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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  June 9, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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maryland. 62 in waldorf. 59 in manassas. rockville mid 60s. there's storm 4 radar. nothing to worry about on radar. raindrops for us are across northern pennsylvania and southern new york. not coming our way. we'll be dry today for anything and everything you want to do. a mild morning turning into a sunny afternoon. highs today mid to upper 80s for most. a few spots out toward charlottesville in central virginia may touch 90 degrees for today. then tomorrow more of the same. plenty of sun. plenty of warmth. a touch more humidity on your sunday. we'll talk about the workweek coming up in just a couple more minutes. we are following some breaking news in northeast d.c. it is sneaker madness this morning. this is a live look at the line outside dtlr in northeast washington.
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hundreds, hundreds are lined up with the hopes of getting their hands on the new nike air easy 2. this store is one of a few in the area selling them. the newest must have shoe is a collaboration between nike and wrapper kanye west retailing for $245 a pair. some are being sold for thousands on ebay. maryland state police are in the process of reopening all of the lanes of the outer loop after a deadly accident there near the wilson bridge. troopers say the driver of a car was speeding and then hit another car and slammed into a tractor-trailer. the crash has kept lanes blocked for hours now. two people died there on the scene. rescuers took two others to the hospital. this morning a d.c. policeman could face charges for running an suv into a downtown office building. it happened off connecticut avenue near the farragut north
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metro station. the fbi and bomb squad responded to the scene. police say the driver appeared disorientated and was behaving erratically. an ambulance took him to the hospital. investigators say his actions appear deliberate. >> he just come and he stops first and ever he go back, he go in the direction. >> our initial investigation on the scene raised concerns for us. we want to make sure that we have -- people don't normally drive into a building intentionally like this. we want to get more information. >> just want to clarify, it's not a d.c. police officer. it was just a man who was responsible for this crash. police also say there was a strong gasoline odor on the man and inside the vehicle. again, so far no charges have been filed. police at the university of maryland are looking into a bizarre theft overnight. they say a group of girls took
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their clothes off and went swimming in the fountain. while they were swimming, a group of eight to ten people took their clothes and some other items. the thieves left a trail of the stolen items most of it has already been recovered but victims are still missing a few pieces of their property. prosecutors are fighting back to uphold the verdict in the uva lacrosse murder trial. lawyers for george huguely are challenging the guilty verdict saying their client didn't receive a fair trial but prosecutors filed their own paperwork yesterday fighting those claims. in february, a jury found huguely guilty of second-degree murder for killing of uva lacrosse player yeardley love. a judge will hear the challenge later this month. kwame brown will now have to wait until september to find out if he'll spend time behind bars. the former d.c. councilmember pleaded guilt to two separate fraud charges yesterday. a felony charge for overstating his income by tens of thousands of dollars and forging
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signatures and misdemeanor charge for underreporting campaign spending. brown spoke to reporters and choked up while apologizing to residents of the district for yet another corruption case. >> to all those that i have left do down, to the people of this great city, i sincerely regret the pain that this has caused each of you. >> brown maintained he never misused or sold campaign funds. he faces fine and six months in prison for each charge. u.s. attorneys for d.c. and maryland will lead a pair of criminal investigations into possible national security leaks. attorney general eric holder appointed two men to the investigations. recently information has leaked about a possible terrorist kill list and cyberattacks against
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iran's nuclear program. president obama denied his white house team is the source of these leaks. democrats and republicans are both calling for hearings on the possible leaks. federal health officials are working to help out 9/11 first responders who are now suffering from cancer. firefighters and police officers were exposed to toxic ash during the attacks. now they say they are getting sick in record numbers developing many different types of cancer. yesterday lawmakers proposed adding 50 types of cancer to the james zadroga compensation fund which helps those sick from ground zero. >> there are many out there sick. we're not looking to get rich but just looking to cover our bills. >> new york senator chuck schumer was one of the proponents of this expansion. he says it's the least the government can do to show their commitment to the brave men and women who helped out during the attacks. a new poll among republicans
