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tv   Today  NBC  June 12, 2012 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. out of control, a massive wildfire in colorado doubles in size and claims its first victim. one of 18 fires raging in nine states and one lawmaker says the need for more help is dire this morning. medical leave. commerce secretary john bryson says he's temporarily stepping aside to focus on his health. this after causing three traffic accidents after suffering what the staff says was a seizure saturday afternoon. why didn't president obama find out about it until monday morning. justin bieber, more than 2,000 fans flood mexico city's historic plaza for a free
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concert from justin bieber. his next stop, rockefeller plaza. the countdown for the concert is on. "today," tuesday, june 12, 2012. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and ann curry, live from studio 1, a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome today on this tuesday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm matt lauer. firefighters are in a fierce battle out west trying to gain control over those wildfires including the newest one in colorado. 41,000 acres have burned there already and that fire is growing. what's making things worse there is the wind. one life has already been claimed. a 62-year-old woman. more evacuations ordered. a live report straight ahead this morning. >> also headed to day two child sex abuse trial of former penn tate football coach jerry sandusky.
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so-called victim number four was the first one to take the witness stand. his detailed account of the alleged abuse he suffered trans fixed the courtroom. did the defense make any headway in its effort to prove he and some other victims are only talking now because of money. we're going to have more on that side of the story as well. >> a lot of emotional testimony. also former president george herbert walker bush turns 88 today. happy birthday, mr. president. coming up, a special conversation he recently had with his granddaughter jenna bush hager. they talked about everything from his views on death, his legacy, his socks, even justin bieber. we'll have more on that coming up. let us begin with that wildfire in colorado that's turned deadly. nbc's miguel almaguer is in bellev bellevue. >> it took the life of a 62-year-old woman, has charred more than 41,000 acres, and this
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morning is still burning out of control. with flames shooting 300 feet into the air, colorado's deadly high park fire is through drought-stricken terrain, spreading up to 40 feet a minute. the blaze moving so quickly a 62-year-old grandmother couldn't escape the inferno in time. a firefighter tried to check on her home. >> when he got up close enough to that residence, the area was engulfed in flames. he saw what he believed to be the structure in flames. >> reporter: with firefighters struggling to beat back the flames, this wind driven fire is moving in multiple directions. sparked by lightning saturday, now feeding on dry brush, lives and struck yours in danger. more than 100 destroyed, thousands of residents force freddie their homs. >> thank god for the firemen. >> they narrowly escaped the
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fire with their lives. >> we thought we were trapped. we didn't think we could get to the highway. >> with 600 firefighters dispatched to the front lines, resources across the country are being dispatched to colorado. much of this runaway fire is hop skochi scotching through back country. a u.s. senator said the need is dire. many on the ground are volunteers. some have lost their own homes. >> they could see their houses burning. as volunteers fighting to protect the school and community. you hear those stories and it's pretty profound. >> with billowing smoke column visible for hundreds of miles, a toxic plume seen from space, colorado's fire is just one of 18 large wildfires burning in nine states. in new mexico more help is on the way from the air and on the ground. the fast moving little bear fire has torched tens of thousands of
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acres in the southern end of the state, hundreds evacuated, an estimated 35 structures destroyed. this morning much of the west a tinderbox, the region off to an early and deadly fire season. back here in colorado this fire is officially zero percent contained. the big concern is going to be the winds. firefighters are focused on protecting lives and structures. this blaze, matt, could burn for weeks. >> miguel almaguer. i'm sure al will be talking about the winds. thanks so much. here is ann. testimony is continuing in the child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky, this after the first witness who accused the former penn state football coach of years of molestation. nbc's michael isikoff is outside the courthouse with more on this story. michael, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. it was the day jerry spandusky
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got to face one of his accusers and it wasn't a comfortable one for anyone in the courtroom. jerry sandusky returns to court today. on monday seeming calm and confident he arrived with his lawyer and wife dottie but his side. the prosecutors wasted later time in their effort to portray him as in the chief prosecutor's words, a serial sexual predator. the first witness, described as victim eight, described how he met through his charity for troubled kids. as a 90 pound boy sandusky took him to football games, golf tournaments and workouts where horsing around turned into repeated acts of sexual abuse including oral sex that went on for five years. sandusky denies all charges. sandusky wrote him creepy love letters, he said. he described uncomfortable car rides where sandusky would constantly slip his hand on the
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witness's thigh like i was his girlfriend. it just drove me nuts. sandusky also lavished him with attention and gifts. the witness, who came from a troubled home, acknowledged he never complained. >> when the witness said i didn't stop hanging out with sandusky because he was the only person who listened to me, you could have heard a pin drop. it is so hard for a person to admit that no one else is listening and the one person who is listening is the person who is sexually assaulting him. that was powerful. >> the lawyer pressed the witness on his finances and his decision to hire a lawyer, part of defense efforts to show the accusers have a financial interest in the case. why, he demanded to know, had he waited until reports surfaced that sandusky was under investigation before talking about what sandusky had allegedly done to him. the witness, increasgly combative shot back, "i didn't
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want to admit this happened. i spent so many years burying this in the back of my head. i feel responsible for what happened to other victims." the prosecutor has promised to call seven more alleged victims and even flash their childhood photos on a projector screen. >> when the witnesses testify in this case, they will be testifying as adult men. the prosecution wants the jury to always remember these witnesses as children. >> reporter: the trial continues tuesday with testimony from the next expected witness, a young man known as victim one, whose decision to start talking to the police three years ago triggered the investigation that ultimately led to the charges against sandusky. matt. >> michael isikoff in bellefonte, pennsylvania. star jones is an attorney and former prosecutor. kendall coffey, a former prosecutor. let me start with you. there's a reason the prosecution
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led with victim number four. how important is this? >> you want to start with one of your strongest victim witnesses and they certainly d this alleged victim did everything the prosecution wanted to do, specific, graphic, even documentary support in the form of what was described as a creepy love letter. most important, this alleged victim explained the delay, why it took so long. he said the police had to hunt him down because he was afraid. he was ashamed. that is doing to help with all of the other alleged victims. one of the big issue in this case is why everybody took so long. >> let me stick with you for a second. we heard from jerry sandusky that he's just a guy that loves children. do any of the details we heard from victim number four fall under the umbrella of just a guy who loves children. >> with some of the other alleged victims maybe but not this one. if this witness is believed, jerry sandusky is guilty of something terrible. >> talk about the defense, how
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do you pick away or chisel away at the credibility of the witness and did the defense accomplish this at all. >> the defense only has a couple of ways this can go. they can go this did not occur. they can go this person is motivated by money in order to come in and testify. they are using both of them. >> the horseplay idea doesn't seem to cut it. >> you can't put man boy in shower in the same sentence and anybody be comfortable with that. that's what they initially attempted to do. i was most impressed by the young man, the victim's conversation about details. lies don't usually have details. the details of how it made him feel emotionally, even to embrace the fact he liked some of the attention. >> if the defense is successful at all, you can both weigh in on this -- portraying some of these alleged victims as people who are not victims but opportunists who are here for the money, does one bad apple spoil the whole bunch in terms of these victims.
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>> i don't think so. especially when you have very powerful testimony from each individual. i think the prosecution is doing it the right way by trying to establish, although this is a pattern, these are individual cases. you may have some guilty verdicts and some acquittals. >> let's talk about some other news out of the courtroom. the defense filed a motion asking for permission to testify about histrionic personality disorder, characterized by dramatic, emotional and attention-seeking behavior. what's your reaction to this motion? >> too little too late. too late in that the trial has begun. pennsylvania isn't going to describe strange behavior by bringing in a behavioral expert to say this is why the individual is strange. horseplay is never a defense. >> dramatic emotional, sounds like half of the lawyers i know.
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it does not sound like a disorder. >> finally the defense says they may put jerry sandusky himself on the witness stand. based on what we heard him say in the interview with bob costas and "new york times." do you think that's a good idea? >> matt, i have to tell you, i never like to see a defendant take the stand. he comes across quite frankly like chester the molester. he comes across like that in his interviews. he'll come across worse on the witness stand. >> would you put him on? >> i wouldn't if i had his wife. she's an eyewitness to 40 years of jerry sandusky's life. if she can pull it off, that's a strategy. >> i could crush her as a prosecutor. >> you're not in the courtroom. here is ann. congress secretary john bryson is taking an immediate medical leave of absence. this announcement comes after he alleged by caused three weekend car accidents in california after suffering a reported
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seizure. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has the latest on this story. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president obama accepted secretary bryson's request for a medical leave late monday evening, secretary bryson telling senior administration officials he wants to focus on his health issues which emerged over the weekend. commerce secretary john bryson seemed to be in good health when he delivered the commencement speech thursday. saturday night something went terribly wrong. authorities say he was driving his personal lexus in the los angeles area when he rear-ended a buick stopped by a train. they say bryson got out of his car to talk to the three men inside and hit the same car again as he was driving away. five minutes later he allegedly hit a second car. police found him unconscious behind the wheel. authorities are quick to say drugs and alcohol did not play a role. on monday commerce officials
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announced he had had a seizure. nbc's medical editor nancy snyderman. >> a seizure is electrical activity in the brain that's gone haywire. >> reporter: according to officials he was rushed to the hospital where he spent the night and was treated with seizure medication. they also say he has never suffered a seizure before. >> always in adults you have to wonder what is suddenly causing this when they have never had a problem before. there is a very short laundry list. doctors will check for every single thing on that list, everything from blood sugar to brain tumor and everything else in between. >> i will nominate john bryson. >> reporter: president obama nominated bryson just last year. late monday jay carney issued a statement saying the president's thoughts are with secretary bryson and his family during this time. mr. obama learned about the bizarre chain of events more than a day after it happened. >> we're going to make sure
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obviously he gets the best care. we'll be able to make a determination from that. >> reporter: in a sign of how contentious the campaign season has gotten, the super pac posted this tweet monday morning. how does@commerce sec have three car crashes in five minutes and alcohol not be involved? #skills. once they learned it was health related they apologized. attempted levity before facts known and failed miserably. we took it down. >> we always knew it was going to be a negative campaign. but we're beginning to see just how low and how negative it can get. >> reporter: senior administration officials say president obama didn't learn about the accidents until monday morning because secretary bryson spent saturday in the hospital. the commerce department didn't learn about the incidents until saturday evening. there will likely be more questions around this part of the story.
