >> he is very fast mind. did you see a piece on him on the post? he is brilliant and very eloquent in terms of -- you know, understands himself. >> sure. >> i'm impressed with him. >> very smart guy. do you know where he went to school? >> where? >> tennessee. we have a lot in common, r.a. dickey and i. >> you had to get that in there! i knew i was being set up! >> you had to know that, great school. davey johnson revealed harper has a sore back. harder says he is just fine. struggling reliever henry rodriguez is on the disabled list now not a shocker there. brad lidge coming back a week earlier than expected and replace rodriguez in the bull pen. redskins continuing organized team activities at redskins park this afternoon. the last ota before minute ycamp. when asked what the difference between otas and minikarcamps w.
6:49 pm
derek said minicamps are mandatory. otas are voluntariy. massive changes in the secondary. we will likely see two new starters. in addition to a new coach. as for the players who have been here, the question of training camp came up. specifically, moving training camp to richmond. >> i'm excited, you know? like i said, you know, we get an opportunity to get away, you know, from any distractions that may be around here. maybe five guys going to eat and another guys another place and eating and sleeping in the same place. >> it's going to be different. it's going to be probably a lot more like camp, you know, when you go away you leave the kve confines of your own home and going away on breaks and things like that so it's different. i think all of the guys, you know, definitely looking forward to it. >> you look at the history of teams who have been successful and go away for camps and stuff
6:50 pm
like that. maybe we can try something different and turn the five-win season around from last year to 11, 12 this season. >> all right. i would like to see that. that would be nice. >> be nice. >> you know i'm not veronica johnson and not doug cammerer. >> we observe that, yes. >> there is a thunderstorm warning in the nba! the league's newest dynasty. >> come on! >> come on! that was bad! but go ahead. >> stuff from my grandfather. oklahoma city thunder led by d.c. area native kevin durant did the impossible winning four from the spurs a team who had won 20 in a row. now the thunder head to the nba finals where they will play either the heat or the celtics and they play tonight in the eastern conference finals tonight. they have their hands full with kevin durant and westbrook. look at him getting up and getting up high.
6:51 pm
he chips in 23 for the thunder. the spurs did make it interesting. tony parker to boris diaw. diaw back to parker. parker hits the three. had he 23. the spurs up by 15 at the half! in the third, the thunder just come reorganize back. kevin durant hits the three. he had 34 for oklahoma city. fine minute, thunder up by four. durant with the great pass here to kendrick perkins. these guys are making it look, oh, so easy! how about kevin durant? he is celebrating with his mom and his brothers on door. that was a really cool scene last night. >> loved it. >> thunder proved doubters wrong and they win it 107-99 and take the series four games to two and now await the winner of the heat/celtics series. >> we knew we had a great opportunity coming into the game to try to close it out. and it just felt good. felt good for the city knowing where we came from and how hard we worked. so we just got to continue to
6:52 pm
keep going and keep believing and we will see what happens next. >> i just thought it was togetherness. i think we stayed together even though they made big shots, we still stayed together. played our brand of basketball and it just paid off for us towards the ends of the game. >> did you see that shirt? you like that shirt? >> actually, yeah. not a bad shirt at all. >> westbrook has been wearing all of these crazy shirts all throughout the playoffs and they range in price from 40 bucks to 540 bucks. my problem is you can't tell the difference between the 40 dollar shirt and 540 buck shirt. >> maybe you can up close. i love the fact we haven't had, since jordan and pippen, that kind of combination. and it looks like we got it now westbrook and durant. >> nothing has been this good this early. you've had other guys but still [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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a little bit of a stormy night tonight but are we done? >> not done yet. until 9:00 we could have lightning coming through the area. take a look at the radar right now. to the north of us, howard county, you'll be getting some of that lightning and hearing the thunder. then around winchester, around southern areas of focculer county. strongest toward he wiand down could be producing ail as well as around winchester. forecast mid-80s tomorrow. should be quiet. terrific weather coming up. a little bit of heat for the weekend. 91 your high on sunday. close to 90 on monday. it's been more than a week. i think we are out of practice from the 90s. >> we will have plenty to come. >> thanks. saudi women took on mount
6:57 pm
e everett. they climbed to the mount base last month. those women hiked to an elevation of 17,500 feet. way up there and not much air there. they walked up to 12 hours a day for nine days just to reach the base camp. their goal was to raise awareness about the role of a healthier lifestyle in the prevention of breast cancer. those women call themselves pink warriors. >> good for them. >> good for them. that is our broadcast.
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