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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  June 12, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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in november. >> it's not surprising not a lot of people pay close attention to this race. many people consider it's a foregone conclusion that george allen is going to win, and, by the way, we have an interesting presidential race going on and that's a lot more fun. >> and john mo everyboran is fio keep his seat. and many who are running are focused on the waterfront development plan. arizona is holding a special election to fill the seat by congressman gabrielle giffords. she is backing a former aide. he is facing jesse kelly. gifford resigned in january to focus on recovery. time to look at the weather.
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pouring rain, just like that. >> isn't it amazing how that happens? you have to be prepared, pay attention to the forecast and this morning, you will need ab umbrella. we look at storm 4 radar, the wide view, showing all of this moving color. those are some generally light showers and most of the brief passing showers are leaving less generally than a tenth of an inch of rain. one moderate band comes through and that area of dark green in central prince georges county into montgomery county and west to northern loudoun county. heavier rain in the areas of yellow. anne arundel count. and in the next 15 minutes or so a wet commute this morning. fenner beener weather. allow yourself extra time and definitely give yourself space between you and the vehicle in front of you. going too fast or tailgating.
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you can skid, slick roads around the region. temperatures around 70 degrees. holds steady throughout much of the morning hours. by later in the morning, by noon time, into the upper 70s, about a 50% chance of a passing shower between now and noon. a likelihood of showers during the afternoon hours. could pick up rain into tonight. the evening planner in ten minutes. road work slowing you down this morning. and like you said. roads are slick outside. let's start with the early morning accident. give yourself extra time. traveling northbound in maryland, i-95 as you pass 175. road work, taking away the ramp from the outer loop and inner loop. can't get on i-66 now. and road work, access to the dull he is toll road from the outer loop of the beltway and
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also road work on the inner loop of the beltway, slowing you down from the dull he is toll road. checking cameras in the area and volume is very light. back in ten minutes with another look at traffic. on over to you. >> thank you. new developments in this morning in the search of the gunman of a deadly shooting that took the lives of two former rutger university football players. multiple people saw des monte leonard. police believe he is hiding in the attic and they are working to flush him out. he is charged with three counts of capital murder after he opened fire at a pool party near auburn university. three others wounded in the surgery. jury deliberations will begin in roger clemens perjury trial. the defense said clemens would not testify.
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prosecutor accuse the form every star pitcher of lying to congress when he testified that he never used steroidsor human growth hormone. his initial trial last summer ended in a mistrial. and prosecutors in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial will call the second witness today. the first witness accused sandusky of years of molestation. he testified that he was 13 years old when sandusky began showering with him and touching him inappropriately. publicly, he would act like his father, but when they were alone, he treated him like a girlfriend. he said shame kept him from telling anyone. >> the cross-examination, he recorrected not coming forward earlier, because he felt guilty that maybe he was responsible for these other victims having been molested. >> sandusky's defense lawyer says his client admits to
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showering with young boys, but that was simply part of the football culture, not a crime. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing ten boys over a 15-year period. 4:35. a 32-year-old mystery surrounding the death of a 9-week-old australian baby is finally over. the coroner ruled that a dingo did, indeed, take a baby from her mother. she disappeared from a campsite in 1980. her parents maintained she was taken by a wild dog. but her mother lindy was convicted to murder, sentenced to life in prison. spent four years there before she was cleared. lindy and her now ex-husband were in court as the coroner announced the results. >> no longer will australia be able to say that dingos are not dangerous and only attack if provoked. >> the story of azaria
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chamberlain attracted global attention. there was even a critically acclaimed movie about it, starting merle sheep. a train hit a man in montgomery county. he was playing chicken to see how close he could get to the train at the crossing last night. he got too close when a csx freight train hit him. he was taken to the hospital with injuries to his leg and head. and firefighters will be honored for their bravery today. donna edwards will hold a ceremony for firefighters, families, and coworkers. seven firefighters surd burns while battling the fire in february. it has since been ruled an arson. one of the men spent two months on washington's burn unit. the fauquier county school got an earful.
