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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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leading news station this is news 4 at 11:00. tonight tears at a high school graduation. this was not joy, it was sadness
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and anger as family members are locked out. good evening. i'm wendy rieger. >> a last minute decision because of the weather forced the ceremony inside. but the backup facility was not big enough therefore some parents and grandparents got stuck outside. >> reporter: it was truly unfortunate. a graduation is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, hundreds of parents planned for this day. many of them were outside in this parking lot heart broken that they didn't get to see their kids walk across the stage. >> i feel sad. >> reporter: outrage swirls at the graduation. >> it is really messed up. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a special day for will shorter, his son of roughly 150 students graduating inside the church. shorter along with other parents had to wait in the parking lot.
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>> i'm frustrated. he only walk across the stage one time. >> reporter: this proud dad missed the once in a lifetime moment. parents told me the church was filled to capacity and security guards pushed them away. it was supposed to be outside at the stadium. school officials decided to move it here because of the weather. >> it was a last minute thing because the graduation was supposed to be outside. >> they pushed me and i fell. >> reporter: parents say hundreds of people rushed the front door. >> she started choking me and a fell. >> trying to see their kids. >> reporter: the church opened up the basement for the overflow but some said it was packed. >> they had people along the wall. >> reporter: mayor shook the hands of the students. >> for the parents who may have missed this i certainly regret that. >> reporter: school officials
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say they deeply regret the confusion or disruption. officials insist there was enough room here in the church but the security guards working here thought otherwise. it is dry in the district. there are some storms out there tonight. let's check in with doug. >> they are going to be clearing out by tomorrow morning. still quite a number of showers and storms. some of the strongest back in parts of virginia. this guy right here through montgomery county seeing fairly heavy rain. fredrick county through jefferson county. you can see exactly where this one is. does have lightning and thunderstorm associated with it. this is making its way south and east. there is some lightning with this and very heavy down pours. i will let you know when this will move through the area and what comes next as this cold front continues to move through.
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a 74-year-old man attacked by dogs is going to be in the hospital overnight after he went through surgery this evening. witnesses watched in horror as two italian mastiffs mauled this man this morning. several neighbors including one man with a big american bull dog helped to fend off the attacking dogs. the victim was taken to medstar with a broken arm and bite wounds all over his body. police corralled the dogs. problems made for a rough ride for some metro riders. this is what it looked like at the west station. brake issues on one train, door problems on another made for huge crowds on some blue and orange line trains and platforms. metro officials say delays lasted up to an hour. some riders took their frustration to twitter one writing so glad i don't live on
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the orange line. another wrote bottleneck at the farragut west metro station. platforms so full they aren't letting anyone down the stairs. seven firefighters were recognized for their bravery today. in february the men were inside a house on 57th avenue in river dale heights when a gust of wind swept through creating a fire ball. they were all injured. kevin otool sent nearly two months recovering at the burn unit. >> i would just like to thank everybody for recognizing firefighters. we do an amazing thing out there and it's great to be appreciated for once in a while. >> the fire was ruled as an arson. there is a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. virginia voters gave former
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senator george allen a chance to reclaim his seat tonight. he captured 65% of the republican primary and turns his attention to the race that can determine control of the senate. >> as expected it will be a battle of former virginia governors. facing tim cane in a race both parties want to win. george allen celebrated his victory in richmond tonight and wasted little time tieg tim cane to president obama. allen levelled as much criticism at the president as he did as his opponent but democrats say they believe cane and the president are prepared to hold on to battleground virginia. >> our message is that virginians do not consider the takeover of health care as great