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shows virginia governor bob mcdonnell has a long shot to become the republican vice presidential nominee. a straw poll at the chicago conservative political action conference at mcdonnell at less than 2% of the vote. run away winneras marco rubio with 30%. new jersey governor chris christie got 14% of the vote and wisconsin representative paul ryan got 9%. mitt romney has not made any indication on who he'll select but he's expected to announce his vp pick soon. president obama is facing harsh criticism for a comment he made about the state of the economy. >> the private sector is doing fine. >> the president said that during a brief press conference yesterday. he later clarified that the private sector has made progress adding jobs and slowly recovering. mitt romney and other republicans did not waste any time blasting president obama saying he does not understand
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the concerns of the public. >> he said the private sector is doing fine. he said the private sector is doing fine. is he really that out of touch? >> did he see the job numbers that came out last week? the private sector is not doing fine. >> when clarifying his comments, president obama pointed to the 800,000 plus jobs added just this year and more than h4 million in the past two years. queen elizabeth's husband prince phillip is out of the hospital. he was admitted monday in london due to bladder infection. his sickness forced the prince to miss some of the queen's jubilee celebrations. prince phillip is out of the hospital just in time for celebration of his own. tomorrow will be his 91st birthday. >> good for him. ahead, the hollywood star taken to the hospital after slamming into a dump truck. plus, a costly meal.
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the price to have lunch with warren buffett. easing the pain at the pump. right now drivers are lined up where a gas giveaway is taking place.
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[ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's, and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors, blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. if you are looking to buff up, listen up. some bow flex dumbbells have been recalled. the weight plates can come loose and hurt someone. the dumbbells were sold at sporting good stores and online from may through august 2011. for more information on the recall, head over to bow right now a blessing for some very lucky drivers. a church in prince george's county is sponsoring a gas
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giveaway at the college park auto service. that's on rhode island avenue. don't rush out the door for this giveaway quite yet. news4's derrick ward joins us live and explains why. hi, derrick. >> reporter: there's that old saying there's no such thing as a free ride. for the next hour or so you can ride for as long as or as far as five gallons will get you. it's a free gas giveaway. we're here at the college park auto service at the intersection of rhode island avenue and edgewood road and look at the line behind me now. it was a lot longer. there were 15 cars in line when they started. folks are still lining up. they'll serve the first 100 people that come by. you can get five free gallons of gas. it's 87 octane. this is the idea of the community church. they meet sundays at hampton inn in college park. this is about spreading divine blessing in the form of gasoline. we talked to the guy behind us.
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>> last time they were $4 a gallon. we had half of the cars that we were going to serve already lined up in advance. officer out here before the traffic lights because of the chaos but it worked well. amazing to hear stories. the stories of people you wouldn't think $20 worth of gas would make a difference but it does. for people to wait a couple hours for $20 in gas stresses how important the need is. >> they have a whole crew of people ready to help you and they'll give you a free cup of water and clean your windshield. this is 87 octane only. these mid grade. 3.61 a gallon. about $20. every bit helps. they've done this before. the line was a lot longer when they did it before. gas prices are a lot lower than when they did it before. every little bit helps. this will go on for the next hour here at the college park auto service at the intersection
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of edgewood road and rhode island avenue. that's where we are live. news4. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much for that report. let's get a preview of what you'll find in this week's kids post. >> good morning. this week on kids post on tv, a parade of sales in a real life museum behind a child's bedroom door and summer reading for long trips in the car. joining us is tracy grant of kids post. nice to see you. >> great to be with you. >> activities along the water as the entire family gets to learn more about a defining war i american history. >> the war of 1812 is the forgotten war because not many people remember a whole lot about it. >> we know when. the year. >> and here's the thing. when was the last battle of the war of 1812 fought, 1813. >> 1815. and the famous old glory that
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flew that francis scott key inspired the star-spangled banner, how many stripes did that have? >> i don't know. >> it had 15 because at one point we were adding stripes for every state that was added. so in sunday's kids post we explore the war of 1812, give kids and families lots of es th around it. and help parents and kids brush up on history of the forgotten war. >> i bet everyone thought 13. t. >> it's now to the natural history museum. a setup in a girl's bedroom. >> that's right. in wednesday's kids post we invite kids into macy mcgraw's bedroom. an 8-year-old in d.c. she has turned her bedroom into a natural history museum. this is a skull she found at great falls. she has butterflies. she has beetles.