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>> i'm angry with you. it will take a long time to get over it. >> parents lit into the school board during a meeting last evening. the board plans on eliminating competitive sports programs for middle school students and high school freshmen. intermural sports will be spared. >> we don't have a revenue problem. it we have a spending problem. and anyone who claims otherwise is being dishonest. more than enough money spending on ahead monday straightors and some of the money could be redirected to cost the minimal amount it costs to have a sports program. >> other school systems, including loudoun county, don't have middle school sports programs either. 4:37. ahead on news 4 today, real emergency or all made up? the mystery the coast guard is trying to sort out. and firefighters try to contain an explosive wildfire
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today, firefighters will bring in more tankers and water dropping helicopters to battle a massive fire in northern colorado. the fire is described as excleive. dry weather and strong winds are pushing winds at 40 feet per second. fire destroyed nearly 120
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structures. they found the remains of a missing woman in the rubble of her burned-out home. 0% of that wildfire is contained. >> we're expecting to get a lot of wet weather in our area today. tom kieran in the storm center. weather and traffic on the ones. we've had some overnight showers and in the last 15, 120 minutes, one band of rain passing right through the metro area and that area of rain is going to continue to move on through here over the next couple of hours, passing just north of washington. that band is stretching into southern maryland as well and around the region, near 70 degrees. here is the day planner. reach near 80 midday and passing shower this morning. a likelihood of passing showers and thundershowers and we're holding in the low 80s during that time. and evening planner, more showers and thundershowers, a diminishing chance and most of it should be done by midnight.
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down to the low 70s by midnight. a look at a comfortable change coming our way. ten minutes away. how is traffic? >> in maryland, wet roads may be at fault for this fender bender here. a crash, i-the 95 northbound. past 175, please proceed with caution. gives your extra time. outer loop and inner loop, nice and clear, no incidents. road work in virginia still in place. traveling this time, the beltway at i-66 the inner loop and outer loop, can't get on. if you are trying to access the dulles tollway, that ramp shut down from road work until close to 5:00 a.m. traveling on the inner loop between 123 and the dull he is toll road, work going on there. back to you, both. still to come this morning, making the switch to smart trip cards will soon pay off. the changes metro riders will
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welcome back. 4:45. a developing story. the coast guard is trying to determine who falsely reported a yacht explosion off the coast of new jersey. it led to a massive search that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. authorities received an emergency radio transmission from a boat calling itself "the blind date." the caller claimed that there was explosion and many of the 21 people on board had been injured. after two hours of searching, rescuers realized there was never explosion. and a drone crashed on the eastern shore. it went down yesterday on a test flight lear floodworth island.
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20 miles west of salisbury. no property damage and that unarmed drone used to be part of an air force fleet used overseas in surveillance operations. prince georges police are trying to identify skeletal remains found in temple hill. a group of children discovered the remains in a wooded area. police could not tell if the bones were human. the medical examiner's office will do further testing. a man hunt under way for a convicted kill whoever walked away from a prison work detail. conrad tanes last seen yesterday morning working with a road crew off 197 in laurel. he is serving a ten-year prison sentence for manslaughter and handgun violations. only had about a year left to serve. police say tanes is dangerous. if you see him, call 911. no bond for a maryland man that crashed into a downtown
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d.c. building. charles bell faced a judge yesterday. he crashed a rented suv into a building near farragut north friday night. he wanted to create a fiery explosion. he a gas canister and a lighter that failed to work. they also say ball left a voice mail to the owner of the suv, saying he's going to make people pay for their actions and there will be bloodshed. no one was hurt. fire investigators will survey the damage to determine what caused a massive warehouse fire in baltimore. hotspots were put out overnight. the five-alarm fire broke out yesterday afternoon in a vacant warehouse in the fells point portion of the city. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. this morning, faculty at the university of virginia want more answers into the resignation of university presidentxd teresa sullivan. she agreed to step down after two years on the job. the board auns noed a decision,
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citing a difference of philosophy on the school's future. no word on who will replace her. sleep-deprived students in fairfax county may soon have time to get a little more rest. they are reviewing research on changing class start times. fairfax county students get to bus stops at 5:45 in the morning to be at school on time at 7:20. they are pushing to start high school after 8:00 a.m. the current schedule could affect learning. >> i think it's okay the way it is. i think with schedules it would change everybody's schedule quite a bit and impact traffic even more. >> once we see that the benefits are so important to our students, we can work transportation around what is best for our students. >> fairfax county school board is not expected to vote on the