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achievement. we want obama care repealed. >> president obama continues to enjoy wide support here in virginia. he is ahead in the polls. we are going to remain vigilant and organized as we approach november. we are confident we will repeat history again and barack obama will win virginia in 2012. >> george allen narrowly lost in senate seat in 2006 to jim web. allen's last campaign was plagued by a series of gaps. he and his supporters see 2012 as a chance for redemption. the suspect in the shooting that left three people dead at a party near auburn university is now in police custody. 22-year-old demont aleonard gave himself to authorities this morning. he is accused of killing three people and two victims were
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former players for auburn's football team. police in florida booked shelly zimmerman on a perjury charge at the same jail where they are holding her husband for second degree murder. prosecutors say shelly lied to a judge about how much money she and her husband had. that accusation resulted in george zimmerman's bail being revoked. he is accused of shooting and killing 17-year-old trayvon martin in february. trayvon martin's parents spoke out against the law that zimmerman is using to defend himself. a task force began a review of florida's stand your ground today. martin's parents say the law should be changed. a second accuser in the jerry sandusky trial took the stand and broke down in tears
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today. his testimony seemed to resonate inside that courtroom and that was before former assistant coach mike mcquery was called to the stand. >> reporter: day two of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial wrapped up with bomb shell testimony from mike mcquery. he is the only third party witness to sandusky's alleged crimes. he testified he heard a skin on skin slapping sound and caught a glimpse of sandusky and a preteen boy. he told his father and later penn state coach joe paterno. >> he is a very convincing witness, very clear, sharp and confident. >> reporter: mcquery was barred from telling the jury what paterno said because his statements are now legal hear say. the day began with an
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18-year-old known as victim number one describing what he said was his first sexual encounter with sandusky. i froze. my mind was telling me to move but i couldn't do it. he wasn't yet 13. >> when you start adding these victims together we start to get a complete package and each victim reinforces the other. >> reporter: under persistent questioning the witness admitted he didn't tell the truth because he was afraid and ashamed. a social worker verified saying sandusky admitted to having various forms of physical contact but wasn't sexual c content. the fate of hall of fame pitcher roger clemens is now in the hands of a jury. eight women and four men got the case this afternoon. they deliberated for less than
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an hour before they called it a day. they will presume deliberations tomorrow. clemmens has been charged with lying to congress about whether he used performance enhancing drugs. still ahead a high speed chase caught on camera. police watch as a toddler is thrown from an suv. it's what happened next that is remarkable. a local family hoping for a miracle after learning this valedictorian can't get the money to go to college and may be forced out of the country. be forced out of the country. how fast is your internet?
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a toddler is recovering tonight after she was ejected from an suv. this dash cam video shows the vehicle flipping and the 18-month-old girl flying out of the window and the little girl got up and started walking, stumbled a bit. police say the suv was stolen and both of the girls teenage parents were arrested. the little girl was treated for minor injuries. rape allegations prompted an online networking community to shut down its service for teenagers today. it's called skout, with a k. it lets users find and meet up
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with other people based on their location. there are reports that three men allegedly posed as teenagers to meet and assault under age girls. the officials at skout said today the website will be closed to minors until it can design better protections. she is a valedictorian, incredibly smart and dedicated and should have a bright college career ahead of her. this local teenager is fighting just to stay in this country and her family is hoping for a miracle. erica gonzalez reports. >> reporter: nurissa sylva is about to say good bye to her daughter. >> i felt i was blessed. >> reporter: high school valedictorian has no green card. her mom an international special ed teacher brought her and her sister to this country as dependents under her visa.
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there has been a recent hiccup in processing. >> the school system was denied from taking international teachers like me. >> reporter: while she has been accepted to a number of colleges -- >> i have gotten into st. john's -- >> reporter: she doesn't have the means because she can't apply for financial aid. >> i don't have the money to go to college. >> reporter: she can't apply for financial aid because -- >> first thing they ask for is social security number. >> reporter: she says all of the accolades mean nothing now that she can't stay in this country. her to-do list is short. she is packing her things and getting ready to head back to the philippines by next month in order to start college there. the only thing she says that can keep her family together is a miracle. >> i think with the grace of god we can overcome the challenges.