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she has a bird feeder outside of her front window. the advice she gives, collect something you love. >> she has a future in many different fields. >> absolutely. she's so into science. it's really fascinating. a great thing to do in the summer. >> yes, absolutely. all right. take trips and collect. you brought along a few options to keep us occupied during the long summer trips. >> absolutely. in tuesday's kids post we have four books filled with fun summer activities. get out and play is filled with games that you can play outside, old fashioned games. for the rainy day, we have this book which is the flying machine. all sorts of things that you can create including -- >> my son would love that. do parents love that? >> i'm not sure parents love that quite so much and for those road trips, just joking, 300
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knock-knock jokes for kids to drive their parents wild and an atlas to kids can learn fun things about where they're going. >> i'm getting one of each. >> in tuesday's kids post we get you ready for fun summer. >> can you believe it's that time already? >> i love summer. >> me too. thank you for fun family activities visit or >> this is a good idea. even with gps no one uses an atlas. >> 300 knock-knock jokes. mom and dad are in the front seat and how many do you go through before mom and dad say shut up! >> as long as they are not fighting or crying in the back seat, i think they would take a knock-knock joke over that. >> i talked from atlanta to boston once as a 6 year old on a family trip. you can do it. 300 knock-knock jokes. welcome to rhode island, everybody. what about our weekend weather and all of the sunshine? do we get to keep it? find out next.
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thousands will take part in the annual capital pride parade. this was the scene at the parade a few years ago. food and live music for everyone but traffic could be an issue for drivers in the area. the parade goes through dupont circle and winds down 17th street and ends at logan circle. festivities kick off at 4:30. in half an hour, more than 200,000 girls scouts are expected on the national mall to celebrate the group's 100th anniversary. the festivities kick off at 9:00. >> even if you get rid of the uniform, you would keep the
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sash, wouldn't you? >> her mom night have them. she was sut leader for 13 years. we heard from her on twitter. >> 200,000 girl scouts on the mall, parade, everything is weather dependent for today and typically the pride parade happens on a day with a thunderstorm as soon as they kick it off and today that will not happen. i guarantee the pride parade will be dry for once. normally raining at one point during it. not today. outside beautiful weather for everything you need to do this weekend. sunshine is filling our blue sky right now. just a few high thin clouds drifting on by. not going to bother anybody today. already 71 degrees here in washington. the light wind now out of the south averaging only 5 miles per hour. dew point temperatures in the 50s. that's comfortable. tomorrow they'll start inching into the 60s. that won't be too bad. by monday, tuesday, dew points up near 70 again and that will feel like industrial strength humidity for sure.
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72 right now in beautiful leadsburg, virginia. 66 in culpeper, virginia. hometown forecast in annapolis, up to 87 degrees. reason it won't be that cool on the bayside today, winds will be offshore out of the west going on the bay. it will be warm even for you folks alongside of the bay. back into the upper 70s by movie time for tonight and then tomorrow to get your sunday started, back into the mid and upper 70s. here you go for your saturday evening. after a beautiful afternoon today, no problems at all for your saturday evening temperatures mid 80s at about sunset and into upper 70s by 10:00 this evening. radar shows absolutely not a drop too close to us. a rainy day for new york and new england so if you are traveling northbound you'll run into rain there. if you are headed down for the gulf coast, a lot of heavy rain along the gulf coast for today. we're in the sweet spot. high pressure in charge of our weather. plenty of summer sunshine for your saturday and for your sunday.