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the good news is there were no serious injuries. police did cite bryson with a felony hit-and-run. he has not been formally charged with anything. this morning he's back in d.c. resting. >> kristen, thanks for your reporting on this. let's get a check of the other top stories. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt and ann and everything. renewed violence where a mortar round slammed into an anti-government demonstration killing at least ten people. richard engel in cairo on the crisis that now killed between 10 and 14,000 people to date. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. and killed ten children. u.n. accuses syria as killing and torturing children and using them as human shields. syria is apparently making no distinction between fighters and
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civilians. the youngest victims, mothers grieve but seemingly in vein because killing here aren't stopping. it's cut off and under attack from rockets and helicopters. washington warns of new masters and in an apparently new strategy the u.s. is appealing directly to the syrian military not to carry out attack orders. >> we remind syrian commanders of one of the lessons from bosnia. you will be held responsible for your actions. >> reporter: observers say more than 1,000 children have been killed in the syrian conflict so far. many in houma. witnesses say that city was attacked by rockets and mortars yesterday. syria's neighbor israel is taking a hard line. president perez spoke to ann curry. >> do you back the removal of president assad from power? >> people are saying, okay,
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president assad will be removed. my answer is he stopped. >> reporter: the regime is trying to kill its way out of this crisis and stay in power at all costs. western diplomatic sources tell nbc news the syrian regime is, quote, wobbling with frequent gunbattles now very close to the presidential palace in damascus. natalie. >> richard engel, covering the story for us out of cairo. thank you, richard. voters head to the polls for primaries in virginia, nevada, south carolina. all eyes are on arizona where gabrielle giffords is campaigning to help her handpicked successor ron barber clinch a win in the special election there. giffords resigned from congress in january after the 2011 assassination attempt left her gravely wounded. investors enthusiasm for spain is fading, markets on edge today. mandy drury at the new york
7:19 am
stock exchange with more on how this could impact our markets. mandy, good day. >> good day to you. the relief rally did not last long. how much the spanish bank bailout could help contain the euro debt crisis. however, a u.s. central bank efficient fueled speculation u.s. central bank and federal reserve could do more to stimulate the u.s. economy and pump up growth here. that all comes as we get a new federal reserve study showing the financial crisis wiped out 18 years of gains of wealth for the average u.s. family, essentially a nearly 40% plunge is what we saw between 2007 and 2010, largely due to the housing collapse. back over to you. >> mandy drury at the new york stock exchange. thank you. police in california have released video of a dramatic hit-and-run they now say may have been deliberate. in the video a vehicle appears to swerve off the main road and directly into a man crossing a side street with his brother who
7:20 am
runs after the fleeing vehicle. police say they are now treating the incident as assault with a deadly weapon and have released the tape seeking more information. the 20-year-old suffered significant but not life threatening injuries. los angeles is celebrating its first ever stanley cup victory of a the kings beat new jersey devils in game one of six of the series. kings fans waited 45 years to clinch the title. valiant effort by the devils but kings proved a tough act to beat. 7:20 right now. let's turn it back over to matt, ann, and al. >> natalie, thank you veryr. ro here for a check of the weather. >> severe stuff to talk about. hopefully not too bad out there, but, first, the fire forecast where we have three big fires going and, unfortunately, no relief in sight for the firefighters out there with gusty conditions. we have super cell storms expected from austosaustin, texd
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bringing more rain and more thunderstorms to the lower mississippi river valley anywhere from one to three inches of rain throughout northern texas to the gulf coast and along the southeastern atlantic coast. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning around our region, light rain overnight and over the last couple hours still some scattered light showers across virginia, maryland, district of columbia heading from northeast to southeast getting scattered light showers right now and continue to see this through the morning hours and then get steady perhaps at times during the afternoon with somewhat heavier downpours with thunder and lightning and all of this ending by midnight and then >> that's your latest weather. >> coming up, a serious question. did a dingo kill her baby. a final ruling in a notorious
7:22 am
32-year-old case made famous by a meryl streep
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about a dangerous stunt tried by some teens. it's called car surfing and one girl shares her cautionary tale. >> and bieber mania hits new mexico as the teen superstar gears up for a concert on our plaza. after your local news. i want healthy skin for life. [ female announcer ] improve the health of your skin
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it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all new cadillac xts has arrived. and it's bringing the future forward. good morning at 7:26 now on this tuesday, june 12th. i'm aaron gilcrest. >> we had an earlier crash at connecticut avenue on the outer loop of the beltway, but the delays are significant. still, look at college park. cars are just sitting here. your average travel speed from i-95 to 270. today is the day to break out the ez pass and take the icc. it looks like a much better option for you this morning. aaron, back over to you. >> thank you. a rainy start to the
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good morning. on storm front radar scattered showers east and west virginia, the district and maryland. these are heading southwest to northeast and with us off and on throughout the day today. maybe thunder and lightning this
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afternoon, highs reaching around 80 and then tomorrow lower humidity moves in with a blustery northwest wind and low humidity, pleasant temperatures into the weekend. aaron? >> thank you, tom. ♪ oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like. and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality.
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♪ baby baby >> you want some proof that bieber fever is alive and well? an estimated quarter of a million fans crowded into mexico city's historic plaza last night for a free show from the teen idol. who would be crazy enough to do a free justin bieber. wait a minute. you don't have to go to mexico city because we have a free justin bieber friday morning right behind us on the plaza. 7:30 tuesday mornings the 12th of june, 2012. i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry. >> here is something you may not know about justin bieber.
7:31 am
he has something in common with george h.w. bush, who turns 88 by the way. coming up the former president explains in a special conversation with his granddaughter and our correspondent jenna bush hager. >> we look forward to the answer to that. then why you could be in trouble if you're counting on an inheritance to boost your retirement income. jean will be along to explain that. one of the topi, a commencement speech getting a lot of attention because the teacher told the students they are not special. interesting message. >> all right. we begin this half hour with what appears to be the end of a 32-year mystery in australia that drew international attention. nbc sara jane in melbourne this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. after four inquiries, finally
7:32 am
ended a chapter in australian legal history, a case which involved a missing baby and a dingo. >> i wasn't going to cry. obviously we're relieved and delighted to come to the end of this saga. >> reporter: flanked by family, lindy chamberlain-creighton held a death certificate saying what she maintained for decades that her two-month-old baby was killed by a dongo. linda and her husband michael had been camping in the outback when baby azaria disappeared from the tent. as made famous from the movie "a cry in the dark" starring meryl streep, lindy claimed she had seen a dingo, a wild dog in australia near the tent but no child was discovered. just one month before the birth of her third child, she was
7:33 am
found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison. then in 1986, a scrap of azaria's bloody clothing was found near a dingo lair. chamberlain was freed and the cause of her conviction overturned. the cause of the death still listed as unknown. though divorced, the chamberlains continued to fight to clear the family's name. since azaria's disappearance, there have been hundreds of reports of dingo attacks, several fatal. on tuesday the coroner finally agreed that had been the fate of baby azaria. >> please accept my sincere sympathy on the death of her special and loved daughter and sister azaria. i'm so sorry for your loss. >> i cannot express strongly enough how important it is to pursue a just cause even when it
7:34 am
seems to be a mission impossible. >> no longer will australia be able to say that dingoes are not dangerous and only attack if provoked. >> reporter: just at last, if long delayed. azaria chamberlain would have turned 32 years old on monday. the family says the record has finally been set straight and they welcome the chance to put their daughter's spirit to rest. ann. >> all right. sarah james this morning. sarah, thanks. now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by the american cancer society, the official sponsor of birthdays. >> and good morning, everybody. we've got a lot of girl scouts here. from minnesota and wisconsin. it happens to be the 100th anniversary of the girl scouts. that's a lot of girl scouts we've got hanging out. a birthday girl scout.
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even more girl scouts down here. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather. don't want to trip over the lights. afternoon highs. we're talking about a lot of heat in texas into thest, 70s in the northeast. 50s up in the upper great lakes and the pacific northwest and risk of strong storms from the dakotaalize the way back into texas and plenty of sunshine in the southeast. 106 in phoenix today and rain along the eastern seaboard along that front that drapes from canada all the way back into texas. more girl scouts here, in fact, one that's even got a flat version of her orthodontist right there. all right, that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> storm 4 radar showing scattered showers moving southwest to northeast across virginia into the district, east and west virginia and across most of maryland. the pavement is wet this morning, so, allow yourself extra time and grab an umbrella before you head out. temperatures near 70 and later today only up around 80 by
7:36 am
mid-afternoon and by then moderate showers with thunder and lightning and all this taperi tapering off and >> don't forget check that weather any time you need it, weather channel on cable, weather al, thank you very much. now to warning about car surfing. a dangerous stunt that's becoming more and more pop with some teenagers. kerry sappeders in winter park with a cautionary tale. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. 18-year-old cameron died here when he and his friends thought they were having fun and game. now tragedy again. this time the victim has survived and she's warning other teenagers car surfing is stupid. >> we didn't think it would be dangerous. >> reporter: 16-year-old hannah had never heard of car surfing, a stunt made popular on the internet where someone stands up on top of a car while it's
7:37 am
moving. it was just two months ago hannah and her friends went car surfing. >> i was on the trunk holding onto the back windshield wiper standing up. >> the ride hannah and her friends thought would be a thrill ended in tragedy. >> we were both sitting on the patio when they knocked on the door screaming. >> the three girls were screaming hannah is hurt. hannah is hurt really bad. you've got to come. >> reporter: the high school sophomore fell off the moving car and slammed into the pavement. >> i looked and there was her body laying in the middle of the road. >> it was bad. it was really bad. we got to the hospital. they pulled us in to show us the skull fracture that was fractured from her down and under, cracked completely through. >> reporter: hannah suffered severe head trauma. doctors induced a coma to reduce swelling in her brain. they weren't sure if she would survive. after three weeks of unconsciousness, a glimmer of hope. >> on mother's day i got my wish. they removed the vent. she continued breathing.
7:38 am
every day came out of the coma a little more. >> reporter: but hannah faces a long recovery. with a portion of her skull removed, she now wears a helmet nearly all day and night to protect her brain. >> my life before the accident was fun. i would be out all the time. i was always exercising and dancing. but now i can't really do a lot of that. everything is more difficult and it hurts to be alive. >> reporter: 18-year-old cameron didn't get a second chance. four years ago he joined a group of friends car surfing, using a shopping cart hooked to the bumper. when they hit a speed bump he was thrown 27 feet, landed on his head and died. >> it's destroyed our life. >> for hannah, the once popular member of the dance team, life now is about daily physical therapy. >> good stuff. >> reporter: relearning what most take for granted. and she's working to spread a message to other kids. >> no one should car surf. it's just not a good idea.
7:39 am
it's too dangerous. there's too many accidents. >> reporter: the site of the accident is marked with a red heart on the roadway, a reminder of the in assistant her life changed forever. >> we will teach and educate parents and children that car surfing is a stupid choice and the drivers have to take responsibility to not drive when their friends want to make a dumb choice. >> it's why the family is now on a crusade to end car surfing. >> we love you. >> i love you. >> we're going to do good from this. >> reporter: doctors have told hannah that she's going to have to wear that helmet -- >> that was kerry sanders reporting on that. we apologizes for technical difficulties. up next, a rude awakening for baby will booers. why you had better be prepared for less inheritance than you once thought. justin bieber takes mexico city by storm, ahead of a visit to
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my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. back now at 7:43 with a harsh reality facing many baby boomers. that inheritance you may have been counting on from your parents may not be there. jean chatzky, financial editor. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's look at the survey by merrill lynch, investors with $250,000 or more with investable
7:44 am
assets said leaving an inheritance is a high priority. now that number is down to 41%. what explains this drop? >> the drop is due to two things really. first the fact that people have less money than they did just a couple of years ago. the recession basically took about 40% out of the net worth of a lot of american families. but the other thing that's going on is people are just living so much longer that they are worried they won't have enough money for themselves, let alone their kids. "the wall street journal" did a large piece on this yesterday and really pointed to the fact that the inheritance pool for these baby boomers has fallen by 13%. >> so to give more numbers to back that up, the good news is 85 and older age bracket is the fastest growing age bracket in this country today. >> that's right. the average 65-year-old man can expect to live to 78. the average 65-year-old woman to 85.
7:45 am
to me that means you better plan on living a lot longer than that, because that's just the average. you could easily, easily outdo that. >> that is one of the greatest fears that many elderly people have, they won't have enough money to last their entire retirement and have to depend on their kids. >> right. the kids are us. right. we're the baby boomers, the ones who may have to step in and talk to our parents. at the same time we're trying to put our own kids through college, it's a difficult squeeze. the biggest problem is people are not talking about this between the generations. >> infecti fact, that tops your, talk across generations. our parents, '80s plus were taught to not talk about money. >> it's high time to drag them into a conversation.