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>> says it is obviously not her first choice but even if the top universities in the philippines are substantially less expensive than those in the u.s. so for a thousand u.s. dollars she can go to college for two years. she has reached out to her congress woman donna edwards but the office does tell us that it is looking into the matter to see if they can be of any assistance. you can read more about this story in the gazette on thursday. maryland's gambling market could support a casino. that conclusion from an independent report. the county executive wants a vegas style facility at national harbor. he says that could generate more money for the state. operators of the newly opened maryland live casino says it
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would hurt their profits. a special session needs to take over in order for expanded gambling to wind up on the ballot. we have cooler weather coming in. >> relatively speaking after temperatures in the 90s the last couple of days and today in the 70s. in the next few days temperatures should be a little below average. we are looking at cloudy skies. you may see a little bit of lightning off in the distance as we look towards the north. 77 degrees the high temperature a little bit earlier today. low of 70 early this morning. p only 1700ths of an inch of rain. the airport still well over five inches below average for the year so we still need to see some rain. outside 76 degrees with winds out of the south at about 5 miles per hour. that's southerly direction tells you the cold front is still off to our west. as it gets here we are still seeing showers. 69 in martinsburg.
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66 in winchester. same for cull pepper. all have seen rain today first with this line of storms down to the south and now with the line coming right across the district. and yet another area back towards west beginning to enter virginia from west virginia. this one right now into northwest washington right along 66 and route 50 up towards the north around silver spring right around georgia avenue. no lightning right now. there has been a bolt or two-out of this line as it made its way to the south and east. you will see the quick shower. this has been a bit stronger earlier beginning to make its way towards fredrick county, virginia. still very heavy rain associated with this as it also moves to the south and east. take a look at the rainfall totals. not much around washington. over an inch around martinsburg.
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many areas did see some much needed rainfall. overnight tonight all of this rain will move out of here. the showers moving out as the cold front moves through. tomorrow rather breezy. temperatures around the 80 degree mark. a little bit below average but with the breeze of 15 to 20 miles per hour not a bad afternoon. thursday looking at sunshine and the northeasterly wind. thursday could be a little cool especially if we get clouds closer towards the east. a few clouds tomorrow morning. breezy and warm 61 to 68 degrees. a pretty nice start to our wednesday. then as we move through the day we'll see high temperatures 79 to 84 degrees. a little less humid tomorrow with winds out of the north 15 to 25 miles per hour. the next couple of days temperatures just a little below average. 79 on thursday with a slight chance of a shower. most of us will remain dry. check this out friday, saturday
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and sunday nice weather moving on in. i think we are in for a fantastic weekend and even the start of next week looking very, very good. even though we need to see the rain this type of weather is not bad at all. >> we needed some nice weekends. we have sports coming up. watch this silent treatment for a rookie. look at that. >> i know what he did. >> you'll know why.
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you got to love our nationals. do you love our nationals? >> i always love our nationals. i loved them when no one else loved them. >> now it is being paid back. you know that expression home is where the heart is? the road is where the wins are at least recently for the nats. ent erring tonight's game four straight victories all away from home. they took down the jays for a second straight night. ain't that hard to beat them. bryce harper three for four. tonight after a single in his first at bat you heard the guy there it goes. 440 feet, seventh of the year. nats up 1-0. this kid is outrageous.
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same score in the fourth. one on, two-out. danny espinosa. two run bomb. nats up 3-0. now 3-2 game. jonathan, the nats rookie catcher playing in his fourth career game. his first career home run. nats are 4-2. watch this in the dugout. nobody says anything. that's cold. it's the silent treatment. they wait until finally there they go. hugs and congrats. that's cold blooded. nats win by the score of 4-2. they go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon. let's talk about baltimore. brian roberts playing in his first game since last year. first at bat. line drive in the middle. kid went three for four in his return. fans are really glad to have him back. how could they not be?
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let's go to the bottom of the fifth adam jones with an rbi single. crushes this one. 18th home run of the year. orioles win their third straight game, 8-6 the final there. we got to talk football because we are in d.c. redskins hit the bubble today. mandatory full squad workout. all the rookies were there. a lot of them including rg3 have yet to agree to a contract. >> i don't worry about it. i don't think it is something that will be an issue. i did talk to my agent and he said don't worry about it. i'm here to play football. >> these contracts will get done. just some will take longer than others especially in the first round second pick. usually when that first guy gets signed usually everything falls
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into order. that will get done. >> normally during the nba finals we watch the game during commercial breaks on a monitor here. we didn't do that tonight but we probably will for the next one. the thunder is up
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