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issue until the fall at the earliest. hockey has new kings this morning. >> for the first time in their 45-year history, the stanley cup for los angeles. the kings are the kings! >> you heard it. l.a. kings dominated game six, 6-1. decided within the first period of the game. new jersey committed a bad penalty, and the kicks capitalized on it, scoring three goals during a five-minute power play. the kings' first stanley cup in the team's 45 year history. laroche getsñi hold of one. see you later! second deck. >> wow. perhaps the nats should only play teams in the american league. the first place nats beat for on to blue jays 6-3. price harper had three hits in the win. the nationals' fourth
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consecutive victory. they split the red sox over the weekend. 5-2 in interleague play. go, nets! >> a good season. >> love it. let's turn to meteorologist tom kieran, looking for rain. >> some of the corn up in the agricultural areas and some of the looking burnt out. >> we love our corn. >> we do. we need it now. peak time for the growing season to get beneficial rain. the moving color you see on storm 4 radar, passing, generally light showers. not a lot of rain. a tenth of an inch. one band across northern virginia through the district and passing to the north. areas in dark ek green. harder from annapolis toward laurel. and across most of montgomery county is wet, 270, 355, wet this morning, and up to
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southwestern frederick county too. most of loudoun county, route 7 to tyson's corner is wet. and northern fauquier county, and going over the next 48 hours, we'll have the areas in color, potential sfwloenz of rain. picks up by noon time. in the afternoon, most of the area ought to get showers and thunder and lightning, maybe some of them will be brief at times. by midnight. over most of the is over, passing to the east. by dawn tomorrow, sunshine breaking out. lower humidity moving in. and as we get into the rest of the week, looking very nice. how much rain will we get? areas we see in the blue, lavender, areas that might pick up maybe one to two inches, maybe parts of loudoun, and all of the areas in green, a half inch at the most around the metro area. points north and east of us.
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heavier amounts to the north and west. lots of sun shun by the afternoon. low 80s. fresh northwest browse. thursday, friday, into the weekend, high near 80 degrees. beautiful weather pattern with low humidity. staying that way for the first part of next week too. still seeing accident activity. as you make your way northbound and southbound in maryland, nice and clear clear as far as volume. pass that incident without issue. taking a look at bridges, starting with the wilson bridge, in both directions as you cross the wilson bridge, nice and clear. make your way to prince georges county. inner loop and outer loop, not seeing trouble spot. make your way into the district. nice and clear. along 395, no issues to report. overnight road work looks to be completely gone as you make your
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way northbound and southbound. we'll be back with another look at traffic. 4:52. yet to buy a metro smart trip card, waiting is about to pay off. starting september 1st, riders who buy new smart trip cards will get a $3 rebate when they register online. are you basically just paying $2 for the card. registering also means you'll be able to use the new auto reload feature coming in the fall when the balance drops toy acertain level. metro also says it will have smart trip vending machines at all stations by december. wedding season is officially under way. >> some do destination find unique locations closer to home a rider made this video.
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when a wedding broke out. the rider said if he would have known, he would have dressed up, not wearing flip-flops. >> is that like a flash mob maybe? a flash wedding? >> do you send out invitations to be on this train at this time? 4:54 right now. coming up, we think maybe you're making the smart choice when you eat out. we'll tell you why many of the so-called healthier meals for your kids might not be the right choice. first, not what he was expecting to find in that locker. the tracks that may lead police to a
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welcome back. 4:57. the tanning salon frequented by the hearing in tanning mom is in trouble with the health department. it was charged $5,200 for allowing customers to tan too often. patricia crencil is accused of taking her daughter to the tanning salon. a manager at the vida fitness gym on "k" street say they'ves have been targeting
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lockers. he finally caught one guy in the act, using an old college prank. put flour in a locker. this was caught on surveillance. >> implemented a series of cameras that focused specifically on the lockers to ensure that if it did ever happen again, we'd catch him on tape. we came up with the idea of a flower bag rigged locker. >> the man accused of breaking into the locker did check in at the desk with his license. he is now allowed access to the gym. the corcoran gallery of art wants to know what you think about its decision to move out of washington. it is holding a series of meetings to get feedback from the community. the board of directors recently announced it is thinking of selling its downtown building for financial reasons. holding out hope. >> $130 million needed for a
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building that is too small to house its collection. >> stay with us. news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m. we are watching the weather this morning. a line of rain moving into the region. the impact it might have on your commute as you get ready to head out the door. good morning, i'm erin gilchr t gilchrist. and i'm eun lang. it's humid. it is raining out there. it was humid, and all of a sudden. >> we have been running a deficit in 2012. this will help out a little bit. good timing as the prime growing season under way. we look at what's been happening over the last several hours. moving color is generally light rain.


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