7:46 am
we have this perception if we sit down and try to talk to our parents about this, they are going to think, a, we want their money or, b, they are on their deathbed. neither one are comfortable cigs yet it really has to be done. if you don't start talking about it, somebody is going to get surprised down the road, either the adult kids or the parents who run out of money. >> come up with a strategy for downsizing, reverse mortgages, for example. >> exactly. downsizing means take a at what you can do right now to make things more palatable, things like reverse mortgages or long-term care insurance. if you're an adult child we will situated you might want to get together with your siblings and fund long-term care insurance. >> resources to fund that. the last advice, save as much money as possible. >> when you can save it. life doesn't go in a straight line. it's a roller coaster
7:47 am
financially. if you can get yourself in a mind-set of i'm having a good year, i'll save more, in those years you have college tuition or health care bill, you won't be panicked you can't do as much. >> may it take a while for the net worth to come back again. >> i don't know necessarily -- the net worth will take a while to come up. i don't know the inheritance numbers will come back. >> jean chatzky, thanks for your really important perspective this morning. ahead, what does george herbert walker bush have in common with justin bieber. the former president explains. but next a taste of what's coming to our plaza. justin bieber's free concert that attract add huge crowd. more after this. [ female announcer ] fresh flavor gets a bold new twist
7:48 am
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7:50 am
let's shoot for the stars. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. well, if you want an idea of what we might be in for friday morning when justin bieber rocks our plaza, take a look at the scene last night in mexico city where the teen pop star
7:51 am
performed a free concert in the main plaza there. according to some numbers we're looking at, something like 80,000 spots were allocated in the main area, then there were tv screens directed in nearby streets and plazas and what does the number grow to. >> 200,000. >> i heard a quarter million, 250,000. >> a lot of kids, a lot of 10 to 14 years old. wearing purple because that is reportedly bieber's favorite color. you can see the tears there. he reportedly asked a young lady up on stage and she couldn't stop crying the whole time. >> that's entertainment right there. >> they also had 5,000 police on hand so what are we doing around here. >> not unusual. >> he's wearing purple. >> he has been here obviously in the past. the place is bedlam. that's friday morning. as we said in the past, no, you cannot call any of us and ask
7:52 am
for free passes and places to stand. those phone calls have all taken place. that's friday morning right here. >> that's right. coming up next, three professionals. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day,
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7:56 am
7:55 is your time now on this tuesday, june 12th, 2012. a tough, tough morning commute out there for a lot of people. let's get an update from danell. >> it's pretty bad. i-95. southbound i-95 and delays on the outer loop and 12 miles per hour at 212. look at this, just 7 miles per hour outer loop new hampshire avenue. you look at about 19 miles per hour as you approach new hampshire avenue. on over to you. ♪
7:57 am
7:58 am
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7:59 am
good morning, just a little bit of light rain around d.c. metro and getting moderate showers on the shore. showing moderate showers now along the blue ridge. those are heading southwest to northeast. getting to the metro area in another hour or so. some passing downpours and maybe thunder and lightning and highs reaching only around 80. lower humidity moves in with sun returning on wednesday and partly cloudy as we get into the weekend. >> tom, thank you. another
8:00 am
8:00 now on tuesday morning, the 12th day of june. some nice people, give them camera time as they wave hello to friends and family at home. outside with them i'm ann curry alongside matt lauer with al roker. coming up this hour you'll be talking to professionals. >> how about this one, graduation speech at a high school. english teacher gives the speech, usually, you're incredible, you can do anything. this speech is, there's nothing special about you.
8:01 am
you are not exceptional. you're all the same. some think it was odd. was it tough love in the right place or misplaced. we'll talk about that. >> also mention, we already have earlier this morning, but if you're just catching up with us, today is president george hotline w. bush's 88th birthday. his granddaughter jenna bush hager sat down with hmo over the weekend and got her grandfather to open up to everything from socks to justin bieber. she just told me a few minutes ago we're cryers in our family. apparently there were tears and it was emotional. >> if you're watching mr. president, we wish you a very happy birthday. >> of course swords at dawn. yes. yes. >> have you guys gotten angry at each other, slapped each other. >> no, we haven't. i did slap him with a glove. matt and i are going to dual on the plaza. actually we're going to talk to
8:02 am
olympic fencers a little later on. >> up high, not low, my advice would be. >> that's always good. it's an intense sport. you'll find out more about that. let's go inside, natalie standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines. natalie. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. a second alleged victim is set to testify in the trial of former football coach jerry sandusky. the trial opened monday with a 28-year-old man testifying when he was a boy sandusky befriended him, then subjected him to years of abuse. u.s. commerce secretary john bryson is taking a medical leave of absence. he was involved in a series of minor car crashes saturday in the los angeles area. a spokesperson later said he had suffered a seizure, something the 68-year-old bryson had never experienced before. the wildfire burning out of control in northern colorado has now turned deadly. officials say the remains of a 62-year-old grandmother were found monday in the ashes of her home.
8:03 am
the fire has damaged or destroyed more than 100 structures. a reported yacht explosion off central new jersey is now believed to be a hoax. u.s. coast guard crews joined forces with new york city police to scour the atlantic ocean for survivors after authorities received an emergency radio transmission from a boat. the caller said the ship sank and all 21 people on board awaiting rescue on life rafts, several with injuries. rescuers found nothing and are now investigating who is responsible for that call. now here is brian williams with a look at what's coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news." >> hey, natalie, good morning. when we join you for "nightly news" tonight, a big game changer, protecting young football players from possibly devastating injuries. it's an american tradition about to change in a big way. we have exclusive details for kids and their parents tonight. for now natalie, back to you. for a look at what's trending. a quick roundup of what has you talking on line.
8:04 am
the snark war between lady gaga and madonna. she defended her anthem, "born this way" because, quote, things are really different than they were 25 years ago. that seemed like a swap at madonna who covered "born this way" during her own tour to point out similarities between her 1999 hit "express yourself." bill murry making the most of a rain delay. murray cavorted on the tarp and slid into home on a tarp this weekend. the aktder is a part owner of the minor league franchise. looks like fun. also on facebook, video of a toddler noah falling in love with root beer after his very first sip. very cute. i think that's a sugar rush. i love that expression. 8:04 right now. let's go back outside to al with
8:05 am
a check of your weather. >> we get that same reaction from our director joe michaels when he has a sip of jack daniels. >> it's not root beer. >> a little bit different. we got that couple here. you're celebrating your 55th wedding anniversary. >> coming up. >> i hear somebody is 80. >> yes. >> you? >> yes. >> you look great. >> yeah. >> fantastic. from all that root beer. >> that's it. >> congratulations to both of you. that's fantastic. let's see what we've fantastic. let's see what we've got for you. pick city of the day, sacramento, california. kcra 3, sunny, warm. and as we look at the drought monitor as the drought continues in the southeast, although it's been helped by all that heavy rain and, in fact a little lessening of the drought in the southwest. you can see heavy rain pushing its way through northern texas and wet weather making its way through the mid-atlantic states and rain moves into new york and north eastern areas later today. new england tomorrow and showers moving into the pacific
8:06 am
northwest later today and a high of 70 in portland. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> much of maryland is abnormally dry, this rain is going to be beneficial. that is rain advancing southwest to the northeast. now, coming down moderately we see the dark greens and yellows around the blue ridge and now just east of the blue ridge, right around washington and points east, just getting light rain and later today moderate showers and maybe some thunder and lightning and highs near 80. dry out tomorrow and lower that's your latest weather. back to miss curry. >> al, thank you so much. coming up, professionals in the house. one of the topics they are talking about, when is it okay to spy on your neighbor? that's coming up right after this. it's my turn...oes and gravy. it's my turn. mac 'n cheese... mashed potatoes and gravy! mac 'n cheese. mashed potatoes and gravy what are you doing? what are you doing?
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8:09 am
back now at 8:09 for a brand-new edition of today's professionals, star jones, donny deutsch and dr. nancy snyderman to break down the day's topics. start with stepfather, videotape that's been seen by a lot of people. he's playing ball with his stepson in the backyard. he gets angry, yells at the young boy. he takes his belt off and begins to hit this boy with the belt. the video is taken shot from the neighbor's window through the blinds of the neighbor's window. so raise your hands -- by the
8:10 am
way, the neighbor then takes the video and posts it online and sends it into authorities. raise your hand if you would have done exactly what the neighbor did. >> and then some. >> then some. >> also we need to add the neighbor did yell out afterwards, stop hitting this kid as he was taking the video. >> no one here a little queasy about the spying part of this story. that raised some questions? >> absolutely not. people look out windows. when a child is in danger, there's no gray area. >> the law would require it. >> you're watching this poor little kid get hit. whether you run in there or jump out -- i've been confronted by the situation. i saw someone hit a kid on the street and did the same thing. your instincts take over. >> there's nothing good that comes from being beaten. a child that grows up in a family like this is more likely to discipline like this later.
8:11 am
>> the father was suspected of beating the boy in the home, would it be okay for the neighbor to walk across and shoot through that neighbor's window through the blinds of the other home. >> absolutely not. the law would not allow him to do that. >> child safety. you do what you have to do. >> we have laws. >> knock on the door and interrupt it. >> or send the police there. >> could you videotape through the window if you thought it was happening. >> you could do it but it would not be legal. >> child safety, anything goes. >> a graduation speech in wellsly, massachusetts. the english teacher there gave the speech. it's getting attention because it wasn't the raving kind of speech, graduates are all so great. instead, it was how the graduates are not special. take a listen. >> you're not special. contrary to your u 9 trophies,
8:12 am
how often the caped crusader swooped in to save you, you're not special. >> this is called the you're not special speech because he said it 20 times. >> he's right on. he's the chosen speaker by the students. wellsly, mass, is a very upscale neighborhood. if you read his entire commencement address, it's about the fact there's uniformity so go make something exceptional of your life. i thought it was the winner of the year. >> as somebody who gives commencement speeches, i have to tell you, i was actually inspired. to make yourself special, you have to do something to earn that category. i thought he did a great job. >> as somebody also given commencement speeches couldn't disagree more. let me finish. >> you always say let me finish. >> because i'm talking. two goals in a speech, inspire and motivate.
8:13 am
i wouldn't stand before 1,000 employees and say none of you are special. you're not special until -- there's an interesting point here. you say you are special now here is what you need to do. it was self-directed. >> the one size fits all. >> he said when you go to paris, go to paris because you want to be there. don't go to paris because you need to check it off your list. >> self-indulgent speech. >> no, no, no. >> he ended this way, the sweetest joys of life come only with the recognition that you're not special because everyone is. congratulations. good luck. make for yourself, please for yourselves and for us, extraordinary lives. >> extraordinary speech. >> you need to read it. it's great. >> let's move on. madonna. did you see what happened at the concert in istanbul. over the week she gave a concert, human nature, strip tease, ended up in a black lace
8:14 am
bra and for some reason exposed her breast. i want to make sure people understand. it wasn't a wardrobe malfunction, an accident, it was on purpose. >> as a branding guy i'd like to give her advice. clearly she's doing it for attention. clearly i would say your brand has always been about cutting edge sexuality. evolving. become a female frankie sinatra. stop trying to hold onto the past. redefine yourself, that's pathetic. >> a personality disorder, someone looking for attention through acting out. >> not special, not a special breast, not worth doing. >> when did she become a lunatic on the panel? you've had a life change. >> i'm the normal one. >> pthis is the one that kissed
8:15 am
britney spears. >> it is not appropriate for a 54-year-old. change, become the female frank sinatra. >> girls gone wild works at 22, not at 52. >> especially a breast that fed a couple of babies. not the same thing. >> dr. nancy, thank you. jenna bush talks to her grandfather, the former president, about justin bieber of all things. right after this. [ male announcer ] pizza hut believes you deserve better than a boring sub.
8:16 am
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i better skip breakfast. yep. this is all i need. [ stomach growls ] [ female announcer ] skipping breakfast to get ahead? research shows that women that eat breakfast like the special k breakfast actually weigh less. and, with honey kissed whole grains of oats & honey... you'll never want to skip breakfast again. [ woman ] victory is sweet. ♪ [ female announcer ] what will you gain when you lose? today is the 88th birthday of form are president george herbert walker bush. our contributing correspondent jenna bush hager just happens to be his granddaughter. they sat down over the weekend for a special conversation at the family home in kennebunkport, maine. i understand there were water works. >> there were water works, full disclosure. i tried as hard as we possibly could not to cry. we are the family cryers. it's a special gift to sit down
8:19 am
with him at walkers point, one of his and my favorite places in the world. i asked him what he thinks about turning 88. >> pretty darn old, i tell you. i never thought i'd get this part in chronology. >> what's aging like? >> aging is all right. better than the alternative, not being here. >> sometimes i know you can hear me but you pretend you can't. >> right. >> why do you do that? >> keep you on the ball. >> is that one of the advantages of aging? if you don't want to hear what somebody is saying, you can just say what? >> yeah. >> these days my grandfather says he's happiest on the sea, spending time with family. >> picnics on that island there. >> you did? >> used to go across. >> is that it? >> the other side. every sunday with uncle hermie. >> reporter: his love of the open waters comes from a lifetime spent on the shores of kennebunkport, maine, also his
8:20 am
time as a navy pilot in world war ii. so on this birthday, a visit to the aircraft carrier, uss george walker bush, which has come to the coast of maine to celebrate for me it's very exciting. a great big thing like this named after me. it's a thrill. >> reporter: my grandfather says the aircraft carrier brings back memories of a time of great loss but also a chance at a second life. 1944, his plane shot down over the pacific. do you feel like you used that second shot at life to the best. >> i'm sure i could have done a lot of things better. it's been a fulfilling time of my life, a lot of experiences, including being president of the united states. >> not too shabby. >> not too shabby. >> what do you want your legacy to be? >> i want somebody else to define the legacy. i've kind of banned the use of the l word, legacy word.