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overnight tonight, skies will be mostly clear. a few fair weather clouds. that's it. a mild overnight with temperatures holding in the mid to upper 60s at most. and for tomorrow, opposed to warm it will feel closer to hot tomorrow because of the added humidity that is starting to come our way. heading to beaches today, ocean city, dewey beach, no problems. ocean water temperatures 69. a little bit of a chill factor getting into water. air temperatures low 80s today. for us, high temperatures. 86 to 91 today. 87 to 92 tomorrow with nearly full sunshine both days. clouds and humidity really start to increase on monday and shower chances. we need rain. we're five inches behind in rainfall for the year. and rain chances there for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. @chuckbe @chuckbell4 for weather updates all weekend. an accident didn't keep lindsay lohan from going back to work. los angeles police say her
8:25 am
porsche collided with a dump truck on the highway. a spokesperson for lohan says the 25-year-old actress went to the hospital to be checked out and then lohan headed back to work filming a lifetime movie featuring love life of elizabeth taylor. a private lunch with billionaire warren buffett will cost you $3.4 million. that was the winning bid. the fund-raiser benefits the glide foundation which works with the homeless in san francisco. buffett raised more than $11 million for the organization in past auctions. friday's winni innin inning bido remain unanimous. buffett says most of the questions he gets at the lunches are not about investing. probably ask at the this can borrow money. >> for a small loan. nothing to him. chuck said it's a great day to be outside. a great day to ride. hundreds of motorcycle riders
8:26 am
are taking over the streets of fairfax county this morning. >> the 2012 poker run and motorcycle ride started about a half hour ago. radio personality is hosting this year's event to benefit the fisher house foundation. the organization provides free and low cost houses for veterans and military families getting treatment at military medical centers. about 300 riders participated in last year's event they hope to double that number this time around. >> nobody has a better reputation than fisher house. bikers, i think as you know, raise a tremendous amount for charity. that's what it's all about at fisher house. we're excited about it. >> today's poker run started at the patriot harley davidson in fairfax. riders will finish at jimmy's old town tavern in herndon. your old stomping grounds. >> a good place to eat. good salisbury steak there. later this morning, a very costly prank for some local high school seniors.
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why a man says his phone is being inundated with angry messages intended for florida shooting suspect george zimmerman. zimmerman. we'll be back after this.
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a deadly encounter. a suspect dies during a struggle with police. we'll tell you what officers say happened. bungling bandits. police looking for a trio of car jackers who are not very good at what they do. good morning, everybody. welcome to "news4 today." i'm angie goff. >> today is saturday, june 9th. we'll have those stories in just a bit. first, we have to check that all important weekend forecast. >> sun is shining out there. it looks good. the weekend looks good from here going forward. plenty of sunshine for today. it is going to be plenty warm though. luckily the humidity won't be
8:31 am
too strong. probably until late tomorrow on into monday and tuesday. that's when the real summer humidity starts to sneak back in. your saturday morning is gorgeous. a mirror calm finish on the p potom potomac. upper 60s and low 70s in most locations already. not anything showing up too close to us on storm 4 radar. closest raindrops up near scranton headed into southern parts of new york state. good riddens to those rain chances. our sunshine today is perfect for capital pride weekend. parade is 4:30 today. festival tomorrow on pennsylvania avenue from 11:00 to 6:00. temperatures 85 to 90. it will be hot. a mild morning turns into a sunny and warm afternoon. highs today into the upper 80s and near 90 degrees coming up for tomorrow with a little bit more humidity and looks like rain chances may hold off until early parts of next week. we'll talk about that with the seven day coming up in just a few. >> thanks, chuck.
