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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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an suv doused with gasoline and driven right into an office building. we've learned the man facing charges also is a registered sex offender. and dozens of people overcome by heat today as mother nature pulls out a weekend scorcher. good evening, everyone. 200,000 girl scouts gathered on the national mall today and with temperatures in the 90s, those festivities took a dangerous turn. our team coverage begins with meteorologist chuck bell in storm center 4. >> our first time above 90 degrees here in the month of june. our warmest day since may 29th.
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our official high temperature today ates today and i think we're going to be at or above 90 degrees again for tomorrow. check out those area wide high temperature. 88 in martinsburg. 89 in fredericksburg for a high. but 91 in washington and 90 in annapolis. current temperatures with the clear sky, we're clearing off pretty nicely. temperature into the 60s and 70s right now. and by morning time with a clear sky and no rain to worry about, we'll wake up with a crystal clear sky. temperatures, low to mid 60s in the cooler suburbs in the shenandoah valley. low 70s in town and there may be more 90s ahead and some rain chances, too. that's all coming up in the seven day. >> our team coverage continuing with news4's darcy spencer joining us live from chinatown where she is trying to keep cool. darcy sf. >> reporter: yeah. as you mentioned there are a couple hundred thousand girl scouts in town for their anniversary event. if they've been selling their famous cookies, they would have all melted.
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♪ >> reporter: the girl scouts celebrating 100 years in what felt like 100-degree heat on the national mall. water sprayed down from a ladder truck. provided a cool, refreshing break from the sweltering heat for the girl scouts rock the mall event. >> i feel like a dog right now. >> reporter: d.c. fire and ems reports 63 people were treated on the mall for heat-related illnesses. 15 were taken to the hospital. it was also a hot day for the annual capital pride parade. a lively celebration on the streets of d.c. by evening, the heat wasn't so bad. we found a family training for a 5k race. >> how did you stay cool today? >> lots of water. lots of water. yeah. lots of water. >> reporter: what about you? how did you stay cool? >> water. >> reporter: and you won't even stop jogging. you're going to keep it going. >> yeah. >> reporter: and it was a beautiful evening on the potomac
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for those on boats and on jet skis. there were pick-up games at the local volleyball skates. players with tanned skin from a day spent in the blazing sun and those on the sidelines taking in a nice breeze. >> reporter: how did you beat the heat? >> we stayed inside. that's how we beat the heat. >> reporter: back out live, quite a nice evening here in chinatown. still quite a number of people out enjoying events and activities near the verizon center. it looks like a lot of people put off the things they were planning on doing because of the heat. it looks like tomorrow is not going to be much better. reporting live from chinatown, darcy spencer. news4. new details on the man who drove his suv right into a downtown d.c. office building. police have charged 32-year-old charles ball with three felonies including arson. authorities say his jeep had been doused with gasoline when he drove it into a lobby on connecticut avenue last night. the building was in the process of being repaired. today ball is a registered sex
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offender. he is currently at the hospital and they're still trying to figure out exactly why he drove his suv into the building. police are for this man in connection with a suspicious death in reston. it all began around 12:45 this morning. someone called police about a fight. but officers didn't find anything when they arrived. with an hour later, police say someone reported a missing person. that investigation led them back to and they found the body of bharat patel in the bushes. he had trauma to his upper body but they're waiting for an autopsy to determine how he died. neighbors of a man who died in police custody are accusing police tonight of beating him to death. d.c. police say 38-year-old anthony chambers became combative with them yesterday on p street in southwest. four officers struggled with chambers before getting him into handcuffs and chambers then fell unconscious and he died in the hospital. one neighbor we spoke with thought police didn't act
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quickly enough. >> he is a good person, a happy person, didn't hurt anybody. >> reporter: d.c. police say the allegations of a beating are not accurate. the four officers have been put on administrative leave as the investigation continues. cars waited in line for free gas in college park today. a five-gallon giveaway sponsored by maryland community church. the gas went to the first 100 drivers that pulled in to college park auto service. a photo finish at the belmont stakes today. the buzz? it was about who the winner wasn't. with i'll have another injured and scratched from the race, hopes for a triple crown winner were scratched. it did give another horse a chance to shine. from belmont park -- >> >> reporter: the race
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finished under gray skies but fate actually rained on the parade a day before. >> this is officially to tell you that i'll have another's retired. >> reporter: a sore and swollen left leg ending a run at history for the favorite and triple crown contender. >> the most famous horse in america has tendinitis in his left front leg and he will miss the biggest race of his career and one of the biggest races in sports american history. >> reporter: the effect was felt in the stands. there was still a good crowd at bell monday park but nowhere near the 120,000 fans predicted when i'll have another had a shot at horse racing immortality. >> it would have done great for the industry, for new york as a whole of it would have uplifted the people's spirits and it would have given us another champion. >> reporter: fans left to wonder what could have been and when they'll have another triple crown contender. jay gray, nbc news, bell monday park. overseas, violent fighting
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hit the capital of syria today. the forces battled in the streets of damascus for nearly 12 hours. this is the heaviest fighting the city has seen since the uprising against president assad began. rebels managed to damage a local power plan and several buses. outside the city, more than 50 civilians were killed in scattered fighting. major news from the euro zone that could have a big impact on wall street. spain is the largest european economy to ask for a bailout to save its facilitiering banks. spain could receive up to $125 billion of final bailout amount will be determined by an you had a why it that is currently underway. the protests broke out in madrid after the decision. today u.s. treasury secretary timothy geithner praised the move. he called it vital to the resilience of the euro area. coming up, one of the country's most famous past pastors is taken to jail. what he is accused of doing to his daughter. plus, how much police are willing to pay to get guns off
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another big hit for kanye west today. not his music but his new limited edition sneakers released by nike called air easy two think. only about 3,000 to 5,000 pairs were up for sale this morning around the country. and in d.c. people camped out overnight to get their hands on them. the shoes retail for about $245. one pair reportedly sold for more than $90,000 on ebay.