8:21 am
history will get it right, point out some of the things i did wrong and perhaps some of the things i did right. >> what about 20 years ago when you lost. was it a hard feeling? a terrible feeling, awful feeling. i really wanted to win and worked hard. later on people said, he didn't really care. that's just crazy. i worked my heart out. it was terrible to adjust. but then you figure, well, life goes on. see what the next challenge is. >> what about the role of husband. what's it been like being married to ganny. >> a challenge and reward. she's the number one person in my life. in the family she calls all the shots. she's a wonder. >> and she brought you kids? >> kids. together we rejoice in grandkids. that part is wonderful. >> six kids, 17 grandkids, and the newest addition, a great-granddaughter born last
8:22 am
year. >> she's a beautiful girl. it just takes me back. i just wish i was going to be around to see her grow old. i won't be. >> reporter: three generations of my family recently returned to the white house for the unveiling of my father's presidential portrait. what was it like returning to the white house to see dad's portrait unveiled? >> it was exciting. any time you go there, a certain sense of awe and wonder about the experience. a lot of memories come flooding back. it's hard to describe it. there's a total majesty about it. >> dad said, and i'm going to start crying, but i promised myself i wouldn't, that he loves that his portrait is going to be hanging near yours. >> that's sweet. it's very nice. two presidents in one family, pretty good. both lucky, lucky to serve. he had two terms as president and did a great job. i'm proud to be next to your dad
8:23 am
there. very proud. >> and at that portrait unveiling, some unexpected headlines and even more unexpected comparison. >> so your socks have been making headlines. >> well, i like a colorful sock. i'm a sock man. this is a modest pair here today, subdued today. >> they have been comparing your socks to that of justin bieber. >> bieb. is he a sock man. >> evidently he's a sock man like you. >> i don't know much about justin bieber. i've never seen him. >> have you heard his song? >> no. how does it go ♪ baby baby baby oh >> i don't think i like it. >> no, you like it. >> that is my grandfather. at times funny, at times reflective, always filled with wisdom to share with his family. you did say you're not scared about death at all, but do you think about it? >> yeah, i do, wonder what it's
8:24 am
like. >> there's people in heaven you want to see? >> definitely. i can't quite sort out in my mind how we're going to find them. >> who would you want to see first. >> it depends. if barbara predeceases me, her. my mom, brother. >> in a recent letter to his children, poetic letter writer, my grandfather shares his thoughts on aging. >> as the summers finish out, the seas a little higher, winds a little colder, i'll be making some notes, writing it down lest i forget so i can add to the report on getting older. who knows, maybe they will come out with a new drug that makes legs bend easier, joints hurt less, drives go farther, memories come roaring back and all fears about falling off fishing rafts go away. remember the old song, i'll be there ready when you are, i'll be there ready when you are. there's so much excitement
8:25 am
ahead, so many grandkids to watch grow. if you need me out here devotedly, devotedly, dad. >> reporter: reflecting on the past but focused on the future. at 88, aging and all, my grandfather says he has much to be thankful for. >> i'm trying not to cry. the good news is my grandfather says he's not done skydiving. yes, his next goal, jumping out of a plane on his 90th. >> you should join him. >> yes. i would love to join him. >> those letters he writes are legendary. >> they make me cry every time. >> he's such a beautiful poet. >> i can't believe he can read without glasses. >> he is with it. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you for sharing her with us. >> there he is on 88th -- 85th.
8:26 am
good morning, it's 8:26 on this tuesday, june 12th. a messing morning commute. let's get right to danela with a look at the roads. >> right now watching an accident inner loop of the beltway blocking the left lane in that area and still seeing big delays as you make your way towards braddock road and slowing you down and also seeing problems i-270 as you make your way to the lane divide. disabled vehicle, at centerville, your travel lanes centerville, your travel lanes are open but your
8:27 am
when mitt romney says "planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." centerville, your travel lanes are open but your romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
8:28 am
good morning, tom kierein in storm center 4. showers in west virginia, maryland and the district. advancing southeast to northeast
8:29 am
and into the metro area some more moderate showers over the next hour or sore and continue off and on through the afternoon. might get thunder and lightning this afternoon and evening and
8:30 am
it's 8:30 on tuesday morning, the 12th day of june 2012. you're looking at fencer tim morehouse showing off his skills with the saber. two-time national champ and gearing up to compete in london at the olympics this summer. coming up he's going to show us the ropes of fencing.
8:31 am
when i say us, i mean me now. we're going to fight each other. >> they wouldn't let us have the sword for some reason. i don't know. >> i don't know what the point of it is. >> ha ha ha. >> i've rigged this. i got tim to give me a saber twice as long as yours. >> wow. >> be prepared to be one of those cartoon characters, you drink water and it pours out the holes in your body. i'm matt lauer alongside ann curry and natalie morales. >> i like the idea. >> anyway, we should probably tell people we have dave in the house. he's always telling us whatnot to eat. this morning he's going to tell us what we can eat on father's day with our kids helping us in the kitchen preparing them. we're talking about burrito, sushi. he's going to give us step by step on a number of projects that can involve kids and mothers and fathers to make a nice morning on father's day.
8:32 am
>> does dark roast coffee have extra caffeine. >> i think it does. >> can you eat cold pizza for breakfast. >> yes. >> i think it's a prerequisite in college, right? >> right. >> joy bauer will be here to answer some of your most pressing nutrition questions. we're counting down to friday's justin bieber concert here on the plaza. if you're planning to be here, make sure you bring along your most creative, best bieber sign. the winner is going to get two tickets to one of his future concerts and justin will announce the winner himself. >> that's pretty cool. i wish he would give us all a dance lesson. he knows a great dance move, i'll tell you. >> he does. >> meantime, let's get a check of the weather. >> we want to take a minute here to say that we are sending our very best wishes over to robin roberts, who is our colleague over at good morning america. she announced yesterday she's battling a blood disorder and is
8:33 am
going to need a bone marrow transplant. this is five years after she was treated for breast cancer. robin, we want you to know we love you, our thoughts are with you, we wish you the best. >> she's one of the most gracious, strong, beautiful people. i got to speak to her yesterday. at the moment she was going through chemotherapy. we talked over the phone. her sister was next to her. >> that's the good news, her sister isarrow transplant. >> she is an identical match. >> robin roberts. now, we can do a check of the weather. >> let's see what we have for you. risk of strong storms from the dakotas down into texas and louisiana. wet weather in the pacific northwest and afternoon rain moves into the northeast and mid-atlantic showers down to the gulf coast. for tomorrow, we're looking at rain in new lengened and morning showers along the southeastern atlantic coast and wet weather and more rain in northern texinous to much of louisiana and sizzling out in the southwest and on into southern california. that's what's going on around
8:34 am
the country, here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> tom kierein storm 4 radar showing a line of moderate showers getting closer to washington moving in from the west, southwest. those little pockets of dark green and yellow where it's coming down harder in the loudon county and that is advancing towards the metro area. should be in in another hour or two. off and on showers and maybe some thunder and lightning this afternoon and highs around 80 and tomorrow partly sunny, partly cloudy at times and bree hey, don't forget, get that weather any time you need it, go to the weather channel on cable, any time you celebrate a 100-year-old birthday you go to willard. hey, willie. >> that time of year, picnics outside, smucker's, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, can't go wrong. maggie, cleveland ohio, 100 years old. she loves to cook and work in her garden.
8:35 am
shizuko gishitomi. from hawaii. 100 years old. beautiful hawaiian lady. we're so happy she's on our birthday list. she walks every day along the beach to keep her looking as good as she does. charles blakeslee, rockport, indiana, 102 years old. a very interesting man, a professor at ohio state. loves being with family and friends. virginia gomez of chula vista, california. how about that. these california golden girls, beautiful. 107 years old today. enjoys crocheting. can't beat that hobby. both of them. dorothy williams. she is from st. simmons in, georgia. that's nice, all of it down there. 100 years old today. she loves spending time on the beach. how about that. and we have ernest escort from
8:36 am
san francisco, california, enjoys all kinds of music with his friends. we wish him a happy birthday. that's it. that's all. back to new york city. >> thank you very much. when we come back, fun with food. creative gifts kids can make for their dad this coming father's day. first this is "today" on nbc. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation.
8:37 am
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8:38 am
america's beverage companies are delivering. back now at 8:38. this morning on happy father's day today fun food projects your kids can enjoy with dear old dad. the author of "eat this not that" for kids. this is a really good idea. this morning. >> thanks. great to see you. >> great to see you. the idea here is so sweet because it allows kids to do something for dad, maybe even with dad in a way that makes sense to feel proud.
8:39 am
>> on mother's day you make reservation, on father's day you make himcook. why not get everyone involved. >> one of the kids involved is rebecca. if your dad likes sushi, let's figure how to make sushi. >> what we're going to do first is grab the rice, put it on the nori, cut it in quarters then start to add your toppings. in this case, you don't like fish, do you, rebecca? >> not really. >> so we're not going to do that. we'll do some mushrooms, get that in there. show the trick. the rolling trick. >> the rice. just stick it together. >> it is sticky. i used to roll it but that makes it easier to handle. >> you're ready for dipping. >> smoked salmon. you may not want to go with raw stuff if you don't know what you're doing. you can make them into cones as
8:40 am
well. now sam is here and he's making burri burritos. we like burritos a lot. how do you make them. >> start us off. >> put rice in a line right across if you're going to roll it. >> that's the first mistake i'm making, i put too much and don't make a line. by the way, you're going big with the tortilla. >> this is a 12 inch. can you do a 10 or 8 but in this case it's a whole wheat tortilla so it's balancing it out. >> dad will be impressed. >> add some beans. what's your protein hit? >> well, my favorite, i would go with pork. >> since we don't have that here. >> i guess. >> we'll go with something else, sam. >> how about some chicken. what are we going to do with the toppings, the sauces. where are we going to put those? >> you want to put toppings,
8:41 am
like, say, guacamole, you want to put it on the side right here. >> why is that? why do we put it on the side. >> when you put on toppings like lettuce, say, it can adhere on top of the sauces. so that way -- >> it helps it stick together. >> now roll it. roll that burrito like you roll your eyes at your parents. >> hopefully not too much. >> you want to fold the bottom part and left side, fold upward. like this. you want the top open. >> by the way, you don't want to stick these in the microwave. >> they will get soggy. >> put them in a skillet. >> both sides. >> if you don't roll it, no problem, food fight. >> this your niece. >> this is my niece ava. >> hi. you're going to make s'mores
8:42 am
with us today. how do we get started? >> show us what we're doing. take one of the cookies. >> yummy cookies, chocolate cookies. toasted marshmallows. >> peanut butter. >> this is a special thing. smear it on there. >> you also have caramel on the side. put that on the top. you're making this healthy and not so healthy. >> this is how you convince dad you're responsible enough to have a pony. okay? >> because you know how to smear peanut butter. >> put the marshmallow on it. >> let's grab that thing. >> yank it. >> there's a loose one. >> your favorite is chocolate, right? put some chocolate. >> put the hat on. put the top on. >> one of these things. >> so nice. >> on here. now smush it. >> nice. really nice.
8:43 am
>> you're ready to go. >> have you tasted these ava? do you like them? yes, you've tasted them. >> whatever your allowance is, dad should double it. >> really nice. these are great ideas. thank you so much, sam and rebecca. thanks, dave. thank you, ava. good job and happy father's day to everybody watching. coming up, meantime we've got matt and al trying out an olympic sport of fencing. uh-oh. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> announcer: today's olympic start is brought by kellogg's. from great starts come great things. and we're back now with our new series "today's" olympic start. this morning how this kid got a start in fencing. >> walked away with a silver medal in fencing in the 2008
8:46 am
olympics. he's here to tell us a little more about how he got that start. how did that happen? >> i had no idea what fencing was until i was 13 years old. i saw a sign that said, join the fencing team, get out of gym. i went and saw i could hit my friend with an object and not got in trouble. what little boy doesn't love that and fell in love with it. >> what do all fencers have in common. you're a big guy first of all. is it size, quickness. >> it's a little bit of everything. you have to be athletic but also smart. training for the games we have to be smart about the choices we make. i had to go away from a chocolate cookie. >> how is the training going. >> super excited. our team is ready to go. never won a medal in fencing. a gold with the women's saber. trying to win a gold for usa. >> my son came down and took fencing lessons where you sometimes practice. it's intense. when you watch people really
8:47 am
good at the sport, it's exhausting. talk to me a little about how physically demanding it is. >> in saber, we're the sprinters of our sport. our heart rate is 180 to 195 during point. it's a hard workout. we're in a squat position. a great glutes workout. stimulates you mentally as well. >> you have an event coming up. >> fencing masters in new york city, 2012 olympic will compete. fencing if you want to get a ticket and check out the best olympians in the world. >> like a lot of sports, there are different disciplines. we're holding sabers. there are foils. >> sabers are the best one. we all are rivals with each other. saber is basically the cavalry sword. the idea was to hit the rider not the horse. i'm not sure what happened to the horse. it's gone now. more similar to what you see in the movie like zorro.