8:32 am
d.c. police are investigating a man's death while in their custody. four officers were called to p street in southwest yesterday afternoon to help mental health officials. 38-year-old anthony chambers was combative and assaulted officials. officers subdued chambers and put him in handcuffs and chambers lost consciousness and died at the hospital. prince george's county police are on the hunt for three gunmen to tried to carjack three different people within an hour. one was caught on surveilians video. the woman was picking up her order when a man approached her car. she immediately hit the gas and drove off. there were two other carjacking attempts that failed as well. in one case the men picked a car that ran out of gas and the
8:33 am
other the victim told them he was a cop so sthey backed off. the man believed to be the east coast rapist will not receive a second mental health evaluation. a judge denied the request from aaron thomas' defense team. they wanted the test to see if he was competent to stand trial. a previous evaluation determined thomas was faking a mental illness. he's accused of attacking women um up and down the east coast including incidents in maryland and virginia. bradley manning will face all 22 counts against him accused of stealing thousands of classified documents and giving them to wikileaks. manning's defense team argued the government used vague a language in some of his charges. his trial is scheduled to start in september but will likely be pushed back because of procedural issues. some bad luck for a florida man who bought a cell phone for the first time at 49 years old. he ended up getting the old
8:34 am
phone number of george zimmerman. he's the neighborhood watch captain charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. junior guy told the orlando sentinel he bought the phone from t-mobile and then got bombarded with disturbing messages. he got so worried he moved himself and his mother. lawyer now has the phone. t-mobile offered guy a credit and retired zimmerman's old phone number. prince george's county police are holding a gift cards for guns event. turn in an unloaded firearm and then you get a gift card for up to $100. the gun doesn't even have to work to be eligible for the card. the event goes on from 10:00 to 2:00. today in prince george's county, achieving an american dream can be that much easier for a lucky winner. news4 is a partner for today's housing fair and house lottery. the prince george's department of housing and community development is organizing the event. prequalified candidates can win
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5% of the down payment and closing costs on a four bedroom two bath home. the asking price is $190,000. today's housing fair is at the wayne k. curry sports and learning complex near fedex field in landover. it starts at 9:00 and runs until 3:00 this afternoon. time is 8:35. ahead, maryland considering doing something that no other state has done. >> and right after the break, a costly mistake. the prank some local students played that earned them a graduation ban. >> welcome to the take on the week that was. two big story lines this week. >> that's right. the first was president obama and democrats on the defensive losing that high stakes recall race in wisconsin which republican governor scott walker won and they fended off last week's tepid jobs report which showed the u.s. economy added just 69,000 jobs in may and they face questions about democratic
8:36 am
surrogates including former president bill clinton going off script which is never helpful. >> and mitt romney catching up. this week we found out that the romney campaign and republican national committee outraised the obama camp and dnc in the month of may. team romney also caught up in some national and battleground state polls and they caught up on the airwaves too. on th[ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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[ malat mcdonald's, one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller so, where to next? and you won't be able to pull yourself away. made with 100% fruit juice with natural flavors, blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. a senior prank cost three virginia students the chance to walk across the stage at graduation. six teens admitted they poured baby oil on a staircase at herndon high school and then pulled the fire alarm. school administrators suspended the students and banned seniors from walking at graduation next thursday.
8:40 am
some feel the punishment does not fit the crime. >> we had teachers that were pregnant in the school and kids that were disabled and had crutches and stuff but honestly, at the end of the day nobody got hurt. >> some classmates started a twitter campaign in efforts of getting administrators to reverse the punishme. maryland could become the first state in the country to ban bumper pads in cribs. maryland's health department recommended the ban yesterday. the department started investigating the bumper pad dangers last year and determined they can suffocate and strangle babies. if the ban passes, it would go into effect june of 2013. a crazy scene this morning. the unbelievable line in our area all for a pair of sneakers. also heating up, it feels like summer has arrived. we'll have the weekend forecast right after the break. and next some very unusual sports history made last night.