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take a look at this video. prince george's county police need your help finding this man. they say he robbed the shanghai tokyo restaurant in college park yesterday. no word on how much cash he got away with. but anyone with information is asked to call police. and police in prince george's county offered gift cards to people who wanted to get rid of their guns. this is a new effort to reduce gun violence across the country. police accepted unwanted firearms all day at the first baptist church of highland park. in exchange, people got a gift card of up to $100. all guns were accepted. no questions asked. >> we've gotten guns from you name it, from the young to the old, the black, the white, you name it. we've had gun from everybody up here. the good thing about this is it is helping to get rid of guns off the streets. >> police collected around 200 guns at today's program. coming up next, chuck will tell us if we'll get any relief from the heat. also, is facebook hurting
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together, every step of the way.
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one of the country's most mega church pastors is facing charges. creflo dollar was arrested yesterday. his 15-year-old caught told police he punched and choked her and hit her with a shoe. she claim the fight was over whether she could go to a party. police say dollar is out of jail. he is charged with two misdemeanors. dollar is of course the pastor of world changers international. it has 30,000 members in the atlanta area. a local couple got a great deal today buying a house. it was thanks to a housing raffle at the housing fair.
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those who prequalified were entered for a chance to get a $260,000 home at a deep discount. for the winning couple, this is just the news they needed to help navigate this tough economy. >> it was never that it was hopeless. it is just that i believe what god has for you, he has for you. so various areas that we looked into but didn't settle on have only brought us to this point and we're certainly thankful and elated about it. >> so nice. nbc 4 was a partner for today's event. making it facebook official is the 21st century version of going steady. all that technology could cause trouble in paradise. experts say it is important for couples to talk about what they do want and don't want online. one person might think posting a picture from a date night is kind of cute. the other person might think it is a private moment and should be kept between the two of them. >> if you're wondering, i think that's private. i don't think my partner will
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worry about it. i think this is funny. make sure your partner is next to you and you're holding hands when you press the send button. >> experts say social media discussions should happen early in a relationship and both partners should always check with the other person before they post anything too personal. i need to update my facebook status. i have a new relationship right here at channel 4. >> welcome. jim, thank you. the nbc family and good old new york city. >> happy to be back with nbc. happy to be with the number one shop here in d.c. my wife is from this area. great to be with you. >> i think you're going to find this a very homey place to live and to work. we're a friendly group. outside of all the pinching and biting that is, so welcome indeed. >> thanks. it's a scorcher. >> we turned up the heat. summertime returned immediately for today. plenty of sunshine for us. the complete opposite of sunshine and nice weather was during down along the gulf coast where they were smashing rainfall records. this is down near mobile,
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alabama. they set a rainfall record with five inches of rain just today alone. and their next door neighbors to the west mobile, alabama. that's pence cold, a just to the east mobile. pensacola, florida, also set a record. check out our graphic. our rainfall comparison. pence ko pensacola had 13 inches of rain today. so far for the entire year at national airport, we haven't even had 12 inches today. they had an inch more today than we've had for the entire calendar year of 2012. they're going to be shoveling out the water big time for the next couple of days down there. meanwhile back here at home, a clear sky and a beautiful evening outside. 77 degrees. a light wind out of the south. temperatures are on their way back down. still a mild 80 bayside and mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. tomorrow will be another hot
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one. clear skies in the morning. heat and sunshine all day long and a touch more humidity late tomorrow and then into monday. nothing showing up on storm 4 radar close to us. call. lonesome showers in central and western new york. look at all the flooding rains. mobile, pensacola along the florida panhandle. hard hit by rain and the trings downpours moving into parts of southeastern georgia. tough going. if you're flying toward jacksonville and tampa, you may have some flight delays because of the weather. high pressure is in charge so it will be mild tonight. temperatures, 60s and 70s to get you started tomorrow. a bright and sunny day coming for sunday but more sun means more heat. highs tomorrow, low to mid 90s in a few spots. then by late in the day, the human is sneaking back in. this little boundary to the north is a little back door cool front as the moisture bumps into that, we may have to worry about a little rain chance late in the day monday, more likely a tuesday and wednesday problem.