8:48 am
it's the crossword answer in every crossword puzzle. >> let us get equipment on here. >> put that down. you hold that. okay. all right. got it. need my glove. wait one second. >> you guys looking pretty good. >> hey, al. >> all right. >> she's saying we should be careful. >> be careful. come over here. the basic stance in fencing when you square off, on guard. square off. this is how they settle disputes of honor. if you and al have any problems after today, you can settle it. >> we have no other than. i want that to be clear now. >> when the referee says fence, the target is the whole upper body. you can block. this is parry. the goal is to touch your
8:49 am
opponent. >> does it matter the form. no matter what i touch him that's a point. do i have to be a special form. >> there's no form but small motions. not like the movies where your arm is above your hard. >> if you do that you lose quickly. you have to be defending and attacking at the same time. are you ready for points? fence. >> good parry by al. >> got ahead. >> hold on a second. how long does the typical match last? >> 15 points. you can go to sudden death. >> fifteen. >> ow, ow. >> all right. here we go. >> fence. >> al. >> by the way, we should mention we would be hooked up to electronics. >> original rules were first
8:50 am
blood which we're not doing today obviously. now all electronic. so lights go on when you fence in the olympics. >> so there's no close calls. you know immediately which one got touched first. >> kind of like laser tag with fencers. >> most of all we've had our fun. you go off and make us proud. tim, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we're going to be back with much more. by the way, 44 days to opening ceremony. this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder.
8:51 am
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8:52 am
back now at 8:00 -- 8:51, the tragedy in syria drawing comment from president perez. we sat down with an interview. we began by talking about the ongoing atrocities and if he thinks the president of syria, president al-assad, time to leave office. >> okay, president assad removed, what's the alternative. whatever may happen will be better than what it is now. i think the best maybe thing that may happen is the arabs will take responsibility of it. let them handle it. some will say foreign are intervening. >> you think the arab league will take responsibility for removing president assad.
8:53 am
>> for stopping the meltdown, removing president assad. he's a murderer. he brings shame upon his people. >> if the arab league does not remove president assad, will israel participate in helping remove president assad. >> israel may help. our intervention may be perceived as the wrong intervention even from their point of view. we must be very careful not to make it an israeli issue. the best alternative is arabs will do it themselves. >> what is your message to russia and china, both of which have been moving to block u.s. efforts? >> i don't believe that russia or china can or should see in assad an existing alternative, because he already killed so many people.
8:54 am
no country, china, russia, anybody else, can remain indifferent to this revolt against humanity. >> in a week's time in moscow, there will be a new round of very important talks about iran. what is the tipping point that might cause israel to act militarily against iran? >> you don't have to tell what they are going to do forever today, agrees with the united states completely. in order to stop iran from becoming nuclear, let's start with economic sanctions. but if you say it is just economic sanctions, they don't stand a chance to become successful. emphasizing that it is two steps, not one. >> but what would cause the other option to kick into gear. >> the sheer existence of the
8:55 am
other option is a message. you say all the options are on the table. everybody understands all the options. >> would israel ever conceivably attack iran without the united states approval? >> i don't think we have to make a list before things are happening how it will happen. it's unnecessary. maybe the united states will decide about their actions, too. right now the position is clear. the message to iran, stop it. >> by the way, president perez in new york this week to receive the presidential medal of freedom from president obama. we're back with much more after your local news.
8:56 am
8:56 is your time now on this tuesday, june 12th, 2012. big delays on the roads and danela has the latest on the roads. good morning. >> an accident at little river turnpike still blocking the left lane and still causing big delays.
8:57 am
robinson terminal as you make your way to braddock, you're pretty much jammed right now. let's head over to the beltway. outer loop and inner loop passing university boulevard. between i-270 and i-95 in both ♪ ♪
8:58 am
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8:59 am
good morning. we have some light to moderate showers just west of the metro area getting closer to washington and advancing out of east and west virginia into virginia now. it does look like that will move closer to the metro area over the next hour or so, so, be prepared for some steadier rain here over the next couple of hours and passing showers and thunder and lightning this afternoon into this evening. before then up around 80
9:00 am
we're back with more of "today" tuesday morning, june 12, 2012. remember that little niece of mine, that little girl samantha? 21 years old today. 21 years old. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, samantha. we're out with nice people on the plaza celebrating a pretty nice today although a little overcast. al says there's rain in the forecast but perfect for the justin bieber concert friday morning. >> did you say that? i know you didn't promise that so many days in advance. you are? >> i'm matt lauer, ann curry, al roker and tamron hall.
9:01 am
coming up -- >> a lot of us told to eat breakfast. joy bauer will tell us what to eat, when to eat it. also when you have dark roast coffee, whether there's more caffeine in that cup. all the things you need to know to get your body in gear for a busy day. >> we've got father's day around the corner coming up sunday. jill martin is here. she's got some fun finds. everything from the dapper dad to the high-tech dad. whatever you've got in between, we are going to show you some spectacular presents. >> we don't see it in that picture there. she's got t-shirts for little kids that say i love dad, i love daddy. they are so cute. >> adorable. >> normally i have to make those for my kids. >> coming up later, jamie dean is the kitchen. nothing is more important than family. family recipes, skirt steak tacos, all the toppings. the kids can get involved, load
9:02 am
up, guacamole. >> tex mex. >> you guys would like that for father's day. >> let's go inside and get headlines from natalie at the news desk. natalie. >> good morning to you guys once again. a second victim set to testify in the abuse trial of former football coach jerry sandusky. the trial opened monday with a 28-year-old man testifying when he was a boy sandusky molested him in locker rooms and hotels and treated him like a girlfriend. he regretted keeping the alleged abuse a secret as other boys were molested after him. sandusky denies allegations against him and faces 52 criminal counts of abuse spanning more than a decade. the wildfire burning out of control in northern colorado has turned deadly. officials say the remains of a 62-year-old grandmother were found monday in the ashes of her home. the fire has damaged or
9:03 am
destroyed more than 100 structures. u.s. commerce secretary john bryson taking a medical leave of absence. he was involved in a series of minor car crashes are saturday in the los angeles area. a spokesman later said he suffered a seizure, something he had not suffered before. a reported yacht explosion is believed to be a hoax. u.s. coast guard joined forces with police to scour for survivors after authorities received an emergency radio transmission from a boat. the caller said the yacht sank and all 21 on board were awaiting rescue on life rafts, several with injuries. rescuers found nothing and are now investigating who is responsible for that call. queen elizabeth granddaughter zara phillips will be competing in the london olympics. she's been chosen as part of the british equestrian team. her mother and father were both olympic equestrians.
9:04 am
you'll now have to watch your mouth in middleboro, massachusetts. the town voted to let police hand out $20 fines for swearing in public. the move is meant to crack down on loud profanity in public areas and parks. it's okay to let out a few choice words if you stub your toe or miss the bus. online prankster ed bassmaster gave people star treatment approaching them as if he thought they were famous movie stars and celebrities, that is until he ran into a familiar face. >> vince vaughn, the man. huge fan. lindsay, can i get a quick pick please. pretty please? lindsay lohan. >> mr. brokaw, i'm a huge fan. nice to meet you. oh, my gosh, tom brokaw. i just met tom brokaw on rodeo drive, i believe. we're out in beverly hills. oh, my gosh.
9:05 am
>> of course that is not tom brokaw but larry king. the funny video racked up 150,000 hits since it was posted this weekend. it is now five minutes past the hour. let's go outside for a check of your weather with al rocker. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by the american cancer society, the official sponsor of birthdays. >> look, it's mark mckeown right here. we've got oklahoma, oklahoma city, the thunder playing the heat. so it's a weather related nba finals. who is going to win? >> we are. thunder. >> the thunder. all right. let's see what we've got for you as fthunder. >> all right, let's see what we got for you, as far as your weather today. unforch n unfortunately, not going to help the wildfires out west. the gusty winds, it's going it be hot and isolated thunderstorms may set off more fires. we also have strong storms possible from rapid city down to austin and dallas.
9:06 am
possibility of isolated tornadoes, as well. as you can see that front pressing down into that warm, moist air setting off showers and thunderstorms. rainfall amounts from dallas and wichita falls. about one to three inches of rain and also down through the central gulf and looking at a lot of wet weather along the southeastern atlantic coast. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> cloudy and in the low 70s around the region. storm center 4 right now on storm 4 radar showing an advancing area of rain moving in from the south, southwest heading north, northeast towards the metro area out of the foothills of the blue ridge and later today, maybe a passing shower or perhaps a thundershower. highs reaching near 80 degrees and then tomorrow, lower hum humidi humidity, partly cloudy in >> that's your latest weather. tamron. >> announcer: get started today is brought to you by got milk? just not breakfast without it. nourish every day.
9:07 am
♪ let's get it started >> good morning. on get started today your breakfast questions answered. joy bauer here to tell you everything you need to know about the most important meal of the day. >> everything. >> is it true it's the most important meal of the day. >> it's one of three important meals. >> there's your answer to your question. >> we're done. >> let's get to the legitimate questions. the first from christie in tucson, joins us via skype. christie, good morning. what's your question? >> good morning. what would be the official or best timeframe for eating breakfast. if you wait too long, it's lunch. so would you suggest eating breakfast within the first hour of waking up or two hours? what do you suggest? >> it's a great question. generally i tell people to try to eat breakfast within 90 minutes of waking up, an hour and a half. it seems to be the right time to
9:08 am
rev your metabolism, your body after a long night of rest, also whet your appetite so you don't overeat at lunchtime. that being said, some people don't want to eat when they first wake up in the morning. they even feel nauseous putting food into their system. in that case, you need to know there's not a hard and fast set rule. i recommend 90 minutes. if you need to push it out a little bit, that's fine, too. >> happy breakfast. >> thank you, christie. now the next question from sally. she's actually in lansing, michigan. sally, what's your question? good morning. >> good morning. does it matter what you eat for breakfast as long as you eat? i ask because i've been known to eat cold pizza. >> i don't think you're alone. >> especially in college. it's a popular dish. >> the answer to that is yes and no. you clearly don't have to stick with standard breakfast fare like eggs and toast and cereal but ideally you do want your
9:09 am
breakfast to be a combination of some fiber and protein. that's what's going to help to power you through the morning hours. if that pizza is thin crust and loaded with vegetables, go for it. if it's a pepper ronni slice, skip it. there's so many dinners that are leftover turkey chili, burgers, shrimp and broccoli stir fry. anything goes. if you have leftover dinner go for it, as long as it's healthy. >> what about cereal bars? >> as long as there's no more than 12 grams of sugar. that's the cutoff. if it has protein and fiber that's what's going to hold you. >> next is an e-mail, julian from new york. julie writes, i love a great cup of dark roast coffee in the morning but typically stick with a mild blend was i worry about
9:10 am
getting too much kaffer even. i'm slightly sensitive. how much extra caffeine does a dark roast have compared to a regular coffee? that's a good question. >> i think this will surprise a lot of people. you taste dark, more robust. you oorvely think it has more caffeine but the total opposite is true. >> really? >> when you roast these coffee beans, the longer you roast, you burn off some caffeine. dark roast has slightly less caffeine than milder. >> don't let intense flavor fool you. >> go for whatever one you like best because the caffeine amount is negligible, the difference. >> watch what you put in it. >> skimmed milk, soy milk, no more than one packet of sugar and you're good to go. >> last is an e-mail from angela in memphis, tennessee. she writes, "i love this question, joy, what do you eat for breakfast since it's one of
9:11 am
three important meals we need? >> this is an easy one to answer. occasionally thin crust pizza with extra vegetables. for the most part if i'm in a frantic rush before the show, a greek yogurt and banana, eat it on the commute. if i have time i like elaborate egg white omelettes, one whole egg, three to four egg whites, tons of vegetables, reduced fat cheese. also a protein pancake, half a couple of oats, four egg whites, dash of vanilla extract and a little sugar and fry it right up with oil spray. i say fry but with oil spray on the skillet. i top it with fresh fruit. it's delicious, filling and super easy to make. >> i don't believe. i'll have to come over and test it out. >> tomorrow morning, you be there. or i can make it for dinner tonight. >> i'm game. >> and wear those shoes. those are fabulous shoes.