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we want to update you on breaking news we told you about at the top of the show. sneaker madness. the new nike air easy 2s come out today and madness is everywhere with long lines outside of shoe stores all over the place. this was the scene just half an hour ago outside of the dtlr clothing store on minnesota avenue in northeast. hundreds lined up for the shoes. that line is now gone. it's a collaboration between nike and rapper kanye west. they are not cheap costing about $245 a pair. some of these pairs are bound to end up on ebay for sure where they are going to sell for thousands of dollars. >> one local teen has a warning for anyone who wants to get their hands on those new shoes. he says he was held up at gunpoint two guys ago for another pair of popular shoes, nike air jordans. he said he could not believe he was robbed over a pair of
8:45 am
sneakers. >> it made me feel kind of angry that someone actually had to come toward me and pull out a gun. >> reporter: what advice can you give them? >> the advice i can give them is to if you wear the shoes, you have to walk in a group. >> the people we talked to waiting in line for the new shoes say they were not scared about possibly being robbed. many stores are hiring police officers to monitor the crowds and make sure things stay civil and calm. i remember when i was in the sixth grade. this was charles barkley shoes. >> i had those. >> i don't know how much they cost. i didn't pay for them myself. i was in sixth grade. >> remember reebok pumps where pumped up your shoe? >> they don't last. >> i know. i wonder, do these glow in the dark because they have that signature glow in the dark material on the bottom. >> they should make you move like kanye west maybe. that would be cool. >> it would be.
8:46 am
dancing and very talented guy. my whole thing is just make enough shoes that everybody can have them to avoid this nonsense. all right. a sight to see in southeastern virginia. an international fleet of tall ships sailed into port. >> more than 100 ships arrived in hampton roads via the elizabeth river and docked in norfolk. thousands of spectators came out to watch the parade. many tall ships are available for public tours. next stop is baltimore, maryland, on tuesday to mark the war1812. >> if you wanted to hit the waves today or go out on the boat, not a bad day for it, right? >> good day for sailing on the chesapeake bay today. a nice light breeze out of the west. just about perfect and a nice day to get outside and enjoy the sunshine but be sun smart, everybody. spf 30 or more. that sun is strong out there. outside it's a beautiful day
8:47 am
indeed. plenty of sunshine coming our way for not just the rest of today but all of the way through the remainder of your weekend. a lot of folks getting married this weekend. my other half headed up to jersey shore. his boss is getting married. good weather. most of the jersey shore should have good weather but further north you go up the state of new jersey, more rain you will see. for us, no concerns at all. sun is shining. only 71 at washington right now but i promise you by the time we get to next hourly reading here it will be 75, 76 degrees. nice day outside today. dew point temperatures in the comfortable 50s. that won't last longer. 60-degree dew point range tomorrow and flirting with 70 dew points by monday and tuesday. enjoy it while it lasts. sunshine and gorgeous day coming your way. and anything you want to do. no problems from mother nature today. a mild morning. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. high temperatures into the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. nothing showing up on radar.
8:48 am
too close to us. there's the rain chance farther you go up the jersey coastline better rain chances are by the time you get to new york city and into new england. unsettled day today for sure. running of the belmont stakes, upstate new york, right about there. iffy but not heavy rain. horses shouldn't have trouble getting through the track. if you are flying down to the gulf coast today, jacksonville, over toward panama city, pensacola beach, heavy rain along the gulf coast today. for us we're pretty in the mid-atlantic today. high pressure will provide us with plenty of summer sunshine for today and for tomorrow as well. a little bit of an increase in humidity. high pressure off the eastern seaboard will turn winds and westerly breezes today become more southerly as we get into tomorrow and then southeasterly as we head into monday and then more we get of a southerly breeze around here, the higher the humidity will start to go. warm today. i think we can call it hot for tomorrow. we'll be back up near 90 degrees
8:49 am
and then near 90 on monday with humidity increasing but already by late monday, rain chances in kentucky monday come our way by tuesday and wednesday. that's welcome news. down to the beaches you go. ocean city, all of the way up toward dewey beach today. beautiful weather. ocean is on the cool side but with a nice warm day, afternoon air temperatures at the beach with offshore breeze up into low 80s so get out and enjoy. today here in town, mostly sunny. perfect weather for all of the parades and girl scouts and anything and everything you want to do. good car washing day. and good lawn mowing day if there is such a thing. more sunshine tomorrow and humid. the heat and humidity build on into early monday and tuesday time frame but then shower chances and clouds come back in here. we really do need rain. we're about five inches behind in rainfall for the year and better than that, clouds and rain chances mean temperatures back down into the low 80s. good for us runners who do not care for 90-degree weather.