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headed to the beach. the air temperatures, low to mid 80s. same story again on monday. what about us? around here, sunday looks sunny and hot. highs, upper 80 in the terrain. another 90 possible on monday but that's when the rain chances start to sneak back in. the best chances of rain will be tuesday and wednesday, tapering off thursday. what's more important the early lean on next weekend, warm and dry. >> thank you, chuck. sports is coming up next. sports is coming up next. how fast is your internet?
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will it be a sweep for the nats? >> they're looking for it. if everybody pitches like gio gonzalez, they'll be looking good in first place there. nat gio. that's the nickname for gio gonzalez on twitter. i like that. that's pretty cool. the nats' lefty seems to win everywhere he goes. today, gonzalez, the traveling hurler, would add boston to his list of cities conquered picking up his eighth win of the year. the green monster, always tough for first timers so gio's defense out there getting some practice before the game. it is all about timing off the wall of that's my advice to them. let's go to the actual game. top of the second. adam laroche tags daisuke matsuzaka deep to right center. the first pitch he saw went right to the bull pen. laroche now has ten homers. going to the fourth, same score. runners on the corners for michael morse.
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that's a ground rule double. bryce harper scores and the nats take a 2-0 lead. next batter, ian desmond had a big day yesterday. he had two rbis and he will add a few more today. he scorches one past kevin youkilis. ryan zimmerman and michael moore score. the nats go up 4-0 and go on to win 4-2. gonzalez gets the win. tyler clippard gets the save. he is now 7-7 in save situations. charlie manuel and the phillies for two in a row. out of the pen, the 42-year-old jim thome, the rbi single. juan pierre scores on it and that ties the game at 4-4. we go to extras. still got something left in him at 42 years old. adam jones, he ended 0-18, slump in the ninth. here he is in the 12th. walk-off home run. he was facing b.j. rosenberg who
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was a rookie his major league debut. so not a good day for rosenberg but a great day for adam jones. and that is his third home run in the 12th inning or later this year. so he's been clutch. the orioles win 6-4. one sore tendon. that's all it took to deprive the world of a possible triple crown winner this year. friday's news, the kentucky derby and preakness winner i'll have another would not race in the belmont stakes. that was a bummer, a little depressing. the race did go on and a crowd of 85,000 showed up at bell monday with they hundred yards to go, it was the bob baffert own horse, painter out in front. look at the rail there. that's union rags making a push for the front. he was the favorite in the kentucky derby but he flamed out in seventh place. he skipped the preakness. with new jockey john velasquez, he catches painter by a nose at the finish. and union rags is your belmont
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winner. congratulations to him. let's go to the nba. killer instinct. that's what some said lebron james did not have. that was until he dropped 45 points in game six of the eastern conference finals. tonight in a decisive game seven and with oklahoma city waiting in the wings, james and the heat would finish the job. james leading the pregame huddle but he was just luke warm out of the gates. he only had three shots in the quarter. he was playing some d. late in the first after turns it over, rajon rondo going the other way. watch lebron. get out of here! that sends it into the seats. that will do something for your pride. but rondo did get up. third quarter, boston down two. over rondo in transition. didn't get blocked that time. ties the game at 68-68. rondo, 22 points and 14 assists. to the fourth, lebron breezes past brandon bass. takes flight. james with 31 points and the
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heat win 101-88. they advance to the nba finals to play the oklahoma city thunder. big game in hockey. the stanley cup finals, game five. devils trying to stave off elimination once again against the kings. second period. l.a. down 1-0 on the attack. justin williams weaves shoos and scores. we're all tied 1-1. later in the per, still tied. devils with the puck. bryce salvador shoots and he puts the devils back on top. see it again. the puck deflects off one of the kings' players and right past jonathan quick. new jersey goes up 2-1 and that is your final. get this. the devils become the first team in 67 years to force a game six after being down in the series three games to none. game six will be on monday night in l.a. and one final note in tennis.
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maria sharapova wins the french open we will's title to complete a career grand slam. the men's final between novak djokovic and rafael nadal can be seen right here on nbc 4 at 9:00 tomorrow morning. are you going to get up and watch that? >> definitely. >> i will be here at 6:00 a.m. sharp. >> it's time to go to bed. that's our news for tonight. thank you so much for joining us. "saturday night live" is next.
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welcome to new york sports now. dan mardell. [ cheers and applause ] got a special report on knicks point guard, number 17, jeremy lin ahe


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