9:12 am
>> you're very kind. joy bauer. by the way we asked viewers to submit healthy comfort recipe. joy will decide. head to "today".com to vote. up next in time for father's day, fun finds for all of you important dads out there. then for the kids, what to pack in those special summer camp care packages right after this. now you can apply sunblock
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[ female announcer ] with daily moisture renewal from pantene. the pro-v system nourishes to lock in moisture erasing the damage of 100 blow drys for a silky, soft touch. think only salon brands can do that? i took the dare. will you? [ female announcer ] daily moisture renewal from pantene. hair so healthy it shines. father's day edition of jill's fun finds. whether your dad is a beach bum or ball player, we have some great last minute gifts because none of you have thought about
9:16 am
father's day yet. of course, it is this sunday. today "us weekly" contributor, jill martin is here with gifts for all kinds of dads, including a dad named martin. >> my dad. i hope he's not watching now. there he is. >> there he is. >> that's my very special father. a lot of these gifts he'll be getting. dad, if you're watching this, tune it out. my dad is a beach bum. >> over here. >> this is win-win >> so cute. >> starting with the groovy dad. i don't know if you'd be rocking this. >> i would embarrass my 13-year-old daughter lela if i wore that. >> in fact i'll get this. >> look how great they are. the cute little shorts, you can get them matching. great father's day for little ones. >> trunks. >>, matching for
9:17 am
son and father. i know sometimes mommies want kids to get from dad, these old navy, under $10. i love my dad. if you can't say it like a little one you can at least see it. miracle tees, the gravy dad, "don't worry about a thing. lyrical culture. i love these shirts, untuck you don't want to look messy when you wear a shirt. these are someone who, jerry, one of our fabulous prop masters is wearing one right now. he calls himself vertically challenged. i'm just going to say he's not as big as a basketball player. he wears it out. look how it hits the perfect place because it's shorter. >> on a normal guy, that would be bare midriff. >> no. this is in all sizes, height sizes so it lays in the perfect spot. >> but it looks good on you.
9:18 am
>> they also make t-shirts. we love you, jerry. $32 and up. a great gift for the dad who likes to look casual, dressy. >> what's this? >> brad pitt loves this. you haven't worn something like this. >> not in a long time. >> this the diaper dude. this is big for celebrity dads. this is the newest, grooviest, this comes in camouflage. you wear it out and about. this the newest thing for fathers who don't want to carry the flowered diaper bag, $100. never too safe. >> watches in fashion? >> $90 and up. i'm wearing one now. if you want to buy one for your husband and father you can steal it and wear one, too. >> i love this. i love socks, especially the argyles. look at this colored shoe laces. >> hook and albert decrease for the groovy dad. jenna says her grandfather. >> he's a big sock guy. >> these are great. >> if you want to spruce up an
9:19 am
older pair of shoes, buy $14 colored laces. >> vinyl had made a big comeback. >> or we're allowing it to make a comeback. can you play records. how great is this. a little over $100 and let dad play his old favorites. >> i love that. >> this you're going to love. >> this looks awfully cool. >> 20th century collegiate sporting goods, look at this leather. you can use these, ipad covers, right up your alley, a roll up charger. watch how to say this, but sporting goods, balls are great. >> they are balls. >> just watching my verbiage here. okay. this i love. this is great. they will donate for your charity of choice. a little kit. you can make your own here. matt and al, ties. it comes beautifully packaged. this, $20 and up. look at this tool set. it's chocolate.
9:20 am
you can eat this. this is chocolate covered potato sticks. >> you have made a lot of folks get their father's day gifts early. >> jerry got one, too. >> he really did. >> that's very special. jerry, happy father's day. >> jill martin, thank you and happy father's day to your father martin. >> thank you. >> don't forget to pick up this week's issue of "us weekly" on stands now. >> live performance from british singer songwriter. he's making big waves across the pond. first these messages. [ lane ] your anti-wrinkle cream is gone. but what about your wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the fastest retinol formula available.
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9:24 am
coming up great care packages for the summer camper in your family. >> jimmy dean is here with his favorite taco recipe and all the trimmings. >> yum. >> and weather. hershey's air delight. experience light and airy, melty bubbles. made from pure, delicious hershey's milk chocolate. hershey's air delight. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains.
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9:26 am
good morning, it'sicate 26 on this tuesday, june 12th. i'm aaron gilchrist. here's tom kierein with a look at our forecast. >> light showers around the metro area. temperatures in the low to mid-70s and another area of more moderate shower activity coming in from the west, about to move in from fairfax county and heading towards the district over the next hour and we'll have temperatures later today up around 80 degrees and maybe a passing afternoon shower or maybe some thunder and lightning that linger into this evening. and then cooler weather moves in tomorrow morning into the 60s
9:27 am
and then low humidity
9:28 am
9:29 am
good morning, traveling 295 southbound at 450. have a crash there and seeing delays from the beltway and 395 in the hov lanes a
9:30 am
♪ >> bieber fever. that's right. he's out conquering the world even as we speak shutting down cities from norway to mexico, new york is next. friday, here on "today," justin bieber live in rockefeller plaza. school is out. that means the plaza will be mobbed. and a week from friday we've got a thrill for all you country fans out there, kenny chesney on
9:31 am
the concert stage. >> will we ever be the same. a little something special for bieber fans. if you're feeling creative and we certainly hope you are, and you're planning to be on the plaza, bring a big sign with you. go nuts. go crazy with the celebration. a great giveaway with the fan with the best bieber sign. justin himself will announce the winner. he's going to give away a pair of tickets to one of his concerts. that sign better be the best sign ever. >> generator. >> whatever. >> giving big ideas. if you're a kenny chesney fans he wants your help picking one of the songs he'll sing june 22nd. cast your vote, summertime, beer in mexico. the song that gets the most votes. >> i want to do a song called beer anywhere. >> beer on my mind. speaking of music and beer and all things coming up in this half hour, this is awesome,
9:32 am
21-year-old british singer has music critics raving. he's here fresh from the queen's jubilee concert. the sound is awesome. >> he's got a lot of fans on the plaza. is he coming out? is he going to say hi to us. >> we heard him rehearsing. he's amazing. if you're sending your kids off to sleepaway camp this summer, where adventurous or book worms, some ideas for highly anticipated care packages. >> so important. >> paula deen's son jamie in the kitchen. steak tacos with the toppings you and your family love. salsa and guacamole for a fabulous any time dinner. later usher stops by kathie lee and hoda to sing a song off his new album, "looking for myself" which drops in stores today. we all know kathie lee, big hip-hop. she's recording a hip-hop album.
9:33 am
>> they might do a duet. >> i would pay to see that. >> then a programming note, jenny mccarthy hosting a new season of love in the wild, dating reality show, bachelor, fear factor and survivor. you can catch it tonight at 9:00, 10:00 central right here on nbc. how is it looking like and "survivor." right here on nbc. how is it looking weatherwise, al? >> for today talking about a risk of strong storms. texas, oklahoma on up into the high plains and showers in the pacific northwest and rain moves into the northeast later today with wet weather along the southeastern and gulf coasts. tomorrow, rain up into new england and more wet weather in the pacific northwest and sizzling conditions. central texas on into the southwest and central california. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, temperatures now in the low and mid-70s and we've had some light rain in the metro area over the last few
9:34 am
hours, but steadier rain advancing towards the metro area now into prince william county and that area of yellow into yellow, too. moderate showers. winchester towards haguerstown that is advancing east and closer to the metro area in the next few hours. likely later and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you. up next, creative care packages for summer campers. no debit cards included in these packages. but first these messages. a fee♪ ♪ every little thing has meaning ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on ♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we've added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our kraft natural cheese to make it creamier. so whatever you make isn't just good, it's amazing. ♪ life is amazing with the love that i've found ♪ [ female announcer ] and to make a creamier sandwich, try new kraft touch of philadelphia slices.
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9:37 am
school is wrapping up, which means many parents are scrambling to get their kids off to sleepaway camp. if you want to send them a little love, some ideas for the perfect care package, an editor at martha stewart magazine. i love the ideas you have here. you've broken these up into different personality types for your kids, not that they are any one personality. >> you can cherry pick and mix
9:38 am
and match for your kid. the first is adventure for the kid that loves outdoors, sunscreen. >> the sports lover. >> some paint pens from sharpie that are great. then the kids can have their kids sign it and it's like a keepsake. >> they can think about them. >> water bottle. everybody needs to say hydrated, compass, waterproof snack, like trail mix. >> next category book worms. >> send along great classic mystery page turners like nancy drew, encyclopedia brown. >> i love those. >> this item is the best, a book light, so they can read in the cabin. lego makes this adorable headlamp. isn't that fun? it makes it so easy. >> good.
9:39 am
>> one thing i did found an inexpense ifr photo album, put photos, if your kid is missing home. talk bubbles. even from the family dog. make a book. >> point out all of the snacks on the website. what did you make here? >> fruit leather. homemade fruit rollups. >> delicious. >> crafty. >> the crafty kid. >> this is the one i would want. you can get plain backpacks at oriental and send fabric markers, a keepsake idea. pillow cases. >> rainy day at camp, a lot of fun. >> water color postcards, come in a little pad. if you accepted it with water colors, you might get pretty mail home from your kids. another healthy snack. >> what is that. >> figure pin wheels. >> last for the gamers, no batteries required. >> we love monopoly and scrabble but a lot of loose pieces.
9:40 am
these travel friendly versionses, no extra pieces, boggle, pieces can't fall out. popcorn. >> cajun. >> kettle corn. >> and mad libs. >> my kids love these. >> we love these rubik's cube and eight ball. >> how many hours did i try to break the rubik's cube. >> taking stickers off. >> nice to have you. >> thank you so much. >> recipe for snacks on the website. british singer songwriter performs live right after this. introducing smooth sensations cream cheese spread from the laughing cow. it's rich, indulgent and 45 calories. mmm it's so good -- it practically sells itself. cut, cut. sells itself? i've poured myself into this commercial. ♪ don't be boring
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9:44 am
>> british singer songwriter ed sheeran is already a platinum selling artist at home. now he's looking to launch his british invasion. he's touring the u.s. with a new cd. he's made a pit stop at studio 1, a to perform his hit single. good morning, ed. your fans are on the plaza. i see open mouths and waves out there. congratulations on your success. >> thank you so much. >> you've been touring in the u.s., at the queen's jubilee, now back touring again. is that your life now, a man on the love. >> it's a good life to have. i get to travel to beautiful countries and get to see everything i wouldn't see if i wasn't a musician. >> your music reaching everyone. itunes, beating out usher. >> for now. when he comes later we'll see what happens. >> british invasion, adele, estelle, amy winehouse, the list goes on and on, this generation
9:45 am
of young brit singers. >> we never left. we've always been here. beatles, rolling stones. we trade all the time. we get rihanna, you get adele. >> i like this. how would you describe your sound. >> acoustic with hip-hop and soul. this song i'm going to play is particularly funky. >> love to hear it. congratulations. you're a great guy, ed. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪
9:47 am
♪ ♪
9:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:49 am
>> ed sheeran, thank you so much. the cd plus drops today of what a song. up next, jamey deen grilling up a favorite, skirt steak with all
9:50 am
9:51 am
kitchen spicing it up with grilled steak tacos. jamie makes staying in an occasion on his food network show. it debuts saturday. he'll be in the kitchen with his famous mom paula to his five-year-old son jack. >> sounds new awesome when you say new show on the food network. >>ow about that. happy father's day ahead of
9:52 am
time. >> thank you very much. brooke, my beautiful wife and i with two boys, so fortunate. >> making a marinated grilled skirt steak taco. >> you see this a lot. it's affordable cut. it's perfect if you're going to cut it and grill it. this speaks to the show we're doing. this is good for everybody in the family. fresh ingredients, know exactly what's going on. boys love it. onions and garlic. >> what is it your making. >> salsa roja. poblano pepper, lime, anjo chile powder. fire roasted tomatoes. get them in a can and it's easy. >> five minutes or so. >> he said up this way or puree. >> take it and puree it down. what i love about the marinade, the sauce. >> two in one.