8:50 am
follow the forecast all weekend and we're not on the air, we're off an hour and a half early today, @chuckbell4. all of the graphics and forecast information you need at >> the reason we aren't going on normal time is because of the french open. >> the clay courts. >> okay. that's interesting. you may not know that mike shanahan is a landlord. wait until you hear who is living in his home. horse racing history will not be made today. what's next for i'll have what's next for i'll have another.
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fios. a network ahead. ♪ i'll have another's dramatic win three weeks ago at the preakness stakes turned out to
8:54 am
be his last race ever. the horse will not go for the triple crown later today at the belmont stakes. he suffered a leg injury and his owners decided not only will he not race but they will put him into retirement. nbc's jay gray has more on how the horse racing triple crown will have to wait until year. >> reporter: the news was a swift -- >> i'll have another has won the kentucky derby. >> reporter: and sudden. as i'll have another in his first two triple crown runs. >> i'm afraid history will have to wait for another day. >> reporter: history possibly altered ironically by an easy early morning jog through the fog. as that fog lifted, the problems were revealed. >> most famous horse in america has tendinitis right now in his left front leg and he'll miss the biggest race of his career and one of the biggest races in american sports history. >> reporter: a crushing blow for a horse and team that had never
8:55 am
been favored in any race until belmont when they were on the edge of horse racing immortality. >> it was unanimous between reddams and my brother and i and everyone at the barn to retire him. it's a bummer. it's far from tragic but disappointing. >> reporter: those in the business understand injuries are part of the gamble that come with the horse racing game. >> now we'll just take a deep breath and just salute the fact that the horse is healthy. >> reporter: his sore and swollen leg is expected to shrink crowds and merchandise sales at belmont park. the third jewel of the triple crown will go off as planned. >> people are in town looking for excitement. weather is supposed to be good. we're not too down on this. >> reporter: when it comes to their shot at history, no one at belmont park will be able to say i'll have another. jay gray, nbc news, belmont
8:56 am
park. >> harper goes to right center. that ball carrying. it is gone. >> once again the washington's young stars carry them to a victory. harper had a two-run home run. 13 batters were struck out in six innings in 7-4 win. the two teams are right back at it today. first pitch is at 4:05. a bizarre accomplishment in seattle. mariners threw a no-hitter against the l.a. dodgers but it took six pitchers to do it. starter got hurt in the seventh inning so bull pen took over. five pitchers finished off the final three innings giving the mariners the third no-hitter in team history. it's only the tenth time in baseball history that a team pitched a combined no-hitter. biggest thing about moving. finding a new place to live. new denver broncos quarterback
8:57 am
peyton manning found a new house but has a unique landlord. it's redskins coach mike shanahan. he's allowing manning to live in his denver home. the qb isn't roughing it in colorado. the 35,000 square foot mansion has a bowling alley. do you have one of those? >> sure. >> wine residence and 3,600 square foot garage. no word on what the rent is. i'm sure he gave him a good deal on rent. >> 35,000 square feet. i mean, it can't be more than 100 grand a month. you wouldn't think. anymore than that, it's a rip-off. >> it also has an elevator as you would expect. >> he doesn't need an elevator. >> it needs a golf cart to go up and down the hallways with. just don't crash into the walls. >> he needs a house guest. >> ship you out. weatherwise, going to be a nice day. a little bit of humidity maybe. >> no problems from the weather department today. >> sounds good. >> that's it for "news4 today." up next, nbc's coverage of the french open. >> we'll be back tomorrow morning beginning at 6:00.
8:58 am
until then, make it a great day, everyone. [ male announcer ] one taste of the new mccafé cherry berry chiller
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