9:53 am
>> marinade, cover this with your marinade, save the salsa, put it in the refrigerator. you're only going to want to refrigerate an hour. acids will break it down. >> mushy. >> don't want to overcook, cut it against the grain. it's nice to have an affordable piece of meat, good tasting too. >> while that's cooking -- >> do you like avocados. >> i love them. >> so good for you. >> i put sour cream, make it creamy, avocados, lime gives it a really super good flavor but keeps it from turning brown. >> okay. >> a little white onions and tomatoes, some salt. >> a little pepper. >> yes, sir. >> this will be interesting to mash this up with a spoon. i like it super chunky. but we'll put a little sour cream in here to cream it out.
9:54 am
i love to put this on eggs. i use this on turkey sandwiches. >> you like stuff you can use for more than one thing. >> yes, sir. if i get an opportunity to get in the kitchen and do something that will save me time down the road. >> make some tacos. >> i have one back here we can cut. >> i'll take this one, too. >> it's going to be a big breakfast. okay. i love the guacamole. >> let's cut this. great part about the kids. spread it out, looks super pretty. >> cut this against the grain. >> yes, sir. cut it in smaller pieces. morning, ladies. nothing like steak cooking in the morning. warm tortillas. >> the breakfast. some scrambled eggs. >> get in there, guys. >> can you use flour or corn? >> yes. >> whichever you prefer. >> what's the salsa there. >> that is a roasted corn salad.
9:55 am
you can almost just put that on your tacos. charred corn, tomatoes, lime, onions. i love it. super light and delicious. >> when? >> coming on saturday y'all. >> we're excited. >> good luck. >> happy father's day. >> thank you very much. >> coming up still this morning, ivillages hottest dies. >> coming up after local news and weather. can you pass the taking. >> down here.
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning. it's 9:57 on this tuesday, june 12th. i'm aaron gilchrist. meteorologist tom kierein has that. >> right now light rain falling around washington, but just to the west at 20 miles, we have moderate showers about to move in, coming in from the west,
9:58 am
heading towards the northeast and that is going to be moving right into the metro area probably by 1 1:00 or so this morning. might get some thunder and lightning later this afternoon with some of these passing showers and an inch or two of rain before it ends tonight and more humidity and pleasant weather into the weekend. danella, how is traffic? >> montgomery county watching out for an accident. a vehicle struck a pole in that area. be aware of that. outer loop of the beltway and you're slow, delays start at i-270 but from 270 to the claire barton parkway, you're at 27 miles per hour. that is really slow. that is really slow. aaron, back over to
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's booze day tuesday, june 12. we're so happy you're here. this is our special guest today in our studio, bambino. he came in today. he's going to be part of a fashion show we'll have later for, you know, dads and fathers with father's day coming up. he's got quite the little fan club, this guy. >> your kids couldn't come so bee got bam? >> i asked my children to come.
10:01 am
you can imagine what they said. >> we're excited to have bambino. we are going to use him in the chat for something, aren't we? >> are we? oh, that! yes, yes. >> do you want to do it now or wait? >> well, there is a study, basically, that says we all know dogs are man's best friend, woman's best friend, too. they always have a sense of when you're hurting. they'll come over and liqueur wounds and get close to you and snuggle. so we wanted to test that. they say it works even with strangers. >> they say if a stranger cries in the presence of a dog, even if the dog doesn't know another person, that the dog reacts to the other person. so we are going to put this to the test. you hold him and i'm going to start crying. okay. ready?
10:02 am
what's he doing? >> he's having booze day tuesday. >> hello? >> get me away from the crazy woman. >> maybe he knew i was fake crying. >> yes, yes. if i did it, he would go crazy. >> he would? >> of course. >> he loves you so much. if you want to get off the couch because you're so sick and tired of your body and your flab, we all are there. here is someone who is going to motivate you to get off the couch. this is unbelievable. >> it happened because she went bathing suit shopping. when she was in her 50s and was so upset about how she felt about herself and how she looked. well, she is 75-year-old earnestine shepard. >> look at her body! >> she is 75. she is the world's oldest female body builder. >> she decided at 56 she had enough. she started with the weights and started running.
10:03 am
she got at shape. >> but 71 is when she started body building. at 71. she gets up at 2:30 in the morning and runs ten miles before she goes to the gym. hoda, you're an amateur. >> look at her. she's 75. >> she is a professional body builder. she is 5'5", weighs 140 pounds and has 9% to 10% body fat. >> the whole thing is sometimes especially when you reach a certain point, you're like, i'm stuck with it. it's because i'm going through menopause. >> we make all kinds of excuses. >> i cannot believe she gets up at 2:30 running. she is so motivated. if you think you can't do it, look at her body. >> i told the story of my mom when she went shopping for a bathing suit in rehoboth years and years ago. she struggles into a bathing suit. this lovely lady is helping her. these young girls are in the stall next to her in their little string bikinis and come out. the lady coaxes my mom out. come on, come on.
10:04 am
the two little girls in their darling little bodies are going, oh, having fun. my mother comes out and just stands there in front of her mirror. the lady was so sweet. she looks at my mom, oh, honey, we had our turn. >> but we want another turn. >> i know. that's the trouble. and earnestine has proven that's the point joanie should have said, i want another turn. let's get my mom to be a body builder at 82. >> in middleboro, massachusetts, they decided they had it with people swearing in public. they had it up to here. they proposed a fine, $20 fine. they say it's not meant to censor people but supposed to crackdown on that language. >> like cleaning up litter. it's changing the whole ambiance of the environment. >> someone is on the phone in the middle of a conversation and
10:05 am
they are dropping the f-bomb and everything all over because they are in this heated moment. they don't realize everybody in the world is walking past them. i have to tell you. i've spoken with people a lot of times, they get animated, they use curse words, it doesn't bother me. hearing it walking past it for some reason only hearing half the conversation and a stranger screaming, it makes you -- >> extremely rude. lots of times there are little kids and stuff around, too. it's not an environment anybody wants to live in. >> i wonder if $20 is a good thing. >> they are going to vote on it. they can't do it without a town vote. >> ballgames, if you've taken your child to a football game or baseball game or any kind of game, everyone goes crazy. did you ever have that with your kids with other people cursing around you guys? >> you know, i just think in the last ten years it's gotten so bad. what do you think, bambino?
10:06 am
did you put him over by me? are you doing it on purpose? that doesn't count! >> you've got to be careful. bambino is known to hump things. >> thanks for the warning. okay. when you go to a restaurant -- >> he's our humper. all our children are different and we love them all. >> if you've been to a restaurant recently, there are certain normal complaints people have about restaurants. >> right. usually service mostly. >> now there is something new out there. people are tired of the noise level. ever been in a restaurant and you can't hear the person sitting next to you and it sounds like this? >> a table of eight or something and you're trying to talk to the person and say something. then you introduce hearing aids that people are wearing because a lot of our friends are wearing hearing aids these days. it's ridiculous. then you get -- >> some restaurants, some aren't that crowded but the way the ceiling is or something, you can't have a conversation.
10:07 am
>> they think there is a science behind it though. they say if you play loud music, it prompts the customers to chew faster, order more drinks, finish their meal sooner. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my god. he's sexy and he knows it. >> in case you're wondering if the noise level is too high for you, there is a website called yelp and one called open table. they tell you about the decibel level. >> they should listen to people. they want to be cool, but you don't want customers avoiding you. joanne was telling the story about a restaurant she and her family love where she lives in
10:08 am
montclair. thee times, three different times of the day they went to see if it's different and it wasn't. it was always the same. you've got to serve your customers. >> sure do. okay. now, there is another study, yet another one out there. it says, it talks about sex and fashion. it says that women think about fashion 91 times a day. many more times than they think about sex. >> that's once every 11 minutes and 23 seconds. >> how is that possible? who is thinking about fashion 91 times a day? >> i don't think we tend to think of it as fashion, but if you're walking by somebody you say i love that dress. i drive on 48th every morning and i look in the michael kors and saks fifth avenue. >> or you compliment somebody's shoes. we think about sex ten times a day. i don't, do you? >> no.
10:09 am
when you've had it as much as i have, you know. >> it's never going to work. >> that was weird. at a ballgame yesterday. there was a rain delay at the ballgame. you sit there and you watch these rain delays. there was a man who decided to have fun with the rain delay. we went running out on to the field. he was sliding all over it. i was like, who is that crazy old man? i just saw the video. you know who it is? >> crazy old man is bill murray. >> i guesses's part owner of that time and decided he would have fun with it. >> i bet the crowd went crazy. there he goes, sliding into home. >> crazy. >> have you ever met bill murray? >> i think -- didn't we have him on? >> i don't know if we had it on since i joined you, hoda, but many times years ago. he is a character. oh, my gosh, he's a character.
10:10 am
that's bill murray. great actor. >> we have some surprises in store for you which i already gave away, i think. >> don't read hoda's tweets. >> read them. then you know who is coming up on the show in the fashion segment. >> this will be fun, too. when you're married with children, it's important to be on the same wave length when you discipline your kids. we don't want to say good cop/bad cop, but when parents disagree we'll talk about that. >> sara treats her dad to a big city father's day celebration. sara's dad is here. she made him work out? >> that is sweet. i do what it takes to stay in the game.
10:11 am
like my covergirl outlast lipcolor. i'm going for the gold... and the pink. i'm strong. i'm beautiful. i am a covergirl. ♪ i am a covergirl. look who we got here. put a little pepper on that. i'm a typical mom. i go to amusement parks. and my kid's games. and just like any typical mom i'm thrilled when my champion loves to eat something nutritious, like chobani champions yogurt. it's a good source of protein, and most important, he loves it. so even though i'm an olympian, around here, i'm just another mom trying to help her champion win the day. chobani champions. win the day. yeah, it's the new quaker cookie, with chocolate chips, almonds, and, of course, whole-grain oats, so -- uh-huh. mmm. you just... took a bite of my cookie. what?
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10:13 am
today tastes so good. time for "today's" family and good cop/bad cop parenting. when you and your spouse disagree on how disciplining your own children. >> amy mccree is the author of "if i have to tell you one more time."
10:14 am
nikki and stephen struggle with these issues. they are the parents of 8-year-old triplet boys. >> enough said. >> it can become problematic when parents disagree when it comes to disciplining, right? >> absolutely. we all disagree from time to time. when it's frequent, it puts a strain on the marriage. >> definitely. >> the kids get mixed messages on what behavior is appropriate and expected. they feel guilty because they know their behavior is creating this conflict between mom and dad. >> when did you start to see the problem with your three boys? >> i think probably always when you have triplets, it's busy from the word go. >> i would think. >> i don't know you're necessarily aware there is a problem until -- >> you're the laidback one and steve, you're the more disciplinaria disciplinarian. >> do you remember the first thing you argued over? >> not specifically, but it's a gradual possession. >> you want to do it your way,
10:15 am
steve, you want to do it your way. if the kids leave a total mess on the floor and going about their merry way, how do you resolve that problem? >> i'll try to get them to help me pick it up. if they don't, i usually end up picking it up. we are busy, want to go out. >> steve, what do you do? >> i'm more insist event they clear up their own mess they made. >> i have a theory that it's just an english problem. this only happens in the uk. our american children are delightful. >> it only happened since we've come to america. >> sure. blame it on the ugly yanks. >> what should they do in a situation like that? >> they've grown up with different types of parenting styles. some times we fall into that trap of well, that's the way i grew up and i turned out fine. >> boys will be boys. >> we know that rarely works. we don't want to fight about which style is right or wrong. we want to bring out the best in both of those experiences. >> you have five things parents can do. >> the first one, we want to
10:16 am
start with the areas which we agree. make a list of those. they are on the same page about manners. >> manners, behavior in public and behavior in general. >> if your kids step out of line? >> we remove them from the situation. >> you agree on that one. >> yes. >> that's good they are on the same page. build on that. >> boys are going to know mom and dad are not going to put up with that. they can't divide and conquer. >> strategy number two, start small with the nonnegotiatables. one of theirs can be the boys need to pick up their toys and stuff by lunchtime and dinnertime. anything that isn't picked up mom and dad will take care of but will go in a box and be unavailable for the next week. >> when you tell them to clean up, they clean it up? >> they do. they pretend to listen.
10:17 am
>> do they do the clean up? >> they do. >> third strategy is have a signal. nonverbal. tug on the ear, time-out. we disagree on this. we need to talk about it away from the kids. >> you say 95% of those situations are not urgent that you have to deal with it right then. judge, you don't have to deal with it in the heat of the moment. give yourself a breather to figure out how to handle it. after that is the most important, we want to commit to communicate. i want you to take one night a week when the kids are in bed and sit down and talk about your progress. how are we doing in these areas? talk about behaviors that bubbled up over the past week. have a plan. how are we going to deal with them in the future? >> i think that's great. have a plan. tell us the fifth. >> trouble getting on the same page we need to get to a class or get a third party resource. it's too important not to get it right. >> you're lovely parents, by the way. >> we are the best parents we can be. >> wait till they're teenagers. you have so much to look forward
10:18 am
to. up next, sara turns her dad into a manhattan metrosexual. "all new dirt snuggler! dirty floors can't resist the power of snuggling. let's do this." how does it look? ridiculous. why don't you just try hugging the dirt off that floor? ha! that's silly! this dirt snuggler is gently cleaning and polishing the floors at the same time. and why would you want to treat dirt "gently"? honey? i'm thinking. don't overthink it. everything you need, and nothing you don't. that's cleanin' with the power of pine sol, baby. but what about your wrinkles? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. its retinol formula visibly reduces wrinkles in one week. why wait if you don't have to. neutrogena®.
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10:21 am
time for sara in the city when sara explores everything the big apple has to offer. >> this time she chose to spend quality time with a very special man in her life. >> that's right, my dad. what a day we had. check it out. like any day when you want to feel good about yourself, you need to start out with a workout. we start with the inside going out. what do you think? >> what kind of place is this? >> you're ready? you'll be fine. you always looked good in spandex. >> all right. ♪ >> happy father's day! >> we did our workout and we're feeling good. now it's time to start looking good. we are going to get a couple of
10:22 am
pedicures because what dad doesn't want a pedicure on father's day? it's sandals season. he lives in florida. this is my dad. it's father's day. we're celebrating. ♪ >> it's important to exfoliate. so we're relaxed and feeling good. i thought what better to follow up than maybe with, i don't know, some tea? avoid the steak, it's so heavy the dude meal. but a tea cup? i'm so happy right now. >> if i would have known this is all it takes to make you happy, we would have made these for years. >> so far i'm seeing a really good time today but it feels
10:23 am
more like a daughter's day than a father's day. so we have to man this up a little bit. we are going to get my dad a style upgrade. for that we called in the big guns from "gq." >> the dad on the go. we've got something fun but not too west palm beach. >> dad on the go. now you have to have someplace to go. woo! dad, look at you. your butt looks good. mom's going to appreciate that. >> it looks good. >> woo! this is great. >> you look fantastic. >> i love the polka dots. >> you look like the commodore of a yacht club. >> now that you're dapper. my dad was such a good sport on my grooming, we are going to do a little manscaping. you know what that is? >> i think so. i'm ready.
10:24 am
>> john is going to do the first run then i'm going to get up there and do the second one. >> that was great. >> so we can't have you all dressed up like this with no place to go. so now we're going to have your type of tea, a martini. >> you promised all day. >> like dangling a carrot in front of a bunny. not a bunny, a horse. anything that races. to our day in new york city and the best dad ever. and the best-dressed dad ever. happy father's day. >> thank you. thank you very much. it's enjoyable. >> what a sweet dad. >> he is adorable. >> he looks like christopher plummer. he's handsome. >> my mom was jealous because there were three girls and a boy
10:25 am
and girls would say your dad is so handsome. my mom would say what about me? >> bobbie shows how to spif up dad. which ivillage hot dad is our winner. dad. which ivillage hot dad is our winner. [ birds chirping ] unh! ♪ [ female announcer ] oikos greek yogurt. possibly the best yogurt in the world. ♪ we serve more than starters. we serve igniters.
10:26 am
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will.
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no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from. we are back with more of "today" and bobbie's tuesday's trend. >> you probably haven't gotten around to do your shopping yet. "today" style editor bobbie thomas is here. >> the big day is sunday. what can we do in that time? >> we can give our fathers some flair. they don't like to go shopping so we can do it for them. >> t-shirts are good. >> it's t-shirt time. if your dad loves tees, the go-to resource is >> do you see your brother's face here? >> and this is frank.
10:31 am
>> this is dadday. you see hannah here. >> and ella. >> you can really go to this website, upload photos, choose the text. even if you want to get the kids on it, my dad rocks. $15 to $25. >> okay. so this is the this is great for the dad who is the secret fashionista. anything he likes he keeps. then send everything back and he doesn't have to pay for that. the gift certificates start at $100. they'll send clothes on a monthly basis. this is a great way for guys who don't want to deal with the mall. >> great idea. >> personal stylists. they'll look at their colors and preferences. they have cool innovative designers. >> feel those shoes. >> they will not wear an uncomfortable shoe.
10:32 am
we will. >> how pricey is this? >> it depends on what you keep. start with a gift certificate for $100 and figure it out. they do have everything from basics to designers. >> these are cute. >> let's move over to our real dad over there. >> nice to see you. >> joanne's husband. >> this cute little boy is their son mack. how did you break away from cnbc? >> i don't have to be there until 1:00. >> you're doing double duty today. >> they are both wearing eddie bauer. this is for the dad on the go. you like to be active. hanging out in the bahamas. this is the perfect shirt. this has uv protection. what is great about this shirt, it's their high road shirt. wrinkle resistant and has moisture-wicking properties to keep you cooler. we've got mack in cool pants. you want to show off your pants?
10:33 am
>> this is the traveler. they are wrinkle resistant. they have other great functional properties. they become shorts. >> cool, mack. >> as you get hotter, you get rid of the bottom part. >> and it's a great fit. really nice. >> put it on bobbie's tab. >> wait a second. look who is here. >> soak in the legend. >> i was tricked. >> frank gifford's in the house. >> i delivered the dog and they start dressing me. >> and the dog. >> this is bambino. >> frank is part of my man-accessory section. he's got great sandals on. they are more traditional. i'm so obsessed with treetorn. the comeback brand. they have fun styles. these are amazing.
10:34 am
it's all about the treetorn. hats about urban outfitters. >> that looks great. >> you're like hoda. it's hard to find a hat that fits but this one did. >> it's 8 3/4. >> sunglasses. i don't know what to say here. >> those look cute on you. >> what is bambino wearing? >> look how cool. >> they both have their collars up. >> thank you for coming in, sweetheart. >> can i go now? >> no. >> everything is online. you heard us talk about them. we get help from ivillages hottest dads. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:38 am
baseball season is in full swing which means so is the popularity of ballpark food. >> today's diet and nutrition editor is here to put us to the test. this time we get a little help, don't we, madeline? >> remember those hot ivillage guys we've been talking about? the four finalists are here. on my team are mark from -- >> minnesota. >> exactly. and jack from dayton, ohio. >> are we ready?
10:39 am
>> watch out, hoda cheats. >> let's start off with one of the most popular ballpark foods. delicious soft pretzel. does this have more or less than 400 calories? >> hoda. >> what is it? >> more. >> that's right. it has 500. >> get with it, guys. >> snacks. peanuts and cracker jacks. 6 ounces each. which one has more calories? the peanuts or the cracker jacks? >> cracker jacks, that's easy. >> no! >> peanuts, peanuts! >> all right, you guys. >> we have two. >> how much fat is in this bowl of nuts? is it equivalent to 1 cup, 2 cups or 3 cups of shredded cheese? >> uh-oh.
10:40 am
>> the clock is ticking. >> two. >> no. >> three. >> you are right. 3 cups of shredded cheese. >> we are losing it. >> next is a hot dog question. how far would you have to walk to walk off this foot-long chili cheese dog? three miles, six miles or nine miles? >> six. >> no. >> nine. >> nine is right. let's compare cheesy favorites. we have nachos and a personal pan pizza. one of these has 500 calories. the other has more. which one is it? >> nachos. >> you're right.
10:41 am
>> you hit the buzzer first? >> no, no, no. >> no, no, no. see, as usual. some things never change. >> most 12 ounce beers in a bottle have 150 calories. light beer do you save 25, 50 or 75 calories? >> 25. up to 50. >> what is the answer? >> it's not 25. >> light beer or regular beer, how many calories would you typically save, 25, 50 or 75 calories? >> 50. >> 50 is right. >> oh, yeah. >> we can't win. >> nonalcoholic drink question. triple or nothing. 16 ounce size of these drinks. which one has the lowest calories, same size. is it a cola, a lemonade or a
10:42 am
smoothie? >> lemonade. >> good guess but not right. you have to get it right. >> cola. >> it's the cola. that's right. the winner is -- >> what do we get? >> thank goodness. >> we knew you wanted it. you guys get a prize, too. >> thank you, jerry. when we come back, we'll find out who is going to be crowned the one and only hot dad. wake up!
10:43 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. [ male announcer ] know the feeling? try acuvue® oasys brand contact lenses with hydraclear® plus for exceptional comfort. it feels like it disappeared on my eye! [ male announcer ] discover why it's the brand eye doctors trust most for comfort. acuvue® oasys brand. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal.
10:44 am
[ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one.
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10:46 am
can you feel the heat? it's hot in here. we are back with ivillages four hot dads finalist contest. >> the only one who knows that information is liz zach,
10:47 am
editorial director of "pregnancy and parenting" at ivillage. >> this is tough stuff. >> it was tough to narrow it down. how did you decide which one is the one? >> this is really a beauty contest. i'm going to tell it like it is. >> we are going to sexually exploit you guys. >> leading up to father's day, we thought this would be a fun way to honor these guys. these are four of our finalists, but we have more finalists. >> they are not geniuses or philanthropists, they are just hot guys. >> and great dads. >> mark, peyfield from minnesota. he's got a 7-year-old son who thinks of him as a superhero. and a 15-year-old stepdaughter. next up is david george from dayton, ohio, who is a brand-new dad. his baby girl is only 10 weeks old. congratulations. this is his first father's day.
10:48 am
>> christopher williams from jackson, tennessee, look at the family photo. >> and todd hulse from michigan who has three children and their beautiful wives stand buying at our news desk in case there is breaking news. >> tell us what the winner gets. >> the winner gets an all expenses paid trip for four on a royal caribbean cruise. >> for four? >> for four. >> are we ready to announce the winner? can we have a drum roll, please? it is time for the winner. the winner of our hot dads contest is david george! >> all right. >> david george, come and get your sash and your crown. and if his beautiful wife would come over. >> is where liz? >> we have a present for her, too. >> hottest dad. >> look at liz. >> come on over, honey. we have something for you, as
10:49 am
well. this is for you to enjoy with your husband. >> my size. >> you guys are going on a royal -- this is our fake caribbean cruise. the real boat is a little bigger. you understand. you guys, thank all of you. have fun. >> what a great father's day gift. >> you're all handsome and your wives are beautiful beautiful. >> usher will perform up next. first this is "today" on nbc. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone at a great price: just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract. or get $250 back if you sign a two-year contract. it's your last chance. don't wait! unlike cable, fios is a 100% fiber optic network
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don't get short changed. get your cash back. chase freedom.
10:52 am
that does it for us for today. tomorrow josh turner will sing for us. >> before we sign off, here is
10:53 am
usher with a song that recorded a special performance right before the summer concert began. >> we're at it again, new york. this time i'm going to make it special. ♪ thinking what i do to get by ♪ i treat you like ooh baby baby baby ♪ i'm wasted ♪ i can't take it ♪ ooh baby baby baby if i try to fight it fight it ♪ i just
10:54 am
♪ ♪ if you want it done right ♪ ♪ tonight i'm a hunter
10:55 am
♪ i whisper in your ear ♪ i try but you're so ♪ now relax if if you want to swing ♪ ♪ i'll take you there ♪ if you want it done right for tonight ♪ ♪ oh baby baby ♪
10:56 am
♪ oh come on ♪ one, two, three scream ♪ let me know and i'll take you there ♪ ♪ if you want it right -- captions by vitac --
10:57 am
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